ARIES: i wish i could be there to calm your shaking hands. please don’t be scared, i know what it’s like to fight off the demon in your bed. you can do it.

TAURUS: you’re probably walking around half an idiot right now cause of her smile, and i’m incredibly happy for you. be careful though. you’re not all sharp edges like everyone thinks.

GEMINI: you’ve got to take some time and learn to love yourself before you say you love others. yourself is the best thing you have, please don’t lose it.

CANCER: i know sometimes you think you’re not important, but let this be your reminder that you’ve got one of the largest parts of my heart and i am so grateful for you everyday.

LEO: our days are smile or go to jail but i suppose prison can’t be that bad if you’re by my side. your support is the only reason i’m standing up somedays.

VIRGO: don’t trip over your running shoes, and remember sometimes it’s alright to slow down and breathe. calm yourself, i believe in you.

LIBRA: you’re the one thing i won’t forget this month. i want your days to be sweet like lemon gelato.

SCORPIO: i miss your voice shouting back at me, and i miss the sound of his laugh. come back, you have a home here. you are loved, i promise.

SAGITTARIUS: it’ll be okay as long as you’ve got your paintbrush or something to draw with. let it all out.

CAPRICORN: revisit yourself with no one around. you’ll be surprised at what you find.

AQUARIUS: your heart is not all poison, especially if you’ve made it this far. keep doing what makes you happy. stress is not company you should keep.

PISCES: i want to hold your hand and dance to radiohead with you. do what you love, and enjoy the colors of fall. the seasons go by in the blink of an eye.


Welp, here I am, doing one of these redraw things because even when my feels are still destroyed by that last chapter, I wanted to draw my two fav matsus laughing together for the first time so far in the show (even if they started to argue only 10 seconds later)

Imagine Sirius having a little crush on you. He’d always wait for you to look at him or at least return his looks and be very disappointed when you don’t.
“What’s wrong with me, Prongs? I mean: look at me! Why doesn’t she want to look at me!?”


The Grisha Trilogy Meme - [2/7] Locations

The Unsea

“I’d seen the Shadow Fold on many maps, a black slash that had severed Ravka from its only coastline and left it landlocked. Sometimes it was shown as a stain, sometimes as a bleak and shapeless cloud. And then there were the maps that just showed the Shadow Fold as a long, narrow lake and labeled it by its other name, “the Unsea,” a name intended to put soldiers and merchants at their ease and encourage crossings. […] At first, it was like drifting into a thick cloud of smoke, but there was no heat, no smell of fire. Sounds seemed to dampen and the world became still. I watched the sandskiffs ahead of us slide into the darkness, fading from view, one after another. […] I looked back over my shoulder. The living world had disappeared. Darkness fell around us, black, weightless, and absolute. We were in the Fold. It was like standing at the end of everything.”