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The ladies reacting to sole saying that there settle down and join them on there line of work (for cait it would be the combat zone,curie sole would be helping her with her work,and for my fav piper it would be selling the paper

Cait: Cait looked at Sole curiously for a minute after they admitted to her that they wanted to join her at the Combat Zone. No one had ever told her that they wanted to follow her, to settle down with her. Before Sole, if anyone had ever gotten this close to her, her initial reaction would’ve been to run away. But now, with Sole, things had changed; she had changed. “You’d really wanna join me in that hell hole?” Cait asked cautiously, still uncertain that someone could genuinely care about her. “Yes. Absolutely,” Sole answered with a smile. For once, Cait’s heart actually fluttered. Well shit, she thought. This must be love…and I’m in deep. Cait grinned smugly to herself.

Curie: Sole’s confession that they wanted to work alongside Curie in her research made her stop in her tracks. She looked up from her work quickly; Sole was one of the few things that could draw her attention away. “You…you want to work with me?” Curie asked quietly, almost breathlessly. “Yes, of course,” answered Sole. “I want to help you with your research.” In that instant, Curie’s blank face spread into the biggest smile that Sole had ever seen. Faster than the speed of light, Curie had wrapped her arms around Sole in an embrace so tight that they felt breathless. Curie was grinning widely and laughing as she spoke, “ Thank you! Yes, of course you can join me in my research! Together we will be an unstoppable team!” Curie had read about love, but had never experienced it for herself. However, in that moment, Curie was sure that what she was feeling was indeed love. And she hoped she never had to be without it again.

Piper: Piper had been in the middle of her latest rant on injustice in the Commonwealth when Sole blurted out that they wanted to work with her…to settle down. Caught off-guard and mid-sentence, Piper stared at Sole wide eyed and mouth slightly agape. Hadn’t this been what she had always wanted? Someone to fight injustice with, someone to help run the paper? Regaining her thoughts she proved at Sole playfully. “So, you think ya got what it takes huh?,” she asked with a charming smile. “Not gonna lie, it’s hard work running the paper…and of course there’s the constant ink stains on your hands…” “I want it all,” Sole replied without a pause. “I want you.” Piper’s heart soared. She was on cloud nine.

“Miss me beautiful?~”
“Fuck you!!”
Drew an old ship I used to draw on a daily basis -w-
It’s a kinda one-sides hate/love ship?
Hehehe, i’ve always loved torturing Toshi~
Ah, well shit -u-“”
EEEHHHHH @dimini kinda knows who HE is :P
In any case, both dorks belong to me

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Your art isn't terrible but I would never get a commission from you on the fact that all you draw is dramione. I wouldnt want my money going to someone who supports abusive ships just saying. I'm sure there are others who agree with me.

Okay, listen here you dense and spastic donkey face.

This shit will not start on my fucking blog, I can tell you THAT right now. I don’t care if you like my art or hate it, this comment was completely unnecessary.

Number one, people need to get over the entire Dramione ship hate. Anyone who claims it’s abusive, hasn’t actually looked into the fucking ship. It’s about redemption through Draco and a challenge for Hermione and if you’re THAT FUCKING DENSE to think Hermione is a frilly little princess who can’t take care of herself, then I don’t know what fucking kind of books you’ve been reading because they aren’t apart of the god damned Harry Potter series. Don’t speak (or type) on things based on ignorance because I will happily call you stupid, because that’s what you’re fucking being.

Number fucking two, mother fucker, are you paying attention? For you to come here just to say some dumb shit like any money towards me would be going to supporting abusive relationships, shows how just truly how cruel and stupid you can be. Do you think I’d be donating the funds to some sort of “support abuse” organization? Because I’m pretty fucking sure that type of organization doesn’t fucking exist.

For your information, any commission money I get, goes to my family considering my daughter just had a $94,000 skull surgery and money is tight, or towards a fund for NEW EQUIPMENT for drawing. God, you’re stupid. You should feel bad for being stupid.

And number fucking three, ass-face, I don’t just draw Dramione. I’m all for ship love and fully expect to expand my portfolio when I can. If there ARE any people who “agree with you”, they can read the next part slowly WITH you.

Ready for it?

Go fuck yourselves and your ship bashing of ANY fucking ship. You guys are assholes, and you’re pathetic. Go sit in a corner and fuck off, I wouldn’t do a commission for anyone like you anyway.

honestly like i DESPISE it when people do things like ‘look at all the pictures of these two interacting!!! look at this!! how can you tell me it’s abusive???’

because like god  it’s like y’all don’t realize abusers can be nice to the ones they’re abusing. just because my abuser cared about me doesn’t mean that she (or he, or they, or whichever abuser i want 2 draw upon today) didn’t abuse me. just because i cared deeply about her and because people from the outside thought we looked 100% nice doesn’t make it not abuse

like can you guys just admit you don’t care about survivors when you pull shit like this??? especially w/ child/adult because it’s like YEAH their PLATONIC relationship isn’t abusive but shockingly add a romantic aspect in there and it changes things!!!

like just stop im so god damn tired y’all hate us and constantly throw us under the bus for your shitty fucking ships

The Last of Us Sentence Starters
  • "Lying on the couch watching Sunday football. That greasy smell of a downtown hot dog. Fourth of July, family barbecues. The sound of a plane flying overhead. Just one peaceful night... a clean conscience.... all gone."
  • "Listen to me — if I get in trouble down there, you make every shot count. Yeah?"
  • "And just so we're clear about back there... It was either him or me."
  • "I struggled for a long time with survivin'. And you—No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for."
  • "Endure and survive."
  • "I guess no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape your past."
  • "This is our routine. Day and night, all we do is survive. It never lets up. He tells me how these streets were crowded with people just... going about their lives. Heh, must've been nice."
  • "Tell them that... ___ is the little boy/girl... that broke your fucking finger."
  • : Everyone I have cared for has either died, or left me. Everyone—fucking except for you! So don't tell me I would be safer with somebody else, because the truth is, I would just be more scared."
  • "Hey, fuck you man. I didn't ask for this."
  • "Holy shit. She's infected."
  • "Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I had somebody that I cared about. It was a partner.... Somebody I had to look after. And in this world, that sort of shit's good for one thing — gettin' ya killed. So you know what I did? I wisened the fuck up. And I realized it's gotta be just me."
  • "Get off your ass and on your feet."
  • "You know, as bad as those things are, at least they're predictable. It's the normal people that scare me."
  • "I hate to interrupt your little biology lesson, but can we get the fuck outta here? Please?"
  • "You're lucky you're still drawing breath. That was plan A, B, C, all the way to fuckin' Z!"
  • "No, just go! Just fucking go..."
  • "I'm sorry. I didn't.. I didn't mean for this."

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um but sasunaru has way more fucking physical abuse than any fucking pairing in the fandom. sasuke tried to kill sakura because she was an enemy at the time not because he's abusive you dumb fucks. They are fucking ninja, they kill people. there has been many times when sasuke has saved sakura and protected her from harms way. grow the fuck up, get off your ass and do something with your life instead of spreading negativity. fuck they are just drawings no need for an anti page ffs

You should read more anti ss arguments before you ask tbh. I’m just repeating others at this point….

My problem with Sasusaku isn’t it’s abusive. People talk like they’re in some psychotic domestic abuse scenario. They’re not even that, they didn’t have a relationship AT ALL. They’re just like strangers who bumped into each other on the battlefield after timeskip.

My problem with SS is Sakura was a pathetic dumbfuck around Sasuke. Sakura just refused to take NO for an answer. She’s shallow, selfish, needy and she mistaken her hormonal urges and silly school girl romantic fantasy as “love”. She had no self respect, no pride, she kept crying after a man who’s made it clear to her he’s not interested and had no affection for her.

Let’s talk about Sasuke first. He never showed any romantic interest in any of his fangirls. At best, he treated Sakura like a teammate in part 1. On several occasions, he bluntly let her know that he thought she’s lazy and annoying. Whenever Sasuke saw Sakura after timeskip, he’s always like “oh you….why the fuck are you here?”. He just saw her like another fodder shinobi. He’s neither surprised Sakura tried to kill him or hesitate to kill her himself. He’s quite happy to let her fall into lava and die. He said it out loud he saw no reason why he should play the game of love with this silly fangirl. He basically did everything possible to express he’s not interested in her, sometimes more polite and civil, other times, just plain violent and filled with disdain. And Sakura still didn’t back off….and some fucker who had no room to talk about friendzone just had to guilt trip Sasuke. I feel frustrated for him tbh.

Sakura never cared about Sasuke as a person. While Sasuke was leaving the village, thinking about how to get stronger, get his revenge and close this chapter of his life, Sakura was like “omg, I better confess now, I have parents and stuff, but if my crush isn’t around my life isn’t perfect”. 

Let’s talk about the Kages arc. Sasuke had been a missing nin since he left the village, Sakura wanted Naruto to bring him back despite this. What changed her attitude in Kages arc was Sai said something that made her feel guilty about the promise Naruto made to her. The change in attitude was not because Sasuke was an enemy, it’s because of her own feelings.

Now when she met Sasuke on the bridge, she’s not interested in asking why he’s doing all these, she just wanted to put him down like a dog so that she didn’t have to feel she’s responsible for Naruto getting himself into danger. It’s about her own feelings.

I love her reaction when Sasuke tried to kill her. She’s like “omg, Sasuke kun really tried to kill me”. Duh, YOU tried to kill him first. But this is Sakura we’re talking about, she was probably imagining Sasuke would hesitate to fight back and act heartbroken XD. I was just like “Sakura, how do you wake up everyday and forget again Sasuke doesn’t care about you?”

Basically, my problem with SS is their relationship is non existent. 

If they’re just drawings, why’re you getting upset I’m shitting on some drawings? You’re the ones who get your panties wet looking at drawings of two characters sharing a glance, and I’m the one who needs to grow up? You should read the FAQ before dragging other ships into the discussion. We don’t support canonization of other ships.

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so ed, did you just exploit a character of a fandom? and you never care about it in the first place? thats pretty dirty is you ask me

What?! No. Look, again. I needed a way to draw more often and askblogs always seemed like a good idea to do that to me, but most of the ones I knew were about fandomsI didn’t knew shit about, like Homestuck and such. But then my friend Skylark started his own blog, Scootaloo the adventurer. So that pretty much gave me the Idea “Hey! Maybe I could start an MLP related ask blog! I’m not really a fan of the show, but I’ve seen some episodes, It’s alright. I guess I could start my own. Plus! I’ve draw ponies before, so I’m sure I wont completely suck at at it”

And I didn’t even knew that Luna is one of the most popular characters amongst the pony fandom until months after I started it. The only reason I choose Luna was because to my awareness she was a character that didn’t showed up that much on the show, so I wouldn’t have any troubles catching up on the show, and because I once drew a picture of Luna for 4chan that was grumpy looking and I found it amusing.

Why would you call that exploiting? Because I didn’t like the character that much to begin with? It’s not like my Luna is anything like show Luna.


i was PLANNING on posting some scenery studies today. but the file that had it and about a few dozen other drawings are now in corruption hell. S O instead have some color sketches that were done with the pure fury and hatred you can only get from loosing your most important file ever.
i know these dont look very hateful, but believe me, the hatred is there )8<