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horse emoji review

solid horse. a lot of unnecessary gradients, though. 7/10

yes!!! good, chunky, bodacious boy. 10/10

not sure about the outline, but! not bad. 8/10

honestly i have no words. what the fuck, samsung. 0/10

very different and unique! a fancy, sophisticated horse. 9/10

very good! adorable, nice colors! look at him smile. 10/10

very strong and majestic. you did well, facebook. 10/10

why is the horse facing to the right? other than that, i guess i have no complaints. 7/10

very flat and boring. incredibly bland. did you even try? 1/10

gorgeous. maybe she’s barn with it, maybe it’s neighbelline. 10/10

this is the emoji equivalent of “graphic design is my passion”. -5/10

Whatever you do don’t imagine Alec walking around the Institute going about his business, talking to Clave representatives, being the Head of the Institute and whatnot, and Max marching right behind him imitating his long strides and furrowed, focused brow and standing the way he stands whenever he is talking to someone and saying “look at me, I’m Alec!” in a low voice and Alec has to hide the smile on his face every time and pretend to be angry at him but he’s honestly so moved by the fact that his little brother is pretending to be him

About 2x08 Sneak Peak

Guys, have you noticed how when Maryse enters the room Alec and Izzy who were smiling at Max react completely different? Alec immediately lower his gaze while Izzy looks up defiantly. The fact Alec looks down is a sign of both submission and shame. You see, even though he chose himself and he’s finally confronting his parents, he’s still feels shame when he faces them. Alec is angry with his parents treatment of his siblings, but he still loves them and wants their respect. He wants his parents to accept Magnus, to accept himself, after all they made him suffer, he still desires their approval. So the same shame he felt all those years that made him hide who he is, that shame is still there, it didn’t disappear overnight. Then, when he looks up, you can see he transform into the good soldier, taking the serious stance of the model shadowhunter, and he even tries to stop Izzy from confronting Maryse. Izzy, however, looks Maryse right on the eyes, she has the confidence to do so because she’s angry not only for how her mother treats her siblings but for how she treats her daughter, but Izzy, unlike Alec, isn’t hiding her hurt, she’s wearing it like an armor. And then, Maryse brings up the incident with the demon out of the blue, she says it while looking at Izzy, until she mentions Jocelyn, then she looks straight into Alec’s eyes, and it must have been like a burning blade on his heart. He was just trying to get over it, trying to forget, but he hears Maryse say it out loud, facing him, with that inquisitive voice and gaze, that even if unintentionally, make it seems like she’s asking “what did you do? how could you let that happen?” This scene is so full of meaning, because it shows Alec mindset going into the episode.

concept: anne and max are sitting outside somewhere when a storm rolls in and it suddenly begins to rain. anne takes off her hat and puts it on max’s head to shield her in any way possible, then lifts her face to the sky and smiles, feeling safe and happy with max by her side (◡‿◡✿)

Training to be a leader

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(Eric x reader)

Imagine: Eric is in charge of training you to be a Dauntless leader.

part 2

Eagerly, I walked upstairs to Max’s office. After ranking first in initiation, Max had offered me a spot as a Dauntless leader. I had no idea what it would be like, but all I could say was that I was extremely excited.

I pushed open the door to his office and my heart dropped. Max was sitting and talking with Eric who had a grumpy expression on his face, as always. What was he doing here?

“Ah, congratulations Y/N, thank you for joining us today,” said Max, looking up at me.

“No problem, thank you for giving me this opportunity,” I smiled back. 

I looked over at Eric who still had not said a word, but was now glaring at me intensely. Eric had been in charge of overseeing my initiation process, and to say that I hated him was only an understatement.

“Okay, so before you officially become our next leader, first you will being undergoing a few stages of training. This year, Eric will be mentoring you. He will explain everything to you over the next few days,” said Max, before giving me a nod and standing up and walking towards his desk.

Eric also stood up and started heading out the door, but I was still in too much shock to react. Eric would be mentoring me? I already knew this was not going to be fun.

He stopped at the door and turned around to look back at me and quickly I stood up and followed him out the door. He definitely did not seem happy.

I struggled to keep up with him as I followed him to his office and he didn’t say a word to me until we were both seated in his office.

“Okay, Y/N, listen up, because I have been forced to help you become a leader, you will listen to my rules and obey them. Alright?”

I rolled my eyes at him. I admit I was absolutely terrified of him during initiation, but now that I was pretty much a leader already, I felt a lot braver standing up and Eric.

“And what if I don’t?” I asked childishly.

He let out a light mocking laugh, almost daring me to not follow his rules, but he didn’t answer my question.

“Each morning we will have a physical training stage and then you will come to my office and I will show you how everything works around here. We start at 6am,” he waved a hand dismissively at me, indicating for me to get out.

I rushed back to my room in the compound while still trying to comprehend everything. 6am? Bloody hell. I immediately jumped in bed and went to sleep, preparing myself for the hours of torture ahead.

My alarm blared loudly in the morning. 5:30. Quickly I got dressed into some appropriate training gear and rushed to the dining hall. It was almost deserted so I grabbed an apple and headed into the gym, to find Eric with his back towards me.

“You’re late.”

I checked my watch. 6:00.

“No I’m not, it’s 6am.” I replied.

He turned around and raised his eyebrows at me and looked at me questioningly. I stared back, unsure of what he was about to say.

“10 LAPS LET’S GO!,” he shouted.

Oh shit. I figured I probably should have kept my mouth shut. I cursed at him under my breath and started running slowly.

He must have heard me because he shouted back at me, “If you don’t hurry up I have no problem in making that 20.”

Even though I hated him, I definitely did not want to be running laps first thing in the morning, so I ran the rest of the laps quietly at a reasonable speed.

After my tenth lap, I was sweating and out of breath and I collapsed on the floor a few meters away from Eric. He walked over with his arms crossed and looked down at me.

“Get up, we’re sparring.”

I groaned and rolled onto my side away from him.

“Y/N get up, how am I supposed to train you if you continue to lie on the floor like that?” he said, “come on, I said we’re sparring.”

I dragged myself over to the mat where Eric was already waiting. I was really tired, but I guess I really wanted to just punch him or something, because as soon as I stood up, I felt really pumped.

We sparred for a while and occasionally I would hit him, but most of the time it ended with him pinning me to the ground and me not being able to get up.

The final time I landed on the floor again. I held my hand up indicating for a break because I was extremely bruised and out of breath.

“Are you giving up, Y/N?” he asked, pinning me down on the mat with his strong arms. “You’re going to have to learn to have more strength to be a leader.”

“Eric it’s the first day, can we just have a break?” I asked looking up at him.

“Fine, meet my in my office in 10 minutes. I trust you still remember where it is?”

I nodded and closed my eyes, ready to just sleep.

He sighed and pushed himself off me. 

“Don’t be late,” he said and left leaving me lying on the ground, wondering if there was any way I could ask Max to get Tori or someone else to train me. I didn’t even want to imagine what he would be making me do in his office.

part 2


Alec Lightwood Imagine // Maxwell. ( Request )

Genre // Fluff.

Credits to the rightful owners of these gifs.


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Request: El and Max 10 years later and they work near each other and get lunch

Okay, so this isn’t EXACTLY what you asked for, and I apologise for that, noni… but I teared up a little writing the ending, so… (also vaguely for @forfutureglory and she knows why)

In the dimly lit library, the silence was broken as the radio flicked on. El smiled down at it, humming along to the tune of California Dreamin’ by The Mamas & The Papas—her very favourite song at the moment.

Max, seated at the long oak table surrounded by books, looked up. Her face was wrought with both amusement and exasperation. “El,” she said, testily, “what on earth are you doing?”

“Dancing,” El replied easily, twirling through the stacks of books. She leaned against a shelf (which was so tall it reached the ceiling), and sang along.

Max sighed. She’d been studying for five hours straight now, which had brought El to the conclusion that it was definitely time for her best friend to take a break. “If you’re gonna dance, you’ve gotta dance right,” Max said.

She shut her book on a mark and walked over to the counter, leaning over and retrieving a bottle of scotch.

El grinned, rolling her eyes. It wasn’t often that she drank, but she’d done so more frequently with Mike away at school. She even smoked, one or twice a season, and it wasn’t a point of pride for her, but it did help calm her nerves. The first time Mike had seen her do it, he’d flipped — but had it really been so unexpected, with her being raised by Hopper (Hawkins’ most lovable chainsmoker)?

And so Max poured the drinks and El pulled out her Camel pack. She slid a cigarette between her lips with the resolution that tonight was a night for carelessness and sorrows.

Max knocked back the scotch and poured herself another in the time it took for El to light up.

“You need to chill,” El advised. “I know things have been hard—”

“No, no no,” Max grinned. “No. Tonight we do not discuss men, or school, or shitty parents of crazy pasts or monsters or whatever — tonight, my good lady, we dance.”

And so they did. The songs changed, it began to rain outside, and the clock continued to chime at every hour (though it was not heard).

At two AM, when they were both flushed and giggling, El laid back against the table and inhaled deeply from her third cigarette (she hadn’t planned on even finishing the one, but hey, time flies when you’re having fun — and so do ashes). “You know, for two women with rough childhoods, we aren’t as fucked up as I thought we’d be.”

Max nodded, now drinking straight from the bottle. She swayed on the spot — whether from dizziness, a drunken haze, the music, or all three, El didn’t know. “I miss the boys,” she said sombrely, red hair coming loose from it’s braid.

“Me too,” El confessed. Suddenly the music wasn’t so loud and she was a little more sober. She watched the smoke drift up to the ceiling and sighed. “Jesus, me too.”

Max laid down beside her and stole the cigarette. She took a long drag. “You think they miss us?”

“Of course,” El replied, for how could they not? “We’re fabulous. Their lives are dull without us.”

She fantasised, briefly, of Mike walking in just then. Grinning at her and leaning against the counter, looking a little exasperated at her smoking and a lot soaked from the weather. But the only background noise remained David Bowie. El then thought of her brothers (Will in the city, Jon in New York), and felt her heart burst.

“At least Steve and Jon are together,” Max said. “And they have Nancy to keep ’em straight.”

“Well,” El said, “I don’t know about straight, but…”

The both burst into a fit of giggles, cheeks flushing. El ashed the cigarette.

“Did you ever think that your life would be so crazy when you were younger?”

“I didn’t do much thinking when I was young,” El reminded her bitterly.

“Yeah, alright. But when we were, say, sixteen or seventeen? Did you think our siblings would be dating one another, and we’d be spread out across the country, fighting monsters every summer?”

El contemplated that. “Not really,” she confessed. “I thought we’d all be together. But life doesn’t work that way.”

Max glanced at her, smiling in a broken sort of way, and took her hand. “At least we have each other,” she said.

El smiled back. “Always.”


Hearing your name being called, you quickly turned around hearing the voice. Smiling once you saw who it was, you let your body lean against the desk.

“Hey Max”

“H-Hey ‘y/n’ whats up?” The brunette blushed lightly as she rubbed her neck watching you.

“Nothing much,just getting ready to leave class” You tease.

“Ah right” Laughing, the girl hoped she’d get up the nerve to do this.”So y/n, I have a question”

“Go for it” You kept the smile on your face.

“I actually…I wanted to ask, you know. I…if you can model for me for my project!”

Finding yourself blushing deeply, you then looked down.”I..sure Max, I’d like that”


Family Day - Camping Chronicles

Read on AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/7760350

Thank you to @clarymaureen for beta-ing this for me and thank you to @shadowhuntersbetas for connecting us 💞

“Daddy, daddy, daddy!“ Alec heard the voice of his three year old son pulling him out of his sleep. He looks over in the bed next to him and notices that Magnus is not there. Alec opens his eyes just a millimeter more to see Max staring him straight in the face.

“It’s still early, blueberry. Do you know where Papa is?” Alec asked Max as he sat up and kissed his forehead.

“Kitchen with Rafe. Special breakfast for special day he said.” Max yawned. Alec smiled as he thought of his husband and his son in the kitchen together making breakfast. He pictured Magnus in his dressing gown and his hair flattened, he loved seeing Magnus like that. It was his favourite look on him.

“Oh, I see,” Alec said as he stood up and picked Max up.

Alec strode into the kitchen and was overwhelmed by what he saw. His beautiful husband stood over the stove in his navy blue dressing gown with the letter M embroidered on the front left hand side with his World’s Best Warlock apron over the top. He had flour everywhere; on his cheeks, his nose, even in his hair. Alec couldn’t understand how Magnus still looked flawless. Magnus heard Alec giggle.

“Good Morning, Alexander.” Magnus said as he skidded across the room and planted a quick kiss on Alec’s mouth. “Did you sleep well?” Magnus asked as he took Max from Alec’s arms and placed him on the counter next to Rafael.

“Mmhmm” Alec hummed as he followed Magnus over to the stove. He pressed his lips to Magnus’ cheek and then wrapped his arms around Magnus’ waist. “Special day, huh?” Alec laughed.

“It certainly is. It’s our first trip out as a family. Speaking of which, we need to find your hiking boots before we leave.” Magnus said as he poured pancake mixture into the pan.

“I know.” Alec said before kissing Magnus’ neck. Alec could have stayed like this with Magnus all morning but he was reminded that they weren’t the only two in the kitchen by two giggles from across the room. Alec untangled his arms from around Magnus’ waist and made his way over to the counter.

“Having fun are we?” Alec said raising an eyebrow at his sons. Rafael was covered in flour; just like Magnus.

“I was helping daddy make breakfast.” Rafael said.

“I can see that. I’m sure you did a great job too.” Alec laughed and then kissed Rafael’s forehead.

“Voila.” Magnus said as he set two plates down on the table and turned around to grab two more. “Breakfast is served.”

Alec lifted Rafael down off the counter and placed him on the chair. He turned back to get Max but Magnus was already carrying him to the table. Alec sat down and looked at the wonderful food before him. Magnus had made pancakes and waffles. Blue sparks shot from Magnus’ fingertips and syrup, blueberries, and bananas flew across the room and landed on the table. Max and Rafael clapped their hands and laughed. Alec loved seeing his children laugh and he loved that it was Magnus who made them laugh. Seeing this little moment where the four of them were smiling and laughing together, just made Alec fall more in love with his family.

Alec watched in amazement as the familiar blue sparks came again, this time lifting the maple syrup and pouring it onto Rafael’s stack of pancakes first and then Max’s. Although Alec had seen Magnus’ magic plenty of times before, it never got old. Alec was always astonished and rather smitten that his husband could perform such things. Using his one hand to pick up the knife next to his plate, Alec used his other hand to reach across the table and grab a banana. He peeled back the skin and cut it up. Popping a piece into his mouth, he gave some of the pieces to Max and some to Rafael.

Magnus’ cat eyes shone as he watched Alec. He could always be himself around him, Magnus didn’t need the glamour to hide his eyes and he didn’t need to use the usual level of sarcasm. He didn’t even have to be the high warlock of Brooklyn, he was just Magnus. Although the magic was a tremendous advantage.

“Are you all packed, darlings?” Magnus asked.

Rafael said “Yes I can’t wait!” and at the same time Max answered “Yup!”

“Well maybe you could help Daddy get packed because he’s still not finished.” Magnus said as he watched Alec stuff pancakes into his mouth.

Alec raised his eyebrow and tried to swallow the pancakes that were inside his mouth. “Maybe if someone didn’t keep distracting me then I would be finished.” Alec mumbled with his mouth still full. Magnus and Alec stared at each other for a few moments before Magnus burst into laughter, shortly followed by Alec and then Max and Rafael.

Alec swallowed the remains of his food and set his fork down. “I’ll go and finish off packing so we can leave soon and get there before lunch.”

“I can help.” Rafael grinned and then threw his hands up for Alec to pick him up.

“Max and I will sort this mess out.” Magnus said as he ruffled Max’s hair.

“Ok, we won’t be long.” Alec said as he picked Rafael up and walked to his room.

Alec sat Rafael down on the bed and pulled his suitcase from out of the closet. He laid it down on the floor and flew it open.

“Is it just going to be us four there, Daddy?” Rafael asked Alec.

“I think so Rafe, Papa tried to pick a day where there was little to no people so we could ensure we have the best time.”

“We better get there fast.” Rafael said and he jumped off the bed and ran into Alec’s closet.

“I’ll tell you what, why don’t you pack my clothes and I’ll pass them to you.” Alec said as he reached into the wardrobe and brought Rafael out. Alec swung Raphael around and Rafael giggled “Ok, Daddy.”

Alec passed several black t-shirts to Rafael, who carefully folded them and placed them in Alec’s suitcase. He then continued to pass him three pairs of black jeans, two leather jackets and a pair of sweatpants with a matching tee. Alec rummaged through a fallen pile of clothes and found an old, mahogany box. There you are, he thought. Alec had been searching for the box everywhere. He knew he’d bought it into the apartment he just couldn’t quite remember where he’d put it.

“You sure like to her colour black don’t you, Daddy?” Rafael giggled.

“It’ll grow on you.” Alec laughed and walked over to the bed. “Come here Rafe, I have a gift for you.”

Rafael dropped the tee into the suitcase and walked over to Alec who lifted him on the bed next to him. “Now, what I am about to give you is something every Shadowhunter needs. I was given one when I was your age, and so were Auntie Izzy and Uncle Jace. Are you ready?” Alec smiled.

“Yes.” Rafael’s eyes lit up in excitement. “I’m ready.”

“Good.” Alec said as he handed the box to Rafael.

Rafael slowly lifted the lid open on the box. He was trying his best to be calm but once he caught sight of what was in the box, he almost jumped off the bed with excitement. “Is this a stele?” Rafael asked. “My very own stele?”

“Yes Rafe, it is. Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it. I’m the first one out of all my friends to have one. Thank you, daddy.” Rafael said as he jumped into Alec’s arms. Alec hugged Rafael close to his chest and kissed the side of his head.

“You better keep it safe.” Alec laughed.

“Oh I will, don’t you worry.” Rafael let go of Alec and put the stele back in the box. “Can you keep it safe for me until we get back from camping? I wouldn’t want to lose it.”

“Of course my little bean.” Alec said as he ruffled Rafael’s hair and took the box back. “Now why don’t you go see if Papa needs any help, I’ll finish up here.”

Rafael hopped off the bed and ran straight for the kitchen. Alec got up and placed the box back in the wardrobe.

“Mags, where did you say you saw my hiking boots?” Alec called from the bedroom.

“Check under the bed, I could have sworn I’d seen them there last night while I was packing.” Magnus replied from the kitchen.

Alec nodded and headed straight for the bed. Kneeling down, he rummaged around through all of the boots and sneakers before finally coming across his hiking boots. Alec smiled in success as he stood up and set his boots in his suitcase. His bag was practically empty compared to Magnus’: Alec had only packed for a three day weekend while Magnus had packed for an entire week. There was no way he needed it all, but as he told him last night, “Alexander, anything could happen.”

“There,” Alec sighed to himself. “All done.” Alec zipped up his suitcase and wheeled it out, setting it next to his husband’s at the front door. He walked to the kitchen, leaning on his forearms on the marble counter.

“Did you find them, darling?” Magnus asked, pecking Alec’s lips before going back to filling up the blue cooler with all sorts of food and drinks.

Alec smiled, “Mmhmm.”

He closed the top of the cooler. “Splendid! Now we can get going soon.” Magnus said. “Did you pack enough in there for the long weekend?“

“I know you sure did,” Alec chuckled as he ran his hand down Magnus’ robe. “You have a bigger suitcase than I do. Tell me, is most of it your makeup supplies?”

“Alexander, you can never have too much make-up. Besides, you want me to look good, don’t you?” Magnus teased.

“You already look good.” Alec said as he grabbed Magnus by his robe and pulled him in for a kiss.

Magnus set the cooler next to their bags before wrapping his arms around Alec’s middle, his hands splayed out on his hips. Alec weaved his arms around Magnus’ neck, pressing a chaste kiss to his mouth.

“You should go get ready.” Alec said in between pecks.

“You’re right.” Magnus said. He broke away from Alec and headed to the bedroom. Alec smiled as his husband disappeared behind the door and then headed for the bathroom.

Alec turned off the tap and heard a tiny voice yell “Daddy!”

“Alec!” Magnus called out of the bedroom.

“I got it.”

Alec walked into Max’s bedroom to find a small boy sitting in the middle of the messy room. The boy’s blue hair was dishevelled; he’d ran his fingers through it constantly. He had on tan cargo shorts and a black t-shirt.

“I need help,” he said, looking down at the small red suitcase that was open on the floor. Clothes and books were thrown in there carelessly. “Which one should I bring?”

Alec sat down next to his son, looking through what all he had packed. “I see you have all of your pirate figures,” he mused. “But I think that they would all be much more comfortable here. They can watch the house while we’re gone.” He then proceeded to take out the toys and hold them up as he listed them off. “You can only take one, okay, Max? Now, do you want to take Jack? Will? Or Barbosa?”

Max sat back and bit his lip in thought. “Jack!” He finally stated, reaching up, grabbing the toy and hugging it to his chest. “He’s the best pirate ever. I’m going to be a pirate like him one day.”

“Yes you are. Right, it’s settled then. Jack is going camping with us!” Alec smile, “Now let’s fix this suitcase.” Alec turned around to where the suitcase had been lying open just moments before. But it wasn’t there.

“How’s it coming in here?” Magnus asked. He leaned against the door frame with the packed suitcase next to him.

“How long have you been there for?” Alec laughed.

“Long enough to know that we need to get going and you are the worst person to help someone get packed.” Magnus chuckled.

“Well I won’t argue with you on that.” Alec laughed. “Come on Max let’s go see if Rafe is all done.”

“Oh he is.” Magnus laughed. “He’s waiting by the bags. Now are you ready to get going?”

“Of course.” Alec smiled and walked towards Magnus. He pecked him on the lips and carried Max’s suitcase to the door.

“Papa!” Max said as he ran towards Magnus, who then lifted him up and carried him to the front door.


 commissioned by digital-skyline

Where Mr. Jefferson took the class to a marine museum for a Photography project:

-Max is holding her polaroid camera in her hands, a little lowered down from her face, as if she just finished taking a picture but her attention was suddenly caught by something that made her smile

- That ‘something’ being Victoria, who from the other side of the aquarium was a little too immersed in the scenery, having one of her palms lightly pressed onto the aquarium glass, watching the fish swim by. but as she, inevitably, notices Max too, looking at her with this cute smile on her face (because honestly imagine the 'queen beeatch’ of blackwell 'showing weakness’ and staring at fish swimming like a child on a christmas morning. that is bound to make you smile!) so Victoria is looking a little caught off guard by Max gazing at her with that smile on her face but it also makes her blush a little because the goddamn hipster trash just happened to look infuriatingly cute in that moment and how dare she??

  • Max: *seeing Chloe* Um... Warren is my... boyfriend *nervous exhale*
  • Warrren: *shock*
  • Kate: *jumping happy*
  • Warren: Yes... FINALLY!
  • Max: *smile*
  • Warren: hear that everybody? Max Caulfield is my girlfriend! *run and open the door* MAX CAULFIELD'S MY GIRLFRIEND! *leaves the house*
  • Kate: *seeing Max and both smile*
  • Warren: *still screaming outside* MAX CAULFIELD'S MY GIRLFRIEND!
  • Kate and Max: *what face*
  • Chloe: *smile*
  • Max: ok, so when I picture the moment he wasn't running away screaming...

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Max held Phoenix closely to his chest as he strolled through the courtyard. There was a bright, proud smile on his face as he B-lined it straight to his dad's favorite spot. As assumed, his dad was lying in the grass and Max picked up his pace. He stood over Goofy, "Hey daaaad..." He said in a hushed force, "There's someone you need to meeeeet."

Goofy hum softly as he watch the clouds floating in the sky through he had puzzled look on his face seeing his son was in sight and seen excited about something “hey max and who am l supposed to met?” The knight ask as he sat up curious what the younger goof wanted to show him

002; taehyung

“It reminded me of you,” (002)

“It reminded me of you,”

Your lap that was once just with your book, is now replaced with a stuffed animal that is almost twice your size. It’s a white, cotton-filled and fluffed up bear with eyes that seem so warm despite it being fully black. Its paws are light pink, delicate and gentle-like as its brown nose urges you to stroke it with your fingertips. This bear has ears that are like half-moons and a big red heart sown to its belly, bringing a grin to your face, your cheeks blushing, mirroring one of the cutest things you’ve ever had and Taehyung’s heart is about to combust when you look so happy.

“What’s this?” You whisper, in awe as your book is completely ignored, your hands now going around the bear so you can hug it. Taehyung smiles fondly at the way you press it to your chest, eyes squinting to the max where it’s overjoyed and Taehyung’s eyes would form hearts if ever possible. Then again, with you, anything is.

“We went downtown for a half-day break and I saw it when we passed by one of the shops,” He rubs the nape of his neck, remaining on his knees in front of you and his box square shows just as you pull the bear away to show it to him, “It’s so cute…!”

“Just like you.”

Rewatching Timebreaker

The camera wobbles when Tom runs past it omg

Ayyyy it’s moustache-butler

Also these posh glasses are a really cool shape


According to the magic watch it’s nearly 2.30, just thought you ought to know that. I’m assuming that’s 2.30PM, not AM.

Okay so Ivan and Rose are friends, Nathanaël is shorter than both Adrien and Chloé, some djwifi biz is going on, and Juleka is… giving Sabrina advice??? What’s she doing??? It looks important???

I am loving the expressions on their faces, Marinette really got that spot on

This isn’t even important I just want you to see how adorable these happy smiling children are in case you haven’t adopted them yet (and considering lots of them die horribly later on it’s probably best to appreciate this moment now) (also Juleka has clearly mastered the ability of teleportation)

Their faces after Max shoved them apart

I have no words

This child and his facial expressions… someone stop him

Also why is Sabrina randomly carrying an atlas

Sabine keeps changing the side the flower’s on in her hair, maybe it kept falling off or something idk man

Okay they’re adorable when they’re shocked too

Why does she always look like she’s judging you???

So while everyone else is like “Oh poor Alix, her watch got broken, etc” Juleka’s like “Who is that awesome supervillain over there omg”

Now they’re both judging me… nvm it’s not like I needed sleep for the next three weeks anyway


Hey, isn’t that the kid I adopted from the Copycat episode? SHE BETTER NOT HAVE MURDERED HIM TOO

The flower switched sides again

I wonder what the S on the helmet stands for… Also Alix’s eyebrows are brown so I guess that’s her natural hair colour

Hawk Moth was so overdramatic this episode. He should just quit being a supervillain and be an actor instead

All I know about Overwatch:

  • TF2 but u can be a girl
  • Zarya is a fucking Valkyrie
  • One guy looks like he belongs on Hoarders
  • Mei is innocent
  • Nobody can understand the British person
  • That one chick with the red Naruto stripes on her face MLGs
  • Do not fuck the spider
  • Boosted Mad Max sales??? I don’t fucking know
  • The guy with a lot of arms is the opposite of Fred from Scooby Doo bc he won’t let anyone split up
  • Lúcio has the purest smile

“You know,” Kate started, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “I read online somewhere that a twenty second hug is beneficial to your health.”

Max blinked blearily up from her homework, dark circles and stress prominent on her face.

“Is this your way of asking me for a hug?” A hint of a smile twisted at the corners of her lips.

“Well, I mean–” Kate wrung the hem of her shirt between her hands. “Exams are really taking their toll on y–me–everyone. I just thought it’d be nice, maybe.” She opened her arms slightly, ducking her head with a hopeful expression.

Max laughed and stood, leaning into Kate and pressing her face into her shoulder.

Gabrielle placed the cup of coffee in front of the older boy with a smile before moving back around to the other side of the island counter top to keep chopping up the honeydukes chocolates for the cookies. “Oh, don’t give me that look, Maxi, I’m not baking them for you, specifically. I have other people that like these as well, you know.” She said, but the telling grin on her face, as well as the way she refused to meet his eyes said otherwise. “Anyway, how was your summer?”


Can we just talk about our A++ casting for a second?? Whenever I see photos of Em and Matt together I just think about how well the casting directors did. They’re actually believable siblings. I mean

they pose like this together

they have very similar smiles if you ask me

Emeraude has to look up to see his face can you just imagine Isabelle on her tiptoes trying to be intimidating or Alec always petting her head to make her mad or something come on

it genuinely seems like they’re friends, so that’s important when playing siblings obviously

Then you throw smol Max into the equation

The Lightwood children just I can’t they’re all so adorable together. I can’t wait to see them interacting with each other in the show just ok I’m done obsessing over the Lightwoods for now I just wanted to talk about them I love them alright