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I have a love/hate relationship with this fic. I liked the initial plot but then I butchered it in the writing process. Here’s hoping you guys like it anyway. The request was made by @cosmichorse95, so thank you for giving me some more Thor to work with. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Would it be possible for you to write a fic with Loki and Thor when they were growing up and were actually close? Loki saving Thor’s ass xD I love the way you write Loki. It’s all of the perfect-ness 😍 And everyone else for that matter :)


Thor laughed boisterously, his voice echoing amongst the cavern, as he tossed Mjolnir in the direction of the great beast’s head. He knew not what he was fighting; only that it was doing a very good job. A challenge! Something he had been lacking, and was thoroughly enjoying.

“Come, Loki, is this not fun?”
“You and I have varying definitions,” Loki replied with a smirk. He did not have Thor’s brutish strength or weaponry but he had enough cunning to outdo both. He’d recently petitioned a pair of elven smithers to craft him a weapon both light and deadly. They’d done him proud.

Though he was anxious to test his new spear, the violent thrashing of the beast’s tail was hardly encouraging.

Thor and Loki had suffered a troublesome childhood, often pitted against each other and forced to compete. Early on they had realised that this would culminate in the jeopardising of their relationship. Eager to avoid this, they came to a resolution. Since their adolescence, the young princes had disguised themselves as vigilantes to search the land for trinkets and quests. Loki had brought home many interesting artefacts from the ventures and Thor had tales galore to tell at feasts. Their incognito adventures not only left both men happy, but also ensured that they had plenty chance to fight aside one another, rather than against.

Today was no different.

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TITLE: Disneyland with the Avengers


AUTHOR: elly-hiddlesherloki

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine taking Loki on his first trip to Disney World.


NOTES/WARNINGS:2nd person (originally posted on my DA account) (It’s based off Florida Disney’s Magic Kingdom but I can never remember if that one is world or land, so for the sake of this story, just know the map/rides I’m using is for Florida and I might alternate between world/land but ultimately everyone is going to the Magic Kingdom – just wanna clarify that) (also for the sake of space/time writing this, all meals/items of any sort have been prepaid because I really don’t want to write all that out)(I also wrote this with the actual Magic Kingdom guide open on my browser)

Tony entered the room excitedly and clapped his hands together, “I have an announcement!”

Clint was perched on the ledge outside the Avengers’ tower, surveying the city; he stepped down and entered the room.
Natasha and Steve had been discussing various fighting style techniques and paused to look over at Tony.

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TITLE: It Was Enough


AUTHOR: Anonymous

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being there for Loki when he finds out he is actually from Jotunheim, and your love prevents him from doing all the terrible things he would’ve proceeded to do if you hadn’t have been there.

NOTES/WARNINGS: You are Loki’s wife, your name is Sigyn. There’s a murder reference in the beginning incase that might affect anyone!

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Tony Robbins

Ever since the night you had awoken right before your mother was murdered by an enemy still unknown, you had always been able to awake when something presumably bad was about to take place.

You jolt forward from your sleep. The once warm sweat becomes ice cold and creates shivers all throughout your body. You are breathing hard in the middle of the darkness. You notice it is the middle of the night, and Loki is no longer here with you. That distinct feeling had overthrown your body, you know something is happening.

You throw the covers off of your legs and jump out of bed. Grabbing a grey shirt and black pants, you quickly slip them off and take off running down the hall. You frantically look for Loki in every room of the castle, but he is no where.

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