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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 3

And we did it again, amigos! 

  1. “My sock is missing.”
  2. “I must say it can be rather therapeutic”
  3. “Shit, they spotted us. Quick, put your Obama mask on.”
  4. “You raided my village, killed my parents and slaughtered tens of innocent people. I was able to forgive you for all of that-tell myself it was in your nature. But then you did something heinous. Something beyond all possible hope of redemption. You killed my dog.”
  5. “What do you mean you accidentally assassinated the Pope!?”
  6. “I would love to give a fuck about you but sadly my last one went off to war and never returned”
  7. “If you think I’ll stop my quest for world domination for a bag of cookies, you are,,, right… Now, gimme that!”
  8. “What are you doing with that rubber duckie toy– OH DEAR GOD LORD HAVE MERCY”
  9. “I’m more afraid of myself than you.”
  10. “I already told you, there’s nothing we can do about the fights. We COULD if you stopped spoiling shows and books to everyone.”
  11. “You, my friend, are the most unnecessary when it comes to your excessively sassy attitude.”
  12. “I love you.” “…..What? OH APRIL FOOLS.”
  13. “What is this, a concert for ants???”
  14. “I made it! I’m in the list! This is being a great day since I remembered it’s a Thursday, not a Monday!”
  15. “It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just that, well, I’ve got a sink full of dishes and a cat to wash.”
  16. “When you said i had pretty eyes i thought you were complimenting me,not trying to buy them!”
  17. “The wolves eat tonight.”
  18. “Gee, thanks for nearly killing me because of ____!” “Listen up here, are you dead? You’d better be greateful you’re still alive tou little shit.”
  19. "When you said you could fly, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”
  20. “Sarah, I love you and all but hOW ON EARTH DO YOU KEEP SENDING OUR PETS TO SPACE?!”
  21. “Look, just because you kidnapped me doesn’t mean I’m going to marry you.”
  22. “How in God’s name did you even get up there?!”
  23. “I think I misplaced my right hand”
  24. “I did it! I got into university!” “That’s great! What course?” “Uh… Would it be a bad thing if I told you that… Dark magic and villainy?”
  25. “Well, it just so happens that I have been a homeless man for three years now. That must mean I’m the chosen one!”
  26. “Have your eyes always been that colour?”
  27. “I’m going to fight the sun!”
  28. “You can’t just run around punching people you don’t like, ____!”
  29. “I’m not into that kinda thing.”
  30. “Dude why did you eat all that cake on your own?”
  31. “I just wanted to know if we could use a plastic knife”
  32. “Uhhhh, guys? Don’t hate me, but I think I just released Satan”
  33. “Well, fine… Just wait a little bit before you do something stupid.” “…”
  34. “What do you mean there’s no bacon flavored ice cream!?”
  35. “What do you mean you’re my sister? I don’t have a sister!”
  36. “Why the hell do we need a duck to hunt Bigfoot?”
  37. “Oh, so you can do pink explosions too”
  38. “This isn’t my kitchen, is it?”
  39. “Ohhh, so THAT’S what you meant by ‘shooting starts’.”
  40. “ACHOO” “bless you” “Thank you, wait a minute I live alone”
  41. “Put my creepy cat in a different room? Don’t be silly! I don’t even have a cat!”
  42. “Katie, please stop shooting me with tranquilizer darts.”
  43. “Why did you think it was a good idea to only bring a potato to this heist?”
  44. “Okay, we make this promise now - nobody look at that fucking goat ever again.”
  45. “Sarah, why is the cat naked?”
  46. “Wait. You’re aroused?”
  47. “Why would that surprise you?”
  48. “It does on account of you being covered in blood. Wipe that smile off your face. You look like a cat in heat.”
  49. “okay so let me get this straight, you’re not actually my long lost twin…” “yes.” “…because you’re me from another dimension” “…yes.”
  50. “I’m sorry, but did that thing just talk?”
  51. “I thought we promised to never speak of that incident again!”
  52. "Sweetheart”“Yes dear”“Some of your morally challenged friends are trying to kidnap me again.”“And?”“And!?”“You’re a big girl, you can take care of yourself.”“Of course I can, but the gesture would have been nice!”
  53. “how many epilepsy pills can you take before you overdose?” “Just one or two.” “I’m gonna have to call you back.”
  54. “…I was GOING to ask why there’s a pink goo all over the kitchen floor but I think that can wait whilst I ask what the FUCK IS GOING ON?”
  55. “For the last time, can you stop calling that thing 'human’”
  56. “Okay, that is a seriously dodgy looking hat-are you certain you’re right about this?”
  57. “Really Darling, you can stop trying to scream, we’ve already espablished that no one cares and it’s giving you unflattering lines on your forehead.”
  58. “_______, why am I on the ceiling?”
  59. “What the heck happened while I was at the store?
  60. "What the actual fuck!” “I did warn-” “Yes I know you said you were crazy, but this…. This is…” “Just another Tuesday. Oh we’re late for tea!” “With who?!” “With the Queen of course, who else?”
  61. “Despreate times call for cows.”
  62. “Did you burn the last piece of toast again?”
  63. “You didn’t TELL me there’d be free food!”
  64. “Did Jesus really die for this bullshit?”
  65. “Do you want the apocalypse?!! Because that’s how you get the apocalypse!!!”
  66. “Goddamit, I’m dead again aren’t I? How the hell did I do it this time?”
  67. “Dude, no.”
  68. “I may be a horrible person, but at least I am an honest one.”
  69. “I told you, I dress to kill, now fetch me my fancy stilettos, mama’s gonna slay tonight!”
  70. “I left the room for 3 minutes and you really want to tell me you started a war with every single planet?” “Well, I told you 3 months ago to not leave me alone.” “And I told you I have to use the bathroom 3 months ago!”
  71. “Wow, only took 3 minutes to destroy the world.” “Let’s see if I can do it in 2!”
  72. “So… Wh-Why- How did you flush the duck down the toilet?”
  73. “dude. i liked that carpet. do you know how hard it is to wash bloodstains out of carpets.”
  74. “Don’t worry, it’s much worse than it looks.”
  75. “What are you doing ___?” “I’m camping.” “No you’re beside tree with a blank-” “CAMPING”
  79. “What the hell kind of scream was that? And how did you make it?! ”
  80. “Hey, uhm… Hate to interrupt your conversation, but why the fuck is there a giraffe on the soup aisle”
  81. “You mean to tell me that somebody decided it was a good idea to cross plums and apricots, but nobody can figure out why my cat has RABBIT ears?”
  82. “Sorry but um… why is there a fox and a bear singing Ooh la la by Britney Spears on the balcony? And where is my chicken, Pudding?!”
  83. “Where did you get LIGHT-UP COMBAT BOOTS? THEY CHANGE COLOR?!”
  84. “So you’re telling me there was a genie trapped in that can of soup? And you accidentally ATE THE GENIE?!”
  85. “Listen…don’t take this the wrong way, but…I love the OTHER you better.”
  86. “Tell me why,  exactly, did you need the rubber chicken? ”
  87. “Look, I’m not a liar, alright?  And I ain’t overdramatic or hyperbolic or whatever else you wanna call me.  So when I say I would sell my soul for a pancake right now, I mean I will literally sell my soul for a pancake right now.  And maybe a million dollars.”
  88. “Wait a second, you’re telling me that….. YOU’VE BEEN DATING SATAN BEHIND MY BACK FOR FOUR WHOLE YEARS?!!!”
  89. “Well dad did say he would be gone for five days…what the hell? Let’s go to the corner store!”
  90. “Why did you buy 74 melons?!”
  91. “Where’s the toaster?” “It’s in the kitchen… Why do you have a fork?” “K, thanks.”
  92. “Death, out of all the things in this world, why are so afraid of ____?”
  93. “This floor is like my life; Cold and Hard.”
  94. “So you’re telling me that I am the only thing that is preventing a Third World War, right?” “Yeah, pretty much.”
  95. “I don’t know your name and you don’t know mine but I promise it will turn out okay.”
  96. “Little did you know, they were slowly turning into werewolves.”
  97. “Umm… I may have possibly accidentally blown up another planet”
  98. “I told you not to do that… now look, you’ve lost your hand!”
  99. “Every time you speak I literally die a little”
  100. “One baby soul please, Adult souls give me gas!”

“I need you, yes you (you should feel targeted), to come up with a new dialogue prompt for part 4 and leave it in the comments below. It’s fun and the first 100 replies will make the next list. As always, one prompt per amigo and don’t forget the doubles quotes “”. Pantoffel” (Click here for part 1 and here for part 2)

misdial; chanyeol

Originally posted by lullabyun

park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,6k words. fluff/angst. au

—it all started with one misdial, then a second and a third and…

this one is for Sasha @floofyeol

3.12 a.m: missed call from Park Chanyeol

“You called me?” 

“Oh, did I? I’m sorry, it was a misdial.”

“Oh, I see.”

3.14 a.m.: incoming call from Park Chanyeol


“Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

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Mad: Part 13

Originally posted by younggjaebum

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside, some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11 Part 12

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7th grade science (Zach Dempsey, 13 reasons)

Other than being on the badminton team to get out of having to take a gym class, you steered clear of sports. You hated the people, the double standards, and most importantly the fact that most of the school’s budget went to sports. You took part in theater and choir and dance and art and practically any visual/performing arts activity the school had to offer. By the end of your freshman year, you were helping out at the local elementary and middle schools that were putting on plays. Star basketball player, Zach Dempsey’s little sister was apart of play productions at her school.

After coming to one of her plays that you’d helped put on, you noticed Zach has made an effort to come over and speak with you. He seemed a little shy, but the two of you carried on a conversation perfectly fine. The week after that, you noticed Zach making an effort to talk to you every day. You didn’t think anything of it on the first day. Or the second. But things got suspicious after that. His friends started being nice to you. Justin started walking you to some of your classes, Sheri complimented your makeup. Marcus even offered to help you study. None of these people had really talked to you before. You stayed guarded. Your best friend had a history of dating jocks, but other than that, jocks had nothing to do with your personal life.

On this day, your best friend had gone home sick, the two of you didn’t drive, so you usually walked home together. With her absence, your earbuds became your friend for the walk home. You were still walking down the street in front of the school when you were jolted by a honk. You looked over to see a car driving by you slowly. The back seat held none other than Zach and Marcus. Justin filled the passenger seat, while Bryce drove.

“Need a lift home, Y/N?” You hear Bryce say, laughing under his breath. All the boys were staring at you, obviously waiting for an answer.

“Um, I’m fine, but thanks.” You went to put your earbud back in and continue on your walk.

“Got homework to do?” Justin asked. You swallowed. Not making direct eye contact with any of them.

"A lot, which is why I’m gonna get going.” You put the earbud in quickly this time. Walking off at a fast rate. They were, of course, in a car though, and you couldn’t exactly speed walk away from a car under most circumstances.

"We could get you there faster.” Marcus laughed. You could hear their various comments no matter how loud you played your music. Finally, you yanked both earbuds out.

"I’m really not trying to be a bitch. Really, I’m not. And I know none of you are used to hearing the word no. But there’s a first time for everything. No, I do not want to ride with you. I want to walk home, alone, listening to the music I want to listen to. I’ll see all of you at school tomorrow.”

You looked up at the sky, dark clouds were taking over, as well as winds. You, being in a short sleeve T shirt, crossed your arms over you chest and sped up, wanting to get home before the rain started. A minute later, you looked over and they were gone. You breathed a sigh of relief.

"Uh, Y/N?” You jump, startled once again. You look up to see Zach walking next to you. He grinned at you.

"I’ve been here for a solid minute, and you haven’t noticed. What is that you’re on, twitter?” You glared at him, walking even faster now.

"This could probably qualify as harassment. Where’d the car go?” You look around in the surrounding Parking lots and on the streets.

“I told them to go on without me. I wanted to talk to you.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, still looking at you.

"Yeah, okay.” You mumbled, staring at the ground. You suddenly felt drops on your arms and on your head. It was beginning to rain.

“Shit.” You found yourself mumbling again.

You walked faster, not wanting the papers in your backpack to be completely drenched. You soon realized that Zach was a lot faster than you and could keep up with you. And suddenly, you had his letterman jacket draped over you.

"I’m fine.” You grumbled. He simply chuckled.

“You’re soaked.” He corrected. You rolled your eyes.

"And now you will be to.” He was in a tight blue T shirt, his arms crossed like yours. He smiled at you.

"Better me than you.” You gave him a side eye glance. He wanted to play gentleman, did he?

"Since when do I exist to you?” You adjusted the jacket to where it covered your head.

“What are you talking about? We’ve been friends since elementary school.” You scoffed, pursing your lips.

"Aren’t we friends?” You could feel him looking at you. You walked faster, he knew you weren’t friends before this. He knew you hadn’t talked since you’d been paired up in seventh grade science for a project.

"Do you really think we qualify as friends, Zach? Do you really think that?” You looked up at him. He looked a little hurt, but maybe like he knew you were right.

"Look, I know we just started hanging out but-” you stopped abruptly, catching him off guard.

"Hanging out? You call you and your friends following me around for a week straight ‘hanging out’? I call it creepy.” His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. He hadn’t expected you to be so harsh and brash.

"I’m sorry okay? It’s just, my sister loved working with you so much and it just reminded me of some stuff.” He pushed his now sopping hair out of his face. You were a block away from your house, so you started walking again.

"Stuff being?” You persisted, though you walked ahead so you couldn’t see his reaction.

"It reminded me of why you’re the only girl I’ve ever really had a crush on.” You stopped. Sure, you were in front of your house, but you also couldn’t move. Zach Dempsey had a crush on you? Key word being had, but still.

"How? When? Where? W-” he cut you off this time. You were still in front of him but you heard him let out a sigh.

"Justin and them- they’re better than they seem. But they don’t get biology, or why I love it. Do you remember when we were paired up in Ms. Milton’s class in middle school for a project?” Zach looked at you. You opened the white picket fence that shut you away from your yard, walking inside the property.

"You can come in, Zach.” You held the fence open. He shuffled quickly inside. He looked surprised that you’d even invited him in. You walked up the path way and up to your porch, unlocking your front door.

"It’s not fancy like yours, but it’s home.” You held the door open for him once again and he walked inside, looking around.

"I’ll get you a towel.” You ran up the stairs, soon coming back down, handing him the towel. You gestured for him to follow you as you walked into the living room to sit on the couch. He sat next to you.

"What were you saying about Ms. Milton?” You didn’t want to let on that you knew exactly what had occurred in Ms. Milton’s class.

"Well- we were partners for a project. And- I let you pick the animal we’d do the project on. You picked whales. And I became so interested in sea life after that project. Now I wanna be a marine biologist. It all started in Ms. Milton’s.” He stared at you. He was serious. He’d been in love with you since the seventh grade.

"Yeah? Well you stopped talking to me in high school. I stopped mattering to any sports player once high school hit.” You didn’t make eye contact with him.

"Okay. Well, I thought I’d never have a chance as soon as I became a basketball player. But I’ve liked you so much- ever since middle school.” You looked up he was scratching the back of his neck.

"You do that when you get nervous.” You pointed out. He laughed a little.

"Oh yeah? When you’re anxious or nervous, you pick your nail polish off.” He was right. That was a nervous tick you had. Maybe he wasn’t such a liar after all.

"Listen, I’m sorry if the boys started to bombard you. They just- they hook up with a ton of girls and they were worried because I wasn’t into any girls they sent my way. When I finally told them about my.. thing for you, they went a bit nuts.”
You laughed a little. Justin and Marcus fucked anything that walked at parties. Bryce’s dad set it up so he could order strippers and prostitutes to come whenever he wanted. Zach was different from his friends. Everyone in the school knew it.

"Do you wanna stay for dinner Zach?” You blushed a little as you looked his way.

"Sure, but can I take you out for some food tomorrow night? Just us?”

You felt yourself blushing again. Defensive? Sure you were. But your heart was already fluttering at the idea of going to dinner with Zach Dempsey.

The Magicians (show) sentence starters

season 1, part 2 of 3
episodes 6 through 9
75 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: alcohol mention, cussing, drug mention, violence, sexual themes
[part 1]

  • “Okay, I take it back. Maybe this is a waste of your time.”
  • “That’s a pretty acrobatic form of denial.”
  • “I’m not done with you. Consider it a warning.”
  • “Please, don’t come back here again.”
  • “If I was you, I would be curious.”
  • “Hello? Is someone being creepy on purpose?”
  • “Secure the sacrifice!”
  • “Jesus, I’m not a virgin…”
  • “Wow, you’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”
  • “I don’t even know what a chupacabra is.”
  • “I can already see we are immensely handicapped by your presence.”
  • “There’s a way. There’s always a way.”
  • “Oh, if you wanna insult me, you should try again.”
  • “If I had more, I’d give you more.”
  • “You ever want something so badly and then realize that it’s nothing like what you thought? And that maybe you are stupid for ever actually wanting it?”
  • “You look like your head’s about to pop off.”
  • “Celebrate the world you’re in, dummy.”
  • “_____, did you roofie me?”
  • “Can we skip down to where you realize you no makey magic here?”
  • “I am literally losing the will to live.”
  • “Look, talk to me. What’s going on?”
  • “Ask me something harder if you want us to get somewhere.”
  • “Ask me why I’m nice to you.”
  • “I had noticed you’re a tad brusque with everyone else.”
  • “I’m scared to tell you this, because it’s true. I’m falling in love with you.”
  • “I flirted with you that first day because you looked useful, and you were.”
  • “I’ve been using you this entire time.”
  • “I really didn’t see this coming.”
  • “I always hold back, _____. Every single day. I mean, I have no idea what I’m even capable of.”
  • “I don’t want to lose it… how it felt.”
  • “Sit. I do not ask and I do not order twice.”
  • “You think you know how to do this. I assure you, you do not.”
  • “A great magician is magic in his bones, blood, heart, and dick. Or lady parts. Whatever.”
  • “Why don’t you two just fuck?”
  • “Blood’s not gonna come out of that sweater. You should just throw it out.”
  • “Where you think you’re sticking that?”
  • “This magic gin better make us see unicorns that fart rainbows.”
  • “I don’t have to tell you anything.”
  • “You are lucky you’re pretty.”
  • “Why is your face making that face?”
  • “I’m going to go take a nap and pretend that this entire conversation never happened.”
  • “Can we just talk about this seriously for a second?”
  • “Are you in love with me?”
  • “Hell is real, and it smells like Axe Body Spray.”
  • “Leave before I start screaming.”
  • “You stay out of my ass and there’s no blood fued necessary on my end. But come after me, and I will kill you and everyone that you care about.”
  • “I made a horrible mistake asking you to help. Please, leave.”
  • “Maybe we just need to accept the world for what it actually is.”
  • “I hate magic.”
  • “I think about stabbing you all the time.”
  • “Please! You can’t keep doing this to me!”
  • “How is a voodoo doll supposed to help me?”
  • “What we love can be as important to us as our lives.”
  • “That’s kind of a personal question for two people who aren’t supposed to be in the same room.”
  • “Predictable’s not bad, _____.”
  • “Don’t bother with the performance.”
  • “I wouldn’t dream of fooling you.”
  • “You know I never wanted this. You forced my hand. I wish it could be any other way.”
  • “I don’t need to tell you how fucking pissed at you I am.”
  • “I don’t understand why we fell apart after being friends forever.”
  • “I’m working on forgiving you.”
  • “I’m going, and like it or not, _____, you should come.”
  • “_____, I’m stuck! Someone get me out of here!”
  • “This house is haunted as balls, is what that is.”
  • “Okay, this is a little kinky, even for me.”
  • “Some things just aren’t fair. We can’t make sense of them.”
  • “If the world goes after you, take it as a compliment.”
  • “What do you think redemption looks like, _____?”
  • “What if there really is a Hell and this takes me there?”
  • “Well, that bought us about ten minutes.”
  • “Let’s go dig up a dead body.”
  • “You can’t seriously be thinking of leaving them there.”
  • “This is exactly the kind of thing that we should be able to fix.”
  • “Life ain’t fair. Why in the high, holy fuck should death be any different?”
  • “Thinking that you can change anything… It’s such an act of monumental ego. I mean, who the fuck do you think you really are?”
Chapter Two [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: Your first date with Lin doesn’t go exactly as he planned it.

Word Count: 1,785

Warnings: Slow burn, as always.

Authors notes:  Sab - First dates a fun, right? We’re churning these guys out - it’s so amazing to get to work with Ren, we both hope you enjoy it! (And, as she says, please don’t kill us.) 

Ren - This chapter. Oh god there’s no words for it. I hope you guys like it and please don’t kill us *evil laughter is heard in the distance*

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“Hi, excuse me I-” You looked up for a second to find one of the visitors you had talked to just a few minutes ago. “I believe you handed me the wrong…”

The guy handed you one of the museum brochures, and you noticed the dates were off. Taking a deep breath, you opened the top drawer to find the right folder, handing one to him before apologizing. It was the third time you messed up that afternoon: First, you almost guided the group of students to the wrong exhibition, then a guest’s question went completely over your head, leaving them staring blankly at you as you attempted to collect your wits, and now this. You felt lucky that your boss was drowning in paperwork and not paying much attention to his employees.

The truth was: you were nervous. Ever since you and Lin started texting, things just clicked between you, everything was easy and he made you smile. A lot. With Stephen sitting in the next room during many of those slightly flirtatious conversations, however, you knew it had to come to a halt soon.

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ratkhaleesi  asked:

Viktuuri coffeeshop AU? (my weaknesssssssssssssss) Viktor works there, Yuuri's tall dark and cute as hell

ft. Yurio The Reluctant Wingman   ~600 words

Viktor’s in love.

It can be argued that he’s actually just infatuated given that they haven’t had a conversation beyond getting the guy’s coffee order and a bit of whining about the weather but…

Viktor’s in love, okay?

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Before The Maze - Smut

Originally posted by space-ing-out

Author: @dumbass-stilinski and @writing-obrien
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Thomas/Reader
Words: 4,429
AN: Another collab from me and Chloe! If you like it and you want to see more let us know, we have an idea for a potential sequel. (Also this was my first Thomas fic like what was I waiting for?!)


“A-Two! Step Away from B-Fourteen! Perimeters A-Two.” A voice shouted loudly over the intercom, all eyes snapping up to us, smirks on a few of their faces and some giving a judging glare. My head dropped with a sigh and I stepped away, hands raised in the air and I looked up at the camera with a pointed look.

“Yeah, Tommy, perimeters from the girlies.” A British voice teased and I rolled my eyes.

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ilona-the-hedgehog  asked:

Hey, I really like your stories! They're amazing! I just wanted to ask, could you maybe write a sonamy oneshot thing with werehog Sonic? I've just been in that mood lately 😅


Sometimes, we all just need some fluffs~ :)

And thank you~<3


Amy kicked her feet off the side of the couch, holding some tea as she looked out the window, humming slightly to herself as she saw the sun going down…

Tails and Professor Pickle were talking on boring subjects again, and she was getting restless to see Sonic again…

They hadn’t known his whereabouts, until at least another piece of the world was put back together.

All she needed was that lead…

She slowly turned to look at Tails and Professor Pickle, seeing that they were in no way paying attention to her anyway, she slowly walked backwards and against the wall, crawling slightly to then stealthily opening the door, and closing it lightly~

“We’re almost there, Sonic!” Chip called out, flying through another city they were rushing to pass, as Sonic ran on all fours, keeping up wtih Chip.

“Finally.” he didn’t mean to sound like he was grumbling, but with his new found deep, raspy voice, that’s just how it was now.

Suddenly, a horde of monsters spawned in the rear of where they were running, and Sonic skidded to a stop on his spiky shoes, and turned around.

“Hold on…” he swung himself around.

“Huh? What’s the hold up, Sonic?” Chip stopped to look behind him, before flying back near his face.

“Hmm… something doesn’t feel right.”


His eyes widened, “Amy!” he took off without another second of hesitation.

“Woah! It’s that girl again!” Chip kicked up his feet, getting ready to burst off, before springing out into the night to follow Sonic.

The hordes were being creepy as they walked slowly up to her, their arms up as if to grab her, but she swung them by the base of their waist and they were flung left and right with each powerful hit.

“Leave. Me. Alone!!” Amy cried out, not in the least afraid, but still wanting to get through to Sonic. “Soooniiic!!!”

Suddenly, from behind her, a large figure jumped over her, landing in front of her as she looked around before covering her head.

He roared out in front of the hordes, and they all immediately stopped advancing.

Once getting their attention, he smirked, and threw his arms out, taking them down one by one in a frenzy of moves.

His stretchy arms even punched out one that tried to leap for Amy, as she cried out in surprise, before rushing over to sonic’s back, and moving with him as he swung around.

“What are you doing here?” he tried to turn his head back to look at her, before refocusing on the battle.

“I… I was lonely! No one was paying attention to me.” she explained, as Sonic shook his head, letting out a groan as his eyes drooped down.

“You couldn’t have waited till after this was all over?” he commented, before flinging away the last monster and stomping a hand to the ground, as they all were flung in the air.



He turned around to see Amy had also been bounced into the air, and quickly reached up to pull her to him, before swinging a long arm out and slamming all the other monsters into dust against the side of a building’s wall.

He panted a moment, breathing heavily, before seeing his work there was done, and sighing.

He turned to look down at Amy.

“If you wanted to see me, couldn’t you have waited till the morning?” he cocked his head to the side, loosening his hold on her and raising his arm from her to the side.

He consciously made that decision, as he looked to his arm, and then to her.

“Ohh~ Like I said! I couldn’t wait any longer! I missed you~” Amy swished her body left and right, before throwing her hands down and up back to her face, being somewhat cute.

“…Ughh…” he looked away and scratched a clawed finger up to his head.

“…But… I don’t look like… myself.” he put the hand down and slowly up to his eyes, showing some sorrow in that fact as he looked over his hand.

Amy stared a moment, seeing his expression change at the appearance of his scary looking, new hand.

“Wouldn’t you rather be comforted by me..? and Not some… monster.”

She bent her eyelids back, seeing he was having some problems with that.

“You think I care so little as to only look upon appearances and images?”she placed her hands confidently to her sides, and leaned over to look up at his face, as he quickly looked down to her, amazed by her answer.

She giggled, jumping in front of him when he turned his head away, putting her hands behind her back as she swayed in her usual manner.

Flirty or whatever you want to call it, it certainly brought Sonic’s attention back to her.

Chip hovered close behind, but dared not interrupt the slight quarrel between the two.

He was highly fascinated at how she could break through Sonic’s walls and surprise him anyway! So interesting…

Could Sonic be influenced by Amy more than he let on?

Chip tilted his head, pondering the moment a bit, and putting his hands near his mouth, thinking about it…

“Whether Sonic comes in black, white, or blue! I’ll love you no matter what you look like, sound like, or even smell like! haha!” she slightly teased, but nodded her head to show that she meant it to some degree.

Sonic stared down at her a moment.

Realizing she meant it, his hand slowly came down, before he seemed to grow nervous and folded his arms, leaning back and avoiding her gaze by looking away.

It was a typical Sonic position, and she smiled when she recognized it.

For a moment, this large… fluffy frame suddenly faded into her hero, and in her mind’s eyes, as he looked back down, tensing his mouth a bit, she imagined a blush with hearts in the background.

She giddily twirled in her imaginings and jumped into Sonic’s arms.

He fell back a bit, but caught himself, and lightly patted her back.

“Alright, alright. I’ll take you home.”

“You mean it?!” she looked up, growing excited. “Will you carry me?”

“Uh…Ummm..” he looked at his dangerous hands…

He looked down at his hazardous way of running too…

He looked back up and thought, before sighing and drooping his arms down.

“Okay.. just this once…” he groaned, and turned around, before gesturing a thumb to his back.

“Hop on.”

“Ah! Y-… You want me to ride you..?” holding her fists up over her mouth and nose, she lifted a leg up to shy away from it.

“A-are you sure..?”

He looked away, sweat dropping.

“It’s only awkward when you make it awkward, Amy.”

“He’s right!” Chip suddenly flew in, as Amy was taken aback at his presence, almost having forgotten him. “You should just hop on! No questions asked.” Chip held up a pointer finger, and shook it around as to lightly scold her for second-guessing it.

She nodded, “R-right.” she carefully came up behind him, looking around for a safe way to mount, before seeing Sonic reach a hand back.

She stepped on the hand and smiled to him, gaining some balance, she jumped on his back and positioned herself to ride him.

He felt his now, longer and more ragged quills shift under her, and the sensation made him roll his shoulders back, not liking it for a moment.

“Are you comfortable?” Amy blinked down at him, as he suddenly flinched, his eyes growing wide and turning back to her.

“Ah… um. I’m fine.” he didn’t want to tell her what he was feeling, so he ended up just nodding and looking away. “I’m going to charge off now… get ready.”

“Right!” she held onto his ears, making his upper lip twitch at her tug, but got on all fours and wiggled his shoe into position.

“Chip.” he called out, head close to the ground as Chip flew off, spinning around to throw up a ‘thumbs up’ and then took off to show the way.

“Hold on, Amy!”


Sonic bolted off as Amy slightly felt herself fling off him for a moment, but gripped her legs to his waist and held on.

It was like riding a huge gorilla!

It made her laugh at how uncomfortable it was, his spines poking into her every now and again.

However, she was used to her own spines, and it didn’t bother her very much, nor hurt.

However… he wasn’t used to another piggy-back riding him, and so with each foot or hand fall, he felt her weight shift a bit, and it bothered him.

“Wee! Haha! Giddy up!”

“I’m not a horse…”

-A while after the adventure-

“You were SOOO fluffy! Hehe~ Hey! I have a question?” Amy spread her arms out, holding her already eaten ice cream cone and then put her legs down from leaning back and up to look sincerely to him.

He had also finished, and ate the cone, looking slightly bored before raising an eyebrow to her. “Hmm?”

“Can I get another piggy-back ride? It shouldn’t be so off now that you’re the right size again. After all!”

“Ha-ACK!” He choked a moment on his cone and beat his chest, swallowing it before turning to Amy, looking a bit worried…


“Please?!” she moved up to him, her hands down in front of her. “I really enjoyed that! Haha! And I think it’s fun.” she cutely looked away, remembering the moment.

“…Uhh…” he looked away, remembering it as anything ‘but’ fun…

“Please?” she looked to him again, tilting her head.

He suddenly remembered her words again… looking back to her.

No matter what I look like… she’ll always see me as Sonic.

He thought about how that really pulled him through those tough times…

“…I can’t dispute.” he shook his head down, sighing, before shrugging and getting up. “But again.” he held a pointer finger up, then turned his head slightly to an angle.

“This is the last time.”

He wiggled his finger around, a signature move by her beloved hero~

“Right! Hehe~” she grinned, as he turned and she hopped on as fast as she could, making him wobble back cause he wasn’t expecting her to just leap like that.

His spines bristled up a little and she giggled at their pokes, before he lowered them for her comfortably.

“S…Sorry.” he seemed a little embarrassed by that.

“Not a problem! After all, I’ve lived with my quills forever too, you know!” she wiggled her head up through his quills to get to peek over his shoulder to him, as it took every bit of self control not to spike his quills up again.

He reached back and bent down, grabbing her legs and looking forward, thinking where to go…

It could just be a joy ride, after all, he could take her home at anytime now…

He looked down.

The sensation… wasn’t as bad as the first time.

He took off, “Hold on!”


For some reason, those words resonated in Sonic…

As he ran, he suddenly found that the closeness didn’t bother him so much as before.

After all, he wasn’t scary. He didn’t have claws. And he sure as heck didn’t have so many sensitive, long quills like antennas to deal with!

 As Amy’s hands held closely to his neck, she pushed up a little to look just a little over his head, and smiled at the view.

He was rushing by some lovely scenery to keep her occupied, and of course, he enjoyed the terrain too.

He took a second to look down at her hands… then up to her face.

Her wide open smile filled him with some sense of accomplishment, or some fulfilling desire to make sure she was happy and pleased.

He smiled too, but hid it as she looked down to him, seeing his head had moved slightly.

She smiled, hoping he was admiring her beauty, and then continued to laugh as he took off.

Even with her against his quills, he was slowly becoming used to the intimacy, and who knows?

Maybe the experience could be helpful in the end? (~<3)

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There's this store I go to regularly, they sell like CDs and Electronics and shot like that. And there's this one person who works there and they're so cool! They always wear awesome makeup and jewellery and always dress hella cool (once they full on dress like a pirate but it wasn't a cringey constume Yknow) and they usually give me free promo posters for bands albums and they're just, so sweet. I hope they get all the good things in life that they deserve

I admit I’ve been “star struck” by an employee from a craft store I used to frequent. She was model pretty and I just really wish I looked like her. She wore her hair in big curls, always wore such pretty blouses, and had on perfect make up all the time. I told her once I loved her hair and felt like I was being creepy so I never said it again. lol She was also really nice and, really really really the kind of person I always wanted to be. I tend to idolize anyone who is prettier than me or has amazing clothes while also being kind. I probably sound seriously creepy so I’m going to stop. -Abby

Unknown Protection - Happy Lowman


A protective Happy Imagine.

The day was long and you were more than ready to go home. As you gathered up your pencils and papers from meeting room desk you had just finished helping Bobby work the books with the club. Even though you had no real connection with the club, you were more than happy to help out your twice removed ex uncle Bobby Munson.

“Thanks for the help again, Y/N. Always nice to have someone to hand me things from across the table and not have to stretch.”

He joked. You gave a small laugh yourself and realized just how much have a good man your once uncle was.

“No problem, Bobby. Always happy to help.”

He said as you left to be Chapel room with him. Sitting outside by the bar your eyes wandered around the room and were met with a pair of hardened ones. It was happy but he was sitting there at the bar across the room watching as you walked out with Bobby beside you.

You never really said or did anything to interact with happy, but you were always nice to him because he was as nice as he could be towards you. He never really bothered you or made it seem like he hated you and any reason, aside from those special days when he would avoid you after something happened with the club.

Bobby was nice enough to walk you out and to your car. And along the way the two of you made small talk, until Bobby turned it into something much greater than just how have you been kind of talk.

“I seen Hap lookin your way again.”

Bobby said trying to strike up that type of conversation. You gave a shrug with your shoulders as the two of you continued walking to your car across the parking lot.

“He’s just different. He doesn’t really speak to me, but he’ll watch me like a hawk sometimes. I guess that’s his way of communication when it comes to me.”

You joked.

“So being a creepy stalker is a means of communication now?”

Bobby asked rather serious. You stopped walking as you looked his way with a brow raised.

“Stalking? What do you mean stalking?”

You asked gripping hold of the folders tightly to your chest. Bobby’s I seem to widen as he turned away and muttered something along the lines of I shouldn’t have said that. He turned back to you and gave you the expression that told you he wasn’t in a killing mood anymore and that this was serious.

“Apparently… a couple of weeks ago Happy was following you home when he seen some of the Myans trailing you from leaving here… let’s just say Alvarez wasn’t happy when he found out several of his guys went missing.”

As you cannot get the dots You felt your heart stop and your chest. Questioning as if happy had really killed those men that have been following you home. It wasn’t a big secret that happy was a known killer, it was just a shocker to you that he would have done something like that.

“But… why would he? Why do something like that – ”

Bobby shrugged.

“Maybe it’s just his way of protecting you. Showing you in some odd and creepy way that he cares without actually showing you.”

Bobby said shaking his head and walking toward your car again.

You bet your bottom lip and stopped to think for a moment. If this really was a way of happy protecting you, you had to think about what else he had been doing under your nose that had kept you safe prior to now. And also you started to wonder just how long had he been doing this for?

Being Betty Cooper’s Twin Would Include:

• Constantly being together to back each other up, especially at school where Reggie and Chuck were

• Being in the same friend group as her, with Archie, Veronica, and Kevin just as attached to you as they are to Betty

• Constant bragging about you being three minutes older than Betty

• “Best three minutes of my whole life”

• Betty ranting to you about Archie constantly over the summer

• Trying to convince her to talk to him about all of it

• “I don’t know- what if he doesn’t even want to be friends anymore?”

• “He will, I know he will. I promise”

• Disobeying your parents all the time with Betty

• Trying out for the cheerleading team with Betty and Veronica after a lot of convincing they did

• “(Y/N) you’ll do great! Besides, I need my twin for moral support”

• “Yeah, (Y/N). Your twin needs you and, you totally have the cheerleading skills, it would be a shame to waste all that talent.”

• Comforting Betty the whole night after Archie rejected her and went into the closet with Veronica

• “Your’e gonna be okay… it’s going to be fine Betts… We can work it all out tomorrow with him.. I promise I will help you through this shit.”

• “I can’t look at him now. When I’m happy I think of me and- and him together. How am I supposed to act as if this weekend didn’t even happen? I don’t know what to do..”

• Confronting Archie and Veronica about going into the closet together at Cheryl’s party

• “Archie what the hell? She fucking told you how she felt. What did you guys do in that closet? Tell me. Now

• Getting mad at them when they confessed that they kissed

• Them both begging you not to be upset with them and admitting that it was a mistake 

• “Andrews I am so infuriated with you. I’m pissed with you too, Veronica. I’m going to say this now. Pull any more shit like this again. Hurt Betty again, ever, and you will fucking regret it. Nobody hurts my twin.”

• Spending the next few days ignoring Archie and Veronica despite Betty quickly forgiving them

• “I need time to get over how much they hurt you that night, I don’t know how you forgive people so quickly.”

• Knowing just as little about Polly as Betty does and always talking about how much you hated it with her

• “Mom and dad are beginning to annoy me even more, first they talk bad about Jason dying and now this? They’re keeping secrets about our own sister, Betty. That’s fucked up.”

• Helping Jughead and Betty investigate Jasons’ murder

• “This is going to be such a pain in the ass isn’t it? Researching a dead guy’s murder was definitely not how I planned to spend my time after school.”

• Scolding Archie after finding out about him continueing his relationship with Ms.Grundy

• “Archie she had a fake ID and a fucking gun. I don’t care what sob story she tells you, me, Betty, and Veronica got proof from her car! It’s fucked up and it isn’t safe!”

• Going with Betty and Jughead upstairs during Jasons’ memorial

• Having Jughead hide behind both you and Betty dramatically when the old lady appears

• “Oh.My.God. are you five Juggie?” being whispered by both of you at the same time

• “What? She’d probably prefer twins over me anyways, she gets you both, while I run. Besides, that was really creepy, please never do that ‘talking at the same time’ thing again, okay?”

• Betty giving you both a scolding look ( constantly ) to pay attention more instead of make jokes

• Being completely infuriated with your family after finding out that they’re suspects and have been lying to you about Polly and what they know

• “I cannot fucking believe that they have been keeping all of this shit from us! I don’t even know them anymore!”

• Betty trying to calm you down to her best abilities, and being absolutely destroyed seeing you like this

• “We will figure this out, (Y/N).. you gotta stay with us here though..”

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A/N: Hey, to the anon that requested this, I really hope this lived up to your expectations? I don’t really know if I did well on this but you guys should feel free to request more anytime! :)

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Red + Mark Tuan please :)

Originally posted by jypnior

Seeing him in red was one of your favorite things, it just looked good on him there was no other explanation than that. You smiled as you sat on the couch next to him, he put your legs in his lap letting you cuddle into his side. This position was pretty normal for the two of you, despite not being in a relationship, you two were basically inseparable. His fingers stroked your hair gently as he watched tv but your mind was only on him, your eyes trailed over his sharp features then looked away for a moment not wanting to seem creepy or anything. “Mark,” you murmured then looked back at him causing him to look down.

“Yeah?” he asked with a small smile, it once again robbed you of your breath before you could even speak, your thoughts were muddled again. A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he looked at you, “thinking about kissing me again?”

“Wha- no! I.. who said I ever thought about kissing you in the first place?!” you exclaimed suddenly feeling your face flush as you look away from his smirking face; he was too cocky and you hated it more than anything when he teased you like this 

He nudged your head with his own, you cautiously turned to look at him his nose brushing against yours as his hand came up to cup your cheek bringing his lips on your own. Shocked? Elated? Happy? Confused? The pile of emotions that went through you the moment he kissed you was something you’d never felt before, but the softness of his lips brought you out of your mind. Kissing him back didn’t even take questioning, his lips fought yours for dominance and you were all too ready to let him have it. When he pulled away you couldn’t bear to look into his eyes knowing the exact look he would have; confident. 

“If you did that to prove a point..” you trailed off softly trying not to show the emotion that lay hidden within your voice.

He snorted,”You know I’d never do that, I’ve been thinking about kissing you for the last three months and I couldn’t let it pass by when you looked so cute and pink when I confronted you about it,” he murmured gently nudging his head against yours again. When you looked at him he pressed his forehead against yours then kissed you softly one more time, “Now it’s up to you if we keep kissing because I really want to,” 

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Hello! You don't know me, but I found you when researching P5. I loved P3 and P4 when I first played them, but replaying them + PQ really soured me on them. The sexism, homophobia and transphobia in them really made me resent the games. I wish asks weren't so limited so I could tell you what specifically bothered me. Would you mind talking about these issues in P5? How often it comes up, the severity of it, and such? It would mean a lot to me. Sorry and thank you. 👋🏻

Aaah… the sexist and homophobic jokes, yes… to be honest this is one of the most toxic things and for me is the worst flaw in the series (and I talk a lot about this with my mutuals, like seriously what happened with Atlus).

First of all, I love those games with all my heart, but I’m not blind of it’s flaws. 

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Mewberty part 2

“She’s been there for 6 days Glossaryck!” Marco argued at the magical deity of the book of spells.

“Yes Marco and she’ll be there for more days! Until the princess is ready.”

Marco thought hard and long… What could he use to bribe Glossaryck? The idea struck him!

Night came by and Marco was ‘sneaking’ in Star’s bedroom. He was about to open the door until…

“Well! My boy Marco! You just won’t give up won’t you?” Glossaryck said.

“Of course not! Maybe I can have a trade?” Marco’s tone brought curiosity to the flying blue creature.

“What’s your prize Marco Diaz?”


With that single word Glossaryck’s stomach grumbled. It was longing for love and care. It was longing for pudding, yet he has a job to do for Star butterfly or else if he fell for this pudding… Something really horrible might occur.

“Yeah sorry Marco but it’s really important for Star to stay in her room.” Glossaryck explained eyeing the pudding.

“Ugh fine!” Marco angrily stomped back.

“I need to know how Star is!” He shouted at the emptiness of his room hoping it would give him an answer. “If I can’t enter her door… I’ll just enter her window!”

He opened his window and climbed up his roof and carefully went to the other side where Star’s window is located.

“Being a chivalry knight are we Marco?” Glossaryck said while floating over Marco’s head.

“Wahhhh!!!” Marco shouted shocked at Glossaryk while trying not to fall. “You almost killed me!”

“You know I’d never do that with all my love for you.” Glossaryck said.

“You’re being creepy again. Stop.” Marco looked at him weirdly.

“Sorry my boy! I can’t! It’s one of the few things that make me!” Glossaryk cheered.

“Yea… Whatever.” I was about to open the door but then…

“You really wanna go in?” This time Glossary k used a serious tone.

“Yes. I wanna know how Star is. She’s been there for a week!” Marco answered.

Glossaryk stared at Marco… “It’ll be a big mistake for you but maybe a gift for her.”

“What do you mean?” Marco is confused.

“It’s your choice. You can go in or you can go back. What will happen to you and to her is dependant upon your choice.” Glossaryck magically opened Star’s window. It was really dark in her room.

“What will happen If I go there?” Marco asked now frightened but still determined.

“I do not know Marco my boy. Its all up to you. Bye now!” Glossaryck disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“I’m going in.” Marco jumped in Star’s room carefully. He barely can see anything.

“Star?” Marco whisper shouted “Star? It’s me Marco! Star…” He heard something whisper “Star?”

“Maaaaarco?” Marco heard Star whisper but it seems coming from everywhere.

“S-star?” Now he’s scared as heck.

“Tag! You’re it!” Star said in a creepy voice he sure heard before…

“Shit… Mewberty!” Marco ran to the window… but… It’s locked! “Glossaryck! Let me out! Glosaryck! Glossaryck!” He kept shouting but there’s no blue little guy…

“Marco! Why aren’t you chasing me?” Star cooed.

Marco hid in a corner hoping she wouldn’t find him. It is very dark.

“Marcooooo! You don’t want tag? Ok! How about hide and seek? I’m it! If I find you…you have to do something for me.” Marco could almost feel her smirk. “10 seconds Marco. Hide.”

Where could he hide?!?!


Under the bed?


No!!! Aquarium?




Think Marco think!


Why I this like a fucking horror movie?!?!


What would happen if she finds me?


Why am I just standing?!?!

“8 tick tock Marco”



I am safe.


I am dead.

“Where are you Marcoooo Diaaaaz?!?! Ok… So it wouldn’t be too unfair. I have one minute to find you!”

Star looked. Under the bed? Nope! Aquarium…? Nope! Corner!?!? Nope!!! “Where are you Marcooo?!?!” Think Star… Wait why is this like a horror movie?!?! Where… Wait… Closet!

“Knock knock Marco! I’m coming!” Star flew going to the closet.

“Shit I’m dead…” Marco whispered to himself.

Star opened the door with her wand and there she saw Marco. He’s sitting and shivering.

“Marco are you cold?” Star asked worried.

“Aaaah!” Marco jumped back further from the insecticide Star who’s much bigger…

“Or scared…” Marco saw Star land softly and sat Dow with her head in her knees… Marco the heard her whimpering…

“Star? I’m sorry… Look I’m not scared of you but rather of what you’ll do…” Marco carefully approached her.

Marco just sat there in front of Star… Not knowing what to do. Marco just stared… Then Star moved. She tilted her head to the side. Staring at a blank wall.

“I’m sorry Marco…” Star then looked at his eyes.

“Yea it’s-”

Marco was cut off. Star moved forward towards Marco and kissed him. Marco kissed back. Marco was shocked but he lost all his thoughts and was just there enjoying Star and her lips. It felt like it means something deeper. Something he felt before but not for her. It felt magical. It seems like it’s perfect. Nothing but him and Star. It was perfect.

Marco opened his eyes and saw Star. Not Mewberty Star. Star with her long flowing blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

“Hey Star.” Hey Star?!?! What kind of dummy would say that?!?! I’m so dumb.

“hehe… Hey Marco. Look I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me and I just-”

“I love you Star.” It took long enough but he finally said it without messing up.

Star was silent. Contemplating what just happened…

“I love you too Marco.”

@starcoweek3 soooo yea I wrote it cause I like the idea

"You kissed back" (Joji x reader)

“Can you do an imagine where joji meets the reader but the reader is shy af and he really tries to get to know them and hes super overprotective because he thinks theyre super cute and precious? I honestly cant wait to see more stuff from you! :)”
love this idea so much omg shy joj is the best joj


You had been invited to go club/bar hopping by a friend and some of his friends. You didn’t know many of their friends really, other than stories. You were hesitant at first, but you figured eh, why not?

You approached the bar you all agreed to meet at, it was a small pub style little hole in the wall type place, but it was packed. Lots of punk lookin’ guys, lots of gals dress rather revealing. loud rock blared over the speakers as a random cover band played in the front corner of the bar, and everyone sat around dancing, drinking and goofing off in their circles of friends. You had no clue why your friends wanted to meet at such a tiny, packed looking place. Maybe they had cheap beer? You shrugged it off and approached your small group, they had all found a little spot along the bar to stand at and order drinks.

Your friend, the only one you knew by name and face in the group welcomed you with a hug and a pint glass of beer. “Shalom! (Y/n) you made it!” Your friend beamed, pulling you under their arm, and began to introduce you to the group you’d be walking the streets with tonight. He introduced you to five other people, 4 guys and another chick, which was comforting, you didn’t feel like being stuck with all dudes all night. None of his friends really stuck out to except the last one he introduced you to, he introduced him as ‘George Miller, my best-jap-friend!’ With a big smile. George shyly waved, his arms crossed tightly across his chest. “You can call me Joji, nice to meet you (y/n)” He said. He spoke quietly, and acted like he was getting out of his comfort zone just by speaking up over the loud music. You smiled at him and nodded. “Nice to meet you too!” You replied. You stood opposite of him in the circle. You looked him over, trying not to make it obvious. He was cute. Dark hair, it was messily tucked under a cap. He had these beautiful dark brown, sultry, bedroom eyes. He had the cutest smile too. You snapped out of it when your friend dropped his arm from around you and said “I’m gonna go get another beer, you stay here!” Over your loud music. You nodded and shifted in place.

After a while of talking to the other girl and the three of the guys in the group, you noticed Joji hadn’t spoke since being introduced. So you decided to drag him into the conversation. “Well what do you think?” You looked to him- he looked up and met your gaze, he hadn’t been paying attention at all so all he could do is dumbly go “Huh?” This made you giggle, you reached over and pulled him closer to you, making him take your friends place in the circle that was now tight as you all got acquainted. “Do you think this place is any good- the beer, the music and shit?” You seemed to have caught him off guard, grabbing him and pulling him over. He thought for a minute- he was nearly speechless just from you talking to him. “Uh-yeah, yeah it’s great! Super cool.” He didn’t actually think it was that great- but it was all he could say as the first thing to come to his mind. You shrugged and said “really? I can’t wait to leave, it’s too cramped!” You laughed. “The musics alrighty tho.” You smiled at him, trying to talk to him a little. “Yeah, I guess if you like gritty rock cover bands.” He laughed- he sounded way more of a dick than he intended. “Well it just so happens I do!” You laughed, taking it lightly. Jo nodded, he thought you were just the cutest thing ever, your laugh, smile, all of it.

After a while of talking to Jo, you both found out you two had a lot in common. You both liked a vast selection of music, you liked foreign films, and loved Quentin Tarantino films as well. You two ended up just standing next to eachother and conversing. You kept forcing him father and farther out of his little shell.

Your conversation was abruptly ended by your friend coming up and literally shoving you two apart, wrapping an arm around either of you. “Next bar, shall we ladies!” Your friend said loudly, also grabbing the attention of the 4 others. You all started to the entrance, discussing your next stop. You all agreed on a club a few blocks down- it wasn’t too far of a walk. Your friend had kept you under his arm as you left, leaving jo to walk behind you. You made an excuse to leave his clutches by dropping the little purse you had on you, and this gave you the perfect time to slip from under his arm. By the time you went to reach for your purse however, Jo had already grabbed it and went to hand it to you. “Oh, thanks dude!” You smiled. He nodded, and quickly scooted up beside you to talk.

You two had fell behind the rest of the group as you walked along, you two were laughing and talking about something dumb when you walked past a group of guys. One of the guys hopped up next to you and just began walking beside you.

“Why hello pretty little thang?” The guy said, sounding like a total creep. You were visibly uncomfortable already and he had only just spoke. “Aaah, hi there.” You said plainly. “Where’re you headed on this fine night?” He asked, leaning towards you a bit, waiting for an answer. “Uh- a club. It’s a few blocks down.” You said dryly again. Joji was literally blown away at how creepy this dude was being- and also blown away at how jealous he felt he was flirting with you. “Well, why don’t I accompany you to said bar? As your date?” The guy said, looking down at you with dark eyes. “Ah, seed I would, but uh..” you thought up a lie. “I’ve got a boyfriend!” You said quickly-it was a pretty obvious lie. “Well- he’s not around right now is he?” The guy asked, annoyingly. God, just leave me alone. “Ah…” you thought for a second.

A boyfriend? Joji felt a lil upset at this, but only for a second before realizing how terrible of a lie it was, and what you were doing. “Uh, actually, I’m right here dude.” He said, going along with your lie smoothly. He wrapped an arm around you and smiled at the dude. “Oh, sure, because just moments ago you two weren’t walking along like you two were buddy’s. You’re clearly lying.” The guy spat his words, just upset because you shut him down. The dude was persistent, and grabbed ahold of your upper arm. “Cmon, atleast let me buy you a drink!” His hold sent you into an urgency. “N-no, in not lying! He really is my boyfriend, Christ I’ll kiss him if I have to.” You huffed. Jo grinned at that idea. He didn’t even let the guy finish his requests of 'prove it’, pulling you into a deep kiss. One deeper than needed just to show the guy. You kissed back, and boy was he a good kisser. After a moment of rather heated boarder line making out, you pull away with a grin. The dude kinda shuddered and just gave a sigh and said “god, whatever. Fuck you.” And walked away, shaking his head.

You looked up at joji a few moments after the guy was for sure gone, and began laughing. “You’re a terrible liar!” He said, he still had an arm around you. He was laughing and blushing, his cute lil cheeks were a peachy shade of pink. “Well, i don’t think that was much of a problem after you kissing me like that!” You laughed. Joji smiled and just looked down at you, then quickly back in front of him as you two walked along. After a moment of silence he just grinned, saying “well, if I remember correctly, you kissed back.” He shrugged. You laughed and nodded. “I guess I did.”

Michael Clifford Imagine: Smile

Request: someone is a photographer and is taking pictures in a park and asks a lady to have her picture taken and talks to her for a while and he starts to like her but forgets to ask her name so they have to track her down using the picture he took.

*Michael POV*

“Oh fuck. Ashton what am I going to do, I have taken pictures of every flower in this bloody park and there is about 3 of them, the trees are bare and there are no birds in the sky. I am a failure to Tumblr and the aesthetics and now Luke hasn’t turned up because he is ‘ill’ which is basically code for I got too drunk yesterday, ended up at some random girls house, took two hours to get home and all I want to sleep my hangover away, so now I have no model, no photographs of people and know photographs for my portfolio that needs to be done by Monday and it’s Friday now. And this portfolio is what my next job is for, so no portfolio, no job, no money and then I will die alone with nobody to love me.” I panicked down the phone. 

“I love you, and I’m pretty sure you won’t die alone. Also if you have no money you could busk on the street and get paid that way. It will be fine. Also I think Luke actually is ill and as for your model problem, why don’t you just ask someone in the park.” Ashton tried to reassure me. 

“Yeah, because it’s not creepy to just go up to a person and say ‘Erm hi, this may sound weird but will you be in a few of my photos. But not in a creepy way it’s just that I have a portfolio due and I need it to be done. I promise I am not creepy.’ That doesn’t sound weird at all. I will probably get kicked in the balls.” 

“Michael calm the fuck down, that will not happen. Now grow some balls and go ask someone to help you. They will understand if you show them the portfolio that you have half finished.” Ash said sternly. 

“Okay, fine, but if I get arrested for being creepy you are the one that is bailing me out. Now will you stay on the phone while I wander around the park and try to not look creepy.” 

“Being on the phone with me will not help your creepy look. It will just make you look like you are trying to organise a kidnapping, but sure if you want me on the phone.” He laughed. 

“Thank you, you are so supportive. Tell me again why you can’t come down to the park and help me out.” 

“Because I am very busy doing nothing because I am hungover and I need to sleep and it feels like you’re shouting at me, so I am struggling being on the phone with you right now even though your issue right now is very funny.” 

“I AM NOT SHOUTING. I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABO-.” “Ow. Shut up Michael.” Ashton interrupted me, while I laughed. “That was not funny, I am hanging up now. Bye, have fun. Don’t get arrested.” 

“Wait Asht-… Fuck.” I said down the phone to know one. 

Right I can do this I thought to myself. Just approach someone and ask nicely and if you show them your portfolio it will be fine. Okay. i saw a girl walking towards me and tried to approach her. She saw me walking towards her and quickly walked around me looking scared. Jesus this isn’t going to be easy. I don’t look that scary do I? I thought to myself.

After an hour of me trying to approach people in the least scary way, I gave up and sat down on a bench. God I’m a failure. I put my head in my hands and tried to calm myself down. 

“Hey are you okay?” I heard a voice say, I instantly lifted my head up, which made the woman in front of my jump slightly back.  

“Huh?” I asked, unsure if she was the one that asked. 

“Erm, I asked if you were okay. You looked depressed and well I have seen you wander around the park staring intently at people, whilst looking depressed. So I was just wondering if you are okay. Unless you are creep and then I don’t care how you are.” 

I laughed slightly which probably made me look a little bit more creepy. “Yeah, I am fine. I’m just a bit stressed. Honestly I am not a creep, I am normal.” 

“Well you don’t look fine, so I am going to ask you what’s up, because I have nothing better to be doing. Also ‘I am normal’ is something a creep would say. However before you ask ‘why are you still talking to me if you think I am a creep?’ I am talking to you because you seem nice and a little too awkward even for a creepy person. So what’s up?” She asked while sitting down next to me. 

“I need pictures for my photography portfolio, however my model and bandmate didn’t turn up because he is hungover and the other one decided that he is also to hungover to walk five minutes, however he is okay to stay on the phone with me while I struggle and then hang up. Also did I mention my work needs to be finished for Monday.” 

“Well. It sound like your life is going worse than mine right now.  

“Wait how bad is your life?” 

“Huh?” She asked, as she stared up at the sky, looking like she was in deep thought and also looking very beautiful. Wait a minute Michael, you have never met this girl, calm down. 

“You said that my life is going worse than yours. What’s your name?” 

I’m Michael. What about yo-” She interrupted me “Oh you know, friends, family. The normal stuff.” She said still staring up at the sky. 

“Yeah, I know that too.” I replied quietly.

“Nice to me you Michael.” She shook my hand before falling silent again. 

We sat in a slightly awkward silence for a while, until she quickly turned to me and practically shouted “WHAT IF I MODEL FOR YOU.” 

“FUCK” I shouted, as she surprised me “I mean yeah, if you want to. If that’s okay.” I said trying to sound normal again.

“Okay, where do you want me.” She winked before walking off, expecting me to follow her.

“I thought you asked me where to go and now you have just wandered off.” I laughed as she turned around to look at me. “Oops.” she smiled before walking off again.

After we had taken pictures around most of the park, we sat down on a bit of grass for a bit to take a break. We talked for a while, until the sound of her phone ringing interrupted us. She spoke briefly before standing up quickly.

“I do apologise. This has been fun, however one of my friends is at the other end of the park and wants someone to go meet her. But really I did have a really fun time. You really cheered me up.”

“Oh okay.” I said slightly disappointed as I stood up too. “Well erm thank you so much for helping me out. You looked really pretty in those photos, well you look really pretty anyway. Wait hold on. I am so sorry I’m ramblin-” I was interrupted again by her phone ringing once more. She answered it and I could tell the person on the other end of the phone was getting impatient. She looked at me, smiled, mouthed ‘sorry’ and then walked away. 

I smiled at the floor, and started looking through the photo’s I had taken. Then I realised something, I never asked for her name and I really like her even though we have just met. What am I going to do. I decided to ring someone. 

“Ashton.” I spoke frantically. 

“I see you haven’t gotten arrested. Unless you are speaking to me from prison. What can I help you with?” 

“I met a really cute girl and she helped me with my photos, but then her friend rang her and she walked away before I had the chance to get her name. She went to meet her friend at the other end of the park, but she could be anywhere now. What should I do?” 

“Hmmmmmm.” He thought for a while “Wait, I have an idea. You said you took her picture, so you know what she looks like. Go look for her in the park, she is more than likely still around if she was going to meet her friend.” 

“Well I have no better idea so here we go. I am about to look like a creep again. I swear to god I am going to get banned from this park. I will call you if I find her.” 

After many awkward encounters of me accidently grabbing the shoulders of random women thinking that they were her, and one threat of being kicked in the balls, I had almost given up. Until I heard a familiar laugh behind me. I turned around and saw her stood under a tree with what I assumed was her friend. She was laughing at something her friend had said and she looked perfect. 

I approached her slowly, slightly nervously. I stopped just behind her and got a strange look from her friend, she turned around to see what her friend was looking at.  “Oh hey Michael.” She said smiling. “Is everything okay. Do you need more pictures?” 

“Pictures?” Her friend said concerned. 

“Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you. He took pictures of me in my underwear for a website.” 

Her friend looked at both of us dumbfoundedly, before me and her started laughing. 

“I fucking hate you.” She said smiling slightly.

“No I don’t need anymore pictures thank you. I was just wondering what your name was. You never told me.” 

“Oh, sorry. I’m Y/n.” 

“Nice to meet you Y/n. I was also wondering something else.” 

“Oh, what’s that?” She smiled.

“Would you maybe want to go on a date with me?” 

“Sure, Michael. I would love to.” She laughed, before writing her number on my hand and walking away.

anonymous asked:

I think we can all agree that between Beyond the Sea and Home Again, Scully had seen enough to change her mind. Reminds me of the second film when she says she didn't want to look into the darkness but she was quite happy to have Mulder showing her blurry pictures in the Were Monster episode. I between she clearly missed her Mulder and the silly cases. If only the creepy priest was instead a grumpy, depressed one like Clyde Bruckman.

I feel like Scully was just Tired after being on the run for so many years; and, in IWTB, she’d finally settled down and cobbled together some semblance of a life she once dreamed of in the early days with Mulder. So, she pushed back against what she knew would inevitably occur, hoping to put it off for just a little while. But the darkness found Mulder and took him away, and eventually she followed him into it. She knew she would, even when she left.

Someone: act your age

Me: Terribly sorry if my age bothers you.
I’ve always been a little slow mentally my whole life (I have ADHD and dyslexia, a fourth grade reading level, pretty much everything else lower than that… mentally and physically a late bloomer) so I’ve never fit in with my age group… ever. When I was 12 I got along better with 5-8 year old’s. At 16 it was 10-12 year olds. Now I’m about mentally on the same level as 15-17 year old’s and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go further… I feel like my entire life is slipping away yet, I don’t know how to take control of it, or start living it right..
And before you start calling me some sort of creepy sexual predator or some shit. Part of the whole ‘not mentally my age’ thing, includes not being able to hold a relationship or being comfortable with anything sexual related stuff that is not fiction… (again mentally a teen, those ones that shy away from physical contact or social situations) because of social anxiety, depression and PTSD…
It can be really hard, not fitting in with the tons of married/divorced people I went to school with… I have no friends. Me and my old friends used to at least have school stuff to relate to, I can no longer relate to them at all…. they are just so far ahead of me in things I’m not ready for… I don’t know if I will ever be ready for…
And all I really have is a disabled mother (Who almost died back in 2013) who can barely physically do anything for herself. (Who spilled gravy and biscuits all over her earlier might I add, and I had to help clean her up.) And the never ending pile of escapist fiction and fandoms that sometimes keeps my depression at bay, some of which my mom watches as well to keep her own depression at bay. (Physically being overweight, having a bad hand she can hardly use, having suffered some brain damage due to lack of oxygen because she has COPD and we couldn’t afford the machine she needed to help. All of that has understandably given her depression that might be worse than my own…)
So yeah I may have brought up the popularity of that type of thing with my mom once, and she was pretty disbelieving so I wanted to show her.
It would be nice if you actually asked first instead of judging me, it’s bad enough that I have to deal with being judged by everybody that knows me let alone somebody doing it on the only place where I can be myself…
I always tell myself the same thing, the one thing that makes it easier to live with all my problems “at least I’m not my old best friend: A woman with three children, two of which she lost custody of and the other one who she neglects. Who is also an alcoholic and a pothead living in a camper while cheating on her husband with his alcoholic uncle.”
I like to think my life turned out better than that, at least I care about my family enough to make sure they take care of themselves when in some cases (like my mom) they don’t care about themselves or their life enough anymore without a motivator like me around.
Sorry I’m weird… sorry I’m not your idea 27 year old woman. Sorry if I’m apparently too old to be myself, sorry I have apparently failed everyone somehow by being a late bloomer or having depression and anxiety…
Just sorry…