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have another dumbass krav hc drabble with MAGNUS

Magnus knocks on the door of Taako’s newest mansion. A booming bark sounds from the inside and Magnus rushes in with an excited gasp.

“Taako?! Did you get A DOG??”

There’s a dog in the entrance hall, though it looks more like a cross between a direwolf and something that crawled out of the depths of hell. It’s fur is pitch black and emanating black smoke or miasma. The dog’s ribcage is see-through, and eternal hellfire burns in its chest. The dog’s mouth and eyes glow with the inferno from within.

It looks hella intimidating, and also dramatic enough to be Taako’s dog and well, a dog is a dog. Every dog is a good dog.

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Imagine getting teased by Woozi after he catches you hugging his sweater because it smells like him.

NCT when you’re procrastinating on doing your homework

adfgaflkmh I love your reactions so much! can I request a reaction for how NCT would motivate you to do your homework when you’re procrastinating? (not like I need that now or anything…)

Thank you I hope you’re going to keep loving them;;; this was a really cute request~!! I was giggling like a madman writing this, I have no idea why either. I think my brain is broken because of the peach boy’s station song. Hope you like this! <3


Shakes head in disapproval, dragging you up from the couch you were lounging on and stack the papers of homework you need to be doing in front of you. Accompanies in silence, sitting across you, glancing occasionally to check on how you’re doing. When you catch his eyes he’ll make funny faces so you won’t frown as much.

“What are you laughing at? Finish it quickly!”

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Motivates you by saying those cringy lines, cutely doing cheering dances but later stops you from working your brain too much and make you watch cute cat videos with him.

“Alright there is steam coming out from your ears- come look at this kitty moving its paws along with the janitor outside the apartment window!!”

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He’ll purse his lips looking at you chilling in front of the tv while your homework is clearly stacked on the table beside, begging to be done. He’ll let out an audible sigh and crouches down to your face level, flicking your forehead lightly.

“Your homework should have been done by the time I came back! I was going to make you delicious snack but I’m too lazy now after looking at you.”

“Ow! You’re blackmailing me! But I want that snack-”

“Then get your butt off the couch and do it! It needs to be done before I’m done cooking or I’m going to sit beside you to make sure you’re doing it-”

“FINE I’M UP!” everyone loves Taeyong but not when it comes to him nags and talking your ears off

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He’ll smile widely, oozing out his charms to make you do as he says, like Jaehyun. He’ll make sure you’re seated to actually do your homework and he’ll sit down beside you, keeping you company and piping in small matters that he thinks would help you finish it quicker.

“Don’t worry if you’re stuck, oppa is here~!” while probably have no clue about ¾ of the problems since he forgot everything already.

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Clucking his tongue disapprovingly, glaring at your procrastinating butt to move and get it done. He’s going to nag about the homework you should have done days ago so it won’t pile up but you never listen to him until it wrecks you.

“I told you so!! Whatever, if you need my help just call me, I’ll be in the kitchen.”

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He’s going to beam his signature dazzling Thai smile and cheers you on adorably!! Like how he did to himself at the variety show where he had to learn Korean with the elementary students.

“Let’s get it done and over with! You can do this!”

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I feel like he’s going to lure you into his trap with his blinding dimply smile shining brightly at you, his deep voice and the most important thing: bribe of his food and movie session. You’ll be boo boo the fool, always ended up doing whatever he wants you to do, but this time it’s for your own good instead of procrastinating even longer.

“I’ll cook you your favourite food, my signature~ and you can have a hug from me too afterwards!” (like the cocky little giant he is) (oh my god I picked the wrong gif lo o k a t his a rms….)

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He’ll sympathize with the amount of homework, as he isn’t a really good student himself; but he’ll still convince you to finish it, the sooner the better.

“We’re going for ice cream afterwards! No it’s for you, it’s not an excuse for me to get ice cream-”

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He understands the struggle of sometimes wanting to just loosen up but he’s never the one to procrastinate, so he’ll clap his hands beside your slumping figure, pulling you up from the couch.

“Come on, we can do something else when you’re done, like going to the cinema! Or the park! Dessert’s on me- yeah, of course you’ll get going at the mention of dessert.”

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He’ll sneer your way, mocking at how miserable you look with all the scattered books on the table. He had done half of his, only because Mark kicked his ass to do it. Long story short, you both end up working on it together side by side, content with the snacks Taeyong made for the both of you.

“This is absolutely why I’m smarter than you in any way possible, bobblehead.”

“Says the one lazier than me.”


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Loki x reader: Arranged Marriage pt 2

Sitting down on the bed, you eyed Loki warily. He watched you in amusement. Even though you now sat, everything about your position showed you were ready for flight, muscles stiff, body angled ever so slightly at the door.

“I would like to know.”

“I think not.” Loki looked away.

“What has your interest so?” You tried changing the tactic.

Loki glanced at you from the corner of his eye. “Freedom, mostly.” He sighed shortly. “Still, I suppose it is better than the prisons.”

“I can imagine.”

“A year, maybe two.” Loki continued, ignoring your comment. “Even that was shorter than time before.” Raising his yes towards the sky, he looked at the stars beginning to twinkle and sparkle.

“Erm.” You tried to draw his attention back to you.

“Don’t you have someone else to bother?” Loki turned his fierce gaze back to you finally.

“Actually no.” Loki blinked at you languidly. Finally you flushed, annoyed at the bored look he kept giving you, like a cat eyeing an ant crossing its paw; a minor nuisance and nothing more, not even worth batting away. “And if you wouldn’t mind, I’m stuck as your future wife, you could at least attempt to be interested in my presence.” You crossed your arms and scowled at Loki.

Loki raised his eyebrow, straightening up and setting aside his dagger. Very slowly, he rose from his perch and crossed the room, prowling towards you. “Interested?” Loki repeated, “In your presence?” He stopped inches away from you, leaning down and holding his head just breaths from your own. “You think I care for the first wretched play thing I’m sent? First it was books, trivial furniture meant for me to wile away my time. Now I’m meant to find entertainment, amusement even, in some pathetic wretch?” Loki barked a short cold laugh, slowly pulling back from you. “Don’t make me laugh.”

Your breath caught in your throat, chills running down your back at the feral look in his eye, the danger in his voice. Even if he were unarmed, he was still lethal. Finally you swallowed, “Well I don’t like this either, I didn’t volunteer, I’m stuck here and I’m going to make the best of it, you may as well also.”

Loki tilted his head to the side, long black locks swaying across his shoulders. “Of course there were no volunteers.”

“No. My family sold me in exchange for unpaid debts. It seems I was the most worthy princess and with the most desperate parents.”

Loki laughed again, throwing back his head this time. “This is too perfect. An unwilling wife for the wretched prince.”

“Why do you call yourself that?”

“Does the dark prince suit me better?” He narrowed his eyes at you.

You hesitated, biting your lip, “I figured you’d at least deny it.”

“God of mischief and lies, lately chaos and mayhem, one more title means nothing to me. I know who I am.”

He seemed to be prompting you, so you conceded, “Who are you?”

“I am Loki, not of Asgard nor any other realm, I am Loki and I am alone.”

“What other realm would you be of, you’re born on Asgard, right? Surely that’s where the once crowned prince,”

Loki interrupted you, “Wouldn’t you like to know where the bastard of Asgard originates from, I’m sure you can add that to your scary list of information about me. After all, I’m sure you believe I colluded with the frost giants, merrily slaughtered the humans of Midgard, and murdered my mother, yes?”

You blinked, not sure how to respond.

Loki rolled his eyes, “Your silence is answer enough. Am I able to send you away or are you truly stuck here?”

“You want to send me away?”

“Do you do anything other than repeat what I say?” Loki snapped.

Finally you stood up and glared at him, “You’re being awfully rude.”

“Am I? I hadn’t noticed, I must have forgotten how to interact with others after so long locked away, I’m sure someone expected this to happen.” Loki paused for sardonic comedic effect. “I suppose I might have pointed this out, had it been Thor; of course, I would have been ignored, so it matters not.”

You felt tears welling in your eyes, the long day finally getting the better of you and the crushing realization that this was the man you would be forced to spend the rest of your life with. Sinking back down onto the bed, you covered your eyes with your hands and tried to stifle the sobs sneaking past your lips.

Loki blinked down at you, suddenly confused. “I…” He began uncertainly.

“Just shut up, you’re dreadful, I don’t want to hear another word from you.” You shook your head, still covering your eyes.

There was silence from Loki, then slowly you felt the bed shifting and sink down as Loki sat down beside you.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” He muttered finally, hesitantly resting his hand on your knee. “Truly, I had forgotten how to talk with someone.”

You slowly pulled your hands away and glared at him.

Loki blinked hard as he looked at you, “Forgive me,” he muttered, “I fear I took you for another illusion, I forgot you could feel.”

Your face softened as you tilted your head and studied him. For the first time, you finally noticed the holllowness in his dark green eyes, the dark circles resting beneath them, the general unkempt nature of his appearance. Pity pawed timidly at your heart as you gazed at his features. “It’s been a long day, I didn’t mean to cry.”

Loki shrugged, pulling his hand away from you. “No one comes here, no one will see it or judge you for it.”

“You could.”

Shrugging again Loki replied, “All I have are memories to haunt my days, I have no tears to cry.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?”

“That sounds like a dreadful existence.”

“Pity.” The corner of Loki’s mouth quirked up, “that’s something I haven’t experienced in a long time. Keep it, I have no want for that either.”

“Well I’m offering it.” You insisted.

“Perhaps your stubbornness will make this more interesting. I suppose you know that the wedding is within the month? Only the court official will be in attendance, I doubt my brother will attend and certainly not Odin. You’re free to walk the palace as you see fit, I am confined here of course.”

“You’ve been through a lot.” You began slowly, “surely more confinement won’t do anything to improve your response to it?”

“So you think?” Loki chuckled, “I’m sure it will do wonders on my outlook, yet still it is better than the prisons and I can at least see the stars, where Frigga now rests.” You noted the touch of happiness mixed with bitter regret at the mention of his mother.

“Can we start by at least attempting to be friends, casual acquaintances? I wish to make the best of whatever existence I’m forced into and if it means married to you, perhaps we can find some sort of agreement in it.”

Loki nodded thoughtfully, “Very well, I suppose I should start with saying that I’m not the son of Odin, or Frigga.”

Ways to improve a thing

Clean it, tell it that it is awesome,  give it a good coat of paint, turn it inside-out, update it to the latest version, take it for a run, gently wipe it all over with a soft cloth, rewrite it completely, wind it up, let it have a lie-in, exorcise it, ask it if it wants a hug, take it back in time, clip off the sticking-out bits, plant it, turn it round, use it to hide behind, give it water, introduce it to its missing half, sing to it, climb up to the top of it and check out the view, replace every part of it at least once, enroll it in night school, feed it regularly, take the thorn from its paw, get someone else to have a look at it, put it in a bag of rice, do it again, fan it, set it free, remember it.


«This tree must go away!» by Tambako The Jaguar
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Lailek taking the small tree in his paw and showing at its top. Looks like he’d like to remove it from his play field!

get you 02

characters: reader x jungkook / spiderman!au
word count: 6k
synopsis: as long as you’ve lived next door to jungkook you’ve always considered yourself particularly good at reading him, or maybe he was just spectacularly bad at holding his cards to his chest when it came to you. either way, things get complicated when he’s no longer content with remaining your shy next door neighbor forever. but in the endeavor to get you to see him as more will he irreversibly screw up what you already have?
chapters: 01

Jungkook has waited a good nineteen years to find his place in life. And he knows, he knows he’s lucky—that not everyone finds it as quickly or easily. Though he wouldn’t call the entire process easy per say. But the gist of it was that he was just starting out in life and the words ‘some have greatness thrust upon them’ seemed to resonate within him more than ever—

“Here, kitty, kit—ouch, you little shit.” He scowls beneath the mask when a paw pierces through the fabric of his suit, the cat hisses, it’s hackles raised. “Fine. Stay in the fucking tree then!”

Jungkook lets out an exasperated sigh when the kitten curls into itself, so clearly terrified of heights but unwilling to reach out for help. He wondered if it knew what it was doing, if it was aware that Jungkook was only there to help and that it was doing more harm than good by pushing him away. And sure asking for help could be scary and being vulnerable was scary but carrying the brunt of your emotional stress and distress was pretty fucking terrifying too and lonely and it would just be so much easier for all parties involved if you would just lean on him as much as you let him lean on you especially whe—

“Jesus Christ, I’m psychoanalyzing a cat.” He groans before reaching out to grip the feisty little fur ball by the scruff of the neck. Jungkook winces but otherwise ignores the pain when the kitten continues to paw and yowl at him. As soon as he sets it down it sends him a venomous look over its shoulder but leans down to lick its paw and pad away ungratefully.

“Yeah well, you’re welcome!” Jungkook calls out, and the thing doesn’t even turn at his shout, only jumps onto a nearby wall, swaying its tail as it goes. Jungkook grumbles to himself, “Yeah, you sure do remind me of someone—stop talking to the cat, Jungkook.”

He groans the last part just as a small trove of school children catch sight of him, eyes widening as the stop in the middle of the crosswalk to gawk. Jungkook lifts his hand in an almost painfully awkward wave.

“You’re Spider-Man!” One of them gasps and he feels his lips quirk at the corners. He was a tiny little thing, small enough that he looked like he’d get carried away on a strong gust of wind. For all his woes, Jungkook could always count on kids, one of the few Pure things left in the world, they’re eyes were always so big and wide and lacking any mali—

“Yeah right.” Another voice calls out and this time it’s higher, if but a bit softer. Still it’s firm when it declares, “He’s probably one of those weirdos hangs around elementary schools and tries to get kids to go home with him.”

Jungkook lifted his gaze a little girl is glaring at him, still bigger than her counterpart but tiny nonetheless. He finds himself horrifically endeared not just by the pair but by her in particular and wonders idly how long he’s going to see you in everyone, everything.

“You should be more careful.” The girl scolds before grabbing her friends hand and Jungkook feels a chuckle bubbling up but stops short when she sends him a cold look. “Hey Mister! You shouldn’t hang out around here. You’ll get any trouble.”

“Thanks for the heads up.” He calls back but all she does is send him a withering glare.

“But Jisoo that’s the Spider-Man!” The little boy whines and ‘Jisoo’ rolls her eyes.

“You think that Spider-Man would be in our neighborhood saving cats? He has better things to do. You’re too gullible.”

He’s dragging his feet, sending Jungkook wide eyed looks as his friend tugs him along as if begging him to prove that he was really Spider-Man. It isn’t until he’s disengaging, running back across the cross walk without so much as a glance in the oncoming lane that Jungkook is meeting him halfway, a frown marring his face because it was dangerous.

“I know you’re Spider-Man.” He says stubbornly, “She just always thinks she’s right.”

“You’re right,” Jungkook says softly, crouching down so he’s eye level with him, watching as his lips tug into an almost brilliant grin, “I am. But you shouldn’t run across the street like that it’s not safe.”

The little boys grin drops almost instantaneously, thoroughly chastised by Jungkook’s soft scolding. He lifts hesitant hand to run across the child’s lowered head.

“You should listen to your friend.” Jungkook says, “She’s just worried about you.”

He nods his head, but his lower lip is sucked in as though there’s something he wants to ask.

“You’re gonna miss the bus. You should go.” Jungkook grins and is about to turn away when two small hands lifts to his own face, cupping his cheeks.

“Can you visit me at school sometimes? So you know… I can say I know Spider-Man.” He implores quietly.

“Sure.” Jungkook returns and it’s but a second before he’s being ripped away by the same little girl from earlier, and if looks could kill Jungkook was sure he’d be dead on the spot.

“I have a phone you know. My parents got it for me for Christmas.” She warns, “I’ll call the cops if you don’t leave us alone.”

Jungkook raises both hands in surrender, “I’m going. Besides I’ve got somewhere I’ve got to be an—and holy shit I’m gonna be late!”

Jungkook is taking off in a sprint, sending one last look at the endearingly familiar pair one last time with a wave before his hand is poised upward and he’s swinging from a nearby building.

He can barely make them out from the distance but he thinks he hears, “I told you he was Spider-Man Noona! I told you!” 

Jungkook has gotten exactly one hour of sleep since then and when he glances down at his watch, it tells him that it’s 10:43pm, just enough time to finish his paper and if he’s lucky he’ll be able to submit it by the deadline and if not then he’ll just get docked the ten points because really in the grand scheme of things it didn’t matter.

At least that’s what he tells himself when he nods off—exactly two paragraphs from the rubric’s minimum.

And that is how you find him. After spending the better half of your evening waiting in his apartment for him to get home you had finally taken it upon yourself to hunt him down, even if it meant spending a night in the city. Luckily for you, you’re spared the manhunt when you pop your head in the library just in case—just in case.

Your brow knits when you see him, earphones plugged in and hood pulled over his head. His mouth is open and he’s drooling onto a paper you assume is probably important when an alarm on his phone goes off.


You frown at the screen of his phone for a moment before swiping to turn it off, accidentally unlocking it in the process. What you find there only makes your features soften, a soft puff of air leaving you as you take one last look at the younger boy. He really has matured a lot since you were in high school—there was a three year gap in your friendship where you hadn’t seen each other much, save for holidays and maybe that was where your rift had truly started, you couldn’t be sure—scratch that, that was a blatant lie and one you were very adamant against admitting to yourself even. Because you knew the exact time your relationship with Jungkook had shifted, so much so an almost gargantuan distance had grown between the two of you.

You were pretty sure he did too, though he couldn’t pinpoint why things had gotten so strange his senior year.

“Oh, Jungkook,” You say softly a hand coming up to card through his hair when he begins to stir. You peel the laptop from under him gently, positioning his head to rest on his arm before taking a seat next to him.

A glance at the computer tells you what the alarm was set for, and another glance at Jungkook’s exhausted form has you worrying your lower lip in deep contemplation.

“Just this once,” you mutter softly, sending him a guilty look, “Let me help you this once, okay?”

Jungkook doesn’t stir after that, only settles deeper into the comfort of his hoodie and begins to snore. 

It’s been weeks, no months since Jungkook has gotten any real and true decent sleep. So he’s more than a little agitated to have his slim opportunity foiled by a weight on his back and a kink in his neck. In his opinion there were two ways to determine if a nap was as good as you think it was if you a) wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world or b) with a pounding headache, discombobulated with no concept of time.

It was the latter.

Jungkook sighs, attempting to lift the back of his head, but it’s not without some resistance. He frowns and cranes his neck, ignoring the initial discomfort, to see what the hell the deal was. He’s half way up when he hears a whine of protest.

“Noona?” He calls, but you’re passed out, a frown marring your face as you readjust to put your head on the table. Jungkook rubs a kink out of his neck.

A hand reaches out to wake you up and then hesitates. You look so peaceful like this, vulnerable, younger even. He can’t remember the last time he’s actually seen you relax since he’s entered college and granted it was your last year so you were bound to be stressed but this was different. It was ironic that as much as you fretted over him, you’re own sense of self-preservation was sorely lacking. Sure, you weren’t doing things as extreme as scaling buildings only to fling yourself off or getting into knife fights with criminals. But you kept yourself on a strict schedule, stretching yourself until you were worn thin from exhaustion and overall lack of self care.

Jungkook pushed a stray hair from your face, gently but still enough to wake you. It’s regrettable on his part because you look about as tired as he feels, but he’s over it when you raise your gaze to him, eyes wide and blinking as though to refocus your vision. Your cheek was pink where you had slept on it, thin lines show where your hair had been pressed. You’re trying to wake up, he can tell from the way you look adorably dazed, eyes so heavy they keep falling shut only to be startled back open. His hand on your hair is doing little to coax you from it and you tell him as much.

“Sorry,” he murmurs, letting you sit up. Jungkook drinks you in, having gone much longer than he was used to without seeing your face. You look like you’ve just rolled out of bed with your hair haphazardly tied in a poor excuse for a ponytail. You’re in a hoodie that was about one size too big and a pair of leggings, and it seemed like you lived in them now a days—though Jungkook completely understood. When you spent most of your time doing the exact opposite of resting, given the opportunity you’d want to be as comfortable as possible doing so.

“What are you doing here?” He asks and you tuck your knees to your chest, wrapping your arms around them and making yourself look impossibly small by effect.

“You were sleeping.” You say as though that explained everything and Jungkook cocks a brow at you.

“And so you thought you’d join the party?” He implores but it’s without malice and you feel yourself smiling—he seemed so much like the old Jungkook in that moment and you wanted to bask in it.

“I came to watch your stuff while you slept. You looked so sleepy and I knew once I woke you up you’d probably have to run off somewhere.” You explain and Jungkook nods quietly, leaving you to hold both ends of the conversation. You clear your throat, for the first time feeling… uncomfortable around Jungkook. The feeling was so foreign to you, you didn’t even know where to begin, but still you tried. “Um… I was hoping we could talk.”

Jungkook seems to remember himself just then, shaking his head as though to break whatever trance you had put him in. Maybe it was because he had just woken up that he was weaker to you than normal, but Jungkook knew better and there was a long list of reasons to lay down exactly why he gave in to your every whim. He decided extracting himself from the situation was better than the former.

Jungkook’s chair screeches back and it seems to echo in the quiet library, startling you and forcing you to look up at him.

“I have somewhere I have to be.” He says and his tone isn’t harsh but it lacks any real emotion and somehow that was worse.

“Jungkook wait!” You say, standing up a little too fast, you miscalculate the space between your chair and the distance he’s already cross. It isn’t until you’re on your feet, hand gripping the fabric of his hoodie to stop his departure that you realize he’s right there. He must’ve had a growth spurt in the last year because it seems you’re now eye level with his lips instead of his nose—a few measly inches really made a difference in the grand scheme of things you suppose. Especially when you couldn’t seem to stop staring, it isn’t until his mouth is moving and you feel a hand cupping your chin that you’re pulled from your daze.

“W-What?” You croak, because the move is too intimate, his touch is too intimate and if you let yourself think about it too much your mind tends to wander to… other things. Thoughts packed up in a box and duct taped shut with a big, fat ‘NO’ on it with red marker.

“I said,” he murmurs, seemingly unfazed by all of this. It’s weird, Jungkook was always fazed, he could barely get through a PowerPoint presentation without tripping over his words but now he was standing a hairsbreadth from you and the picture of calm, cool and collected, “you’ve really got to stop grabbing me like that.”

He cocks a brow at you before his gaze drops to where your hands rest, grip tight on the leather of his belt. You gasp, letting him go with a small shove against his abdomen.

“I’m sorry.” You say, catching your lower lip between your teeth as your brow knits. You feel Jungkook’s eyes on you for longer than a minute and when you look up he doesn’t even have the decency to avert his gaze.

“Not for the right reasons.” He mutters and you cock your head to the side.

“What was that?” You ask, but Jungkook waves you off.

“It’s nothing.” He returns before, bending to collect his things. “But I’ve gotta run. Maybe we can talk later or just text m—“

“Jungkook,” You say softly and he hesitates, his back is to you and you don’t know what this sudden overwhelming urge to touch him is but you’re not a fan. In fact, your hand is already poised to grab his hand when you stop short, letting it fall to your side. You can’t be sure but you swear he looks almost disappointed, “I didn’t come to yell at you or tell you what to do I just—I really wanted to talk and apologize for being such a bitch. You can always come to me for anything and if this is what you want to do, even though I hate it and it scares me I want to know everything and then maybe… maybe I can understand it a little better.”

A tense silence follows your direction, Jungkook tonguing at the inside of his cheek while you squirm beneath close scrutiny. Your hands are clasped together and your eyes trained on his shoes throughout your entire little speech and it is not lost on him how the tables have turned so drastically in your relationship.

You were nervous this time around.

“Let’s go back to my place.” He says finally and you lift your head to stare at him curiously. “It’s closer and I… don’t really want to talk about this here. In public.”

You nod your head eagerly, jumping at the opportunity because while he was still closed off, you can see just a hint of a crack in his facade and that was all you really needed. 

It’s weird that you had just been there earlier but somehow the familiar space of Jungkook’s apartment hadn’t seemed quite so warm or cozy or homey without him. In the recent months you hadn’t spent as much time there, what with being buried beneath school and work. But his house was surprisingly tidy for a boy, plus it always smelled like a bakery because his mom care packaged Scentys with the yellow cake melt always that reminded Jungkook of his own home. Despite that, you could tell from a quick glance around that he didn’t spend as much time here because Jungkook was neat but not this neat. There was always a coat lying here or some shoes shoved off into a corner there, even a couple take out boxes on the table. But it was spick and span, in perfect order. Again, too perfect.

“Your place looks different and I can’t put my finger on it.” You grumble hands tucking into your hoodie to keep warm.

“Really?” He asks and you can hear rather than see him frown. It isn’t until you feel his breath on the back of your neck that you’re freezing up, unsure why or when he got so close to you, “It’s probably because you haven’t been here in a—“

“Hey.” You say, turning abruptly and you had meant to startle him, watch him go still beneath your sudden close proximity—so why were you the one who’s breath caught? Why was it you who suddenly seemed at a lost for words when he cocks a brow at you as if to say ‘what is it,’ “I–I… I mean you…”

A corner of Jungkook’s lips quirk up at your stammering and you know he’s trying to bite back a smirk. You feel an angry flush creep up your neck. He was doing a poor job of concealing his amusement.

Was he always this handsome?

“You’re crowding me.”

You’re snapped out of it by your own thoughts, two hands coming up to shove Jungkook back and he’s solid. He barely moves if at all, but he does oblige you, shoving his hands in his pockets and taking a step back and… and that was hot too.  

You shake your head a few times as if to clear the your impure thoughts before clearing your throat. “I wanted to talk to you.”

“So talk.” he shrugs.

“I mean… I want you to talk and I’ll listen.” You say quietly, and Jungkook’s eyebrows shoot to his hairline.

“You? Listen?” He snorts.

“I’m serious. I want to know… know why you’re doing this and today in the quad,” you press, sending him a pleading look, “Hoseok didn’t know. That’s why you stopped me, right?”

Jungkook still looks impenetrable—as though there was a wall set up between the two of you. Not like he couldn’t tell you, but didn’t want to. And that was your fault. He sighs, brushing past you and to the kitchen to make coffee.

“You’re the only person I’ve told.” He admits finally, gaze focused on his task at hand.

“Then that means… you came up with this on your own? But why, that’s so unlike you I mean I—“ Jungkook halts you with a hard stare and your mouth is shutting almost instantly.

Did he always exude this much authority?

“You don’t know much about me—you haven’t for a while,” he says softly, pressing the mug to your cold hands and plopping down on the couch, “but you especially don’t know me now.”

“So tell me.” You say desperately, trying to communicate just how much with your eyes and it seems to work so you press. “You said you didn’t have a choice—why?”

“Because it’s not just the suit,” he returns, eyes searching yours and you’re not sure for what but he must find what he’s looking for because he continues, “It’s me. It’s everything. You asked about my internship at the lab, if I was willing to compromise it for this but the lab is where it started. You’ve seen me walk on the side of buildings, you think I just put a whole bunch of super glue on the bottom of the suit and hoped for the best?”

“I–I mean… I didn’t think about the technical side of things. You’re really, really smart Jungkook. I just assumed you could do anything.” You offer honestly and he takes in your words, a new emotion you can’t determine crosses his features and tugs at your heartstrings. “So did they… experiment on you?”

“God, no.” He snorts, “Do you really think I’d be able to walk in broad daylight  if I was one of their lab rats? If they knew about what was running through my veins? I don’t even know what it is but it—I was bitten by one of the test subjects in the lab. A spider.”

“A spider,” You repeat slowly and he nods. “So now you’re like part spider? Like a spider hybrid.”

“Can you get your furry loving brain out of the gutter for five seconds. There’s no such thing as hybrids but…” Jungkook rolls his eyes at you, and you send him a look of distaste. One too many shots of tequila and a drunken spill of your deepest, darkest secret and suddenly he thinks he’s in control, “Look, I don’t know what I am. But I do know whatever that spider was exposed to is in my blood stream and conjoined our dna.“

“Jesus Christ,” you breathe, eyes fluttering shut as you try to get a grip on the situation. “It’s okay, this is okay. We’ll just… deal with this from here.”

We?” Jungkook prods and you turn to face him. Your hands are hesitant when they cup his face but gentle nonetheless.

“You must’ve been so scared.” You murmur softly and your touch is nurturing but different. Different enough that Jungkook doesn’t rebuke it this time around, only places a much larger hand upon your own. “I’m sorry, Jungkook. I’m really sorry.  I should’ve listened to you and I should’ve been there and I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He shrugs and his voice is above a whisper, hard to make out. You realize belatedly that you’re only able to pick up on it because his face is right there. It’s too late to pull back now, his grip on your hand firm as his gaze brushes over your face like a physical caress. “But you’re here now?”

He meant it as a statement but it comes out as a question. He’s unsure, and you put that doubt there.

“I’m here.” You return.

The moment is by far the most intimate you’ve ever shared. The dynamic of your friendship never allowed for too many heart to hearts or shared secrets and you remember a time—it seems like a blip now—where Jungkook trusted you. Went to you for more than the occasional and almost obligatory ‘my parents are in town can you assure them that everything’s fine’ dinner or a text checking in to see if he was okay, if he had enough food and water or if he was living off hot pockets and TV dinners.

When had that stopped?

“What are you thinking so hard about?” He implores and it snaps you from your daze. Enough that you realize you’re still holding him, his palm had slipped down to your wrist to rub circles there.

A gasp catches in your throat because you’d lied a second ago when you said that had been the most intimate moment you and Jungkook had shared. It was this, here, now, with his hands encircling your own and a soft look on his face that you’re sure if you were given a chance at your reflection you probably mirrored. And it was weird.

It was weird because you liked it. You didn’t want it to end.

“Jungkook, I—“ you begin, only to realize that you don’t have anything to say. You pull back from him, not without a little effort considering he felt inclined to keep you where you were. He lets you tug out of his hold anyway if only to see the way your ears go pink at the tips. He’s still staring at you when you fake a yawn. “I’m tired. I think I’m gonna head out—“

“It’s late.” He says, nodding towards his bedroom as he rises, “Crash here for tonight.”

His voice held the same tone of authority, his words said with a sense of finality. A frown mars your face because under normal circumstance you would comply happily. Jungkook lived about twenty minutes closer to campus than you did and that meant you would have more time to sleep in which sounded amazing. However, sleeping a room away from Jungkook when you were being weird and your thoughts were being weird and everything surrounding you two right now was weird and foreign and unfamiliar territory sounded like an absolute shit storm and so—

“I think I should hea—“ A startled noises catches in the back of your throat when Jungkook interlocks his fingers with yours, tugging you closer while the other makes quick work of cupping the back of your neck.

“Stay.” He says finally, lashes brushing against his cheek as he stared down at you—no, not you. Your lips.

“S-Stop doing that!” You pull away with a hiss and Jungkook sends you a curious look, one that is much to mischievous for your comfort.

“Doing what?” He drawls lazily.

That!“ You pout and for the first time in a long time Jungkook shoots you a grin, all his pearly whites on display. You’re momentarily stunned.

“You’re gonna have to be a little more specific than that, Noona.” He shrugs.

“You know what you’re doing.” You glare when he begins to walk away from you.

“On the contrary, I don’t.” He says and maybe it’s the glint in his eye or the smile he sends your way but you feel suddenly queasy with nerves. Old Jungkook you knew like the back of your hand, had him all figured out. This Jungkook you were unprepared for. “I’m gonna shower. I have some clothes I don’t fit in one of the drawers, for you to borrow. Don’t wait up.”

He stops walking backwards and you think for a moment you imagined it. His expression, the sudden and strange tension that seemed to fill the room for a millisecond when he mentioned a shower (being wet and naked but a room over from you). And then he does it—the act that inevitably sealed your fate and ruined you in the span of exactly four seconds.

Jungkook tugs his shirt off, his back still facing you and you’re treated to the wonderful view of his muscles bunching and flexing. It doesn’t help that he takes his shirt off in the way most boys do, where they tug from the back instead of the hem. In true male fashion, it is complicated and unnecessary and stupid and so ridiculously hot you have to stop yourself from drooling.

As though that were bad enough he tosses it in your direction, like he knew—and he probably did, all supernatural tendencies aside, in the way that you just knew a member of the opposite sex was scorching a hole in the back of your head. The t shirt catches on your ponytail, the fabric obscuring your view and making you frown as you tug it down.

“Go to bed.” Jungkook grins over his shoulder and it takes every ounce of self control you posses to not scream or squeal or both because now you knew. Now you understood where all the stray thoughts had been leading you to, taking you on a goose chase down a long deserted road in the back of your brain before presenting you a giant LED billboard that told you how you really felt, what you really thought.

Jeon Jungkook had gotten hot.

You shake your head almost instantly. Denial, a voice in the back of your head screamed and if this were sitcom you were almost positive it’d be coming from a bitmoji of yourself perched on your shoulder in true Lizzy Macquire fashion. But unfortunately you were just bat shit crazy. The only plausible explanation.

“Get it together, you dumbass.” You whisper harshly to no one in particular, slapping your cheeks as though that would awaken you from whatever god awful parallel universe you had fallen into. “I just need a good nights rest. I’m exhausted. Stressed. None of this is real, time is an illusion and I—“

You cut yourself off with a whine, burying your head in a pillow to let out a muffled scream.

Did you …. have a crush on Jeon Jungkook?

“Absolutely fucking not.” You say but it sounds more like you’re trying to convince yourself of this fact than anything. In a vein attempt to distract yourself you start going through his dresser drawers, looking for clothes, hoping—praying you found something incriminating to get you off this fast track to your imminent doom. “Why does he have so many goddamn white t shirts?”

You’re just about to give up your hunt and start actually looking for this clothes when your hand knocks something over.

You wanted to die. And now listen, granted, you’ve said this a lot—that time you leaked on your all white gown at graduation, or the time you failed your english mid term, or last year when Min Yoongi rejected you in the most awkward way possible, or literally any minor inconvenience that happens upon your way. But there was wanting to die and then wanting to die

Currently, it was the latter. 

Your cheeks were flaming, hand trembling in a true show of dramatics because that was how you identified at this point—dramatic demon underling from the pits of hell, if you were being specific. Because there in the top drawer of Jungkook’s dresser, for anyone to see was—

“What are you doing?”

You jump, a startled shriek escaping and you drop the box by effect. Your eyes which had stayed glue to the ground for the most part, staring at the scattered pack of condoms littering his bedroom floor, hesitantly made their way up and what was there was so much worst.

“Can you get dressed?” You yelp, whirling your heel but it was too late. The image of Jungkook with a towel slung low on his hips, hair still dripping and smelling like heaven was already burned to the back of your brain.

“As if you haven’t seen me naked before.” He snickers and you’re sure he’s sending you a smug look even without checking.

“When you were seven.” You hiss.

“Does it make a difference? Not like you see me as anything more than a little brother.” He sighs, his tone half teasing and half aggravated. You wish you had a witty retort lined up but it dies on your tongue when you’re senses are suddenly overwhelmed. He’s so close. Close enough that you can smell his shampoo and if you moved even an inch your arm would be touching his damp, naked chest.

The urge to tell him he wasn’t your brother was too tempting.

“Would you want to see your brother naked?” You ask instead, refusing to cower beneath him. Enough was enough, you think as your eyes shoot up to glare at him.

He’s already staring at you, eyes half mast and tongue prodding at the inside of his cheek as he eyes you like a piece of meat. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t like it.

He brandishes a single square packet, close enough to your face that you’re going cross eyed before letting out a startled ‘eep.’

“W-What’s that for?” You clear your throat and try again but this time with confidence.

Jungkook sends you a lopsided grin, “Well, when two people love each other a whole lot or are just really plastered at a greek row event th—“

“You know what I mean!”

“I’m picking up your mess, lady.” He rolls his eyes at you before dropping another stack of condoms on the drawer. “I know the concept of me having sex is shocking but was it really necessary to throw my condoms in a fit of outrage?” 

”It’s not… I mean I’m not… I wasn’t throwing them! I happened upon them and then you scared me!” You accused and Jungkook cocks a brow at you. 

“You happened upon them?” He returns with a snort, “At the bottom of my drawer?” 

“I was looking for clothes and… and who keeps condoms in their dresser, shouldn’t you keep them in your nightstand for…” You stop yourself short when you realize where your train of thought is going. A look at Jungkook tells you he’s all too amused at your rambling. 

“For easy access?” He asks, and his voice is hot. Sexy. Everything you’ve never found synonymous with Jungkook. 

“I’ll clean it up. Just please go put on clothes.” You press a hand to your aching temple and shoo him.

You can feel it in your bones that it’s going to be a long night, especially if Jungkook planned on teasing you throughout it. So in a rather unsurprising turn of events you’re suddenly wired as you lay perched in his bed, but an hour later, the clothes that were too small on him were just the right amount of baggy on you. His room was freezing cold, the kind that was perfect for a rainy night and a warm comforter. Everything was perfect, you should be reveling in Jungkook’s expensive mattress his parents forked out for. You bet it was memory foam, not that you’d ever slept on memory foam but you just knew.

You’re startled out of your thoughts when you hear a door creak open, the sliver of light coming from the hallway alerting you of the unwanted guest. He shuts the door softly as though he thinks you’re already asleep and is trying not disturb you. The thought makes you narrow your eyes at him.

The mattress dips and you’re shooting upright.

“Jesus Christ.” He curses and you can barely make out the hand that’s clutching his chest, just over his heart.

“What are you doing in here?” You huff.

Jungkook rolls his eyes at you, “I came to double check the thread count on the sheets for my weekly inventory—what does it look like I’m doing?”

“It looks like,” you say, shoving at his broad back with little success, to get him off the bed, “you came in to say goodnight before you went to sleep on the couch.”

“This is my bed.” He says dryly.

“Fine. Then I’ll go—“

A hand on your bicep stops you and then tugs you down. “We used to sleep together all the time.”

“Again, when we were kids.” You hiss.

“But I’m like your brother, so what does it matter?” He returns quickly and your brow knits, your lips forming a pout that Jungkook wants so badly to kiss better and then tease you so more so it makes a return and then repeat.

“Stop saying that!”

“Why, does it bother you?” He asks innocently and his voice is much quieter this time around, breathier too and you realize he’s closed to distance so you can make out everyone of his features perfectly in the dark.

“N-No but I—“

“Do you have someone waiting for you at home?” He asks suddenly as though the thought just struck him that you could be seeing someone and that explained your hesitance to not share a bed with your childhood friend as though there wasn’t an entire realm of reasons  as to why this was a bad idea.

“What? No but I just—“

“Then it’s settled. We both sleep comfortable and we both see each other as siblings. So nothing matters.” He shrugs, throwing himself back on the bed and tugging you with him. You splutter when you land half on him, legs tangled and a heavy arm around your waist, preventing you from getting up. A shock of heat shoots its way to your core at the proximity. It was so nice and foreign and he smelt so good beneath you, his thigh tucked neatly against your- 


“‘S fine. Siblings do this sometimes.” He mutters and you can hear the drowsiness lacing his words.

“In Game of Thrones maybe.” You mutter when Jungkook shifts so he’s resting on you, still hugging you close to his body, but with his head nestled into the dip of your neck—remarkably close to your breast and vastly inappropriate.

“Did you say something?” Jungkook slurs.

You weigh your words in your head, wondering if you should just bite the bullet and spit out what’s really bothering you. You’re sure Jungkook would appreciate the honesty, you knew you would if the roles were reversed. Plus, it’d be good to clear the air once and for all so you could focus on more important things. Like school.

“Yeah I said that I think it’s better if we sleep in separate rooms for now because I… I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve been really weird lately and in this place where I feel like I don’t know you and not in a bad way but I just feel like I should sort my head out first because… because lately I’ve just been feeling things, you know? And it’s weird and I–I’m confused so yeah. I think we should sleep in separate rooms.”

You wait for a beat for Jungkook’s reply, frowning when it never comes.


He answers with a snore and you’re suddenly very exhausted.