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the most beautiful and terrible thing

Pairing: Jimin/Taehyung
Rated: G
Author: kaythebest
Length: 5K

Taehyung doesn’t look broken. Jimin doesn’t see any rashes or discoloration. He has two arms and legs, no more, no less. He looks roughly like he did the last time Jimin saw him, just a little more awake in the mid-afternoon. It’s mildly reassuring.

But then Taehyung says, “Jimin, you always smell the best,” and Jimin isn’t quite sure what to do with that.


Reccer’s Note:
I love everything by kaythebest honestly shes like 60% of the reason im such trash for them :3 but on that note this fic was so good!! its really soft and fluffy and it made me laugh, pls go give it some love

-admin talia

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i'm curious why you don't support using prosthetics on horses- is that specific to horses, or your feelings on animal prosthetics in general? if it's just horses, is it a specific problem with prosthetics for them? i'm genuinely curious, since it's something i honestly don't know much about

 Copy and pasting my response on the post in the comments- 

If you actually watch videos of some of these horses with prosthetics they can hardly even walk with a fake leg usually having a horrible limp or moving about slowly. 99% of them are locked up stalls because they can’t go out and run and be normal horses. My question would be, WHY prosthetics? What would encourage a person to put a shit ton of money towards making an animals life lower in quality? I don’t mind them in dogs and smaller animals… but in horses, elephants, cows… it just doesn’t seem far to them. Due to their size they were MEANT to have 4 legs. That’s why so many 3 legged horses have issues in the shoulders and backs, because all their weight is now unevenly distributed, and most prosthetics I’ve seen offer little support on the matter. Most people who put the effort into getting a prosthetic for their horses/ponies are only doing it for themselves and to make themselves feel better about “saving” something. I have never seen a happy looking full grown equine with 3 legs. 

a definitive ranking of the bee emojis

all at it with the opacity and the gradients! nice work, apple, this is a solid Bee.

what a smiley little friend! his missing legs do not hinder his existence. 7/10.

simple. does its job. kinda looks like a kid’s drawing that you accidentally squished though. 4/10

this fellow’s got wonderful eye contact. he’s probably the guy who’s singlehandedly saving the bees. 7/10.

do you wanna buy some drugs? this guy knows exactly where to get them from. unbelievable. 420/10.

is he shrugging because he’s got no idea what to do and the world’s failed him? same. 8/10

go away. 3/10.

this is very clearly not a bee, but an ant with wings. disappointing work. 5/10

how very similar you two look. don’t worry, i won’t tell anyone. 5/10. 

what a kind little lad! he totally won’t sting you, he’ll just nuzzle at you a bit. 9/10.

-1/10 because if i never see this again it’ll be too soon

“I have made this place a sanctum of healing and salvation! Why do you threaten it!?”

The voice that growled the words was deep. Intimidating.

Certainly not a voice belonging to anyone that he wanted to mess with.

Hawke slowly raised his hands up – and, coincidentally, away from the blaster tucked against his hip – as the cloaked figure before him leveled an unlit lysaber in his direction. He grinned.

“Just here to talk,” the rogue quipped charmingly.

Judging by the other’s complete lack of reaction, clearly not charming enough.

Varric snorted behind him, moving carefully up to the taller human’s side. The cloaked man twitched at the motion; his fingers tightened briefly around the weapon in his hand.

“We’re here on behalf of General Surana of the Resistance,” the dwarf smoothly interjected. He took a few slow steps forward, cool and composed, nearly radiating a disarming aura of calm. Garrett was almost jealous of the charismatic bastard. “Rumor has it a jedi lives in these parts.”

“And unless that little toy of yours there is just for show,” Hawke cut in, eyes flicking meaningfully down to the ‘saber and back up to the cloaked man, who only seemed to stiffen further at his words, “then I’m guessing we may have just found him.”

Silence met his remark. No one in the small hovel moved for a moment as they sized each other up, waiting for the hooded figure’s response. He remained still, unmoving – weapon still raised in blatant threat. Hawke could almost feel the other’s eyes on him, and he raised his brows in response.

Finally the man seemed to slump. The hand clutching his ‘saber slowly lowered down to his side; the other lifted to pull the hood away from his face as he let out a frustrated sigh, the breath ruffling a few strands of blonde hair that had slipped in front of his mouth. His lips were twisted into an irritated moue.

Hawke’s eyes went wide at the sight.

By the Force, but the man was gorgeous.

“Did the Order send you to bring me back?” the jedi snapped heatedly, jerking the rogue out of his staring stupor. “I’m not going. Those bastards tried to make me get rid of Pounce.”

Hawke and Varric glanced at each other in shared bewilderment. “… Pounce?” the human finally ventured, bemused.

A series of chirping notes and whirring suddenly sounded from the corner of the hut, and Hawke’s eyes snapped towards the round little droid that rolled out from it. The orange, rusty ball of metal bumped into the back of the blonde’s legs and lingered there almost nervously. The man placed a protective hand on its ‘head’.

“p-0-U-N-C-3. Pounce.” His lips quirked up just the slightest as he glanced fondly down at the crooning robot, and Hawke’s insides practically fluttered in delight at just how attractive the smile looked on him. “Bravest little droid in the galaxy. Took down a Templar TIE fighter once, all by himself.”

The droid beeped a few cheery notes, and the jedi’s little smile grew into a bright, beaming grin down at the small creature.

Forget fluttered – Hawke’s heart nearly pounded right out of his chest as the expression outright lit up the other man’s face.

Force blast it.

He was so fucked.

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Hello loves! May I request crush headcanons with Armin Arlert? (How he treats them, how he wants to get closer, all leading up to him confessing) Thank you for your time!💗 I always look forward to any piece that you both create because it's just sO good!

Aw, anon, thank-you so much! That really means a lot to us. <3 Sorry for the lull in activity lately! Mod Spookzz is v busy and this week was a bad week for me health-wise, but I’m starting to feel a little better so hopefully I’ll be able to answer some stuff! c:

  • As intelligent as Armin Arlert is, he isn’t the strongest person on the planet, physically. He probably meets his crush after one of Shadis’ grueling runs where his legs are on fire from how much he strained them to keep up with the rest of the group. When his crush softly asks if he wants some water, Armin is taken aback by how beautiful they are. 
  • After that, he makes it a point to search for them in the crowd. He isn’t sure why, but Armin pins it on his small puppy crush. 
  • It doesn’t help that they are really nice, either. Armin is also treated to their intelligence when he seems them diligently taking notes during their lectures, their brow furrowed in concentration as their pencil flew across the paper. 
  • He isn’t bold or filled with moxie, but Armin makes it a point to suggest that they study together, sometime. When his crush takes him up on the offer (who wouldn’t? It’s common knowledge that Armin Arlert has top marks in academics), the two slowly start to form a bond as Armin gauges their personality and what sort of aspirations they strive for. 
  • One day, when Armin and his crush are huddle together in the small library, they divulge their interest in the outside world despite any talk or knowledge of it being taboo. It’s then that Armin realizes he’s head over heels for this person, which leads him to his next problem.
  • He’s shy. He’s insecure. Why would they want to be with someone like him when he knows they can do much better? These are the thoughts that plague Armin whenever he’s together with his crush, so he does his best to bottle up his feelings and bury them beneath the surface. 
  • Armin is in for a shock when Eren is the one who confronts him about his weird behavior. After a long conversation that skirts around the actual problem, Armin decides that it would be better to get everything off his chest before it could ruin his otherwise wonderful friendship. He’s shaking like leaf in the wind when he calls out to his crush and asks them to meet him later but he has to let them know how he feels.
  • Even if his crush rejects his feelings, Armin would still pursue a friendship with them. He enjoys their company and while it might hurt for a little while, he wants to spend time with them as much as possible. 
  • However, Armin is in for a world of surprise when his crush throws their arms around him and hugs him tightly after his confession, admitting that they had been waiting for him to say something for a long time. The apples of Armin’s cheeks turn red and his heart is beating so fast that he’s positive his crush can hear it, but he returns their hug because this is the happiest he’s been in a really long time. 

Hhhhh! For some reason Tumblr forbidded me from answering directly.

To draw The Judge, make a circle for his head, body and paws. Then add the other details. (But The Judge isn’t much of a cat because of his big eyes, head and mouth. xP)
However, drawing a semi-realistic cat isn’t different from drawing the verbose character. Your cat can vary depending on its breed, like a Munchkin who has really short legs and fluffy fur, a Siamese who has really long legs, and etc. Simply draw a circle for the head, 2 triangles for the ears, 2 almonds for the eyes, a nose and a mouth that looks like this :3 . 
To make cat poses, once again, draw a circle for the breasts and a bigger circle for the hind leg. Add lines poking out to make the arms and tail. Put little details like fur and whiskers.

Anyway, just keep practicing! Learning to draw something doesn’t happen overnight, try to give at least an hour each day to practice the shapes, you’ll get there! And thank you!

My CINTIQ 13HD summary review

Since the very beginning of this year my life has been spinning like a crazy merry-go-round. One of the many elements that caused this was the decision to finally upgrade from my Cintiq 13HD Wacom tablet I’ve been using for almost four years. And since I’ve been using literally the hell out of it, I decided to share my opinion and give you a proper review about this great tool. In other words: why I genuinely recommend it despite new models being recently released and the fact that it’s currently the cheapest Cintiq tablet on the market. :>

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The only one Pt.1 (Jimin scenario)

Paring : Jimin / You (female)

Genre: vampire AU! / slight angst

Word count: 1100+

A/N : I apologize for any mistakes. Enjoy!

Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12 Pt.13 Pt.14 

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

He looked at you with his orange-red eyes like a lion ready to attack its prey, he took two silent steps towards you and stopped, as the smell of your tears hit his nostrils, the sounds of your cries reaching his ears. Your legs couldn’t carry you anymore so you fell on the pavement making his body soften, and his eyes’ color go back to brown, he looked at you like he saw a little injured cat.

The shape of your cute plump lips and the pink cheeks drowning in tears, hair covering your neck and the upper part of your back, you were wearing a black blouse and skinny jeans. Looking at you he felt something but he didn’t know what it was, one thing he was curtain about; he felt the hunger fading away.

He stepped closer to you but in a human speed, he learned how to do that from years of practice, you were so deep in your misery to notice him, the hand on your shoulder made you jump and look at the man standing beside you, you stood up immediately looking at him with fear and pain.

“Are you okay?” He asked with a low voice, you nodded and started walking away. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, why didn’t he attack you? You were weak and vulnerable and it was easy for him to kill you in seconds, but why didn’t he? That was the question he kept asking himself.

After 5 steps you broke your shoe heal stepping on a stone, you fell on the floor again, you felt even worst if that was even possible.

You were left alone in the streets, after you parents died in a car accident a year ago you couldn’t pay the rent of the house all by your own. You tried everything, but having to go to school during daytime you couldn’t get a full time job. At that, the owner threw you out of the house and you had no other family members to take you in, and no friends because of your bad reputation.

People started to say that you became a prostitute, because you were out all night trying to find a job, how can you luck be this bad?

You had one bag at your side and a broken heel on the other side, you looked at them and wished you were dead, death was standing right behind you actually, but it wasn’t your time to go yet.

He approached you again, this time he was more curious about what a young girl like you would be doing outside at this time.

“Do you need help?” You turned your head to look at him, his face was so beautiful, his skin was pale and seamed soft, his lips were reddish pink, his golden brown eyes made you feel things.

“Yes!” How could you say no, you had no other choice, he was offering help, and you needed it, you knew he was going to ask for something in return, but at that state you didn’t really care what he would ask for, you would do anything for a place to stay.

He helped you up and looked at you again searching for the reason that made him act like a human with you.

“My car is not far, I’ll go get it, just wait here okay.” You nodded as he left, his car was actually very far but he ran in a non-human speed to reach it fast, there was no one around at 2 o'clock in the morning and the ally was too dark for him to be spotted by another human being, after a few minutes a car stopped next to you, he opened the door for you and you sat in the passenger seat  fastening your seat belt, your head was low and you were looking down at your knees as the car started moving.

“Are you hurt somewhere? Do you need me to take you to the hospital?”

“No! I’m fine, I just need a place to stay.” You answered with a quiet voice, he didn’t say anything and kept driving, he was planning on taking you to your house, but with what you just said he had to take you to his house.

His house was clean, he’s mostly sleeping or just watching TV during the day, but he goes hunting at night, he never had any visitors so there was no food at his place, so after a while he stopped the car by probably the only open shop to buy some things for you to eat.

He came back after a few minutes with a bag in his hand, and then drove straight home.

He open the front door and entered after you, the house was nice and cozy, he led you to the bathroom and gave you a clean towel, you took a nice quick shower to freshen up.

At the same time, he placed the things he bought in the kitchen he never used, and took place on the sofa watching TV. Jimin looked your way when you got out of the shower wearing the only pajamas you brought with you in that bag.

“Eat whatever you want, make yourself home.” You didn’t hesitate to run to the kitchen, you don’t remember the last time you ate a proper meal. You helped yourself with the food feeling a bit of happiness.

At that time he was thinking about how was he going to live with a human and what was he going to do with you, he turned the TV off as you walked out of the kitchen.

“You can sleep in that room.” He said mentioning which room he was talking about, and walked out of the house before you get to say anything, he was still hungry, you were supposed to be his meal, now he had to find another one.

you looked around the house and tried to get comfortable with it, looking around you noticed that there was no picture of him or anyone else, and that there was no food in the kitchen, but you figured since he lives alone that he probably eats out, there was two rooms, the one where you were going to sleep and the other one was obviously his room, you tried to open the door but it was locked so you just went straight to your room and lay on the comfortable bed trying to fall asleep.

What’s going to happen tomorrow? No one knows, you’re currently sleeping in a vampire’s house, who knew something like this would’ve happened.

Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated!

part of this has been sitting in my notes for ages so i decided to finish and post it. it’s another tattooartist!luke thing- enjoy! 

“I got it,” Luke murmurs as he leans over you in the dark to turn the baby monitor off, quieting the screaming.

He smiles softly when your hand reaches up and grips the side of his neck, pulling him down for a half awake kiss, “you’re the best,” you sigh, your fingers brushing his scruffy cheek as you release him before snuggling back into the warm blankets, not once opening your eyes.

He chuckles as he rolls out of bed completely naked, grabbing his underwear off the floor before pulling them on and heading out of your room, hissing when his toes hit the cold hardwood that’s spread throughout the house.

“Daddy,” Willa, your almost-3 year old, mumbles around her tears when he pushes her door open, her nightlight illuminating the room enough for him to find his way to her little pink princess toddler bed without stepping on toys.

“What’s wrong baby?” He murmurs tiredly, yawning as he lowers himself onto the tiny mattress, letting her climb into his lap as he leans back against the wall.

“I ha’ bad deem,” she murmurs around her thumb as she snuggles against his chest, tucking her other arm between them as she hides her face in his neck.

Luke hums, twisting the soft ends of her nearly white blonde hair around his finger where the strands have started curling slightly, “do you remember what happened?” He asks, scooting down on the tiny bed and rolling on his side, his arm wrapping around her to keep her cuddled against his tattoo covered chest. His long, lanky limbs make getting comfortable difficult, but he gives it his best attempt, his legs ending up half hanging off the mattress.

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Relapse//Josh Dun

Requested: Can you do a Josh Dun Imagine where you have really bad depression and anxiety, and you used to self harm, and one night it gets really bad that you start to self harm again and he finds you, and he just helps you and takes care of you? Thanks

Note: Mentions of self-harm, suicide, depression, anxiety. Read at your own discretion please (:


               You shut off the TV that was playing in the background when a story of another mass killing started to play. The world was tearing itself apart, people were dying, others were crying, it was horrible. In all honesty, you didn’t want to hear it because you didn’t trust yourself. You knew when you hear about death and killing that your mind begins on suicide and harm; things you managed to quit last year. It was a hard process, that you were only grateful your boyfriend Josh stuck through with you. Right as you thought things were getting better, you would relapse; hurt yourself and Josh would be the one picking up your pieces and trying to glue them back together. You could only imagine how rough it must have been for him.

               Before your thoughts could go any further, the sound of your phone ringing broke you from your trance. Josh’s goofy smiling face popped up on your screen, signalling that he was the caller.

               “Hey loser.” You giggled, smiling as you pressed the phone to your face. He was currently in the studio with Tyler so he wasn’t around for most of the day. A little bit of hope sprouted in your mind, you hoped he would say that this weekend he would be home and the two of you could do things.

               “Y/N.” He started in a serious voice. “They’re changing the release date; it’s earlier than it used to be so we have to work double time now.” You felt tears prick in your eyes as your heart fell. Of course he wouldn’t be calling because he had days off; it always had to be something bad. “I’ll be spending the night here. Home later tomorrow night and hopefully I’ll have some days off soon. I’m really sorry. I love you.” You felt the tears drop down your face as you accepted the fact that he wouldn’t be home tonight.

               “Love you too.” You squeaked, hanging up before you could hear his apologies and the guilt hanging heavy in his voice. You felt selfish for getting so emotional over this; the band was his job. This is what you signed up for when you told him to follow his dreams; when you said you’d go through hell and high water for him. You loved seeing him happy, and knew once this album was finished and the fans were reacting to it—he would be over the moon. Except, when the album came out there would be another tour and you wouldn’t see Josh for another god knows how many months after that. You curled further into the bed, pressing your face into your pillow as a pitiful sob escaped your lips. The thought of Josh being gone broke your heart; the idea of having to spend tonight alone hurt. It hurt like hell.

               “Don’t do anything stupid.” You growled to the air, laying in the silent room as you rolled onto your back. Staring at the ceiling; your body felt like air. You hated this feeling, because you knew it would be followed by a ton of bricks laying on your chest and panic coursing through your veins. You squeezed your eyes tightly; mumbling words of encouragement to yourself. Trying to calm down before incident. Except you were never lucky, and your body decided to take a route of its own. In what felt like a millisecond you were a sobbing, hyperventilating mess.

               You knew you were one of the statistics; people suffering with an anxiety disorder and depression. Except you were also one of the people who felt that if they went and spoke with a doctor about this; you would be ridiculed. You preferred suffering in silence, without anyone looking at you strangely. You could get through this; you survived this many years. Tonight felt off though; a weird temptation kept eating at your mind. From the back of your brain to the front. You knew what it wanted but you had to fight it.

               You didn’t want to be that freak of a girlfriend that Josh would have to deal with; you didn’t want to break him any further. So you rolled onto your side; closing your eyes and trying to sleep, despite the fact that your only source of oxygen was little gasps.


               The next morning was worse than the night before; your body ached. Your pulse was felt throughout your head; painfully pounding against your skull. You questioned if it was going to explode at one point. You somehow pulled yourself out of bed, trudging into the bathroom for a relief from your headache; trying to ignore your razor that sat in the shower. It seemed gross to you though; you used that to shave. To rid unwanted hair from your body; you won’t want hair in your bloodstream.

               Hairy veins

               You turned into a puddle of giggles; for some reason those 2 words gave you unlimited amusement. Which you knew you would be repeating to yourself all day. Hairy veins. It wasn’t until you opened the medicine cabinet did you remember the pack of razors you had bought for Josh when he was on tour—they were cheap, and did the job they needed to. So if they got lost or confiscated so what? You bit your lip roughly, trying to ignore the pressure under your skin. It felt like your wrists were about to explode; but you couldn’t do anything there anymore. Josh would see it too fast—or catch on to you trying to hide it. Plus you didn’t want more visible scars; there were still deep, ugly ones from your last attempt at freedom from the world.

               “No. No. No.” You whispered, leaning yourself against the counter as you felt your pulse quicken. You refused to do it anymore; imagine how heartbroken Josh would be.

               What if he doesn’t see them? You know, see no evil?

               Fuck, your subconscious was right. You needed relief from this disgusting feeling, you needed a spark of light in the dark tunnel you were lost in. One little cut wouldn’t hurt anyone; especially if you’re the only one who knows it’s there.

               You sat on the toilet seat, your pajama shorts pulled up to your hip as you stared at the skin. So clean, too bad it wouldn’t that way pretty soon. With your eyes closed, you grabbed the blade (well your make-shift one; considering you had gotten rid of your previous ones when you quit this habit last year). You pressed the cool metal to your skin, shaking and contemplating. Would this be worth it? What if Josh did find out? He would be so ashamed, so disgusted. You began wondering if it was worth it, when your hand moved a little; causing a sharp pain to surface in the skin. It was followed by a small 3 lines of blood.

               Oh its worth it.

               One turned into two, and two turned into your whole upper thigh. When you finally dropped the razor; you looked at your bloodstained leg. You had been pushing toilet paper against the cuts as you went (blood was a bitch to clean off tile; so you didn’t want any to accidentally drip and give you away). You glared down at your work, weren’t you a keeper? A disgusting, pitiful keeper that Josh would be lucky to lose. You couldn’t even stack up against his ex; she was beautiful, and perfect for him. Look at you, you’re ugly. Force him through hell. You weren’t worth his time.

               “Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice call, making you jump and pull your pajama shorts back down as you scurried from the bathroom, hiding the razor in the back of the cabinet; where it wouldn’t be seen unless someone was looking for it.

               “Josh? I thought you were coming home later tonight?” You leaned against the wall, shocked that he was standing in the doorway right in front of you. “I missed you.” You whispered, rubbing a stray tear from earlier as he held his arms out to you. It only took 2 steps for a shooting pain to find its way through your skin; 4 steps for a warm liquid to stream down your leg.

               “Are you okay?” Josh nearly yelled, looking at you with fearful eyes as you somehow ran back to the bathroom; sobbing as the blood stained your shorts. You cleaned them up, how did this happen? He wasn’t supposed to see, god why did he have to see. “Y/N.” You cringed as you heard him walk into your shared bedroom. “Talk to me.” He was at the point of tears, he knew.

               “No.” You snapped through gritted teeth, trying to slam the door and keep him out while you fixed your mess. “Go away.” You cursed at the fact that he had double the strength of you; making it easy for him to push into the bathroom; shifting you until you sat on the toilet seat.

               “It’s my fault. I’ve been gone for so fucking long that I didn’t notice. I should’ve been here.” Josh whimpered as he cleaned your leg with hydrogen peroxide; dabbing the soaked cotton ball gently along your leg. Tensing each time he heard you suck in a pained breath. “I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m so sorry.” His words, the fact that he blamed himself caused you to sob along with him; you were shaking by the time he was bandaging up your leg and carrying you to the bedroom.

               “Don’t be sorry. Don’t be.” You sobbed into his chest. “I’m a fucking disgrace and all I do is hurt you and myself. Why can’t I just fucking be dead; it’s better than feeling anxious all the time and feeling like I have no way out of this constant darkness.” You gripped his soft shirt, feeling his hand rub soothing circles on your back as he tried desperately to stay strong in the situation.

               “Y/N, I think it’s time we look into getting help. I heard this type of thing can be caused by chemicals; which is totally normal. Doctors would only give you medications and it could make you better. I just want you to be okay—I don’t want to come home one day and find out you’re gone.” You listened to his words, sighing in defeat as sobs continued to wrack your body.

               “I’ll get help. But please come with me. I don’t want to go alone.” You whimpered, feeling your eyes grow heavy. You were so tired.

               “I’ll be with you through everything if you let me. I’ll only leave your side when I have to.” You smiled in content before falling asleep snuggled into Josh’s chest; his embrace giving you a feeling of security. You would figure out the steps to getting help when you woke up later that day. But right now being in Josh’s loving embrace was all you needed.

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how do you feel about the new powerpuff girl (bliss)

ive talked abt this on twitter bc i never stfu about my opinions on there lol but god is it disappointing but also expected from a show tht showed 3 little white girls twerking 

so first off her design literally is terrible like b4 i get Political or w/e its just a mess by color standards she doesnt look like a power puff girl. she just doesnt. even if she had the same porportions of the others she doesnt look lik eshe belongs at all. 

now shes supposed to be older, albeit still underage, remember that. she is underage but they stll decided to give her a very, uh.,exaggerated hips/legs (lol one person i followed said theyre followin the nintendo trend of giving black girls huge hips and hjdsbjbg) like not only does it look ugly by the shows standards like it rly looks out of place and jarring theres ways they couldve NOT done that. (just given her the same rectangle body, just a big longer/bigger) 

theres this trend of giving underage woc adult bodies in media, and it sucks bc in real life black girls are such a target of harassment, abuse, r*pe, etc. bc of the sexualized stereotype in society/media.media reflects society and in return media influences society

they really did and give her a really adult voice also wtf? why cant she jst be a cute little black girl lmao.. like… god its ugly, its bad, and her personality itself is basically the stereotypical “sassy black freind” and its just a whole shit of ugly and bad. 

i didnt expect much but god, is it worse than i imagined. also fuck ppl fr defending it cuz its not. its not good by any stadnards. 

You're lucky I love you

Fic summary: FS:Camz’s always losing Lo in public. Like she will just wander off at a carnival or on a nature hike, getting lost in the awe of nature or something. Camz starts to get frustrated and so buys her a shirt that says “if found please return to camila” and a matching one for herself saying “I’m camila”. Lo is outraged at first because it’s so NOT badass. But then she caves because Camz’s so irresistible!”

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Submitted bu @whats-a-tsukki 

Takeda having a Daughter.The story is like this,Its not His daughter but his sisters and when his sister died in child birth the rights were given to him not His sisters Asswhole Bf. Her Name is Nana Takeda,and she’s the cutest. She looks like Takeda

(2) Takeda and his sister were twins,Nana looks almost exactly like him. One day during practice Takeda comes in late and everyone stares at the little 3 year old girl stuck to Sensei leg,He explained that the Babysitter couldn’t watch her today.

3)The team fall in love with Nana,So Takeda takes her to practice more often. Nana talks to Ukai about a Man(Her father.)who hurt Takeda whenever he goes out alone,Ukai drives him home from now on.Nana always smiles at him.

(4)Ukai ends up staying for diner one night, then ends up staying the night because of the snow. Nana is more then Happy and accidentally called Ukai “Dad” on more then one occasion,Nana always tells Ukai if The man(her “real” dad) has hurt Tadeka.

(5)As Tadeka always tries to hide the bruises,Ukai doesn’t leave him alone anymore,The team knowns something up.When they find out that Man never touches their Sensei again.

Ittetsu and his sister Hiyori were close as can be; he knew how bad her boyfriend and baby daddy treated her, and so he made the promise that if anything ever happened to her he would take care of Nana, not him. He didn’t expect that time to be so soon. He remembers it like yesterday, helping Hiyori pick out a crib, and painting the nursery for her, helping pick the name…He also remembers being there as she pushed, and pushed, and pushed, remembers her pain and her anguish and then everything stopping. 

She just goes unconscious, and the doctors are rushing to save her and the baby, they start and emergency c-section, but it’s too late for Hiyori. And, of course, since Ittetsu’s her only blood relative, he’s given custody of Nana. He doesn’t know much on childcare – he’d bought books, but he hadn’t had time to read them – but it’s better than leaving her to be with her father, so he takes her home and raises her himself. 

Nana’s father is furious. His daughter, in the hands of– of a fool! He won’t stand for it. So, whenever Ittetsu goes out alone, leaving Nana to a sitter, he confronts him. Asks for his daughter. When Ittetsu refuses, he gets violent; not enough to incapacitate him, of course, because he is taking care of his child after all. No one can know of this, so Ittetsu keeps quiet. Not even Keishin knows, and they’ve been going out for a while. 

So one day, when Nana’s daycare caretaker is sick and the babysitter is out of town, he brings Nana to practice and everyone loves her. However, things can’t always be good, and when she tells of things like a man following her and her uncle around, and of him hurting her uncle, and that just won’t do. Ukai speaks to Ittetsu, and yes, Nana’s father is hurting him. 

That can’t do. 

Ukai drives Ittetsu home, and makes routine visits to the grocery store with him when he needs to so he isn’t alone. He protects Ittetsu. It’s not long until he asks Ittetsu to move in with him. Or him to move in with Ittetsu. Because, despite how much he tries to stay by Ittetsu’s side, Nana’s dad still somehow finds ways to hurt Ittetsu, and despite his attempts to hide the bruises he’s given. Ittetsu is surprised, to say the least, but he eagerly agrees, and Nana is so happy! She has her uncle and his boyfriend, both of whom she loves, underneath the same roof. 

Ittetsu’s tried to get a restraining order before, but nothing works as well as Keishin, and now that Ittetsu is never alone, he can’t be hurt. Or so they think. One day, Nana’s father shows up at the school and Ittetsu, who had brought Nana in with him that day, panics, sending Tadashi and Yuu off to hide in the club room with Nana. They know something’s up, and so they hide with Nana, who’s crying now, but tell the rest of the team to watch out. Ukai and Takeda leave the gym in a rush, and Tanaka and Noya follow silently behind, surprised to see a man grabbing at Ittetsu’s wrist, trying to pull him away from Keishin, but Keishin grabs him back and holds him tight. They can’t hear the threats leaving Ukai’s mouth, but the man goes white and so they figure everything is ok and go back. When Takeda and Ukai don’t return in a few minutes, and so they go looking for them, the whole team save Yuu and Tadashi who are watching Nana, and find the man fighting with Ukai, Takeda unconscious on the ground; let’s just say, Nana’s dad doesn’t bother them anymore.  


DIfficulty: 3/10

Material: Shannon Cuddle 3 Minky

Colors: Vanilla, Coral

So, I decided to do another pattern update. ^u ^ I’ve been working on minimzing any and all hand stitching required on all my plushies since my carpel tunnel has been killing my work ethic. My Goodra pattern was the first victim! Overall this new pattern has actually cut about 30-45 minutes of sewing. The spots are embroidered, similar to a patch but attached with “Stitchless Sewing”. I’m not too pleased with the results, it’s sturdy, but the outer edges have a curve the won’t do down. I would have loved to embroidery the spots directly onto the fabric, but I had planned to just hand applique like I usually do. I tried sewing, but the patches were too thick to even get a needle through. Honestly, I haven’t had issues with fabric adhesives, but it would have preferred to use another brand that I was more familiar with. The adhesive worked, but i had to use about half the tube to get all the spots on. It is my fault because this is meant for more lighter-weight fabrics with less pill. :)

Anyways! I’ve been tweaking the head pattern as well, come next Goodra, I’d love to see if I can adjust the head to flow with the neck, instead of making it 3 different parts to be a little more accurate. :) I do like this head pattern a bit only because it makes little Goodra look absolutely adorable! ^o ^ This time around, I did decided to embroider on the spots on its face instead of applique. Next time, I wanna embroider the spots like I did the tail spots, with the little border around them; makes it look much more attractive to the eye! ^u ^

The biggest change to the pattern, if you haven’t noticed from my last Goodra, was the legs/thighs. Instead of hand sewing them on, and seeing the little patches of minky fluff being pulled every which way, its all machine sewn and and looks smooth! :D

I’m hoping to perfect the pattern in the future; one step at a time! *u *

meet our newest gifted taxidermy piece…….. who ever stuffed this turtle over stuffed the legs and arms… look at that thigh, its ripping out of its stitching.
Gives it character, happy to have this little beast in our collection <3