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Kingsman: The Secret Service vs Ao3 tags  Part 6/??


Newcrest, November 2016

Manny: Look at you, Remy. Uncle Otto tells me you’re after someone who disrespected you, disrespected your woman. I’m so proud of you. I’m here to help you take that guy out.

Remy quietly: I can do it on my own.

Manny: I know you can. You got the heart to do it. You got it from me, after all. You’re just like me.

Remy finally meets his father’s eyes.

Remy softly: Yes. I’m just like you, Dad.


“Thank you to the best cast, crew and fans in television.” - Jeff Eastin


simpsons reference (Homer Goes To Prep School)

Idk if anyone’s mentioned this… You remember when the tape recorder was like, “You are not invited to the party” in DHMIS 4? I think that’s linked to the part in DHMIS 5 where the Steak Guy is talking about the “house”. He says, “The good healthy food is very nice and polite to the organs, and so is invited to stay, for a party. But the bad, not-healthy foods are very rude, and must leave.” This may be comparing Harry to the bad foods, maybe because of his deadpan and unenthusiastic responses to the Teachers (especially in DHMIS 4, where he was notably “rude” to Colin), and showing that he “wasn’t invited to the party”, so he had to leave the show via head explosion. Robin was also not as receptive to the performance this time, and so he had to leave. I wonder if Manny is going to be “invited to the party”. What is this party, anyway?
And another little detail that was pointed out was that the way Steak Guy pronounced orGANS, is kinda like pronouncing orGAnic. I mean, organs are organic after all, right?

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I didn't know that it was just his sister and mom!! That's amazing I love how he can see the positive influence the women in his life have on him aw. His relationship with Aaliyah and his whole family is the most precious thing. He's such a family man and it makes my heart swell

I really feel that he’s kinda a true softy. His family is obviously really important like look Manny is with Shawn right now in Japan. HOW FUCKING CUTE, but I just love his relationship with his family. I’m low key jealous but also really happy for him and how great of a support system he has. I’m sure they are what keep him so good and sane.