look at max face & smile


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..

Juice Ortiz Journals

A/N: Request from @wiild-nirvanaaa
Juice drops Abel off to preschool for a week, finding himself attracted to Abel’s teacher. Shenanigans ensue. I had so much fun writing this, I hope you like it, lovely! No warnings :)

Monday, 12th February, 10:00am, convenience store parking lot

Dear diary,

Just met my future wife. She is made of sunshine and I’m already in love with her.

I got asked to take Abel to school this morning because everyone was busy. I thought I could just drop him off and head back to TM but I’m now lovesick, humiliated and eating a box of shame donuts in the carpark of the convenience store.
Why did I think it was a good idea to tell his teacher, Miss Jones, that I was available? She only asked me where Jax and Tara were, and I told her they were busy with work this week and needed a hand getting Abel to school. That would have been enough, but then she asked me for my name. I said, and I quote, “Mr Single & Ready to Mingle”.
I should have told her I was “Mr Idiot and Desperate.” That would have been more accurate.
Thankfully she laughed and I had a moment to recover when she said I could call her Max. I told her she could call me Juice, and managed not to say she could “call me anytime”.

Oh God, I’ve eaten five donuts and now I have “Me & Mrs Jones” stuck in my head.
I’m going to have to move towns now. Excommunicate myself from SAMCRO. They’d never let me transfer as a Nomad once they hear about this, they’ll all be dead from laughter. 

Monday, 10:00pm, still thinking about my secret shame

Maybe I can get Happy to mercy kill me, as a favour.

Tuesday, 13th February, 1:00pm, TM Garage, hiding under a car pretending to work

Dear diary,

Had to take Abel again today. Jax asked if it would be alright if I took Abel to school all week, and because I’m a glutton for punishment, I said yes.
Max didn’t say anything about my misfortune of tongue yesterday, so I assumed she must be some sort of angel. She sure looks like one.
Brown, wavy hair, pretty pale skin, and she smiles a lot. Not like, mentally deranged, unblinking smiling. Genuine smiling, blinking the right amount. It turns me in to an idiot.

Not an idiot like that time I fed that dog meth and it bit Tig’s behind, just an idiot where my brain doesn’t brain anymore and my mouth doesn’t mouth anymore.
I told her I would be dropping off Abel all week. As I was leaving she asked me to remind Jax and Tara to send a paint shirt in with Abel tomorrow as they were painting Valentine’s Day cards.
I said I would let them know, and if they needed someone to come play Cupid, I looked great in a diaper. She laughed and I’m pretty sure it was because she thought it was funny, and not because she was scared of me and was trying to keep me pacified.
I mean, I did look fetching in a diaper, but it’s not something you say to any sane person you were trying to impress.
Then again, I’m not sane, but I only ate 3 shame donuts today, so that’s a win.

Wednesday, 14th February, 11:15am, clubhouse

Dear diary,

I’ve never felt more ashamed in my life. 

I felt like the universe was sending me a sign that since Max hadn’t called the authorities on me for my performance the last few days, it meant that she liked me. I figured that since it was Valentine’s Day, I would make a small, sweet gesture. If she liked it, then it would confirm my suspicions and I would ask her out the next morning.
It pains me to recount this, diary, but you have to take the good with the bad. You don’t have triumphs without trials. When you go through hell, just keep going. If ‘plan A’ doesn’t work, there’s 25 other letters in the alphabet.

When did you become a writer for Hallmark, Juicy Boy? - Chibs

Still Wednesday, 11:35am, locked in the clubhouse bathroom, Chibs swearing at me through the door

Just beat Chibs over the head with my journal and now I’m hiding out so I have some privacy to write about my pain without being killed.

So I decided to compose a poem for Max to tell her how much I liked her without actually telling her to her face. Because if I’ve learnt anything, someone can’t reject you if you’re not there to hear it. You just avoid any area of town they happen to frequent and pretend like nothing happened.
I taught the poem to Abel, rehearsing it in the car all evening while he was eating dinner and on the way to school in the car. Jax and Tara had invited me over to thank me for helping with Abel.
Jax thought it was weird that I was getting his kid to be my wingman, but Tara thought it was cute, and we all know who the real genius in that relationship is.
(Hint, it’s not that blond ferret.)

It was game time, Abel had repeated the poem perfectly to me and I had given him a copy of it written down in case he got stage fright. I was just gonna get him to give her the note, but I thought it was more romantic coming from the kid.
On the note I had put “Wanna get dinner this Friday night? Yes/No”. Abel just had to give it over to her and bring it back with her answer.
Instead of walking him right up to the room, I hung back a little. I would go unnoticed, but I stood close enough to the door that I could hear. He must have gotten stage fright, because he just grabbed the note and gave it straight to her. I waited, watching as Max opened the note, ready to pat myself on the back.
Instead, she scrunched up her face, signature smile completely gone. Max looked up, searching for me, and came over.
“Juice, I’m sorry, but this is frankly immature. And having Abel deliver this for you is grossly inappropriate. If anything like this happens again, I’ll be reporting it.”
Before I had the chance to say anything, she turned and walked in to the classroom.

I walked out of the school and got in the car, so confused as to what went wrong. I hadn’t gone with the dirty limerick Chibs had taught me, so when I opened the note, I was shocked to see that it was something all together different than the one I had intended to pass on.
It was a crude stick figure drawing, of both myself and Max in a very R-rated position. I had to congratulate the artist, for their accuracy of my mohawk and tattoos on a stick figure, but deduct points for the over-exaggeration of Miss Jones’ breasts.

After my shock had worn off, I realised who had done it. Jax. He was the only Son who knew of my plan.
The betrayal cut deep, and I sped away from the school to the store, buying a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, dipping my shame donuts in to my shame ice cream. 
If it wasn’t going to cause my untimely death, I would have gone to the clubhouse and murdered our prez right then and there.
Instead, I stuck his hand in a bowl of warm water while he napped on the couch in the clubhouse. Take that, Pisspants Teller.

Wednesday, 11:42am, still locked in the clubhouse toilet, Chibs and now Jax swearing at me through the door.

This is my home now. I’m never getting out of here alive. Worth it.

Thursday, 15th February, 5:15pm, my room, clubhouse

Dear diary,

There is literally no greater romantic genius than myself.

I managed to get out of the bathroom, relatively unscathed. I’m on bathroom cleaning duties for a week, but I’ll get a prospect to do it.

I went to the hospital to visit Tara to get some romantic advice. I told her about what happened, and after Tara called and scolded Jax for 15 minutes, she told me that she would be happy to call the school and speak to Max to explain.
I told her how kind it was, but I wouldn’t want poor Abel to have to leave the school because his father is a sadist.
Tara said that I could go tomorrow with Abel to explain myself, and she was certain that flowers and the temptation of a romantic, quiet dinner at a small restaurant was sure to work.

Today, diary, I would make my final grand gesture before giving up on love.
I woke up and drove over to Clay and Gemma’s house early in the morning to swipe a few bunches of flowers from Gemma’s garden. I wanted fresh flowers but the store didn’t open until 8:30.
I went before the sun came up so I wouldn’t be busted. Gemma would have killed me, but that was a risk I was willing to take in the name of love.

I picked up Abel and we drove to the school. I made sure to congratulate Abel on his successful mission yesterday, because even though his father is a treacherous hot mess crapbag, the kid did good. I wasn’t going to be the one responsible for his potential future self esteem issues just because his dad is a-

Come on, Juice, the picture was hilarious. Also, don’t cuss me out in your little diary, I am your prez and I can put you on bathroom duties for two weeks if I want. - Jax

As I was saying, I drove my hilarious, majestic, king-like friend’s heir to his place o’ learnin’. We got to the classroom, and Max’s face was one of slight disappointment, but she seemed to be a lot calmer than the previous morning.
This is how it went down.

Juice: Max, before you say anything, let me apologise for yesterday. I don’t want to name names, but the person behind the note you received thought that by giving you theirs instead of the one I had prepared, they would display wit and humour. Please forgive him, as I have. His mother didn’t hug him enough. If you w-

Ortiz, you’re full of shit. Abel told me you begged her to forgive you and you asked her out to McDonalds, you tight arse. You’ve been hanging out with Happy too often. Oh, and you’re on toilet duty for a month. I told the prospects to tell me if you try get them to do it. - Jax

Oh my God, Jax, get out of my room!! I didn’t ask her to McDonalds, you redneck! I asked her to the burger joint on Main Street. I wanted to keep it simple, so there was no pressure and we had a comfortable place to get to know each other.

But she already knows you’re a twat. What else could she possibly need to know? - Chibs

Well you can both go screw yourselves, she said yes, that I was sweet and we’re going out tomorrow night. Success!


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 commissioned by digital-skyline

Where Mr. Jefferson took the class to a marine museum for a Photography project:

-Max is holding her polaroid camera in her hands, a little lowered down from her face, as if she just finished taking a picture but her attention was suddenly caught by something that made her smile

- That ‘something’ being Victoria, who from the other side of the aquarium was a little too immersed in the scenery, having one of her palms lightly pressed onto the aquarium glass, watching the fish swim by. but as she, inevitably, notices Max too, looking at her with this cute smile on her face (because honestly imagine the 'queen beeatch’ of blackwell 'showing weakness’ and staring at fish swimming like a child on a christmas morning. that is bound to make you smile!) so Victoria is looking a little caught off guard by Max gazing at her with that smile on her face but it also makes her blush a little because the goddamn hipster trash just happened to look infuriatingly cute in that moment and how dare she??

All because of a Bet

@queenkubdel @thecrazydragonlady @instantwaffles You asked for the Mermaid! Kimax AU, and here you go.

This was not possible.

It was scientifically, anatomically impossible.

Max pinched himself in the arm just to see if he wasn’t dreaming or having a weird ocean-induced hallucination.


The other boy was still there, lying unconscious on his stomach, at the shore, right next to him along with all the wood rubble from the boat.

Taking a deep breath as he stood up with shaking legs, Max blinked several times to confirm that, indeed, there was still a half man, half fish in front of him.

(And a very handsome one, too)

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Baby Blues Ch.2

happy October my peeps! ya’ll ready for chapter 2? HERE IT IS

I would love some feedback!!)))))))

Baby blues Ch.2

It was around mid October, the air was crisp and the sky a nostalgic grey. David was at work, which means max was the one having to deal with an emotionally, and very needy, Gwen. She had already watched at least four episodes of Doctor who, Used two whole boxes of tissues, and nearly strangled max in a hugging fit once. The sooner that baby was here, the better. Max honestly didn’t know how David handled her on a bad day.

Max finally convinced her to get off the couch, David didn’t want her to sit down all day in one spot because it was “Bad for her back, and the baby’s health.”

Ok, sure. He opened the fridge, grabbing some pillsbury cookie dough.

“Ok,” he started , “let’s, I don’t know, bake something together. That’s what normal mom’s do right?”

She looks at him for a moment, kinda confused, but then smiles. He tries to push her away as she ruffles his hair.

“Aw you wanna spend the day with mom huh? I know you haven’t gotten that much attention since we found  out about the baby.”

He blushed fiercely and buried his face, “NO THAT’S NOT IT FUCK.”

She put a hand on her stomach and sat down next to the small flustered ball of fluff.

“Oh… Well i mean if you just wanted cookies that’s ok too..”

She looked to her lap, pretending to be a bit hurt. Max, on the other hand, took her as being serious. He looked at her apologetically. “No… no i’m sorry. I mean, I never had the chance to.. Do this kind of stuff with my..”

She looked over at Max, hurt on his face. She smiled and pulled him in for a gentle hug.

“Hey now, it’s ok. I didn’t mean it like that, i was just teasing.” She rubbed circles into his back, and he would never admit it, but he honestly wished she would hug him more often. If david ever found out, he’d be glued to him forever, he already knew that much.

He smiled at her and nodded. “So why cookies? I thought you hated baking and shit?”

She already kinda figured it might be david’s doing, but chose to let him believe it was his original idea. Max looked over to the dough pack.

“ I don’t know,” he stopped, “The movies always make it look so fun i guess, I always wanted her to do it with me. She hated sweets though.”

He made his infamous grumpy face right after speaking though. Maybe this was his idea after all. Whoa.

It had taken almost a year for max to start being more open about his thoughts and opinions. David and Gwen were so proud of him, and even started rewarding him when he was honest about feeling sad or stressed. David figured, if punishment mad a child close in on their feelings, rewarding their honesty could help them open up!

It actually seemed to work though, that, Gwen had not expected from the redhead.

She picked up the small boy, and set him on the counter to sit at her eye level. “I know you didn’t get a lot of attention, not the attention needed anyway.” She held him close, like a sobbing infant would be held to his mother, “but look, I’m Gwen. This is your home. You feel like you need to talk, or just need a hug, i’m here. We’re here.”

He shook for a moment, but ended up wrapping around her tightly.

“Promise me.”

She was confused, “what?”

He held closer, and didn’t look up.

“promise me you and that smiling idiot won’t ever leave.”

She smiled again, and pulled him closer, “I promise. We love the hell outta you, and we don’t plan on ever getting rid of you.”

He pulled back, wiped away his tears, and smiled.


She wiped away the tears she had not even noticed collecting in her eyes.

“Also, david doesn’t find out about this…thing. Capisci?’’

She laughed lightly, “Ok.’’

The rest of the time was them spent making cookies, shaped like stars and bats and pumpkins. Max even made a special one reshaped for david, shaped like a dick. He could say it was his best work yet.

When they were done, they used the orange frosting from in the fridge. At one point though, it had turned into a frosting war. Frosting was on Gwens nose, in Max’s hair, on the counter, and.. The wall?


Well, it didn’t matter. It especially didn’t matter when David just so happened to walk in on the mess, his wife and son laughing. He could barely believe his eyes, save the mess, he could believe that. He had insisted on getting the camera out, only to be ambushed by frosting filled hugs.

Life was good, and finally, after all this time, max felt so loved. He didn’t even try to hide his grin when David hugged them.

Back Again - Adam Milligan One Shot


Could you please write on where Adam returns from the cage and finds out that the reader has moved on and he gets jealous and wins her back only for hard core make up sex. Please

Word Count: 2,800

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: A bit of jealousy and mention of some scars but other than that, just fluffy smut :)

Back Again

You sighed as you opened your eyes, staring down at the warm arm that was wrapped around your waist. You felt your boyfriend snuggle up closer behind you, still sound asleep lying peacefully behind you. You turned over to look at him, and smiled at his serene face. Max was handsome and sweet, sensible and respectful and honestly everything a girl should want, or at least that’s what you told yourself as he slowly fluttered his eyes open.

“Good morning beautiful.” He spoke softly, running kiss fingers delicately over you cheek and giving you a loving kiss. You kissed back, always impressed by how charming and caring he was; how could a girl want more? You couldn’t ask for anything better. That didn’t stop your mind flickering to someone else as he lips pressed against yours, but you pushed those thoughts aside knowing they would only get you upset. Adam has been gone for too long, you had to try and be happy again.

“Morning Max.” You interlocked fingers with him, hoping your smile looked more genuine than it felt as you curled back up against, happy to be held tightly because it ebbed the loneliness you felt now that Adam wasn’t around.

“I’ve got to get to work okay (Y/n),” He quickly noted glancing up at the alarm clock and pulling away from you. “I hope you have a nice day of relaxing and let me know if you want me to come over later. If not, I’ll call you at the weekend?” He spoke quickly as he got dressed, but he gave you one last kiss before he sprinted out the door, leaving you in bed.

You liked that Max never pressured you to have him over, and he always called when he said he would and you felt fine around him, but it was nothing like the way you had felt about Adam. You had been childhood sweethearts and were on track for marriage and a life together without a doubt until he went missing one day and hadn’t been seen since. You held on to the hope he would come back at some point but as time passed you faced the fact that you would have to rebuild your life, without him.

You had been dating Max for a couple of months, and he was a great guy, but you just couldn’t shake the feeling that Adam had been your one and only, and no one else would ever quite feel the same. You and Adam weren’t a perfect couple, you fought and frustrated each other sometimes, but you had something very real; you had a one of a kind soft of love. You both felt completely at ease together and constantly knew how the other felt and together you were an unstoppable team. You wanted to be mad at him for disappearing and for making it so hard to move on, but you missed him every day and it never hurt less to be away from him.

You slowly dragged yourself out of bed, grabbing a quick shower before you threw on a summery dress since your apartment was pretty warm and it was a sunny day outside. You had the day free so you weren’t really sure what you were planning to do, but you figured you could go for a walk and just see where it lead you. You made yourself a cup of tea, then your heart almost stopped when you heard urgent knocking on your door. You walked over and opened the door, figuring maybe Max had left something here, but it wasn’t him…It was Adam.

You just stared at his desperate, dark face and completely forgot how to breathe. You had pictured this so many times, him showing up at your door and everything going back to normal, but now that he was here you couldn’t quite believe it. You must still be dreaming right? Your hand moved independently from your mind, slowly rising up and brushing over Adam’s sunken cheek.

You gasped as you felt his familiar warmth against the back of your hand and you had no control of the tears that welled up in your eyes as you looked him up and down. He looked exhausted and frightened, his hair was a mess and his eyes were red from crying, but he was still unmistakeably your Adam.

“(Y/n)?” He croaked out, his voice cracking as tears began to fall from his eyes, and small smile creeping across his face. His tears pulled you back to reality and instantly you wrapped your arms around neck, holding him so tightly you thought you might break his now frail body in half. You sobbed into his chest and he nuzzled his face into your hair, breathing in your comforting scent after so long and feeling intense joy wash over him now that he was back in your arms.

You could barely breathe between sobs, let alone speak, but you managed to usher him in, shutting the door and perching on your sofa, worried that if you didn’t sit down you might collapse. Adam knelt in front of you, clutching your hands like they were his most precious possession and staring up at you with so much love and awe in his eyes.

“You were gone…what happened?” You managed to choke out, finally feeling your cheeks dry off as you began to calm down a little.

“I went through Hell while I was gone, and it’s hard to explain where I’ve been but please believe me that thinking about you was the only thing that got me through it.” He kissed your forehead as he stood up talking a few steps around your apartment as if he was remembering the many wonderful nights he had spent here with you.

“I am so sorry that I was gone for so long, and I know it must have been confusing and scary and I hated being away from you! But none of that matters now (Y/n), because I was saved and now I’m back and we can be together again like we were always meant to be. I love you so much and I just want to get our lives together back on tra-“ He wandered around as he spoke before he froze all of a sudden, slowly  picking up one of the photos that rested on your coffee table.

You forced your feet to take some steps towards him to see what had thrown him off until you saw what picture he was holding; it was you and max kissing. It was only taken a few weeks ago, but you figured having it around might help you think about how happy Max could make you. Adam stared down at it like it was burning through his hand, his jaw tense as he slowly put the frame back down.

“I love you, but you’ve moved on?” His tone was firm, his eyes still fixed to the photo, even as you moved closer towards him.

“I never stopped loving you Adam, but you were gone for so long, that I had to try to move on.” You tried to explain, taking Adam’s hand softly and rubbing little circles on the back of it with your thumb. He shuddered at your touch, overwhelmed with how perfect it felt when you touched him, but his heart was still breaking.

“Do you love this guy?” He spat out the word ‘love’ like it left a bad taste it his mouth and you quickly shook your head, desperate for Adam to know how much you care about him.

“I love you Adam. I was so scared! I didn’t know where you had gone and if you were okay and I missed you so much…” You felt a lump in your throat forming as you thought about all the nights you spend crying yourself to sleep clutching one of his shirts, fearing for his life. You stopped speaking before another tear could fall and instead you cupped his cheek bringing your lips to his.

It was like something clicked in both of you, instantly deepening the kiss and smiling into it like you always would. In that moment it was like you had never been away from each other, except for the aching need you both felt that could only come from being away from the one you love for so long. He gripped your waist tightly, almost possessively, as if he needed to feel that you were his and no one else’s.

You stumbled backwards in your passionate kiss, finding yourself in the bedroom were you and Adam had said your first ‘I love you’s and shared hundreds of lazy, sweet mornings. But right now you both needed something much more intense, as your hands feverishly ran over his body like you were retracing your steps and remembering every part of him. Your hands instinctively began unbuttoning his shirts, knowing what you wanted before you could even form a coherent thought. Adam lips moved to your neck, overwhelmed as he was reintroduced to how sweet your skin tasted to him. You could hear him faintly moaning against your neck,

“My (Y/n). Mine, all mine.” You smiled at his jealousy at just seeing a single photo and you loved how much he cared about never losing you. You gasped as he nibbled at your ear before leaving little marks on the most sensitive spots on your neck and collar bone. You pushed his shirt off his shoulders and traced the outline of his toned stomach with your fingertips noticing a whole host of scars that definitely weren’t there when he had disappeared a year ago. He recoiled slightly as you stared at him, wanting to ask a million questions about the last year but not wanting to end up upsetting him by forcing him to talk before he was ready. He shifted uncomfortably, ashamed of his flaws when he was stood in front of someone he saw as complete perfection.

“I’m sorry, I know they’re not very nice to look at…” He shrunk back, wrapping his arms around his stomach self-consciously but you stopped his thought, bending down to kiss his scars softly.

“You’re still the most gorgeous,” *kiss”, “handsome” *kiss*, “sexy” *kiss* “guy in the world and I love you Adam.” You purred, moving your lips slowly down his stomach until you reached the waistband of his jeans. You looked up at him mischievously as you quickly unbuttoned his jeans pulling them down along with his boxers, wanting to feel closer to him after being apart so long.

He groaned in pleasure as you pumped over him a few times with your hand before you licked the length of him slowly. God you had missed the way he moaned your name when you swirled your tongue over his tip and you kept your eyes locked on his as you bobbed your head over him, loving every expression of bliss that twisted across his face. Before you could even take him fully in your mouth he lifted you from your knees and laid you onto your bed, handling you like you were a delicate piece of art, his own masterpiece. He clambered on top of you, crashing his lips against yours and grinding his hips, frustrated at the fact you had completely undressed him without actually taking anything you were wearing off.

He slid the straps of your dress over your shoulders before slowly pulling the dress down your body, kissing every new bit of skin as it became exposed. His lustful eyes drank you in, remembering your beauty and almost in disbelief that after so much dreaming he could finally feel your skin again. You felt shivers down your spine as he tossed your dress aside, moving his lips to your inner thighs. You panted in anticipation as he removed your underwear teasingly slow, savouring every second of your company. He seemed tentative as he looked down at your dripping folds, licking his lips and so you let out an encouraging moan,

“Please Adam, I want you.” He smiled hearing his name fall from your sweet lips and gaining confidence he ran his finger over your slit, parting your folds so he could slip a finger inside of you. You hummed in approval, melting at his soft touches as he massaged your walls, adding a second finger and picking up his pace. You moved your hips with his hand, feeling your mind go completely clear as he curled his fingers forward, brushing against your sweet spot.

“Oh god Adam.” You moaned out, feeling pleasure building inside of you as he leant down and began to suck on your throbbing clit sending sparks of electricity through your veins. His name fell from your lips in a long string of moans and he could feel his hard member grinding against your leg as he worked. You could feel yourself approaching the edge as he withdrew his hand, eliciting a whimper from you, before he pulled you up on to his lap.

His lips reattached to yours as you wrapped your legs around him, grinding your hips, the aching need between your legs only growing. His unclasped your bra, tossing it aside and staring down at your exposed form as his strong hand held your back, keeping you upright.

“So beautiful. My perfect (Y/n).” He muttered, speaking mostly to himself, amazed that even his memory of you hadn’t done you justice during all the times he had thought about you to keep him sane in the cage. You smiled at his words, hungrily kissing his lips as you lined him up beneath you, before slowly sliding his throbbing member inside you.

You moaned in ecstasy as he filled you completely, clutching you closely to his chest like he would never be able to get close enough to you. The way he looked at you with such awe and passion only made the deliberate rolls of his hips more intense as he moved beneath you. You had slept with Max a few times ad he was nice and attentive but it was nothing like the way Adam was pleasing you with such lust and desire. You could feel his need for you in every deep thrust and the sensation of your chests rubbing together as you bounced on his lap added yet another layer of bliss.

He watched your head rolling back in bliss and your moans were music to his ears as he moved quicker, feeling so lucky to be back in your presence.

“Tell me you want me.” He panted out, his voice tinged with jealousy as he firmly wrapped an arm around you. His eyes shone with insecurity as well, like he didn’t quite feel like he could compete with some other guy or that he wasn’t quite good enough for you.

“I want you so bad Adam. I always want you, and only you. I’m yours, always.” You moaned, feeling your own pleasure mounting, kind of enjoying this possessive side of him that he had never really shown before.

“All mine. I love you (Y/n).” He groaned, his voice low and guttural as he draw closer to the edge himself and his thrust grew more erratic and sloppy as you finally felt yourself clench around him. You collapsed against his chest as you came, gripping fistfuls of his hair as your intense waves of pleasure washed over you, turning your muscles to jelly. Adam moved beneath you, drawing out every moan and every second of your paradise before finally spilling his warmth inside of you, crying out your name, muffled only by your kisses.

You lay down on the bed, staring at each other, exchanging playful kisses and holding each other as if you couldn’t quite believe that your love was right in front you.

“I love you so much (Y/n), and I want to make everything from the last year up to you if you’ll let me. One day I’ll tell you all about it, but for now I just need to know if I’m still the boy you want to spend the rest of your life with? Because if I am I will spend every waking moment from now on trying to make you happier than ever before and showing you just how much you mean to me.” He sounded worried as he studied your expression, softly tracing his fingers over your cheek, addicted to the softness of your skin against his.

“It’s always been you Adam, and of course I want to spend forever with you. I trust you and I know you’ll fill me in when you’re ready but right now I don’t care, because I have you back.” You beamed, pulling him back in for another loving kiss, wishing you never had to leave your bed. Adam happily kissed back, feeling like the worst was behind him and he was finally back where you belonged; with you.  

Pricefield AU: Kickboxing Gym (Part 2)

A/N: ‘Tis the season to be fluffy. Heh. This has nothing to do with Christmas, just wanted to say that. 

Part 1 [X]

Summary:  Chloe owns a dingy Kickboxing gym, Max shows up out of the blue one day and rocks her world.

Words: 1,224

“Since you are a beginner, we should start with the basics. Let’s do some basic punch combinations first. Red or blue?” Chloe said, holding the different pairs of boxing gloves in either hand.

“Blue.” Max said instantaneously, embarrassed by her fast response. 

“Good taste, and not just because they’re velcro.” Chloe winked, pointing at her blue hair; earning a laugh from Max. 

The girl was surprised by how calm she was, normally she’d be nervous of fucking up and making a fool of herself, but she felt oddly at ease with Chloe. 

Max grabbed her preferred boxing gloves, putting them on bashfully. After they were all set, she admittedly felt badass.

“You look hella cool, Max. Who knew I’d have a thing for boxing gloves?” Chloe said with a smile, digging her look.

Max laughed, a blush spreading across her cheeks. 

“Hey, can I ask you for a favor?” she asked awkwardly, the punk’s compliment had inadvertently reminded her of something she has been meaning to ask.

“Of course.”

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Family matters || Closed rp

Dadvid au


David bit his lip, staring at the road as he drove. Things were quiet in the small vehicle, almost feeling tense as well. He glanced in the rear view mirror, seeing the hoodie wearing child that sat back there. His child. That was a strange thought. He looked ahead again, his heart racing with slight anxiety as his mind began to wonder. Now biting his lip, the glanced in the mirror again, unsure if he should try to talk to him or if he should try and wait till they get to their destination.

The car soon came to a stop but David didn’t get out of the car. Not yet. He got his thoughts in order, swallowing down his anxiety. Now was the time to talk. He took a deep breath, calming himself before turning in his seat so he could look at Max, a smile on his face.

“Hey, kiddo. Welcome to Camp Campbell.” He said cheerfully. He hoped he was doing the right thing by bringing him here. It was his work place but, it was more fun then going to sit in an office for hours on end. “It might not look like much from here but, I promise, it’s more fun when we get inside.”

You Are In Love

Just pure Marshfield fluff inspired by You Are In Love by Taylor Swift. Also posted on AO3.

You can hear it in the silence

Your hands are placed on Max’s waistline, fingers dancing between the lip of her hoodie and her jeans. The two of you are standing in your room, just embracing each other after a long day of pestering from the Vortex Club. The lights are dimmed and there is soft music playing from Max’s laptop. She squeals and jumps when one of your fingers drifts up too far, hitting the spot on her side that was extremely ticklish. Her nose brushes against your neck, and you giggle. Your giggles turn into laughs as Max’s fingers tickle your neck and side. Your laughs start to become less loud as she continues to do so, snorts coming out as you try to get enough air to laugh, falling back on your bed. When the two of you land, she stops, soft giggles coming from her as she lays on top of you. The two of you just sit there, you catching your breath, and Max looking at you, a smile on her face.

You raise your eyebrow, wondering why she was looking at you so intently. “What?” You ask. “Is there something on my face?” Max nods, leaning down to your face. You feel her lips graze your cheek, and you start to smile. You wrinkle your nose when Max blows a raspberry instead of the anticipated kiss. “Ugh, gross.” You say in mock disgust, trying to push Max off of you. She realizes what you’re doing and latches onto you, preventing you from moving your arms. “Max!” You exclaim, trying to slither out of her grip.

“Nothing will escape my grasp! Not my precious!” You giggle, starting to inch towards the edge of your bed. “Kate!” Max cries out as you go over the edge, sending the two of you onto the floor. You won this match.

You can feel it on the way home

The two of you are walking from the main campus to your dorm after getting off the bus. Max had been so kind tonight, paying for their date at a little cafe in town, insisting on paying for the few things of sheet music that you wanted to buy at the local music store. It was heartwarming. It was loving. It was nice.

As the two of you make your way back to the dorm, the incoming winter air makes its presence known with a gust of wind. You shiver, the light sweater you’re wearing not enough to keep the chill out. Max, being the benevolent dork that she is, stops to put her bag of books down to take her hoodie off. She offers it to you silently, and you smile, grabbing her shirt and pulling her in for a chaste kiss. The hand not holding the article of clothing makes its way up and on your neck, the kiss becoming longer than it was meant to be. The two of you break apart, but you lean your forehead on hers.

“Thank you.”

You can see it with the lights out

It’s in the middle of a thunderstorm that you wake up. The booming thunder causes you to wake with a start, sweat forming on your forehead. It takes you a few moments to calm back down, pushing the memories of rain and the feeling of desperation away. Lightning flashes, followed soon by thunder, and you jump again, even though you know that it was coming. So, you get on the floor next to Daisy, watching her look at you, her ears moving every so often. When your nerves are still rattled by the storm, you get up. Typically being by your rabbit would bring a feeling of calm after a harsh night, but such was not the case now. So, you go with the next option you have. Knocking on Max’s door at 3 in three in the morning. And you do just that, wearing your bunny pajamas that you swore you would never let anyone see. Max answers the door, rubbing her eyes as she stretched.

“Mmm..hello?” She mumbles.
“It’s just me,” You say, and she smiled, somehow managing a megawatt smile even though she was tired.

“Kate! What’s wrong?” She asks, face turning from happy to concerned in the drop of a beat.
“Nothing. Just a little startled by the storm.” She lets you in without another word, and the two of you manage to fit on Max’s bed. The two of you are facing each other, arms draped over each others side. With the lights out, the darkness fills up the room, but you can still see Max’s face. You give her a kiss on the cheek before starting to fall asleep.

You are in love

It’s Christmas, and you opted for staying at campus this year. Your father and sister understand, but your mother gave you a lot of grief for not coming home. Max had also decided to stay home, since her parents were coming back for Christmas. It was odd, but nothing about the Caulfield’s weren’t odd. For the past few days, you had stayed with Max in her dorm. She had insisted when she found that you were staying at Blackwell, and you accepted. The loneliness of the dorm would start to grow on you, even though Max was right next door. Christmas was no fun if you spent it being alone.

When Christmas day rolls around, you wake up to see an eager Max holding a small box. You smile, sitting up and asking her what the box was.

“It’s your gift.” You stop rubbing your eyes, touched that she would actually give you something. It was a ridiculous feeling, because of course Max would. Max was kind, and generous. It was just her. So you pause her giving hands, getting up to grab the box you had in your purse. You then go and sit across from her, the two of you smiling at each other before exchanging boxes.

You tell Max that you won’t open your box until she opens hers, and so she does. Her eyes light up at the sight of a new polaroid camera, complete with a stock of fresh polaroids. She fumbles for words at first, her eyes misting up. “Kate, I… How much did this cost?!” You answer her with a grin and a shrug, not telling her that it cost you weeks of working double shifts at your work.

“Alright, Kate. Open yours!” Max says, wiping the beginnings of tears from her eyes. You do, unwrapping the paper and opening the small box. Inside the box is a necklace, a locket to be specific. It’s in the shape of a heart, so you open it up, and are rewarded with a small picture of the two you from one of Max’s selfies. The sides of the lockets have the words Love You engraved in them. You look up to see a blushing Max, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. “Is it too much?”

“No,” You say, barely able to get the words out as your fingers rub against the gold, eyes starting to tear up as you look at Max. You embrace her in a hug, thanking her. When you part, you cup her face with both of your hands, looking her straight in the eye. “I love you Max Caulfield.” You state, momentarily dropping

True love

It’s been years since you met each other at Blackwell. Years since graduating both Blackwell and college. Years since the two of you made sure to continue your relationship through college. Years since the two of you moved into a Seattle apartment with a little help from both of your parents. It’s been two years since you proposed to Max. It’s been one year since the two of you said those two words at the altar. Max is taking you two the coast today, even though it’s pouring rain and miserable out. You hold her hands on the center console of the car, giving a squeeze as you remember your days from Blackwell. When she stops at a traffic light, you lean over, cup her cheek, pull her towards you, and give her a kiss.

“I love you,” You whisper against her lips, laughing when you feel her smile like the goofball she is.

“I am the Queen of this land, I shall protect it with my life and I swear an oath to keep it safe until my days are done.”
Chloe said as she looked upon the junk yard, a proud smile on her face.

Max sighed and joined the girl on top of the old school bus.
Chloe was a nerd when it came to this place, but Max didn’t mind.
It just made her love the girl even more.



As they finished up on stage, Jordan watched the crowd flood out before going to put his guitar away. Once the majority of the screaming fans were gone, he trotted back stage, opposite of the way Max was going. Looking out, he spotted a familiar face. A small smile spread across his face as he realized Zander had been there. 

Once he placed his guitar on the rack, he walked over to greet the taller man. “Hey, I didn’t know you were gonna come tonight!”

“It’s good to see you here…” He smiled sheepishly. For some reason, he felt as though he should have offered Zander tickets the last time they met up. 

Max and Chloe listen to Badlands when it comes out and they just kinda sit there looking at each other the whole time and then when Young Gods comes on and the lyric “And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight” plays and Chloe just kinda looks over at Max with a stupid fucking smile on her face and oh my god