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y'all i had so much fun cosplaying mare barrow. i literally felt like such a kickass princess because i did this in honor of being discharged from the mental hospital (that story is somewhere else on my page)


what i did: half of my face is mareena. the other half is mare. one the mareena side i tried to look cold and dead like a silver hence the cool tone foundation and dark makeup. basically, i did my very best to be silver and even added a silver flush that you can see if you look closely.
on the other side- i made myself look beat up and worn down like mare. i added as much color and damage to my face ask possible. i also attempted some pretty terrible looking lightning scars.


this was so much fun. i hope everyone, including Queen Vic, loves it as much as I did. @vaveyard 🖤🖤🖤

xoxo, iliana 🌹

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May o get a reader x Draco imagine with 16 and 21?

Yes. Totally.

Name: Magic…
Summary: long story short - the reader is dating Malfoy, and they both think that the other one is a muggle, so one day Draco decides to ‘come out’.

You decided to spend a day by a lake, so you are just sitting under a tree, your head resting on his shoulder, as you are looking through the pages of a book.

“What are you reading?” Draco murmurs in your hair, as he pulls the book out of your hands.

“A novel,” you look up, and he softly kisses you, running his fingers through your hair. “You look…  serious. Is something wrong?”

“No, no,” he sighs, then shakes his head. “Close your eyes.”

“Draco, don’t do weird,” you murmur. “Are you going to cut my face off?”

“No… Why would I?” he finally smiles, and you stroke his jawline. “Ok, I may be too tense.”

“You got my eyes closed,” you smile, closing your eyes. Draco strokes your cheek and whispers something under his breath.

“Y/N, I want to show you something. It may scare you, but I am just opening up to you, ok?” you nod quickly, already afraid of what he may do. Your wand was hidden in your bag, but you had no idea how to reach it if Draco decided to do crazy and try to cut you. “Open your eyes,” you slowly open them and look at the flame, jumping in a small jar in front of you. “Y/N, I have magic.”

“You don’t say!” you grin and take your wand out, hearing how Draco sighs, as you accio the blanket and cover your legs.

“That’s insane! You’re insane!” he covers his face with his hands. “You have magic, and you never told me! You are insane!”

“I know. That’t great, isn’t it?” you smile widely. “Two magicians that think they are dating muggles. Now tell me that you are a pureblood,” you nod, honestly trying not to laugh. “And both going against the rule of pure blood. How ironic…”

“Tell me about it…”

“How comes I’ve never heard of you? Or you of me?” asks Draco, stroking your shoulder with his fingertips, as if nothing has changed between you.

“My parents, they left England as soon as Voldemort started getting power… Well, my grandparents moved to the States, so I was raised there. I heard of the Malfoys, but I know you as a Murdock, don’t I?” you both grin - you both were trying to have muggle life, far away from the magic world, away from your true names. “Hilarious.”

“But everything else you told me is true?” you both ask at the same time and smile.

“We are so funny,” you note, and Draco nods.

“Yeah. Hilarious,” you stay quiet for a few minutes. “Y/N?”


“I still love you,” he whispers in your ear, pulling you closer and resting his head on top of yours. You smile and blush, as he takes your hand and strokes the fingers carefully. “No magic will change that.”

“You are romantic, aren’t you?” he giggles, then stays quiet, waiting for your answer. “I love you too, Malfoy… Even though my parents would hate that I am dating a Malfoy.”

“You are dating a Murdock.”

“Yes, I am,” you both laugh, still holding hands. “Imagine your parents’ faces when you tell them how we met?”

“Father will get a heart attack… Mom… Mom too. Nah, they’ll be cool. Hopefully.”

hello!! im looking to draw very visually stunning people for the realism part of my art portfolio, so if you feel like you’re unique looking and you have a face page, please hmu and let me know if you wouldn’t mind me drawing you!!!

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Hi there! I just wanted to say first that I love your page! Seeing all those adorable dogs really makes my day! I was wondering if you or any of your followers know of any good Newfoundland or Bernese Mountain Dog breeders around the Boston area. My mom is turning 50 in a few months and our family dog just passed away due to cancer and we are looking into buying her a new furry friend. Thanks for your help and keep up the fantastic page it really is wonderful.

Thanks 😊 Sorry about your loss.. I’d check Petfinder for any rescues. For puppies, finding a good breeder takes lots of research. If no one has a suggestion for you, I would check with a local breed club or visit a dog show. Rarely will you find a good breeder by googling, or from a flyer/sign. And avoid pet stores!

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Will you publish The Ocean Soul in webtoons or a separate site?

I’m still thinking about how to publish…I want to take my time and make it look really nice without being too stressed out or constrained by deadlines…

So I’m going to try and rely on Patreon and support from readers in order to release the story page-by-page regularly (make a return to Tapastic maybe? Or just create a site for it like you said), and of course, I’ll re-format the pages so that they’re available as episodes on Webtoon.

I do want it to be as accessible as possible!


Once, in the cool blue middle of a lake,
up to my neck in that most precious dement of all,

I found a pale-gray, curled-upwards pigeon feather
floating on the tension of the water

at the very instant when a dragonfly,
like a blue-green iridescent bobby pin,

hovered over it, then lit, and rested.
That’s all.

I mention this in the same way
that I fold the corner of a page

in certain library books,
so that the next reader will know

where to look for the good parts.


Selfcare Ghost says, “Have you eaten recently? If you have, great job! If not, maybe you can try to eat something. Don’t let anyone look down on what you eat to keep your body going. It’s your body, not their body!”

Please reblog Selfcare Ghost, so that we can all remember to take care of ourselves.

What are some other self care tips you think Selfcare Ghost might consider sharing with the world?

If you like Selfcare Ghost, please follow my page, comment to tell me what you think, and share with your friends!

I find an embarrassing old photo of one of my closest friends. i smile and push up my glasses, which glint with an evil twinkle. i take out an ancient looking key i keep on a pure silver necklace around my neck, turn the head of a marble bust in my room, and reveal a hidden passageway. i enter into the vast depths of a personal underground archive that puts the library of congress to shame. i open a file cabinet and shuffle through its whispering pages until i find my friend’s file. silently i slide the photo into the folder, right next to Favorite Memes and Middle School Emo Phase. i close the cabinet and exit, waiting for the perfect opportunity. maybe not today.. but someday

hey fam, guess who! it’s me, sacha. i’m rkrose / rkjuyeon, and my third and final muse is im changkyun. look, i was gonna bring changkyun to rookies back during like, their first comeback, but i ended up killing that idea. but i’ve decided to bite the bullet and bring him. anyways, i have japanese class at like … 2pm and it’s 1:30pm now so, i’ve gotta go soon. information on his page is lacking but i’ll be putting that all up in good, short time.

in the mean time, like this for a short, random charisma starter. love y’all.

Not that innocent

First time writing fanfic on tumblr.

New girl at Riverdale high, looks sweet and innocent. Archie teases her about one night when they are studying at his house and things get steamy….

Archie sat on his bed going over his math book,I laid on the couch in his room, writing the answers I got. I heard Archie sigh, loudly and over dramatic. I looked at him annoyed as he dropped his math book on his bed.  

“Y/N, I’m bored, this is boring.” Archie said, I rolled my eyes.

“That sucks for you Arch.” I muttered as I flipped the page, I looked at him in the corner of my eye, he was on his phone.

“Inviting you over to study, I really meant hang out, not actually study.” Archie rambled, I sighed and shut my books, I swung my legs off the couch putting my books in my bag.

“Okay, let’s hang out, what do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Theirs a few parties, but your too little to go to those.” Archie teased, I jokingly scoffed.

“I, Y/N L/N, am not to little to go to parties” I announced as I stood up walking to Archie’s bed sitting next to him, I saw he was texting Veronica.

“Okay.” Archie joked, I got up on my knees, moved his phone from in front of his face and straddled him. I felt him tense up, and something harden. He dropped his phone on his bed and his hands went to my waist.

“okay.” He breathed out, I wiggled my hips a bit, his hands tightened their grip around my waist. Archie closed his eyes and put his head against his bed frame. I heard a Archie groan. I stopped moving, he opened his eyes and looked at me. I grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulling it over my head and throwing it on the ground. I got off of him and stood on the floor, pulling my leggings off.

“Like what you see?” I asked as I did a twirl. I went back to straddling Archie as I grabbed the hem of his shirt, he leaned forward and helped me take it off.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Archie asked, I nodded and bit my lips. Leaning forward I kissed Archie, he kissed me back with some force. Archie flipped us over, not breaking the kiss.

“I’m gonna be incharge of this.” He whispered as he kissed down my neck, I moaned. I heard Archie taking off his pants, this is actually gonna happen. Archie hooked two fingers in my underwear and he pulled them down.

“Uh, Arch, condom.” I said, he made a duh face and went to his bedside drawer. He opened the condom and pulled his underwear down. I leaned my head back and waited for him. He climbed back on this bed and positioned himself at my entrance. He breathed out before sliding himself inside me. He started out with slow thrusts so I could get used to his side, the thrusts started getting faster, deeper and harder. We were moaning, me more than him. His fingers went down to my clit, moving in small circles. Its almost sent m e over he edge.

“Fuck, Y/N.” Archie breathed out as he started going harder. I moaned. Archie groaned loudly as his thrusts stopped, he finger continued circling my clit, it sent me over the edge. Archie collapsed next to me as he panted.

“That was great.” Archie said, I looked at him and nodded.

Part 2? / follow up

Special Request

Heyloo, my lovelies!  

So, I have a really, really exciting update!  My book series, the one I’ve been working on since I was 13, is FINALLY finished!!!!!

Originally posted by distinguidos

Well, almost.  I still have to send it to my editor, and then there are a few extra things to clean up at the copyright office, but, other than that, it is DONE!

Which is where you come in.  I’m looking for a few people, 5 max, to review the first book before I start the publishing process.  My editor is great at proofreading and error catching (ex. his last name is Smith here, why is it Jones two chapters later?), but she’s just as attached to the story as I am, which might be problematic.  For one, she knows all of my characters’ backstories, so, if I forget to explain something on the page, we might both miss it because that info is already in our heads.  For another, she’s seen how much it’s evolved (read: improved) since I was 13, and I’m afraid that she’ll judge it as “this is good because it’s so much better than your first draft” rather than “this is a good book in general”.  I need some fresh eyes, a sort of test audience, to rate this thing for me as critically and honestly as possible so I know what needs to change.  

If you’re interested, please send me a message or submit to my ask box.  I won’t be sending anything to you for at least two or three months - like I said, I still have a few maintenance things to do - but I wanted to go ahead and get my list of people :) 

Birthday pic.

Firstly,thank you to the Sisterhood for wishing mean awesome birthday. I love you.

So, I had my birthday pic taken on the office Facebook page. I made a silly face and people from the office and my friends loved it. Loved how much fun I was having.

My ex’s mom had to let me know in her own euphemism that it looked stupid :( Sorry if she is jealous about me having fun at work.

I wonder what the assassins would think of me loving life and taking advantage of each moment…

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just saw my english teacher at the restaurant i went to fr dinner n had to look him in the eye and pretend as if i had not in fact procrastinated on the 10 page paper that was due at 9 am this morning to the point where i have written less than 2 paragraphs

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🔥 themes

Send me a “🔥” for an unpopular opinion

A theme shouldn’t obscure all your content. This sounds simple, but honestly the amount of blogs I’ve given up looking at just because I couldn’t see the damn content.

It’s become some weird trend where four fifths of a page is just imagery and then the content is in a tiny box somewhere off to the side, every other word is in a fancy font, I can’t read a thing, I can’t scroll properly, who knows where the reblog button is….just whyyyyy

My general thought is this- if we need to reblog your post to see what’s written in it, you need to simplify your theme. Far be it from me to tell people how to live their lives, everything is just that much easier if we can see your content. We want to see your content. It’s great content. Don’t hide it from us.

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Would you ever consider streaming while you write? I know it's not as conventional with writing, but I wanna see your process and talk to you!

Whoa. I’d never considered streaming, and I don’t know the gosh-darn first step to doing it. I have a pretty weak computer (Acer Chromebook), so I’m not even sure if it would work?

What do you guys think out there? It might be useful to my productivity, knowing people are staring at the page with me. If people want it, I’ll look into it.

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Where can i find the rare special edition of the dbz manga (the one featured in the post in which you point your middle finger to the rude anon lol)? I've been looking at all my local bookstores and even internet and am not having much luck.

That… that was a joke.  The ‘special feature’ was that it had my hand on that page. 

You’ll have to get a regular copy, chop off my hand, and make your own, basically.  That’s… also a joke.  Please don’t try this.  I use that hand all the time.