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"So I made a porno, so what? Everyone is making them these days." (Scriddler because I couldn't help but imagine Ed)

Edward Nygma would and you know it lmao x

“So I made a porno, so what? Everyone is making them these days.”

Edwards’ tone was flooded with embarrassment as he watched his younger self roll around a luxury bed with his two old partners. The small television and its built-in DVD player had been set up for him coming home and the feral grin which graced Jonathans’ face when he answered the door had been enough to set his teeth on edge until the grand reveal.

He could not believe that Jonathan had found his porno.

“So…” Jonathan prompted, his sadistic joy at having found such a precious gem of potential shame had made his day and he was fully looking forward to exploiting it. As soon as he had noticed the blank DVD which was simply marked with the word “Eddie’s” in lurid green marker he had known what it was. 

Understanding that he could not lie his way out of this one, Edward confessed all.

“It was Query and Echos’ idea. It must have been about,” glancing at the screen again, he attempted to discern his age based on his hair style and the clothing which was dotted around the room, “ten years ago and they convinced me that it would be something fun to remember us by when we were separated by Arkham or Blackgate. They both also possess a copy.”

“And that does not concern you?” Jonathan was surprised with the lackadaisical attitude Edward was demonstrating. “They could use it as blackmail material?”

“I would be disappointed if that idea had never occurred to them,” Edward smiled fondly, “but my girls are too loyal to try that. Plus they would not like to get on your bad side and this would be a very concise way of achieving that.”

Pausing the DVD just as a very exposed shot of his ass was present on the screen, Edward rolled his eyes at it and turned to Jonathan again.

“How did you even discover it?”

“Even a genius like yourself, Edward, is still a man at the end of the day.” Jonathan accused as he smirked. “It was in that cardboard box which you have hidden at the bottom of your closet along with a host of other vintage pornography and assorted filth.”

“The wording there implies that, as a man, you also possess a box. Do you?”

“Of course.”

“Can I have a rifle through it? Do you have any questionable DVD’s featuring yourself in there?” Edward teased, smiling as Jonathan twisted his face in denial. “But I suppose in your case it is much more likely to be on a VHS or possibly a film reel?”

“Was that a dig at my age? This is your crucifixion, not mine, so as the kids would say, ‘take your lumps’, Edward.” 

Unpausing the movie, Jonathan scolded him lightly.

“We could make our own,” knowing how Jonathans’ mind worked, Edward quickly settled on seduction as being his method of escaping this embarrassment, “you, me and a HD camera set up on a tripod. Hell, i’ll even steal or build one of those IMAX cameras if it takes your fancy.”

Splitting his gaze between the thrusting Edward on the screen and the flustered Edward to his side, Jonathan shook his head as he grinned.

“We both know that I do not show up on film, Edward. You will not escape this.”

Crossing his arms petulantly, Edward faked a scowl as Jonathan started to laugh and the deep-bellied nature of it was so genuine that Edward supposed he could maybe allow him this one thing.


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Could you please write a Joker x Reader with him doing the reader's makeup (something simple like the teardrop under his eye) before their first show? Also the reader's really nervous about performing so Joker gives them a pep talk to help them feel better? Thanks so much if you do. ^_^

Aaaaaaa, soc cute!!!! Joker is one of the best boys <3

The sound of your love’s soft humming is the only thing that fills the tent as the two of you prepare for your first show together. Along with his light touches as he applies an uncomplicated design of cosmetic to your face, it should put you at ease. But you’re far from relaxed and ready. Even with Joker being so cheerful and positive, you feel like you’re just going to jump out of your own skin. How is he so calm…?

He seems to notice your silent anxiety, because he abruptly pauses in his work. “Darlin’?” he speaks up, lowering the brush. “’Re y’ alrigh’ there? Y’re wound up pretty tight.”

“I’m… I’m okay…” Your eyes drift off to the edge of the tent, able to see everyone rushing around through the smallest slit between the flaps. “… There are so many people out there…”

“Hm–? Ah, yeah!” That smile of his manages to be so optimistic just like the rest of him. It doesn’t even seem like he fully catches on to what’s bothering you, despite the fact that he’s obviously trying to understand. “Been a while since we’ve had a crowd this big! Betcha they’re all here jus’ t’ see yer debut!”

You shift around in your seat, and after a moment of thought, reach up to rub away the work he’s already done. Might as well make it so he doesn’t have to finish. “Joker, I… I can’t do this.”

“Ah, darlin’–! Wha’d y’ go ‘n’ do tha’ for? Now I gotta start all over!” He’s still smiling as he reaches to dip the brush and redo the design he’d started. It seems like he didn’t even hear you until he speaks up a minute into his painting. “Wha’s th’ matter? Don’t tell me y’ suddenly come down wit’ stage fright. Y’ve done all this in front o’ th’ rest’a th’ circus wit’ no problem.”

“That’s different,” you murmur. At the very least, you’re sitting still instead of squirming and making it difficult for him. “They’re my friends. They wouldn’t ever laugh at me or be cross even if I messed something up. But the audience aren’t my friends. What if I fall, or miss a step, or forget what I’m supposed to say?” When he stops painting, you take the opportunity to lean forward. Your arms are around him quickly, squeezing against his neck in fear. “They’re all going to laugh at me… don’t make me do this… I can’t do it, I can’t…”

Thin, bony fingers set against your back in an instant, giving gentle rubs to keep you from getting more upset. “Shhh, shh. ‘S alrigh’, love. ‘S alrigh’. Listen, if… if y’ really don’t wanna… I won’t make y’.Tha’d be pretty nasty of me, eh?” A few comforting kisses are pressed to the side of your forehead and trailed down your cheek. “Bu’… nob’dy’s gonna laugh at y’. If they do, they’re arseholes. Y’re such a great performer! We can’t do this show wit’out y’.Y’reth’ talent this time round.” After a few seconds, you can feel the digits of his prosthetic arm running through your hair. “Y’ been so happy ‘n’ confident all this time. I’m sure this ‘s jus’… a li’l bit o’ last minute jitters, y’ know? Y’ know how amazin’ y’ are.”

The way he speaks about you sounds like he’s just so sure. Does he even have the slightest bit of doubt in you at all? From the way he talks, it seems like he just thinks everything’s going to go perfectly – and that even if it doesn’t, it won’t be the end of the world. You know that yourself, but… hearing it from him is a blessing. Joker has a way of keeping you grounded and reassuring you even when it feels to you like everything’s going wrong. “… What if I mess up…?”

“Wha’ if? Wha’s th’ worst tha’ happens if y’ miss a cue ‘r f’rget somethin’?” When he pulls away, that smile of his looks as if he’s got more faith in you than he has in anything else in the world. The tip of his nose rubs playfully against yours as he nestles his fingers against the small of your back. “Y’ pick y’rself up, make a joke, ‘n’ get on wit’ y’r life! ‘Tis no big deal. Ev’ryone makes mistakes. Y’ gotta learn t’ laugh at y’rself ‘n’ not let it bother y’. ‘S easier said’n done, I know, but… y’ can do it. Jus’ takes practice.”

With that, he plants a kiss on your lips and reaches for his brush to finish up painting your face. “I promise y’, y’re gonna be fine. If I break tha’ promise, s’ God help me… y’re free t’ tear off me other arm ‘n’ never, ever perform again.”

It’s a good thing laughter is the best medicine; otherwise he should be concerned about how much he makes you laugh.


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

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Pidge is so precious!!! I love how you draw her, specially I love how fluffy she looks with long hair <3 I thought she would look stunning with that hair and a dress but, maybe she's not comfortable using one (but for some reason she has to), so everyone also uses one to support her :D

Wait.. what?


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Four: Animals/Pets
↳ Yuri & his adorable ball of fluff #kittensquad [x]


I’m going to be busy all this week and this weekend doing work, but I thought i’d share what I was working on THIS weekend. A new toonboom animation and the lovely @queenoftheantz let me use her great magnus design to animate :) ! 

just poses for now …barely even scratches the surface of what i want to do , and this is only about half the clip - but Its been going well so far so I’m confidant i can finish it ! 


❝ just a little more… and i can dance all i want! ❞

ballroom e youkoso ★ fujita tatara