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-harry potter

-marvel (especially the avengers)

-the good place

-one day at a time

-south park

-nbc hannibal

-the exorcist

-black sails

-star wars

-mr robot

-the walking dead (i acidentally typed ‚the walking dad‘ smh)

-lgbt stuff

lil edit: please no reylo, harringrove and dramione

I’m not the only one who kinda sees Clem
as their daughter right? I mean, we’ve seen her grow up from S 1 - S 3 and we’ve shaped her as a character and how she looks at life and stuff, and I just love my badass kid,, I’m a proud parent

h E w W O im makin a short film that I may or may not finish and I neED INPUT but is it haraam for sunnis to look at images of the sahaba/ahl al bayt (not the prophet) with the faces censored? note that they’re non-offensive images bc Im hate that totally unfunny and insensitive caricature stuff (for shi’as like me there are different rules but it generally sums up to “u can look at images of religious figures except God as long as they’re respectful”) 

pleas e let me know so i can appropriately tag my stuff/warn ppl ahead of time before posting it, if i ever post it that is 


Today I was out with some friends and we decided to go the anime shop to just look around for stuff and i ended up buying a new wallet and bag, but I also saw a poster of England and was like well fuck, it’s $3 may as well! And so when I went to buy it, the lady gave to me for free and she said thay it was because Hetalia is dead and no one came in to buy Hetalia things anymore. Im so shook

After Prom...

Disclaimer: Below is some slightly NSFW content. Heavy implication of the frickle-frackle.

Draco: Look at you, just where I left you. All nice and done up for me.

Draco: Now, now, don’t look at me like that…. let’s see what I can do to make it up to you.

Draco: Goodnight, Love.

Harry: Goodnight, Darling.

im going to keep all my posts on @puppydogkisses from now on and not reblog any of it here because this blog has taken a big hit in follwers and people i thought were friends have broken mutuals and its clear that people dont like me/my content or at least dont want a kid around and im sorry

to everyone who was following this blog and had to look at my colorign and stuff but also alex whose blog and friendships i am ruining . its hard when you share everything including a body to keep things seperate . but i will do better in the future. 

if you want to refollow for politics, memes, discourse, trans stuff and gay stuff you can come back im leaving. im sorry


hey…im not really sure how to say this but…its obvious that this blog is dead and i have no motivation to clean it up bc wow…is it ugly…so im not going to use it anymore…im really sorry

buuuuuuuuuut itll be okay! i remade and it looks soooo much better! rosy is not dead, she is still here! just another blog~ I’ll still be off, i wont delete this blog bc youve all been with me for so long! itll be nice to reread our rps and stuff! ill have to queue up this post bc its like… 2 a.m heheh…so! when im more active youll get to see rosy again!


mountainkinq’s follow spree !! 

    recently i went and unfollowed a toon of inactive blogs and now my dash is p dead so i’m looking for some blogs 2 follow! please reblog if u are into the following: 

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The crow - part 2

A/N: Soooooo it’s finally here. after days of writers block i finally finished. I dont know if im fully happy with it but… This part is quite sad, and Stiles isnt on it, just mentioned. I’m thinking of doing a part 3 but let me know if you want it. Im doing a post to let you guys know what kind of requests i take and stuff.  I hope you guys like it!

Prompt: Reader is a supernatural creature that communicates with the dead. She just arrived to Beacon Hills and meets Stiles’ mom, who has a request for her.

PART 1 // PART 3


Originally posted by begavet

She was beautiful. Even though she was wearing a hospital gown, she looked amazing. You could imagine her walking the streets of Beacon Hills, walking the halls of the high school, owning it, maybe not even realizing it, but being the most beautiful girl there. She was probably younger than you imagined, she looked so tired it aged her a bit. She was standing in the corner of the living room, looking at you with a small smile playing in her lips. There was something calming about her presence, you knew it was impossible but she felt more like an angel than a ghost. You felt really calm around her, something you’d only feel when you were around your mother. The feeling made you a bit weary, like she was maybe playing a game with you. Your mind was running way too fast, why would she play with you and be lurking around Stiles? You weren’t even proper friends yet. Why was she here so late? How long has she been here? But most importantly, what does he want?

“Hello ma’am, I’m sorry, but I only deal with supernatural things in the mornings, I’m sorry but I have to go to sleep.” You left for your room, knowing the it didn’t matter that she was there, she couldn’t hurt you. Hopefully she would get the message and leave.

“I’m sorry, but I need to talk to you.” She followed you. Of course she did. You were just noticing how tired you were, and her still being there got you a little more irritated than usual.

“Like I said, I don’t deal with the dead at night. Come back tomorrow morning.” You shut the door of your room, maybe that will be a strong enough sign that you weren’t in the mood. You sat on your bed and then it hit you. Louder in your head this time.Why was she lurking around Stiles? You opened the door abruptly, only to find her looking around your things. Well, your closed boxes really, but still, that’s invasion of privacy. Just because she couldn’t tell anyone living, doesn’t mean you want her looking around your stuff. “Hey ma’am, why were you at the school today? Watching my friend?”

She smiled widely, happy that you’d talk to her, especially about that subject. That’s why she was here after all. “Please call me Claudia.” She leaned forward to give you a hug but remembered she couldn’t. She looked sad for only a second, trying not to let you notice.

“Okay, Claudia, why were you hovering around Stiles today?” You tried to keep the walls up but she reminded you of your mother too much. As an effort to look tougher you crossed your arms and took a step forward. At the mention of his name her face changed to a sadder look. It was like the word physically hurt her.

“I just like to keep an eye on him. With everything that goes on here, I just like to know that he is okay.” She wasn’t looking at you, but to the floor. “I left way too soon and a boy needs his mom sometimes.”

That’s when it all made sense. He was his mom, of course she would look at him that way. Of course she would almost flinch at the mention of his name. She died, probably more than a few year ago, and she just wants to look out for him. Like your mom does to you. Now you tried to hug her, but remembered you couldn’t. This was the worst part of your powers. You could never console the people that came for you for help. Also, you could never hold your mother. You hadn’t felt her touch in six years. That thought hurt too much, making you shake your head and focus on the lady in front of you.

“You’re Stiles’ mom. Now that I look at you, he is your spitting image.” Spitting image. What? You would never say that. Pull yourself together Y/N, this is not your mom.

“Thank you dear. It took me a lot by surprise when you looked at me this morning. I visit him everyday and no one’s ever noticed me.” She was following you to the kitchen, you needed some coffee if you were going to really do this. 

“I don’t mean to be rude Claudia, but no one notices you because you are dead.” You couldn’t look at her, the idea of her being sad made you feel more uncomfortable than you cared to admit. She was too maternal and your friends, and possible crush, mother. You couldn’t seem to be anything but nice to her.

“But you can see me. It’s been eight years and no one has ever saw me. But en today you did.” Her tone was calm, kinda like she’s telling a bed time story. “Do you mind if I ask how? How can you see me?”

“I don’t know how. I just can. I can see ghosts and spirits, I can talk to them. They find me when they need help.” You put some sugar in your coffee, walking back to the living room. You sat in the couch and she sat by your side. You never understood how the dead couldn’t touch the living, but could sit and hold thing in the livings world.

“I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I need you to tell Stiles something.” There it was again. That sad look at the mention of his name. Whatever the message is I already know I’m crying through it.

“Yes, of course. That’s what I do.” You took a sip of your coffee, shifting in the couch to sit in a way that’s a bit more comfortable, this seemed like a good story. The mom who looks after her child that fights the supernatural?

“When Stiles was 8 when I was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. We tried to continue to live our lives as normal, but as the symptoms started to get aggravated my husband thought it’d be better if I was hospitalized. I didn’t understand at the time, because of the disease, but I wasn’t reliable anymore. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t differentiate reality from dreams anymore, I was too impulsive. And when I was in the hospital, the hallucinations began to worsen.” You couldn’t decide if she looked sad or relieved that she finally got to tell her story. Your eyes are already tearing up, imagining where the story would go. “That’s when it all started to go downhill. Stiles would come visit me every day and one day I just didn’t recognize him. And from that day forward, I would recognize him less and less. I started thinking he was a doctor, that he was a lost kid, and then one day, a few days before I died, I thought he was trying to kill me.” You froze at that. Your eyes were full of tears but you still held them back. You looked at her and you could swear that if she could cry she would. She paused, feeling so disgusted with herself. She knew it wasn’t her fault, but she would never forget Stiles’ face that night. 

“It is not your fault Claudia, you had a disease. I’m sure Stiles knows that too. He does not blame you, he is a smart guy.” You tried to make her feel a bit better, but you knew it would fail. She already knew that, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt. She gave you a small smile but continued.

“It was a friday night, so Stiles was at the hospital at night. My husband was finishing a shift when it started. I looked at Stiles, he was such a sweet little boy, but all I could think about was that he was trying to kill me. That he would give me some meds or suffocate me in my sleep. And just started yelling, calling for the nurse, shoving his little body away from me. The nurses came and took Stiles away, a little bit later his dad arrived. While he was talking to Stiles, trying to calm him down, I went to the roof. I’d figure if he wanted to kill me so bad I might as well do it myself. Stilinski caught up to me, so did Stiles. I was yelling, pointing at my son, accusing him of trying to kill me, pushing him, slapping him until my husband stopped me. I attacked my son. I was out of my mind, I know that, but it doesn’t change what I did.” My eyes were swollen from crying, I couldn’t see her anymore, the tears blurring everything. How terrible it is that she attacked her son and never got well to explain herself. She probably thinks that Stiles hates her. That thought made you cry even harder, a sob leaving your throat.

“I’m so sorry. Oh my god, this is so sad. I am really sorry for you.” The words came through the sobs and tears, you knew you were looking at her but you couldn’t see part the tears. All you wanted to do was hug her and it was the only thing you couldn’t.

“Don’t be sorry dear, it’s not your fault. I was wondering if you could maybe tell Stiles something.” You wiped your tears, now actually seeing her. You took a sip of your coffee so you’d look less of a mess and nodded at her, smiling lightly.

“Yes, anything you want.”

“Could you tell him I’m sorry. I’m sorry for attacking him and for not treating him the way he deserved. I’m sorry for leaving so soon. Tell him I’m proud of the man he became, I’m proud of how brave and loyal he is. I’m proud that he doesn’t let the supernatural scare him away from helping his friends. I want him to know that he does not have to feel guilty about what happened to Donovan. That I understand and that he doesn’t have to wonder about how I feel about it anymore. That I watch over him everyday, I never really left him. And please let him know he is smart, kind and generous. Finally, please tell him is not his fault. It was never his fault. I loved him with all my heart and I know he does too, and he can move on.”

“I will. I promise you I will. And Claudia, don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame yourself for leaving him, he is fine. He doesn’t blame you either, so you can stop feeling like this.” You gave her your most sincere smile. You felt her pain and all you wanted to do was make it go away.

“One last thing, ask him to tell his father that I love him, with all my heart and that he should invest in getting a new girl for him. He deserves nothing less than happiness.”

“I will.” You stayed quiet, a yawn leaving your mouth. Wow it was late, and before you could tell Mrs. Stilinski she stood up.

“Thank you for listening dear. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at school.” And with that she disappeared. You put your mug in the sink and went to your bedroom, laying on your bed with the clothes on your body. You couldn’t stop thinking about everything that Claudia told you, and especially, how you’d tell all that to him. Usually it wasn’t a problem but Stiles was in your life now. He and his friends were the closest thing you had to friends and after spending a whole evening with you he didn’t mention his mother even though you mentioned yours. How would you tell him, how he would react. What if he cried? What if you cried? What if he got mad at you? 

You fell asleep with those questions in your mind. You’d find out tomorrow, you guessed.


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Im only following 366 people and my dash is pretty dead because of it. I’m just looking to follow a few more people and maybe make some mutual friendships who knows?? Possibilities are endless.

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- mikey murphy
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love you guys!

anyway when i was 13-14 i had this plan in my head that i would never make it past 18 bcos i was sure i would finally man up and kill myself, i never planned for anything past 16 really because i didnt see myself living to that point, i didnt see a life ahead of me

but today i turned 19 and im not sure how i got here but i did. i’ve gone through a lot of stuff and looking back im not sure how i even got through half of those things.. but i did. im 19 today and 6 years ago i was certain i’d be dead by this point. but im not, im alive, i made it

idk what the point of this post is. im alive, i made it through, im not sure what life is going to throw at me next but whatever happens happens

im alive, at least. its nice to be alive when i never thought i’d make it to this point