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When I Need You

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  995
Requested by @cattybelle:  Wondering if you can do a Jensen at a convention maybe fan attacks him or Jensen having panick attack thanks

Warning: panic attack

          You skipped down the hallway, spotting fans waiting for you, “Hi!” you squealed, waving to them.

           When the fans saw you, they freaked out, rushing to take pictures of you and with you. You loved that they were so excited to see you. You were just as excited to see them and be around them.

           “Where’s Jensen?” you heard someone call out.

           “He and Jared are already getting ready for our panel. I was running behind because I had to do my hair,” you said, flipping your hair over our shoulder dramatically, making everyone laugh with you.

           “Y/N, we gotta get you over there,” your heard one of the guys call out to you, trying to usher you to where you needed to be for your panel.

           “Sorry, guys, I gotta go. Are you coming to the panel and photo ops?” you asked, continuing to walk.

           A bunch of them yelled that they were indeed coming.

           “I’ll see you there,” you waved, hurrying off to go find your boyfriend and best friend so you could go act crazy on stage together.

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  • <p> <b>They:</b> Guys you are so stupid Jensen hates Misha, everything they do is scripted.<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * smiles and laughs at Misha's not-so-funny jokes*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * says Misha is his best friend*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * loves Misha "from the bottom of his heart*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * looks at Misha with the heart eyes™*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * respect Misha as a profesional, and appreciate how much he means to Supernatural*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> *touch Misha' s holy crotch and feels confortable with Misha around him and with physical contact*<p/><b>Jensen:</b> * Spends time with Misha out of set*<p/><b>Me:</b> Omg you are right Misha is Jensen' s worst enemy.<p/></p>
Drunk On Your Love

Jensen x Reader

Song(s) : Drunk on your Love by Brett Eldridge

Play It Again by Luke Bryan

Summary : It’s just another summer night, and your girls dragged you out  for your 21st birthday! Though you would have rather stayed home, you couldn’t imagine celebrating your birthday any other way. 

A/N : Jensen is single in this fic. So please, no hate. 

Warning(s): Language? A bar fight? WHAT? lol. 


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The night was young, and the music blasted all around. With laughter and drunk slurs mixing together, you couldn’t help but feel alive. 

The boys had just gotten a call, another season for the show. And they wanted to celebrate.

Jensen let out a deep groan, wincing as the alcohol trickled down and stung his throat. His mind was hazed, most likely not going to remember this night what so ever.

For the last couple of months, he was nothing but miserable. Stressed and exhausted from all the shooting, and traveling and even the conventions. It was his life, but after a while, it was beginning to take a toll on him.

But here he was, letting himself go completely.

“Man, tonight is fucking crazy!” Jared cackled, his face flushed crimson as sweat covered him. 

“Well, it is one of the busiest bars in the city.” Jensen exclaimed. 

He looked over his friends features and shook his head. “Come on man.” He muttered. “Lets get some fresh air before you get sick or somethin’.” 

Ever since the first episode of Supernatural, Jensen couldn’t help but feel like an older brother to Jared. No matter how intoxicated he was, or how far apart, he always made sure Jared was well. 

Walking out of the crowded bar, the boys felt the immediate rush of the warm summer breeze, blowing against them. 

“Ah, that feels amazing.” Jared hummed, running his hand through his long locks. 

Jensen nodded, taking a deep breath. 

The parking lot was crowded as well. Music blared from someones car. Girls danced up on truck beds. It was like any other night in Texas. Daisy dukes, country music, summer nights, and cold beers. 

He glanced around, chuckling as he watched people get lost in their own worlds. Until his eyes landed on your silhouette. For moment, he looked away, but immediately, he glanced back. 

There you were, sitting alone on the tailgate. Your long legs swinging around. You had your eyes glued to the sky, lips curving at the edges. 

You were alluring, captivating him in an instant. 

“Y/N!” Someone yelled, and you tore your gaze, looking at his direction. 

Jensen felt his heart stop for a moment, as your eyes met. He could feel his body begin to pool in sweat, as a warm sensation filled him. Almost forgetting how to breathe. 

A girl strode pass him, walking over to you. Making him jolt. 

“Drink up birthday girl!” She cackled. 

You looked behind your best friend, at the guy who looked so familiar. But for some reason, you just couldn’t pin point where you’ve seen him. 

The taller guy beside him whispered something in the strangers ear, and before you knew it, they were making their way back into the bar. 

“Dude, it was so packed inside!” Rosie, your best friend exclaimed. 

“Why didn’t you just let a guy buy you a drink?” Chelsie asked, taking a hit off her joint. 

Rosie shrugged her shoulders, a cynical smile playing on her lips. “Its called playing hard to get.” She winked. 

You let out a chuckle as the two went back and forth for a little while. Something they did on the regular. 

But since it was your 21st birthday, they promised to play nice. Luckily for you, they always kept their promises. The three of you were completely different from each other, but somehow you managed to stay close after all these years.

Chelsie pulled out her polaroid camera, and snapped some pictures of you. Taking your first drink, talking to Rosie. She probably had a picture of you blinking. 

“Hey baby, lets go dance.” Rosie’s boyfriend, Grant came up behind her, slipping his hands on her waist. 

“I can’t. I can’t leave Y/N. It’s her birthday.” 

They both looked to you, and though you hated being alone, you also didn’t want to have to sit and watch them make out the entire time. 

“Go, it’s fine. I’ll watch the truck.” You chuckled. 

Rosie smirked, handing you her drink. “You sure?” 

You only but nodded, and waved her off. Grant didn’t hesitate as he dragged her away. Leaving you and Chelsie alone. She was already feeling pretty great, with the few drinks she had and the joint. Chelsie was on on a high.

“I am going to scope around inside and take some pictures. Want to come?” She asked. 

You shook your head, taking a swig of your drink. Your lips tingling from the alcohol. 

And then you were alone. 

“Hey, I will be back.” Jensen hiccuped, holding the drinks firmly in his hands. 

Jared couldn’t help but smile, “Wear a condom.” He winked. 

Jensen chuckled, and rolled his eyes. “Shut up. Tell the guys I’ll be back. Okay? Be careful.” His voice was stern. 

“Yea, ok. Just go! Before some other guy goes up and talks to her.” Jared stated. 

J turned on his heels, and started for the door. His heart began to pound profusely with every step he took. If he hadn’t been drinking, there would be no way in hell he would go up to you and talk to you. But here was, walking over with a big smile on his face that he couldn’t hide. 

The closer he got, the more visible you became. And damn, he was drawn to you. 

You had your eyes closed, feeling the beat of the music course through you. Making you feel free. 

Until Jensen cleared his throat, snapping you out of your trance. 

As your eyes met, and you were now able to see his features, your eyes widened. 

“Hi. I’m-” 

“Jensen Ackles!” You cut him off. 

His lips curved even more, his cheeks burning crimson. “You watch the show?” 

You only but nodded, biting your lower lip, trying to refrain from squealing. 

He let out a soft chuckle, your stomach fluttering from the sound. Man, he was gorgeous. From his plumped lips to his candy apple eyes. No wonder girls went crazy for the guy. He was a sex god. And he was talking to you. Of all people. 

“I got this for you.” He smirked. 

From the light slurs, and glossy eyes, you could tell he was drunk. Which was somehow kind of adorable. 

“Me?” You asked. 

He shrugged his shoulders, “It is your birthday, right?” 

You raised a brow, eyeing him for a moment. “How’d you know it was my birthday?” You asked. 

Jensen pointed to Rosie. “I heard her as she walked passed me outside.” He leaned in closer, his eyes locking with yours. “So happy birthday, beautiful.” His voice was low, making your body shiver. 

You took the drink from his hand, and took a swig. You immediately winced at how bitter it was. Only tasting the whiskey. 

“Wow, thats strong.” You muttered.

Jensen chuckled, as he climbed up on the truck and plopped down next to you. He knew it was the alcohol talking but man, was he falling fast. 

“So…” He exhaled. 

“So?” You muttered, taking another sip. 

He was all smiley since the moment he came up to you, blushing and giggling. How was he so stinkin’ cute? 

“How old is your birthday? I mean–are you old? Wait, did I say that right?” He tilted his head to the side, scrunching his brows together as he tried to collect his thoughts. 

You let out a chuckle, “I’m twenty one.” You exhaled. 

“Wow, you are such a baby!” 

You raised your brows, lips curving. “Oh I’m sorry old man!” You teased. 

“Old man? Ouch, that hurts.” He clutched at his chest, pretending to be hurt. 

“Well you called me a baby!” You stated. 

“Because you are!” 

“Well if I am a baby, then you are an old man.” 

Jensen lowered his head and slowly nodded, before he glanced back up to you. A smile forming on his lips. “Alright, you win.” 

A thousand thoughts ran through your mind as you gazed into his eyes. Every part of you felt like this was a dream, that the actor you had grown to love on one of your favorite shows, was sitting next you couldn’t be real. Right? 

He playfully nudged your side, distracting you from your trance. 

“So where are your friends? Why are you alone?” 

You glanced at Rosie who was grinding all over her boyfriend. “Rosie and her boyfriend wanted to dance, and Chelsie, she wanted to go hook up with someone inside.” You chuckled. 

“And why didn’t you go with her?” He asked. 

You flashed a smirk, “ I was waiting for a cute guy to come and talk to me.” 

Jensen’s lips curved more and more, his cheek began to ache. But didn’t care. Being with you, talking to you, and hearing you laugh somehow brought him at ease. He felt alive with you. Like he was just now able to breathe again. 

“Hey, do you-” 

“Oh my God!” You exclaimed, jumping up to your feet. 

He furrowed his brows at you, confused of your sudden excitement. “Wha-”

“This is my song!” You yelped. “I was hoping they would play it!” 

Jensen took a moment to listen to the sound of the music. It was something he’s heard a few times on the radio, but other than that, he didn’t know it. 

“Come on! I want to dance!” 

And before he could say a word, you took his hand, and pulled him up. Spinning around as you began to sing along to the song. 

“The second she walked through the door, I caught a buzz. One taste from your lips knocked me out just like a drug.” 

Jensen placed his hands on your hips, swaying your bodies together. He locked his gaze on you, studying your features as you lost yourself in the rhythm of the music. 

He was hypnotized by you. Not able to look away no matter how hard he tried. You were like a siren, pulling him deeper and deeper the more you sang in his ear, and rolled your body against his. 

“I woke up, up, still drunk, drunk. On your love, love on your love, love. Now I know why-y. Feeling so high-high. Cause I’m still drunk-drunk. On your love, on your love.” 

Every lyric you sang, made Jensen want you more. H e wasn’t one to dance in public this way, but with you, he didn’t want it to stop. 

It was like everyone around you two had disappeared. 

You never stopped moving, never looked away from each other. Your smiles slowly fading as the song became distant. Something inside you sparked. Like fireworks going off deep within. It was probably the drinks you shot back, but whatever it was, it somehow made you feel invincible. 

And in that moment, with the last note hitting, you quickly crashed your lips to his. 

Shivers rippled up and down both your spines, as his hands tightly gripped your wait, pulling you in closer. Deepening the kiss as if it was his way to live. 

The seconds that ticked by, made you yearn for more. Yearning to feel him all around you. And even inside of you. You could feel yourself begin to throb as your juices slowly drenched your panties. 

Man, just that kiss alone, you were ready to rip his clothes off. 

And You probably would have, if only….

“I will fuckin’ beat your ass!” Some drunk guy roared, storming out of the bar. 

You both shot your attention over to the chaos, confused of the situation. 

Jared strode outside. His face scrunched as his mouth bled on the side. Jensen tensed up immediately. His hands balling into fists, his knuckles were beginning to turn white. 

“I’d like to see you try, asshole!” 

The stranger took a swing at Jared, which he dodged. But that didn’t stop Jensen from running over there. You followed in pursuit, your heart beating profusely in your chest. 

He got to his best friend before any damage was done. Pressing his hand firmly against jared’s chest. “Come on man. Don’t do this.” He whispered. 

“Get out of my way J, That fucking asshole needs to get his ass beat!” 

The stranger huffed, shaking his head. “It wasn’t any of your business, boy.” 

Jensen ignored the guy, as he tried to get Jared to calm down. It was intense, the tension in the air thickening by the second. 

You stood their, arms crossed over your chest, glancing at the boys, hoping everything was okay.  As the stranger eyed you, he made his way over. 

“Hey beautiful. How about you make daddy happy and get on your knees.” He muttered. 

You clenched your jaw tightly, feeling so uncomfortable, you swore you sobered up in that very moment. “In your dreams.” You hissed. 

He let out a chuckle, gently cupping your cheek. “That is no way to speak to your daddy, now is it sugar?” 

You shrugged his hand away, “Just leave me alone.” 

“Don’t act like you aint want a guy to dominate you. Come on baby girl, I know you want it.” 

Jensen shot his gaze over to you, noticing the discomfort and annoyance in your face. As the stranger continued to rub his hand over your cheek, he could feel anger begin to boil deep within him. 

“Get your hands off her.” He hissed, almost growling at him. 

The guy glanced at you then back at Jensen, a smile playing on his lips. “Why don’t you just mind your own damn business, ken doll.” 

“I said, get your fucking hands off her.” He gritted through his teeth. “Now.” 

“Fine, I’m sure she’ll like my dick better, anyways.” He cackled. 

And with that, Jensen snapped. He stomped over to the stranger, and collided his fist into the guy’s face. Knocking him down. Jensen hovered over him, pounding on him, letting out his rage all in that very moment. 

Jared noticed the other guys friend, running over, but he intervened with his fist against the guys stomach. 

You and all the others watched as the guys fucked up the two strangers. Blood covered their hands, grunts escaping them. It wasn’t until the bouncers of the bar tore them apart. Breaking up the fight. 

You were frozen in your stance, slightly scared and yet aroused of watching Jensen defend you that way. 

As he propped up to his feet, panting and wiping the blood off, he was trying to keep his cool. Refraining from killing the guy. 

“Fuck you and your whore!” The stranger exclaimed. 

The crowd all cheered as the two guys left, and Jared and Jensen were left with only a few wounds. Nothing too serious. 

“You okay?” He asked you, cupping your cheek, gazing over your features. 

You furrowed your brows, “Are YOU okay?” 

Jensen nodded, chuckling to himself as he threw his arm over your shoulders. “I’m great!” He cackled. 

Jared walked over, slightly stumbling over his own feet. “Dude, that was fucking awesome!” He looked down to you, and flashed a smile. “Hi, I’m Jared.” 

You were so caught up on what had just happened, you didn’t realize Jared Padalecki was standing in front of you, until now. “H-hi. I’m Y/N.” You exhaled. 

“So you’re the one who stole my brother away?” He teased. 

You shrugged your shoulders, and sighed. “Nah, he just wont leave me alone.” 

The guys belted out into laughter, “I like this girl.” Jared stated. 

Jensen glanced at you, his lips curving. “I like her too.” he mumbled to himself. 

“Alright, come on. Come meet the guys. They are a lot cooler than this dweeb.” Jared teased. 

“Yea right. Not even close!” Jensen exclaimed. “I am the most awesomest guy here.” 

“How many drinks did you have?” Jared cackled. 

You followed them inside, and was immediately met by Chelsie. “Dude, did you know-” She paused, looking at Jared and Jensen, then back at you. “Oh my god.” She exhaled. 

“Hi!” They both smiled, making her gush. 

“H-hi.” She forced out. 

“Want to come join us? We were just about to get another round of shots.” 

She quickly nodded, her eyes not blinking once. Which created you to laugh even more. As you followed the boys back to their table, she looped her arm with yours. Squeezing tightly. “How the hell did you manage to get Jensen and Jared to hang out with you?” 

Suddenly, you were hit with the images of your kiss with Jensen, feeling a sudden flutter in your stomach. A soft smile played on your lips. “I honestly have no idea.” You whispered. 

After a little while of chatting with the guys. Talking over the show, and hearing about the pranks they pulled on Misha over the years. You were finding yourself more and more drawn to Jensen. 

And he felt the same pull. 

“Alright, here’s to the birthday girl!” Jared exclaimed, raising his shot glass up. “I am so happy to have met you tonight. You’re fucking awesome and hope to celebrate more birthdays with you again.” 

You flashed a smile, “fuck yea!” 

“Happy birthday!” They all chimed. 

You all shot the drinks back, and slammed the shot glass down on to the table. You could hear soft grunts and sharp breaths forming from the guys. 

Jensen leaned in your ear, his lips brushing against you. “Cause I’m still drunk-drunk. On your love, on your love.” 

Your eyes widened as your mouth curved so big, your teeth flashed. “Oh my god.” You whispered. “I love that song.” 

He loved seeing the way your face lit up. Knowing in that very moment, you were completely happy. He would have spent his last dime just for that song to play one more time. All so he could have another dance with you, and see you smile the way you did, earlier in the night. He hoped that in some miracle, it would play again. 

But with his luck, it never came back on. Though, he had a great idea.

“Do you want to go somewhere a little private?” He asked.

You lightly bit on your lower lip. “Sure.” 

Supernatural season 11 gag reel highlights

Here comes the last gag reel look-over as observed from under my shiny hat. This is going to be a long post… this flick is just stuffed with coupley cuteness. Let’s get started.

Originally posted by nothingidputbeforeyou

Ah, the dirty jokes! Jensen is trying to be grumpy in the last gif, but his poker face fails. Well, it’s true, isn’t it? Surely he’s good at it, too.

Originally posted by acklescackless

(psst, it’s about Jared’s hair. How I wish it was the other secret ;) )

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

That smolder impresses me, too.

Padabooty time! I wonder if that’s Jensen in the background, totally oblivious of his boy’s silliness?

This is definitely my favourite moment from the gag reel, even if it’s not as shippy as some of the others. Jared’s face beams with absolute glee and Jensen just goes along with the joke. This is all too cute.

Jensen messes up a line and goes into heart-eyes mode. Seeing Jared crack up can do that to a person.

“You’ve seen Lady and the Tramp” says Jensen, while Jared is prepared to demonstrate. For the record, I haven’t seen Lady and the Tramp, so do go on and let me see what you’re talking about. ;) 

Okay, be prepared for the final push. Here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for - complete with slow-motion milking.

(something about mosquitos that I didn’t quite catch)

How f*cking reverent Jensen looks here. Those are not just heart eyes, they’re eyes filled to the brim with love, adoration and arousal.

This here is the perfect ending to our story, don’t you think?

See the gag reel here! I hope you enjoyed my series and had a good time this holiday season. 💝

So I made a thing…..
I’ve had this locket necklace for a while and I’ve been wanting to put some J2 pics in it. Well, I finally printed out some pics, cut them out and fitted them in… then I looked at them… and realized that art really DOES imitate life! Mr Jensen ‘Heart-Eyes’ Ackles strikes again!!! Even if it is a silly piece of jewelry. And I will wear it with pride!!!

tnystarks-deactivated20160315  asked:


jess why


1) the way Jensen looks at Jared with hearts in his eyes, as though he nothing bad can happen as long as Jared is by his side

2) the way Jared looks at Jensen as though he hadn’t seen the sun and suddenly his life was filled with light right then

3) the way Jared shrinks himself when he hugs Jensen and never fails to just bury his head in the crook of Jensen’s neck

4) how Jensen tries to act like a grumpy-grump when Jared is practically crawling all over him, but sometimes his composure breaks and he smiles so brilliantly <3

5) how Jensen has a smile that is just simply “Jared’s smile” :)

6) how they’ve been there for each other through absolutely everything

they’ve been there since day one of supernatural, through failed relationships, emotional episodes, personal issues, depression, marriages, the birth of both their kids, and that’s only the beginning really

7) how Jared helped Jensen become confident enough in himself that he went from the guy who wouldn’t sing in front of a crowd if you paid him to this:

8) how they are each other’s biggest fans and are constantly praising one another

9) how they never hesitate to say “I love you” to one another and sometimes get choked up about it because //crying//

10) how it’s so obvious to us all that they are best friends through-and-through and nothing, not time, not any other person, nothing, will ever come between them because that just doesn’t happen when two people love each other like these two do

anonymous asked:

why do you think cockles is real?

let me try to narrow this answer down to like 10 things bcoz woahhh

1) cockles ring that jensen gave to misha (x)

2) cockles matching bracelet

3) the blowjob motion which WASNT suppose to be on gagreel

(if friends fooling around then whats the big deal in this huh right?)

4) jensen dying of laughter even when misha isnt funny that at all

5) the hug from behind when they thought noone was looking + the intimate hug during the con + the entire jibcon like srsly

6) jensen’s typical heart eye looking at misha

7)  jensen making the same face while talking about misha as he makes while talking about danneel

8) the fact that they fight over stupid things and use jared as tie breakers like old married couples

9) jensen’s voice feels like home to misha and jensen releasing angeles on sep 18th

10) the fact that they go to dinner and lunches together/ arrive at cons together/ spend all day together like in vegas/italy etc/make each other laugh/stop production when one is sick/visit set when jensen was directing for the first time even tho misha wasnt in epi and jensen visitng misha during 4x20 shoot even tho jensen had no scene to shoot/had personal space issues since day 1/ jensen welcoming every new guest star warmly except for misha bcoz there was something about misha