look at me now ohhh


These things inside my head 

They never make much sense 

So I wouldn’t hold my breath… 

I hope I die before they save my soul

Joyriding // Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration 

for Alie

Prom? | Part 1

Imagine: Justin asks you to prom 👑

“So y/n has anyone asked you to prom yet?” (Y/f/n) asks, before taking another bite of her sandwich.

I cringed at the word “prom”, don’t take it the wrong way, it’s not that I hate prom, it’s just something that’s hasn’t been on my mind lately, considering it was 2 days away and I still didn’t have a date.

“A couple, but I said no….” I sigh, looking down as I picked at my lunch.

“Why the hell would you do that?!” (Y/f/n) says, shocked. Before I could answer, she looks at me smiling and says “Ohhh, wait a second, I get it now….”

“What?” I say looking up, confused, “you want to go with Justin…don’t you?” She says out loud as I quickly cover her mouth with my hand. “Shhh (y/f/n,) quiet down…” I say before wiping my hand on my jeans in disgust.

“So it is true!” She says as she gasps in excitement. (Y/F/N) knew about my crush on Justin, so I knew there was no point in lying to her. “Fine yes! It’s true! Are you happy now?!” I say as I feel my cheeks getting hot.

Justin and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember, and before I knew it I started to develop feelings for him, there’s just something about him, not many guys have and all I know is that there no one else who could make me special the way he does. Sometimes I would sense he felt the same way about me, but I wasn’t 100% positive, i just hope Justin is the one to ask me to be his date to prom.

I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard little shrieks, “This.is.so.fresking.cute!” My best friend says as she starts fangirling over the thought of Justin and I going together, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of it aswell.

After school was over, I got a text from Justin to meet at our hangout place.

“Hey,” I say smiling, as we both greet eachother with a small hug, before walking home together.

We both walk in silence for a while, not really sure wether to bring up the subject about prom, but I decide to give it a shot.

“Soooo, prom’s in 2 days…” I say nervously looking down at my shoes, as i walked.

“Yeah it is, everyone’s so pumped about it!” He says.

I look up at him, “so are you planning to go?”

“Of course, it’s a night to remember” he says looking at you smiling.

I reply with a nod smiling, relieved to hear he was excited about prom, “soooo do you have a date,” hoping this was now my shot to ask him or vice versa.

“Uh yeah, I actually have a girl in mind,” he says. What?! A girl in mind? What was that suppose to mean? He actually had a date in mind?? My heart literally shattered to pieces after hearing those words. I really thought he was going to ask me, but I guess I was wrong. All this hope was for nothing, how could I be so stupid to actually think I would have a chance with him?

I began to walk faster than Justin not wanting to see me upset. “Uhm I’ll catch you later, sorry my mom’s calling, got to go!” I say quickly before he could even reply. I begin to walk faster after hearing him yell my name multiple times made my heart break 10 times more.

To be continued….Stay tuned!!
Requested by @xtinalear ❤️😘

when I have to study for an exam
  • me: you know what I always wanted to learn this foreign languauge
  • me: also there is this book that I always wanted to read
  • me: and why some people can move thier ears? let's find out
  • me: oh look a 10h long video with meowing cats let's watch it
  • me: what is the meaning of life??
  • me: *stares for 15 minutes on a page of textbook not reading it* ok I worked so hard I need a 2h break jesus I'm so tired
  • me: is that a 120k fanfic???
  • me: are we alone in the universe???
  • me: I want pizza
  • me: ok I will start studying at 6:00
  • me: *watches movies, sleeps, cleans room, does absolutelly nothing*
  • me: *looks at the watch*
  • watch: *6:01*
  • me: oh no ohhh NO NOW I HAVE TO WAIT TILL 7:00 WHAT A TRAGEDY