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Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

"Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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anonymous asked:

There's this store I go to regularly, they sell like CDs and Electronics and shot like that. And there's this one person who works there and they're so cool! They always wear awesome makeup and jewellery and always dress hella cool (once they full on dress like a pirate but it wasn't a cringey constume Yknow) and they usually give me free promo posters for bands albums and they're just, so sweet. I hope they get all the good things in life that they deserve

I admit I’ve been “star struck” by an employee from a craft store I used to frequent. She was model pretty and I just really wish I looked like her. She wore her hair in big curls, always wore such pretty blouses, and had on perfect make up all the time. I told her once I loved her hair and felt like I was being creepy so I never said it again. lol She was also really nice and, really really really the kind of person I always wanted to be. I tend to idolize anyone who is prettier than me or has amazing clothes while also being kind. I probably sound seriously creepy so I’m going to stop. -Abby

i owed my housemate pizza money so instead of being normal i went downstairs at 1am and tried to slide a tenner under his door and then messaged him on fb saying “look under your door…” but cause it didn’t go all the way through he had to open his door to get to it and he saw me standing there giggling to myself and picked up the tenner and said “you’re so /creepy/” and then closed the door again

Going through main story again. Time to talk to Titan! But first, car assignments.

Noctis: What if I ride with you? -cue weird smile-
Ardyn: -says something about the price of his fare being too high-
Me: Did Ardyn just reject Noct’s proposition

Also I cannot reiterate how much I love Ignis’s reactions to Ardyn during this sequence. You look at him eyeballing the guy and know he’s thinking, ‘You BREATHE the same air as Noct and you die.’

Oh I was kind of disappointed with tonight’s episode of Broadchurch.

First of all, the man that Trish slept with was Jim. Ok, predictable.

Then, the texts were from Ian’s girlfriend? What kind of stupid Gossip Girl twist is this?

But the cherry on top is the new woman admitting she was raped. Which makes no sense because she was most likely attacked by that new creepy guy and all of this will not be related to Trish at all. So it’s just to add drama. But we already have enough drama, thank you. This new drama just feels random.

Let me say this though: that Leo guy. Why does it look like he’s kind of hitting on Ellie? Last time I thought I was seeing too much into it and he was just being a “swaggery little shit”. But come on, this time he was the one to approach her and, again, talked to her alone, without Hardy. I’m not sure he’s Trish’s rapist but him having a thing for older women could turn him into a suspect later on.

Lastly: Mark, why? I just can’t. Poor Beth and Chloe. Poor Paul.

hey guys, hope you’re having a happy christmas. i somehow ended up with almost 10k followers this year (I think it was a few of my animated gifs getting on the radar what did it) and I’m kinda blown away by that, so thankyou so much for just showing any interest at all. I’m working on being less artistically insecure but the feeling of recognition I get from even a few likes on tumblr is nice - I shouldn’t rely on it, but it’s nice.

I made this yesterday as a sort of christmas card. I worked through a few versions where I had a more neutral expression but I worried it would make me look weirdly grumpy, so I tried for a smile that ended up looking a bit creepy.

I made a post about this last year but christmas is a bit of an odd one for me. I stayed in London again. I watched Tokyo Godfathers last night, which I haven’t seen in like 6 or 7 years, and I’d forgotten how amazing the animation was, particularly the acting. Also I finished an Undertale pacifist run the other day which was amazing (then I watched a YT video of a genocide run and it was still amazing but… in a different way). 

Now I’m going to walk up into central london again and try and go to an old church that was recommended me by a friend. I’ll post some more before new years eve, I promise.

Thanks again. x

Art theft, Again!

I saw this blog, they’re talkign to me.. the name is @iiflowercrowns

shes being more than just creepy, and is stealing art. According to me. She hasn’t got any feedback on it yet, but it looks like its on purpose.

He has put many messages in many languages, so i do not know what lanuage she may be, but it looks like shes english. 

The Art stolen is on her blog, One Art piece stolen is from @cinidorito, And four more pieces were stolen from @comyet

philtatos-therapon  asked:

indian restaurant waitress here again! so my creepy ass manager is still being creepy, but i have lost my patience with him lmao. it's gotten to the point where he handed me a piece of paper which i threw out because i assumed it was trash, and he goes "that was a love note". so i turned back around, fixed him with a deadpan look and said "oh sorry let me get it back out so i can throw it away but more forcefully" and walked my sassy ass away

Scaredy Cat

One-Shots: Can I have a Zach Mitchell imagine when it’s my birthday and he takes me somewhere romantic? Please
Announcements: Hope you all enjoy this one!
Warnings: None

You ran your hands through your hair and yawned, making your way outside of the hotel and into the humid night air. You began to look around for your boyfriend, Zach, who had texted you to come outside. You started to yawn again when someone jumped in front of you. Instead of yawning you let out a strangled cry of surprise and jumped back.

“Yeesh, scaredy cat,” Zach said, coming out of the shadows, “I wasn’t being that creepy.”

You let out a breath and slugged your boyfriend in the arm, “You were totally being creepy! Like, serial killer creepy! What are you doing?”

He laughed and wrapped his arm around your shoulders, “Eh, well, what better day to make you fear for your life then your birthday! And besides, I needed to grab your attention. Because, since I am the best boyfriend ever, I’m taking to a nice place.”

You squinted at him, “What place is gonna be open this late in an amusement park?”

“It’s not a restaurant… exactly, but I’m gonna cover your eyes.”

“Ok, now we’re going back into serial killer territory, where are we going?”

“No spoilers,” Zach said, whilst wrapping a piece of cloth around your eyes.

“You run me into something and I swear I will kick you in the shins,” you commented after he took your hand and began walking.

“I would expect nothing less.”

After a few minutes of silence and more walking, Zach stopped suddenly, causing you to bump into the back of him. You furrowed your eyebrows and walked backwards, trying not to fall over in the process.

“Can I take this off now?” You asked.

“Allow me, m'lady,” he replied.

You felt the cloth being untied and then moving away from your face. Blinking quickly to make your eyes adjust to the low light, you let out a small gasp. In front of you there was a large fluffy blanket with dinosaurs on it, probably from the gift shop, and on it was a small picnic, with some candles strewn about.

You smiled brightly and turned to Zach, “Oh, it’s wonderful. This is really sweet, you didn’t have to do this, y'know.”

“Of course I did! Why wouldn’t I? Your the best friend I’ve ever had, and, well, I love you,” he said quietly.

You grabbed his hand and sat on the blanket, careful not to set anything on fire, and then kissed him on the cheek, “I love you too. Now, whats for dinner?”

He smiled at you, “Uh, well, obviously I didn’t have anything to cook, so,” he took two containers of take-out food and handed one to you, “I got some stuff from that restaurant we saw earlier.”

“Even more romantic,” you said, taking the food.

The two of you sat there for the rest of the night, talking and looking at the island and the stars, while finishing mediocre park food. You almost fell asleep right then and there if Zach hadn’t told you to go to bed for real. While in the elevator you smiled sleepily and chuckled softly at nothing in particular.

Well, maybe one thing, or, should you say, person.

Jasperose was rude to Jake, and creepy towards nepeta
Davesprite shows up and prototypes with her
Jasperose is no longer able to try to date nepetasprite
Nepeta’s safe again and guaranteed to be relevant
They look like a combo of Wolverine and Angel

I told this man last night that if he touched me again, I would physically remove him from my presence. Can anyone guess what he did next? He kept looking over the divider at the urinal and rubbing my back so I used my free hand to push his face away. He continued to rub me and I just about nearly went through the bathroom door with him while I was still peeing. Why are people so creepy? I understand lack of social skills and being intoxicated but respect someone’s personal space. It’s like reading the anon messages on the straight tumblr guys accounts. Chill


Ok so 2 things. it seems BLURRYFACE is himself again. And Tyler and Josh have now confirmed it was them (so all you people who were mad can finally shut up) and killed me in the process.

also it looks like they’re doing more of the deleting tweets stuff, beause Tyler’s “did you find them?” tweet is gone along with BLURRYFACE’s “NO”. Like we have the album and they’re still being cryptic af and I love it and its a little creepy???