look at luhan tho

EXO younger or older girls

Chanyeol: probably younger, but not too much.
Kris: he wouldn’t mind. Older sounds hot and younger sounds cute.
Sehun: younger. He is the protective type.
Tao: I don’t know… I really think it would be older.
Kai: younger or the same age. He would love to take care of his girl.
Xiumin: he has said several times that age doesn’t matter.
Baekhyun: probably both. He is a flirt and wouldn’t mind about those things ;)
Luhan: definitely young, he likes them cute and shy. *creepy luhan* jk
Chen: even tho he would look cute with a younger one, I also think he likes adventures so he wouldn’t say no to an older girl
Kyungsoo: he also doesn’t care about age. Even tho the boys describe him as possessive, so probably would go for a younger girl.
Lay: “what’s age? We are all equals”
Suho: young, definitely taking care of her and showing his love all the time.