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The Pasadena Club Girl

by Sarah: @theclonewarss 

for Meg: @imagicana for #CM2k17

Meg and all readers, I hope you enjoy. - Sarah


Derek Morgan held open the black tinted door for Emily Prentiss and Spencer Reid. The door closed silently behind him after Emily and Spencer had passed through. The neon red letters above the door reflected “The Pasadena Club” on the glass.

Derek nudged Spencer’s shoulder, joking, “So, Reid, this,” he gestured to the bar and the busy attendants, the filled tables, and the red curtained stage, “is a burlesque club.”

“I know,” Spencer said, stepping away from Derek’s arm.

“Prentiss, did you hear that?” Emily looked over at Derek as he continued, “Kid over here knows what a burlesque club is.”

Emily smiled and rolled her eyes as Spencer raised his eyebrows and his voice rose, “burlesque is a-”

“Yes, yes, Reid. We know.” Derek looked around, “now where can we find our Steve Hoffman?”

Emily and Spencer glanced around the club, squinting as the lights began to dim. “There!” Spencer exclaimed and pointed to a figure gripping a microphone on stage with a smile.

“We have to get to him,” Emily said, stepping in front of a table, beginning to walk to the stage before Derek grabbed her arm.

“Prentiss, wait until he announces the dancer and we’ll find him off the stage. We don’t want him to run.”

Emily sighed as Steve Hoffman, the manager of the club who the team was pursuing as they believed that he was the unsub of the current case, said, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to The Pasadena Club. The curtains will open in just a moment for Miss Tease.” Steve was interrupted by applause and excited chatter from the crowd sitting at the tables in front of the stage. “As you all obviously know, you will most definitely enjoy the show.”

The club lights dimmed all the way to be off and the red curtain inched open. In the middle of the stage was a black velvet seated chair and a woman behind it, holding a large white feather fan. The lights on the stage flicked on and the woman quickly moved her fan in front of her. She peeked out behind it with a facade of surprise. The crowd laughed and cheered and her eyes widened, dropping her fan to pivot on a black stiletto heel, seeming to look for the cause of their reaction. She turned back to the crowd, and pointed at herself questioningly. The crowd hollered and she looked down at herself and feigned horror. She ran a hand down her black button up blazer and pulled on the fabric of her black zip up skirt. She bit her white gloved pinky finger and fell to sit on the fan with a sigh.

She laid on the floor, and rolled to face the crowd. She scanned the first row of tables and pointed at a man. She crawled to the chair, and placed her hands on the seat and stood, sticking her butt out. She promenaded to the edge of the stage and stood, popping one hip. She tapped her chin with a gloved finger and looking questioningly at the crowd with squinted eyes. She put her gloved middle finger in her mouth and took the fabric between her teeth. With a smirk she slowly pulled the silk glove off her arm. The crowd screamed as it dropped to the floor in a shiny lump.

She dropped to the floor on her knees next to the discarded glove and leant forward on her bare hand. She extended her gloved arm to the man and raised her eyebrow. The man, while staring at her, pulled the silk glove off.

She took it out of his hand and put it between her teeth as she unbuttoned her blazer, slowly popping each button one at a time with a sly smile. Once the blazer was unbuttoned, she pulled the chair from behind her and used it to stand up, the sides of her blazer waving on the sizes of her torso. She stood up, popped a hip and turned the chair backwards.

She sat down with her legs open, one on each side of the chair. She tapped her finger against her mouth and looked surprised as she touched the glove in her mouth and the crowd laughed. Taking it out from between her teeth, she threw it to the floor beside her.

She moved so she was sitting correctly in the chair, her back to the crowd. The lights flashed off for a second, and when they turned back on, her legs were spread and her jacket was off her shoulders. The lights turned off again and back on, and now she had the jacket off and held by one finger. The lights went off again and when they turned on, the jacket was on the floor, her knees on the chair, a smirk on her face and her chest covered by a black lace bra.

She stood and pushed the chair away from her. She walked the stage with a smile she flashed slyly to the crowd. She walked to the middle of the stage and turned so her back was to the crowd. She bent down and tugged slowly on zipper of he skirt. She pulled on it lightly and it crept up to reveal her black lace underwear. The zipper came undone all the way and the skirt fell to the ground. She spun on her heel and faced the crowd. Walking the stage again, she swung her hips more. She bent down, sticking her bare butt out, and picked up the feather fan. In a quick movement, her bra was off but the fan was covering her chest.

The lights went off and the woman’s smiling face was unable to be seen. The red curtains drew and the crowd clapped and whistled.

Derek, Spencer and Emily looked at the drawn curtains in silence. Derek began to clap and whistle, Spencer furrowed his eyebrows and mumbled under his breath, and Emily nodded her head.

“Alright,” Derek said, “let’s go talk to Mr. Hoffman.” The three walked over, moving between still clapping tables.

“Steve Hoffman?” Emily asked when they got to him. The man nodded. “I’m Agent Prentiss, this is Agent Morgan and Dr. Reed. We’re with the FBI. We’re here to-”

“Excuse me, Mr Hoffman, but what is Miss Tease’s real name?” Spencer asked, interrupting Emily.

“Reid, what?” Derek asked and Emily looked at Spencer oddly.

Spencer sighed, “she looks very familiar, but I can’t-”

“Spencer Reid? Is that you?” A voice interrupted Spencer before he could finish. Spencer, Emily and Derek turned around, looking at a beautiful woman in a black silk robe and black slides - Miss Tease. Taking a step forward, she embraced Spencer and kissed his cheek. “My god, I haven’t seen you in what? Seven years? How’ve you been, Spence?”

“Megan Jones?”

“Yeah, Spencer! You’ve already forgotten about me?”

“No … I just couldn’t recognize you with the lights and the makeup.”

“Oh, good. I was thinking, you told me all about your memory and smartness,” Megan tapped the size of his head, “and you can’t even remember my name.” Megan smiled, all teeth and wrinkles, and kissed both of Spencer’s cheeks. “I’ve missed you, Spence.”

Spencer raised his eyebrows and said, “I’ve missed you too, Megan.”

“Spencer? You wanna introduce me?” Derek asked, standing beside Spencer and looking at Megan, his eyebrows raised.

“Right,” Spencer mumbled, “Derek, Emily, this is Megan Jones. I went to California-Tech with her and we met in Chemistry class.” Spencer looked at Megan, saying, “Megan, this is Derek Morgan and Emily Prentiss. They’re my co-workers at the Behavioral Analysis Unit.”

“The Behavioral Analysis Unit? Of the FBI?” Spencer nodded and Megan continued, “how the hell are you working for the government and I’m a glorified stripper?” Spencer smiled nervously and Derek laughed. “Well, either way, I’m so proud of you!” She hugged him again.

“Anyway, hi! As Spencer said, I’m Megan Jones.” Megan shook Emily and Derek’s hands. “It’s great to meet you,” she said with a smile. Turning back to Spencer, she asked, “would you want to get lunch with me to catch up?” She glanced at Derek and Emily before continuing, “unless you have work to do.”

“We can handle it, Reid. Have a great lunch. See you later,” Emily said, walking with Derek past Spencer and Megan to Mr. Hoffman.

“Let me change and I’ll meet you outside by my car. It’s the same one from college and it still has the dent from after the party. You still need to pay me back for that, Spencer Reid.”


“I’ve missed you, Spence. It was good catching up,” Megan said, pushing her empty plate away from her and wiping her mouth. Their lunch had lasted two hours and Megan’s mouth was sore from smiling.

“Yes, it was,” Spencer replied. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he took it out, the light illuminating his face. He read the message and sighed. “I have to go. Derek and Emily are waiting at the airport for me.”

“That’s okay, Spence. Lunch was great. But can I at least drive you back?”

“I’d love that, Megan.”

“Keep in touch, okay? I don’t wanna fall out of contact again,” Megan looked sternly at Spencer. Derek and Emily stood to their left by the stairs leading up to the jet, looking at them as they said goodbye.

“Okay, I will.” He glanced at his partners before awkwardly kissing Megan’s right cheek.

She laughed, “Spencer, what the hell was that? That was the single awkwardest thing I’ve ever witnessed. And I saw you all through college.” With a smile, she continued, “also, you missed.” She leaned up fully kissed his lips. “Bull’s eye,” she mumbled against his lips.

Megan stepped back and laughed when she looked at Spencer’s surprised expecting. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing. I just,” Spencer looked at Derek and Emily again and leaned down to kiss Megan’s lips. He stood back up after a few seconds - three, actually. Spencer couldn’t help but count. “Uh, yeah,” he mumbled.

Megan smiled and fully laughed. On her tippy toes, she kissed his cheeks. On his left, she kissed his soft skin quickly, and on his right, she kissed the corner of his smiling lips and the smiling wrinkles around them. “See you later, Spence. Visit me soon, okay? I don’t want to miss you too hard.”

“Okay, Megan. See you later.” He walked to Derek, who clapped him on the back and smiled with his brown eyes wrinkled, and Emily, who had her eyebrows raised and mouth frowned impressively. She waved at Megan before turning to walk up the steps behind Derek and Spencer.

Megan walked away from the plane as the engine started with a scream and the turbines blew her hair around her head and into her eyes. She skipped to the airport building, enjoying the feeling her pumping heart, bubbling stomach, and less glossed smiling lips gave her.

She hoped to see Spencer soon so that her smiling lips could be dressed with no gloss and his would be instead.

My Control Tonight -Kissed By The Baddest Bidder SMUT

Hey Guys! I just threw this together i hope you like it :) This is a SMUT. So 18+ please ! Enjoy my second smut. Kind of threw this together ! I hope you like ! Voltage Inc owns Eisuke !



It’s been 4 days since I have talked to Eisuke, I told him not to talk to me, that I would be on a mission. Truth is….that was a lie. I needed a break from him and the rest of the boys. They make me want to lose my fucking mind sometimes.

Megan this, Megan that. They always needed me, and Eisuke always wanted to show me off and say your mine, all the time. That shit gets annoying fast, I love Eisuke…I really do, he is….My first love, my first real kiss and I lost my virginity to him. I have been with him for almost a year now, we didn’t have sex for the first 4 months…Because I had some issues from my past and he respected that and I wanted to him to know that he didn’t take anything for me, I gave it to him. I needed that, and sometimes I have the need to show him who’s boss but he doesn’t understand that.

The other day I ran into my first boyfriend in the lobby of the hotel, we talked for a little bit, we had parted on good terms and still remained friends, so I gave him my number, so we can get a drink and catch up sometime, just as friends but I should have been smarter than that because out of the corner of my eyes I can see Eisuke and the guys… Let me tell you Eisuke face did not look happy and when we hugged good bye, I knew that he was going to be mad. I figured better strike while the irons hot, so I walked out the hotel doors and got a coffee, from a coffee shop, two blocks away. When I had got back to the hotel, then went up to the penthouse I acted like there was nothing wrong.

 I sat down next to Baba and said “What did I miss?” He gives me that you’re in trouble smile and says “Not much, I got a girls number today. I think she might be the one.”

I look at him with an amused face and say “What the one for one day?” and everyone but Baba, Eisuke laugh.

 I say “Hey, did you find that guy yet, Or Would you like me to do it for you and get it done?” He gave me a death glare but then turns into an evil smile…Oh shit when he smiles that smile, it’s about to go down, so I take a drink of my coffee and then he says “No Megan I found him already but what about the guy you were searching for? Is that the one you happened to be hugging in the lobby today?”

I choke on my coffee surprised he said that, Ota and Baba are laughing then I look at Eisuke he just looks at me with an eyebrow raised and says “Well Megan? Aren’t you going to answer his question?” I wipe my mouth and give Soryu a smile back and say “Yes I did find the man I was looking for and no that man I was hugging in the lobby today was just an old friend of mine, from a few years back” Baba then says with a big smile “A friend or boyfriend?” I give Baba an “I know what the fuck you’re doing, knock it off look” and then Ota says Joining in and says “Oh Megan, so you have had a boyfriend? I thought you told Eisuke that he was your first love?”

I take another sip of my coffee and say to Ota “Yes, I did have other boyfriends before Eisuke, but I meant it when I said that Eisuke is my first love”. I smile at him and before I know it, I’m thrown over his shoulder and brings me up stairs and show’s me that I’m his.

So tonight I’m going to show him, he’s mine. I got two pairs of hand cuffs; I plan on having my way with him and teasing the shit out of him, like he always does to me. I enter the hotel around 2:30am I know he will be asleep and in bed only in boxers…Perfect time. I get up stairs to our penthouse, I sneak in to his room very quietly to make sure, and I don’t wake him up. My assassin’s skills really do come to good use, in this relationship, I think to myself. I sneak into the bed room and sneak over to the bed to make sure he’s asleep, which he is. I smile to myself and then grab his hand softly then softly put the handcuff on him then put the other on the bed post and I repeat it on the other side. He is going to be mad, I can feel it but I can help but feel a little excited for it.

I turn the light on and throw the covers off him and then climb on top of him, then grind my denim core on his underwear covered member, back and forth. He wakes up shocked and pissed off that, he can move his hands and says with a glare “Megan, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

 I Smile and push him down and kiss him on the neck and say “What do you think, I’m doing idiot? Tonight I’m taking control. Plus I missed you” Then I whisper in his ear seductively “And I missed you….Being inside me.”

 He looks at me with pure animalistic lust; yes that’s what I want. Then he says “Megan, unlock these cuffs right  now, or your punishment will be far worst later” I stare him for second as I’m still straddling him and then I say as I rub my core on him and look him dead in the eyes and say “ You forget, I’m in charge tonight. So shut up and stop fighting It.” then I start roughly kissing while grinding on him. I stop kissing him and say “Don’t you want me, baby? I’m going to punish you for all the times; you have done it to me.” I get off him then and hop of the bed and he growls “Megan, get back here” I smile and say “No, I’m doing what I want tonight; you just sit there till I’m ready.”

As I stand there, to make my point I start to strip slowly first with my hoodie, I unzip it even slower, while making eye contact, then let it drop to the floor, with my black lace bra only left on top. Then I turn around and bend slowly as I roll my pants down, exposing my black lacy underwear as I look behind me towards him, then I start rubbing my fingers against my lace covered core, which felt so exquisite, I moaned out and stopped Then I walk towards him and say “Tell me what you want Mr. Ichinomiya?” He says in a lustful angry voice “I want these handcuffs off, so I can fuck you hard”.

I smile and say “The handcuffs are staying on till I come. So get use to them for awhile but is there anything else you want?” As I stroked his cock and a drop of clear moisture glistened at the tip. “Come on Eisuke, all you have to say is please” He then gave me what sounded like a moan mixed with a growl “Megan, pl—ease I want to be in you” I was so aroused, it made me ache for him when he said that.

 I keep eye contact and unsnap my bra and throw it to the ground. I stand there and massage them, moaning as I play with my nipples and I can hear him groan. My long blonde hair cascading down the sides, then I push my underwear down and sling it towards him and wink. “You’re such a bad boy, you know that right?” Then I get to the bed and he says in a angry voice “I said what you wanted, now give me the same.”

I got on top of him, to were my core was on his abs and rubbing against them and smacked him in the face and said “I told you that, I had control remember? Not you”

 He was taken aback by me smacking him but it also turned him on, even more than he already was.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore so I grabbed his thick long member and lined up to my entrance and said “Say it again, I’ll give you what you want so badly” He throws his head back and growls and says “Megan, I want to be inside you” To which I say in a stern voice “Eisuke, that’s not all” Now I’m stroking him, as I put his tip at my entrance and rub against it. I say again “Say it now or I will stop right now. I move my core away from his penis so he’d get the point then I hear him shout growl at me “ Megan, please I want to be and come in you” That’s all it takes, I line myself back up and push his hips down so he has no control. As I lower myself on to his member we both moan out. As my muscles clutched around his member and I start to move up and down slowly, enjoying every inch of him, Taking him deep inside me, hitting that great spot and I grabbed on to the top of his muscled shoulders and rode him while my breasts jounced wildly.

He was making gruff sound and trying to get out of the hand cuffs and if I wasn’t on the brick of my orgasm I would have laughed when he said “I want to touch you, this isn’t fair” I said then “Shut up, let me use your body to come” I then kissed him roughly on the lips, we both moan ou. I just love when our body’s are joined it feel so indescribably right.

 I’m so close, I can feel my core quivering, about to come and I say to him “Come with me, Eisuke” as we came fiercely and he came in me, I screamed his name, while he shouted my name and about six curse words. I fall on top of him spent, my long hair scattered all over him, with him still inside me with waves of ebbing pleasure and say “You liked that right?”

 As our our sweaty bodies lay together, he smirks then says “Don’t think that when I get out of these handcuffs that you aren’t getting punished” I smile happily and say “Good thing you said that, you’ll be staying like that the rest of the night.” As I get off of him, and start to dress, he pulls at the handcuffs and says “YOU BETTER BE KIDDING ME MEGAN?!” I smile and say “See you in a few hours, after your punishment is over” As I walk out of the room, I hear “You think this is funny little girl, wait till it’s your turn”. I smile and think to myself ‘I can’t wait’.