look at it every day

i wanna get really buff!!!! i want people to look at me and be scared to pick a fight!!! even though i know i could beat anyone up how i am rn, i don’t LOOK very muscular bc i’m built so slight and feminine!!!!! i hate it!!!!!!! i want to look like a meathead bodybuilder that could wreck u without a second thought!!!!!!!!! fear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe if they took a look inside my brain,
they would see the pain,
of spending every day only wanting the same,
to breathe and think of thoughts that float,
and don’t sink down my spine.
but for now, i’ll pretend i’m fine.
—  pensive IV

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned that I have to open myself up to all opportunities. Maybe I’ll get burned and not meet the right people, but I won’t know until I do it. If you are able to look yourself in the mirror every day with the decisions that you make, that’s where power starts.

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What do you look like? do you have a tag for personal things??

i look almost identical to this every day. 

i don’t have a personal tag for about ten reasons, two of which being that i don’t like the idea that anyone would want to know that many personal things about me and also because I’m just not good at ever tagging or hashtaging. maybe one day if i suddenly become funny.

I was up a little before my boyfriend this morning and walking around my room in just underwear, i could hear him wake up and say “goodmorning beautiful” after a minute or so he opened his eyes and looked at me again and said “babe you look good,  i just can’t stop looking at you and every day i am blow away with how beautiful you are, i didn’t know you could look better than you did when i met you but ever since you have gone vegan you look even more healthy then before. You were the most beautiful girl at the party last night.” and then he closed his eyes and fell back asleep

Sanders Gaining On Clinton. '2008 All Over Again'?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has the energy, the enthusiasm and now showing strength in the poll numbers as the Democratic nomination contest looks more and more like a race every day. ow. 2008 all over again? That’s when a heavily favored Clinton stumbled and lost to Barack Obama, then a young senator whose middle name, Hussein, was the same as a dictator the U.S. had just overthrown and whose last name rhymed with America’s Public Enemy No. 1.Oh, and he was black, trying to win — not only a primary in a lily-white state — but to become president — of the United States.

I am so CRAZY about the boy im with that I look forward to every fucking day down to the minute and I wish something this nice would happen to everybody

But I Would Drop It On a Dime

Title: But I Would Drop It On a Dime

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 3806

Theme Song: The World Has Its Shine (But I Would Drop It On a Dime) by Cobra Starship

A/N: set in Season 9 (9x06 specifically) so it’s Human!Cas.

This was based off of a dream I had a while back and I’ve been meaning to write it out for a long time. This is the continuation to a fic I wrote a couple of weeks (weeks? I don’t even know) ago The World Has It’s Shine. Sorry it took so long, I’ve been stressed with school. 

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           It had been a few weeks since you closed the door on the Winchesters’ Bunker and left with Castiel, and for the first time in a long time, you were content. You two drove around different cities for a while, looking for old Hunter hideouts to stay in, and moving on every couple of days in case the God Squad was on your tail. You certainly weren’t complaining about the time you spent on the road with him, but you wanted to give Cas something more normal, so that he could have a chance to live his life now that he was human. You finally manage to settle in small town in Idaho in one of Bobby’s old cabins. It wasn’t big, but it was homey, and certainly better than any motel room you’ve ever stayed at.

           After a bit of prodding, you finally manage to convince Cas to try to get a job at the local Gas ‘n Sip, which took a while since he wanted to keep moving indefinitely. But he did, eventually, and when he got the job, he was proud to achieve something human he did himself, and you were too. You apply for a job at the same Gas ‘n Sip, albeit one that pays less, so you could keep an eye on him. Sure, Cas had his share of accidents, food related or otherwise, now and then, and he’d occasionally ask you how to do something, but he was a quick learner. For all intents and purposes, you were living, what they called, a normal life, that is, until a ’67 Chevy Impala pulls up in front and Dean Winchester climbs out.

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Couple: Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

A/N: This was based off a Library AU where one is short and the other is tall and gets a book for you and I thought about making a short little imagine/one-shot for Thomas because he’s super tall?? I’m really bad at titles..

You looked up from your book and your eyes met his brown ones. You immediately look back down, pretending to read. You had been going to this library everyday after class for two weeks and the guy sitting two tables away was always there. You would occasionally look up from your book and your eyes would meet. Every. Single. Day. You didn’t know if it was a coincidence or if he was just staring at you, but you wouldn’t dare ask him such a thing. He was cute and every time your eyes met, you would get nervous.

You got up and went over to the bookshelves, looking for a certain book. You smiled once you had found it, but your smile quickly faded. The book was out of reach and you were short. Great. How the hell were you going to get it now. You couldn’t just get a chair or ask one of the librarians. That would be embarrassing.

You looked around and then got on your toes, stretching your hands out to attempt getting the book. You gasped as another hand appeared and grabbed it. You turned around and looked up to see it was him. The same guy who you awkwardly made eye contact with every single day. He was taller than you thought.

“Uh, thanks.” You said, grabbing the book.

You looked down as you felt your face heating up. You didn’t even know why you were so embarrassed. He chuckled at how red you were getting and gave you a smile.

“Anytime. I’m basically a giant.” He said and you couldn’t help but smile too.

“How tall are you exactly?” You asked, attempting to start a conversation.

“I’m not sure… Maybe about six feet.” He said and shrugged.

“Wow… That’s cool.” You commented. “I’m short.”

“I think it’s cute.” He said and you blushed.

“I’m Thomas, by the way.” He introduced himself.

“I’m ____.” You replied.

After that, you both sat at the same table. You would recommend each other a few books, talk about your day, and just keep each other company. You weren’t expecting to fall in love at the library, but you were glad you did.

Neymar: "Estic molt content de poder tornar a jugar i guanyar"
El jugador s'ha reincorporat a les files blaugrana amb una victòria contra el Màlaga.

Ney’s interview with TV3 after Malaga game.. in spanish of course…

but man…… does he get more beautiful every day!!!! 😍😍😍

and he looks like he’s getting more comfortable talking to spanish press..

p.s. LOL at the end of the intervew.. Ney almost walks off left right into a wall!! :D

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how is it to work for/with saint laurent? x lovely hair btw

thank you!

its fun! the models i work with are super great guys and im still friends with a lot of them, i got to know major industry people on a pretty personal level (including hedi) and just to have the opportunity to go around the world and look pretty is the coolest. im so thankful for it every day