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Hiya! I'm putting together a costume of an artists work, and need some help finding a fabric that an otherworldly creature would wear. It needs to drape but can't be too lightweight or see-through. I'm wanting to look like part of the darkened night sky dropped down to earth to glide around. Suggestions?

Hello there!

You have several options here, depending on what effect you want, how much shine you want, and your budget.

There are certain materials in the satin family that would work well for this, but would also have some sheen to them. Don’t go for a heavy bridal satin, since this tends to be stiffer. Charmeuse has a very soft, buttery drape to it. Some lightweight satins may also work.

If you didn’t mind some sheerness but didn’t want it to be too sheer, a heavier weight of chiffon (if you go for silk, look for a higher mm, which indicates the thickness/heaviness of the material) or a georgette might work. Georgette has a bit more texture and weight than a chiffon but is still sheer. You can always double up on layers.

If you don’t mind a bit  more weight but want the inky blackness of the night sky, a velvet could work. Some velvets have nice drape to them, but they are always going to be fairly heavy. 

Something like a crepe de chine might work, and would have a bit less shine than something like a satin. Silk habotai might also work if you go for a slightly heavier one. I’ve seen some gorgeous silk/rayon blends that would be a great option as well (look at Dharma Trading Co.).

If you can find a voile or similar in a fiber like rayon, that may work as well, though it may be too stiff.

If you were okay with a knit, a jersey knit would work. I’d look for a lighter weight one with rayon content.

It would depend on the design itself, of course, but my top picks would be georgette, that silk/rayon blend from Dharma Trading Co., or charmeuse. 

I hope that helps! Good luck. :]

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Yours - Cassian Andor x Reader

word count: 1.8k

Gentle breaths filled the room as two bodies were entangled on the bed, basking in the warmth the other provided. Cassian looked down at the body snuggled up against him, his hand glided down their cheek, smiling at the beautiful soul who found peace with him and his hectic life. If he could stop this moment in time he would, because right now there was no worries of the war against empire, no worries of future missions that may one day be his last, none of that applied right now, in this moment in time it was just Cassian and (Y/N), two souls in love in the mystery of life.

His thumb ran along your eyelids, hiding beautiful pools of (e/c) that paled the beauty of the galaxies that his visited throughout his time. Tracing down your cheek, that he loved to kiss when no one was looking because PDA wasn’t something they encouraged among the rebellion, not that he minded, because he didn’t want to share the bashful look on your face with anyone else. He traced over your lips, still seeing them plump from the kisses you shared throughout the night, your hot breath teasing Cassian to kiss them again, wanting to hear the soft moans that were music to his ears.

He continued to take in your beauty as you slept, wondering how lucky he was to end up with someone like you. He pressed a kiss onto your forehead, knowing that it wouldn’t stir you awake. You snuggled up against him, feeling your warm breath tease the skin of his neck, fanning over the marks that you left on his skin throughout the whole night. He pulled you closer, fitting you closer to his body, each curve and dip of your body fitting perfectly against his own, further proving that you were meant for each other.

Spending the night in each other’s arms was a given when he returned from missions. Anyone he landed back in the base, he would beeline straight towards you. Cassian never felt truly relieved till he saw you safe and well, wanting to see with his own eyes that no harm has come to you. Anytime he returns he quickly pulls you to your shared room, wanting to rememorize himself with you and your body, the only solace he finds in the star systems. You were the person that completed him on so many levels, truly one of a kind in the whole galaxy. However this time it was different.

He mind wandered to the events of the mission he just came back from. It was a simple recon mission, observe the base, take as much intel as possible and then leave, there wasn’t supposed to be any bloodshed, but unfortunately there was, costing him half of his men. That loss really made him question his title of captain.

From the moment you spotted him on the landing deck; you instinctively knew that he was breaking, seeing the dark sunken eyes, instead of the usual mirth when he spots you. This Cassian was hurting, breaking from the inside and out, that you had to pull him away, taking his rough hand in yours and pulling him to your shared room. Behind doors you were able to see both the physical damage as well the emotional ones. Soft hands treated the wounds across his body, allowing Cassian to melt the cold exterior that took over him as your hands worked magic on him.  Gentle sweet whispers ghosted over his body, each sentence being sealed with a kiss, wanting to assure him that what happened wasn’t his fault and that he did the best he could and that’s all they expected of him.  

Cassian lost himself in your body, returning your kisses with his own, mapping out your body with calloused hands and warm lips, reminding him that you were here, alive and well that he himself was alive. You brought him back from the dark depths of his mind, something that he will never fully be able to tell you how much that means to him. Whispers of love and admiration through gasped breaths and moans brought him back to reality. Showing each other’s love multiple times throughout the night eventually ending up with you both wrapped in the bedsheets and each other’s arms.

And it was in mornings like this that Cassian remembers why he puts himself through so much. He puts himself in so much danger for you; if fighting this war means a safer galaxy for you, then he will do it without a second thought, because he plans on one day starting a home with you, building the one thing that he lacked growing up, a family because he couldn’t imagine himself with anyone else but you.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, letting his lips ghost over your forehead before finally kissing your lips.

Your lips pressed against his, letting him bask in their softness for just a few moments before he felt you return his kiss. It was a soft kiss as you slowly started to wake up; your hands cupped his cheek, pulling him in closer feeling the smile that was etched on his lips, making you smile into the kiss as well.

Your eyes slowly opened, letting him loose himself in the galaxies in your eyes that softened when they met his, “I could get used to waking up like that every day,” you admitted as you stole another kiss.

Cassian let out a small laugh, hearing the hoarseness in your voice as you started to stretch, letting the sun’s rays hit your bare flesh before reaching over to grab something to wear, which always turned out being something of his and this morning it just happened to be one of his long-sleeved shirts. He laid back, seeing you move from one end of the room to the next, finding himself enthralled by even the most mundane things you do, always asking himself on how ended up so lucky to have you.

You turned to face Cassian, wondering why he wasn’t getting up, since usually in the mornings he liked getting a briefing of everything that occurred since he last left, but when looked over at him, you wondered what was on his mind to be looking at you that way.

“What?” you smiled, wondering if something was on your face.

“Nothing, I just love looking at you,” he said sitting up in bed, the same gentle loving look on his face.

“Well you better start getting ready before you miss the briefing,” you playfully said, reaching into his drawers to pick something out for him.

You were focused on finding something to wear that you didn’t notice Cassian get up, till you felt his arms around your front, pulling you close as his lips kissed the curves of your neck, already knowing your weak spots. You tilted your head, allowing him ore access, wanting to feel more of him, “how about we just stay in today?” each word punctuated with a kiss, tempting you to go back into bed in his arms.

You turned, wrapping your arms around his neck, leaning to give him a kiss, “Cass, what’s with you this morning?”

His arms landed on your hips, his strong classed fingers playing with the hem of his shirt, before dipping his fingers underneath, further tempting you. He kissed you, earning him a moan from your lips as you lost yourself in his kiss, your fingers now burying themselves in his hair. He slowly walked you over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling you with him. You straddled his lap, feeling his hand cup your buttocks, pulling you higher on his lap.

“Marry me,” he whispered, momentarily stopping your heart.

You pulled back, the color somewhat drained from your face, your heart now pounding in your chest, “what?”

“I think you heard me the first time,” that soft smile forming on his face, “marry me (Y/N), make me the happiest man and marry me. I want you to be the first and last thing I see, I want to build a lifetime with you, because no one compares to you, so let me have you, because you already have me,” he finished.

Your throat was dry; you couldn’t answer even if you wanted to. Your heart was pounding against your chest, your breath getting shallower and quicker, yet you still couldn’t get enough air into your lungs. Your hand covered your mouth, a tight feeling growing in your chest as tears started to pool in your eyes. His words kept repeating in your mind, making sure that your ears weren’t deceiving you.

An array of emotions crossed over you that you didn’t know exactly what you were feeling, but looking into his eyes, you could see that he wasn’t joking. He wasn’t just saying it as some part of post morning bliss or some desperation; he genuinely meant what he said. You were lost for words, still not being able to answer because you knew that if you even tried to speak it would just be incoherent sounds. You couldn’t hold in the tears feeling as they rolled down your cheeks with each blink that you made, further clouding up your vision.

Cassian’s face immediately shifted, scared that he may have done something completely wrong. He quickly brought up his hands to wipe the flowing tears that further made you cry at how caring and sweet this man was.

mi amor, I’m sorry, please just forget what I just said, just please smile for me,” Cassian wanting to make things right again, sacrificing a bit of his happiness if it means bringing yours back, “I’m sorry mi amor,” his voice cradling your face just wanting you to stop crying.

“yes,” a small whisper escaped your lips as you leaned into his hands, your eyes reminding him star clusters with the way they were glistening with tears and a happiness underneath, “I’ll marry you,” your voice cracking in the process.

This time it was Cassian who was lost for words, not expecting to feel so emotional either, as you brought him into a kiss. Salted tears had never tasted sweeter as they have now. His hand intertwined with your left one bringing it up to his chest, letting you feel the rapid heartbeat that was just as fast as yours. you pulled back seeing a bright smile on his face, to others it would be a rare sight, but behind doors with you this was the norm, behind these closed doors he was your to cherish an admire.

You two both skipped the morning meeting, spending that morning showing each other the love that you two had for one another. Whispers and moans filled the room, each of you glad knowing that he will one day be yours and you’ll be his.

jack totally paces his feet when he’s gliding on his skates. not propelling himself forward at all, just a slow back and forward scoot of his feet when he’s not paying attention. he does it standing still as well, in the face-off circle waiting for everyone to get ready. after the play is blown dead. talking to the coach. just a little scoot scoot of his feet that he doesn’t even think about anymore.

Imagine letting Jim nap on you

You sat on the couch in Leonard’s office, entering some patient reports into your PADD. Bones had given you the privilege of using his office a long time ago and you were grateful for the quietness. You hummed softly as you typed away, until you heard the office door glide open. It was your boyfriend, looking extremely exhausted.

“Jim, you look like crap,” you teased placing the PADD down on the side table. “Come sit for a moment.”

“I wish I could, beautiful. I’m looking for Bones, need him down in Engineering. Keenser has a cold, Scotty’s freaking out.”

You laughed and held out a hand to the handsome man. “I’ll shoot him a  message on his PADD. Now come sit.”

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Random Starters: Ice Skating Edition
  • "...How do I do this?"
  • "Woah! This is way harder than it looks!"
  • "Oof! That's the seventh time I have fallen on my face today."
  • "Just take it easy and glide."
  • "Look at that, you're starting to get the hang of it!"
  • "Hey, look! I'm getting the hang of it!"
  • "Wow.. You're so good at figure skating!"
  • "Do you think I could do this in the Olympics one day?"
  • "This is actually pretty relaxing when you figure it out."
  • "...Were you watching me skate this entire time?"
  • "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to stare! B-but you... You are really good at ice skating!"
  • "I know this takes a lot of practice, but can you teach me how to skate like you do?"
  • "Ohh, looks like we have a skater pileup!"
Shut Up And Kiss Me (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Lin-Manuel Miranda [13:06 EST]
“Mommy is smarter then Daddy. Congratulations on the AAFP award @Y/N - Love you!”

“Why is Mommy smarter then Daddy?” Seb asked Lin, looking up at him with big chestnut eyes.
Lin glanced around, making sure his wife wasn’t in earshot.
“Well, she’s a Doctor. She saves people. She also is super pretty.” He smirked as Seb looked at him in wonder.

You stopped gliding around the kitchen and stood still for just a moment, listening to your husband speak to you in such a kind manner to your son. You could swear your heart swelled up to twice its size, absolutely adorable.

“Dinner!” You called out to them, as your two favourite men walked out of the living room, Lin holding Seb’s hand.
You scanned the table, making sure everything was in order, and let them help themselves to what you were serving.
You grinned throughout dinner, straining to keep your voice pitch and not have it skyrocket in happiness.

“Lin?” You asked quietly, attempting not to wake up your sleeping son, speaking to the man brushing his teeth next to you.
“Yes (Y/N).” He replied, pressing a kiss to your cheek and crawling under the covers with you.
“I heard you talking to Seb.” You laughed softly. He hid his face in the crook of your neck to keep from blushing. Putting an arm around him, you stroked his hair and smiled.
“I love you too.” He looked up at you.
“You’re….really intelligent.” You laughed.
“Intelligent! What about beautiful, nice, car-”
“All that stuff too, just got super smart and you aren’t dumb like me.” He exclaimed, shyly.
“You surely aren’t dumb. You’re cute, funny, nice, brilliant..” you looked at him and saw him smirking.

“Wow Lin, you just wanted me to say that.” You laughed.
“Nope! It came out of your mouth.” He said defiantly, putting an arm to the other side of the bed, pinning you down.

“Kiss me.” You sighed, satisfied.


‘‘Oh look at you!’‘ The Doctor blurts out, his eyes gliding over your pure, white wings as a huge grin forms on his face. You blush at his stare. You had been travelling with this ‘Doctor’ man for a while now, but had never revealed your true indentity, namely that you were an Angel. No weeping Angel, but an actual Angel, complete with wings. The only reason you had revealed yourself was so that you could save the Doctor from some aliens that had kidnapped him.

‘‘You’re beautiful!’‘

You allow a small smile to appear on your face and you spread out your wings a bit more. It has been a while since you had been able to spread out your wings and it felt good to do it again. Besides that, you were enjoying the compliments.

‘‘I have always heard of tales about Angel,’‘ the Doctor said, taking in your huge wings. ‘‘But I’ve never met an actual Angel before! So how does it work, can you fly? Heal? Are there more like you out there? Tell me everything!’‘

You laugh at his enthousiasm. ‘‘Well, it is a long story. How about we go back to the TARDIS and than I’ll tell you everything you want to know.’‘

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Dean is looking at Cas every now and then as the Impala glides through the night. Cas never looks back, but he can feel those green eyes on him, can feel them burn through him.

Cas wishes Dean could really see him. Wishes he could tell Dean everything.

But he can’t. And Dean doesn’t know.

Dean doesn’t know that Cas murmured to him in Heaven, soothing words as he pieced him back together, as he healed Dean’s scars.

Dean doesn’t know that Cas counted each freckle as he put them back over Dean’s skin, where they belonged. Doesn’t know that Cas added a few when he kissed over the bridge of Dean’s nose.

Dean doesn’t remember that Cas wrapped huge wings around him, protecting him, claiming him.

Dean doesn’t remember falling in love.

But Cas remembers everything, including how he tried to talk to Dean after putting him back on Earth where he belonged. Cas remembers how his heart broke when Dean plugged his ears and fell to the ground in pain. Dean had loved the sound of Cas’ voice in Heaven.

Cas remembers the devastation when entered the barn and Dean looked at him with fear, not recognizing him, not seeing his wings.

Dean keeps glancing over at Cas as the miles tick on, and Cas keeps his eyes forward, not wanting to look at Dean and see so much, when Dean doesn’t see him.

Cas’ entire being keeps calling out, however, calling out for Dean. He knows Dean will hear him someday.

What his fav outfit on you is

Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disney


You have this pair of really tight fit jeans that drives Sam absolutely crazy. It didn’t take you long to figure out what they were doing to him because even though Sam tries to be subtle you caught him staring a bunch of time. Hell even Dean caught him staring at your ass one time you got of your chair to get another book from the next table which earned Sam a smart remark and a very red face.

Ever since then he has tried to hide his glaring better but you feel his eyes on you every time you wear them. When no one is looking you feel his hands too. Landing on your ass or gliding up your thigh under the table.

When you get finally retreat to his room for the night after a day of you wearing those jeans Sam will show you how much he loves them by getting you out of them quickly!  


Cas loves this little sundress of yours and not just because it was what you were wearing the day the two of you first met. He loves how the colors bring out your eyes and almost makes your skin look like it is shining.

He loves it because that dress makes it easier for his grace to warm up your body. He will sit across the room and a warm feeling will rush over you starting at your ankles running all the way through your body. He will caress your skin without the Winchesters sitting next to you notice it and it feels like he is caressing your soul.

He also loves how comfortable you always seem to be when you wear it – what he doesn’t know is it is because you know he loves it. His blue eyes resting on you makes you walk a little taller and put a little more sway into your hips. It makes you proud to be his.  


Dean loves it when you wear his flannel shirts. He doesn’t really care if you wear it as a dress or tie it up and wear it with a pair of nice fitting jeans. He just loves the fact that you want to wear it.

The days you choose a shirt from his drawer you know is going to be one of those days he won’t be able to keep his hands of you. He won’t try and jump your bones but the entire day will be one nice long build up to what you both now is coming when you close the door behind you to his room at night.

He will wrap his arms around you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear while you are cooking. When Sam or Cas walks into the room he will quickly kiss your neck and back of with a wink. He will hold your hand as you go grocery shopping together. All day he will “accidently” grind against you as he passed you. His usual soft touches to you back, to your hips, to your thighs will linger a little longer than they have too.

And you will know he will spend the entire night showing you just how much you really mean to him and how much he loves when you wear his cloth. He will worship you and make you promise yourself never to buy another piece of clothing ever again! 


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Imagine being on the radio show and Dan starts looking at you like this.

“And thats the story of when I- Dan, what are you looking at?” You questions with underling sass. But Dan dose not respond. “Dan, Dan? Dan?!” He finally pays attention. “What love?” He answers obviously flustered.“Nothing you just zoned out for a minute. You okay?” “Yep just was admiring you.” You bite your lip softly as you look down on the ground. “Thanks I guess.” Dan’s arm glides around you waist. I look back up and smile as he smiles back down at you. You slip you arm around his waist as well and get back to the radio show. “Anyways this next song was requested by Sofia Clark it’s Can’t help falling in love the cover by twenty-øne pilots.”