look at it its beautiful isnt it

markhyuck prince/servant au

mark as a prince and hyuck as his servant and….. this is like headcanons i guess 

this is way too long jesus christ good luck 2 reading </33

- ok so mark would be the most admirable prince ever because he is so hard working and modest and kind and all the girls swoon over him tbh

- hyuck is his like… personal servant kinda?? who always wakes him up and makes him his bed and all so he isn’t like too low in the hierarchy  

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DUDE in the latest eat jin, JIMIN was SO beautiful I actually can't get over it his hair was so soft and he had his legs pulled up in his chair he looked so tiny and perfect and his laugh that makes his eyes get all squinty I actually love him and don't even get me STARTED on jungkook contrasting him sitting with his legs spread out and taking up so much spaced like a total jock WHOM I LOVE they all have such totally different vibes and they're all so lovely I'm so in love help me

Did you know korean armys came up with a new nickname for jimin??? He looked so damn cute and fluffy and soft in that vlive, but because he was wearing this bright orange shirt k-armys just

Isnt this cute ksjfdajdf, its like a tiny orange!!!!!!! And yes i love his laugh, his singing voice is beautiful, his hair looked so fluffy n soft, the way he squint his eyes whenever he starts laughing too much, it all looked so domestic, also the way he had his legs pulled up in his chair made him look so tiny n cute, i love him

And jeongguk was completely the opposite LMFAO, he looked so broad with his legs spread open like that, please, this child. I love them too, you’re in too deep my friend, it’s ok, don’t worry

ok so imagine: taako coming back from wonderland, all the effects from the sacrifices permanent forever. whenever hes around other people he burns through spell slots casting disguise self to make him look like he used to; sometimes even when hes alone, just because. one day hes with krav and maybe he runs out of spell slots or just doesnt notice the spell running out and kravitz gets this look on his face of like, slight shock, then a mixture of confusion and concern and taako is like “oh shit. uh i gotta go actually im late for… hair..cut? i left my oven on… im. bleeding internally anywaygoodtoseeyoubye!”

and kravitz is like “woah hang on a sec” and he kinda pieces together what happened because taako is reluctant to tell the whole story and also hes pulled his hat over his head and face and is saying “everythings fine. this is totally normal ive always worn my hat like this, havent you noticed? its kinda my trademark look.”

kravitz tells him that he didnt fall in love with taako because of his beauty, he fell in love with him because he was charming and funny, because theres no one else like him anywhere. and he tells him that his worth isnt determined by his looks, and “taako, youre beautiful because youre you, and that will never change” and he reminds him that half the time hes an undead skeleton man with no facial features and that hes lucky to be with taako. they hug and taako lifts his hat back up so he can kiss that wonderful undead skeleton man

i love how camren shippers basically stole the moon like i was sitting outside last night and i was looking at the moon and i was thinking wow camren looks beautiful tonight then i whispered out loud “i can feel my gay growing stronger by the millisecond” this fandom has ruined me like the moon isnt the moon anymore its just a big ball of gay.

hi if you support tribetale and see nothing wrong with it, you are supporting both racism and pedophilia. frisk is canonically a child who is being shipped with sans in this au, who is obviously an adult. (and even if frisk is “aged up” ….. the artist sure didnt put enough effort into making them look it!)

and apparently people are saying “it cant be racist! its beautiful!” yknow…… they still put frisk in a headdress. they are traditionally worn by male leaders of the American Plains Indians Nations who have earned a place of great respect in their tribe.

oh.. and before you go spouting “fiction isnt reality!”, consuming media like this only makes you normalize racist and pedophilic behaviour by conditioning yourself to like it.

supporters fuck off and check your logic.



ID doc´s  year in life


Christmas is almost here and I can´t believe that it´s gonna be a year since I started…doctoring. AND WHAT A YEAR. I feel like i learnt a lot but also like I still have even more learning to do.

There is a lot of u here, still don´t get how this rant-filled blog has so many followers but I am glad it has. I am glad there are folks out there caring about my every day bs (and some of u even follow me on twitter! what a ride that has to be.)

Well anyway, I feel like i haven´t posted anything of value in a while. So for the first time in a long frickin time i sat down with my computer, opened a bag of extra cheesy nachos and started to write down some ideas.

In this first post (out of few i guess) I wanna write u down some of the ideas/schemes which worked for me about how to handle your time as a first year doc. As u can see I won´t be using the term intern. Where I am from …u r not really an intern. U are a full fledged doc who still needs some supervision but also sometimes when somebody professionally younger ends up with you….sometimes I am the “attending”. Doesn´t happen often but it does happen sometimes. So if u are from similar backround, or even if u r not…I hope this is gonna be helpful…or something.

  1. Plan your year

What? A year? YOU MUST BE CRAY.

No actually it´s pretty neat so just hear me out. Have some sort of plan/planner. I use my iphone calendar which can sync with my computer´s and I use a paper planner too…bc I am oldschool. 

There are occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, work stuff like a conferences and tests and certificates to take which has to be planned super ahead. Making a rough outlook of your next year wont hurt. Setting up a reminder for your boyfriends bday a month ahead so u can research the perfect gift? I mean common…that can be neat. Reminding u the next dentist or gyno visit…..The last possible day to pay for that conference….SET UP SOME REMINDERS. Made my life so much easier.

2. Plan your month

Girl u gotta set up those period reminders. Getting stuck in a all nighter without pad or a tampon and  have to ask the nurse to bring u some from the supplies u have for patients….not pretty…and those pads and AWFUL. Nothing worse that handling your shift well just to realize your panties are like something from a murder scene. 

Totally kills the vibe.

Also it´s good to know when do u have shifts. Mark the dates. Do meal prep before a shift and a “cool down” activity after a shift. I usually go out to see a movie or just plan a fun night with my bf and a bottle of wine watching Gilmore girls. It will make u something to look forward to as u get up at 4:00 in the frickin morning for otherwise healthy young man who had one watery stool and vomited once…and u bet your ass he called himself an ambulance. OH the rage.

If u have some holiday that month…do so! Sleep in, cook food, chill out…self care folks. Planning is caring.

3. Plan your week

I usually play my week around three or four main activities. Firstly work, second my free tme, my chill time and my beauty time. I´ll talk about work later.

My free time is all about friends, family and my boyfriend. I make sure I stay connected with people I care about even only when I send the poo emoticon to my brother. I call with my mom. I do some reding for work, I check up with finances, I check up what´s needed at home. I make plans to cook/buy/clean up. If not on paper at least in my head. I do yoga.

I CANNOT recommend a more useful app as Wunderlist. If u like lists and u have a partner with who u share a flat THIS IS THE SHIT. It makes u share lists and u can see if he or she checks the boxes as DONE. Makes doing house-work and buying stuff way more easier. And fun.

My chill time is about winding down. I don´t usually do a lot of moving during my chill time. I either just watch netflix or read a book or scroll on tumblr or play new Dishonored. I just chill and I dont care if there are dirty dishes or if my core isnt tight enough.

Beauty time is all about the pampering. Working at the hospital is gonna take a lot. Not just the stress and long hours - but also the overheated rooms during winter when the ganitors run the central heating UP TO MAX SOLAR LEVEL BURN BURN EVERYONE BURN. Your hair suffers and your skin suffers and its all dry and kinda unhealthy looking and there are weird spots and veins….I take long baths, I do face masks and hair masks and essential oils. At least once a week there is a section which is all about that bod. Your body is your temple. And u wouldn´t want your temple to be dry gray depressing wasteland would u. Take care of that bod. There are few essentials, when it comes to these things- I use/bring to wards everyday but about that some other time.

I usually plan one or two fun activities each week. Might seem like that´s not enough but When I come at home at four, it already dark outside, and its six below zero…there isnt much will left in me to even do stuff, not talking about going outside! that´s cray! So that leaves weekends. I plan meetups with friends, trips to the cinema, getting to know the city (bc we moved). Anything really. Something to look forward during your work hours. Unless you work weekend in which case everything sucks and nothing can save you.

4. Plan out your day

Oh boy. I use to plan a day  into two big sections. Firstly work, secondly the rest.

I have to be at work before 7:00 and I should know at 7:00 if shit went down with my patients. It usually means sitting behind a computer, eating my breakfast, slurping strong coffee and reading my colleagues notes about the night shift.

Then I make small notes about my patients like
“Miss X will have CT today, need to call the tech and tell him…..”


“Mr. Y doesn´t like his diet…gotta talk with the diet nurse and come up with something..”

Stuff like that. Stuff actual FOR THAT DAY. 

If u are freshly out of school and suddenly u work at a hospital…the whole process can and probably will take some time to getting use to. You will have to make up a system which works for u -  from how to best manage patient, who u can turn when u need a surgeon´s opinion when the the surgeon on call is a total asshole. Which therapist is the best and actually helps people. Where u can score some free pens ? Stuff like that.

For me the hardest thing was how to most effeciantly do rounds. I often have 8-10patients. SOmetines when I am all alone on the floor I have 20patients. And they can be all very difficult cases. And nobody is there to help me.

So I usually start - first the acutely worsening - septic, old folks which cardiac problems, suspected PE etc….there is A LOT that can happen in ID department. If there isn´t anyone actively dying on me I usually start with new admits. They normally take the most time.

I check their papers, their vitals, their main complains and after I go check on the physically. Then I come back and write my notes, order tests etc. When that is all done I check out if any new results came in.

!!I always write notes into my patient´s papers about which results we are still waiting for.

Again, if nobody is actively dying, around twelve I go to have a lunch. I eat regularly. Bc, once again guys. Self-care. The department won´t crumble after you leave for 20-40minutes for your legally required brake. Also running a floor…its a team effort.

And thats why I have to make  a correction here…

The first thing I actually do when I come in in the morning, I ask the nurse: Who do I need to see first. Bc nurses are your eyes and ears and hands.

After lunch I write down plans for my patients, something like :need another chest xray and if clear will go home the day after tomorrow…etc. In that case u always know who and when u wanna discharge somebody.

Also I write discharge papers…I try to write a bit every day of their hospitalization…but i am gonna be honest…sometimes I am just too frickin lazy.

And then its 5minutes before the end of my work day. And that´s that.

When it comes to most of my notes in my planner about my post-work activities….I usually have writing down stuff like - V cooks dinner, dishes are on me this time, gotta start christmas decorations. Gotta buy a christmas tree! Write down all the food I wanna cook on christmas…look up recepies and ….

U get the idea.

I was never a big planner. I kinda swam tru my life plan-free. Stuff happened and I managed. But once I started working as a doc I realize there IS A LOT I have to keep up with - work and home and friends and LIFE. It cannot be all work and no fun.

  • Harry, at some point probably: Ginny Weasley??? Isn't she so wonderful! She's so beautiful and good at Quidditch and— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of Ginny spill out of jacket] Look! Look at her, my beautiful wife isnt she the best [gathering them up frantically, pushing then in your face] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Ginny scatter across the floor] shit fuck shes just the best person I know and she makes me so happy just listen!!

Stop romanticising mental illnesses or disorders because there is nothing nice bout them
Depression isnt a sad girl crying nd a boy hugging her and staying he will love her forever , its a girl crying or not even crying , not even feeling anything and just wishing she would die .
Bulimia isnt a pretty girl with long her vomiting over the toilet and a boy holding her hair saying he love her no matter what and tucking her to bed
Its bending over the toilet with bloodshot eyes , fingers down her throughts and an empty stomach .
Self harm isnt a girl with cuts and a boy telling her that her cuts look beautiful nd kissing thm .
Its holding a razor at night and cutting your skin with bloody hands and wishing to get the courage to evenpress it further so u would end it all .its a burden that u alays carry around ith u.uts having friends running away from u and looking at u like ur from another planet .
Bipolar disorder int being just happy because you got a new phone or sad because you got a b on a test .
Its madness , its feeling suicidal for months and feeling high for others .
And there is much more than that


I download a brush and its exactly what ive been looking for for months I feel like i can do digital art again FINALLY
i got thinking about les mis modern au since I received the modern au fanbook by @prema-ja today (its so beautiful i love it !!) and decided to draw grantaire as a parisian artist TM : D
Im posting from my phone because my internet isnt working atm idk if it’ll work…

give me an au where lance and shiro are in a band and they meet keith who plays violin and they try to get him to join the band cause hes s o good and keith goes “a violin isnt a band instrument, its for orchestra. i cant be in a band”

and lance looks him dead in the eye and says “not with that attitude

Jikook Love

Jimin and Jungkook decided to leave the group in the hotel for a while and go to the beach. Their hotel not too far away,so they walked. Upon arriving, Jimin brought up a blanket and laid it down the sand as they both lay down.

“The stars are beautiful isnt it…” Jimin stated making Jungkook look at him “Not as beautiful as you my love…"  Jimin blushed at this and sighs. It was a few moment later when Jimin sat up and looked at the sea,even though its dark,he can see the shining water far away from the shore. "kookie..” He started and Jungkook hummed at this to know he is listening “have u ever wonder…what is beyond that sea?” Jimin asked,looking intently at the sea “have u ever wondered, what will happen before you die?"  He asked this time making Jungkook sit up and look at him alarmed "n…no j..jimin why are u saying this?” He asked a bit scared but Jimin keeps looking at the sea “Is death as calm as the sea..?"  Jimin started and before Jungkook can answer Jimin spoke again "is it true that before you die…a part of your life flashes before your eyes…?"  he said with a lost look in his eyes making Jungkook hug him "baby please..please dont say that..” he said scared.

It was after a few hours when Jungkook started feeling thirsty “baby…ill just buy us a drink ok? its a 24 hr store anyway” He said and jimin nodded. Jungkook then stood up and went to the store looking for drinks. Meanwhile,Jimin stood up and walk to the sea. He didnt stop walking until the water reaches his neck.

“Why is death..so calm..”

The water had reached Jimin’s lips

“is it suppose to be this peaceful?”

The water had reached his nose,his eyes closing. It was the time when Jungkook came out of the store and worries as to why jimin is nowhere to be seen


Jungkook used his phone’s flashlight and starts runningto the sea. Looking frankly around for Jimin. It was when the water had reached Jimin’s eyes.


Jungkook saw Jimin and tries to walk faster to him. It was when the water had reached jimin’s hair,his whole body in under water


Jungkook had almost reached Jimin. Jimin on the other hand,his breathing stop and started falling underwater. Jungkook then dive in to save him. He picked Jimin up from the sea floor and swims back to the shore.

He was panting when he reached the shore and placed Jimin down. Tears escaping from his eyes as he does CPR “come on baby..wake up..dont leave me.. please” He keeps doing CPR until Jimin started coughing out the water, breathing heavily. Jungkook sighed in relief when Jimin opened his eyes. “never do that again!!” Jungkook said and hugged Jimin while crying “k..kookie..” Jimin said hugging him back “hyung…please..i fucking love you dont ever scare me that way again” He said making Jimin nod muttering his sorry. It was after a few moments of silence when Jimin talked again “you know who i saw before i died..” He asked making Jungkook look at him “who…” … “it was you… you were the last person i ever saw before i even died” he said making Jungkook frown “how..” Jungkook asked confused. “when the water reached my neck, i started counting down"  he said and Jungkook nodded "do u wanna know what it is?” Jimin asked and Jungkook nodded once more

“10…it was your smile,so bright, so real”

Jungkook stayed silent when Jimin started.

“9… your laugh..its mesmerizing”

Jimin said smiling lightly

“8… your eyes, its allluring..so deep and full of passion”

“7… your nose, they said its big but for me, its perfect..you are perfect”

“6…your voice, its a lullaby in my ears, the way you sing so full of emotions”

Tears started falling in Jungkook eyes

“5…your dancing, so full of power and so full of feelings”

“4… your hands, its nice on how it fits so perfectly in mine,with your big muscular hand while mine is small”

Jungkook then held Jimin’s hand and kissed it

“3…your hugs, i felt it..it was so warm, so full of protection”

“2…your kisses,those perfect lips that are attached in my own, its when i forget the world..”

“whats the last one…” Jungkook asked still holding Jimins hand and kissed his forehead

“1…your I LOVE YOU.. the way you say it, the way you prove it and the way you make me feel like im the only one in your world..that im your true love”

Jungkook shed some tears at this and kissed Jimin fully on the lips, Jimin kissed him back with full content,sighing in happiness

“You are my true love too my love… always been you”

Jungkook said and Jimin cant help but believe his words, hoping that they can overcome any challenges.

Isnt it perfect, how true love works? that even at their near death, its their lover is who they think of..

True Love is not something you can just find in the street,you must wait and be patient ,for they are the one who will come to you

Believe it or not, These two busan boys, never met each other,until the fateful day in the BigHit entertainment, is this what they call…true love or just plain..destiny?


Heads up black americans

Black People from Caribbean countries also get told we have no culture, because whether you’re from french caribbean, spanish caribbean , dutch caribbean or the english caribbean countries your culture is viewed as a immitation of a great more prominent culture. Your culture is hardly viewed as an independent culture of its own. “Its not really a culture you created yourself, its really british/spanish/french culture.” 

Black People from the caribbean don’t know where in Africa we from either. We are not more knowledgeable or more conscious than you. Alot of us went through or is still going through that phase where we distance ourselves from anything african. Some of us will die not accepting our ancestry because anti-blackness & anti-africanness is world wide. Try telling a Jamaican, Bahamian or Guyanese etc their african and watch them freak out…” Mi nuh one of ‘em”

Black people from the caribbean go through “melting pot” bullshit, yep. The caribbean is a lot more diverse than the media lets on. The caribbean has a quite sizeable chinese, white, latino (i know its inclusive of alot of ethicities) and indian population, with a small indigenious population also. So black people who are noticibly mixed with any of these races think their a black of a better quality.Trying to find a Miss Jamaican/bahamas/trinidad/barbados etc who isnt mixed is a challenege, because that still considerated the height of beauty. Becuase even though black people makeup the majority of the caribbean, blackness is still hated and looked down upon. White people who stayed behind after slavery still have the most money, they make up like less than 10% of the caribbean and they have 90% of the wealth. 

Black people from the caribbean also go through colorism. The lighter the skin the more you are considered beautiful, inteligent, wealthy and capable being in charge. Yes the majority is dark or medium toned skilled but being “high yellow” or “brown” is still what many strive for; i know you’ve heard the songs about it. People will mixed up batches of dangerous chemicals that consist of hair perm (lye) & actual bleach to lighten their skin. 

Black people from the caribbean have different accents/dialects and these accents are actually hated. We don’t all speak the quasi-jamaican rambles that you’ve seen portrayed on tv and in movies. If you’ve been there long enough you can actually hear the differences in how we speak. These accents are looked down upon and considered low class, when i came to america my mom begged we to pick up the accent because it sounded more ‘proper’ even the AAVE. When i got to go to an american school everyone who didnt make fun of me for speaking jamaican actually thought my accent sounded cool which is something i wasnt used to. “I chat bad,” was ingrained in me. Alot of us don’t even speak a variation of english. Completely different languages are spoken in the non-english speaking countries. 

We hate each other:
Though we for the most part are all black people who went through relatively the same struggles of colonialism, slavery, labour riots, racism, lack of representation in politics, we cant agree for nothing. Most of the caribbean can’t stand jamaicans or atleast have a negavity view of jamaicans “ too violent, too loud, too proud.” Barbadian and Jamaicans hate each other. People from the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas think they’re better than everybody. Everybody and they mama look down on haitians. etc, its a whole mess and we practically the same people with the same history. Its all dumb as fuck. West indians are so hard headed. 

We contributed to african american culture: Yeah, either directly as immigrants or indirectly through the media. yeah alot the afroecntric movement of the 60s and of the 90s was from caribbean influences. I aint even gone talk about Bob Marley’s contribution, its been said. If you look in the wikipedia of alot of legendary African American actors, musicians and celebrities alike you’ll see that either they immigrated or their parents immigranted from the caribbean. We actually go through alot of the same issues you go through regarding race. I like to think we’re “central americans”, kinda too american for non americans but not enough for actual americans. 

just some headcanons about our fave raven gang

  • they go grocery shopping and adam and blue sit in the carts while gansey and ronan push them. it’s definitely a race and more often than not ronan wins because he gives up running and just like kICK S the cart as hard as he can and adam rolls his way to victory
  • ronan starts wearing pink? WHO REALLY KNOWS WHY?? probably because of blue and adam tbh but like no one actually knows why and everyone just kind of is confused and meanwhile hes there with his bright pink hat or light pink shirt and hes all fucking dangerous and adam just grins and kisses him on the cheek “you look good” ronan wants to maul him anyway
  • blue and piggyback rides? she is always on henry or ganseys back. she also occasionally wears ronan’s pink cap
  • henry is a vlogger lmao and oddly its ronan who teams up with him sometimes (because he doesnt like actually being in it) and when ronan steals the camera its all “dicK WHERE’D YOU PUT THE FRIDGE” or “thats adam look hes the worst person” *turns the camera off* “just kidding babe you know i love you”
  • when henry vlogs its obviously the most aesthetic thing in the world like he does all these beautiful shots and says all these lovely things
  • maybe one time adam took it and was taping ronan and ronan tried to get it back and maybe they ended up tumbling around and maybe fucking and maybe theres an accidental sex tape
  • gansey with the camera is awful its all “isnt adam the most beautiful thing youve ever seen” or “ronan no dont put my journal on the fan. RONAN NO!” or “blue you beautiful lovely little mouse” or “henry you prince you god, you-” then ronan in the back “GANSEY SHUT UP”
  • MUSIC FESTIVALS. ronan convinces them all to go to his music festivals that he loves and he even lets blue dress him up and put a flower crown on him and she puts on on her head too. they hold hands and blue is often on his back and everyone who sees them thinks theyre dating until ronan grabs adam by his collar and pulls him in for a kiss
  • gansey and henry and blue all hold hands. gansey and henry constantly make out. blue and henry and blue and gansey i love my polygamous children
ronan ‘oh my god im so in love with adam parrish what is happening to me’ lynch
  • idc what u say ronan honestly gets BUTTERFLIES IN HIS STOMACH every time adam enters the room
  • yes its true u heard it here folks; stubborn tough angry ronan lynch gets Butterflies from sweet charming studious adam parrish
  • and when adam talks to him and lets his henrietta accent slip in ????? oh shit Oh McFreakin Shit thats the end of ronan lynch rest in pieces
  • sometimes it’ll just be him and adam at monmouth or st. agnes when everyone else is who knows where, and it’ll be all normal and casual for adam but ronan’s heart is thumping out of his chest and his hands are shaking and oh my god what is happening to me
  • ronan is probably the first person to tell adam he loves him. i dont care if its before or after they get together, in a seemingly platonic way or known romantic way, but its happening
  • like, adam knows his friends love him, know they’d die for him, of course, but ronan is the first person to actually vocalize all these things to him. he tells him how loved and important he is and oh god, adam, please dont die, for me i wouldn’t survive without you, i’ve loved you for ages, please adam—
  • give me desperate and vulnerable ronan lynch who’s aching all over and pours his heart out to adam, can barely even look him in the eye because he loves him so much it Hurts
  • u wanna know why ronan isnt doing so well in his classes ??? huh ?? u wanna Know ??? ? i’ll tell u why its because he spends every damn class period staring. at. adam’s. hands.
  • “ronan did u memorize the latin vocab?”
  • hell fuckin no he did not he memorized the shape of adam parrish’s hands thats what he did
  • adam writing/taking notes is its own pure form of art ok trust me on this 100% ronan lynch approved
  • ronan’s life motto: ‘talk shit (about adam parrish), get hit (by me)’
  • ok but really
  • ronan honestly loves adam so much adam’s like some sort of beacon to him, some sort of hope and happiness and light and everything about him makes ronan believe in religion as long as that religion includes adam parrish
  • ronan would follow adam into the deepest pits of hell he’d do anything for him if adam even gave the slightest notion of wanting something
  • he dreams him stuff he needs all the time but w/out adam knowing?? like if he notices adam broke his pencil in class by accident, guess which aglionby student with a henrietta accent has a new pack of pencils in his bag the next day
  • even the smallest things tho ??? like razor blades or new shoelaces. ronan is the Official™ provider of Things That Make Adam’s Life Less Difficult Than It Already is
  • i bet ronan lies awake in his bed at night wondering if a boy like adam parrish could ever love him back
  • i bet he can’t even think about adam going away for college and leaving him behind, not seeing him everyday or getting him to laugh and do stupid things with him 
  • :( what a fuckin nerd
  • ronan is such a Mean Tough Guy until he’s around adam and then he turns into Soft Needy Puppy
  • disgusting. filth
    !!!!!!!!!!! EN D ME!
  • ok listen. i dont know how when or why but sometimes ronan just gets really affectionate and lowkey clingy and will just get a sharp dose of nostalgia when he sees adam in the kitchen or something and be like ‘how did i get so lucky’
  • and he’ll go up to adam from the side (never behind, he doesnt want to make adam jump or flinch) and gently wind his arms around adam’s waist and bury his face in adam’s neck
  • and adam’s hands will come up to ronans back and they’ll just stand there holding each other like the gross ass nerds they are
  • before they get together ronan PINES. and i mean like, hard.
  • ronan will be bouncing his knee or some shit and adam will put his hand on his knee to get ronan to stop and ronan literally just freezes. 
  • but also :(( sometimes ronan will pull back because he doesnt want to overwhelm adam
  • like, adam will grab his shoulder or something to get his attention and ronan will pull away as if he’s been burned and oh god he doesnt think these things through, does he, because he’d do anything not to see that look of rejection and confusion on adam’s face, and all he wants to do is jump on him and kiss him but he cant
  • ronan worships every little thing about adam. all of his quirks and habits, his likes and dislikes. ronan knows everything just by listening to adam and observing him
  • he knows adam can fend for himself and doesnt need to be protected but there will always be some small part of him that will go to any lengths to keep him from ever getting hurt and keeping him out of danger
  • ronan always has to make sure adam is okay. always. if they’re leaving cabeswater or something and they’re all walking back to the pig to drive home, and adam is looking particularly worn out and distressed, ronan will discreetly walk up to him and just be like ‘u ok parrish?’ and its not until adam gives him a teeny tiny smile and nods that ronan is satisfied
  • everything adam does is just amazing to ronan. every little thing. so precious and heartwarming and it makes him so dizzy because how can he be this in love 
  • and how can someone so radiant love a mess like him
  • but he does, and thats all that matters

Stan Twins + Touching

Not included; the actual fight after they actually hold hands like, that legit happened in canon omfg

Christmas Prompts!

These prompts aren’t mine, i found them online and credits to this person that created this list! Go check them out and give them a follow.

Just send me a number from the dialogue or from the situations (remember to put if its from the dialogue or situations so i wont get confused) and character of your choice and I’ll write it! Feel free to send in your own prompt, too!


  1. “Is that a mistletoe?”
  2. “Who keeps hanging all this damn mistletoe everywhere?”
  3. “It’s too cold!”
  4. “Ho ho ho, bitches.”
  5. “No, no no, get away from those presents!”
  6. “Merry Christmas to all and to all-wait not you, I don’t like you.”
  7. “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you!”
  8. “SURPRISE! I’m your present!”
  9. “None of these Christmas lights work.”
  10. “I didn’t expect you, of all people, to be this excited about Christmas.”
  11. “No, you can’t be Virgin Mary for the Nativity Scene.
  12. “You can’t put alcohol in hot chocolate!”
  13. “Why is there a reindeer on my front lawn?”
  14. “Kids, it’s time you knew something.” “You can’t tell them Santa’s not real!” “I wasn’t going to…but you just did.”
  15. “I knitted you a sweater!”
  17. “Thanks for lending me your jacket.”
  18. “If you throw that snowball, that means war”
  19. “That tree is not going to fit…” “I knew it wouldn’t fit.”
  20. “Baby, it’s cold outside.”
  21. “I love ugly Christmas Sweaters.” “Well, I don’t. Why’d you make me wear one too?”
  22. “Ya know, this Christmas cookie frosting would taste a hundred times better on you.”
  23. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” “NO MORE FROZEN!”
  24. “Wrapping presents is like impossible!!”
  25. “But it’s Christmas…you’re supposed to be here with me.”
  28. “Look, It’s snowing!!” 


  1. Ice skating
  2. Snowball Fight
  3. Snowing
  4. Christmas Party
  5. Sweaters
  6. Christmas Caroling
  7. Snowed In
  8. Christmas Shopping
  9. Decorating the Tree
  10. Christmas Morning
  11. Christmas Eve
  12. Visiting Santa at the Mall
  13. Tree Shopping
  14. Writing Letters to Santa
  15. Christmas Music/Movies AU
  16. Decorating for Christmas
  17. Getting Stuck Under the Mistletoe
  18. Christmas w/ Kids
  19. Sledding
  20. Building a Snowman
  21. Secret Santa
  22. Baking Christmas Goods
  23. Exchanging Gifts
  24. Gingerbread Houses
Ive always admired people who had pretty eyes. I never really thought much about brown until I saw yours. Ive never seen eyes so full of color. You were standing there and your coffee colored eyes meet mine, Im sorry I couldnt look away. looking into your eyes gave me a rush of admiration. you know when you see an amazing art piece and you think its beautiful but beautiful isnt even enough of a word to describe it? I wish I could tell you, and  I apologize because there just arent enough words in the English language to describe how much personality I saw in your smiling eyes.
—  S.M // Your eyes

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i raise to you drunk!jeremy coming back to the dorm to a confused jean:

  • ok so they room together, sorry i don’t make the rules alvarez does
  • one night jeremy goes out with the girls, and jean pretends he’s too tired to go out and would rather have an early night
  • actually he knows that jeremy hasn’t been feeling great lately and he wants to let him have a night w his bffs without having to worry about jean
  • all’s good
  • its 3 am now and someone is banging at their dorm room
  • jean wakes up and curses in a way that would make neil blush, swearing to god that he is going to kill jeremy
  • he still opens the door in a heartbeat tho, because its cold in the hallway
  • and in the doorway is stanging sweet baby jeremy, clearly still inibriated, with half closed eyes and a lazy smile, leaning against the wall
  • suddenly the smile turns into a grin
  • “JEAN!,” he shouts, before almost falling on him, embarrassingly but neither of them finds it embarassing because one is whipped and the other is drunk
  • they’re so gross where is this going
  • after a second of silence and jeremy finding his balance
  • this bagel of a team captain starts touching jean’s face, his cheekbones and the light freckles that he embarrassingly knows the exact place of
  • with feather light fingers
  • he starts whispering shit like ‘jean you’re so pretty’ ‘youre like a smol wonderful bean who doesnt know how beautiful he is’ and sighing dramatically
  • he is still very drunk and kinda leaning on jean
  • jean!!!! doesnt know what to do!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • he bits his cheeks not to smile but at the same time hes clearly terrified
  • so he drags jeremy in and closes the door (its really cold)
  • jeremy just keeps saying his name and looking at him this is scary
  • and then jeremy : “you’re so beautiful” and *goes to kiss him*
  • jean gets all tense because hes so scared and!!! jeremy is drunk its not okay its just weird and he’s definitely thought about it before but he doesnt want ther first kiss if there is ever one to be like that
  • he’s pretty sure jeremy wont even remember it tomorrow
  • so he very slightly pushes jeremy off him
  • and it doesnt take more than a touch for jeremy to realize that jean isnt okay w this and he immediately stops and looks at jean
  • who’s looking all weird
  • cue jeremy freaking the fuck out, wanting to kill himself for what he just did, he never meant to force himself on jean or anything he is so disgusted by himself like he wants to tear off his skin he thought he would never do something like that so he whispers ‘im so sorry’
  • runs off to the bathroom
  • forces himself to throw up to get the alcohol out, takes a long shower, tries to get his ideas straight (pun intended)
  • by the time he gets out its like 45 mins later and he’s still nauseous and feeling weird but not really drunk anymore
  • but! jean is waiting for him!
  • *****huge silence*****
  • until they blurt out at the same time : “i’m so sorry okay i jufbekzgbkezjbjzfbjs” (gay gibberish)
  • then they go to sleep
  • jeremy feels awful for days literally he feels so bad for kissing jean without explicit consent he thinks about switching rooms bc he doesnt want to force jean to have to room w him after what he did
  • jean is sad bc lol ………. 1) jeremy is going to think that jean doesnt want him WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE and 2) jeremy probs was just horny and drunk and if he ever wanted anything from jean it was apparently just sex
  • it takes a team meeting (without the both of them obvsly)
  • and an intervention from alvarez w a few insults
  • but
  • the next time they go out,, there is making out invoved and it sure as hell aint straight if u get me
  • fin