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Jumpers (Jack Lowden x Reader)

AN: Thought of this in a conversation with @lowdensnose about how jealous we are of his jumpers and his shirts. You know, normal stuff for a pair o’ adults. Thank you to my 55 followers!

Summary: That best time to wear a nice sweater is when it’s someone else’s. That’s how the song goes, right?

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Trigger warnings for violence and child abuse.

EDIT: OK FINE also warning for inaccurately portraying the american witch trials and ignoring rowling canon of magic people making the flames harmless. I’ll say the Barebones family just made shit up for that good old righteous Aesthetic.

When Credence was a young boy, Ma took him and Chastity to Salem for two days. He was given a brand new suit of black with shoes so shined that he kept kicking his feet up to look at them until Ma scolded him for fidgeting.

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