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Maybe an nsfw ten/rose+ Ten seeing Rose naked for the first time?

Rose shimmied out of her jeans and knickers, already having been divested of her blouse by the Doctor. The Time Lord was working on getting rid of his own trousers but he was still behind her in the losing clothes race because of his layers.

She reached behind her back and made quick work of her bra.

Rose grinned at the Doctor, now struggling with the last few buttons of his oxford. “I win,” she crowed, tucking her tongue into her smile.

He looked up and his jaw dropped as he raked his eyes up and down Rose’s bare form. She shivered, his gaze feeling like a physical caress.

“I really think I’m winning right now,” he said, dragging his eyes back up to meet hers. He reached out and snagged her hand, pulling her close. He kissed her hungrily, his fingers seeking out the bare skin of her back.

When he pulled back, Rose was breathless and flushed. “Wow, okay. I think I’m the lucky one now.”

thanksgiving fics!

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(finding a good picture was surprisingly hard so fuck it, here’s video instead)

Okay, this is a design that I absolutely love, so it’s kind of tricky to be objective about it, but here goes anyway. Braves series flagship designs are always really outlandish and the most famous of them isn’t an exception. The lion chest is obviously the most distinctive feature but it’s far from the only only one, everything from the drill knees to the giant wings formed from Stealthgao on its back really just add to this outlandish commanding presence on screen. Its probably my favourite face design out of any mechanical design in anything, it achieves the same kind of “heroic menace” I just described with gunbuster in a different way, it has the big gold crest to let you know its the good guy but the way its face almost looks like a pair of jaws make it look ferocious at the same time. It does have problems though. The legs are bulky to the point that it looks impractical, in fact I don’t really remember Gaogaigar being seen walking or running a lot in the series, and that’s probably why. You could also argue that the wings are too big and clumsy too, and I can see that. When it upgrades to Star Gaogaigar midseries I definitely think that’s true. Finally the way Linergao forms its shoulders is honestly pretty poorly handled, everything else combines to form this really cool image and then it just has this random train for its shoulders. It might have fit on Might Gaine but it looks really out of place here. 8/10 imo, potentially slightly biased score.

omg yaaaassss I LOVE THIS!!! JYP artists need to collab with each other more and make amazing music. pls.