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UmiMaki Week
Day 3: Genderbend

Fluffy Tomato Prince and Literal Archer Prince.
Don’t even try to fight me on this but Male UmiMaki would definetly be the hottest guys in school which everybody swoons over but later finds out they’re gay AF for each other.



he’s always sending red tulips,, 

( a continuation?? )

“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” 
- Arwen, The Fellowship of the Ring 

I commissioned the wonderfully talented @kallielef to draw my Tolkien elf queen, Coruwen, with her husband, Thranduil and I am blown away! (That’s putting it mildly, let’s say, I kinda want to fangirl scream into a pillow) And Kallie is super amazing to work with and is such a sweetheart to work with! :D 

Thank you so much again, Kallie! <3 

If an art teacher gives you a critique or constructive criticism their opinion and you know they want the best for you but it’s draining In the end was it ever Constructive at all?

@ourinquisitorialness Beep boop guess who. I do hope it looks like him anyway. I TRIED AHAHAHAHA *sad violin music*

Okay, I realize this is totally random, but there’s actually a reason for me making this. Before I get to that though, yeah that’s Thalon Lavellan (in case that wasn’t clear yet, duurrrr) and because I’m still hopelessly addicted to drawing Taerel I tossed him in there as well. Lets just pretend he’s visiting Skyhold or something.

Thalon was supposed to look like he’s running his fingers through his hair, instead it looks like he’s face palming, lol (probably in response to whatever silly thing Tae is telling him, makes sense).

Two red headed elves are better than one anyway. I am weak.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make Thalon wear, but he was wearing that outfit in one of the screenshots I found while I was searching for reference, so… was gonna do the thighlon armor at first, but that would require dealing with metal parts and I do so loathe shading metal. So no.

Also whoever at Bioware designed that particular vallaslin didn’t do it with the well being of an artist’s sanity in mind. (and I thought Zev’s vallaslin was bad lol).

And now onto why I drew this. I apologize in advance for the long text but I promise it’s all relevant.

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i h8 drawing his hair so i just ??? put a hat on

+ his face b4 i ruined everything attempting to recreate his hairiffic masterpiece

anonymous asked:

I love how your blog kind of shows your art throughout time. Like, I feel so happy flipping through from oldest to newest and going "Look at that! Look how much they've improved!! So good!!" You're a really talented person is what Im trying to say tbh.

((ooc)) aaaaaa a aa a aaaa a oh gosh thank you so much, you’re so sweet ;A; I’m very happy to hear that it seems like my art is improving! Thank you for such a sweet comment- things like this literally make my entire year ngl! I hope you have a wonderful day! <’3

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As an artist myself I have the same "lack of originality" conundrum constantly. In our age of information it really is hard to make something completely novel, even when you try hard to do just that.

pt. 2: The important thing to remember is that two people can interpret the same idea very differently. Look at fan art. So even if you feel like someone got to your idea before you, remember that no one will able to do it the same way.

Thank you. :”) I suppose it just grates on me after a while of the same thing happening over and over. But thank you for the reminder. That’s one thing I need to remember more often. That’s actually part of what makes art so interesting, is seeing how different artists interpret the same subject matter.