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Do you wanna be a Serpent? Part 4

He was tired, his bones ached and a distinct throbbing pounded against his temples. After an early morning Serpents meeting at the White Wyrm, three exams and two hours of conditioning practice, Jughead Jones was truly and completely exhausted.

It was nearly seven o clock at night and the dark haired Serpent was just exiting the gym locker room, his wavy hair damp and messy and his leather jacket shoved deep in his duffel. The showers at Riverdale High were so much nicer than the broken down rusted one in his own trailer, most days he would spend hours just standing under the steady warm spray and letting his mind wander anywhere but the present. Tonight was no exception, he needed it, a break. A break from the Serpents, from his responsibilities, as much as he loved his rank in the gang sometimes it was too much, sometimes he just wanted too sit down with his friends, drink a milkshake, kiss a pretty girl.

A pretty girl with hauntingly deep green eyes, a girl with golden hair and the softest skin, he wanted to kiss strawberry flavored lips and put his hands on swirling curves.

He wanted to kiss Betty Cooper and no one else.

It was impossible, the thought of her ever wanting to truly be with him, sure she fooled around, teased him, played his game, But she was made for better. She was Betty Cooper, she deserved better, she would have better. It was just the facts, pretty girls with golden hearts don’t fall for broken boys with broken parts.

A soft and soothing voice rang through the halls

“They hung a sign up in our town

If you live it up you won’t live it down.”

Jughead strained to follow the voice, it was familiar but so heart breakingly Beautiful he could only focus on the way the words etched into his brain.

“So She left Monte Rio son

Just like a bullet leaves a gun.”

It was getting closer, the voice carrying through the halls and calling him in, the sound of a siren, something sent down to take him away.

“With charcoal eyes and Monroe hips

She went and took the California trip.”

It was coming from the office, the first place he had spoken to Betty, the tiny room covered in papers.

Sure enough, she was there, thegirl who never left his thoughts, her nose buried in a book as the words she sang tumbled from her lips.

“Well the moon was gold and her hair like wind,

she said don’t look but now, just come on in.”

Jughead leaned against the doorway, his smile genuine, so soft and out of place if any of his brothers saw him they wouldn’t recognize him. She was beautiful, the girl was an angel and he was lucky enough to be in her presence, even for just a bit. She looked different, gone was the tight ponytail and pastel sweaters, replaced by honey blonde curls cascading over the arm of the hideous plaid couch, she was wearing her cheerleading shorts and an oversized riverdale High sweatshirt, a pair of dirty white converse on her feet. She looked so god damn beautiful it hurt to look.

“You gotta hold on, hold on, you gotta hold on

Take my hand, I’m standing right here you gotta hold on.”

She hummed softly, her eyes scanning the pages of her book.

“You can sing too?” He smirked, a lazy smile spreading across his face as the book slipped from Betty’s hands, a gasp falling from her lips as she straightened herself out, the instant look of relief in her eyes when she saw that it was only him did things to jugheads stomach.

“Jughead Jones. We have to stop meeting like this. Ya know, if you wanna hang out you only have to ask.” She smirked back teasingly.

“I like the mystery of it all.” He offered, sliding his duffel bag across the floor and taking a seat on the couch beside her, picking up her book off the floor and reading the title “any reason you’re here at Riverdale at 7 o’clock at night reading…. Jack Kerouac?” He raised a curious brow, handing back her book. Their fingers touched for a moment as he made the exchange and they both stared at each other, you could almost feel the electricity through the room.

“Same reason as you I would assume.” The beautiful blonde responded, sliding her fingers out from under his.

“You don’t have a working shower either?” The serpent joked.

Betty rolled her eyes, smacking his arm

“No you dork, I needed….I just needed time.. time to myself, I needed time to not be the perfect girl next door, to not smile for the cameras and give speeches and fix everyone’s problems. Lord knows I have enough of my own problems to figure out.” She smiled sadly, her shoulders slumped as she leaned back against the couch.

“I get that.” Jughead agreed “I know what it’s like to have everyone depend on you, to need you. Sometimes I just want to run away, just get on my bike and leave. Start over.” He wasn’t sure why he was telling her all of this, spilling his guts, but he was and he didn’t regret it, he could talk to her, trust her.

“We could go together.” Betty sighed, a dreamy smile on her lips “like Romeo and Juliet except we live happily ever after.”

Jughead smiled back, resting against the couch alongside Betty “the fair Princess Elizabeth and the peasant boy Jughead Jones Run away together on horseback, ride off into the sunset.” He chuckled softly.

“It would be nice.” Betty said turning to look at him “but we can’t leave, not when so many people rely on us, Need us. We have responsibilities.” She stuck her tongue out playfully and Jughead laughed a bit louder.

“Responsibilities. My mortal enemy.”

“I thought that the Ghoulies were your mortal enemy.” Betty giggled

“Ahh the true enemy in our story.” Jughead said dryly, his eyes falling on Betty as she leaned forward

“Our story.” She repeated “I like that. “Our story” the beautiful blonde cheerleader was beaming “so what’s the next chapter of our story Juggie.” The nickname rolled off her tongue so casually that Jughead felt a warmth in his chest that he hadn’t felt since he was a kid.

“Well Betts, that’s up to us. I heard you’re severely understaffed at your paper and I was wondering if you could use another author might be a good place to work on… our story.” He grinned, nerves buzzing. What if she said no? What if she liked being alone, he hated the sting of rejection.

“I’d love that Juggie.” She whispered, her hand sliding into his open palm. She was letting him in. She wanted him here, with her in her space. After a moment of silence jughesd grabbed the book from the table

“Tell me about this book.” He nodded, the moment had passed but he didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to say goodbye.

“Oh jughead, you should never ask me about a book, once I get going I never stop. Buttt… since you asked, okay so essentially the protagonist…”

Jughead leaned back against the couch his eyes locked on Betty as she animatedly told an in depth summary of her favorite novel.

He was tired yeah, exhausted even, but right now? Sitting in the tiny office on the horribly tacky plaid couch with the most warm hearted girl he had ever known?

He wouldn’t trade it for all the naps in the world.

SnK Chapter 99 Poll Results

The chapter 98 poll closed with 1,751 responses.
Thank you to everyone who participated.

1,722 Responses

On the “awful” to “awesome” scale of 1-5, nearly 70% of respondents rated “Guilty Shadow” with a “5″, making it the highest rated chapter since we started polling. Well done, Isayama!

On that day, Marley received a grim reminder… this chapter woke up the obsessed snk fan in me, finally JESUS CHRIST

SNK has always been a wild ride, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been this excited and frustrated that I don’t have the next chapter in my hands RIGHT NOW- if only to satisfy the itch of knowing which half-hidden face is who from Paradis. And also to figure out what they’ve done to Porco, Pieck and Zeke to neutralize them while Eren gives Reiner the most uncomfortable tableside chat.

My heart was pounding throughout the entire chapter. The last time that happened was chapter 84 and I gotta say, I finally feel like this whole Marley arc has been worth it. What an adrenaline rush it’s become! Now that’s now Attack On Titan is supposed to be. I can’t wait to see everybody else again and proceed to reach the climax of the story.

The hype for SNK 100 is too real. Everything will explode

I need Ch100 right now immediately. Waiting another month is going to be torture. In the meantime I hope Porco and Pieck enjoy their time in the pit. If it turns out that Helos is Levi I will eat my own platform boots

It was amazing. Really great story.

I’m so glad this chapter is fake and SnK ended last month with everyone having a huge pizza party!

….is it December yet?

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Ummm hit me with 45 Harry?? In the mood for fluff.

“will you marry me?” you freeze in the middle of the page of the book you’re reading and look over at harry. he’s already looking at you, toying with the fabric of the blanket that’s barely covering the exposed skin of your legs. you slightly readjust yourself against the headboard of the bed.

“i’m sorry, what?” you push your reading glasses up to the crown of your head, putting down your back after marking the page. your full attention is set on your boyfriend of three years who’s looking at you with so much love and adoration.

“marry me? not now- but like someday, yeah?” harry says as he shuffles closer to you, laying his head on the supple, covered skin of your stomach. you run your hands through the tousle of deep brown curls and you can’t help the small smile that crosses your lips.

“i’d be honoured to, my love,” you say before leaning down and kissing his temple to which he smiles, showing off his deep set dimples.

number + person

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“Here, take me blanket/jacket.” - “I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivering* omg this and Steve offering Tony the jacket from his Captain America uniform

“Here, take my jacket.”

Tony looked down at Steve’s uniform jacket, held in Steve’s outstretched hand, then back at Steve’s annoyingly concerned face, swallowing at least five scathing retorts, settling instead on a curt, “No, thank you.”

“Tony, take the jacket,” Steve tried again, using the tone of voice people usually reserved for children. 

“I told you, I’m not cold,” Tony replied, glaring at Steve. The effect was somewhat ruined by the violent shudder that went through him. 

Steve opened his mouth, then snapped it shut, closing his eyes. Tony could see his chest rising and falling with deep, even breaths.

It was a really nice chest, every muscle outlined by the skintight undershirt Steve wore. And the only reason it took Tony ten seconds too long to realize what Steve was doing. 

“Are you actually counting to ten right now, Rogers?” Tony spluttered, indignant. 

Steve opened his eyes. Tony couldn’t quite recognize that look. He could identify frustration and concern, but there was something else there… something soft and warm that made Tony’s chest ache with that familiar longing he couldn’t quite smother, no matter how hard he tried.

“Tony, take the jacket. Please.”  

Tony grit his teeth - and it wasn’t to stop them from chattering - and squared his shoulders. “I’m not taking your jacket, Rogers, so stop playing a dashing hero and put it on.”

A muscle twitched in Steve’s jaw, mouth thinning a little. He made no move to put on the jacket. “You are behaving irrationally,” Steve said, and while Tony had to give him points for trying to remain calm, he also wanted to punch him in the face. A little bit. “We don’t know how long it will take until the others find us. It could take hours.”

Tony’s stomach twisted a little at the prospect of being stuck in an icy cave for hours. But he was damned if he would let Steve know that.

“Like you’re not cold,” Tony sneered. “You hate the cold.”

Steve took another deep breath, the furrow between his eyebrows deepening. Strangely enough, it was more worry than disapproval. He took a step forward. Tony had to fight against the impulse to take a step back.

“It doesn’t matter how I feel about the cold. What matters is that my body deals better with low temperatures than yours,” Steve said, rising frustration giving his voice a sharp edge. “It doesn’t take a genius to understand this.”

“Yeah, I know I’m just a fragile human, Mr. Super Soldier, but I’m not taking your jacket.” Narrowing his eyes, Tony bared his teeth at Steve. “And there is nothing you can do about it.”

Steve’s eyes flashed, his jaw setting in that familiar way that meant Steve was not letting this go.  

“Stop acting like a spoiled child, Tony, and take the goddamned jacket.”

“Why?” Tony asked, changing tactics. He was fairly certain Steve was one rude remark away from forcibly putting the jacket on Tony.

Steve blinked. “What?”

“Why is this so important to you?” 

The look Steve gave him was incredulous, like he couldn’t believe Tony was actually asking that question. “Because you are cold. I don’t want you to be cold.”

“We’ve already established that. As well as the fact that you’re not immune to cold,” Tony said, shrugging. The anger that was keeping him slightly less cold was slowly seeping out of him. Maybe he really should take the jacket. It wasn’t like Steve was wearing it. “And that’s not really an answer, Rogers.”

“Tony, for the last time, take the jacket.”

“If you answer my question.”

“I have seen children behaving with more maturity than you are right now.” 

“The answer,” Tony said, grinning.

Tony didn’t see Steve move. But between one breath and the next, Tony found himself enveloped in Steve’s jacket and two very strong arms, staring at Steve’s eyes from up close and personal.

“I don’t want you to be cold,” Steve said, voice low and deliberate, “because I care about you.”

Tony swallowed thickly, suddenly feeling a lot warmer than a moment before. And Steve’s jacket had only a minuscule part in it. 

“Define ‘care’,” Tony said, trying very, very hard not to jump to any conclusions. Or jump Steve, for that matter. “As a teammate? A friend? As another hu-mmph…”

The kiss was more a statement of a fact, than a seduction, quick and somewhat clumsy, but it still left Tony’s lips tingling and his heart racing.

“That good enough an answer for you?” Steve said, the corner of his mouth turned up into a grin that didn’t quite cover the vulnerable look in his eyes.  

“I’m not sure,” Tony said, placing his hands on Steve’s waist and relishing the almost startled joy in Steve’s eyes. “You might want to try that again. Just to make sure we are on the same page, of course.” 

“Of course,” Steve said, his breath warm against Tony’s lips. “Unless you would rather I explain myself verbally. Since you are so very interested in my motives.”


“Yes, Tony?”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

What does she look like?
An ex asked me
about my ideal woman
since she and I couldn’t work
I told her I didn’t know
what she looks like
but I could hazard a guess
of what she’s like
Her heart is hearing your favorite song
randomly on the radio on a bad day
Her eyes make promises
and then they keep them
Her soul sings loudly
and out of key without apology
Her touch can make me feel safe
like she can only be honest 
Her mind is book of endless pages
she has with her, notes along every margin
She’ll say my name
and every time it will be as the first
I’ve ever heard it in earnest
Because she knows my true name
when she calls out to me “Mine”
Then my ex asked me
What am I to this ideal woman?
I told her
Everything, all of creation
and beyond and more
—  Perry M. // True Love

I hit the 14k follower mark yesterday. All I can say is thank you all so very much. Today, or rather yesterday (I have not been able to sleep), was also very painful day for me. I learned that my estranged father is dying. I’m not really sure how to handle it; I go from angry to sad to numb over and over. My eyes are so swollen from crying it looks like I was attacked by bees. I try to keep this page positive so I won’t go on a pity party, I just want to let everyone know what’s going on. I apologize in advance if I’m not as responsive. This blog and my friends are what keep me going so I’m definitely not going to disappear though. Please know that I love all of you to the moon and back.


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Hey, I'm just really confused about my gender. I really like wearing men's clothes because they just feel right. But when I look like a woman I look really good and I fell good about my self. But only when I'm not feeling dysphoria because of my long hair or skirt. I prefer to have a flat chest because my breasts make me uncomfortable. I'm not trans man. I at least know that. I just kind feel uncomfortable about my gender normally. Help?

Kii says:

We can’t tell you what your gender is, but here’s a page that might be helpful!

I finally managed to snap a pic of Binkie + book that isn’t blurry; where Binkie isn’t eating my props and just looking like his happy derpy self 😽
A little BTS story: while I was taking photo’s, I first had 11.22.63 as the book and somehow I managed to open it on a page where there was one line with a HUGE FRICKING ASS SPOILER in it. I only laid eyes on ONE sentence and it was the biggest spoiler ever. Dammit. I really hope it was a joke or lie, but I just know it’ll really happen 😫 One of the downsides of being a bookstagrammer I guess? 🤦🏻‍♂️

IG: romireads

Second Huevember 18 - Eönwë

Five letters, two umlauts. I’m no philologist, but that seems excessive to me.

Anyway, time to talk about the picture! He fought in the War of Wrath, and his Tolkien Gateway page says he is the best of the Maiar in skill at arms, so I figured I’d play up this martial aspect of him in my design. I gave him armor, a shield, and a spear (for which I ran out of room on the page; it’s in the lower left corner, running parallel to the slope of the mountainside); in his armor design I made repeated use of a wing motif, and on his shield and tabard I gave him some cheesy sun heraldry. His wings are not made of feathers; they’re made of metal (I had conceived them as bronze, but because this painting is blue they look a lot like the metal wings the X-Man Archangel got when he became a Horseman of Apocalypse) and they shine terribly in the sunlight, too brightly to look upon. I imagine this dude comes swooping out of the sky onto the battlefield, blinding opponent and ally alike.

This blue is about an equal mix of ultramarine and phthalo blue.

Tagged by: @kaikumin I’m actually surprised that someone wanted to know me since I keep a very low profile in Tumblr but thank you!!

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NAME: Hyeri (pls. lord not hairy :|)

GENDER: Female


HEIGHT: 1.61 cm (I look tall irl promise)

MIDDLE NAME: :))))))) 


  1. Far - Man with a Mission
  2. Kokuhaku - Supercell
  3. Saturday Night Waltz - Aaron Copland
  4. Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine
  5. History Maker - Dean Fujioka
  6. My Dearest - Supercell

(you can kinda see that I’m into anime and sht and I only have Seventeen as the only kpop group I stan)

GRAB THE BOOK NEAREST TO YOU AND TURN TO PAGE 23. WHAT’S LINE 17? “Winston roused himself and sat up straighter. He let out…” -1984; George Orwell

EVER HAD A POEM OR SONG WRITTEN ABOUT YOU? @serriannah has to make me one soon 

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU PLAYED AIR GUITAR? last weekend hahahahahha music is always playing at home soooooo

WHO IS YOUR CELEBRITY CRUSH? I usually don’t have celebrity crushes but just this summer, I earned like 13????? *ehem* S E V E N T E E N *ehem*

WHAT’S A SOUND YOU HATE? LOVE? There’s this voice that kind of sound nasally and kind of eats the words they’re saying and I don’t understand a single this and there’s this voice that is too high pitched that sounds like cats fucking on the roof jesus. On the other hand, I kind of eargasm whenever DK sings fck he sounds so good and when Jihoon does like the little sounds on the background of the main vocals and it matches with everything yeah he’s a genius.  

DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS? HOW ABOUT ALIENS? Idk abt ghosts haha I sometimes doubt their existence. While I do believe in aliens since the universe is so big, the possibility of alien life existence is not zero. 

DO YOU DRIVE? IF SO HAVE YOU EVER CRASHED? No, i don’t drive. I can’t even ride a damn bicycle. 

WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU READ? If it’s a novel, then Origin by Dan Brown (I was broke right after lmao) I love his novels a lot ;w; I have like a collection at home

DO YOU LIKE THE SMELL OF PETROL? Yeah…somehow??? I also like the smell of paint hahaha probably because I do paintings

WHAT WAS THE LAST MOVIE YOU SAW? Dead Poet Society; we watched it for a class and god i cried

WHAT’S THE WORST INJURY YOU’VE EVER HAD? I kind of had head injuries like three times and they were all deep cuts :/ I remember there was a time when I hit my head on a mirror hahahaha

DO YOU HAVE ANY OBSESSIONS RIGHT NOW? Isn’t it pretty obvious now? hahahaha

DO YOU TEND TO HOLD GRUDGES AGAINST PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE YOU WRONG? nope but I don’t forget. I would forgive but never earn my trust ever again 

IN A RELATIONSHIP? ah? You mean with Mr. Lee Jihoon? Then sure 

I’LL TAG: @serriannah @itsjustmewhew @joy-bangtan @woozismonth @woozioppa @lovelycheollie @lunarjihoon @164cm-of-talent @himeaegyo

(i just realized that I have like two mutuals in tumblr and the other one is my roommate so yeah I’m sorry if a stranger like me suddenly tags you ;w;)

I’m starting doodle commissions! They’ll look like what’s in the picture above for style, and should only cost $3-10! All the prices are negotiable, though! This is just supposed to be something fun! Basically you’ll send me a reference of the character(s) you want a doodle page of, then I make one for you with however many doodles you paid for! Just message me if you want to know more, but that’s really all there is to it!


It’s 2:30am and I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow that I really don’t want to go to and doodling is how I cope.

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Hey! Do you guys have any tips, or pages to check out, for someone who has never been drunk but needs to write a scene where their muse is?

I just had a quick look for you - I have also never been drunk, so generally just wing it when my muses are slightly intoxicated! I found the post linked below, which looks quite extensive and covers both dialogue and actions of a drunk person. They have also linked to some external articles on the topic, so I hope that you can find some tips here!

If anyone else has some good sites or write ups on this, feel free to share in the comments.

— mod Louise

TC Playlist

Here are some songs for those TC vibes, feel free to add suggestions:

Don’t Stand So Close to Me– Police

  • Inside her there’s longing,this girl’s an open page book marking, she’s so close now.This girl is half his age.

[Alternately the Glee version that adds ‘Young Girl’ as a mashup is good too]

Art Teacher– Rufus Wainwright

  • There I was in uniform looking at the art teacher I was just a girl then; Never have I loved since then.

Colors– Halsey

  • Everything is grey: his hair, his smoke, his dreams and now he’s so devoid of color he don’t know what it means.

Guys My Age– Hey Violet

  • Guys my age don’t know how to treat me; don’t know how to please me, don’t know how to read me. Guys my age don’t know how to touch me, don’t know how to love me good.

Daddy Issues– The Neighborhood

  • And if you were my little girl I’d do whatever I could do. I’d run away and hide with you, I love that you got daddy issues.

Eyes Closed– Halsey

  • Now if I keep my eyes closed he looks just like you but he’ll never stay, they never do. Now if I keep my eyes closed he feels just like you.  

Off To The Races– Lana Del Rey

  • Light of my life, fire in my loins be a good baby, do what I want. Light of my life, fire in my loins.

[As well as many, many other Lolita references…]

Daydreamin’– Ariana Grande

  • You walked in caught my attention. I’ve never seen a man with so much dimension. It’s the way you walk, the way you talk. The way you make me feel inside.

I Found– Amber Run

  • And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be. Right in front of me, talk some sense to me.