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Loki x Reader

“Are you a fighter or are you food?”

Loki looked at the figures in front of him: “I am inedible, I am afraid, but surely, my touch could kill you.” He raised his hand and let it turn blue and with a sly grin he then asked: “So before you do something you will regret later, show me the king of this realm.”

“You really have no clue where you are, don’t you?”, one of the figures asked, “The way you talk, hell, even the way you’re dressed, like a prince who for the first time in his life left his golden cage.” The figure pointed to a large tower in the back: “Grandmaster. He’s sorta the boss around here.”

“Thank you, gentlemen”, Loki replied and turned around, “Have fun strolling through the debris here.”


There were only a few factors in life Loki relied on - his silver tongue being one of them. Not even an hour later, somehow, he had manged to arrange a meeting with the Grandmaster. Loki wasn’t sure what he had expected, but he didn’t expect that guy to be the master of anything.

“Well, clearly, you’re not from around here”, the Grandmaster stated when he looked at the black-haired man.

Loki laughed and replied: “Absolutely not. I am Loki of Asgard. It is an honour.”


“Asgard”, Loki repeated, hiding his confusion, “Odin’s realm, the highest of the nine realms.”

“Last time I checked, there was no Odin, but what do I know, I’m like millions of years old”

“You don’t look like it, I must say”, Loki replied.

“Ah, you flatter me”, the Grandmaster replied, “Hey, what did you say your name was?”


“Well, Loki, given there’s no real way off his intergalactic dumping ground, I can offer you a room in this humble mansion of mine. Let me call a servant!”


“You called, Grandmaster?”, a young y/s/c woman asked who wore a purple dress with silver accessories.

“Bring him to room 231 and show him the facility”, the Grandmaster said and made a gesture with his hands to signal that she should do it promptly.

“Come on”, she said to Loki and opened the door that led to a hallway. “You’re on floor 45 now, which is the Grandmaster’s private floor. On floor -1, you can enter the stadium where the fights take place.”

“What fights?”

“Gladiator fights. Though, at the moment, it isn’t highly interesting. That green thing just smashes his opponents to dust”, the woman replied unimpressed. Then she realised that Loki’s face changed to disbelief.

“Green thing? Does it have a name?”

“Of course, why are you asking?”, Y/N replied confused, “he refers to himself as Hulk.”

“Oh dear”, Loki muttered.

“Do you know him? I can bring you to him if you want-”

“Absolutely NOT.”

Y/N looked at the guy next to her: “Let me guess. He smashed you?”

“Wipe that grin of your face”, he huffed, “I’m not a god.”

“Yes”, Y/N replied, “That’s exactly what you are, isn’t it?”

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow: “How-”

“I wear an ear piece that connects me to the Grandmaster. I heard your conversation. He has been here for decades, forgetting about the outside worlds, but I remember”, Y/N said quietly, “Anyways. Your room is on floor 23.”


“So you know about Asgard, and you know my name. So it is only fair that you tell me your name and origin”, Loki said when Y/N showed him his room.

“I grew up on Xandar. And my name is Y/N”, Y/N said dryly.

“And you left for this place because you like serving an isolated, incredibly old man?” Loki questioned sarcastically.

“I left cause of war”, Y/N pressed her lips together, “This place was my final destination, it seems.”

“You seem really happy”, Loki stated ironically.

“It is what it is, an intergalactic dumping ground. But at least, it is at peace. And insignificant enough not to attract an attacker”, Y/N replied with a shrug, “But why did you leave the golden castle?”

Loki looked at the ceiling: “I suppose because of war, too. Though I doubt we have the capacity to fight one in the first place.”

“It takes some getting used to, but life here isn’t too bad”, Y/N then said, “Especially if the Grandmaster likes you. He’s kinda a narcissist. So tell him he looks like 30 and you’ll be good to go. And yeah, go watch the fights with him. He really likes those.”

“Why are you helping me?”, he questioned sceptically.

“Because politics doesn’t matter here”, Y/N replied, “And I don’t lose anything if the old guy likes you.”

Y/N turned around to leave him in his room.


Y/N turned around: “What?”

“Thank you.”

Y/N nodded with a slim smile: “You’re welcome.”

@ultrarebelheart I hope you like this! and I hope this is kinda what you wanted^^ thanks so much for the shoutout on your second blog, that made my day!

The lake (loki x reader)

Request:hey can I make a one shot request ? if u do male readers id love a Loki x reader one where the reader n youngish loki r on some kind of adventure ? just like exploring new places n being cute thank u ! 💚- @coldfadingdeath

A/N: lol I dunno what this is but I hope you like it!

Words: 947


“Hurry up!” you heard your friend yell in front of you as you struggled to keep up. Loki and you had gotten tired of the palace and the constant nagging of your parents so you both did what you’d always do in these situations. Just run into the forest around the palace and explore. The ground was still moist thanks to the rain earlier and you slipped a few times trying to catch up to him.

Loki laughed as he watched you run behind him, getting mud on your clothes and face.

“Hey! This is not funny!” you yelled and Loki just laughed harder, making you huff in frustration as you grabbed at rocks, trying to make your way up a cliff. Loki was already at the top, pulling himself up as he ran off “Hey!” you called out, trying to climb faster. You winced and cried out in pain as you slipped, managing to maintain your balance as you cut your palm on a rock. However you continued to climb as you pulled yourself up the top and continued to run after him.

You finally found Loki, sitting in a tree in front of you as you struggled to catch your breath.

“Well, look who decided to show up” he said, smirking as one of his legs swung from the branch.

“You ass” you respond, finally catching your breath and walking up to the tree and holding up your non-bleeding hand in front of him.

“Give me a hand, and don’t try anything funny” you said and Loki laughed a little before pulling you up a bit so you could grab onto the branch and pull yourself up.

“Ugh, why would you do that?” you asked and he started to laugh.

“Just a bit of fun, really. Besides, I know you’re fully capable of keeping up with me” he said. You smiled to yourself, happy that he didn’t underestimate you but also frustrated with his slightly inflated ego. He never really acted like this around anyone else, only you. You were quite sure if it was an act, or something more. Suddenly, his smile dropped when he saw the crimson red blood that was dripping down your hand.

‘What happened?” he asked, reaching out for your hand to examine it. You widened your eyes a little, not realising before how bad it was.

“Oh, nothing. I just cut my hand, that’s all” you responded. Loki seemed more worried as he took a part of his clothes and wiped it with a bit of the rain water dripping from the trees and cleaning your wound. You winced a little and Loki sighed.

“Sorry…” he muttered, continuing to clean your wound and getting crimson blood on his green shirt.

“Okay, hold on” he said, letting go of his shirt and hovering both his hands over your palm. You raised your eyebrows with confusion.

“What are you doing?” you asked.

“Just keep your hands still” he said and he closed his eyes, muttering something inaudible. Suddenly, a bright green light came from Loki’s hands and surrounded yours. You stared, mesmerised as the light started to fade to reveal that your red infected cut was fairly gone and in it’s place was small faded scar on your palm. You smiled as Loki opened his eyes, smiling and exhaling as he noticed your hand.

“How did you-?” you stuttered, looking up at him in amazement.

“My mother taught me…” he said, placing his hands down to his sides and looking at you shyly.

“That’s amazing!” you added, making him look up at you with intent.

“Really?” he asked, slightly confused.

“Yeah!” you added.

Loki looked down thoughtfully and bit his lip.

“Not many people appreciate what I can do…” he said sadly. You looked up at him and felt a pang of sadness for him. You looked down at his hand and rested yours on his.

“This reminds me of when your mother noticed I was feeling down and she said something that’s always stuck with me” you said, and Loki’s head immediately shot up at the mention of his mother.

“When did you talk with her?” he asked, not angry but curious.

“About last month. I was upset about something, can’t quite remember what and your mother came up to me to talk” you said, smiling at the memory.

“What did she say?” Loki asked, and it was at this point when you noticed that Loki hadn’t moved his hand since you’d put it there.

“I remember. I was upset about not fitting in with the rest of the kids. Being…strange, and how they would taunt me for it…” as you talked, you noticed Loki’s first was balled up tightly in rage at the thought of someone hurting you.

“She listened to my story thoroughly, even as I cried. Then she held my hand, looked up at me and said…damn them all. They don’t respect you, they don’t matter. And if they matter too much to you for you to be able to let them go…make them respect you” you say, almost seeing the memory as vividly as you did before. Loki stared at you, smirking. He could hear his mothers voice through yours.

“Thanks, Y/n” he responded, looking at you with his bright blue eyes. The two of you stared at each other for a while before Loki broke his gaze and looked over to the castle in front of you.

“So…let’s see if you can beat me back home?” he asked and you smirked back at him”

“You’re on, your highness”


I have a love/hate relationship with this fic. I liked the initial plot but then I butchered it in the writing process. Here’s hoping you guys like it anyway. The request was made by @cosmichorse95, so thank you for giving me some more Thor to work with. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Would it be possible for you to write a fic with Loki and Thor when they were growing up and were actually close? Loki saving Thor’s ass xD I love the way you write Loki. It’s all of the perfect-ness 😍 And everyone else for that matter :)


Thor laughed boisterously, his voice echoing amongst the cavern, as he tossed Mjolnir in the direction of the great beast’s head. He knew not what he was fighting; only that it was doing a very good job. A challenge! Something he had been lacking, and was thoroughly enjoying.

“Come, Loki, is this not fun?”
“You and I have varying definitions,” Loki replied with a smirk. He did not have Thor’s brutish strength or weaponry but he had enough cunning to outdo both. He’d recently petitioned a pair of elven smithers to craft him a weapon both light and deadly. They’d done him proud.

Though he was anxious to test his new spear, the violent thrashing of the beast’s tail was hardly encouraging.

Thor and Loki had suffered a troublesome childhood, often pitted against each other and forced to compete. Early on they had realised that this would culminate in the jeopardising of their relationship. Eager to avoid this, they came to a resolution. Since their adolescence, the young princes had disguised themselves as vigilantes to search the land for trinkets and quests. Loki had brought home many interesting artefacts from the ventures and Thor had tales galore to tell at feasts. Their incognito adventures not only left both men happy, but also ensured that they had plenty chance to fight aside one another, rather than against.

Today was no different.

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