look at me i'm a weeb

Me talking about my life :
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Me talking about my favorite character :
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Me talking about my otp :
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anonymous asked:

omg you have a sister?? how cute!

YEE we’re 11 years apart but get along…..a little too well.. probably bc of our gigantic interest in cartoons lmfaoo (she binge watched bnha in 2 days can u look at my lil prodigy weeb)

the signs as things my brother has said
  • aries: i'll choose moose because i sexually identify as one
  • taurus: RUN THOSE KIDS OVER. NATURAL SELECTION. but don't hurt the dog.
  • cancer: if my future kid's ever an emo, i'll slap them
  • gemini: no i won't shave...i prefer being an untamed lawn
  • virgo: *smacks me in the face* itachi forehead touch
  • libra: this offends my veganism
  • scorpio: i can't call you a hoe??? fine you fucking shovel
  • sagittarius: it's gucci my dude
  • capricorn: i like cheesecake, maple syrup, and strippers
  • aquarius: *looks at the night sky* i'm so glad i paused dragon ball z for this
  • pisces: who cares about the sea life. i care about the tree life. Recycle.

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Please explain Villainous to me I'm so confused

Demon grunkle stan who has a smoker’s voice wants the money so he can keep up on looking dapper as fuck and no one will hire him so hes like fine ill start my own business with blackjack and hookers and hires a weeb with a bag for a face and another weeb that was literally made by tumblr like shes fucking savage also there’s a bear because we have to make it reminiscent of evil con carne

Don't get me wrong,

I’m excited af that all these great YA lit novels are getting movie rights and signings,,,


is it TOO MUCH TO ASK for one to be turned into a TV show??? Or better yet–get this–AN ANIME???? Imagine that. Anime makes powers and special effect look more realistic than any YA book’s first movie budget can. And it’s a lot easier to show emotion.

Anyone else… pls

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Hey there. I'm sorry to bother you, but I was looking for the character reference for Weeb Frisk, but I only found Hipster Chara and Edgeriel. Can you help me?

Oh uh, I have not made frisks thing uwu thanks for reminding me tho, ill get around that soonish in like a week or 2 ))


D.Gray-Man finally updated but  It’s been like 2-3 years since I’ve last read it so

I've noticed something
  • A fan of anime: lol I'm a shitty weeb lets look at my trash collection together
  • A weaboo: um I'm an OTAKU thank you very much, I am a fan of the superior Japanese language and culture and I know everything about both of these because I'm an anime aficionado, don't call me a weeb, it's RACIST.
I am listening to my GM in the other room...
  • GM: Let me tell you guys the secret to really good stunts.
  • GM: Okay, number 1 is: ask yourself "what can I grab to make myself look reeeeallly cooool?"
  • GM: Secondly, "How can I do this while being as anime as fuck without making the GM vomit?"
  • GM: And let me tell you-
  • GM: I have a really high tolerance.
  • GM: Like back home I have six consecutive years of Shonen Jump in some boxes.
  • GM: So please, weeb away.
  • [Later]
  • GM: Okay, what I'm telling you guys is YOU NEED TO GO WEEBER.