look at me i'm making pizza

ah omg I went to blaze pizza and they make you say your name for the order and as I was ordering the chef kept looking over at me. when I sat down and waited with my friends, he kept looking at me and smiling and he was really cute so when he calls my name, he said it right (bc somehow people mess it up). when your order is ready, he just calls the name, and sets it on the top counter BUT when he called my name, he was standing to the side holding my box and he was like genuinely curious on how my name was pronounced and whether he said it correctly and then smiled n winked at me when I walked away

Things I have done and said at work that Guzma would probably do and say if he worked at a restaurant:

  • shout “motherfucker” in the middle of the kitchen, right in front of the chef, after a server messed up a pizza
  • “if they parm that pizza I’m going to lose my shit”
  • go into a walk-in fridge, close the door, and scream
  • “make me drop this pizza and you’re dead to me”
  • contemplate whether it’s possible to kill a person with a pizza paddle
  • “I’ll shank you with this oyster shucker, I swear to fuck”
  • drink at least an entire pot of coffee over the course of a shift

└ Ah~ damn you Jun for making it impossible for this shipper to behave like a mature, respectable adult. 

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 29.10.2016


“I know the things you’ve done. I know the bad in you, all the things you’re ashamed of, the ugly parts you don’t want anyone to see. I’ve felt all of it beneath your skin. I know. And you’re still beautiful to me.”