look at it omg awww

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Can I request a Sora & Riku hug, please? Btw your art is really cute!!

Of course!! Does piggyback/koala hug count? :’D Poor Sora made himself sick loool

Aaa and thank you kind anon!! <333

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Shklance where Shiro and Keith were ignoring Lance who wanted attention because they were busy and they didn't know he was sick so he goes off by himself and curls up by himself with a high fever and Coran finds him and tells Shiro and Keith Lance is looking for them and like guilt/fluff ensues

Awww, omg! Here’s a teeny tiny ficlet. Because I love your account. And you deserve all the shklance in the world.

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And here’s a very late xmas present for @teamalphari who wanted asanoya with Noya loving on Asahi’s hair. Sorry it took me so long! It’s really nice to draw other ships from this anime, I gotta do it more often. x3

it feels like i haven’t posted anything in eons :(

so here’s some Jon and Ed who are looking downcast for some reason.

Also i find myself liking long eyelashes on Jonathan (eddie’s miffed b/c he doesn’t get pretty feathery lashes)

ALSO, Jonathan reminds me of a giraffe. no really! can’t you see the resemblance?? He. Looks. Like. A. Giraffe.

i think it’s those lashes

NOW. back to the work i was supposed to be doing..oh, it nearly 1:30 am. Maybe i should sleep instead. ahh, but i also want to read. But i also want to work… meh, who needs sleep am i right!?

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I really love the way you answer questions and I think you come off as really sweet! I was just curious. What is your favorite entrance look from each season?

awww tysm!!!!! i try to!!!!! and omg sis, i LOVE this question. i will admit i had to go and rewatch every seasons’ entrance reels to refresh my memory.

s1: nina flowers
s2: they all wore such basic, ugly ass mall drag? maybe i’ll go with tati bc i’m BIAS and everyone was gaggt over how fishy she was
s3: raja, ofc!
s4: latrice royale
s5: lenaysha looked bomb af tbh
s6: vivacious or gia lmfao!!! i also really liked milk’s
s7: ok don’t @ me but i really did love fame’s…………..and for a season of fashion, there were some really basic ass lqqks :/
s8: bob’s was such a statement!!! but i loved kim’s too
s9: either shea or peppermint for me