look at my adorable lil tummy

it makes me sad that luke is so self conscious about his tummy because i live for the times where he’s jumping around on stage or laying down and his shirt rides up a little bit and you can see it. it just looks so soft and adorable and i just want to lay my head against it for a hundred years and kiss all over it until luke loves it as much as i do

v important things that happened tonight:

  • when it started raining ashton told everyone to yell at the sky and tell it to stop raining bc hes a cute lil muffin
  • calum fell on his ass
  • michael was wearing a snapback and looked fine as hell doing so
  • luke. had. an. acoustic. guitar. and. i. died.
  • michael had the same one that almost made me die
  • 5sos is an actual real band !!! made up of actual tangible people !!!
  • voice squeaks were also a thing
  • liam said we were the loudest so far and that we were his fave so far nbd
  • looked like harry took a damn bath
  • zayn had makeout hair after he changed
  • louis has aRMS and fluffy hair and hand on his cute lil tummy
  • niall and liam singing singin in the rain together and just otp
  • louis with his arm around niall my brotp
  • liam sang part of wmyb to zayn and i shipped it for 30 seconds 
  • zayn has a rlly cute lil voice thats not nearly as deep as it sounds in videos from what i could tell from the one time he actually talked
  • everyone kept saying how amazing dc is
  • mike and niall both talked about obama and the white house
  • the fact that i sAW MY BABIES