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here is the wonderful surprise I had in my mailbox around the 1st October. (๑♡⌓♡๑)

This cute and so well made little Red doll was made by one of the nicest and most amazing people I know: Silverryu~ ( *¯ ³¯*)♡

Thanks you so much ! Having a Red is one of the best things I’ve ever had. Plus I can do kustard now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
And your sweets were soooo good !

You made someone very happy that day.



Tales of Berseria x Arrested Development (S01E01)

Just leave it to Magilou to scar mix-up your childhood memory.. Velvet is not amused. Velvet don’t have time for your magic trick illusion, Magilou.


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anonymous asked:

Ok I know everyone loves trans!richie but I think trans!eddie would be so adorable?? Because he’s so afraid that being so small and petite will give him away but his friends are so supportive and they reassure him all the time!! Can you please give me your headcanons on trans!eddie?


- so before he came out as trans eddie was always wearing pastel skirts and floral dresses because his mother wanted him to look exactly like her and he hated it

- “my gorgeous girl” was a personal favourite nickname of Mrs K’s

- richie always flirted with eddie when he was a girl and said he was the most beautiful girl in the world, and even though it made eddie’s stomach flutter he knew he didn’t like it

- eddie told bev first, and asked her if she could cut his hair for him (it was past his waist at this point)

- bev happily cut and styled eddie’s hair so it was now his signature parted look and he nearly cried because he actually felt pretty for the first time

- beverly also helped him throw away all of his girl clothes and make up and helped pick out new outfits for him, still liking some feminine colours and looks, including those adorable red shorts and his pink shirt

- eddie and bev walked to school the next day with eddie’s new look and literally NO ONE recognised him

- bill and stan both frowned when bev and eddie walked up to the table together and sat down, then stan recognised eddie’s eyes and he choked on his milk

- “you look amuh-muh-mazing, eds”

- “oh god, don’t start calling me that now i’ve changed my name”

- ben and mike started fawning over eddie and how he looked so cute and how the new clothes suited him so well

- ben was in awe of bev’s work on his hair and asked her to cut his from now on

- richie is the last one to see eddie and because he’s dim he doesn’t even recognise him

- “hey bev, who’s the new guy, he’s cute”

- “richie this is eddie, your best friend”

- richie’s eyes bulged out of his head and eddie panicked thinking he was gonna hate him now

- “holy shit, i thought you couldn’t get any hotter!”

- richie adored eddie even more because he could finally be his true self and eddie thanked every god for giving him these best friends

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I love your RWBY and Berseria crossovers so much!! Would you mind drawing Yang and Eizen brawling or anything? Thanks! <3

Have you ever heard of the word “CONSEQUENCE” ?? Think about the collateral damage! I’m not sure anyone could cover that, I mean I still have debts to pay for the last explosion on the bar!!

So two stunning characters, both dashing, both smashing, and their moves are ground-breaking, so let’s just have them THUMB WRESTLING!

Eizen has been flipping his coin literally for centuries, so his thumb must be more than just powerful.. but on the other hand (lol) Yang still has her semblance and you know… Yang being Yang.. so anything could happen here!