look at it omg awww

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Can I request a Sora & Riku hug, please? Btw your art is really cute!!

Of course!! Does piggyback/koala hug count? :’D Poor Sora made himself sick loool

Aaa and thank you kind anon!! <333


And here’s a very late xmas present for @teamalphari who wanted asanoya with Noya loving on Asahi’s hair. Sorry it took me so long! It’s really nice to draw other ships from this anime, I gotta do it more often. x3

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your hair looked gorgeous in that last set of photos omg

awww thank you! I’m going for more of a lighter mint now but it’s fun to ride all the different shades 

it feels like i haven’t posted anything in eons :(

so here’s some Jon and Ed who are looking downcast for some reason.

Also i find myself liking long eyelashes on Jonathan (eddie’s miffed b/c he doesn’t get pretty feathery lashes)

ALSO, Jonathan reminds me of a giraffe. no really! can’t you see the resemblance?? He. Looks. Like. A. Giraffe.

i think it’s those lashes

NOW. back to the work i was supposed to be doing..oh, it nearly 1:30 am. Maybe i should sleep instead. ahh, but i also want to read. But i also want to work… meh, who needs sleep am i right!?