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No offense but if you can make posts about how good looking All Might's butt is, then you really shouldn't be talking about Momo's outfit being sexualized.

I mean, my main gripe with Momo’s outfit is how young she is. 

But anyhow, there’s a difference between “one frame of one episode made All Might’s butt look big and thats funny” and “this 15 year old is dressed in the most sexually revealing combat outfit possible and we’re all tired of shonen anime being like that all the time”

My Boys Drabbles - Thomas (Part Two)

hey guys! thank you for the responses with the first part of this story :) It can be found HERE. Thanks @jia911 for reviewing it for me. @em-m-j I answered your prompt in this one, I hope you like it. @bluebelle18 , I don’t even have to say it, do I? :)

My Boys Drabbles – Thomas (Part Two)

“Look, the chief is coming here.”

“Damn, he looks pissed.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t think you guys are the target.”

Amelia distractedly overheard the conversation between two nervous interns and then Deluca’s tone of reassurance that the young doctors shouldn’t be concerned. The neurosurgeon noticed how alarmed everyone else around them was. Nurses, interns and even some attendings had immediately stopped what they were doing as they caught sight of the chief of surgery walking in their direction with a facial expression that indicated he wasn’t just upset.

He was mad.

And in that case, she knew it could mean one thing.

“AMELIA SHEPHERD.” Owen strode by them, making eye contact with his wife in a clear attempt to control himself. “In my office. Now.”

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I imagine their lil kid in kindergarten asking Steve and Tony about how they fell in love bc they have a crush lol it would be soo cute (CN-verse ofc)

It would be adorable, and I think a lot of kids would really look up to them.  The William and Kate of their verse, lol.  But, imagine if you were a young Omega and had someone like Tony to look up to and knew that someone like Steve adored him?  That would be really powerful, so, yeah, I think their story would carry a lot of weight and drive more social change than probably either of them realized.  I mean, if Captain America’s Omega can go to college, then what’s wrong with it?  That kind of thing.  I think about Princess Diana touching the hands of people with AIDS and how powerful that was to combat the stigma, so I really do think people in Tony and Steve’s positions could and would do a lot of good just by being very open and honest about who they are.

Hey so like, if you see a kid acting hypersexual. Like preteens bragging about how hot they are, what they want to “do” to their favorite YourTubers, and how much porn they look at. Don’t blame the child. Society is sexualizing. children more and more these days and it is 100% the fault of adults who set horrible examples for kids both with irl and with fictional content.

Shit like teen themed porn, l*licon, creepy adults in fandom spaces making porn of child and teen characters, people sympathizing with pedophilies, kinks/fetishes for things meant for kids, grown ass youtubers who KNOW their fanbase mostly consists of young girls pandering to them by making themselves look sexy in front of the camera just so they can get more views. All this shit and more is being normalized and contributing to making young kids and teens feel like they need to be more sexual. And it is not the fault of children, it’s the fault of adults.

So maybe instead of saying, “kids these days” when you see a child trying to act sexual, you should say, “pedo culture these days”


Rejoice in all of this Black Girl Magic ✨


kaneki + touka: then & now

I wonder why each little bird has a someone to sing to

i got a few requests for a companion piece to the gifts of beauty and song, my retold sleeping beauty fairytale, so here you go

so maleficent is the good fairy here, right, and the three fairies are the bad ones, so like fae do they each appear to be what they’re not. and aurora, given fae gifts and raised by fae, is nearly fae herself. maleficent knows that only an elf could hope to sway a fae heart, because elves are impervious to their glamour. maleficent kidnaps the young prince philip, and brings him to the elven realm. she tries to bargain a prince for a prince, but the king is unswayed. a human prince, he declared, is only worth an elvish servant, so that’s what she gets.

maleficent takes the servant and puts him in philip’s place, gives him that name, and watches as the servant elf is made a prince among mortals, watches as he eventually captures aurora’s heart, and saves her from her living death. watches as the elf servant turned prince becomes a king, as the almost-fae princess aurora becomes queen, and their two kingdoms become one and they rule the land of men together.

this, of course, begs the question – what happens to our dear human philip?

he is not the first child that has been bargained away to the elves, and elf queen thalia settles the young boy on her hip and raises an eyebrow at her husband, waiting. the child awakens by degrees, until he’s clutching her neck and blinking at the gathered elves. thalia is only grateful that he hasn’t started screaming, like so many of his kind do.

normally the children that are bargained to them are put to work in the castle, where they’re safe, where their clumsiness and their ignorance and their mistakes will be glossed over, where she and the king will ensure they will be politely ignored rather than harassed. they’ve lost a servant boy, and so she’s sure a servant boy is what this young human is meant to become.

except a woman of the court steps forward, and she’s old, old enough that it shows, that her curly hair has gone silver and wrinkles are etched deep in her face. lady ember is older than the forests they reside in, is older than her grandmother, than her great grandmother. everyone’s lost track of her exact age, but she’s the oldest elf in village. thalia likes her – she and lady ember have skin of the same dark shade. thalia hopes that if she is to live long enough, she and lady ember would look alike.

“i would like the child,” she says, eyes like amber, and for the moment she appears younger than she ever has. there’s something eager in her, and it brings a life to her that thalia hasn’t seen in a long time.

thalia looks to her husband, and king celedor gives a minuscule twitch to his lip which is an equivalent to a shrug. she sets the young human on the ground, and ember holds out a single hand. the child looks behind him, then in front him, and takes cautious steps forward. he steps until he can take her hand, his own looking small and pale in hers. “it’s been a long time since i was able raise a child,” ember says, “i would like to do so again. will you come home with me?”

and thalia understands. elf children take many hundreds of year to mature, and ember would not risk dying on a child before it could take care of itself. but humans are candles that burn at both ends – hot, and fast. within a decade or two the child in front of them will be able to survive on his own, will not need lady ember to coddle him for centuries.

he nods, and finally opens his mouth to say, “i am philip.”

“hello philip,” lady ember smiles, “i am lady ember of the mother tree. now you are lord philip of the ember tree.”

they are elves. they don’t do something as gauche as gasp, but the sentiment comes out just the same. celedor’s mouth drops open a millimeter and thalia’s right index finger twitches. raise a human child like a beloved pet they could all understand – but to adopt one, to truly adopt one that she’d just met and didn’t know and bequeath to him the estate and title the noble name of the mother tree?

lady ember leads her new son away, and the gathered elves can do nothing but stare.


prince elion – eli, to everyone who doesn’t want the prince of the elves nursing a personal grudge against them – comes home in the dead of night, when he can slip past the guards and the fawning people on the street and sneak into the royal quarters.

“mother,” he greets as he enters the library. his father sleeps early, but his mother doesn’t go to bed until nearly dawn. he kneels by her side, and she runs a hand through his hair, tugging the leather tie off when it gets in her way. his mass of dark curly hair tumbles around his head, and as he shakes it out leaves other debris fall out. thalia sighs, but doesn’t remark on it.

“your hunt went well?” she asks, although she knows the answer. eli is one of the best hunters in the kingdom, and his hunting parties – comprised of the strongest and best among the noble families – are notoriously profitable.

he grins, teeth extra white against his skin, “of course, mother. did anything interesting happen while i was away?”

“the faerie maleficent came and bargained away a human prince,” she says, “she wanted you in return. your father gave her a servant boy instead.”

eli laughs, too loud and boisterous, in a way he would never allow himself to laugh around his father or his subjects.


philip thinks perhaps he should be screaming, or crying, or causing some sort of fuss about this new life and this old woman who insists she’s his mother now. but he’s never had a mother before, and this new place is beautiful. they live in palace carved out of an enormous tree – the mother tree that their name comes from – and philip is given a lot more freedom as an elf lordling than he was as a prince.

he hopes the boy who took his place is nice to his father, and doesn’t mind long evenings with only the servants for company. being a prince can be very lonely. he knows from experience.

ember gives him rooms and toys, but warns him that he has a lot of work ahead of him. as a human, he’s at a severe disadvantage here at the elf court. elves are faster than humans, stronger and smarter and wiser. “it sounds to me,” philip says, “that maybe they’re just older. if i had hundreds of years, I could be all those things too.” ember’s eyes crinkle at the corners when she smiles, and he returns it.

philip knows hard work. he was set to rule a whole nation, was set to lead whole armies. he knows training and learning and patience. learning to become an elf lord seems like it will be a lot easier than being a human king.

lady ember and her servants are harsh, but fair. in their home, in the mother tree, he is a pampered lord. out of it, however – he acquires many scars from training, from falling and failing. ember and her staff run him ragged into the ground, because he must be able to keep up with elves.

they have hundreds and hundreds of years to practice, to become strong and smart and fast. philip doesn’t have that long, so his mother forces him to do more, train harder, learn faster than would be expected of any elf.

so he learns. the first time he beats his trainer at an archery competition, he feels a swell of pride like nothing he’s felt before. as he inches his way to the level of his teachers, and then surpasses them, the feeling stays.

they’ve always been kind to him. but as his skill grows, they come to respect him, and that’s far more valuable.


eli hears of the human that lady ember of the mother tree took as her own – of course he does, it’s all anyone can talk about. but he doesn’t actually get a chance to see the boy, because lady ember keeps him safe on her lands, in her tree that none of them dare trespass on. so he assumes, like many, that she keeps him coddled and safe, away from those who would seek him harm, away from a world that would seek him harm.

then, two decades from when she gave young philip her name, lady ember finds him at court. she tilts her head, and he bows. he may be higher in rank, but he was raised to respect his elders, and lady ember is certainly that. “prince eli,” she says, “your next hunt is coming up, isn’t it?”

“yes, my lady,” he answers, wondering if she has a request. he doesn’t mind tracking down a certain type of meat or pelt for her – he likes the challenge, and likes lady ember.

she smiles at him, and for some reason he feels as if he’s staring into the jaws of a dragon. “excellent. might my son join you? he grows bored of hunting on his own.”

the last thing in the world eli wants to do is keep an eye on a bumbling, spoiled human. but this human is also the lord of the mother tree, and he can think of no response that wouldn’t bring his mother’s wrath down on his head. “of course, lady ember.”

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