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“I saw a werewolf. At least that’s what I thought it was at the time. I was a freshman in high school at the time. My younger brother and I were riding our bikes around in the summer time. We we’re about to enter a bike trail near our home but my brother stopped to fix something on his bike. I remember just sitting their leaning against my hand bars, facing the opening to the trail, which was a perfectly straight path for about ¾ of a mile. My brother was blocking my view of most of the path but when he shifted slightly the full length of the trail became visible. That’s when I saw it. 

It was about 50 feet away. Standing on the trail in a bipedal fashion. It wasn’t facing us but standing in the direction facing the side of the trail but its head turned toward us looking. It held its clawed paws out in front of it in the traditional werewolf way. I mean this thing couldn’t get anymore accurate with the Hollywood werewolf depiction. It was too far away for me to make out details clearly. I just know it was covered in a light brown or grayish fur. It was very tall and thin, maybe 7 feet. 

It then jumped off the trail onto all fours and ran away like a wolf. We then heard a howl that sounded like a mix between a wolf and girly scream. A few years later I found out that there has been many sightings of this creature in my area and that we are known for the infamous beast of bray road. I am from Wisconsin btw. The creature that I spotted was near the border of Jefferson County.”

By: blissalyss (What are the creepiest, scariest stories (real or not) you’ve ever heard?)

if you need help visualizing things, susan is 100% the most graceful, sleek, pretty little cat you could ever imagine…and lucy is the puppy who comes running in and JUST WANTS TO PLAY!! and knocks the cat over in her enthusiasm, and the cat needs to PRETEND to look like it wasn’t just knocked off its paws and that it’s still just as graceful as before 

the-banished-ninetales  asked:

A whimper can be heard coming from a nearby bush. Behind it is a wild growlithe licking its injured paw. It looks up at Mirai and holds its paw up to her. There seems to be a thorn stuck in the pads, and it's quite deep.

Carrying around two large plastic bags, the Trainer just came back from her shopping trip. As she wanted to return to her room, Mirai suddenly heard whimpers. Then she saw the poor Pokemon as she inspected the nearby bushes.

“Oh my, poor thing..” The girl knelt down carefully. She didn’t want to scare it away. “Don’t be afraid okay? Lemme see your paw..” Mirais movements were slow, as it seemed that the growlithe wouldn’t flee at once, she softly stroke it’s fur to calm the fire type down.

“It’s in there really deep..we should get you to a pokemon center at once…would you maybe let me pick you up?” She made the attempt to lift it up and carry the Pokemon.

// guest art from @grassnake-side-blog who drew it in an awesome stream a while ago! :D

The Drumroll

With thanks to How I Met Your Mother.

“You know, they say it’s downhill after the first kiss.”

“I’m pretty sure that only counts when you’re kissing a mammal.”

“Oh, come on!”

With a groan, Nick hit the pause button on the remote in him paw, set it down next to him, and turned to face the bunny sitting beside him on the couch. “What is it this time, Carrots?”

Judy looked at him with indignation and retorted, “What, like you don’t have a problem with it, too.”

“Not enough to yell at the screen every five seconds.”

“You love to complain about movies!” Judy accused.

Holding a finger up to silence her, he corrected, “Riffing on a movie is not the same as ‘complaining.’ It’s funny.” He directed the finger at her forehead. “What you are doing, darling, is complaining, and that is decidedly not funny.” He smirked. “Cute, though.”

Judy pouted at him. It was always like this whenever she came over to his place for Movie Night (which was most nights, really): no matter what it was they rented from the video store or found on Nutflix, however acclaimed or crappy, they’d spend the entire movie jeering at anything they could, in a constant contest to see who could out-joke the other. Most movies, however, Judy did not find as infuriatingly bad as tonight’s choice, which she blamed Nick for entirely.

“That is not how you react to an entire city being destroyed!” she insisted, gesturing wildly at the small TV in front of them. “What kind of crazy person watches a horrific national disaster and then immediately make out with someone in the middle of ground zero?”

“It’s a superhero movie, Fluff,” the fox answered, “that’s what happens. Good guy saves the city, then he gets the girl.”

Judy made several squeaks of outrage before retaliating, “What ‘good guy?’ Supermouse didn’t save the city, he helped destroy it! Not to mention that poor small town from earlier!”

Nick shrugged and “Hey, they’re just being realistic. You think they wouldn’t cause some collateral damage with all their fighting?”

“Well, yeah, but they could at least acknowledge it! I mean, that’s like, what, a million mammals caught in this massive wave of destruction, and all anyone says is,”—and here she brought her paws to her cheeks in a pose of false admiration—”‘Oh thank god he saved us!’ or ‘Mm, you know it’s all downhill from the first kiss!’”

Nick covered his muzzle with a paw to keep from snorting at Judy’s poor imitations of the characters and said, “I thought you were rooting for Lois Mane and Supermouse to get together, even though it makes no sense that a mouse could ever get with a pony.”

A light blush darkened Judy’s cheeks. “H-Hey, they make a really good couple! Species shouldn’t matter if they really love each other!” She muttered something else he couldn’t hear under her breath, and he chuckled.

“Didn’t you say last time we watched a rom-com that you were tired of Hollywood forcing romances down the public’s throat all the time, and that we need more platonic couples in movies?” he added, propping his head up with his paw.

Beet red, she folded her arms and grumbled, “It’s different when they have actual chemistry.”

Nick snorted and pointed at the paused pair on screen. “You call that chemistry?”

“Not anymore! Not when they’re saying stupid stuff like this!” She turned back to face the screen, scoffed, and added, “Who even actually believes that junk about first kisses, anyway?”

Nick shrugged again and leaned back into the couch. “Eh, made sense to me.”

“What?” Judy squeaked, ears perking up. “You actually agree with them?”

“Sure. I’ve had a few relationships where it never got better after the first kiss. Maybe not as grim and lifeless as our poor lovers in Zootropolis here, but still.”

She listened intently, nodding and hoping that he’d continue. Nick’s past was a topic she was always eager to discuss, and any time Nick willingly brought it up she sprung at the opportunity to learn more. The fact that he was talking not just about his past, but his past relationships, made for a particularly appetizing talk.

When he had stopped speaking for more than a moment, she coaxed, “So, how many times has it been that bad?”

He chuckled. “I wouldn’t ever call it bad, just annoying. It only happened two or three times to me, but it was always the same. We’d have that one first night of perfection, and then, somehow, everything always got worse.” Smirking, he added, “Of course, most of the time, that first night of perfection wasn’t just about kisses.” He shot her a wink, snickering at the blush that flooded her cheeks.

“Oh,” she realized. “Oh.” She inched forward, almost imperceptibly, and continued, “So, you think once you share a kiss with someone…”

“…they’ll finish with you as quickly as they can,” Nick finished. “Once that first kiss gets you on the hook, you’re just luggage, dragged along until you get to the place where all luggage gets tossed into a corner: the bedroom.” He accented this point by raising an eyebrow at her.

“That isn’t true!” Judy insisted. “I’ve had boyfriends before that didn’t get worse after I kissed them!”

Hearing this made Nick blanch. Shooting her an incredulous look, he questioned, “You’ve had multiple boyfriends?”

“Well yeah– Wait, why is that so surprising to you?”

“Honestly, Carrots, up until now I thought you’d never been kissed.”

Judy gaped at him, appalled at his accusation. “What on Earth would make you think I’d never been kissed?”

“Gee,” he replied, slapping a paw to his cheek in fake bewilderment, “maybe it has something to do with the fact that all you ever do is work.”

“I’ll have you know I had three boyfriends while I was in high school,” the bunny huffed. “I dealt with that sort of drama just like everybody else does.”

“Ha! Of course you would say it like it was some kind of assignment back then!” Nick laughed. “I bet you thought it was some kind of requirement that a girl has to date while she’s in high school!”

“Oh, whatever. None of my relationships were ever always downhill after the first kiss.” She crossed her arms, tilted her head, and gave him a cocky smile. “So I guess there must be something wrong with how you treat vixens, slick.”

“I’ll have you know I made a great boyfriend,” he retorted. “Every girl this side of Zootopia wants a taste of the Wilde side. It’s just that once they get it…” He slashed a paw across his neck. “Gone.”

Judy’s amused expression wilted as she saw the sassy glimmer in Nick’s eyes fade. Recognizing how he really felt about the topic, she reached over and squeezed his arm.

“Well, I’m sorry it’s been all downhill for you so much, Nick,” she comforted. “You’ll find someone who’ll pull you back up soon, I just know it.”

He glanced at her paw and smiled, giving Judy a warm feeling that made her want to hug him. Looking back up at her, he patted his own paw on top of hers and said, “Thanks, Carrots.”

They stayed that way for a second too long, connected just enough for Judy to feel a pulse in her cheeks and a hard thump in her chest that gave her goosebumps. Something in Nick’s expression that she couldn’t put a name to changed and he shifted, sliding his paw off of hers. She took the opportunity to pull her paw off him as well, and the two settled back into their seats, closer to each other on the couch than either of them realized.

“First kisses are overrated, anyway,” Judy coughed, breaking the silence to their collective relief.

“I thought you said you never had a downhill relationship?” Nick questioned.

“I didn’t,” she replied. “I just… never thought any of my first kisses were amazing.”

“Hey, finally, something we can agree on,” Nick said.

“I mean, everyone always acts like they’re some kind of magical, important moments in your life,” she went on, staring at her feet, “when really no one even knows what they’re doing when they do it.”

“Aw, is somebody speaking from experience here?” Nick teased.

“Yes,” Judy answered, ears drooping down the back of her head. She hugged her arms around herself and glared at the TV screen, mumbling, “It was horrible.” Folding further into herself, she added, “And heartbreaking.”

“Hey, first kisses usually are.” He leaned into the couch and threw his arms over the back of it. “Nobody ever realizes that kissing is an art form, not just some incredible thing everyone automatically knows how to do.”

She grunted in agreement and mumbled, “The best part is the build-up. That’s what makes it worth it.”

Nick nodded and sighed in faux whimsy. “Ah, those few wonderful seconds before all your dreams are shattered by an idiot who doesn’t realize when to use their tongue.”

Judy snorted, making him smile. “It’s true, though,” she giggled. “It’s always perfect, right up until the actual kiss.” She paused, eyes staring down her toes, before adding, “I bet you if we just left it like that, whenever we went out with someone, it’d be so much better.”

He clicked his tongue and pointed at her again. “There’s where you’re wrong, Fluff. You’d never even get a second date if you try and pull that.”

“Just because it’s not normal, doesn’t mean it’s not better.”

“What, teasing someone like that and then just leaving them with nothing? Sure, that sounds so romantic.”

“I bet you it is!”

“And I’m telling you it isn’t, Carrots.” He leaned towards her, folding his arms and smirking. “You don’t stop at the drumroll, even if whatever it’s for turns out to be lame.”

Judy glared at the sly fox, arms crossed over her knees, and shifted so that her whole body was facing him. Sticking her face right up in his, she squinted and said, “I’ll prove it.”

The time it took for the smirk to slip from Nick’s face could have broken records. “Come again?”

“We’ll try it ourselves, if you’re so skeptical. Right here, right now.”

Nick gave a nervous chuckle and drew away from her. “Uh, Carrots, look, I realize we’re very close friends, and there’s a special place in my heart for you and no one else-”

“Exactly. You like me, and I like you. So, let’s say we’re on a date–”

“Okay, woah–”

“–shush, and we want to say goodbye, but don’t want to end the night on a bad note. So…”

His blood ran cold when she brought a paw up to his neck. Judy didn’t seem to notice the instant tightening of his muscles at her touch, nor the look of intense and immediate panic on his reddening face. His mouth opened to complain and ask how she seemed to be so okay with this, but he found he had no voice to speak with.

“We stop at the drumroll,” she stated in a voice analytical and calm, and suddenly it clicked in his head: this was just another assignment to her, like the prerequisite boyfriends she’d had in high school. There was no ulterior motive to putting him in this position. All she wanted was to prove a point, and the moment he accepted this as the truth in his mind, the tightness in his muscles and the chill in his blood vanished. His cocky grin returned, and he chuckled.

“Alright, Carrots,” he smirked, slipping into character. “If you really want me that badly.”

She rolled her eyes, smiling back at him. “Oh please.”

Shh…” He put a finger to her lips. “Just shut up and don’t kiss me.”

She giggled as he drew his paw from her lips to her cheek, cupping it in his palm and slipping his fingers around to the back of her head. She tugged gently on his neck, inviting him forward. Tugging back in response, the two leaned towards each other, shutting their eyes slowly, the way couples always did in the movies they watched. Nick tilted his head, already congratulating himself on being right in his head. There was nothing about this that was magical, and besides, it was a flawed plan from the start—they already knew they weren’t going to kiss, so what anticipation could possibly have any effect on–

And then he pulled her close enough to feel her breath against his lips and every atom of his being sizzled. Muscles locked, fur stood on end, and his tail shot up and went rigid as he hovered, eyes shut, with Judy right at his lips, and felt himself fall of the edge of the world and into a pool of sensations he couldn’t put names to. Every microinch her paw rubbed against the fur on his neck sent tidal waves of bliss crashing down upon him. His ears flattened against his head as he took in a sharp breath, breathing in air that had her scent in it. Awash in a cocktail of her aromas, his mind brought him a step further, conjuring up fantastical visions of what she might taste like, and it took every remaining shred of his conscience that had not been obliterated in the wake of his closeness to her not to succumb to such delusions, even though he knew it would be so easy, so easy to just lean in that extra inch, pull her a little closer, and kiss her…

Time became unstuck, finally, when Judy pulled back. Nick gave a short sigh of relief, even as a petty voice in the back of his head screamed in wrathful disappointment. Opening his eyes, he found Judy staring back at him, her paw drawn away from him but still hovering in the air between them. Her mouth was ajar; he noticed a smudge of moisture glistening on her lower lip and fought the petty voice’s pleas to wipe it away with his own. Looking into her violet eyes, he saw how wide they were, realized how close they still were to each other, and drew back from her. She stayed frozen in place, but kept her eyes fixed on him, her expression also one of realization. Strangely, her face was not red with any kind of blush. Her paw lowered slowly, until it rested against her leg, and she closed her mouth and swallowed, loud enough to make his ear twitch in surprise.

Then, finally, just as it was beginning to tear Nick’s sanity to pieces, Judy broke the silence between them:

“…There,” she lilted, her voice tiny and far away, “aren’t you glad I didn’t ruin the moment and go any further?”

He blinked a few times, coming back to reality, and loosened his body up. He turned so that he could lean back on the couch again, and muttered, “Yep. You win,” before setting his paws (one of which, he realized with a jolt, he’d had to yank out of the couch cushion its claws had punctured) in his lap and staring at the paused TV screen. “Can we finish the movie now?” he asked, making an effort not to let his voice crack when he spoke.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Judy nod. She shuffled in her seat, faced the screen, and reached over to hit the play button on the remote (he made a concentrated effort to ignore how close she came to touching him while doing so). The rest of the movie went by without any commentary from the two, who both did their best to make the TV the only thing in the room worth looking at. Judy tried to show off her rapt attention to the screen by blinking as little as possible while she watched, as though that might make the drama playing out before her that much more riveting. Nick stared through the television and off into space, as a record in his mind played on repeat, yelling at him, Of course this happens, what did you think would happen, you can’t just do something like that with someone you like, how stupid do you have to be to think this wouldn’t happen?

The moment the credits popped up on screen, Judy leapt off the couch and stretched, yawning in a way that sounded more like screaming.

Well, that was fun, but I gotta be up early tomorrow, you know, busy busy busy, better get home!” She headed for the door, a horrific, fake smile plastered on her face.

“Uh-huh,” Nick whimpered, still giving the TV a thousand-yard stare. He snapped out of it when Judy passed him, and with a start got up and followed her to the door. He opened it for her and stared straight ahead at his bookshelf as she walked out into the hall. “See you tomorrow, I guess.”

Judy stopped in the doorway and spun around, opening her mouth to speak. She had her paw raised, a finger held up as though to make a point about something. Instead, she stared at him, bit her lip, and pointed towards the stairs leading down and out of his apartment building. Then she slunk away, her eyes still as wide as they’d been when they’d separated.

Nick shut the door and glared into the wood grain in front of him. His brain caught up with the rest of him, and he shut his eyes and groaned. He thumped his skull against the door as a thought occurred to him:

Oh god, this is how it’s gonna be from now on. That was the stupidest thing we ever could have done, and now we’re not gonna be able to even look at each other, and Jesus Capybara she’s gonna drive me out of my mind-

Someone knocked on the door, and even though he knew exactly who it was, he debated just going to bed without answering it. But he shook the thought from his head, reached out to grasp the doorknob, and paused to pull himself together. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door, and was greeted with a faceful of rabbit.

Without warning, Judy leapt up, grabbed his cheeks with both paws, and crushed her mouth against his. Instinctively, his paws grabbed her back and thighs so that he could hold her up to him. It took only a second of confusion, a second of panicked mental screams that told him everything was going crazy, that it was the end of the world and nothing made sense anymore, before he understood what was happening, pulled her into a tight, thankful embrace, and dove headfirst into her soft, heavenly affection. An eternity passed, full of tastes and smacks and nips and shivers, before Judy yanked herself away from him, chest heaving.

“I don’t think we’d go downhill, if we tried,” she gasped, rubbing his cheeks.

“Oh hell no,” Nick mumbled, running his paw down the length of her ears, before pulling her in again.

They met each other eagerly, and he spun around to bring her back over to the couch. As he turned, he reached out with a leg and slammed the door shut with his foot. The thud it made as it closed reminded him, funnily enough, of a drum.

Of course it does, he thought, and then he tumbled with her onto the couch and his thoughts ran together, and stayed like that until morning.

Nicolai Arbo, Peter. Liden Gunvor og Havmanden. 1874-1880.

« “She’s not your mother. She’s not a woman; she’s not even human. From the moment she went over, we lost her just as surely as if she’d died. They do not live for our benefit. They belong to Themselves.”

I remembered the rolling otter and its sweet-looking paws – dashing that urchin with the rock and the blood staining the water. I remembered the jewel-red carb – dragging that scavenged flesh into the sea grass. I’d found them comical, and pretty, but they were their own creatures too, just as my aunt had said, and busy with the job of living. They probably didn’t even see me. I remembered the way the cave spiders and suchlike scurried to hide from me in the rocks.

They were not there for us. They had their own mysterious life living inside them. Their world was not my world, their story not mine. »

Braxton-Smith, Ananda. Merrow. 2010.

“does arianne have a balerion too?” elia looked up.  her daughter was holding her kitten in a very uncomfortable looking position–just under its front paws so it’s back legs dangled.  the cat looked unhappy, and made a plaintive yowl.

“don’t hold him that way, darling.  hold him like this,” elia said, getting to her feet and scooping the kitten away from rhaenys.  she twisted flipped it over and pressed it to rhaenys’ shoulder and the cat cuddled her as a babe would cuddle its mother. 

“the way you hold aegon,” rhaenys said knowingly.

“the way i hold aegon,” elia agreed.

“does cousin arianne have a kitten too?”

i don’t know.  there was no way for elia to know.  she suspected that it wasn’t something doran would ever think to include in his letters.  especially not while the kingdoms were at war, and most of his notes were asking whether she mightn’t like to come down to dorne when the fighting was done so she didn’t have to look at her husband. 

“can i send her one?  for her name day?“

you really love that cat, elia thought.  “yes, my love.  but i think we may have to wait until the war is done.”

rhaenys nodded eagerly.  “i hope it is done soon.“

“so do i, sweetling.  so do i.”

so i’m working on this short gods!AU (newt/graves of course) for @tumbloncat and i’m gonna explode if i don’t let this out. this is a super rough draft though so apologies if there are some mistakes hhhh

He startles when he hears something snap behind him, followed by a loud squawk. Newt stumbles to his feet and stares in amazement at the sight that greets him.

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things that have always and will always make me cry
  • Pet stores
  • When you are sad and your pet comes up to you and bumps your head with their head
  • The scene in The Incredibles when Mrs. Hogenson is pleading her case
  • Really any scene in any media where an elder is mistreated (RAGE tears)
  • When a dog puts its paw on you and looks into your soul
  • The entire “Not in Nottingham” scene in Disney’s Robin Hood, but the waterworks really start at the part when the group of mice share the bread crumb
  • Dogs in hot cars (more RAGE tears)
  • A child crying quietly, or trying not to cry
  • That commercial where the good dog makes a sandwich for his owner to impress him, but they’re out of gross Miracle Whip so the dog has to just throw it away?? ridiculous
  • Livestock trucks
  • “Into the West” sung by Annie Lennox
  • Accidentally stepping on or tripping over one of my cats
  • Receiving a gift I love
  • Oil spills