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Out of the Shadows

Word count: 1,215

Warning: Violence, implied abuse, Dean Fluff

Reader X Dean imagine. Readers POV. You are just out of an abusive relationship and notice a sexy Leather-jacket, green eyes staring at you. But is that all?

It’s been a while since you have really gone out. What happened with Mike has left you feeling hollow inside. But if it was just about the emptiness, you could have dealt with it. It’s not like you haven’t lost loved ones before, to worse things too. People you loved, who would never come back now. But with Mike, you had become dependent on him in a way that changed you into a mere shadow of what you used to be. A shadow that changes its direction and form to fall behind and make space for the murky light that is often associated with vile places. In this case, the murky light being Mike.

If the purple bruises that formed a brutal design along your neck, jaw and back ( which disappeared into the fold of your blouse where they become almost black) weren’t proof enough, there was the diminished self confidence. After months and months of taking the pain you finally said no and what followed, put you in the Hospital for three days.

It was only after a month that you could pluck up the courage to leave the false comfort of your bed and step out. After hours of muddling through the streets, the evening finds you in a bar, with a third beer in your hand. You do your best to hide the worst of the bruises by letting your hair down. However, after not being around humans for so long you get this weird feeling that everyone is watching you, judging you and laughing at you. The paranoia is driving you over the edge.

You steal furtive glances around to see if anyone is staring at you. No one. In a bar this size with attractive women wearing low cut blouses, no one was going to be looking at you anyways. You sigh. This is what went wrong with you in the first place. Low self esteem, that’s how you ended up with a jerk like Mike.

But the feeling of being watched doesn’t really go away. You shoot another glance around you and that’s when you notice him. A tall handsome man sitting at the very far end of the bar. He’s wearing a worn out brown leather jacket and ripped off jeans. His leg casually pushed out of the booth with a beer in one hand and a set of car keys rotating in another. Between his “I-know-you-want-me” smirk and Devilishly good-looking features, he looks right out a gangster movie photo shoot. His entire demeanour screams “Bad-boy”. You’d know, you think wryly. But that was not why you can’t take your eyes off him. Not the sexy wet hair, not the body that seems to stretch out like a lazy panther- Relaxed but still coiled somehow, not even the smile. It’s the eyes. The moment you look into those Candy apple eyes you know it in your gut that you are done for. In spite of the impression he seems to give off there was no malice in those eyes, only mirth and something else.. can it be..

“Y/N” your head snaps back from those mesmerising eyes. Shit! you know that voice. It is the very sound of your nightmare. But how can it be? He’s in jail, isn’t he? “M-Mike?”

“Oh my sweet luck, exactly the person I wanted to run into!” He says, his voice low and deadly.

A chill goes up your spine, yours hands start to shake and your throat goes dry.

“You think your petty lil’ complaint will keep me behind the bars forever?” He continues while closing the distance between us.

You back into the wall behind me, trembling now.

“You thought that didn’t you? BUT YOU WERE WRONG Y/N. SO FUCKING WRONG!” He slams his fist into the wall right next to your head.

A Scream escapes your lips. Your heart is pounding against your ribs. You know what is coming and that you won’t survive it this time. The bartender and the people in the bar are going to watch him hurt you and they will do nothing and you aren’t going to make it.

Mike lifts his fist up again and you look away, cringing into the wall. *Crack*

You hear it, but you don’t feel it. Shit! I must have lost my sense of feel, He’s broken my spine somehow, you think. But standing there, the pain doesn’t come.

Daring to breathe, you open one eye. Mike is crumpled on the floor, hands to his face- his nose is bleeding. The guy in the leather jacket is standing over him with a look of utmost loathing on his face. Even so, his face is the most beautiful thing you have seen, regal somehow. Suddenly he looks at you, quickly giving you a once over to check if you are okay and then his eyes lock into yours. You are lost.

“Go ahead. Do it” He says.


“Kick him in the nuts. The bastard deserves it. Come on Y/N.”

And you do. You listen to this stranger who has not only stood up for you but is asking you to stand up for yourself. You kick Mike hard and he yells out a swear, “You Bitch!”

It makes you laugh and the sound of it surprises you. He looks so pathetic curled up in a ball trying to form coherent cuss words between all the crying. How could you have ever been afraid of this excuse of a human? The fear suddenly seemed so ridiculous it makes you giddy with relief.

You laugh again.

“I can’t believe I ever was scared of a wimp like you!” you spit “You know what? It is good news you are out now, because the next time we meet I will not be the one cowering, you asshole! That is if you can walk again.”

You kick him in the stomach one more time. Mike bawls. You look at the Leather Jacket guy. He is staring at you with a slightly awed expression, a sarcastic smile playing on his lips as if he can’t decide whether to laugh at the situation or not.

You step over Mikes limp form that is still making pitiable noises.

‘The blessing- to- women- kind in leather’ is still staring at you. The adrenalin rush dissipates just as quickly as it had arrived. Suddenly you are red all over. Then something clicks.

“Hey.. how do you know my name. You had called me Y/N..”, you trail off..

“That Asshole yelled it out actually, deserves another kick for that”

“Why?” You are puzzled.

“It rendered my most efficient pick-up line useless. I wanted to charm the name out of you Sweetheart” His brilliant green eyes dance as he runs a hand through his messy wet hair.

How is he doing this? Rendering you speechless. Again!

“I’m Dean” He says “Wanna step out? This place is giving me the creeps.” He offers his hand to you.

Shyly you take it and his fingers clasp yours firmly sending tingles up your spine. Gently he pulls you out of the club into the street. The Sun is way below the horizon and the lamps along the road are illuminating the way. You follow him to this sexy Chevy parked around the corner and wait below the lamp as he pulls the door open for you. For once, your face illuminated is in the lights, the shadows falling directly behind you.

A/N: Is it complete? Should I do a part two? Part two with a lot of Dean fluff. Him noticing the scars and getting to know you and just fluff. Maybe I will. What do you guys think?

Update: Part II

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Anita Blake Deconstruction: Guilty Pleasures ch 1-2

In which I have opinions about books and I make you listen to them. :D

But first, a little scene-setting:

I first encountered the Anita Blake series in my freshman year of college about a decade ago. (Oh my god has it been ten years already? TEN. YEARS.) They were my first real urban fantasy novels and it was love at first page and I identified with Anita so hard.

There were already a dozen books out and I used to run upstairs to borrow them from a friend who owned the series. I still remember the first thing she said to me after recommending them: “they get weird later.” I assumed she was being cautious and dramatic because they had (gasp) sex and violence in them and at the time this was very edgy for li’l sheltered me.

She was not.

So the thing about this series is I have NEVER heard anyone bring these books up without adding that qualifier. If you hear someone talking about a series of books that gets weird they are talking about this series. I will lay money.

Anita Blake Vampire Books: They Get Weird.

Let’s discuss.

Ch 1:

Willie McCoy had been a jerk before he died. His being dead didn’t change that.

This is a pretty catchy start. Someone is dead! And in Anita’s office wearing polyester and looking like “a bit player in a gangster movie.” Willie is a vampire but he is not a love interest. We know this because he is short and awkwardly dressed and clearly low on the pecking order. He is also the first vampire Anita knew before he died.

One thing I never noticed before is how this first sentence sets up a key idea of the series. Vampires act like people. They remain essentially the people they were before they died. So are they people?

Don’t worry, Anita will spend thousands of pages angsting about this topic in books to come.

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