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Nygmobblepot represents Gotham at the SDCC 2017 WB Booth!!!!

OMG, fellow Nygmobs!! The WB booth has this upper level for media and the stars. The chairs up there are always nice and plush, not that I’ve had the pleasure. I’m not sure when they started it, but the backs of the chairs this year represent the shows. The Supergirl chair has Supergirl on it, Arrow has Arrow on it. Black Lighting has his.

But the Gotham chair has NYGMOBBLEPOT!

Not Jim. Not Bruce. Not even just Penguin by himself! No.


I nearly lost my mind when I happened to look up and they were there! They are positioned so you can see them several booths down the back hallway. I just about died! A very nice security guard monitoring to make sure no one goes to the top, let me stand there and take pictures of this chair forever! Of course they are in the corner so I’m trying to find just the right shot.

WOW, I knew the show, FOX & WB backed Nygmobblepot. It’s kinda obvious that they are being played up, like when the Comic Con doggies had them running across the screen. That’s a major marketing decision. Same with these chairs!

And I must reiterate. All the other chairs I saw had the stars on the chair. Not a ship! THIS IS HUGE! I will never give up on this ship! After seeing this, no one will ever be able to convince me that the show and the entire production team aren’t 100% behind it. 

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Hey man, what advice do you have for getting the perfect lighting for pictures? Whether it be indoor, sunset or in the middle of the day. I saw your most recent picture with Tatiana and it's great! Rich colors and nice lighting. I know you're not on this site as often so I really appreciate you getting back to me!

I really would love to cover all the major lighting situations but they’re honestly so many but I’ll stick with the two major ones I find myself in, which you also mentioned, indoors and middle of the day/direct sunlight.

Based on when you sent this, I’m guessing you meant this shot of Tatiana

Full size here

Just for transparency, she’s sitting in her living room in front of this window

So it’s a single light source allowing a ton of light into a concentrated area in an otherwise dark room. This particular day was pretty cloudy but while some people would shy away from shooting on a cloudy day, clouds actually act as a light diffuser so it’s level. I have Neutral Density filters (0.6, 0.9) for super brought days, they’re like sunglasses for my lenses, but cloud achieve the very same effect. 

Okay so she’s sitting about two feet from the window in the white chair which I wanted to use for object contrast. Oh, the shots in this post are all with a Canon 1D X Mark II with a Canon 35mm 1.4L II. The exif from Tatiana’s shot is ISO 1600/1.6/125th of a second. The reason I used the white chair is because I knew from the job it would stand out along with her robe and those two in the foreground would set her apart from the background, on top of me shooting at 1.6 which is gonna net me good subject from background isolation. Originally, she was sitting with her legs down but I asked her to put her feet up so the chair could frame her. 

I was shooting in Live View mode where I use the camera’s LCD screen to frame the shot cause I had to hold the camera slightly above where I can comfortably shoot without needing to stand on something. I was also shooting in Aperture priority and my metering was pattern/evaluation. If you don’t know what metering is or does, you really should take the time to look into it. It’s how your camera interprets the amount of light coming into the frame and adjust shutter speed or aperture when shooting in programmed modes.

As far as setting up the shot, that’s pretty much it. Now, the before and after

I can’t begin to go through each and every step of the editing process, but this is actually a leftover preset I made from her previous shoot that happened to roll over to these shots nicely. It’s not that I’m opposed to making new presets but I enjoy color and grading consistency across sets. It’s kinda why if I take a snapshot of my recent Instagram post, the same tones and colors appear across the board. 

Full size here

On the flip side of things, shooting outdoors. I do not encourage shooting with direct light on people unless you’re extremely comfortable and want the challenge for the sake of learning more about your camera and your abilities. Instead position the person, or rather, angle yourself facing the sun so they come between you and the light source too they become backlit or lit from the side. So the shot

Full size here (worth looking at and zooming into)

This shot was actually a bit of a unicorn shot in that, the set up wasn’t anything out of my ordinary. I THINK I was shooting with the Canon 50mm 1.2L, she was sitting on a bench in a random park and I was sitting on the floor. The sun is right in front of her (if she were to look directly ahead) but the neat thing is her hair shaded her face. You can see the harsh light on her hair but her face is evenly lit in the shade. The before and afters

This shot was good right off the camera so I created brand new presets for her cause I wanted to be as delicate as possible while bringing out as much as I was comfortable doing in the image. I shifted the orange (entire red spectrum) of color for the image and its why her skin went from neutral to having a pink tint  but it’s meant to accompany the sky.

I think that just about sums it up. So again, Canon 1D X Mark II, Canon 35mm 1.4L II, Canon 50mm 1.2L, 0.6 and 0.9 ND filters, all editing done in Adobe Lightroom. 

I know you asked about lighting but I figured it would lend some context to mention a more general approach. Hope it helps.

Monsta X reaction to seeing his s/o, who always wears long pants and sweaters, wearing a bikini for the first time and has a beautiful body

requested by anon~


Originally posted by hyungnu

Shownu; By the moment you came out of the bathroom with a sheer over shirt, not really covering your red bikini, Shownu would be so stunned at the sight. He couldn’t believe that you have such wonderful body to begin with. Shownu would be at a loss for words when you flashed him a smile smile, twirling around in the process, only to give Shownu a good view of how proportionate your body was, especially with your assets. He’d be giddy about it to be honest, like he’d be praising you over and over and would actually be over-protective of you once the two of you are out to the beach or swimming pool. But then, when the two of you are just chillin’ around, he’d be looking at you with such loving gaze that you’d be blushing. He’d also blurt out compliments here and there, totally catching you off-guard, and that’s when the two of you are enjoying some watermelon, his face covered with watermelon juice.

What do you think, oppa? *smiles, twirls around to flaunt your swimwear*”

“*chuckles*…. *finally able to think of words to say* You look beautiful, baby. *pulls you into a hug* Aigoo, my baby is so beautiful~”

“Hehehe, thanks oppa. Now, let’s go to the beach! *pulls Shownu towards the beach, only to be stopped by him*”

“Wait a minute… *wraps his tanktop around your waist and proudly smiles* There. Let’s go! *wraps his arm around you shoulder*”

Originally posted by seokijn

Wonho; Wonho wouldn’t be able to stop himself from grinning widely to be honest. When you came back to the tent with your friend, he’d be speechless at the sight.  He would be really surprised at how beautiful you looked to be honest, may it be in sweatshirts and pants or bikini, you were overall beautiful in his eyes. Wonho would act a little bit dramatic to be honest like the one in the gif before he pulls you into a hug like a little boy. He’d be body praising you to be honest, especially at how your assets bring out those curves. But when he notices the stares of the boys, he’d actually spread his arms and would totally cover you since it was only a sight for him to see but it might also be the other way around like he’d be flaunting you like a proud boyfriend, his chest out while his arms wrapped around your shoulder. Wonho would also be really caring. He’d apply some sunblock on you like he’d apply sunblock on you first before he applies some on himself.

Baby, I’m wearing the bikini that you bought me. Look! *twirls around happily while smiling at Wonho’s reaction*”

“*acts dramatic* Oh my… how can a goddess smile at me? Omo, my heart can’t take at how beautiful my [y/n] is. *pinches the bridge of his nose before bursts out laughing, pulling you into a tight hug* Aigoo, my baby, how can you be so beautiful huh? Man, look at you! I’ve always known you were hiding something under those baggy shirts and sweatpants that you wear!”

“Whatever, babe. C’mon, let’s get into the water now!”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Minhyuk; Just imagine Minhyuk with big, googly eyes. He’d be all smiles as soon as he sees you with your baby blue bikini. When you show him every angle of the your body, twirling around to show him how cute you looked with a pair of bikini. Minhyuk would totally find you really cute but sexy at the same time. But when boys starts to stare at you, just imagine Minhyuk glaring at them while protectively wrapping his arms around you. And once they’re gone, he’d be back to praising at how beautiful you are and that he’d remind you of the time when you felt insecure which he would also quickly tell you that there was nothing for you to be insecure as you were as beautiful as your heart. You have a wonderful body and he loves it as much as he loves you for who you are. He’d seriously flaunt you to the boys, telling them that they don’t have a beautiful gf like you.

Baby, listen, remember the time when you felt insecure of all those girls out there? Don’t be. You’re beautiful. You have a beautiful heart and a beautiful body and a beautiful everything. Don’t let them bring you down. I love the way how you look as much as I love you for who you are. You have a wonderful body baby and you’re one of a kind! *cups your cheeks with such bright smile* Now, c’mon and let’s go to the boys.”

“Alright… thanks babe.”

“No problem, sweetie~ *winks at you and sees the boys* Guys! Look at how beautiful my baby girl is! Too bad you guys don’t have a girl like mine… Should I set you guys up?!”

Originally posted by gifsmonstax

Kihyun; This boy would be so taken aback when he sees you for the first time in bikini. He’d be all smiles to be honest. He wouldn’t be able to suppress his feels and would literally be chuckling the whole time since he’s so giddy about the sight of you and your beautiful body. When you twirl around for him, he’d really find you so cute that he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. Kihyun would pull you into a hug, swaying the two of you while he plants kisses on top of your head. He’d pull away for a moment and would immediately pull out his camera, making you his model. And when you tell him that you’re not that confident with your body, he’d look at you with some look and would tell you that you’re utterly beautiful in his eyes and that you should be proud of that beautiful body of yours because you’re one of a kind. And of course, Kihyun would be over protective to the point the he’d let you wear his tank top to cover up when you feel uncomfortable with the stares of random strangers. And to be honest, he’d also be the type of person who’d post your picture with a speech underneath it.

Oppa, I’m not that confident with my body though.. I think I’ll pass–”

“What are you talking about? You’re body’s gorgeous baby and let me tell you, you’re one of a kind and be proud of that body of yours! You have such wonderful proportions and you’re really beautiful in my eyes baby, really beautiful. C’mon, let’s take some photos to commemorate this day.”

“Thanks, babe, for making me feel better about my body. But before we take photos of me, let’s take a photo together. *pulls you towards him as he lets the other members take a photo of the two of you*”

Originally posted by hyungwonnn

Hyungwon; Chae Pepe will be unleashed. He’d be so meme by the minute he laid eyes on you in your bikini. He’d be so speechless that he’d be giggling for a straight five minutes. Once he’d finish giggling, he’d be complementing at how beautiful you are and how your assets are also gorgeous. He’d be so mesmerized at your beauty that he’d really ask the boys to take a photo of the two of you so that he’d make it his lock and home screen wallpaper. And he’d also take a couple of selfies with you before pulling you into the water. Once the two of you started to chill around in the pineapple float that you bought, he’d be really honest with you like he’d be complementing your body and you overall. That he’d reach to a point that he’d appreciate all of your style and would be like, you’re like a box filled with surprises and whatnot. Hyungwon wouldn’t actually like the attention that you’re getting from the boys to be honest that he’d be glaring at them until they look away. 

Hyungwonie~ how do I look? *twirls around with a gleeful squeal*”

“*giggling giggling giggling*….. *finally stops giggling* Baby, you look amazing! Damn, you really a beautiful body…. Yah, Changkyun-ah, take a photo of [y/n] and I for a second. *hands phone to Changkyun and pulls you closer to him with his arms on your waist*”

“Aigoo, don’t tell me you’re gonna make that as your lock screen and home screen wallpaper? *teasing*”

“I am! Daaamnn, Changkyun this one is such a wonderful shot! Nice one. Baby, do you want me to send you this photo? So that we can have matching wallpapers? *cute smile*”

Originally posted by sonhvunwoo

Jooheon; Jooheon was laughing really loud until you came to the tent in a bikini, making Jooheon shut his mouth real fast. He’d be eyeing you up and down before he proceeds to giving you a knowing smile. When you asked him if you looked horrible, he’d be reassuring you right away that you look absolutely beautiful. Like legit beautiful. Too beautiful for him to be honest. He’d actually pull you into his lap and hug you tightly, with a big smile on his face. Jooheon would actually take all his time to appreciate you and your body. When the two of you are actually strolling down the beach, he’d let you wear his jacket to be honest, not only to protect you from those lustful stares but also from the sun since he doesn’t want his baby to have that sunburn. And when you’re out in the pool having fun with the boys, he’d actually watch you with so much admiration that he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you. And when you’re back in the hotel with your sweatpants, he’d be chuckling at how you can still be beautiful with those clothes.

Wear this jacket, babe. *helps you wear this beach zip jacket and smiles at how cute you looked with his jacket* Omo, baby, your bikini matches with my jacket!”

“You’re right! But, honey, wouldn’t it be too hot for you with just that tank top and beach shorts? *pouts*”

“Aigoo, don’t worry baby. It’s alright. C’mon and let’s go buys some ice cream from that stall over there. *points at a not really visible stall from afar*”

“Oki doki *links arms with Jooheon*”

Originally posted by kihyuon

I.M; Changkyun would be pretty calm about it tho. When you showed up with your red bikini, he’d be proudly smiling at you since he already knew that you have such wonderful body. He’d be wrapping his arm around your shoulder and would smugly smile at his hyungs like she’s mine sorry. But then when you’re starting to get a lot of attention from random strangers, he’d be a little bit whiney as makes you wear his tank top. Changkyun would also be the type of boyfriend who’d shower you a lot of love like when you’d suddenly feel insecure about your body after a couple of women passed by, he’d be like no, baby, you have an amazing body and you know what, you’re the only apple in my eyes. you’re beautiful, okay? and many more. Sometimes, you’d catch Changkyun staring at you with such loving gaze but then sometimes, you’d also receive sassy comments from him but in a good way. Sometimes, you’d also catch him taking a lot of candid photos of you.. .and even videos to be honest. When you’re gone for a while, he’d be staring at the photo’s he’d captured and would actually make a collage and make it like into some aesthetic or something.

Oh my goodness, my beautiful queen has finally arrived with that beautiful body of hers! Flaunt it baby *winks at you before wrapping an arm around your shoulder*”

“Babe… I think this will be the first and last time that you’d see me wearing a bikini–”

“Ssshhhh, don’t say that *places a finger on your lips and then turns around to face his hyungs who are looking at him with a ‘._.’ look* Sorry, hyungs, [y/n]’s mine. But hey, guess what, we can try to hook you guys up you know *wink… minhyuk in the background: hey! that’s my job!!!*”

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Band AU. Marco is lead locals, Ace is guitar, and Sabo is drums. There are literal shipping wars through out their fans of who would be better with who. And all three of them love to read through the post that entail said shipping's on twitter/any other social media. They laugh their butts of at some of the fanfics as well.

“Hey, ShipGirl wrote a new chapter,” Sabo called waving his phone in the air. They had just finished practice and all three were cooling down with a nice can of soda to pass the time. “It looks like I just broke Ace’s heart and Marco rushes in to “heal” him.”

“What? No way!” Ace laughed opening his own fanfic page grinning the whole while “I thought for sure Marco wouldn’t even notice the pain I was going through!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It was obvious since chapter two that I noticed.” Marco claimed. He leans over, to kiss away the pout on Sabo’s face.  The smaller blond eagerly returns the gesture while Ace scrolls through his phone. “No need to be jealous yoi.”

Sabo huffs, crossing his arms “Just because you and Ace have a bigger following doesn’t mean I’m jealous.”

Marco smirks, eyes dancing in amusement.

“Sabo! Look what someone commented on our Twitter!” Ace shouts before he can say anything. On the freckled man’s phone, the new quick shots he took while recording their newest music video are displayed.

There is one where Ace is staring at something in the lower side of the screen that has the new comment.

Ace was staring at Sabo’s ass! look! you can’t tell me they aren’t meant to be!!! They both have two great asses to match!

“I mean…They aren’t wrong.” Ace laughs as Sabo’s face burns red. Marco gives the picture a once over trying to remember if he had been the one to take it.  “Our ass really are great. What do you think Marco?”

The blond gives Ace a grin when the raven man wiggles his backside at him. “I think Sabo’s is the best.”

“I’ve never been more betrayed in my life.”

Sabo snorts a laugh as Ace dramatically pressed the back of his hand against his forehead falling into the drummer’s lap with a fake cry.

Before anyone can say anything else a quick bing goes off Ace’s phone.

There is a reply to the first comment.

Ace isn’t staring at Sabo’s ass! he’s just posing! Stop trying to pair those two up when it’s obvious that Marco and Ace are an item! Everyone knows that The vocalist and the guitarist are always the ones together!

Sabo pouts again, causing Ace to roar with laughter in his lap  “Drummers deserve  love too…”

Marco laughs leaning forward to give both his boyfriends and band mates a kiss each. “Why don’t we post misleading information about each other to see the shipping war flags fly?”

Sabo hummed snuggling into Ace’s hair, smile back on his face and the raven hair man grins up at him. “Can you post a picture of us napping together?”

“Only the best for the SaboAce fans yoi.”


OMG I can’t breathe !!!!! What is this?!?!
I remember watching all these vines!! This is just P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!!

I even had to take screen shots:

It doesnt always work for everyone

When walking to the beat of the music

“hey guys, I just wanna introduce you to my sister”
“urrff (pushes) NO ONE CARES!!”


“I love you Mari-”
“ugh I like Nathan now”
“But I gave you a gold fish”
“He gave me a cookie”
“ohugh…whole cookie?!”

Can you feel the love tonight~♬

“I think we are dead-”

“Ey look how Chat died!!”

Friends will always make fun of you

“This is my choc let bahaaa”

Do the Harlem Shake

AWWW Bridgette X Felix cuteness overload

cheers to Rin Kissツ

NCIS Imagine

Requested by @sexy-bookworm-fangirl  

“I would like to request some NCIS. Reader is basically like a small puff ball, and the entire team is SUPER PROTECTIVE (Ziva, Gibbs, McGee, Abby, Ducky, and Tony) and this random suspect disrespects her, and they just unleash their fury at her. And the Reader is just standing there, smiling and wondering when they will be finished destroying this poor women’s mental functions”.

(I tweaked it a little, the suspect who disrespects the reader is guy and each member takes it in turns to ‘mess’ with him and reader is dating Tim McGee)

I know it’s shorter than usual sorry.


“Look Y/N I’m just saying, If you were ever to pick somebody to fight with you, who would you want on your team, me or McGeek.” Tony asked and he threw another paper ball at Tim who was trying his best to ignore him and work on the task Gibbs had given him.

“And I’m just saying Ziva, no offence to my Timmy but he is more of a tech guy.”

“That’s true.” Tim agreed, keeping his attention on the computer screen in front of him. I smiled over at him and turned my attention to tony and watched as he threw more paper balls at Tim. There was a considerable age difference between both Tony and I. I suppose that’s why he treats me like a little sister, but then again so do all the team, except Timmy but it would be strange if your significant other treated you like a sister. Again there was a slight age gap between Tim and I but nobody ever really cared.

I shook my head as a piece of paper hit my head. I looked at Tony and frowned as another came towards me, I quickly lent to the side successfully dodging the paper ball.

“And what about me?” Tony asked turning his paper missiles back to Tim. I shrugged and sighed.

“Lets see, you’re annoying, always late, you’re big headed and you always have your foot in your mouth and well, Ziva is a bad ass babe who can take any of you losers out with on shot.” I shrugged as I waked over and sat by Ziva’s Desk and gave her a high five.

“She’s right again.” Tim agreed again, not lifting his head to look at anyone once again, keeping his attention on the screen as he typed at the keyboard. Tony grunted and shook his head.

“Quiet probie and Ziva why can she call you babe but when I do I get a whole world of pain.” Tony asked Ziva, pointing at me. she only smiled at Tony and shrugged.

“It’s not so offensive if a woman says it as it is usually implied as a compliment.” she laughed.

Just then the elevator doors opened and in walked Gibbs, pushing a suspect in front of him. I smirked at Gibbs who shook his head as the guy just tried to break the restraints he was in.

“Sam Marks, the owner of the club next to the ally way where Mary Jones was found. Tony, with me.” Gibbs instructed but apparently Sam wanted to make a request.

“I want that one there, let her come and play.” Sam smiled nodding towards Ziva.

“I don’t thinks so creep.” Ziva said, sounding extra bored with the guy. I smiled at her and shook my head as I moved off of her desk and walked towards tony’s Desk.

That was when he turned his attention to me. “What about to short stuff, you wanna know what a real man feels like? And after that you can clean my house and bring beer” He asked, Gibbs pulled the guys arm tighter and he screamed out in pain. “Ahhh what the Fuck, I only asked the girl if she was up for a date, not like I asked the bitch for a fucking lap dance.”

Suddenly the whole office went silent, everyone just starred at the guy who had dared disrespect the teams 'Baby sister’. I wasn’t one to enjoy drama unless it involve Tony and Ziva but I couldn’t help but hope this guy is going to get what’s coming to him.

Gibbs smiled at Ziva and shrugged, “Ziva, can you take Mr Marks to the interrogation room, and be care full, the floor needs a bit of work, make sure you don’t fall and hurt you self.” Gibbs told her, Ziva stood and nodded, and grabbed the guy by the arm and leading him down the hall where the interrogation rooms were. Everyone soon got back to work until we heard a loud scream coming from the direction Ziva and Sam Marks had gone.

Gibbs left and soon enough we got back to work, or at least Tim and I did, Tony had followed Gibbs as requested and Ziva had stayed with them. I sat at my desk picked up my red ball, “Jones heads up.” I called to an agent on the other side of the room and threw the ball, which he caught with ease.

“Parker.” Jones shouted throwing the ball to agent ball and he threw it to Carlson and she threw it to Tim who threw it to me. We kind of went like this for a while until I caught it and I spotted the director making his way down the stairs.

“Director Vance.” I called throwing the ball. He caught it and raised an eyebrow and he tossed it to Tim. “Mcgee” He said before he continued his journey down the stairs and stopped by my desk.

“I see you’re still 'Testing the agents reflexes’ around the office” he smiled at me.

“You know it sir, an agent with crappy reflexes are useless on the field sir.” I shrugged as the ball was tossed to me and caught it without even looking at it. “See, I have great reflexes.” I grinned, at which point Gibbs came into the room, the suspect walking behind, a very nasty looking red mark on his cheek.

“Wow, what happened to you?” Tim asked him. He looked like he was about to speak but Ziva answered for him.

“The floor by the interrogation rooms need a bit of work, very uneven.” She shrugged. I nodded at her and raised my eye brows deciding to play along.

“I know, it was just yesterday I saw someone take a fall. Landed on his back not in week for at least to weeks. Quite tragic really.” I smiled at her and the laughed as Sam Marks grunted as he touched his face.

“Oh you think this is funny bitch, you should…” Mr Marks began be before he could say anything Abby came rushing in with a cup of coffee and Caf-Pow in her hands,

“Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs. ” She rushed as she ran towards us. Then she did the unthinkable, she tripped and spilled the coffee and Caf-pow all over the man who just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“Ahhhh Jesus Christ, what the hell.” He yelled. I stood up and took his shirt off quick.

“Wow, today is really not your day.” I smiled at him. He just sent me a glare before walking off trying to put his shirt on.

“You know that guy needs to learn how to speak to women properly.” Tony shook his head.

“Yeah, and maybe you could join him.” Ziva mumbled as she sat down.

“That will teach him, nobody calls our baby a bitch and gets away with it.” Abby smiled, pulling me into a hug. I looked at her and cocked my head to the side in confusion. “Tim told me what had happened.” She told me. I smiled over at Tim who winked at me, making me laugh.

“Well, Thank god he’s gone.” I shrugged.

“Yeah I wouldn’t be so sure. Ducky sent Jimmy down and slashed the guys tires,” Abby told me.

“And he won’t be able to get in to his phone for a while as I changed the pass word on his lock screen from here.” Tim laughed as he picked up the ball and threw it at Tony, whole fumbled to catch it and dropped it.

“Wow, your reflexes suck.” I told him he just threw the ball at me and I caught it with ease. I smiled at him and winked as I threw it to Ziva who did the same.

“Tony, don’t throw things at Y/N” Gibbs shouted and he passed Tony and hit the back of his head making us all laugh.

“One of these day agent Y/L/N, you won’t have you little bodyguards to protect you. and on that day, I will bring you a whole new level of pain and embarrassment.” Tony warned me, once Gibbs was out of earshot.

I smiled and stood from my desk and slowly walked over to Tony who gulped at me when he saw Ziva, Abby and Tim doing the same. I leaned in real close to his face and glared at him, hard.

“Bring it.” I whispered, before turning around and smiled at the other who laughed as I skipped childishly to my desk, like an innocent little girl.

“Why must you guys always take that little sociopaths side. I’ve known you all longer that her.” I heard Tony mumble to the rest of the team.

“She’s my best friend.” Abby answered as she came and sat on my desk, taking a piece of candy from my candy jar that I kept on my desk.

“I’m in love with the girl.” Timmy shrugged as he want back to his desk opposite mine. I shot him a smile and laughed.

“I love you Tim McGee.” I told him, earning a wink from him.

“I just like her more.” Ziva answered sitting at her own desk, smiling over at me, I simply just smiled back.

 "Besides, she might be small, but the girl is a bad-ass babe and would kick our asses if we ever crossed her.“ She laughed as she threw my ball back to me which I caught with ease and I set it on my table.

Karts, Cuddles, And A Whole Lotta Cheating

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Alec

Summary - Alec is way better at Mario Kart than Magnus. Magnus may have to resort to drastic measures to win…

Thank you @sir-assless-unicorn for the prompt!

Words - 720

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

Alec let out a short laugh as Mario overtook Princess Peach once again. The two boyfriends sat on Magnus’s bed, side by side, Alec’s head resting on Magnus’s chest, their legs intertwined, and Chairman Meow glaring at them from the windowsill. Nintendo DS’s were in their hands, their fingers pressing down on the buttons like there was no tomorrow.

“Why did you choose Peach anyway?”

“I like her dress,” Magnus said simply. He groaned when the computer’s Bowser threw him off of the edge of the Rainbow Road track and when he regenerated, he was in 7th place. “How are you so good at this?”

“I played a lot with Jace and Izzy when we were younger,” Alec recalled. “We used to sneak out from the Institute and go to mundane stores.”

“You, the picture-perfect Shadowhunter, snuck OUT?” Magnus said, momentarily taking his gaze from the screen that now showed Bowser’s Castle.

“Yes. Jace is not the best of influences.”

“True. Wait wait wait, no! Now I’m 8th!”

“You were 6th anyway, Mags.”


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Taking lecture notes

There are many ways to take lecture notes, all of which have their positives and negatives.

For me the easiest way is to just open an evernote on my laptop and write everything down. It doesnt have to be pretty because I will be going back to it later. I like this because (1) I can type faster than write and (2) my hands cramp up when I use pens or pencils for long periods of time. I have also noticed that I do much better with online lectures because I can pause them, go back, take screen shots and search for concepts and ideas as they come up. My desktop usually looks like this where I have the lecture going on the left, notes in the middle and my day outline on the right.

I plan on testing out different techniques and methods too in the coming week and will link them later in a big old master post. Reblog with the method that works best for you and why.

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You know, I don't think you have mentioned that you love Emma? What *do* you love about her? And what are you most excited about in her character development that she's shown in s6 vs s5 vs s4 vs s3 vs s2 vs s1?

Allow me to nominate this for Best Anon Ask Ever (reference is to this post). I am so excited to write this. :) Because the thing is, Anon, that I fell stupidly in love with Emma before the end of the pilot episode.

She is my favorite character in the show, and in the running for All Time Favorite From All Things. For all of my critiques of the show, I have very rarely had any quibbles with her portion of the story. This is literally one of those “how am I supposed to know when to stop writing” situations; I could go on for quite a while and include several hundred screen shots.

But to do that, one must first begin! So let me count a few of the ways in no particular order, knowing that the moment I post this, I will think of something I should have included.

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Island Escape: Part 15

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JJ Project Series

Warning: Contains violence

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 16  Part 17

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‘Team Building’

Written especially for the amazing @marvelwritingchallenge.  This is my very first Marvel fic so I hope it doesn’t suck. Thank you and much love to @yxllowumbrella for reading this and generally being wonderful when I throw my writing at her.

Characters: Steve, Bucky, Sam, Tony, Wanda, Vision, Reader, mention of Nat and Clint.

Summary: Turns out Tony’s idea of ‘Team Building’ is frustrating but he may be on to something.

Word Count: 1112

Prompt: Corn Mazes (paired with @redgillan)

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This was definitely not how you wanted to spend your day but Stark had been so adamant, so desperate that everyone play a role in this one there was no way you could have refused.  So here you all were, standing like a bunch of teenagers on some boring field trip, waiting for the great man himself to appear.  The sound of a helicopter nearing had the team looking up, scanning the sky expecting the dramatic arrival of their benevolent host. A woman in office attire made her way shakily across the field in highly inappropriate footwear.  Coming to an abrupt halt she regained her composure and opened an ipad turned the screen and pressed play.

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KBTBB Snapchat (Fluff / Humor Request)

Hi! I was wondering if you’re open for requests? If you are and if you have time, could you do a HC/ short story of the Bidders catching the MC playing Pokemon Go or playing around with Snapchat filters and joins in with her? LOL XD

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Hi there, thx for your request and patience. I had fun writing this ;) Apologize in advance if Mamoru’s one is slightly longer, can’t help it with my love

Fandom: Kiss by The Baddest Bidders
Category: fluff, fanfic, romance, humor
Character: Eisuke, Soryu, Baba, Mamoru, Shuichi

Prologue (bidders’ POV)
Another long day at work, only one thing on my mind to make it all better. As my feet get closer, I hear her funny giggle through the half open door and see her lying comfortably on her stomach, showing her seductive curve. Hmm I like the view of that, quietly walk towards our bed as I see a vague image on her ipad screen, is that a man? Is she looking at my photos? Wait, that doesn’t look like me though. Standing behind her in no time, staring at the ridiculous photo she’s laughing so hard at, “What is this, ______?”

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Geeking Out

An Eddie Redmayne one-shot for @xoxcathylove requested here.

“Can I just reiterate how excited I am, Eddie? I mean like, yeah, you’re in it and all and I’m proud and love you and whatever, but it’s- it’s Harry Potter and Hogwarts and J.K freaking Rowling. On the big screen again. It’s a dream come true. And- and you’re taking me to the first screening of it. I get to be one of the first to see it. Eddie, that’s so cool.”

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#76: Pregnancy Series | Finding Out The Gender


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time


Small talks from Luke and Liz was the only thing that was volume in the smaller area on the pregnancy department at the smaller hospital Liz had found on the internet, it being the closest to you guys on the current place of the tour, you lying on the bed next to them, listening to them talk and mainly waiting for the midwife. Since Liz had found the hospital, she wanted to be 100% clear that it wasn’t something none professional which was the main reason why she wanted to join you guys; plus she wanted to see the growing state of her unborn grandchild. Sooner than expected, the door to the room crept open and inside walked in a young woman in white hospital dress, muttering out a small hi with a smile before she walked towards her equipment “So.” The midwife asked, taking a seat on her chair. “Any contemplation on which gender it’s going to be?” She asked, turning on the computer in front of her, looking down at you with a smile. “Well, we think it is a girl, yet Luke thinks it’s a boy.” Liz explained, crossing her leg over the other as she bumped her shoulder into Luke’s next to her. “It’s a boy, I told you guys.” He defended, raising his arms in surrender as his mom scolded at him. “I’m 100% sure.” He stated, his thumb running over the back of your hand as your fingers were intertwined in a tight grip, the both of you buzzing with adrenaline. “We’ll found out then.” The midwife spoke as she found the tub with gel, you removing your shirt from your belly and letting her split the content on your prodding stomach, “Cold as always.” She mentioned as she noticed your hissing manor, a chuckle coming from Luke’s lips. “Now, let’s see.” She mumbled, using the transducer to spread out the gel whilst turning on the screen in front of you guys, sooner the black and white image of your developing baby being showed on it. “It’s so much bigger than last time.” You said in awe, a hand coming in front of your mouth. “Let me see.” The midwife mumbled, running the transducer around to get a better angle. “Testosterone has been produced so it’s not harsh to see what it is.” She smiled, “It prompts the bud to grow and develop into what you can see now as a very small penis.” By the midwife’s statement, Luke’s arms raised in victory, looking down at you with a smirk. “I told ya.” He teased, sticking his tongue out at you. “So it is a boy?” You asked, turning your head fast to look at the midwife, “It clearly is a boy.” She confirmed nodding her head and turning on her printer. “I told you so.” Luke teased Liz, now giving her a push with his shoulder. “Trying to get more girls in this family is harder than expected.” Luke shook her head as she spoke but a small smile appeared on her lips anyways, happy to be given the chance to experience and join you guys on this joy incident.


”I think it is a girl.” You stated, looking up at Calum with a smirk, your hip pushing into his to annoy him. ”How much do you wanna bet?” Calum smirked, looking down at you as your hands were swinging front and back, fingers intertwined whilst walking down the corridor of the hospital, trying to find the right room to meet up with your midwife. ”If it’s a girl and not a boy? How about we say that the person who is wrong will have to do the dishes for at least 3 weeks or so?” You challenged making his eyes go wide, yet the smirk plastered on his lips didn’t fade away, just increased by your words. ”Fine. That’s a deal.” He reached out his hand for you to shake it, the both of you smirking at each other shaking your hands, walking towards the number that was requested on the papers you had received, walking inside and being greeted by your midwife. ”Happy as always.” She smiled referring to the two of you, you taking a seat on the bed and Calum taking a seat on the chair his hands instantly wrapping around yours, leaning back in his seat with a cocky smirk as he looked up at the screen. ”Any guesses for what gender it’s gonna be?” The midwife asked as she removed your shirt and placed gel all over your stomach, the transducer sooner spreading it out to a small layer, turning on the screen. The both of you yelled up the two different genders in unison, giving each other a fake death glare after. ”Let’s see what’s hiding inside then.” She smiled, running the transducer around to get a full look of the baby, taking screen shots whilst doing it. ”As far as I can see there’s developing penis.” She announced, yet she didn’t seem sure. ”There shouldn’t be!” You stated, looking over at Calum who was smirking, his tongue sticking out at you. ”Let me just take a better look.” She mumbled, zooming in on the screen towards the lower parts of the baby, typing something into her computer. ”See! Penis!” Calum laughed, reaching his hand out and pointing towards where it was.” ”I think you’re correct Mr. Hood.” She smiled, taking a last screenshot. ”So I’m correct? It’s a boy?” He wanted to be 100% sure before hollering in front of you. ”It is a boy Y/N is expecting.” She nodded her head, laughing as Calum raised his hands in victory. ”That’s it. I’m right; you’re going to take the dishes from now.” He stated, his hands going up in surrender, you chuckling at him. ”Remember I am the pregnant one carrying around your child. If I can’t do the dishes you’ll have to do it anyways.” You smirked leaving him with a dumb folded expression as he looked over at the midwife who could only shrug her shoulders.


There was no doubt that you and Michael was having different ways and rules of an enjoyment relationship, and that was not only in the relationship but also on the way to find out about the gender of your baby. Since you guys were still on tour, it would be hard to ask one of your mothers’ to do something about it so you had to find some other solutions. The both of you had agreed to do something ordinary about this special event, and it was actually the boys’ idea to do this. So after going to the midwife and getting a gender scanning you informed her that you didn’t wanted to know it but wanting the information’s printed down on a paper so you could give it to the boys. They were enthusiastic to say at least, barely letting you guys give them the envelope with the papers before they had ripped it open and read it through, sprinting down towards the nearest grocery shop and bought food coloring and ingredients for the cake they had planned to make. Ashton and Calum was sitting in front of you, buzzing with excitement when Luke placed the cake in front of you, trying to keep their cravings for carving the cake open just now. ”Come on you guys, OPEN IT! Ashton and Calum yelled in unison, pushing to each other in a play fight, being impatient and having a hard time to wait for you guys. ”We worked so hard on it.” Calum giggled, Michael looking over at Luke who was leaning against the counter of the tour bus kitchen, ”Can you give me a knife then?” He requested, and Luke turned around and opened one of the drawers, grabbing a knife before giving it to you and Michael. ”You’ll do it.” He smiled, swinging an arm over your waist and pulling you in to his side as his eyes were burning on the white cheese frosting covered cheese cake, waiting in excitement to see what color the dove would be hiding inside. ”Now!” The boys giggled, Luke taking a seat next to Michael as you started to cut into the cake. ”Ready?” You asked, looking over at him in confirmation and he nodded his head, you cutting into the cake in two pieces before placing the knife under the cake, your eyes going wide in excitement when the pink crumbles appeared from the cut, Michael’s mouth opening wide. ”It’s a girl.” Luke, Ash and Calum yelled, hollering around and starting to throw pink pacifiers they had hidden under the tables towards you guys. ”Are we seriously getting a girl.” He said in awe, looking down at you, ”The papers are over there.” Luke pointed towards the counter where a stack of papers where lying, you starting to collect the pacifiers, ”We’ll be getting these then.” you smiled, putting one into Michael’s mouth. ”Thank you, you guys, you don’t know how much your support means to us.” You smiled and the boys started to blush in awe, walking towards you guys and ready to pull you in for an embrace.


The midwife next to you were having her eyebrows increased as she stared at the screen in front of her, the transducer on your belly moving around, you and Ashton waiting in excitement for the announcement of your twins’ genders. The screen in front of you guys were something Ashton still had gotten used to, but adored so much. ”As far as I can see, one of them is a boy.” She announced making Ashton’s face lit up in joy and excitement, his hand that was intertwined with yours grabbing tighter to almost cause pain in your hand, a small groan coming from your lips making him loose it instantly. He pressed a kiss to the back of your hand in apologize, making you mouth out a ”It’s okay.” ”I can’t really see..” The midwife mumbled, starting to move the transducer around on your belly, her eyebrows furrowing as she moved her head forward towards the screen, trying to find out the other gender. ”I’ll have to ask you to stand up and jump for a bit Mrs. Irwin.” She stated making your eyes going wide before you held the paper that was used to dry off the gel, holding it against your chest to keep the blouse you were wearing away from the gel, now standing on your legs and ready to jump. Aston was laughing in the background as you started to jump lightly up and down, the feeling of your belly moving inside making you nervous, ”You sure it’s okay for the baby?” You asked, looking over at the midwife in fear but also curiosity. ”Y/N, it’s normal, just keep on jumping.” She reassured, Ashton taking his phone out from his pocket, your eyes instantly burning into his. ”Don’t you dare make in Instagram Video now.” You warned yet with a smile as he moved the phone in front of his face, not even wanting to hide the fact that he was filming you. ”I just wanna memorize this.” He laughed, making you just ignore his presence, ”So here we have Y/n trying to get one of the twinies to move since we can’t see which dingeling is hiding.” He announced making you only roll your eyes at him as you continued jumping in a normal pace. When he had finished the video placed his phone back in his pocket, you jumped a few times more until the midwife said done, you back on the bed and the transducer back on your stomach before she had just placed a little bit of more gel on your belly. ”Now let’s see.” She mumbled, her eyes lit up when she finally got the answer. ”Congrats you two, not only are you getting a boy, but you’re getting a girl as well.” She announced making your face lit up as well, pushing Ashton’s chest repeatedly. ”I told you there would at least be one girl.” ”And I told you that it would be a boy!” He raised his arms in surrender, the midwife laughing at you guys. ”Well, the both of you were right.” She smiled, starting her printer.

A brief reminder

When was the last time you took a moment, really took a moment, to appreciate that this:

is a thing that exists? Let me remind you:

  1. Thompson wrote it
  2. Moffatt and Gatiss read it and were like, yup, that’s staying in
  3. Sue was like, hell yes that’s going into production
  4. The director was like, here’s my vision on how to turn this in to reality
  5. It got storyboarded
  6. The DP carefully blocked out potential camera angles
  7. Arwel went and found a dildo
  8. Someone mixed up the batch of jizz to the perfect consistency
  9. And then applied it to Ben C’s face
  10. Meanwhile someone else got the lighting just right so we could clearly see it on his face even in the dim room
  11. Ben C rehearsed it and was like, well obviously I should be kneeling but let me practice my best swishy dabbing, we’ll probably need another take on that
  12. Martin was like, hold on, let me open my mouth wide enough so you can really get the camera right up in there, my tonsils went to method acting school you know
  13. And then after they shot it everyone is looking at the screen on set and are like, yes, good
  14. The literal hours of post production effort to insert Sherlock into John’s mouth
  15. And then they went and added the dabbing sound effects and the swishy sound effects
  16. Moffitsson gets the rough cut and are probably high fiving forever
  17. And finally the BBC commissioners got it and were like 10/10 excellent work

It’s moments like this I remember how much the showrunners love us and want us to have nice things.


Took a second pass at the finger tattoos for The Dag today, a bit more screen accurate this time.  I can’t seem to get the Sharpie method to work for me, even with an hour or more drying time, it still washes off, so that’s a no go for Dragon Con.  So at this point I’m thinking either a) printing out temp tattoos, or b) finding someone who can do these in henna for me.  Either way, I realized I’d need a crisp, finalized version of each tattoo, so I spent a bit of time putting them together out of basic shapes today.

I’ve looked at every angle I can find of the Dag’s tattoos, including taking my own high-rez screenshots, and there just isn’t a clear shot of all her tattoos.  The thumb, pointer finger, and lower portions of the middle finger and ring finger are as screen-accurate as I can get.  The rest are guesses based on the shapes I could catch and themes I associate with the Dag.  And I couldn’t resist throwing in the It Will Rain In California glyph on the pinky (tho I snapped that photo before I realized I’d forgotten the little triangle), because that part of her hand is never really visible, and the theming felt like a good fit, hehe.  Where the number of dots, etc, wasn’t clear, I defaulted to five, for the five Sisters.

If it’s helpful, feel free to use my template for cosplay or fanart or whatever (non-commercial) purposes.  It’s sized so that printed at 96dpi, the tattoos would fit small-ish hands – but if you print temp tattoos, remember to flip the image horizontally, so it doesn’t end up backwards on your skin.  ;)

Devenford Prep Part 21

Devenford Prep Parts 1-20

Sorry for the long wait. I’ve been all over the place with school and stuff. This update kind seems all over the place. Sorry for that. Idk.

You park your car and scan the school parking lot for familiar faces. Erika’s car had been parked in her designated spot and you knew she would either be at her locker or on her way to her locker. You scan the lot again expecting to see Brett’s SUV parked beneath his usual tree right beside Samantha’s car. He wasn’t, but Samantha was. A gross feeling washed over you with the thought of Samantha and Brett in some form of embrace.
Running a hand through your hair your ascend the steps into the school. You enter the large building to see star shaped balloons floating all over the hallway. They were a silver color and pretty, but there wasn’t any dances planned any times soon and they looked like dance decorations. The trail of balloons lead down toward your locker where there was a bundle of balloon letter that spelled out your name. You lift a brow in confusion and admiration. A crowd slowly forms around student by student. Their voices were full of whispers and giggles, ‘Are the balloons from her secret admirer?’ and ‘I wish someone would surprise me with things’.
“Balloons are little strange don’t you think?” Erika asks laughing from behind you. She drapes an arm around you. “ I mean balloons are for birthdays and hospitals. Check the card. What’s with this guy?”
Quickly you snatch the small card attached to the yellow star shaped weight the balloons were attached to. You scan over the contents, “You are my stars”.
“I’m his stars,” You turn your head toward Erika and snap it back. “Stars? Stars? There are many stars in the sky, nothing special about a star. I’m as common as a star…”
“I think it’s cute, a cute gesture,” She says snatching the card. “I’ve never seen balloons like this. He must have went out of his way for this one.”
“Out of his way? He must have gone somewhere other than the local party shop and again how do we even know it’s a he?” You question Erika.
“Who knows,” Your friend shrugs. “I didn’t catch you again after practice last night. Did something happen? You left you car on campus.”
“Yeah I had to leave, my mom picked me up and we had to head out to my brother’s school for some presentation he was doing, I had forgotten about it and was supposed to come home instead of going to practice.”
“Oh, well you could have text me.” Erika says a bit angry.
“Phone got accidentally ran over yesterday and I’m not lying about that one. I have to go buy a new one soon.”

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heroesofjapan  asked:

Do you have any idea what futaba makoto and haru are saying in those cooperation screen shots? Or is it too blurry?

I’ll go and do all screenshots with text that I can decipher:

Haru Okumura:
“Hey, if there is anything you think you could let me do, please say so, alright? I was just thinking, that I’d really like to be of some help to you.”

“It looks hard, but just take a deep breath, think over it and go!”
[Couldn’t decipher the first word, so I guessed.]

Ryuuji Sakamoto:
“…Whoa, look at that mountain of food.”

Anne Takamaki:
“All Newcomers please follow me…eeeeee…”
[She seems awkward saying this.]

“May it be puzzles, may it be illusions, soon neither shall bewilder you any longer.”

Futaba Sakura:
“Heh Heh Heh… I’m looking forward to taking a trip to Akiba with you soon, Protag!”
[Note: Akiba is short for “Akihabara”. It’s basically the dedicated geek-street of Tokyo, where you can get electronics, computer parts and tons and tons of Anime and Gaming Merch.]

Futaba Sakura:
“Please just ignore (me).”

Makoto Niijima:
“I have some catching up to do myself. I must be able to keep up, should you ever get into trouble.”

“You dirty, money-grubbing fly… You make me sick!”

“A-Alright…! Now just stay calm and remember the orders!”

Ryuuji Sakamoto:
“Is this whole place… Just one giant money bin!? How messed up is that guy!?”

dodgeballobsessed  asked:

Hi! Can you expand on why the fandom seem to have negative feelings about the you & I video, other than not liking Ben Winston? You've brought it up in the Zayn post and I'm curious. Thanks!

Could you point me in the direction of or answer for me how the “You and I” video was plagiarized and how Harry almost died on the set? I’ve not been in the fandom very long and have not heard this.

hey, I saw your latest post and was wondering what happened to Harry during the filming of You and I? (google only gave me some HP stuff and some “news”‘articles abt how H has “killed” us…)

Okay so a lot of people (and by a lot I mean three) are asking about this so here I go.


We all remember the video for “You and I”…

I personally really like this video. So much so that i just watched it three times rapid fire when I went to go get the link to paste in here. 

So many iconic moments…Like this Larry gem:

The Ziam moments I was too Larry-goggled to notice:

Also the technology they used seemed brand new right? WRONG. This exact video had been produced months earlier by a band called Clubfeet. You don’t even have to get a minute into their video to see that it is practically the exact same video but without the freezing British weather and seaside. 

It’s identical at many points. Most notably this one:

It did not go unnoticed by the band or the production company who originally used the cinematography techniques:

Here’s more about how they were indeed the ones to actually create the visual effects used.

So yeah, people weren’t happy with Ben Winston for that. And as far as I know Ben’s never addressed the issue nor has One Direction. They did win a Brit award for best video for it, though. Hence people still being a bit bitter, especially in Oh Yeah Wow’s case. 

As for Harry almost dying, I remember that day well because I was listening to Radio 1 and I am pret-ty sure the day they were filming was the day that Matt Healey from The 1975 did Call or Delete with Harry and Harry mentioned they were on location in Bristol or wherever on live radio and then later that day there were fans who got photos with Liam. It was early in the year and fookin freezin as Louis would say. I was sat comfortably in my office but yeah if it’s freezing in London it’s positively arctic on the coasts of England. Which is why Harry looked like this in between takes:

“Just leave me here to die…”

THEN, for the “Night Changes” video people were heated that Ben Winston used exclusively white girls for the dates for the boys. 

I can’t find gifs for the other three and don’t want to post shitty screen shots, so you can see for yourself here:

Then there was the Four Hangout where Ben interviewed the boys and was met with collective apathy to the entire shebang.

Then Ben asked the classic, “Any rumours you want to clear up?” As if they could sit there and truthfully answer that on a live stream so Louis just…

Anyway. Yeah, that’s why in general people aren’t massive fans of ol’ BW. He is doing quite a stellar job producing the Late Late Show with James Corden though, so I don’t personally think he’s all bad. The “You and I” thing is annoying, but who knows? Maybe a copyright case was settled out of court. 

So that’s it as far as I’m aware.

NUUUUU fandom y u make things worse

My friend didn’t believe me when I said spn fans can make every scene sadder cos we notice/analyze the crap out of everything.




(also I know it’s weird I post screen shots of tumblr posts but I’m not stealing or trying to take credit. I find these kinds of pics on facebook and don’t know how to find the original post)