look at michael's face

do my eyes deceive me or are those….

matching space-themed backpacks?



I’m not gonna lie.

jeremy heere

anonymous asked: yo idk if you are still making audio posts/taking requests but just. in more than survive when michael shows up and jeremy yells his name 💯👌👌👀👀👀

i didn’t know if you wanted me to do something stupid with it so i left it alone, enjoy!

michael looking absolutely heartbroken during the play, wiping his face under his glasses as he starts to walk offstage but FIST PUMPS when jeremy whispers “drink this” saved my life because ryan plays a michael who is a lil less enthused during “christiiiine” as he slowly stabs his slushie but it’s not really bitter. it’s not really a huge angry or a jealous thing. ryan did so well playing a kid who likes someone who doesn’t like him back during the show, who is supportive and encourages him to be happy, but there’s still that hint of “oh” in the background because michael’s a good kid, he’s a great friend, but he’s still human.

a lot of these details showing how michael truly felt about things were in the background that were easily missed and while i was nervous about how a pining michael might affect michael’s view of christine and how people treated her, when he smiled at jeremy and gestured for him to get the girl, when he danced with christine a bit during the end, you’re assured that michael’s gonna be alright with this. michael’s gonna welcome christine and he’s gonna support this thing they have now because michael will ALWAYS have jeremy’s back and that’s so so important