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But What A Shame, the Poor Bride’s Groom...

is her brother. ;)

This continues directly from the end of chapter 78, A Demon and a Wedding, http://archiveofourown.org/works/2709113/chapters/19221721, so it may be helpful to revisit it.

A refresher summary of A Demon and A Wedding: Dipper hadn’t been paying much attention to Mizar’s soul, as Willow’s latest incarnation needed him at the moment, and he continually felt pride and contentment from Mizar. Then one day, he’s summoned to a cult devoted to him and finds himself the unwilling groom for a wedding to reunite Alcor and Mizar. (No, they didn’t get married.)

The church had cleared out rapidly after Dipper’s instructions to “Go, party, celebrate. You did it, we’re reunited. Now leave us alone to talk.”

The priest had been almost dragged out by two of his helpers, and Dipper could faintly hear him giving the occasional muddled protest or confused lament.

Dipper hoped there was booze at that party, because he had the feeling that priest could use a stiff drink. Preferably several.

Especially once he realized he’d been arguing with a demon, the demon he supposedly worshiped, had set up an entire church around, in particular.

A little part of Dipper was almost sad to miss it.

“So, um…you want to get out of that thing and talk?” he asked Mizar, who was much more important than the chaos going down in the party, no matter how attractive the chaos.

“I actually kinda like it,” Mizar answered, a little shyly, but Dipper figured she’d earned it. After all, she’d been raised to think she was supposed to be marrying him today, and found a brother instead, and now they had to talk to each other.

She gave a little spin, showing off the dress, and giggled. “I feel pretty,” she added. “Unless…unless it’s making you uncomfortable?” she added, pausing in mid-spin.

“No, no, it’s fine, you do look pretty,” Dipper said, scratching at the back of his head, floating hat moving out of the way of his hand.

An awkward silence fell over the hall until Dipper dropped down onto the stairs and Mizar dropped down to join him, giggling as her skirts fluffed up around her.

“So…” she said finally, pleating a bit of her skirt between her fingers, “I’m…your sister. It’s…kind of a switch. Since I was supposed to get married today and all.”

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, still playing with the fabric of her skirt. “Actually…I don’t really know that much about you, besides what I got told. You know, the lore and all? But if they were wrong about me being your destined wife…”

“Well I don’t really know you either,” Dipper said, playfully protesting. “I mean, each lifetime is its own personality.”

The hall went silent again, as both looked at each other, considering.

This Mizar looked a bit like Mabel, with her brown hair and brown eyes, and it made the situation all that much more disturbing. It was bad enough when a Mizar thought they had to have a romantic or physical relationship with him as it was, but when they looked so much like his original sister…Dipper suppressed a shudder.

He wondered just how many things he was going to have to talk her through during this lifetime, how many false assumptions and pure wrong legends he was going to have to work through to explain the truth.

At least she seemed pretty accepting of the whole ‘sister, not wife’ part.

…though, on consideration, with how quickly she seemed to be switching, he may have to talk to her about that later. He’d always felt pride coming from her, but now that he was able to sit and think about it, maybe she hadn’t been so into this marriage as she’d seemed.

This was awkward.

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A Better Birthright

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Aw, there’s no need to be so upset, doll. They were bad men, and I’ll protect you. You don’t have to worry about me, none of this was your fault. You’re just a child, it isn’t like they gave you a choice in worshiping those twisted idols. There’s no reason for you to share the fate of those who forced you into that path. Take my hand and we can move on to a better future, alright? A safer future.

Are you really going to abandon your family and community over some twisted sense of duty? I thought you were better than that. You’re just a pawn to them, you know. Just a tool to further their twisted agendas. But if you really want to leave I won’t stop you.

You’ll see how little those precious spirits of yours will help you in the wastes.

You’ll be back.

The meager light of the candles was obscured as smoke filled the dark area. Pinpricks of golden light broke through it like stars through wispy clouds, suggesting a bipedal form with their constellations. A thick scent permeated the air, fragrant greenery weighing down her lungs and the metallic tang of blood hitting her tongue. A wide opening full of gleaming white teeth cut through the darkness, the only bright thing in the desiccated room. She took a step forward towards the circle.

“Well now, this is certainly i͏n̢͞te͝r̸̶ę̡͝s̸̢t҉iǹ͠g̷. It’s been a very long time since anyone’s actually summoned me with a proper ritual,” the figure in the circle said. “And such a… traditional location for it. To what do I owe the honor?”

“Demon Alcor, I would like to make a deal with you,” she said, stepping forward and tightly clenching her fingers into fists.

Alcor looked down at the young woman tenaciously meeting his eyes. She was tall and built like a brick house, with a tangled web of scars and scratches covering the dark sepia skin of her arms and legs. Thick bangs covered her forehead, freed from the bindings of the loose braid that held back the rest of her greasy black hair. Her tattered shirt, which may once have been a wide array of light colors but was now a beige camo of miscellaneous stains, was covered in colorfully embroidered protective sigils. Next to her, within reach but outside of the candle’s illumination, was a large and carefully packed bag.  He could see waves of excitement and apprehension pouring off her, pulsing over the tightly held core of fear and anger. Her bright aura surrounded him like a blanket on a cold night, a familiar and comforting warmth, calling out to some primordial part of him.

“Oh?” he responded.

“I want you to help me take over the world.” She grinned widely, keeping her dark eyes locked onto his.

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Twin Stars

(Submission issues; I’ll try the picture tomorrow. This is with God!Alcor.)

HC/Fic: When Dippin Dots reaches this stage of his life, he can create anything, including stars/nebuli/etc. and basically lives in space and every dimension, universe, everything. He can pretty much be everywhere at once.

He always gives everything he creates a special name, a name that is unique to that creature, star, or planet.

One day, he creates a star, as he does sometimes. As he meticulously crafts every atom, he thinks of a name. After all, everything needs a name, right? He doesn’t have one, but he gives everything he creates a name, so they can have a privilege that he does not.

He thinks and thinks, and just before he breathes life into the star, it hits him.


He vaguely remembers an ancient group of stars named Mizar and Alcor, long dead and gone. But that’s not where the inspiration for the name came from, he’s sure of it.

Where is it from?

An old memory?

He has no recollection of anything with the name Mizar other than the ancient star and its companion, Alcor. He’s never named anything Mizar or Alcor before; he did not create the stars, and thus did not name them. They were before he existed.

But the name tugs at his mind, and he decides that Mizar will be this star’s name. Mizar will shine brighter than every other star, will burn long and strong, will have planets that support life, will give happiness and warmth to many, many creatures for eons to come.

The ancient being gently holds up Mizar, cupping her in his hands carefully. “I will give you a name, and when I do, you will truly be alive,” he whispers. “You will live for a very, very long time…Mizar.”

He then set Mizar in a peaceful place, far from some of the dangers of the universe, and watched her for a little while. He crafted a few planets that supported life; he delivered a steady supply of hydrogen and other essential elements to Mizar through comets; and eventually, he felt something was missing.

Mizar looked lonely.

So the being took it upon himself to create a companion for Mizar. It was a small star, but bright nonetheless. This star would be dwarfed by Mizar, but they would constantly be with each other, no matter what.

This star shone blue and white, and the being could feel the fierce determination, the excitement of being born radiating off of it.

Again, a name tugged at his mind.

“I will name you Alcor,” he said to the star. “You will protect your sister star, Mizar, for all your life, and in turn she will protect you. You will live as long as she does, and no matter what, you will be there for her, and she you.”

He set Alcor next to Mizar, and suddenly had one more thought.

“Alcor,” he said to the star, “You will have two names to go by. One, your ‘true’ name, will be what everything will call you. Alcor will be your so-called true name. However, I have decided that there will be a second name for you. You will also have the name…Dipper. Not many will know this name. You will know your true companions if they call you by this name, Dipper. This will be your TRUE name.”

The being was content with his work, and so he let Dipper and Mizar be for a few billion years, which felt like only a mere moment to him.

He was jolted from a rest one day by a frantic tug; not a physical tug, but a cry of distress from one of his creations.

He looked in at Dipper and Mizar, and found that Mizar was in the midst of her death throes, and that she did not have long before she died.

Dipper was still a healthy star, and was distressed by his sister’s sudden decline in health. He wanted to know if there was anything he could do.

“I’m afraid not,” the being said. “Mizar is dying.”

A thought struck him.

“However,” he said slowly, “I have given Mizar a soul, and you one as well. Mizar will be reincarnated after she dies, in the form of a planet-bound creature. She will continue to be reincarnated in the form of a planet-bound creature instead of a star, though once every few quadrillion eons, she will be reincarnated once more as a star.”

Dipper wanted to know what was to become of him without his sibling.

“Ah,” the being said. “You still have thousands of years to live, little star. However, when you die, you will join your sister in the same cycle, for all eternity. I will ensure this.”

Dipper was put at ease, and began to comfort his dying sister, reassuring her that everything would be all right.

The being went back to his long rest, and before he fell asleep for what would be a millennia or more, he had a single, passing thought.

“And maybe one day, I will join you in the cycle as well.”

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Okay but transcendence au + equivalence au transdimensional thing
Like maybe a few hundred years down the line Alcor realizes that someone has a claim on his soul. Only problem is that it doesn’t seem to be any demon he’s ever met or even heard of. He can, however, follow the claim to it’s dimension of origin and so he decides to do that and kick whoever it is’ butt until they relinquish the claim. On the other side of it, Mizar has been considering what to do about the claim she found on her soul when, for no apparent reason, she feels the demon who has it tear his way into this reality. She goes to confront him and then realizes that somehow the fucker managed to show up in the most recent R!Dipper’s house and she kinda flips her shit. And Alcor’s shit is pre-flipped so now there are two amped up demons hissing at each other and about to go to town. And then little R!Dipper walks in and looks at them both before asking “Mizar?” And Alcor. Freezes. Without even realizing it he slips right out of fight mode into dork in a suit mode and he can’t stop the hope in his voice when he asks “Mable?” And Mizar stares because she knows that face, she’s spent centuries missing that face and now that the rage has died down she can see her claim on him, the same claim that’s on the kid beside her. She chokes out a “Dipper!” before diving to hug him. Then they have to decide what they’re gonna do about this because neither of them are really willing to lose an immortal version of their twin but they can’t abandon either of their dimensions.


Mizar probably doesn’t have a claim on Alcor’s soul, specifically - two different dimensions, two different souls - but he’s probably sensitive enough to these things that he’d feel…shall we call it a phantom claim, a kind of soul-deep sensation akin to deja vu? Of course he’d get curious and investigate. Someone somewhere owns another him’s soul, and it feels bizarrely familiar.

And if you really want to be heartbreaking about the choice between twin and dimension: they’ve been apart too long, grown apart too long. They’re both demons, they both have a greying morality, but they are grey in different ways and different areas. They clash more than they balance or compliment. Neither one particularly likes seeing their twin as a monster equal to themselves - each prefers seeing the other as human, unsullied as it were. That humanity is their anchor. As demons, they just can’t match up anymore, and it’s bittersweet knowing that there’s a version of your most beloved Other out there that doesn’t have to leave you, yet you can’t stand them for various reasons, they bring out the worst in you in a kind of negative feedback loop, and it’s mutual.

They eventually agree to keep themselves to their own dimensions and to their own ever-reincarnating, fully human twin souls, because as much as it hurts it’s better for both of them all around.

Plus there’s this: if either one of them left their own dimension, who would protect their human twins? Alcor needs to look after HIS Mizar. Mizar needs to be there for HER Alcor. That’s the strongest impetus in this decision, really.

Highlights from SGCC 3015

@alcor-has-the-tardis asked @definitelymizar: omg I just saw this year’s SGCC lineup and it says Ian’s gonna be there???!!! that’s so awesome!!! will you be going with him?

@definitelymizar replied: You couldn’t keep me away! Ian’s so excited I think his oversized head may actually explode all over the living room one of these days. (Seriously, though, he’s really proud, and we’re all really proud of him. We all knew that Mizar the Magnificent was going to be good, but to see all of you guys loving it as much as Ian and the team and I do has been amazing, and Ian getting invited to do a panel at Santa Grenda ComicCon is so much more than either of us ever expected. I’m getting a little teary just thinking about it. Hang on, gotta go blow my nose…)

Make sure you get your tickets early if you want to come see us, though, SGCC sells out fast!

Day One

“You’re not the real Mizar.”

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I had this headcanon that every year, on their birthday, Dipper would create a breathtaking meteor shower for Mabel. After she's gone, he stops doing it every year, and when he starts to forget, it starts to happen every hundred years. Thousands of years later, people look forward to the Mizar meteor shower as much as Halley's Comet, because it's more beautiful and returns just as faithfully.