look at its paw

So uh… I came home after work, followed by a nighttime walk, to find a kitten outside our apartment.  I thought it had unusually large paws for a blue-eyed, tiny kitten… and then I looked a little bit closer.

One of its paws had six toes.

Then I looked even closer.  Two… no three, no all four paws have six toes each.  That’s twenty-four toes on a single, itty bitty kitten!

I have food and water for it outside our apartment door.  It is safe from the elements because our door leads to a central hallway.  No one lives in the apartment right across from ours.  Already talked to both sets of downstairs neighbors, and the kitten doesn’t belong to any of them.

Best guess is that it’s a stray kitten in need of a home.  I already have three cats, and I can’t home this one forever.  So…


Seriously, I need to stop singing while I’m home alone.  I’m turning into a Disney princess up in here.  Two weeks ago I rescued a bloodhound and lab mix, but at least he had a home to go back to after the fact.  Augh.

“I saw a werewolf. At least that’s what I thought it was at the time. I was a freshman in high school at the time. My younger brother and I were riding our bikes around in the summer time. We we’re about to enter a bike trail near our home but my brother stopped to fix something on his bike. I remember just sitting their leaning against my hand bars, facing the opening to the trail, which was a perfectly straight path for about ¾ of a mile. My brother was blocking my view of most of the path but when he shifted slightly the full length of the trail became visible. That’s when I saw it. 

It was about 50 feet away. Standing on the trail in a bipedal fashion. It wasn’t facing us but standing in the direction facing the side of the trail but its head turned toward us looking. It held its clawed paws out in front of it in the traditional werewolf way. I mean this thing couldn’t get anymore accurate with the Hollywood werewolf depiction. It was too far away for me to make out details clearly. I just know it was covered in a light brown or grayish fur. It was very tall and thin, maybe 7 feet. 

It then jumped off the trail onto all fours and ran away like a wolf. We then heard a howl that sounded like a mix between a wolf and girly scream. A few years later I found out that there has been many sightings of this creature in my area and that we are known for the infamous beast of bray road. I am from Wisconsin btw. The creature that I spotted was near the border of Jefferson County.”

By: blissalyss (What are the creepiest, scariest stories (real or not) you’ve ever heard?)

they’re called cats

summary: a jaal x ryder ficlet where he’s absolutely mystified by the existence of these furry little creatures. inspired by this post [unedited]

The empty Tempest bridge, left alone at the request of Ryder, was silent as she stared at Jaal, whose expression resembled confusion, wonder, and fear, all into one. One hand reached towards the Pathfinder, but he quickly retracted and made a face. 

“Are you sure it’s safe?” he asked, his voice low.

Ryder laughed, the sound ringing in his ears as it always did. “They’re called cats, Jaal.” 

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do u know this fic where baek is a pianist (actually rly good in piano) and chan is like a dj performing on a underground club and he's known as loey and they met there at the club and baek believes that pop isnt music then chan got mad and just called a cab for baek with his coat still with baek and they met again cause baek wanted to return the coat i hope you can help me find it cause i forgot the name of the story hehe

i do indeed!!! you’re looking for a rhythm of its own from this year’s bae!

- admin paws

Preview: Ultraviolence

Following is a preview of something I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s a Steve x Bucky story, including some betrayal, heartache, recovery and overall Steve and Bucky pining after each other but denying to to themselves and each other because why would they admit it when they never did before?

And also, Steve’s engaged to Sharon. Which is an obstacle. And it’s gonna hurt.

I’m not ready to post the whole thing yet, wont be for a while I think; but if you guys want me to, I can share bits and pieces as I’m writing it. 

Let me know what you think! I’m a bit insecure about this one, because it’s ‘close to my heart’ as they say. 

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Happy Birthday to the most precious fluff of sunshine alive ♥ Thank you for loving us unconditionally because we love you the same. This one is for my Ultimate Bias, and the softest little squish I’ve ever encountered. #HappyBabyHyunDay #대현이다 I love you to pieces~

           What woke him up first wasn’t the slivers of sun peeking through the blinds, nor the warm waft of pancakes and syrup traveling up the stairs. What made him slowly open his eyes were the tiny tickles to his nose and cheek. Daehyun opened one eye and saw white. At his small movement, the kitten that was sniffing his face stopped and sat back on its hunches.

           “Good morning to you too, baby.” He inhaled and with great effort, reached a hand out to pet the soft fur. Somewhere in the back of his still sleep infused mind, he tried to calculate the time. Judging by the soft rays of sun, he figured it wasn’t that late. And yet, it had to be one of the better nights of sleep that he had gotten in a long time.

           Daehyun rolled onto his back and stretched, feeling his joints crack and his muscles loosen. The kitten, startled by his actions, had hopped down from the bed with an indignant snarl and was trotting its way downstairs.

           Pancakes, chocolate and strawberry, he noted. The sweetness cut through the savory bacon and eggs that must be on top of a lightly toasted slice of bread, spread with peanut butter. His mouth watered but laziness still ran through his veins. He flopped back onto his stomach and buried his face into the pillow.

           “Did Daddy anger baby?” A laughing voice appeared in the background. Despite how tired he still was, Daehyun smiled. His favorite person had finally made her appearance. He heard a tiny mewl. Even the cat knew who to play up the aegyo with.

           “You awake?” He heard her place something on the dresser. It has to be a tray laden with food. It took all his self-control to not smile. Instead, he focused on keeping his breathing steady. There was nothing better than hearing her talk to him when she thought he was asleep. Sure enough, he felt the bed shift as she sat down. Her hand stroked his head and he almost wanted to purr right then and there. Unconsciously, he snuggled his head closer to her touch.

           “My poor Daehyunnie. It’s so rare for you to be home. You must be tired.” Her voice was a lullaby. Her fingers strayed to his nose, her touch soft as she traced his features. “So handsome,” and he could hear the pride in her voice.

           The corners of his mouth turned up into a smile and then he slowly opened his eyes. He saw his girlfriend lying down next to him, her gaze concentrated on him. The smile grew larger as his eyes fluttered closed. He let out a contented sigh. This made all the hard work all worth it.

           She was quiet as she waited for him to take the initiative. Daehyun freed his arm from the covers and reached for her hand. Their fingers naturally curled towards one another. He didn’t need to look to know the look of absolute adoration she was giving him. It was his favorite expression on her, and made him want to kiss her, tiny, breathless kisses, light gossamer kisses, marshmallow on top of whipped cream.

           His hand crept up her arm until he managed to curl it around her waist. She shifted so that she was in his space and his nostrils filled with her familiar scent. “Thank you,” he whispered.

           She swallowed and he smiled again. It was so typical of her to be feeling emotional when he was the one who was utterly touched. “Daehyun-ah,” she began and he opened his eyes.

           “Hmm?” From such close proximity, she was breathtaking. There was a light blush that spread across her cheeks and her hair curled lethargically around his arm.

           “Happy birthday.”

           Ah. In the midst of his hectic schedule, Daehyun had honestly forgotten it was his birthday. He was only grateful, and pleasantly surprised, that the company had given them a random week off. Even though he knew that she would be the last one on earth to forget his birthday, he was still touched by the amount of preparation she had gone through just for him.

           “Thank you,” he said again and smiled. She giggled as she snuggled into his shoulder.

           “I’m so happy you’re back.”

           It had been a busy few months with their world tour not yet fully concluded, and then his solo promotions and now his musical. Even though they texted every day, it wasn’t the same. Sometimes he could only stay at the tiny apartment close to the company to make going to practice less painful.

           “I’m sorry. It must be so hard for you.”

           She pressed her lips against his throat. “Shh. I still have my job, and my friends. And I get decent hours of sleep every night. It’s nothing compared to what you have to go through.” He felt her squeeze him harder, as if she could not get enough of him. “But it is hard when you’re not here. I miss this. I miss you.”

           Daehyun dropped a kiss on the top of her head. He allowed them to stay together until there was an interruption. The kitten, wise enough to give his parents alone time, had decided that enough was enough. It hopped up to Daehyun and perched its paws on his back.

           “Uh oh, looks like Snowball is sick of our sweetness.” His girlfriend reluctantly moved away and picked up the cat.

           The two of them sat up and he pointed his chin at the feast she had prepared. “So are you going to feed me breakfast today?”

           Obediently, she let the kitten go and balanced the tray on her lap. He watched her deftly scoop up the eggs onto the toast, and beamed to see that he had gotten it right. She always makes it the way he likes it. “Open up.”

           Daehyun took a massive bite and closed his eyes as he savored the flavors bursting in his mouth. “Mmm, as expected of my sweetheart.” When she raised the forkful of pancakes to his lips, he pushed her hand towards her instead. “Eat with me.”

           He watched her finish chewing and swallow. Daehyun leaned forward and kissed the side of her mouth, licking off a drop of syrup that had clung on stubbornly. “Sweet,” he commented, “Just like you.” He loved watching her blush. The pink rose to her cheekbones and her eyes would dart this way and that as she tried to avoid his gaze. But even the embarrassment doesn’t take away her smile.

           After the food was cleared away, Daehyun widened his arms so they could stay in each other’s embrace. “Let’s just stay like this the whole day.”

           “You don’t want to go out and celebrate with the members? What about we go do something?”

           Daehyun shook his head. “I just want to spend my birthday with you.” He inhaled deeply and tilted her chin upwards to him. The kiss they shared washed all the fatigue away and he finally was able to truly relax. Her hands cupped his face to hold him closer. He ran his fingers through her hair and secured her neck. Their tongues danced as he nibbled on her bottom lip.

           As Daehyun started to turn and push her under him, he felt something heavy land on his lap. Simultaneously, they laughed. He scrunched his nose as he reluctantly pulled away. “I suppose this one also wanted in on the love,” he chuckled as he picked up the kitten who was now contently purring in his arms.

           Even though they were interrupted, Daehyun was happy. He leaned against the headboard and craned his neck so he could kiss her cheek. It was a simple birthday. But sometimes simple was what he needed the most.

Werewolf! Ashton

Words: 4.6k

Warning: smut, tying up wit rope

Summary: Y/N rescues a wolf and patches it up when it’s bleeding. Little does she know that this wolf could turn into a human and show her the best time of her life. 


“Y/N” the barrister said. I looked up from the sugar pot I had been staring at for at least 3 minutes and walked over to the man holding my strawberry and cream cooler. I thanked the man before making my way outside. God bless Starbucks for staying open for 24 hours. It was 1am and I had just finished my course work at the college library. It had taken me three week’s to complete the whole project and was due in tomorrow, which I thought I’d spend the whole night completing it. That was a bad idea as now the only thing keeping me from collapsing was the wetness of the cooler in my hand. The coldness of it dripping over my hand. 

I walked down the road to my house, the street lights lighting up the grey pavement. There was a fews whistles of wind as it made my tartan scarf flap behind me slightly. I sucked onto the see-through straw, watching the pink liquid shoot up. I heard the screeching of tyres come around the corner and a car speed past me. Some people are so impolite at this time of night, people are sleeping but no you have to speed round corners and cause a commotion. I followed the path round the corner past the alleyway but not before hearing a whimper. I looked into the ally way, seeing a large brown animal. Was it a dog?

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evansluke  asked:

*cracks knuckles* gaston and lefou somehow getting a kitten. kitten makes gaston feel weak in the knees. but gaston would rather die than admit it. good thing lefou knows what's up. thank u and good luck ♥

I’m gonna also include this as my 16th entry for the Beauty and the Beast Fanfiction/Fanart Celebration challenge for the prompt: Cat

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“But I can’t just go up and talk to him, Alya!”

“Sure you can.”

“But what do I say?

“You say, ‘Hey, hot stuff! Wanna bend me over your console?’”


“Direct works, my girl.”

Marinette buried her face in her hands and moaned. “I’m not you and he isn’t—”

“Hey guys, what’s up?”

Marinette considered it a milestone of her character growth that she didn’t actually scream.

She yelped a little bit, maybe even squeaked, but she didn’t scream.

See? Progress.

“Hey, Captain,” said Alya, both very droll and like she hadn’t just been making jokes about where said captain could put certain parts of his anatomy. “Just girl talk. What’s up with you? Need anything?”

Marinette wondered if she should consider herself lucky her friend-slash-cheerleader didn’t add anything… else to that.

Adrien smiled apologetically, the expression oddly strained. “If you’re not too busy, could you check up on the warp drive? Theo was the last one to do maintenance, and he seemed a little distracted.”

He watched Marinette in particular as he said it, still with that strained half smile, and all Marinette could do was blink.

Alya, thankfully, was not so paralyzed. “Oh, sure thing.”

“Thanks,” Adrien said, patting both their shoulders in turn. “Sorry for interrupting the girl talk.”

And they went their separate ways.

“That is the politest commanding officer I have ever worked for,” Alya muttered, brow furrowed in amused bemusement as she steered Marinette towards the engine room. “Anyway! Like I said, just talk to him.”

Adrien’s steps, previously heading back to the bridge, abruptly stopped.

Alya paused, then grinned like a shark that had scented blood.

“Theo’s practically a big teddy bear anyway,” she went on, ignoring Marinette’s sudden, gaping shock. “It’s not like he’d actually bend you over a console. That would just let him know you’re interested.”

“But I’m— I’m what?

Marinette, personally, could think of very few people she was less interested in than Theo. When had the conversation become about him? Had Alya been misunderstanding her all this time?

She was prevented from voicing any of this by the sound of boots skidding over metal plating and the sound of a body falling to the ground with a hollow clang.

“Sorry,” Adrien said when both she and Alya whipped around to find the source of the noise. He picked himself up and gave the two of them a smile that was somehow even more strained than before. “I tripped.”

Alya’s grin went from shark-like to cat-like, if the cat in question had caught a hapless mouse between its paws and was looking forward to playtime. “Careful, sir. Wouldn’t want to lose anything important to your… mishaps.


Marinette could kind of see Adrien grit his teeth as he bent down to collect his datapad. “I’ll be careful.”


“Mhmm…” Alya hummed, wrapping an arm around Marinette’s shoulders, eyes glittering with a downright unholy light. “Marinette and I are going to go do our jobs now. Later, Captain.”

Adrien didn’t look up from his datapad, just raised a hand in farewell as they left.

Marinette had so many questions she didn’t even know where to start.

Alya just added to the number when, as soon as the door whooshed shut behind them, she turned to Marinette with that unholy grin and, it seemed, a plan.

“Operation Jealousy, start.”

Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic: Chapter 25



Warnings:  language, sexual content (but ya knew that already, didn’t ya?”)

Chapter 25 –  Good Boy

 With some degree of difficulty, due to the wriggling bundle in his arms, Alfie opened the door slowly; just enough to peer around the edge for a sly inspection.   He wanted a bit of notice if he needed to dodge any forthcoming missiles launched by a still offended feminine hand.   All appeared quiet within the room and he pushed the portal further.   The puppy stilling in his arms as he softly hushed it and his eyes scanned the room.    Dappled sunlight filled the space, catching dust mites that float in lazy suspension.   Lazy; much like the concealed lump in the bed that did not show up for work this morning.    The covers were pulled up over her head; whether to escape the probing beams of morning light, or just the world in general, he couldn’t know.   All he did know was that clearly it seemed a better option than facing him after yesterday’s cock up.   He frowned slightly; unsure of how to proceed.   He knew he had over-reacted, but he also knew the issue of trust was one of great importance within his world; personally and professionally.   But… how to make her see that matter?   That even the smallest lies – even ones of mere omission – had a way of digging a trench between himself and the person.    As he gazed at the still form it occurred to him what he needed now was a bridge. A way back to her that showed he was not of mind to give up this thing between them.  

He sighed and the puppy looked up and licked his chin.  Alfie ruffled the soft fur on its head and glanced back to the bed.   The puppy following his gaze as though the lump held great interest; his little nose raised and sniffing the air.   His little body began wriggling again, wanting down to go explore that bump where a small movement was just detected.   Alfie smiled and placed the dog at the foot of the bed.   Hell he never had much use for a mediator before, but given the cuteness factor – and the small fact that the dog was rather the catalyst for their current separation – it seemed only fitting he might bring them back together.   Boots started at her feet and cautiously sniffed the entire length until he ended up squatting confused upon a pillow.   He could smell the nice lady who brought food… but where was she?   His nose reached forward to poke under a corner of the comforter; hesitation making his wee body quiver.    Alfie chuckled softly beside the bed and made a motion with his hand to encourage the pup to find her.   Boots had definitely caught her scent beneath the blankets and thrust his entire head beneath; his tail began wagging furiously and a soft whimper began.   The bump moved and stretched and a groan came from within.  Followed by quiet giggling, until suddenly the covers were thrown back to reveal the puppy happily licking her face while she squeezed him close.   Watching the scene, Alfie’s heart squeezed in his chest and he wondered how two such small and soft things had managed to break through the heavily guarded fortress that had surrounded it.   He knew the dog was leaving with him; but he also knew neither of them were leaving if she didn’t follow.

“Boots… stop it… that’s enough kisses!”   But still she laughed and squeezed the puppy tighter.   Her hands stroked the soft fur from tip to tail and the puppy finally calmed and settled close beside her; chin resting on its paws.   Alyona looked from the puppy to Alfie; the quiet in the room settling like a too heavy blanket.   Torn as she was between wanting to pull him down into the bed beside her and deciding which side of his silly, arrogant face to slap; she could neither find the right words nor drop his gaze that held her own.   Stronger still was the ache that perched in the depths of her heart, and though anger still tried to keep its own hold – she knew losing him would be the deepest cut of all.  

“A nice wakeup call you’ve brought me.”

Alfie shifted his stance, hands stuffed in his pockets.   “Yeah, well he missed ya, didn’t he.”  

She leaned down to kiss the puppy’s soft head.  “Awww did ya miss me wee thing?   I bet you weren’t lonely at all though.”   Soft thumping of his tail upon the mattress, but eyes remained closed.   She raised her eyes to Alfie.

“Right nuisance he was too.  Kept me up most the night the wee bugger.  Whining and scratching at the door.”  Alfie held her gaze.  “Wanting to come find ya I expect.   Wouldn’t stop till I promised to bring him to ya.”  

Her head nodded, “At the door was he then?  All night ya say.”

By his silence she knew the truth immediately and she laughed softly.   “Alfie, we both know he slept in the bed with you.”

Clearly busted, he could only shrug his shoulders, “Yeah, well he was lonely weren’t he?  All alone in a big house.”    He paused, fixing her with that look that held her heart.  “His new gal gone and left him.”  

The words hung between them.   Once again she was taken back by the vulnerability he was willing to show her.   How he could so easily wear his heart on his sleeve, this man of incredible strength that she someone had the ability to lay low.   And in that moment she decided she didn’t like that about herself.   He had allowed her into every space in his life: his work, his home… his heart, and once again she had reduced its value as though it were nothing at all.   When in her heart she knew it was everything.  

The both breathed deep and at the same time their words rushed forth.

“I need to know I can always trust ya.”

“I need to know that you trust me.”

And there it was – the great divide revealed.   Alfie cursed under his breath and briefly turned away, a hint of sadness in his eyes.  Alyona fought back the tears that threatened to fall, and patted the bed beside her.   With a sigh he lowered upon the bed, patted the puppy and then took her hand.  

“Even the smallest lie Alyona, it casts a shadow.”  

She nodded solemnly, squeezed his hand.    “I know it Alfie.  I know and I am sorry, truly and it will not happen again.”   Her head bent and her voice quieted to a pained whisper.  “But … ya didn’t really think I’d hurt ya like that did ya?  And most of all, with Ollie.”   His lips compressed in a thin line and with some remorse he lowered his eyes.   “Alfie.  You know I love ya… I would never hurt ya like that and to think you believed I did?   It’s just another kind of shadow.”

Dammit, why did she have to be as smart as she was beautiful?   Just his luck to fall for such an incredible woman who challenged him in all the right ways.   He squeezed her hand and she saw that his own eyes were misty.    She pulled him towards her.

“Come here love.”  

He stretched his long form out beside her, hands still clasped and the puppy sleeping between them.   Her smile held and gave him hope and he leaned forward and kissed her brow.

“Don’t go.”

Placing her own kiss on his cheek she murmured softly, “I didn’t want to go.”   Her other hand rested upon his cheek. “I missed ya terribly.  I worried all night.”

“Whined at the door for me did ya love?”

She laughed and pinched his cheek.  “Almost, yeah.”

“Yeah well, I had to sleep with a flea bitten dog that farted all night.”   He pulled back, while she shook with laughter. “What the hell did ya feed it, fuck it damn near suffocated me.”  

The bed shook as she laughed and the offending puppy woke up and stretched between them, then sat on its hunches gazing back from one to the other.  

“Awww look, he’s happy to have his mum and da together again, aren’t ya Boots.” He scratched behind the pups ears and the tail thumped again.  “Though I ought to call ya Stinker because ya do buddy, I hate to tell ya, but it’s the damn truth.”

Still laughing, she ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him close so she could kiss him soundly.   “I do love ya.”

Alfie scooped the dog up, “Alright smelly Boots, this is where three’s a crowd.” He set the dog on the floor and it immediately began to sniff around the room.   Turning back, he pulled her into his arms, mouth seeking hers with a demanding need.   His own words of love spoken between gasps for air as the flames set to burning between them.   Briefly she pulled away and sought his gaze.

“We’ll figure it out Alfie… I know we will.”

“That mean yer coming home love?”

Her forehead rested on his own, nodding and then her lips found his own again. “Yeah love, there is nothing I want more. Nothing at all – just you.”

The sound of whimpering came from the side of the bed and they looked over to find his paws stretched forth on the mattress.  Sad eyes upon them seeking help.   She laughed.

“You and your stinky flea bitten dog.”

“Hey now, ya are the one that found him right, so ya can’t blame me for that one.”

He reached into his pants pockets and pulled out two dog biscuits, setting them on the floor.  “Awww, ya love those don’t ya buddy.  Good boy, eat yer treat and let yer dad get on with yer mom, yeah.”

He pulled Alyona on top of his own body, pulling her mouth down to his own. Hands running down the length of her back and gripping her ass; pressing it close upon his growing hardness. He groaned into her neck, his mouth feasting upon the tender skin.   Heard the quickening of her breath beside his ear. Her body had begun to glide and hips rotate against his own.

“Fuck I did miss ya last night sweetie.”  He growled into her hair, nipped her ear.  “What say we go back to my place… have some breakfast, yeah?”

She chuckled against the warmth of his neck, “Breakfast?  Sure that’s what ya want love?”  But she wasted no time sitting up and making haste to leave.   Crunching sounds continued from the floor beside the bed. “Yer not gonna feed me biscuits, are ya Alfie.”

“Ya can call it whatever ya want love, as long as we get going.”

She swatted his shoulder as he rose from the bed and swung his legs over the bed.   The dog looked up expectantly, nose sniffing the air.   He jumped on Alfie’s legs, eyes pleading until another biscuit appeared.   Alyona cast a glance between the two of them; brow furrowed in thought.

“Ah, Alfie…. How many biscuits have you given Boots?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know, but he’s hungry ain’t he?  Look at the skinny bugger – half starved he is.”

“Yes, half starved… and also stinky?”

Alfie’s eyes widened as he looked at the biscuit held in his hand.  “Oh.  Well shit.”

She fell back on the bed, dissolving in laughter.  Alfie turned back to look at her, biscuit raised in his hand.

“Well yer definitely not eating any then sweetie.”   His hand roamed up her bare leg and squeezed her thigh.  Her bottom lip caught between small teeth.

“Tough talk love.  We both know ya ain’t kicking me out of yer bed.”

Alfie pointed a finger, inched the other hand up her thigh further.  

“Now that ain’t no lie.”

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how do possums compare to raccoons? i mean, raccoons are the bandits of the animal kingdom, right? what does that make possums? if pop culture has taught me anything (it's taught me everything), it's that between the paws that look like fingerless gloves and the reputation for filth and attitude when they're actually clean and no meaner than anything else you might piss off, they're basically bikers. the hells angels of the animal kingdom. tell me im wrong!

I’d agree that opossums are lil bikers. I like their fingerless gloves! I feel like opossums and raccoons could work together to be a force to be reckoned with. Like the opossums could be biker angels of justice and they sometimes have to work with the shady raccoon gangs.

Pictured above: A drug deal!