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Also I’m reading All the Wrong Questions for the first time and

“the Bombinating Beast was a mythological creature […] that lurked in the waters [and] had a great appetite for human flesh […] Supposedly sailors still saw the Bombinating Beast, swimming with its body curled up like an underwater question mark”


Okay but like, since I drew both Hector and Mist in relatively short succession and since I’m training the up at the same time/on the same team, I can’t help but think how they’d interact with one another.

Hector’s brash and not traditionally “lord-like”; he’s a reckless fighter but incredibly loyal to his friends. Mist, on the other hand, is small and a better healer than fighter (throughout much of the story anyway) but she has no intention of backing down from a fight if it means keeping the people she cares about safe.

You cannot, cannot tell me that Mist wouldn’t look at Hector and miss his similarities with Ike. She’d gravitate toward him, both because he’s a damn wall on the battlefield and because she understands him. Likewise, Hector would take one look at the tiny good-natured cleric who takes no shit and likewise delivers some of the most scalding yet subtle come-backs of anyone he’s ever met, and he’d say: this one I’ve got to keep this one safe. Hector would hoist her up onto his shoulders just like he did with Nils in the desert. Whenever Hector needed healing after a battle, Mist would whack him over the head for being a meathead, and she’d likely use those exact words. Hector would find it hilarious because finally someone other than Matthew, Eliwood, and Lyn sees him as a person rather than a noble. Since Ike hasn’t arrived yet (lol I haven’t drawn him), Hector would pretty much decide: okay until her brother gets her and possibly even after I’m adopting this one hey Uther we’ve got a new sister and she’s fantastic.

I’m just. Hector and Mist.


author’s note: hector bellerin imagine reqeusted by anon! feel free to let me know what you think. i hope you like it!

warning: light smut

“Good morning, birthday boy.”

Hector’s girlfriend trails her fingers up his shirtless torso, rousing him from sleep. He looks so peaceful, with his hair splayed across the pillow and his chest slowly moving up and down as he breathes. It’s his birthday and she plans on spoiling him all day – but first he has to wake up.

He mumbles and flips over, catching her body with his arm. She laughs and moves her hand up to cup his face, as he slowly opens his eyes.

“Happy birthday,” she says.

He gives her a sleepy smile. “Thank you, baby. You remember my parents are coming by later?”

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Found You- JakeXMC

OK, so this is something that’s been rolling around in my brain since forever and I just found the inspiration to finally sit down an write it.  (Thank you Spotify for your Spanish music playlist)  For clarity, my MC’s Name is Jess.  (Jake and Jess, I know, it’s so sweet it’s giving me cavities)  Much shameless inspiration taken from @hollyashton and @hartfeld.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.  Any needless flames will be used to make s’mores.


Lips pressed roughly against his own, bruising and almost angry, desperate for one last taste of each other.  He couldn’t bring himself to pull away, even as the choppers drew closer. So it was probably a good thing she did it for him.

“I will find you.” She whispered, her voice rough and harsh from the ash and smoke that still lingered in the air, her hand still fisted in his hair as she stared into his eyes.  “Now go. Run.  Get away from here and stay safe.  But don’t you dare forget, I will find you again.”  And suddenly those eyes seemed to harden into shards of ice and before he could say anything, before he could reach out to stop her, the woman spun on her heel and raced off towards the noise.

“JESS!” Jake heard himself scream, almost launching himself out of bed.  It took him a moment, the dream always had a way of screwing with him, disorienting him.  Thankfully this wasn’t the kind of place where shouts in the night garnered much notice. Feeling the cold sweat drip slowly down his back, Jake swung his legs over the side of his pitiful excuse for a bed, hunching over to rest his head in his hands, trying to focus on slowing his breaths.  “You’re in Costa Rica.  Not back on that damn island.  She’s back in the states, she’s safe.”  Jake released a slow breath as memories of that smart, gorgeous, god-damned amazing woman began to flood his mind.  Roughly shoving a hand through his hair, Jake pushed himself to lay back on the threadbare mattress, his mind elsewhere.

Sarcasm was her first language, that’s what she used to always say about herself, and damn if she didn’t give him a run for his money in that department.  It had been their banter that had first attracted him to her.  It came easy to them, she’d clearly been wily enough to keep up with him, and so the quips flowed like water between the two. Even gave him his own nickname, much to his surprise.  “Top Gun.” He muttered, chuckling under his breath.  But then he had started it with the ‘Princess’ crack so he supposed he had been asking for it.  It hadn’t hurt that she had been drop-dead sexy, with legs that went on for days and those gorgeous blue eyes that he would still swear reflected a galaxy’s worth of stars back at him.  And even as that gods-forsaken island had kept getting more dangerous, she’d still found a way to keep up with him, to survive.

That wasn’t to way there hadn’t been some close scrapes.  A shudder ripped through him as Jake remembered their first encounter with that sabretooth.  Jess had put herself between the pixie and Tony-the-Roid-Rage-Tiger and taken his claws to her side for her trouble.  Grimacing, he stood, reaching for a clean shirt.  If he was going to be taking this trip down memory lane, he needed a drink.

The memories wouldn’t leave him alone as he threw himself together.  The feeling of his heart all but stopping as the tiger’s claws gouged her side, her cry of pain and surprise.  They’d only just managed to get out of there and back to the hotel.  As his hand hit the doorknob, Jake paused, remembering the feel of her small hand in his as they had made their way through the pitch black of the cavern beneath the shelter they had found.  After that weirdness with the orb they’d found, the group had finally managed to make it back to the resort, back to relative safety.

Jake snorted and wrenched open his door, intent now on getting that drink.  Nothing on that island had been safe, everything had been out to kill them. The only good thing, the only truly good moment he could remember had been that night.  The night before everything went to hell.

A gentle breeze ruffled his shaggy hair as Jake slipped out of his building and wound his way down the street.  The air was warm and humid, clinging to his exposed skin just as it had that night. She had been so unsure when she’d asked him up to her room, though you would never have known it from looking at her. It was only because he had known her so well that he could tell.  The slight tremor in her hands, the almost imperceptible hesitation in her voice. Jake couldn’t help but smirk.  “You really had no idea did you Princess?” he wondered to the empty sky.  He’d been crazy about her, long before that night.  That night was just the icing on a very attractive cake and cemented, at least to him, where they had stood with each other.  He hadn’t been lying when he told her that he’d never wanted anything like he wanted her.  And to hear her tell him to take her…  An altogether different shiver raced down his spine and curled in his belly as he remembered that night.  Even three years later, she could still make his breath catch… among other things.  “God, I really do need that drink.” He muttered, trying desperately to shove those distracting thoughts from his mind.

Ever since he had come to Costa Rica, Ricardo’s had been his second home. A little dive right off the water, it reminded him of all the places back in Shreveport he and his brothers had gone to on the nights they wanted to stir up some trouble.  The owner, Ernesto, had apparently bought the place for his retirement so that he would have something to keep him out of the house so his wife didn’t kill him.  Ernesto was the kind of man that didn’t ask many questions, only caring if your money was real and you were there to drink, not cause trouble.  Jake only ever ended the trouble that found him in this place, so Ernesto was happy to take his money.

The old man smirked as Jake strode through the door, quickly prepping a finger of whiskey before Jake had even sat down.  Jake in return tossed a few colones on the bar.  “How’s the night been ‘Nesto?” he asked, sipping his drink. The slow burn of the alcohol did wonders to distract his scattered mind.

 “Not too bad.  Pretty quiet now.” Ernesto said as he put away the whiskey.  “Had an interesting visitor this afternoon apparently though.”

 “Oh?”  The glass stilled halfway to Jake’s mouth.  Ernesto wouldn’t have mentioned this visitor unless something was gnawing at him about them.

 “She was looking for you apparently.  Left this behind for you.”  A slim white envelope appeared on the bar before him and Jake could feel his hackles rising at the sight of it.

 “She?  A woman was looking for me?”

“Hector assumed she was one of your conquests.  She was quite the looker apparently.”  Jake raised his eyes to meet Ernesto’s.  Here was the one man Jake could never read.  ‘Nesto had a poker face to beat any he had ever seen. “Should I be worried Mac?”

 “Was about to ask you the same thing.” Jake replied, finally tossing back the last of his drink.  Setting the glass down on the worn bar top, Jake grimaced slightly.  “Did Hector say what this woman looked like?”

 “Blonde hair just past her shoulders, slim.  A little shorter than my Paula.”  Ernesto tossed a rag over his shoulder and quickly fixed him another drink. “Hector seemed to think she was quite pretty.  He said that if you weren’t interested he wouldn’t mind taking a shot.”

 Jake’s mouth felt dry.  It couldn’t be… “Did Hector happen to say what color her eyes were?” he asked, wrapping his hands around his drink in a vain attempt to hide the growing tremor in them that had nothing to do with whiskey.

 “Blue.”  Ernesto was eyeing him now as he wiped down the bar top.  “Said they reminded him of the ocean.  Bright and blue and so deep you swear you could drown in them.  His words, not mine.”

 He felt like he couldn’t breath.  It wasn’t possible.  It had been three damn years, she should have forgotten about him by now.  She was supposed to be graduating from college, starting a life of her own.  What in the hell was she doing asking after him in a dive bar in Costa Rica?  He stared at the envelope before him, so unremarkable, and yet Jake couldn’t bring himself to touch it, but he couldn’t just leave it there either.  After what felt like an eternity, Jake tossed back his second whiskey, not even tasting the alcohol and reached for the envelope.

 It was light in his hands as Jake ripped open the seal.  Turning it over, a small USB key slipped out on the bar, followed closely by a folded piece of purple paper.  “Her favorite color.”  The words came unbidden from his lips, hushed and almost reverent.  He still didn’t think it was possible.  The world seemed to fade away as he opened the little note to reveal that achingly familiar cursive.

              Told you I’d find you Top Gun. Now it’s your turn.  Catch me if you               can.

              Ever Yours,


could you write a oneshot to what you wrote under these gifs? like having a fight with hector and then he doesn't celebrate the win?

It has been almost a week since I last saw Hector and actually, since we last talked to each other. It’s not the first time that we got ourselves into an argument for pointless reasons but this time it wasn’t like an argument. It ended up like a huge fight, me leaving his apartment at 3 am while he was sleeping. Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t stand the idea sleeping next to him but our backs facing each other. I had to go. At first I thought if I left we would talk about it the day after and we would be fine. We actually did talk the day after we weren’t fine. He just called to make sure that I was okay and safe and that was it.

It all started after I told him I was going back home for Christmas as my parents missed me and as I need to spend some time with my family too. He of course had to turn it then about moving in together which I already told him that I cant since my university is like an hour away from where he lives and it’s not that easy to find a new university that will be equivalent to that one. Then we moved to ‘who puts the most effort into our relationship’. Long story short, it ended up with me trying to make it unnoticeable that I was crying my eyes out to sleep and him taking deep breaths while trying to fall asleep.

Back to the future. As usually, on Fridays my friends and I always meet at own of our flats or at a café. And that where all the questions started hitting me.

“Aren’t you supposed to be going to London like every other weekend?”

“Why didn’t hector show up this week?”

“Did you two break up? Why didn’t you tell us anything?”

I wasn’t planning to let them know before I knew what was going to happen between me and Hector. Like I don’t even know if we broke up or if we are going to be alright soon enough? I know I might should have called him first after all those days but he could have could first too? I mean yeah, he called but it was just a cold question “are you okay?” and then after my positive answer he would just go like “oh okay, well I got to go now see you.”. Yeah “see you” my ass.

Anyway, I decided to surprise him at the game today and make the first move since he doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Arsenal was playing Tottenham and the score was 3-1 for arsenal by the 87th minute so I decided to leave my seat and wait for him where I usually do with all the other family members. A few minutes later the game was over and I saw Aaron’s wife with their son coming towards me. After like half an hour Aaron was out and after a short talk with me and his wife I decided to walk a little away from them so I would give them some time alone but I guess they didn’t notice I was close enough to hear what they were talking about because well..

“Are you sure they are okay? I mean Hector the past few days was pretty much pissed off and down and today he actually exploded after the game which was not normal as we won and actually all of the goals were scored after his assists? The things he said were not okay and it actually was pretty obvious that THEY are not okay.”

“Well I don’t know? Caitlin did not mention anything at all and she seemed so happy for Hector and his game today. What did he say? Maybe you misunderstood?”

“I don’t think so. As soon as he was out the pitch he was banging on everything talking to himself and slamming every single door on his way. Someone asked him the fuck was wrong with him like we won? And he started talking nonsense about how he tried giving the best of him today and the people that were supposed to be there for him didn’t even bother to attend the game and that he looked like an idiot every time he was looking at the fans trying to spot her. Then he went on about how much she is pissing him off the past few weeks and how she is always trying to go against what he says, him not being able to stand her anymore and that she is not even trying for them. Like he seemed so pissed off. I’ve never seen him like that I don’t know.”

‘Oh wow’ I thought to myself trying to hold back my tears. Or maybe I said it out loud because they both turned with eyes wide open looking at me and before they could even say something Hector was coming to me with a smile on his face. Before I even knew I was in his arms.

“I am so glad you are here. I thought you wouldn’t be but turns out I was wrong.” He said before making a move to kiss me which wasn’t successful as I immediately turned my face away. This aint how it is supposed to be going Hector. No. Talking shit about me to your whole team while I didn’t even bother telling anyone about what happened because I respect our privacy?

“What’s wrong?” He said taking a step away from me but keeping both of his hands on my hips. I could see Aaron facepalming himself from the corner of my eye.

“Nothing I just don’t think this is working anymore. You know. You can’t stand me anymore, I am pissing you off and I am not even trying. While you are still here fully respectful to me, our relationship and our privacy.” He obviously realized I was being pissed off and that I knew what went on in there. He also could see me barely managing to hold my tears back this time while I was moving my head in the you-are-unbelievable way. I didn’t wait for his answer. It didn’t bother me. There was nothing I wanted to hear him say. I just made my way away from him and I could hear him calling my name before I turned back to him  and warning him with a simple “Don’t even” to stop him from following me.


Guess who’s back?? RIGHT. ME.

amanda facts as told by hector : accepting : @luckycaptainaubrey

  1. She’s taught her dog, not to sit, but to “plop it”.  He won’t respond to anything else at this point.  He’s also learned, thanks to her, how to spell cookie.  How to lipread cookie.  To run when asked if he wants a bath.  Also in his purview that she’s given him:  “Do you want to fight?”  “I’ma touch your butt.”  “Get -insert name of choice here-’s feet.”

    She’s made him a spoiled monster, is what she’s done, and I hope she’s proud of herself for it, because he’s nigh unmanageable for anyone else.