look at me posting stuff im not dead

Heart like a fist in your pocket.
Heart like swelling and swelling
and was the fight really worth it?
Heart like yeah, I know it looks bad,
but you should see the other guy.
Heart like sometimes there is no
other guy.
Just yourself on the wrong side of the
jail cell.
On the wrong side of everything.
I meant to call you earlier about this,
but the line was dead.
I think my hands are shrinking.
I think my palms are forgetting to pray
and I think my skin is falling off its bones.
If I write to you,
it will only be in thank you notes and apologies.

Dear whoever lives in that house now,
thank you for not painting over the ghosts in the walls.
Thank you for letting them breathe.
Thank you for not undoing the burials,
for not digging up the past.
I know how dirty the cement was, and I’m.
sorry about it all.
Sorry about the cellar.
Sorry that the echoes won’t
ever carry your voice the right way.
Sorry about the rats and the heart I left in a jar.
Sorry if it’s rotting.
Please send it back when you find the time.
I’m sorry if it stains your hands, too.

—  Y.Z, the childhood home I never really left
Looking for AC blogs to follow!

And also friends to play with :)

So, after wondering why my dash is so dead, I realized I’m only following ~20 people… That’s pretty sad, don’t you think? 

I’m looking for blogs that post 70%-100% animal crossing. Please reblog this, and I’ll check you out and likely follow you :)

As for friends, shoot me an IM and maybe we can exchange discord or Skype contacts or something! Or we can just chat here, that’s fine too :) This place gets kinda lonely sometimes, no? 

A lot of the people i follow will be inactive because they’re actually doing things this summer, unlike me. So my dash is dead and i’d like to follow more people. 

Reblog if you post:

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have a nice day! 

anyway when i was 13-14 i had this plan in my head that i would never make it past 18 bcos i was sure i would finally man up and kill myself, i never planned for anything past 16 really because i didnt see myself living to that point, i didnt see a life ahead of me

but today i turned 19 and im not sure how i got here but i did. i’ve gone through a lot of stuff and looking back im not sure how i even got through half of those things.. but i did. im 19 today and 6 years ago i was certain i’d be dead by this point. but im not, im alive, i made it

idk what the point of this post is. im alive, i made it through, im not sure what life is going to throw at me next but whatever happens happens

im alive, at least. its nice to be alive when i never thought i’d make it to this point


my dash is looking pretty dead and i need good blogs to follow, so like/reblog is ya post this:

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if ya post any of these, i’ll check your blog out and maybe follow!!!

dash is dead! i need new blogs!

hi people of tumblr, my dash is reeeally dead so im looking for new blogs!
if you post or reblog any of the things below, just reblog or like this post and i will check out your blog! those who follow me first are also first on my list of course!


artists like:

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youtubers like:

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tv shows like:

- shameless
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and other stuff like:

- all caps poetry
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love you guys!