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please stop assuming that disability has only one specific look, stop acting like if someone’s appearance isnt necessarily the exact way you imagine disability and/or chronic illness then they are not disabled and you can just shake your head and try to decide whether the person is actually ill. it’s no way up to u to judge who is and who is not disabled based on their appearance


                 “It took me ages to grow into being a woman, into being happy with it.”

Happy Birthday to my idol Helena Bonham Carter. 

I wish her all the happiness in the world and I hope her day is spent with the people she loves spoiling her rotten. She deserves it.

I’m thankful every day for her being the kind, funny, beautiful woman that she is.

Keep being you my darling Queen!

Endless love Mama H   X

As requested by @gjoriin, here is stuff I love about Pidge :D

  • loves her family unconditionally!!!!!!
  • rambles when worried
  • also rambles when excited
  • really didn’t want to cut her hair off
  • the more tense the situation/less sleep she’s gotten, the less tolerance she has for Lance’s shit
  • loves video games
  • always wants to learn new things & know how everything works 
  • can?? think in binary code?????? how
  • tilts her head and/or readjusts her glasses when nervous
  • reprogrammed and adopted a fighting drone
  • also named it
  • gets annoyed when people touch her stuff without permission
  • carries a picture of Matt with her
  • *team does something stupid* *ignores them completely and keeps doing her own thing*
  • has allergies & used to hate the outdoors because of that
  • despite that she appreciates pretty nature surroundings
  • *glasses glint*
  • came up with the plan to steal money from a fountain to buy that one video game
  • cries openly
  • talks to her lion and modifies it with castle tech
  • is?? actually totally comfortable in dresses????
  • seems to really get along with the mice
  • has a diary
  • easily gets sweaty hands
  • built trash robots of her friends when she was lost in space - probably because she missed them
  • makes puns and waits for people to get them
  • hates peanuts but loves peanut butter cookies
  • curse her short arms
  • so small,, gets blown away easily,,, needs to be protected,,,,
  • can be unexpectedly clumsy
  • continued doing her job even when she heard how Shiro got tortured over the intercoms
  • *gets forced to leave her laptop* *whines and pouts*
  • tried to learn Altean and actually was successful to some degree
  • “aww you’ve got a cute little bayard” *electrocutes Lance* “yeah, it’s pretty cute”
  • made it into the garrison with a fake identity
  • can hack into pretty much everything, anywhere, even while talking
  • is sarcastic at times but is genuine about her feelings just as often, if not more
  • smart af
  • agreed to stay with the team despite her family being more important to her than anything else
  • fell asleep in front of her laptop
  • is self-confident and knows exactly what she’s capable of
  • but was still worried about not being the right paladin for the green lion
  • has the smuggest grin
  • sees tech: ☆*・゜゚・*٩(*▿*)۶*・゜゚・*☆

CONCLUSION: Pide is adorable,,,, I l o v e her

[lance] [keith] [keith with meta improvement]

“Lena Luthor  asked you out on a date?!” Maggie stage whispers.
“Baby Danvers got game!“
Kara blushes furiously.
“Does she now about your - you know.”
“My what?“
“You know.” Maggie mimes taking glasses off.
“You know.” Maggie raises her hands above her head like she’s flying.
“You know. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…”
“Supergirl, Kara, does she know you’re Supergirl?”
“Oh for Pete’s sake, your disguise is literally glasses and a ponytail. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”