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when you reblogged that face tutorial you mentioned you rarely see your hairline depicted in art--which hairline is that? I've never thought to pay attention to them before

Hey hey!! I’m so glad you posed this question!!

Hairlines aren’t really extensively talked about in terms of design, and I find that people just tend to use the same old ‘rounded’ or ‘squared-off’ hairlines when designing characters, ignoring the fact that natural hairlines are just as diverse as our other facial features. We lack proper language to describe them, and outside of the black natural hair community, people often don’t give hairlines a thought until they start to go bald. This problem with lack of terminology actually made it hard for me to find good reference for you!!

My hairline actually isn’t that rare in East Asian ethnicities, yet because it’s undesirable and doesn’t conform to beauty standards, no one ever depicts it in art save for a very select few that make it a part of their distinct style. The two artists that immediately come to my mind are illustrators Hayashi Seiichi and He Jiaying. Here is an excerpt from a Hayashi illustration:

And one from He Jiaying:

(He’s illustrations actually helped me come to love my hairline, after years of hiding it and being ashamed of it. Nowdays I don’t stare at my hairline in the mirror, feeling insecure and self-conscious, fervently wishing I could make my baby hairs grow thicker. I now rock a bun nearly daily. Representation matters!!)

My hairline was once described to me as ‘a variation of the classic straight’- though it looks normal when my hair is down, when it’s pulled up, two sharp triangles of baby hair immediately make themselves distinctly visible, too short to get pulled back along with the rest. These two patches right above the temples are thin and fluffy, different in texture to the rest of the scalp.

Here are some examples I yanked from the internet. Pay attention to how the patches of baby hair are visible only when the hair is pulled back:

You can even see it in some of the selfies I’ve posted onto tumblr, lmao!! (#truffs face) My mother, grandmother and both blood related aunts (all entirely Korean) share this hairline with me. It’s entirely genetic, very common and nothing we should be ashamed of.

Now that I’ve embraced my hairline, whenever I draw myself or my characters who share this trait, I tend to deliberately draw in these patches of thinner hair, making sure to pay attention to the directional pull of the strands and visually communicate that it’s less full in these areas. I know my own insecurity made me hyper-aware of hairlines since youth, and normally people don’t pay attention to them at all. But I still objectively feel that they are an important feature of how a head is designed overall, and mine is a distinct physical aspect of myself, and I want people to know that I LOVE my hairline and I know that it’s worth being represented!!

The Wedding Planner (Part 1)

Summary– Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams– later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Author’s Note– First off, I am just beyond excited for this series! I absolutely loved this movie and figured, “Why not make it into a series and add my own twist to it?” So I finally did and I really hope you all enjoy it! feedback would be greatly appreciated folks.

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SaeZen Headcanons (or why this is a Good Ship™

I love the idea of Saeran and Zen together! Here’s a list of hc’s brought to you by the combined efforts of @juminlovesv, @mysticmessengervibes, @rixsig-writes and myself. Enjoy~

-When they first meet, Saeran finds Zen a little overbearing.

-After a little while, he realises that he actually doesn’t mind too much. Zen seems to be the one RFA member who isn’t nervous about starting a conversation with him, and he doesn’t treat him as though he could break at any moment. He treats him like an actual person.

-Zen’s first thoughts on Saeran are that he wants to make him feel like he’s part of the RFA family, because although he doesn’t know the full story, he knows Saeran needs support. He’s willing to be patient and put in the time to get to know him.

-And he knows Saeyoung means well, but he can tell Saeran’s frustrated.

-Zen starts coming over to make sure Saeran gets to go outside and that Saeyoung isn’t being too smothering

-Zen stands up to Saeyoung if he is, and tells him Saeran’s an adult who can make decisions for himself

-He looks up all the good places to go on walks and watch the sky so he can take Saeran there

-When Saeran still isn’t allowed out, Zen will send selfies that include prime shots of the the sky to him on days he can’t visit

-As it turns out, Saeran actually wants to keep his hair bleached along with his ‘edgy’ clothing, but Saeyoung seems to think he needs to wear bulky sweaters and grow his hair out to aid in his recovery.

-Zen ends up helping Saeran bleach his hair, because if it makes Saeran feel more comfortable then how can it possibly be a bad thing?

-He offers to take Saeran shopping to buy clothes he likes and encourage his own style, helping him out and giving him advice, partly inspired by his own ‘bad boy’ phase in high school

-Zen even lends Saeran some of his old clothes from said ‘bad boy’ phase, because even though they’re slightly too big, Saeran seems to like them

-He supports Saeran in expressing himself via clothing and helps him pick things that look good together

-Zen does some research on PTSD and learns as much as he can on how to help others ground themselves so he can make sure Saeran always has someone who knows how to help around when they’re out, and because he just wants to make sure he’s okay and safe

-Saeran actually finds that it’s easier than he expected for him to open up to Zen, because his link to Rika and V isn’t quite as direct as most of the other RFA members

-Zen learns music therapy techniques for the same reasons

-Zen’s always there whenever Saeran needs someone to call, and isn’t shy or embarrassed about singing him to sleep if he needs to

-When Saeran makes significant progress, Zen argues on his behalf if Saeyoung refuses to see it

-He points out all the smaller things that maybe even Saeran hasn’t noticed, which takes both the twins by surprise

-“Hey, I know you’ve done some fucked up shit in the past but man, so have I. You can get through this.”

-Zen doesn’t think of Saeran in terms of being ‘the other Choi twin’ or ‘the Mint Eye hacker’, but as a separate person, a man who once lost his way but is now trying to figure out who he is.

-Zen makes sure to compliment Saeran on things that are unique to him

-Zen makes a point of showing Saeran that friendship is a Good and Wholesome thing, even though he’s wary of it at first

-Initially, Zen just wants to be friends, but the more he learns about Saeran, the more he ends up falling for this curious, loyal, witty guy who was hidden behind the mask he had to wear to survive.

-He helps Saeran discover everything he’s good at, no matter how silly

-Zen encourages Saeran to write down his jokes and comebacks because they’re so clever and might be able to be worked into scripts

-Zen constanty reminds him that not everything comes naturally and you have to practice sometimes

- “Quit comparing yourself to your brother! Your goal shouldn’t be to be better than him, but to be good at what you want. …besides, you’re already better than him. ;)”

-They bond over not finishing/going to school

-They also bond over shitty parents and brothers who think they know best

-Saeran starts to realize it’s okay to like things about himself through how much Zen loves himself

-Saeran likes Zen for who he is without a lot of outside influence (like that he’s a minor celebrity)

-Saeran is very fascinated by the fact that Zen’s willing to help him for absolutely nothing in return

-Saeran randomly surprises Zen with his ‘creepy voice’ and Zen finds it hilarious, telling him he’d be a great voice actor

-He feels accepted by Zen’s acting friends because most of them came from hard backgrounds too and don’t judge him

-Saeran becomes defensive of Zen when he finds out about his family and reminds him that he’s a great person even if they don’t want anything to do with him

-Ofc Saeran sings “Merry Christmas” to Zen in the ‘spooky voice’ and Zen ends up recording it and making it his ringtone

-Saeran and Zen playfully compete to see who can contort their voices to sound the weirdest and Saeran always wins by a long shot

-Saeran really enjoys watching Zen’s shows, but he isn’t always feeling up to going to the theatre, so Zen has someone (Saeyoung) stream it or eventually asks Jaehee to loan Saeran the DVD (a convenient opening for a beautiful friendship between Jaehee and Saeran)

-When Saeyoung prods for compliments, Saeran just says “Thanks for introducing me to Zen.”

-Saeran ends up falling for Zen because of how sweet and caring he is, and Zen is in awe that it’s not because of his looks or job

-Saeran casually acknowledges Zen’s attractiveness but always tells him things he likes more (like how much he genuinely cares for people) about him to remind Zen he’s more than just his looks

  • “You’re so… perfect”
  • “Ikr, I’m pretty handsome”
  • “Not just that. You make me like being alive.”

-Zen is, for once, utterly speechless

-Saeran convinces Zen to take a break now and then to make sure he doesn’t overwork himself

-Saeran makes sure the fridge is stocked with something other than just beer and water, and Zen starts to actually eat properly so he can have meals with Saeran, because he’s way too skinny

-Saeran helps Zen cut back on how much he drinks

-Also, they’re smoking buddies who are both trying to get each other to quit

-Saeran uses his artistic skills to help paint sets (and enjoying it)

-Saeran’s not used to having someone who can match his wit (Saeyoung takes him too seriously, and he can come off as mean to others) but Zen gets it and just hands it right back to him

-He enjoys Saeran’s dry humor

-Zen calls Saeran his ‘Prince’ and Saeran is surprised because he’s never been called anything so positive before

  • “I thought I was the dragon”
  • “Nah, you were just under an enchantment. You were always a prince ;)”
  • “Then you’re the knight who saved me?”
  • “You saved yourself, I’m just lucky enough to get to kiss you after.”

-Zen becomes the clouds in Saeran’s sky, while Saeran is the music in Zen’s life

7 times they noticed (2/7)

(in honour of my salty child’s birthday. Happy Birthday Pidge! I decided to write this from Pidge’s pov rather than Lance, just for a change.)

Pidge was up late again. Whoops. It was something o’clock in the dead of night - though she could argue in space, time was sort of irrelevant - and she was still perusing through Altean history. Obviously it was all in Altean, and she didn’t know that much, but still there were thorough diagrams of the technologically advanced civilization, so she didn’t mind. So time passed and lo and behold, she was still awake, fervently looking through incomplete blueprints of Voltron, frustrated at her inability to understand the scribbled notes alongside the drawings. It wasn’t as if she was tired. She didn’t really sleep much anymore.

As her rubbed her eyes in annoyance, the screen still bright, she heard a faint muffled noise - though she couldn’t really make out where or who it was coming from, nor the nature of the noise. The door slid open as she crept out into the hallway, seeking the source of the noise. She wondered if it was Shiro, knowing that he too had trouble sleeping, but it didn’t make sense; his room was a way away from hers. As she walked along the corridor, her bare feet cold against the metallic floor, the noise grew slightly louder. Soon she stopped at a door, and it occurred to her that she thought this was Lance’s, but that couldn’t be it. Lance always slept like a log - she fondly remembered in the Garrison days, all the boys trying to wake him up. Then she remembered why she was at the Garrison in the first place, and it seemed less fond.

She hesitated, unsure whether to open the door; but against her better judgement, she did.

The door slid open with a sound, and the owner of the room looked up in surprise. Pidge’s suspicions were correct. It was Lance. But he looked different. In the darkness, she could see watery trails down his cheeks, his eyes puffy, and dark circles apparent. Her eyes widened.

“L-Lance? Uh…” She trailed off, not knowing what to say, not really. He just stared at her, eyes wide and hands shaking, holding his knees under his chin. “Um…should I…go?” Pidge questioned.

“Yeah, sure. Sorry if I woke you up.” Lance found his voice, and it was hollow, as hollow as the smile that appeared on his face. Pidge frowned at his careless air, contrasted to his sweat-laden hair, which was uncharacteristically sticking up in different places.

“You…you didn’t wake me up. I couldn’t sleep.” She was uncomfortable; he looked so very different to the picture of ‘Lance’ in her mind. “Uh…are you alright?” Lance noticed her discomfort, and got up, rubbing his hair with an attempted air of nonchalance.

“Yeah. Totally, dude, don’t worry.”

“Um…really?” Pidge played with her sleeves, twisting them around her fingers.

Lance visibly stiffened, dropping the pretense of confidence, his shoulders tightening.

“…” He didn’t reply, tears brimming. Pidge cautiously approached him, arm outstretched, and patted him on the shoulder nervously. He flinched at her touch and she drew her arm back in shock. “I just…can’t do anything right?” His voice cracked. “I mean, look at you. You’re fourteen, and a genius. How the hell can I compare?” He looked to her, desperation on his face. She paused.

“I mean, you don’t have to, I guess?” She bit the inside of her cheek. “Shit, how do I say this?” She grabbed her hair and sighed, wincing. “Like, we’re all good at different stuff, and…well…” She closed her eyes. “Fuck! I mean, I don’t know how to do half the stuff that you do!” Her voice was louder than she had planned, and Lance’s face froze into an impassive stare.

“Like what, Pidge?” His tone was harsh and she winced in response..

“For one, you’re a really good shot. Like, really good. Do you remember when you came out of unconsciousness? And you hit that bad guy perfectly?” She looked to him for an answer, willing him to just accept it.

“Luck.” He stated simply.

“Well, you’ve done it more than once. Plus, you’re actually funny sometimes, though it pains me to admit it.” She raised her eyebrows and Lance smiled weakly, the corners of his mouth twitching. “You’d help anyone out - you believe the best in people. We’re in, this like, crazy situation and you haven’t stopped being just you. Stupid, amazing, you.” She scratched her ear. “I guess.”

Lance let out a short laugh.

“Sorry, I’m not that good at pep talk - which you are by the way. You can just energise anyone around you. But it’s okay to hurt, Lance.” Pidge looked down.

“I -” Lance begun, but she cut him off.

“But, dude, it’s not okay to hurt alone.” She crossed her arms, biting her lip.

“Thanks for calling me stupid?.” He was smiling as he said this, and Pidge laughed in response.

“Yeah, I’m pretty shit at this, aren’t I? But…if you need to talk, my door - hell, probably everyone’s door is open. I mean, like in the dead of night, probably don’t knock of Hunk’s door, he’s probably asleep. But like, I know Keith trains at this time occasionally, so…” She trailed off when Lance scoffed.

“Keith doesn’t want to talk to me.” He looked down, and Pidge rolled her eyes.

“Sure. Now, can you get back to sleep? I know I really should.” She smiled tersely and Lance nodded, wiping his cheeks. “Um…this is the worst question, but, how do you not look like shit after nights like these? I do.” She winced, but relaxed when he laughed.

“Oh my dear friend, skincare cream and foundation do their wonders.” Lance let out a grin as worry creased Pidge’s face again.

“You shouldn’t have to hide it.” She turned around. “Bye Lance.”

The door closed behind her, and she put her head in her hands. Now she knew. She cursed, wishing she knew earlier. How come she didn’t notice before? She had to tell Shiro, and although she didn’t want to betray his trust, this was far more important than pride. She bit her lip. Maybe it was a once-off thing? In the meanwhile, she should really get some sleep. God knows she needed it.

Read the other parts:

(nb as of 6/4/17: Hunk is up (along with Shiro and Pidge) Others will follow! I’ve done some editing to make the conversation flow better, once again thanks to the anon that pointed it out. I’ve edited Hunk’s and Shiro’s will be done soon. Thanks!)

(7/4/17: Coran is up!)

(17/4/17: Allura is up!)

(general note: I see Pidge and Lance as platonic, but you can read into it as you like. Also, all these stories work together, but can be read separately)

Betrayal Prompts

“Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:
So on that recent villain hero prompt you just did, could I perchance ask for a little bit more? Like focusing more on the emotionally devastating bits about being betrayed by someone you wholeheartedly trusted and handed over to the enemy? (Don’t worry about doing this right away)

 Anonymous said:
Could you give a prompt for person A confronting B with B’s betrayal?

 Anonymous said:
Can I get some more villain/hero prompts? I can’t get enough xd. Maybe with the hero being betrayed by their allies and the villain comforts them? Or the villain is just trying to trick them into thinking they’ve been betrayed when that’s not really the case?

1) “I’m sorry,” their once-friend said.
The hero wasn’t sure they could even bear to look at them.
“I came back for you,” their once-friend’s voice turned pleading. “It’s all fine. But they had - they had her - I had to-”
“You didn’t have to.” It was the first words they’d said since escaping the villain’s clutches. “You chose to. You left me there like I was nothing.” And all they’d ever been in return was everything. They would have suffered anything to keep their best friend safe. 
“Not nothing,” their once friend said weakly. 
“Just not enough.”

2) “Just listen to me,” B begged. 
“I don’t want to listen to you anymore. I don’t even want to think about you. We have nothing to say each other.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Actually, that’s a lie. I do have one question.” They turned to look at B, and desperately willed their face to remain stoic because they couldn’t take shattering in front of B. Not now. “When you did it, did you think about me? Even once?”

3) “Of course they’d hurt you,” the villain said. “I bet they didn’t even think about it. They’re so used to you saving them, it stops mattering if it’s your choice or not.”
“You’re not really helping.” They probably weren’t trying to help, being what they were.
The villain cupped their cheek, nudging their face up. “I would never betray you. We’ll always know exactly where we stand with each other.”

4)  “Why didn’t you come to me?”
Their friend said nothing, and it only made it worse. It was like something was corroding in the hero’s gut. “Why didn’t you come to me?” they asked again. “If they threatened you, I would have helped. We could have made a plan.” Their voice thickened. “You didn’t even try and talk to me about it before you handed me over. Like I’m nothing to you.”
“I was scared.”
“Yeah? Well, I’m fucking scared now.”

5) “You hurt me.”
“I didn’t mean to.”
“No. Shut up. You hurt me - whether you meant to or not means nothing. Your apology doesn’t get to be a fucking justification to make yourself feel better.”

6) “I know what it’s like to be hurt,” the villain said softly. “To be betrayed. We could make them pay.”
They wanted to protest, to insist that they would never hurt their friends like that, that they didn’t want to make anyone pay. But they did. Oh, it boiled inside them, stung behind their eyes. 
“I’m not going to judge you for being angry,” the villain said. “It’s okay. You’ve been hurt, by those who should have protected you. You’re allowed to be angry.”

How To Ask For Money On a POT Date....

One of the most highly requested question I get and that i see is how to obtain money on a POT date. Well, I’m here to answer :)

1) How to ask for money on a POT date? You DON’T

One of the biggest complaints when talking to SD’s is that their biggest turn off is when a girl comes across as “too greedy” “too desperate” “only about money” 
Yes, I know. If he can’t pay to be a Sugar daddy then he shouldn’t be one… 
Yeah, but your stuck up princess attitude is why you’re not getting past texting a POT or a second date. But that’s okay! :) WE’RE going to fix this together. Knowledge is power and your SD’s have a lot of it. You can’t treat them like guys our age, they’re stupid but not AS stupid as we want them to be. They can see through your bullshit.  

2) Men like to INVEST 

If your SD wanted an escort, he’d go looking on a different site other than SA. My mother and I know your mother or some female in your life has told you not to give a man everything too fast because if they don’t feel like they’re investing into you whether it be time, money or whatever, what are you to them? Nothing, a fling. So BE the investment they want. As a Sugar Baby, it your job to give them the companionship as well as the physical things they desire. We bullshit feelings and make them feel WANTED. Make them WANT to spend money on you because you’re a diamond in the rough. So have a vanilla job, go to school and AT LEAST have goals. The more independent you seem, the more dependent you’ll make them on wanting to be with you and spend money on you. 

3) Act 10 years older than you are but still be yourself. 

That is one of my biggest compliments that I get. “You look 23 but you act 35.” This isn’t connotation to be old and boring, it’s a “you’re not going to be drama for me and I like that.” Men are visual creatures. They want the cute, sexy 20 something look but they don’t want to deal with the immaturity of your actual age. It’s all about body language. Don’t slouch, cross your legs, keep eye contact, smile often, don’t interrupt and DO NOT get out your phone!

4) Bring up your goals to insinuate financial need. 

There’s a thing called subliminal hints to bring up financial needs. “Once I’m able to move out, I’ll hopefully be able to be your travel companion!” 
“I love people, hence why I’m in nursing school and I work on the weekends. I know being with you could really help me take the stress off.” 

Not only are you stating that you’re diligent in your work ethic, but you’re making it about them.  Most of these guys want to see you happy and know that they’re money is going to a good purpose towards your future, it makes them feel accomplished. This is why good SD’s will spoil you with gifts, they LOVE that affirmation that they did a good job.

5) Ask yourself, what kind of guys are your searching for? 

In all personal opinion, I’ll go search for guys on SA myself. Financial requirement for me are MINIMUM $300,000. I’ve found that their allowances are usually a few grand. If they have SEX ANYWHERE on their profile, I swipe left. “I want someone kinky and sexy….bedroom…” EW GROSS It’s bad enough that I may have to be intimate with your nasty ass, don’t make me visualize suffering prior to meeting. If they’ve had a prior arrangement before, score. They usually know how this works. 

A GOOD SD WILL COMPENSATE YOUR FOR YOUR TIME! Remember this. If you’re going on a free POT date, he’s not a good SD. YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO ASK FOR MONEY! <——Key.   

If you have any more tips, leave them in the comments below and help each other! This is why I LOVE the sugar baby community. <3

Hope this helps. xoxoxo


anonymous asked:

Hello! If you feel inspired can you write about the RFA+V & Saeran trying new food like in a new restaurant or while on vacation abroad, and they catch a bad stomach flu. So how would the RFA deal with MC and the other way around what kind of sick person are the RFA? I know it's kind of a weird request but experiences like that really strengthen relationships so... ⊂(´• ω •`⊂) Thanks beforehand! I love you writing <3

I have been taking forever I am so sorry
Thank you for the request and compliment! And yeah I totally agree, taking care of someone when they’re sick is such a strong relationship builder…or breaker lolol
There are few parts to this ask so it might be formated a lil weird but bare with me

I hope you enjoy (ง♥ᨓ♥)ง


Taking care of you:

  • No MC don’t get out of bed just rest!
  • He has the laptop out in front of you so you can entertain yourself. 
  • Brought you tons of blankets
  • He’s terrified of getting sick though, so he’s in and out of the room
  • He keeps bringing you orange juice 
  • It’s too much acid. It makes you throw up, causing Yoosung to almost throw up.
  • “Yoosung?? Are you alright?”
  • Him, refusing to look at you or the trash can of vomit: “Yeah MC I-I’m fine. I’m just gonna..go over far away for a few mins..” He ran out of the room
  • After about an hour he comes back in, looking better than when he ran out earlier. 

When he’s sick:

  • He looks like he’s dying
  • He doesn’t move from bed
  • He tries to muster up the energy to play LOLOL but you reprimand him and make him rest more
  • He’s shamelessly needy when he’s sick
  • “MC can I have this?” “MC…I feel so gross.” “MCCCCCCCC, hellllllp”
  • But you get breaks when he passes out for a few hours at a time, or he’ll get distracted from how gross he feels by watching Let’s Plays. 


Taking care of you:

  • She follows all the online instructions
  • The room temp is changed to be the perfect temp for counteracting your illness
  • You’re positioned just right among a hundred pillows so you’re in the most ergonomic position to prevent you from puking on everything
  • She calls room service to request only nutritious meals to help get you back on track
  • She also calls the restaurant you two ate at and reports to them that you seem to have gotten sick from the food there, managing to get a gift card for the place as an apology.
  • If she thinks you’re about to up heave your guts she just looks away and crinkles her nose a bit
  • She’s basically the bedside angel nurse you never thought you’d deserve

When She’s sick:

  • She insists she can take care of herself
  • But you argue that she’ll get better faster if she just lets you take care of her, and the faster she gets better the faster you two can go back to enjoying your vacation
  • She tries to sleep as much as possible because she knows her immune system works faster then
  • But you remind her she shouldn’t force herself to sleep through her vacation
  • You get her vitamins and tea, and you two just sit on the bed or couch and watch the Cooking network because Jaehee loves watching pastries getting decorated 
  • Who doesn’t tbh


Taking care of you:

  • He waits on you hand and foot
  • Even when you don’t need, or even want, something, he brings it
  • Blankets, vitamins, water, orange juice, this weird herbal drink he found at the market that says it’s good for you, snacks, you name it
  • He cuddles with you despite being sick too sense he has the immune system of a beast
  • You two just sit around and watch movies all day while you nap on and off
  • He still thinks you’re cute, with your flushed face and red eyes and that adorable drippy nose
  • Haha just kidding he is not a fan of you being sick but he does think your sneezes are adorable and the way your eyes flutter when you first wake up from one of your naps is pretty damn adorable
  • When you barf…he is a little disenchanted but he knows it isn’t your fault so he just holds your hair and rubs your back

When he is sick:

  • He refuses to sit still and stay in the room
  • “Come on MC we have sights to see”
  • “But Zen you’re sick!”
  • “I don’t feel so hot but I can keep myself from throwing up at least so come on”
  • If he does vomit he grabs the nearest trash can and you’d hold his ponytail back
  • And cut it off
  • No just hold it
  • He insists he’d feel too awful if you guys sat around during a vacation just cause he has the stomach bug
  • And you insist you feel awful that he feels awful for being sick
  • You guys just go back and forth until you give up and resolve to just keep an eye on him and not stray too far from the hotel in case it gets worse
  • By the next morning he claims he feels better just from being with you all day


When you’re sick:

  • He calls the best local doctor in the area
  • All the high class foreign vitamins 
  • The best Korean vitamins are in express mail on their way to you guys
  • The restaurant is under new management within the hour because how dare they let this happen
  • Jumin please it isn’t their fault
  • You’re resting in bed and he’s by your side, pumped with antibiotics to keep him from getting sick because he refuses to leave you alone
  • He extends the vacation by a week to make up for any lost time spent in bed and sick

When he’s sick:

  • Very similar to the steps from when you were sick
  • You try to make the phone calls for him but he says he’s fine to do it and that you should at least have fun on your vacation
  • He tries to plan for a trusted tour guide to take you around so you can at least enjoy yourself
  • But you refuse, saying you’d much rather be with him
  • He tries to get you to leave so you won’t be at risk for catching whatever he has but you’re persistent
  • And despite him having all the best medicine and care already you do your best
  • You bring him warm or cold towelettes for his forehead when his temperature drops or spikes
  • You brush his hair back and do your best to hold his bangs back while he pukes
  • He apologizes for being so ‘disheveled’
  • You run to a local bookstore and find some interesting reads for him to entertain himself with while relaxing
  • Eventually you just snuggle up to him and nap while he does.


When you’re sick

  • First thing he does is dress as a sexy nurse
  • But then he gets serious…ironically serious considering his outfit
  • He buys some medicine and vitamins, uses the power of internet to get a good read on what may be ailing you
  • He knows you don’t feel like eating but insists you eat a small meal here and there to get some nutrients in you
  • He gets lots of bendy straws for you to drink water, because bendy straws make everything better.
  • You say the word and he is doing whatever you need or getting whatever you want in an instant
  • He’s your one and only bedside nurse <3

When he’s sick

  • “MC I’m fine”
  • “You threw up twice in an hour”
  • “I’m fi-”
  • You take the PhD Pepper out of his hand “No more of this for now” 
  • Cue you hiding all the really acidic and fatty foods he brought along despite his whining
  • He feels guilty doing work on vacation but you assure him that it’s ok since he can’t do much but sit at his computer anyways.
  • Besides, if he finishes some work now you two can have fun when you’re back home
  • He takes a lot of breaks though where you two just snuggle
  • After a while he hints that he has the sexy nurse outfit for whatever reason
  • You tell him you’ll put it on when he feels better.
  • Getting him all riled up while he’s sick is not on your to do list
  • He’s sad, but he understands
  • And while he hides most of it behinds jokes, he really appreciates you 
  • Even the part of you refusing to wear the sexy nurse outfit


When you’re sick

  • He’s a little annoyed. Not at you because he knows you didn’t choose this, but with the situation as a whole.
  • But you can tell he’s irritated and that either irritates you, or makes you feel a little guilty.
  • Cue slight strain on relationship here
  • But after an hour or two he realizes instead of being salty he could be helping you feel better and he does
  • He’s not good at it, but he tries.
  • He gets you water and some vitamins he’s familiar with, and tries to find things for you to entertain yourself.
  • After a while he realizes you’re happy with the two of you just lounging around and talking….and that makes him happy too.
  • Maybe this isn’t such a bad vacation. He wasn’t super excited to go outside into tourist land anyways.
  • Then you started puking and he had to hold your hair back
  • Ok no still kind of bad vacation
  • But even a bad vacation with you is an okay one in his eyes

When he’s sick

  • He’s just overtired and feeling icky and therefore a little more snappy than usual
  • You try getting him to eat but he refuses because his stomach hurts
  • After almost a whole day you bring in a tray of easy to digest foods and try getting him to eat once again
  • “No.” He glares at you and turns his back as he lays down.
  • You glare daggers into the back of his head.
  • “Saeran, you’re going to eat something or so help me god.” He turns to look at you, a challenging look in his eye. He isn’t used to you being assertive but he’s not going to give i-
  • You’re still glaring at him. Dead. In. The. Eyes.
  • “Alright” He grumbles as he takes the tray
  • At first he’s just moving things around with a spoon
  • But eventually he starts picking at things and actually eating
  • And he even feels a little better
  • Weird. It’s like being overtired, sick, and hungry only made things worse who would have guessed certainly not MC
  • You notice he’s sweating and grab a cold towel and start washing his forehead
  • “What are you doing”
  • “Does this not feel good?”
  • “No no.. it does. Thanks.” He looks away as you tilt his face to get all the drops and brush back his sweat matted hair. 
  • Once he’s freshened up a little more you just cuddle him.
  • “MC…”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Thank you.” 


When you’re sick

  • Protective Daddy Mode Activated
  • Much like the others he just takes care of you
  • And even when you whine he doesn’t mind, he understands you don’t feel well
  • He does anything he can to help
  • He does think it’s for the best that you two don’t cuddle or kiss though, cause if he catches it too then you’re both screwed
  • He even wears a germ mask
  • But he’s cute as fuck so you don’t mind
  • He brings you tea and water constantly, along with small nutritious meals
  • He gets tourist books and rearranges your schedule so you two can optimize the time you have once you feel better
  • The vomiting doesn’t phase him, he just holds your hair, rubs your back, and mutters encouraging, albeit strange, things along the way
  • “That’s it MC, get it all out” “You’ll feel better soon” “I’ll be here with you, just relax and do what you need”
  • Thanks V, the vomit was needing that encouragment

When he’s sick

  • He is bedridden
  • Boy will not move
  • He suddenly seems so fragile
  • You kind of think he’s dying.
  • But he assures you he is fine and tries to get you to go out and have fun without him
  • What is with these boys not understanding you’re not leaving them
  • Whenever you bring him something he sings praise about how kind you are to him, and how he doesn’t deserve you.
  • As much as he wants to be near you, he can’t risk getting you sick because ‘he’d be unable to deal with the guilt’ so he banishes you to the living room while he sleeps.
  • You feel bad but he absolutely refuses anything that involves you doing something for him more strenuous than making a cup of tea.
  • Once he feels better a couple days later he promises to make it up to you, despite you saying he has nothing to make up for. 
dating jaemin!!

for my homie @jaeminnana

4/? for dating series!

i have a lot of requests and stuff (surprisingly) for a bunch of members!

thanks for all the reblogs and notes too!



- ok so y'all r classmates

- your desk is right in front of his

- he actually annoys u sm but u like it ;)

- “y/N” x278938393

- “whAT BITCH”

- “hi”

- jfc jaemin 

- once he was laughing so hard that he fell out of his chair

- ofc being the nice person u are, you go help him

- “omg r u ok?”

- thats when nana started to like u


- he choked on his spit and like suddenly his heart was beating 4x faster


- so of course he seeks help from is pal jeno

- “boi help me i think i like y/n”

- “fucc boi ur screwed” - advice that jeno gives to jaemin

- jaemin starts planning out his confession very precisely

- “imma bake her a cak- nO IMMA TUTOR HE- nO WAIT SHE’S SMARTER THAN ME-”

- “jfc jaemin just tell her you like her” - rest of nct

- “nO??!/1 SHE DESERVES MORE THAN A SIMPLE i like u!!!?!?!”

- #firstworldproblems am i rite

- in the long run though, he decides to decorate your locker

- he goes to school EXTRA early I’m talking 7:30 am (my school starts at nine so it considered early i guess)

- he has all these treats and party stuff

- he spends an hour on the inside part of your locker

- it says “ i like u! make me the happiest boi alive nd date me!”

- with a bunch of decor stuffzies around it

- he rly likes u 


- so when u get to school u have no clue why all deez bois r surrounding ur locker and giggling 

- you just open your locker and BAM

- so many candy and snacks fall out of ur locker

- and then u see the message

- and die

- cause like thE JAEMIN JUST ASKED U OUT

- you then hear a cough and turn around

- all of nct is behind u

- pushing jaemin to talk to u

- “uh-,,,hey there,,, wanna date?” 

- “jAEMIN THAT WAS NOT WHAT U PRACTICED” - doyoung honestly

- you accept cause duh u like him back

- time skip to first class

- you just hear constant giggling behind you

- you turn around (and jaemin gawks in your beauty)

- “shut up or i’ll end it”

- giggling stops right away and is never to be heard again



- “aww c’mon babe u know u love me”

where did the shy jaemin go just moments ago 

- u aint denying that


- and y'all r on the couch together 

- not cuddling, oh no more like sitting as far away as you can possible


- it was so awkward

- you wanted to die

- jaemin wanted to die

- moving on

- jaEMiN liKES yOU sO Mu CH

- like in the halls he is always like 

- “hey babe have a good day!”

- all your friends and all his friend go

- “AWOOOO” y’know



- y'all were walking on a cold winter day

- and you forgot you mitts

- and he sees your numb lil hand


- udhuskgwicdh you suddenly heated up and forgot about the numbness you were feeling

- jaemin loves pda

- in class he like rests his head on your shoulder and the teacher swoons




-  his members always embarrass him in from of you

- “omG jAeMin JusT fARtEd!!!!”


- dat kid did nothing wrong

- he just sheepishly smiles

- and the members r like 


- thats not a lie

- he just loves u sm

- omg your first kiss!

- it was a spur of the moment kind of thing

- you were blabbing about you day to him and

- he just kisses you




- like i bet he uses baby lips



- doyoung was lecturing jaemin on the birds and the bee’s

- he almost puked 9 times


- jaemin may be young, but he knows he loves you

- he hasn’t said it yet, but he wants to keep u forever 

- like forever

- and ever

- and ever




now I’m working on that scenario of yuta (the one based of the dating au)

I'm on a rapid update schedule cause I’m not gonna have a free week forever :( i will post when i will be a little less active

anyway bye!

- emma

Jay Park as a boyfriend
  • Annoying as all hell
  • “Babe”
  • “What?”
  • “Baby”
  • “What?”
  • “Baby girl”
  • “God damn bitch, chill. I love you”
  • You guys have a very playful relationship
  • You stay bugging the hell out of each other
  • He loves to spoil you
  • “Baby, I bought you new lingerie”
  • “But I have lingerie”
  • “So? now you have more to model for me”
  • Calls you at ungodly hours to get your opinion on a new song
  • Has you help him pick his leading ladies for MVs
  • “Oooh baby pick her. She has a nice ass”
  • Makes sure that you’re actually okay with his sexy concepts
  • Writes the sweetest songs for you
  • “What’s your favorite song by me, baby girl?”
  • “Stay With Me”
  • “Good I wrote it for you”
  • Looks daddy as fuck but is actually kind of a sub
  • Like sure he likes to dominate every once in a while
  • But like he lives for being ridden
  • Ass grabbing
  • Likes to be the little spoon when you cuddle because he gets to lay on your boobs and have you play with his hair
  • Hand holding/ thigh grabbing when he’s driving
  • Texts you lame ass jokes throughout the day
  • Is hella jealous
  • like if you’re walking down the street and a guy so much as looks at you the wrong way he is ready to square up
  • Says I love you often because he needs you to know that even though he is hella busy you are still on his mind
  • Is a workaholic but will drop everything the minute you need him
  • Is 100% ready to propose but is scared that you might reject him
  • “You’re a dumbass. you guys have been together for five years if she didn’t love you she would’ve dumped you already”
  • “Yeah but like what if she isn’t ready?”
  • Comes home late and immediately gets into bed to cuddle you
  • “Eww Jay you’re sweaty”
  • “But I love you and I missed so much”

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Bye ya’ll, I think my bias is showing. Like have I mentioned how much I love this man?

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onlysilentawe  asked:

Nurseydex 8?

Prompt me and I’ll write a drabble for you.

Nursey was laughing at him.

Not full-out laughter, but there was a teasing note in his voice and his eyes were doing that twinkling thing. Not that Dex paid that much attention to Nursey’s eyes, of course, he had better things to do.

Like write a damn paper about poetry. He shouldn’t have asked Nursey for help.

“Forget it. You fucking suck.” Dex turned and stalked away.

“Wait,” Nursey called after him. “You were serious?”

Dex spun around. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Dude, chill. You don’t ask for help, like, ever. I thought you were joking.”

Dex shrugged. “I ask for help sometimes.”

“And I figured hell would freeze over before you ever asked me for anything.”

“Well, Satan must be shivering right now.”

Nursey’s startled laugh made Dex smile.

“Of course I’ll help. I got your back.”

“Thanks.” Dex took out his books and sat down across from Nursey.

“Why are you even taking this class? It’s not a required course.”

“Maybe I secretly like poetry,” Dex said.

“What, there once was a girl from Nantucket?”

“Ha ha. No. I just… I wanted to try to understand it, I guess. Because.”

“Oh.” Nursey smiled and didn’t say anything else.

Sami Zayn - Unfair.

Sami Zayn - Prompt #11: “You love me.”

- Warnings - Swearing.

Word count - 892 words.

Requested by: Anon.

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It was safe to say it would never be easy constantly traveling with your boyfriend of 4 months to every state possible in the space of a week but I guess that’s how your relationship really started to blossom. After a month of dating your were completely certain you knew almost everything about him; his dress sense, his taste of music, even the type of shampoo he fusses over because it ‘silks his beard’. Now 4 months later… boy were you wrong. You now knew every single little habit he had, one of which is what lead you to be further known as the ‘fun-loving couple of the RAW brand.’

Sami had this thing where he could be very secretive- It doesn’t help that you’re oblivious to anything and everything but still, he could always manage to catch anyone out…

“How you feeling about your match later?” You sat on a cold plastic seat in an empty arena, Sasha sat beside you. You would’ve thought being Summerslam it was bound to be slightly warm at least- Nope it was polar-opposite. The iced winds brushing against your skin instantaneously caused goosebumps to rise on your arms, all keeping you warm was a thin, woolen jumper. “Nia’s a tough beat you know?” Sasha questioned you. As if you didn’t already know the answer to that- she dismantles people left, right and center everytime she steps one foot into that ring.

“Gonna give it my best shot. I mean Nia’s gonna be tough but I’m pretty sure I could easily get hypothermia at this rate in a bloody open top arena.” You scoffed. Clearly, you weren’t a fan of the cold. That’s one of the main reasons you dislike going to Sami’s hometown; the weather.

A firm slap smacked your thigh as Sahsa turned to you. “You do know it being cold is like the least of your worries right now don’t you?”

Come to think of it, that’s the most truthful things to ever come out of your best friends mouth.

You eyes twitched in confusion and your body began to make shivering movements as you felt something tickle at the base of your loosely tied ponytail. “What was that? Is it raining?” You asked Sasha, looking up to the clear of cloud skies above the stadium. You felt it again, and again and again for longer periods of time; every time it made contact with your skin. “Urgh, I swear to god something is touching me.

Sasha’s face was in a state of clear bewilderment, obviously, she had absolutely no clue what the heck you were on about. “Y/N there’s legit nobody apart from us here, the show doesn’t start til like 3 hours away. Besides, even if people were here they’d be backstage.”

“My shirt is fucking soaked, I’m not over-exaggerating here!” You shrieked as yet another trickle of water, tickle the back of your neck. Instantaneously you leapt out of the comfort of your seat, eyeing down the neatly arranged rows behind you. You were certain there was somebody, even if they weren’t in plain sight; I guess it didn’t help the fact that you had Sasha perched next to you persistently babbling on about how I’m just being stupid. “Sasha, honest to fucking god there’s some-” Your words slurred to a halt as your face was slapped directly with a plume of water.

“Maybe I was wrong…” You heard Sasha mutter under her breath as you began to shout to whoever was out there. But there you saw him… your boyfriends and his ginger hair in between the gap of two chairs.

“Sami what the hell are you doing!?” Your voice rose over the roars of the winds running through the arena area. He rose and stood static, water gun in his hand. “You’re an idiot.”

He began to descend down the metal stairs, placing the gun down onto a seat before pulling you into a tight embrace. “Sorry, couldn’t help it to be completely honest hun.” His hug was warm, completely in contrast to the cold breeze surrounding you.

“I seriously hate you.” You gave him a stern look tugging your petite frame from his. 

He grasped your hand, interlocking his fingers in yours. “You love me, don’t lie.” His large hand made its way to become tangled in your delicately tied hair, tucking fallen strands behind your ear.

“That’s debatable.” You teased him; once again being held closely, your head rested on his chest. “I swear if it’s actually raining now.” You exclaimed as a shoot of ice-cold water poured over your head, leaving you feeling like nothing but purely a drowned rat.

It clearly couldn’t have been Sami again- Not unless you’d legitimately gone insane. You lifted you head away from you boyfriend, glaring in the direction of your purple-haired best friend. Your best friend who was now acquainted with a certain water gun. “Sasha, for fuck sake.”

You giggled profusely as Sami kissed the crown of your head. “What? The temptation was way too much. Plus it made it look like some romantic, soppy kiss in the rain thing ad I totally dig it.” Her voice softly chuckled, watching as you and the ‘love of your life’s’ lips met each other’s in an instant. “Alright I take back the whole soppy thing, let’s get going Y/N.”

A/N - This was fairly short in comparison to the others and might not be up to a very high standard but, I really enjoyed writing this little story. We did say we were going to be closing requests today, HOWEVER, We will extend this until tomorrow so please send in any wanted requests or prompts quickly and we will be happy to fulfill them for you. Thank you guys! ~ Nikkii.

In Your Head- Part 10

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 2,508

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered. This one is more smutty than usual.

The rest of the week had slowly gone by. Which included Jughead checking up on you a little more but making sure he wasn’t over hovering. Your week remained more typical - you avoiding your mom, making sure your brother had everything he needed and being home early every day. Chuck had left you alone at school, you were pretty sure he figured out that you had told Jughead at the very least by now. You were just looking forward to Friday and that’s the only goal you had set in mind.

You woke up that morning as usual and before jumping into the shower you decided to check on your bruises. Almost all of them had healed, just slight yellowish brown spots remained in some areas - no longer purple or blue.

T-minus two hours and your parents would be gone for the airport. A sense of relief was slowly filling your head. You kept getting ready for school.

“Hey love”, once again Jughead had greeted you off the bus. And with an overwhelming feeling coming over you, you grabbed his face and kissed him deeply.

A large smile appeared on his face, “what was that for?”, he gave a smirk.

“Just excited about the next two days. I just have to get my brother from school and then make sure he has everything for his friends house”, your mind was clearing away the daily anxieties that normally filled your brain. Your focus just landing on Jughead.

“Can I come with you?”, he asked because he had only been in your house once.

“Of course. I would love that. And my brother likes you from the few times you’ve guys met”. Your mind was just filled with glee. You once again kissed Jughead, feeling like it was only the two of you in front of the building.

He smiled again. You began to walk to your locker hand in hand with Jughead until your shoulder was pushed from behind you. You gave a slight grunt of pain and saw Reggie laughing. “Hey Y/N, really making a name for yourself nowadays huh”, he gave another chuckle.

Jughead glared at him and you could see his body tense up.

You intervened, “Just leave me alone Reggie, go focus on class or something. Lord knows you need to”, you gave a slight sneer. Jughead gave a smile.

“Yeah whatever slut”, you were starting to fume as Reggie walked away. And before he could shift in front of you, you grabbed Jughead’s arm.

“Hey!”, he looked back to you, “the next two days are going to be great, so let’s just focus on that okay?”.

Jughead’s anger had dissipated, you let go of his arm. His hand went back to intertwine with yours. “Alright”.

On your way outside for lunch, you decided to look at your phone. “Hey, our flight is about to board. Call sometime tonight”. It was from your dad and you just felt relief knowing that she was out of the state.

You made your way to the lunch table where everyone was already sitting. Your eyes just on Jughead. “Hey”, you gave a kiss to his lips as you were about to sit down. Both of you couldn’t stop smiling at each other.

“Well someone’s having a good day”, Kevin looked at both you and Jughead.

“Yes. I am”, you gave your comment with certainty.

The gangs conversations once again traveled through the table. How Moose was still avoiding Kevin, how Polly’s pregnancy was going and how Betty and her finally shopped for some baby clothes together, to once again Archie talking about his music. Archie kept staring at Jughead as it seemed that Jughead’s normal demeanor of being uninterested had been gone by focusing just on you.

He slightly rubbed your thigh back and forth under the table and you couldn’t stop smiling back at him.

The final bell had rung and Jughead joined you on the bus. Instead of reading a book, you sat there conversing with Jughead about what you should have for dinner. You once again looked at your phone, “We landed”. You gave a smile back to Jughead.

“They’re officially in a different state now”, your words were prideful. Jughead dived in for a kiss. The bus made a stop and you both got off heading towards your brother’s middle school. “So where does Mr. Andrews think you’re going to be?”

He gave a slight chuckle. “I think it helps that I’m not ACTUALLY his kid so he’s fine with me being wherever for a few nights as long as I’m in an actual bed”.

“Well we’ll see about the bed”, you gave a wink that felt a little silly and laughed.

The bell for the middle school rang and a few moments later you were greeted by your brother.

“Hey Jughead!”, your brother seemed happy to greet him. 

“Hey Y/B/N. Long time no see”, Jughead started talking to your brother about school and what he liked and didn’t like about it. They were getting along as friends it seemed.  

You had made it to your house, and unlike the times that it had seem gloom full and daunting, now it seemed like a place you were actually excited to enter. As usual, you went through the garage leading into the house. Jughead had only seen the entry area before. It wasn’t large, or a mansion like Cheryl Blossoms for that matter, but that day it actually seemed like a home to you.

“Go take a shower and get your stuff ready and we’ll walk down the street, okay”? Your brother gave a nod taking his school bag upstairs. 

Jughead and you were left downstairs for at least a little bit. He grabbed your waist from behind. 

“So this is it huh?”. He looked up and around peering into the living room from the kitchen. 

“Well the downstairs, yes”, you turned and put your arms over his neck. He dived in for a kiss. This was your weekend and nothing could ruin it.

“So did we decide on something for dinner? You really don’t have to cook…”, Jughead was looking a little around the kitchen. 

“I like cooking. It calms me ”, you slightly crossed your arms in taunt. 

“Is there a reason you need to be calm today?”, Jughead was being playful. 

“Ha funny. No, it’s more that it just gets me out of my head. Besides, don’t green chili enchiladas sound good?”, you were being coy once again. 

“Well I haven’t have anything from you I haven’t liked”, he pulled you close again and gave a slight peck on your lips. 

Your brother came down in new clothes and a wet towel wiping his head. “Hey, I’ll be ready in a few”. “Alright. Can you do your homework Sunday or is there too much of it?”, there was your sisterly love again. 

“I have to read a couple chapters of a book, so I’ll bring that with me but otherwise yeah”, he was grabbing a water from the kitchen now. 

“What book?”, that was easily your peak of interest.

Your brother gave a slight smirk, knowing reading was pretty much your life. “We have to do a report on our own choice for a book so I’m doing “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. 

“….did you take my complete series?”, you knew that was the only copy in the house. Jughead gave out a slight chuckle as it seemed neither of you had remembered he was there. 

“Yeah but I didn’t think you’d mind”, he gave a slight sigh. 

“It’s fine Bud but just remember I want…” 

“It back the way I got it” both your brother and Jughead said this at the same time. 

Jughead turned to you, “nice to know you give the same rules to family”. He gave you a slight tickle and your brother gave a small laugh. 

“You ready?“, you were ready to change the subject out of annoyance. 

“Yeah, let me grab my bag”, your brother went back upstairs for a minute before coming back down ready for the walk. 

You came back through the garage from walking your brother to his friends house, Jughead in hand. Upon opening the door, Jughead started to kiss your neck. You gave a slight chuckle from the tickle of his chin, “come on”. 

He released your hand while you put your coat on the couch. “Let me get my stuff”, as he grabbed his school bag, he took off his coat and he followed you up the stairs. 

You drifted left down the short hallway and opened up your door. Jughead paused slightly from holding your hips and began to look around the room. You had two bookshelves filled with every book you loved, posters around the room that included quotes from authors and poets to some book cover posters - one of Catcher in the Rye and the other being Perks of Being a Wallflower. You had covered up most of the walls with random posters of famous paintings, not letting the lilac color break through. There was a weekly planner that hung on the wall and a bulletin board below it filled with some pictures. 

Jughead looked carefully at everything and then his eyes came back to yours. “It’s pretty much what I thought it’d be”. He gave a small laugh. 

“Pretty much eh?”, you were teasing back and forth again. 

“Well honestly I was expecting it to be wall to wall books”, he walked towards you and gave you a small kiss while his hands were on both sides of your face.

“Trust me, if I had it my way, it would be”, you gave him a slight push and opened up your closet, and on the top shelf that was floating above the rack of clothes were stacks of childhood books that you had loved growing up. 

“Yep, that’s closer”, he came up behind you and gave you a slight hug around your body while giving a kiss to your chin. You turned around, grabbed Jughead by the back of his neck and went up with your lips for a deep kiss. He had returned in kind, battling with his tongue for dominance. Your fingers went up to his hair, slowly moving the beanie off. His hands went to your hair giving it a slight tug, he stopped for a moment making sure this was okay. You gave a small giggle and his deep kiss returned. Your hands went down and you began to pull off his flannel, in return he took off your shirt. His lips paused from kissing to get it over your head and he was once again watching your body. 

His eyes went to your arm. “Is it better?”, he slowly used his fingers to lightly touch your back. 

“Yeah, basically nothing now”, still a little ashamed about it, your eyes went to the floor. He looked to your arm, where your old scars still laid. 

“Can I ask you something?”, you were a little thrown off from where it seemed your kiss was heading but you nodded all the same. He grabbed you by the hand and sat you down on your bed beside him. 

“Why did you do this before Chuck?”, he slightly glided his fingers towards your scars and then looked to your eyes. His very kind eyes. 

You gave a breath, nerves seemed to fill you again. “A sense of release? Something to control? At one point it felt good, something to rely on. Something….to make me feel better as odd as I know that sounds…”, your words were escaping you and you started to feel ashamed about them. You couldn’t look him in the eye, thinking he could never really understand. That he probably thought you were unhinged somehow. 

“You don’t want to do it anymore though, right?”, the concern in his face was once again brought back. 

“I’m always going to have those moments. Even if it’s for a split second, and rarely now, it does come to my mind”, your eyes were still to the floor. 

“What changes your mind from doing it?”, you were pretty sure he just wanted to understand. 

“Focusing on the positives I do have. My brother, books, the future…you”, your eyes finally went back to Jughead’s. He gave a smile but you could still tell he was still concerned. 

“Alright then. I guess…I just worry about you”. 

 You felt weird again. Like he was too great for you. You didn’t deserve this caring, intelligent guy in front of you. “I’m sorry if it’s too much…”, your eyes went to the floor again and your head hung low. 

He shook his head quickly and guided your face to look back at his. “It’s you. It’s not too much. You shouldn’t have to deal with everything that you do, but I love you”. 

“I love you too”, in your mind you still couldn’t comprehend how he could like let alone love someone like you. He brought your foreheads together slightly tapping it. 

“I really mean it Y/N, you’re amazing”. You gave a slight laugh. 

His lips dived into yours again and he brought you back onto his body. His head on your pillow now. His beanie had fully dropped from his head now and his tongue was winning over yours. His hands reached your back and he began to un-clasp your bra. His hands removing your straps and tossing it to the floor. His hand massaged the left side of you, making him slightly groan. Your body soon became hot, an overwhelming feeling to want more. 

You grasped his shirt and began to pull it off, his lips and hands separated from your body as you lifted it off of his head. He looked down at your body. He grabbed the side of your hip and turned you on your back so now he was on top. Your body was feeling overheated and all you wanted to do was feel closer to Jughead. You began to pull at his belt and started to unbutton his jeans. He pulled at your pants unbuttoning them in the same fashion. You lifted your hips and he glided your pants off and then got up to take off his own. 

He stared at your body once more, “You’re so gorgeous”, you gave a smile. He lips dived in again to yours and then went down to your neck, then to your chest. The pulsating feeling around your nipple was intoxicating. Your breath becoming heavy, you gave out a slight sigh. 

“I want you”, you whispered. His fingers trailed down your hips to your panties and they made circles around your entrance. He pushed the fabric down, off your legs and gently slid his fingers to the front of your slit. You gave a breath in preparation for his fingers. His eyes watching you becoming engrossed with his touch. 

 He gave a breath, “I want you too”. Once again, your body was his.

Taeyong: Love or Hate

Thank you anonymous for requesting, this was a whole rollercoaster, it’s unusual for my witty side to come out😊 . 

Characters: Taeyong, You
Genre: Supernatural, Humor, Romance


That evening began like any other night.

You woke up at 7:00 pm, had breakfast, got dressed, and headed across campus, hoping to get to class before eight.

A sudden weight pushed you forward, making a warm flush race through your skin in surprise, but arms wrapped around your waist, keeping you from falling face first against the gravel. “Taeyong!” you whined, shoving him off you as he laughed at your surprised state. “I told you, don’t scare me like that!”

“You should’ve seen your face, it was priceless,” the vampire chuckled.

You rolled your eyes. “I could’ve hurt you, pabo.” You hit the back of his head, which of course, didn’t affect him at all. “I’m still learning how to control it.”

He nodded, stuffing his hands in his jean pockets, crimson eyes almost glowing in the night. “Mastering magic comes with time,” he stated, “you’ll get there.”

You sighed, unsure. Two and a half years ago you discovered a recessive gene that was passed down through your family generation after generation, had now been passed down to you. The funny thing was, you were the first in a hundred years for the gene to show itself again.

Yup, that’s right, you were a witch. 

After almost blowing up the girls locker room at your former college (it wasn’t your fault, really, those girls shouldn’t have enraged you), you were transferred to a university that others only whispered about through town, always staying a mystery, never confirming or breaking rumors. 

Phoenix-Tail University was built for specific kinds of student; the supernatural. 

Everyone had given you a warm welcome, making sure you were adjusting to your new life, the different environment, and how things worked.

There were three buildings: one for regular classes, supernatural lessons, and finally, the dorms. Another great change that you weren’t used to in normal day life was night school. See your classes were never during the day, it began in the evening and ended when the sun would peek it’s rays through the trees.

That also meant sharing the campus with the number one night creature in the supernatural world: vampires.

Thus here was your frenemy, Taeyong, the “red eyed freak” (an inside joke you and your dorm mate shared) who wouldn’t hesitate to begin a snarky debate with you, even insult you from time to time. You’re relationship with him was always jumping back and forth between the line of hate and love.

“I’ve been practicing how to shield myself from attacks,” you explained, scowling. “But I can’t seem to grasp the ability, everything goes wrong.”

He snickered. “Blow something up again?”

You shrugged your shoulders, nonchalant. “Yeah I did, specifically your wallet.”

His eyes widened. “Yah! That wallet’s expensive.”

You snorted, amused by his instant reaction “Chill, fang boy, no wallet was blown up.”

“It’s not like you would be able to anyway,” he suddenly piped up, eyes narrowing wickedly. “It’s got a shield charm on it that lasts forever.” And to throw it in your face he smiled, looking smug.

“Well if I ever blow something up in this school, realize it’ll be entirely your fault,” you shrugged, trying not to let the words he said get to you.

“My fault?” he spluttered. “Why the hell would it be my fault?”


“Because what?”

“You’re you.”

“Saranghaeyo,” he mentioned playfully.

You rolled your eyes. “Mhm, right.” Your strides quickened, looking up ahead towards the building that glowed in the night. “Come on, we’re gonna miss class.”

“You’re supposed to be helping me.”

“I am.”

“No you’re not my progress is going nowhere,” you huffed, throwing your hands up in surrender.

“It’s not my fault you’re still a rookie.”


“Beginning learner, duh.”

“I know what that means —”

“And I am helping, I’m instructing you.”

“You’re just lying there drinking from a blood bag oh yeah,” you began to clap, tone laced with sarcasm. “Great going, thanks, being real helpful up in here, fang boy.”

Taeyong didn’t even budge, just sipping his food exaggeratedly until a heavy weight bounced off his head. “Yah!” he jumped up, fangs out, hissing. “You did not just throw a textbook at me!” He pointed to the floor where sure enough, your textbook of spells lay.

You rolled your eyes. “It’s not like that actually hurt you. I’m just trying to get your attention.” Your expression changed to feign delight. “And hey look, I did it!”

Suddenly your back slammed against the wall. “Ow!” you gasped, eyes swimming. “Now that hurt.” Once your vision cleared your eyes widened, noticing the position you were in.

Taeyong’s eyes were glowing brightly, fangs full out, eyebrows furrowed in anger, his nose almost brushing yours. “Don’t antagonize me, I could rip your head off.”

You chortled, trying to appear not at all phased when in reality, you wanted to bolt for the door. The predicament you were in was actually quite daunting, very dangerous, especially since red eyed freak here was known to have a short temper. Quickly hauling your thoughts together you scoffed and said, “If you really wanted to rip my head off I’d be dead already.” You continued on, “In fact I’m surprised it’s taken you this long to actually lash out like honestly, I was expecting to be dead long ago —”

“Shut up.”

“Make me.”

Realizing what had just been said you embraced yourself for the following moment.

For a second Taeyong looked, well, to your surprise, rather resigned, and pulled away from you, heaving a sigh, as if trying to cool himself down, running a hand through his hair in frustration.

You let out a breath of relief, taking a few steps forward. “Oh thank goodness, for a moment there I thought you wou—”

And your back slammed against the wall again. “Can I…” he muttered and with a slight nod of your head, there were harsh, almost desperate pulls against your mouth and you swallowed the groan about to escape your throat before kissing him back just as fiercely.  Your hands wandered up to his hair, pressing yourself against him and feeling his fingertips wander beneath your shirt, dancing along your sides. 

Melting, melting, all of it just melting away until all you could feel was him in your grasp and his fangs pricking your bottom lip. Everything began to slow down as his tongue gently ran along the pricked flesh, tasting a drop of your blood yet simultaneously healing the wound.

And then you pulled away, catching your breath and felt a little spark of excitement in the pit of your stomach as Taeyong appeared to be panting, even though vampires didn’t need oxygen. “Are you gonna help me now?” you asked, still pressed against him, chuckling a little as you mulled over what just transpired between the both of you. 

He grinned. “Yeah…yeah I think I will.”


This gave me so many feels wtf get out of here Taeyong stop bothering me and everyone else in the fandom you wrecker! Anyway I hope the requester liked this scenario and I look forward to more requests!

The Bright Sessions Chloe Turner  Patient #13-A-3

“At first I wasn’t sure, it was just a quiet murmuring. You know like being next to a beehive, like, that steady hum. And then things started to break through the hum, and that’s when they started talking to me.”

“Who started talking to you?”

“The Angels.”

Can I just gush about this for a moment? Because it’s so important and it could have become a conventional shitty love triangle so easily but it didn’t and it’s so, so much better this way. Like, this is not a conventional declaration of love, this is a guy who starts off saying “Look, I know wasn’t your first choice and that doesn’t bother me.” And the reason is that he understands her strengths and her weaknesses and gets that sometimes a strength is also a weakness, and he  says, “Don’t be too proud for my pity, because I can’t help being saddened by it when someone I value so highly and has so much to live for wants to die for unrequited love of a man she’s idealized and only actually talked to once or twice. That’s foolish, and I love you enough to call you on it, even though that might not endear you to me.” He doesn’t idealize her or even pretend to. He sees her exactly as she is, with all her flaws, and loves her for all of it, unconditionally. YES. THIS. MORE OF THIS KIND OF LOVE STORY. Faramir may have given me totally unrealistic expectations for men when I first read LOTR at like age ten but we need more of this shit in fiction and real life. Don’t pretend people are perfect, because it means a lot more to love them if you acknowledge that they’re not.

SEVENTEEN's reaction to you being affectionate when they're  mad

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you would please write a reaction piece… seventeens reaction to their Significant other trying to be affectionate when the member is mad at them 😊

A/N: I had to do this on my iPad because my laptop is getting fixed!!! ಠ_ಥ

-Admin KenKen

S.Coups: He would try so hard not to smile because he wanted to stay mad at you, but he couldn’t help it. The way you kept hugging him and kissing him on the cheek left him grinning ear to ear.

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Jeonghan: I don’t think he would even try to keep a straight face because once you started leaving pecks on his cheeks, he had to smile because of how cute you were while doing it.

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Joshua: Again, I don’t even think he’d try to restrain himself from cracking a smile. He would forget everything that he was mad at and completely fall into your arms.

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Jun: He would be the complete opposite of Joshua. He would budge at all! In his mind he would be thinking how cute you are, but on the outside his features were cold.

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Hoshi: This boy could never stay mad at you even if his life depended on it. He just could get over at how adorable you were hugging him and leaving little pecks on his cheeks.

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Wonwoo: Like Jun, he’d be cold, but the only difference with him is that he would occasionally chuckle because of cute you looked with your puppy dog eyes as you wrapped you arms around his waist and kissed him.

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Woozi: He wouldn’t want to give in straight away, so he’d move away from you a lot and give you the cold shoulder. Eventually, he would give in and a big smile would spread across his face.

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Seokmin: I feel like he couldn’t stay mad especially when your showing him so much affection. He’d would say, “okay, fine! Only because you look so cute right now.” (Pretend you’re Hoshi)

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Mingyu: He’d only smile at how adorable you were trying to stop him from being mad at you when you would turn around, but quickly turn on the harsh gaze when you guys would make eye contact.

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Minghao: He’d be salty as hell. Like if you were to wrap your arms around him, he’d be like, “oh, now you love me?” And if you tried to kiss him, he’d move his head away from you every time or if you actually got a chance to plant one, he’d wipe it off.

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Seungkwan: He would be so over dramatic. Like if you were trying to hug him, he’d literally yell, “OH, LOOK YOU FINALLY LOVE ME!” He’d walk away from you constantly and roll his eyes at you.

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Vernon: I think, even with your affection, he wouldn’t change his mind until you truly apologized. He’d let you kiss him and everything, but he’d sit there with the straightest face on.

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Dino: He couldn’t dare to stay mad. Once he noticed you were being extra affectionate, he couldn’t help but forget about everything that mad everyone him angry. He liked that you were trying to stop him from being mad.

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Witchery and Mental Illness

This is something I’ve meant to write about for a while! Full disclosure: I have PTSD and additional anxiety on top, and formerly had major depressive disorder brought on by the PTSD (and other incidents), though I am happy to say that’s one area I’ve worked on a lot. At first, I was a little worried that witchcraft somehow made me “crazier” - my therapist and psychologist have since assured me that this is obviously is not true. :> So, with a little help, I’ve put together some tips for the mentally ill Witch! I know that my experience only covers a small umbrella, but hopefully, other Witches can chime in too!

1. You can be mentally ill and be a Witch Some older books, and this pisses me off to no end, insist you must be of “sound mind and sound health” to work magic. Now, I’m sure they mean well and are implying you shouldn’t conduct elaborate rituals when you have a cold, but trust me, you can be a Witch, conduct magic, and observe magickal works when you are mentally ill. OF COURSE you’re capable of, and can conduct, as well as any other Witch. Now, don’t get me wrong - your mental illness can affect your craft in mundane ways. For instance, my anxiety makes it hard for me to follow a very formal ritual because I get nervous I’ll screw it up. However, if I’m anxious, I can meditate at my altar or do simple bath magic just fine.

2. Take your meds (if you have them) Meds don’t “dull” your magic - if anything, they help you (me!) separate your mental tics from actual magic. Storytime: I missed a week of meds, and was psyching myself out looking for signs from a particular deity. Once I got back on them, a giant fuckoff swarm of bees migrated to the middle of urban Los Angeles and made a hive on my apartment window, which is at least 500 feet from any outdoor plants and the only exit being straight up for ten stories (for the bees, anyway)…  followed by an actual hummingbird. I Googled this, and apparently scientists don’t know what causes bees to pick where they make hives (it’s “instinct”). I don’t know what that was - sign or not - but I sure as hell didn’t have to look for it. Meds make magic easier. (:

3. Talk to your psychologist If you see someone, it can be very helpful to get their input to make sure your witchery isn’t having some kind of adverse effect. I really didn’t want to share my Craft with my therapist at first, but when I realized my question boiled down to “Am I crazy if I’m Pagan?”, I felt a bit silly. He helped me be aware that I wasn’t doing anything “crazy”, and that my spellcraft could have a positive effect on my mental wellbeing - crafting a nice tea ritual around taking my morning meds could be both a positive piece of spellwork AND a good reminder and motivation to take them.

4. It’s okay if you don’t want to do certain spellwork Not everyone has had the same experiences as you or I, and you might find some spells, rituals, or information that may pertain to your “hard topics” - for me, these are spells that can be triggering to my PTSD - which feel very unpalatable, or straight-up wrong. For instance, I have a spellbook that includes a “metaphorical suicide prevention” spell that advocates doing a ritual fake-death to rid yourself of your suicidal tendencies. This seems batshit fucking insane to me, and just reading (and typing out) that spell makes me feel sick to my stomach and like I need to retake my antidepressants. If you don’t want to, can’t, refuse to, or are unable to address your mental issues with magic, that is okay. If you see others trying to use magic to aid their mental issues, and you disagree, that is okay. YOU ARE OKAY. You’ll find many, many magic-users and writers who want to address trauma, illness, or psychosis with magic, but you do not have to listen to them. YOU trust YOU.

There’s obviously a ton more on the subject I could say, but feel free to send me questions! This is something I’ve been working on for a while :>

<3 Ash

anonymous asked:

I've made a huge mistake. I decided to watch Popcorn Taxi again and I haven't seen it in a while and it was so AWFUL. I had to stop several times because it was too much, the ludicrousness was off the charts, my face hurt from smiling at the bouncing enthusiastic happy puppy that someone very irresponsibly gave a mic to. I'm so mentally compromised right now. Please help.

Ooohhh…bad move, little gray face.  That’s seriously one of the mostest ludicrousest things he’s ever done.  Everything is off the charts.  Like if he were a woman, I’d say he must have been ovulating.  Because seriously. So potent.  The hair and the suit and the whiskers and the sparkling eyes and the SAFness.  Just…UGH.  (Actually, Thor 2 Premiere Era Tom is a problem in general, but that’s a whole other discussion…)

His reaction to the comment from the audience about Loki just being evil, the sexiness question, the “show stopper” in his school play,  the indignation over “a cyclist, a fellow traveler, AN ALLY!!!!”…UGH.

Honestly, the bit about the officious air hostess is one of my favorite things. He just looks so incredibly offended.  

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And this…

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So, I’m afraid I can’t help you.  All I can say is watch it again.  Watch it again again.  Then yet once more.  Watch it until you are sick of it.  Then maybe you’ll be free of him.  And let me know if that works for ya, mm’kay?

In closing, I’ll just leave this quote here, from around 12:00ish in Part 1, for absolutely no current relevant reason whatsoever.  *cough*

“If I have one fear in my life, it’s a fear of wasting time.  I don’t want to look back at my life and think ‘God, I wish I had done all of this stuff that I always wanted to do!’ but I didn’t do it because I was afraid or because someone was going to take a potshot at me or because I might fail.  To me, that is the greatest tragedy, is to look back and say ‘I wish I had, and I didn’t.’ And I think, at a certain time, I just refused to let that be a factor - in anything.  But I’ve always been a very passionate person, I think.  I’ve always been quite honest about what I love and I what I don’t, I suppose, as well. And believe me, it’s really easy for people to take potshots at it.”

Popcorn Taxi Part 1/Part 2 for any brave souls!

raison d’être: Walking Dead BTS

Plot: Zombie Apocalypse!AU 

Ships: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader 

Author’s Note: I will try to improve the details throughout the story~! 

“Just run past them,” You mumbled to yourself, “That way you won’t have to waste any bullets,” You took a deep breath before scurrying past the limping figures, not daring to take your eyes off of them. It was when you finally tore your eyes away that you saw another one limping towards you. “Shit,” You mumbled under your breath.

You dove behind a car, cocking your gun just in case you couldn’t hide. Closing your eyes, you held your breath as you heard its feet shuffling past the car you hid behind. Please don’t notice, please don’t notice. When you thought the distance between you and it was far enough, it didn’t take long for you to be sprinting at full speed to the house at the end of the block.

The door silently closed behind you, making you raise your guard for any infected that were helplessly wandering around the house. When you didn’t hear any shuffling footsteps or things clattering, it was safe for you to place your gun back in its holster.

“Give me something,” You said to yourself as you looked through the cabinets and drawers, hoping that not everything was taken. There was a slim chance that the house had anything at all, considering how much they’re ransacked these days. You plopped yourself on the couch, closing your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

You opened your eyes after the third vibration. Was that a text message? You quickly sat up, looking around the living room for the phone. In the corner of your eye, you saw a screen with blinking notifications sitting on the night stand next to the couch. You grabbed it hastily, reading the

texts on the screen.

‘Get out’

‘Right now’

‘Or else you’ll die’

Your brows furrowed together as you unlocked the screen. Is this meant for me? It took you a few minutes before replying.

You watched as they began to type, the text bubble with the trailing dots appearing on the screen. For some reason a sigh of relief escaped your lips. It’s been a long time since you communicated with anyone.

‘Do you hear that?’

‘The sound of your screams when walkers tear your flesh apart and eat you alive?’

‘You can stop it if you choose to get your ass out of there right now before they catch you’

‘Where would I go?’

‘Run into the woods. Keep moving north until you see a road that leads to higher ground.’

’Stay there for a few days and stay low so none of them see you.’

‘Why are you helping me?’

‘Who are you?’

It was like they hesitated for a moment.

‘Shut the fuck up and get moving.’

You were about to turn off the phone when you saw the trailing dots again. You were waiting for it to send, but the dots disappeared.

You shoved the phone in your pocket, swinging your backpack over your shoulders as you stood in front of the door. You were terrified of what was out there. Especially since it was 4 AM, and the sun hadn’t even begin to rise yet. During this time, those things were active. It was then that you realized that you didn’t have to listen to whoever warned you. It was ok if you stayed inside the house, right?

It was like your body had a mind of its own when you realized you had opened the front door. Your subconscious screaming, You are going to follow the instructions you were given, you little shit.

As quietly and quickly as possible, you made your way towards the forest. Thankfully, you had not come across any infected limping their way towards you to get a taste of the flesh they hungered so much for. You used the compass on the phone to go north, hoping that it was leading you in the right direction. “There it is,” You sighed and started walking up the winding road. You chose to camp out behind a group of trees, where you could see a good view of the lower road while being well hidden.

You laid your back on the soft grass as you looked through the numerous branches and leaves to see the starry night sky. It had been awhile since you could look up at the stars, and not be fighting off any infected.

“Has is already been half a year?” You whispered to yourself, “Half a year since the world went to hell..”

You shoved your hands into your coat pockets as you stared through the glass. A pair of Jordan 8’s were being worn by a mannequin, and you couldn’t help but think that your friend must want these so bad.

“Excuse me, how much are those Jordans?” You asked the cashier once you walked in. “You’re actually lucky Miss,” He smiles, “They’re $80.” You smiled back at him, “How much were they before?” He took a moment to think, “$160 I think. But because it’s Christmas, everyone goes crazy over sales.” You nodded, “I’ll take them,”

“Thank you!” You said to the cashier before turning to walk to the door, “Miss!” You turned back to face him, “Merry Christmas,” He said after hesitating, “Merry Christmas to you too.”

As you walked out onto the busy street of people walking back and forth with bags full of presents, something white fell on the box of shoes inside the bag. You looked up, your lips curving into a huge grin, “It’s snowing..”

You were then interrupted by the sound of your ringtone going off, “Hello?” You greeted. “Yah! Where are you, Y/n?” Your mom practically yelled, “Calm down! I’m on my way home,” She sighed over the phone, “Ok, hurry up. Our guests are almost here.” You nodded, “Bye, Mom.” After you hung up, you quickly made your way through the crowd.

A familiar laugh was ringing throughout the house when you closed the door behind you. “Just in time,” You smiled as a group of kids turned their heads towards you, “Y/n!” They screamed before running towards you. “Is that for me?” One of them said pointing to the bag, “This? It’s actually for—“

Ding dong.

You turned your head to the door and opened it, seeing unfamiliar faces staring back at you. “Who is it?” Your mother said as she stepped behind you to see, “Mrs. Park! I’m so glad you came,” Your mother greeted as she let them in. “Y/n this is Mrs. Park and her family,” You smiled and bowed, “It’s nice to meet you.” She did the same and scanned over your features, “My older son couldn’t make it today,” She said, “He was needed at work, and I’m sure you might’ve like him.” You laughed, “Yeah, Christmas shopping gets pretty hectic.”

You sat down on the couch next to the boy who came a couple hours ago. He was watching TV in front of the fireplace with the little kids. “You like cartoons too?” You said as he glanced at you, “Yeah, my older brother got me into them.” You nodded and looked at the kids, “Oh my God, they’re opening presents without you?” You raised your voice, making them immediately stand up and bolt for the dining room. You heard him chuckle before you looked at him, “Do you mind if I change the channel?” He merely shook his head, “Nah, I was getting tired of it anyways,”

You picked up the remote and changed it to the news. “Good luck to all the folks out there,” The newsman said, “I suggest you stay wherever you are instead of leaving. Men have been reported to have inappropriate behavior tonight,” You chuckled to yourself, “Too many people getting shit faced drunk tonight,” The boy raised his eyebrows and turned to you, “I’m Jihyun,” He smiled, “You are?” You smiled back, about to reply when you heard a scream come from the TV.

A news lady had been bitten by some stranger when you turned to look at the screen. “Christina are you alright?” The newsman said. She dropped her mic which must’ve caused feedback because the newsman flinched. She was now being strangled, the blood from her neck gushing out like crazy while the man tore off a piece of her flesh. The high pitched scream coming from her as blood and saliva dripped down his chin. He looked into the camera, his eyes bloodshot and skin pale. The camera must have been shut down because the main newsman took over, “Please standby, and stay indoors people.”

Jihyun exchanged glances with you, both of you at a loss for words. You looked at the dining table, realizing that your family members were no longer laughing and opening presents but were now staring at the TV. The smiles wiped off their faces, instead being replaced by horrified looks. A silence took over until you heard the sound of someone trying to get inside through the front door. You stood up, silently making your way to the door. It took everything you had to not flinch when the door started to move violently. But when you looked through the peephole, you couldn’t help but scream.

The woman looked up, for a brief moment she stopped fumbling with the door to look through the peephole from the other side. Her eyes were bloodshot just like the man from TV, and you could practically smell the rotting flesh from the other side of the door. You stepped away, realizing she had seen you. The door shook more violently this time, and it was then that you realized that more of her friends must have been right behind her. “Don’t make a sound,” You said as quietly as possible and grabbed Jihyun’s wrist to get him off the couch. You heard him gulp as he followed you to the dining room. “What’s going on?” Mrs. Park whispered, “When I say go, everyone run out the back door, ok?” You said. Your guests nodded, getting up silently as snarls and growling became louder by the minute. The lock was about to give in at any second, and when you heard the door burst open you yelled as loud as you could, “GO!”

You dragged Jihyun out the back door of your backyard, following your mother as she headed for the streets. “Wait where’s my parents?” Jihyun yelled, “I don’t know—“ A loud shriek was heard and you looked forward, a familiar face being surrounded by those crazy looking people. “Mom!” Jihyun yelled as he ran towards her. “Jihyun!” You said firmly and tried your best to drag him away from her, “We have to go!” His eyes looked as if they were about to break, “We can’t just leave her!” You shook your head and pushed him towards your mother and the others, “Go! I’ll catch up!” He grabbed your arm, “No! What the hell?! You’ll die!” You pulled your arm away from him, “Just get the fuck out of here already! We’ll follow!”

You ran towards Mrs. Park, grabbing her hand and helping her up before running your ass off. A crowd of abnormal people only feet away from you two as you ran. Mr. Park was in front of you, and you could tell he was not moving in a fast enough pace. “You have to go faster!” You yelled. You could tell he was trying, but there was no way that he could outrun them. You passed him, and you could already feel Mrs. Park resisting you as you tried to drag her along. “My husband!” She cried, “Wait we have to—“ A cry of pain echoed through your ears as you looked back. The crowd was gathering around Mr. Park, but you knew you couldn’t save him now. It was like you were watching him in slow motion as teeth sunk into his skin. The blood already gushing out as they ate him alive. She tore away from your grasp as she ran towards the crowd, making you stop and try to grab her.

“Get away from my husband you freaks!” She said and started pushing them away. “NO!” You screamed as one of them started getting dangerously close to her. The hot wax at the back of your throat forming as tears threatened to fall. You tried to grab her, but they had already beat you to it. “Run!” She cried, “Protect my son!” It took all of you to not stay, but when you saw a pair of bloodshot eyes meet yours you knew it was time to go. “Dammit!” You cursed and ran again, “I’m sorry Jihyun..”

You looked forward, trying your best not to look at the people who were begging for your help. “Please, help me!” You bit your lip as you tried your best to not fall apart, “You’ll burn in hell for this!” She screamed. You almost tripped when you heard a gunshot go off, and you only hoped that whoever fired it was the Army. You picked up your pace, screaming when you saw another group of them coming out of an alleyway. “No, no, no, no,” You whispered as you ran into the middle of the road. You ran down the road, seeing the back of a car driving at full speed in front of you. “HEY!” You yelled, “Let me join you!” They were your last hope to be the fastest way out of here. Behind you was the end, no more cars speeding their way out of the driveway to get out of the neighborhood. It was just you, and a rather large group of monsters following, trailing behind. It made you burst into tears when they sped up, not letting you catch up to them. “Please don’t leave me here!” You cried, and kept running, “I don’t want to die!” But you knew they weren’t going to stop, and when you saw them turn the corner your last hope had left you.

When you looked back you were outnumbered. There were too many of them to count, and they were catching up to you. When you looked forward, a bright light started shining with only one thing on your mind, “You’ll burn in hell for this!”

Your eyes opened, and you realized a dampness on your cheeks. Tears.. You sighed before wiping them off. The time read 10:41 AM, and when you looked down at the lower road you could see a hoard occupying it to the fullest. You laid on your stomach, watching as they headed west. You lowered your head when you saw one of them look up, and you could only pray that they didn’t catch you. When you looked at the start of the winding road, you silently thanked God that none of them decided to go on it.

It took a couple of hours for the hoard to completely pass by. They came from the direction of the neighborhood you were just in, and whoever warned you was right. You picked up the phone, and started to type.

‘Thank you.’

You watched as the trailing dots appeared again.


‘Wait!’ You almost yelled aloud.


‘How did you know?’

The dots didn’t appear until a couple minutes later.

‘Cuz I’m a genius.’

‘Stop fucking around’

‘That’s as much as you’ll get girlie.’

You sighed, knowing the question was a dead end.


‘What now?’

‘I..’ You hesitated,

‘I don’t know where to go.’

‘You honestly think that’s my problem?’

‘Hey you took the time to save my ass’

‘I know you care’

‘What if I was feeling nice for a couple of minutes huh?’

‘Well, I hope you’re still feeling nice.’

You were about to give up when he didn’t answer ten minutes later. But then you heard a slight buzz.

‘No one is safe.’

‘Not even me, so if you’re thinking that you can escape from all this shit you’re wrong.’

’Yeah I took the time to save you but don’t think for a second that I’d save you again.’

‘Remember, it’s every man for himself.’

You scoffed.

‘Ok asshole.’

‘I was doing a favor for both of us.’

‘Good luck trying to find someone like me out there. Wherever the hell you are anyway.’

You stood up, turning off the phone when you felt a vibration.


‘What the hell do you want?’

‘Don’t be a dumbass and go in opposite of the hoard. You’ll be glad you did.’

‘So now you’re trying to help me?’

‘Take it or not.’

You hesitated to question them, but they were right about the hoard. They could be right again.

‘Where are you leading me?’

’You are in no position to ask that.’

‘Then how the fuck am I supposed to know you aren’t trolling me?’

‘Just trust me.’

’Fool me once, shame on you.’

You shoved the phone in your pocket, gathering your stuff before walking down the hill. You took a deep breath as you stood at the end of the road. “What crazy shit have I gotten myself into now?”

—End Prologue—


Summary: You the reader are going to accept a dare Bucky Barnes has inadvertently presented to you….what could go wrong?

Warning: Slight smut ( Hee hee), Heated kissing, partial nudity, swearing (It’s in there like twice lol), angst-ish 

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1323

A/N: I decided to add some slight touching in his one yall. I’m easing my way into writing full fledged smut. I am at least 98% Sure @fvckingbuckyandsteve is going to be sick of me and my fics by the time I am done entering this contest lol. To be tagged in future fics Let me know! 

Originally posted by aesthetic-marvel

“This is not exactly what I had in mind Y/N.” Bucky spoke, a look of pure fear on his face. You had your back facing him, so naturally he missed that legendary eye roll you always gave him if he was being over dramatic.

“Well this is exactly what is happening, you should not have dared me.” You called looking behind you as you began taking off your shirt. 

“It wasn’t meant as a dare! I was joking you can’t seriously be considering this.” Bucky called out watching as you now removed the dark blue jeans you were wearing. 

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