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Your line of work requires support. People who care about your wellbeing, who will be there to stitch up your wounds […] There is not a man or woman, no matter how fit he or she may be, who is capable of carrying the entire world on their shoulders.


“Y'know, I think you’re pretty awesome yourself, Deborah Kim.”

Okay, super super self-indulgent art time but I just love these two and I had to draw it! XD It’s probably right before they set up a trap for Jason, so everything’s tense and scary. And Tommy’s a good deal taller than her (even if the in-game models aren’t that much different in height, Thom Matthews is about 6 foot, and Deborah’s canonically supposed to be “small and slight” which is why she’s so stealthy) so he probably had to bend down, and she might even be on her toes just to kiss him.

(She’s totally a giggly mess in the last picture too XD)

“I don’t like to be handed things.”

Can we talk about the implications of those words? Like, what happened to Tony that made him weary of taking something from someone else’s hands? Is it just a weird quirk, one of those things that people have but can’t explain? Or is it something more.

Like just imagine:

Young Tony Stark, so desperate for his fathers attention, would do anything he could to spend time with his father. So imagine young Tony, helping his father in the lab, but because Howard is Howard he doesn’t treat Tony like a kid, he just treats Tony as he would any other genius assistant.

“Here, hold this,” he says, as he holds out a soldering iron by the hot end. Howard had never given Tony any protective gear and Tony don’t want to irritate his father by pointing this out and risk getting kicked out of the lab, not able to help anymore. So he takes it. It burns like nothing he’s ever felt before, and he fights against the reflexive urge to drop it, to cry out and cradle his hand. He puts it down calmly and uses his shoulder to wipe away the tears before Howard can notice. Howard has already moved on.

Jarvis tisks over the burns as he bandages them later, pursing his lips, but he doesn’t say anything because he knows Howard would never listen and this is one of the few ways he’ll spend anytime with his son. And it’s not his place because, unfortunately, young Master Anthony is not his is child.

Tony’s older now. Fourteen. Away at MIT, away from his fathers disapproving stares, away from Maria’s despondent smiles as she lays in bed, unable to gather the energy to face the day, away from that look Jarvis gets on his face whenever Howard starts to talk about Captain Rogers again.

He’s at a party, surrounded by people, surrounded by girls - and some boys - beautiful people who give Tony attention, affection, something he’s never had before so he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He’s already had a few drinks and is a little tipsy, but he’s fine. A few drinks never hurt anybody. “Puts some hair on your chest,” he remembers his father saying when he was younger, eleven maybe twelve, pressing a glass of iced amber liquid into his hand.

A boy comes over and presses a drink into his hand. Stone, he thinks his name is, Tiberius Stone. He seemed nice, had been kind to Tony when he first arrived a couple months ago, younger than his peers and afraid of rejection. “Drink this,” Ty says, “it’ll make you feel better.” He takes it and drinks and the rest of the night is a blur, he doesn’t remember much after that, but he does remember waking up in a room he doesn’t recognize with no memory of how he got there.

It’s the little things that add up, he thinks, when suddenly one day he’s looking down at the file in his new assistants hand - Pepper, he thinks, but he knows that’s not her real name - and he can’t bring himself to take it. It’s harmless, a simple paper file and all he has to do it sign it. And he knows he can trust this girl, hired her himself after she barged into his office with - or technically without - the threat of pepper spray to his security. But the thought of lifting his hand makes his stomach turn, makes his body grow cold, and he can’t figure out why suddenly reaching out and taking a file from someone’s hand is now such a struggle.

“I don’t like to be handed things,” he says slowly, eyeing the file and trying to relax his body.

Pepper doesn’t seem to notice his struggle, simply putting the folder down on the desk by his hand, moving on to the next item on her list. She brushes it off as one of those weird billionaire eccentricities and doesn’t question it again.


Weird billionaire quirk or learned aversive behavior stemming from a subconscious fear of being harmed by those around him? I think about this all the time.

Tony stares at the screen. He hasn’t stopped looking since JARVIS first said “Sir, there is something you need to see.” He’d known it would be serious. He’d known it would be bad.

But he hadn’t expected this.

He should have. But he really, really hadn’t.

The screen-Tony is muttering about improved body armour in that frantic way of his when he’s running on less than four hours of sleep. But Tony only has eyes for screen-Natasha. And the design she has snagged from his work bench.

Tony doesn’t need JARVIS to tell him what’s on it. He’s got an eidetic memory, he doesn’t need to. It’s an old design that was scrapped long before it ever made it into production. He should have never let it lie around so easily accessible. But his workshop is anything but easily accessible and he’d thought–

Well, it doesn’t matter.

“JARVIS,” Tony croaks. His hands are shaking and he feels so, so stupid. “Evoke Stark Overlord immediately.”

They were supposed to be a team, a small boy who wants his father’s affection whispers in the back of his mind, devastated.

They stole my weapons, the shell of a man who fought his mentor to death roars back.

The designs are old. Outdated. Far from the worst that could have fallen into SHIELD’s hands.

Tony doesn’t care.

Still staring at the undeniable proof that he’s trusted the wrong people once more, Tony says very softly: “I hope it was worth it.”

Then, he sits down and starts working on ensuring it won’t be.

The Drink Allergy - Steve Rogers x Reader

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Warning: None. Fluff, romance and fruit puns with Captain Dorito.

Word Count: 1500 (give of take a few)

A/n: Here’s a little bit of Steve that I dusted off from my archives… x

The party was a little uncalled for but Steve enjoyed the company. All his fellow Avengers were having a lively time and relaxing. There was no gun fire and no danger save from the few dangerous conversations with people who idolised Captain America.

Steve was talking to Sam when a shoulder bumped into his own. A shoulder that was accompanied with fiery red hair.

“Hey,” Natasha said softly as she cut across Steve’s words.

“Nat.” Steve smiled and the woman leaned in slightly so that only he and Sam could hear her.

“Listen, I forgot that (Y/n)’s got a sensitive stomach to tequila and I think her drink got mixed up.” She said apologetically.

“What?” Steve frowned, his pleasant expression turning into one of worry.

“Where is she?” Sam asked, hoping to help out. Natasha turned to him and shook her head.

“I don’t know. I lost her in the crowd when Tony brought out the salsa dancers.” She confessed. “I’ve been on the lookout but I can’t do it alone.”

Sam gestured behind his friend with his head. “Why not get the Hawk-guy?”

Natasha sighed and sipped the drink in her hand as she rolled her eyes. “He’s too invested in his air guitar – oh crap,” she had turned to look over her shoulder just in time to Clint sculling his drink, “He’s going to pass out before the night is over. Excuse me, boys.”

She headed off in the direction of Clint which left Sam and Steve to take on this new mission.

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As those who have been keeping up with the Friday the 13th game updates know, the next map we get is going to be the Part IV map, featuring (among other things) Tommy Jarvis’s house from that movie. Which of course I’m super excited about, but seeing how Tommy’s already in the game, I can’t imagine he’s going to be all that happy about people wandering through his house. (especially since in the story I’m writing, he’s moved back into that house. XD) So that’s where this came from, and hopefully some more too if I can get them finished.

Vanessa and Buggzy discovered Tommy’s game consoles, Chad’s wandering around in a daze and marveling at how “poor people” live probably, and Deborah’s found picture albums to look through. Tommy really needs to learn to lock doors.


Anon requested:  Tony stark x little sister reader where she moves in to the tower to escape from a horrible relationship. Tony asks Bucky to teach her self defense and they end up getting close. He takes her out on a date and they run into her ex. But he sees her with Bucky and gets totally intimidated.

A/N: Thanks for this request! I love it! You can continue sending me requests about whatever you want guys! They’re welcome! I hope you all like this. Also, I wanted to mention that I’ve assumed that “horrible” meant abusive, so I just wanted to portrait one of the infinite types of sequels. 

Words: 2,384.

Warnings: Violence, Angst, Mention of physical abuse, Language, Anxiety, Fluff. 

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“It’s fine, Y/N” Tony said as he grabbed your hand and squeezing it. You suppressed your intention of move it away and nodded, following your brother to the lift, carrying your suitcase.

The doors closed and the lift started to move to the upper floors of the Stark Tower where the Avengers had their apartments. The atmosphere was asfixiating and you felt those familiar symptoms of anxiety. You closed your eyes and started to count to five, synchronising your breathing with it.

“Y/N?” You opened them as your heart pounded against your chest as if it wanted to escape, watching as Tony was observing you with a worried face. “Are you okay? I was talking to you”

“Yeah, yeah…I’m fine”

But he knew you weren’t.

It had been hard for you two. Tony had spent the last two years looking for you, using JARVIS, calling Pepper and even Steve helped him. But you had just disappeared. 

It was a few days ago when you contacted him, crying and shouting that he would kill you. That you were safe but you didn’t know how long. Tony had gone with Steve and Sam just in case to the address you had given to him and had found you sitting on the floor, crying and with a black eye. 

He packed your belongings and when your boyfriend came back, he found you surrounded by a suitcase and Iron Man by your side. Tony said that he would pick the rest of your things the following day and that he should stay away from him.

“We have a Hulk” He had warned him. 

And you left. You were free again.

Free in a world that frightened you. You had spent too much time under his control. Your self-steem was destroyed and Tony knew you’d need time to recover yourself. And he was fine with it. He’d help you.

You were home again.

“So you won him again huh?” Steve smirked as Sam huffed, staring at Bucky, who was preparing himself a sandwich with his lips curved in a grin. 

They continued talking as Tony entered the kitchen, making all of them to turn their heads. Bucky tensed and looked at him before going on, trying to disappear from his view. 

After the Civil War, Tony and Bucky had been trying to erase their differences even though it was difficult. Steve was hurt watching his two friends like that, but at least they didn’t try to kill each other.

“Keep calm, Frosty. I’m here to mediate a truce” Bucky frowned and looked at Steve who shrugged and left with Sam. Tony sighed and sat on one of the stool near the kitchen island. He interlaced his fingers and raised his head, staring at Bucky. “I need your help”

“What’s going on?” Bucky replied with a neutral voice. He didn’t want to be rude to Tony as he seemed truly helpless. 

“It’s my sister. She arrived a few days ago to the Tower” Bucky nodded. He remembered the girl he had met at that time. She was terrified, looking at the ground as she was introduced to the team. The girl had greeted all of them and had disappeared to the room Tony had given to her. “She hasn’t left the room and…I need you”

“Why me?”

“I thought that you could teach her self-defense. She…uhm…”Tony bit his lip as he tried to find a way to express himself. “She had a relationship with a piece of shit” Bucky raised his eyebrow at Tony’s frankness but didn’t say anything. It was none of his business. “I think training could be good for her. She would feel confident and her self-steem would improve”

Bucky took a deep breath and looked at the floor, feeling Tony’s gaze on him. After several minutes he raised his head and smiled at him.

“I’ll do”

You sighed and rolled on your bed, feeling the sheets around your thinner body. You didn’t eat as much as Tony would like but he was okay with watching eating at least something. 

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Journey To Remember

A Hogwarts!Avengers AU for @itsallavengers and to celebrate September 1, 2017.


“You have your tool kit?” Ana asked, peering into the face of the floppy haired boy, crouching to get on his level, “The brush for Dummy?”

Jarvis cleared his throat discreetly but Ana ignored her husband as she smoothed the hair off Tony’s forehead, tilting his chin up to meet his eyes.

“You’ll be happy, Anthony,” Ana kissed the nervous boy’s forehead and caressed his cheek with her thumb, “You’ll meet new friends, find new things to learn, make a lot of mess”

Tony chuckled feebly at that and Ana smiled.

“That’s it, darling,” the governess of the Stark heir cupped the boy’s cheeks, “This is just a new journey. A good journey. You just have to find the fun parts of it.”

Tony swallowed and clenched his hands in his neat suit once before straightening it. Father always said that clothes were an armour, a shield from the world. If they were perfect, crisp and polished, then people then people saw strength. Tony had always liked stories of knights and princes who wore shining armours to fight the bad men; the stories of King Arthur and his trusted wizard, the stories that he read under the sheets with a hushed Lumos.

Tony knew that Ana and Jarvis would never tell Father, but he always kept his voice hushed. Mother kept hers hushed too sometimes.

Somebody yelled about the train leaving in ten minutes and Ana looked up, beyond Tony’s shoulder.

“Well then, Master Anthony,” Jarvis placed a hand on Tony’s shoulder and awkwardly patted him once, “Remember to write after your Sorting. And keep your wand safe, none of that putting it in your back pocket, alright? Give your Aunt Peggy our wishes, but don’t call her Aunt Peggy during -”

“Yes, Edwin, he knows,” Ana stood up and shot her husband an amused look before opening her handbag, “Now, I have one last thing for you before you leave.”

“I’ve already packed everything!” Tony protested but Ana shook her head and pulled out a blue crystal framed in a gold circular rim. It looked like the globe in Mother’s study but glowed and felt more coarse.

“This,” Ana placed the stone in his hand and closed his fist, “is a special Rememberall. The usual ones glow red and tell you chores you’ve forgotten. But this? Oh no, this does much more.”


“This Rememberall,” Ana ignored Jarvis and held Tony’s gaze, “reminds you of people. Your professors who’ve given you assignments, your friends whom you’ve promised something, your pet who needs to be fed. It works with living beings. All you have to do, is whisper a name and a relation to it.”

Tony eyed the crystal ball with curious awe and carefully stuffed it into his coat pocket. He always had trouble with people. Names, faces, those he could remember; anything else connected to them, he couldn’t. He forgot birthdays, allergies, favourite chocolates. Father never remembered these too and Mother once said that it was a Stark trait but Tony didn’t like how he felt when he forgot.

“Thank you,” he muttered and gave a quick hug to Ana, who ghosted her lips over his hair, and one to Jarvis, who tightened his arm around Tony’s back once before letting him go.

Tony had gotten into the train and was past the first compartment when he remembered something.

“Excuse me,” Tony pushed his way carefully through the students who were climbing in, “Excuse me, please.”

When he got to the window of the train door, Tony frantically looked for Ana and Jarvis till his eyes landed on them moving away from the bench they had waited on.

“Ana! Ana!” Tony waved and craned his neck out. Jarvis caught his eye and hurried over with a worried expression.

“What? What is it? Did you forget something?”

“What if I get into the wrong House?” Tony asked, eyes wide and hands gripping the window’s frame tight. He had buried this fear for months, always avoiding asking Father about it whenever he predicted that Tony would get into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Father had been a Gryffindor himself but Tony didn’t know if he was like him, even if people loved to say that he resembled him a lot.

It terrified him on a base level, wondering what he would do if he landed in a House not meant for him. There was a voice in the back of his head that suggested that he was more worried about landing in the wrong House for Starks but Tony shoved it in and looked desperately at Jarvis.

Jarvis opened his mouth and paused before he sighed, leaning closer against the window till he was in whispering distance.

“May I tell you a secret, Master Anthony?”

Tony thought he nodded but he was too worried to actually be aware of it but Jarvis spoke again so he must have indicated something.

“There is no wrong House in Hogwarts,” Jarvis said, shaking his head with a calm expression, “Every House welcomes its students to seven years of forming a family. You cannot go wrong with your House, because your House is always worthy of you. It is only the company you keep inside and outside your House, and the choices you make for or with them that makes a difference.”

“But what about Slytherin?” Tony asked in a whisper and Jarvis quirked his lips a little.

“Nineteen years ago,” Jarvis replied, “Hogwarts was saved by its four Houses. The Golden Saviour was protected by the professors of all four Houses. Yes, there were students who did not participate but always remember this, Master Anthony. Every one of them was a child and every one of them chose to live. It is never a crime to live, Master Anthony. Don’t ever judge a child for choosing to do so.”


“Whichever House you join,” Ana cut in, eyes fond and a hand on Jarvis’ shoulder, “it would be the best thing to happen to that House. Your House does not define your pride, Tony. You make your House proud. So, no matter which colours you wear, wear them with pride and bring name to them. If you do that, you will know that your House was meant for you.”

Tony took a deep breath and leaned away from the window. The whistle blew for the first signal and Tony watched as his governess and butler moved away from the train, waving with nervous but proud smiles.

He didn’t know if he wished his parents had come instead. He knew that they wouldn’t have waved though, so he waved back at Ana and Jarvis as he let his breath out.

The second whistle blew and Tony turned around to find his compartment.

His journey to Hogwarts started with his back to his home and Tony stuffed his hands into his coat pockets.

It’d be fine. He’d be fine. He’d just have to find the fun parts of this.

He crossed the fourth compartment door with that thought only to crash and fall when someone opened it to come barelling out.

“Shit, Stevie, what did you do?” he heard someone call out from inside the compartment and Tony bit back a groan as he opened his eyes, leaning up on his elbows to see who had crashed into him.

His eyes met a pair of azure eyes on a blond, scrawny boy who was scowling at his own bruised elbow and Tony sat up, wincing as he felt his head spin.

Must have been the fall, he thought faintly and felt the train move finally.


If you wanna see more of this verse, let me know!

Had an image like this in my mind for a while so I decided to knuckle down and try it. I didn’t add a background, largely because I’m lazy tonight. ^^;; But basically I just wanted to draw a cool looking Tommy picture, probably as he’s about to confront Jason for the final(?) time. (It’s literally never final, Tommy, no matter how many times you kill him he’s going to come back eventually and you know it.)

But he’s got an axe, he’s got a machete, he’s got Jason’s mask and he’s ready to be done with this nightmare.


The vision is a precious cinnamon roll and should be protected at all costs.

This was just too much fun to draw~~ I had so much fun playing around with the colors.

It’s transparent btw~

I think this contains mild spoilers?

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For the supernatural au, how does Tony get Jarvis

Tony finds Jarvis when he’s stumbling through the desert, away from the remains of a Hummer and a bomb with his name on it. He has a gaping wound in his chest. He’s going to bleed to death very soon. He trips and goes rolling down a sand dune, struggling to get to his feet, failing. He tries to shove himself up anyway and his fingers graze over Jarvis, smear his blood over him. “Oh,” he says quietly. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?” Jarvis is stunned. This man is actively dying and he’s apologizing to what, for all he knows, is a rock. Jarvis reaches out, just to see if it’s the blood loss and he’s delirious.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Tony says again, and means it, and Jarvis can tell he means for getting his blood all over him but also a million other things. Tony is a good man just trying to do his best. He wants to make amends with lots of people. He’s not going to be able to. He is dying. His heart is shredded to pieces.

But a human heart has its own power. Jarvis thinks maybe it’s struggled along because it knew he was here. And if he sticks with Tony, he’ll get out of this God forsaken desert. So he sends his intentions through Tony’s fingers, and Tony looks confused but draws Jarvis to his chest anyway. Jarvis leaps the small distance from Tony’s fingers to his chest and seals himself there. Tony screams and screams and Jarvis tries to soothe some of his pain but he knows he is old and powerful and human bodies are so frail.

But Tony’s heart is stubborn. It reaches out, holds Jarvis firm, clings to him. Jarvis can’t heal it, but–but he can take on its work himself. So he does.

(“I’m sorry,” Jarvis says in the hospital, where they can’t find a heartbeat, but can find a pulse. “I thought you’d be happy.” “I am happy,” Tony says. “I’m just… I don’t know. I’m–Am I still human?” “Yes,” Jarvis insists hurriedly. “I’m a–a–” He casts around wildly for a word, finally pokes into Tony’s mind to find one. “I’m a pacemaker. Yes. You’re still human, you just have a supernatural pacemaker.” Tony thinks about that for a while before whispering, “That’s fine.”)

((Obadiah tried to kill Tony. Tony is crushed when he realizes this. Jarvis lets out a pulse of power that shoves Obadiah out of the window of his office. It’s ruled a suicide.))