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Giving love a shot part 49

◇☆Jay’s Views☆◇

Normally I would know how to make her feel better, but right now I got nothing. I have one angry bride next to me, and I have no idea what to do or tell her.

Jae has a penthouse, that room is…. honestly I know it does not cost a penny.  Kicking off her heels 
as soon as she walks in and throws herself on the bed

Jay: *lay next to her*

Like that she fell asleep. As much as I want to let her be, she can’t sleep with that corset or whatever she has on.

How tight was this thing on her? How did she even leave it on for that long?

Jay:*looking at all the red mark’s on her* that’s gotta hurt. *sigh* the things women go through.

After cleaning her up, changed her clothes now I’m just starring at her. I’m now married to Jaeha. Can you even believe this?

As creepy as it sounds I couldn’t get a lick of sleep. I spent the rest of the night reliving the night. Seeing her coming down the aisle, our vows, the I do’s, and best of all the lap dance.

Before I knew it, it was day, and it's  pouring rain like crazy. The worst part is that it doesn’t look like it's  going to stop…at all. I guess we were too busy with the whole wedding to focus  or care about anything  on the news.

While Jaeha still sleeping, I meet up with everyone down for breakfast.

Joon: where’s your other half?

Jay: pissed off, still sleeping

Jimin: why?

Jay: we were suppose to leave last night, but due to the weather we can't  fly to anywhere…at all, heck I don’t think we can even get out of this hotel.

Byul: that’s gotta be sucks

Yori: tell me about it, she already think that she has a curse.

Gray: good morning Byul

Byul: morning

Ailee: that's  the only person sitting here?

Gray: okay, good morning everyone

All: *stays quiet*

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