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Moonlit Confessions (katsuki ver. Pt2: End)

*I love you*

‘Wh-what the fuck did I just do!!!’

Katsuki quickly dropped his flashlight and allowed himself to fall face-down onto the floor.

‘Well fuck. I just did that.’

He laid there for a while just thinking about what he just did. He knew he sent that message and to be honest he felt relief now that the shock had worn off.

‘Fuck it. I started this and I’m going to finish it.’

He pulled himself up and looked out his window again with his flashlight in hand. Resolved to say what needed to be said he was not expecting what laid before his eyes.

Izuku was moving about his room like a chicken without its head. His face was red and his eyes were swirls of his excited, confused state. Katsuki was almost tempted to wait and watch to see how long he would go, but he had to move fast before Izuku knocks himself out with his actions.

Turning his flashlight on and off to grab Izuku’s attention he watched as he immediately stilled and turned towards him.

*Meet me in our place out back.*

And like that he rushed out of his room without looking for Izuku’s confirmation.

〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰 〰

‘God I’m doing all kinds of shit tonight.’

Katsuki had his hands in his pocket while staring at the sky as he waited for Izuku to arrive. He felt his nerves rising with the wait.

‘He’s taking fuckin forever. Is he even coming? Why am I such a fuckin impatient bitch! Why couldn’t I at least had fuckin waited for a damn nod!’

As Katsuki continued throwing profanities at himself and his actions he didn’t notice as Izuku arrived until he spoke.



Katsuki whirled around to see Izuku as he played with the edge of his shirt. He was still red and flustered from before. So when it looked like he was going to speak first, Katsuki decided to cut in so he can say what he needed to.

“I meant it! I meant it when I sent that ‘I love you’! And I don’t mean as childhood fuckin friends! I love you so much that I’m not able to sleep some nights! When you’re laughing next to me with your eyes closed and that smile…god that fuckin’ smile on your face…I just want to lean over and kiss you.That sometimes it feels like time has slowed down and it’s just the two of us…“

He ended it quietly, afraid of what was to come after with his eyes tightly shut and his head turned to the ground. So he wasn’t expecting the hands on his cheeks gently lifting his head.

“Kacchan please look at me.”

When he finally opened his eyes he was greeted with the most beautiful smile that Izuku has ever given to anything, to him, in his life. That’s when he knew everything was going to be just fine because that one smile told him all he needed to know.

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"I came to you as soon as I could! Did he/she get to you already?" With Paul ((also your really amazing at writing I feel blessed <3))

*embarrassed noises* you’re too kind asdghjkl

The pilot nearly broke the door down, you were on the couch. The whole place was trashed, you weren’t in any better shape either.

“I came to you as soon as I could! Did he get to you already?“ Paul crouched down to your eye level, examining you for any immediate wounds. "What happened?”

“…he got in…we got into a fight…then he just left.” You were wearing a worn expression, touching your bruised cheek. “I don’t even know how he found out where I lived.”

“I’m so sorry…” He whispered to you, tilting your chin up to look at him. “You’re moving in with me, I’m not letting him hurt you again.”



(i figured i may as well knock ‘em all out in one go)

these serve as a general breakdown of designs for characters in canon as well as a guide for personal god-tier title customization

full-views: [maid|bard] - [mage|heir] - [prince|sylph] - [knight|rogue] - [page|thief] - [witch|seer]

color application example: [here]

how the coats look w/ the hood up

  • for examples or ideas on what would be worn underneath the coats, please refer to the original photoset (linked above)

and now for some extraneous notes!

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But look at Michael’s sweater. It’s so worn and stretched out that it just hangs off his shoulder. And it’s probably the most comfortable thing ever and smells just like him. Just imagine stealing it from him because of it’s coziness and walking over to him while he’s playing a video game and cuddling up into his side. He’d just look over at you in awe because of how adorable you look all nestled into this huge sweater, his huge sweater, and he’d probably stop the video game and cuddle you closer and whisper into your ear how beautiful you are and how much he loves you and he’d give you the most passionate and sincere kiss he could just to prove it to you.



Finally got around to dying my hair!! This time I went for a pink, yellow and blue combo, which looks totally different depending on how its worn. When its down the yellow section is basically hidden, so this hair has kind of a secret rainbow that I can bust out whenever I’m in the mood to be super colourful, hehe :)

Products used:
PINK: Alfaparf Jeans Colour ‘Pink’ (diluted with conditioner)
BLUE: DARE ‘Dolphin Dreams’
YELLOW: Fudge Paintbox ‘Yellow Fever’

How I did it:

  1.  First I sectioned my hair into the different colour areas, ensuring that the partings between the sections were nice and straight. I clipped each of them to keep them separate. A third of my fringe and roughly 1.5cm of the front of my hair next to my fringe were sectioned off for the blue. For the yellow the underneath area of hair above my ear (its hard to describe, but I parted my hair halfway down my head and sectioned off the area from there down over my ear). The rest of my hair was allocated to the pink dye.
  2. Then I mixed/prepared my dyes. When dying multiple colours, having them ready to go beforehand makes it much easier!!
  3. I dyed the blue areas at the front and in the fringe first.
  4. Next I applied the pink dye. I held the bulk of the hair up above my head and using the brush applied dye to the roots around the section first. Then I applied the pink dye to the rest of the section using both my hands and the brush, making sure to separate the section to ensure coverage all the way to the roots. I clipped this large section in place on top of my head in a rolled bun to keep it separate from touching any other coloured sections.
  5. Lastly, I applied the yellow.
  6. I left the dye on for 40 minutes - this is enough time that it will last a few washes, but won’t prove impossible to fade out of my hair when I want to change colours! 
  7. When rinsing my hair I used lukewarm water to preserve the colour, and firstly rinse the bulk of the dye off my hair each section at a time to stop any colour transferring. Then I rinsed my hair all over to get out any remaining dye.

Last night we all went out for dinner in New York (woo!) and I wore a sequinned 2 piece skirt and crop top combo. I am a full size 18.
A few years ago if you’d suggested I would have worn this I’d have laughed. ‘I’ll look so stupid’, 'bigger girls can’t wear sequins’, 'crop tops are for slim people’, are all things I’d have thought.
If this is how you feel, quieten those thoughts and try replacing with, 'I deserve to wear what pleases me’, 'patterns and textures are not exclusive to specific sizes’, 'as long is this fits my body and covers what I feel comfortable with it covering, it’s fine’, 'my body is mine to make clothing choices for’. Life is short. Wear the sequin 2 piece. Pose with a Polly Pocket hand. Feel beautiful. 💋 http://ift.tt/1jYYeOo

So I’ve been  re-reading The Hobbit along with The Fellowship of the Ring and I noticed this:

“‘You will have to manage without pocket-handkerchiefs, and a good many other things, before you get to the journey’s end. As for a hat, I have got a spare hood and cloak in my luggage.’

That’s how they all came to start, jogging off from the inn on a fine morning just before May, on laden ponies; and Bilbo was wearing a dark-green hood (a little weather-stained) and a dark-green cloak borrowed from Dwalin. They were too large for him, and he looked rather comic.” (Chapter two of The Hobbit)

“Then [Bilbo] put on quickly some old untidy garments, and fastened round his waist a worn leather belt. On it he hung a short sword in a battered black-leather scabbard. From a locked drawer, smelling of moth-balls, he took out an old cloak and hood. They had been locked up as if they were very precious, but they were so patched and weather-stained that their original colour could hardly be guessed: it might have been dark green. They were rather too large for him.” (Chapter one of The Fellowship of the Ring) 



He dug so deeply into her sentiments that in search of interest he found love, because by trying to make her love him he ended up falling in love with her. Petra Cotes, for her part, loved him more and more as she felt his love increasing, and that was how in the ripeness of autumn she began to believe once more in the youthful superstition that poverty was the servitude of love. Both looked back then on the wild revelry, the gaudy wealth, and the unbridled fornication as an annoyance and they lamented that it had cost them so much of their lives to find the paradise of shared solitude. Madly in love after so many years of sterile complicity, they enjoyed the miracle of living each other as much at the table as in bed, and they grew to be so happy that even when they were two worn-out people they kept on blooming like little children and playing together like dogs.
—  Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude


In-development concept by Cordon is an iPhone case that can convert into a mobile VR headset and interactive environment. The video below illustrates their idea of the interface and should not be considered how it will look:

Cordon is pleased to announce Pinć (pronounced PINCH), a mobile VR platform and smartphone case unfolding into VR glasses allowing users to maximize on the power of their iPhone 6. Pinć is available for preorder starting October 1st, 2014 with orders shipping in Spring of 2015.

The Pinć team has developed a patent pending prototype for the only pocket sized mobile platform bringing VR headsets out of the gaming world and into the mainstream. The device is controlled by optical control rings worn on index fingers that pinch to click with users’ hands. Pinć is a groundbreaking iOS platform built on the concept of spatial computing, turning browsing, multitasking and shopping into an immersive virtual reality experience.

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How many bras should I own? How often should they be washed?

Let’s talk about bras! So, first things first, there’s no rule about how many bras someone should own, except that it should be “more than one.” Instead of worrying about a specific number, focus on why you would need multiple bras, namely, you need a rotation to keep your bras from getting worn out, and you want different kinds of bras for different occasions/types of clothing.

Types of bras you might need:

  • T-shirt bra. The gold standard of comfort. Likely your everyday wear.
  • Strapless. Honestly, fuck whoever freaks out when they see a bra strap, but sometimes you won’t want them simply because whatever you’re wearing looks better without one. Try not to wear them too often or for too long, though, because they’ll try to slowly squeeze you to death.
  • Sports bra. Good on you if you can exercise without one, but some of us need to contain our breasts while running. Also, they’re just really nice to wear around the house without a shirt in the summer? Maybe that’s just me.
  • Push up. Sometimes you just want to work it.
  • Convertible. These are great because you can take the straps off or arrange them in all kinds of different ways to accommodate whatever it is you’re wearing.
  • Plunge. Hardly anything between the cups to let you wear as deep a neckline as you like. Sexy, but not the greatest support.
  • Bandeau. Making a major comeback in the fashion world thanks to oversized armholes. More or less meant to be seen.

That’s not really meant to be a complete list and also you may not need all of them! How many different types of bras you own is entirely dependent on your lifestyle, as is how often you wash them!

Wash your bras every 3 to 4 wears. Wash them more often if you’re wearing them for really long lengths of time or whenever you sweat. A sports bra should be washed a lot, but maybe you only wear a strapless for a few hours on special occasions, so that one can be left longer. It’s important to not wash your bras too often or even wear them too often because they will get worn out quickly and they are not cheap. Give your bras some time to rest between each wear—they’re doing a lot of work! If you want to wear a t-shirt bra all the time, then get two or three of them to rotate to keep them all nice.

Additionally, be sure to always read the care tags on your bras. If you’re throwing them in the washing machine, buy a lingerie bag to keep them safe. NEVER put your bra in the dryer. Instead, fold them over a hanger and let them air dry. They’ll keep their shape better and last longer, saving you lots of money and stress (bra shopping is the worst, y’all).

For more on laundry, check out the guide here.

Suns Out, Guns Out: 10 Irresistible Women’s Muscle Tees for Summer

You see them everywhere near beaches (and sometimes inappropriately in chic downtown spots where they shouldn’t really be worn- thank you very much douc- *cough* dudes); it’s summer and it’s time for muscle tees. Before you think the muscle tee is reserved only for the super muscular though, take a look at some of its more cute and stylish renditions below! Pair them with anything from cut-off shorts or skinny jeans, to leggings or pleated skirts. Throw on a hat or a headband, glam them up heels, maybe even rock some pearls with them! Sky’s the limit to styling the tees; it all depends on how adventurous you want to get!

Now, check out these 10 muscle tees and flex (#9 is a fave)!

1) Love & Money Muscle Tee

2) Diet Coke Muscle Tee

3) The Incredible Hulk Muscle Tee

4) Young Enough Muscle Tee

5) Fun Hamburger Muscle Tee

6) Rock N Roller Muscle Tee

7) Tough Paris Muscle Tee

8) City of Angels Muscle Tee

9) NYC Muscle Tee

10) Going Batty Muscle Tee

How do you wear your muscle tees? Classically casual with cut-offs and Chuck Taylors, or do you like to mix it up with dressier items? Tell us!

Wantering Editors


Hi Taylor! 

I absolutely love your style and if the opportunity comes up I’m always buying clothes you’ve worn or recreating your looks (just stalk my tumblr and you’ll see how similar our fashion taste is). So for tour, I decided to recreate one of your tour costumes. On opening night, your WTNY/New Romantics tour costume stood out the most to me and I felt it really represented my style the most (crop tops and skirts are my life!). I started working on my costume about six months ago and one crop top, some sparkly fabric and 14 thousand diamonties later, my costume is finished! I’ve spent weekend after weekend, day after day and hour after hour ironing on 14 thousand teeny tiny diamonties to my crop top… and it definitely wasn’t easy, but I am so proud of the finished result!

This tour will be the first tour of yours that I’ve gone to multiple shows (it will be my 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th shows!) and I can’t even put into words how incredibly excited and ready I am to experience the 1989 tour. I’ll be wearing this costume in Sydney (Section A2, Row N, Seats 19-20) and possibly one of my Adelaide (Night 1: GA, Night 2: B-Stage Pit) dates! (That’s if I don’t dance all the diamonties off in Sydney… this is a genuine concern of mine!) I’ll also be at your Brisbane (Section A3, Row R, Seats 1-2) show show with another costume! 

To end this post I just wanted to thank you for being you, and thank you for being that one constant in my life when no one else was there. And because of you, I have five incredible soundtracks to my life and a bunch of amazing friends, some I’ll finally get to meet on this tour. Speaking of incredible friends, you should definitely check out Tanya’s costume (@darkandtwistymeredith) because we’re twinning (!!!!!!!!!!!) and my love Jamie (@alltimeswiftie) who I’m doing the Adelaide shows with! Thank you for being my everything for the last seven years, love you! x


This twinkling stars skirt can be worn with or without 250 tiny LED lights that shine through the fabric. 😍 Check out the video to see what it looks like and how it’s assembled.

Want one? It’s available for pre-order on ThinkGeek in sizes XS to 5X!


Elizabeth coord with my lovely new blouse!

I also just received the IW book bag which I had been looking for for quite some time now, so I had to throw it in as well.


jsk, blouse, necklace: Alice and the Pirates (Elizabeth, the Bride of Death, Labyrinth in the reminiscent mirror Charlotte blouse, and Eden’s Gate Key Necklace)

shoes: Melissa Incense Wing shoes

bag: Innocent World Antique Book Bag

Hairbow with cameo: Metamorphose Lucky Bag 2014

Flowers: offbrand

I tried to take a worn photo to show how awesome the sleeves are, but everything came out blurry, so mannequin photos it is.

Luke Imagine: Record Shop AU

Author: Rhine


He always noticed you.

How could he not?

The bells at the front of the door always signalled your entrance when you walked in, and his eyes always automatically darted up from his book or his phone, smiling slightly whenever he saw you.

He didn’t know your name, but he knew you so well.

He knew how you always had a cup of coffee in your hand in the winter months, and the markings on the cup would be the same as the one next to him.

He knew how you liked coming alone, because no matter how many times your phone seemed to vibrate, the record shop was a special place for you and you never picked up any calls until you were out the door.

He knew your favourite albums, your fingers tracing the same worn copies in the back that he so loved.

He knew your favourite songs; he played them on the speakers whenever you came in and he’d always get that small twinge of satisfaction when he’d see you look up and smile slightly, tapping your foot to the beat of your favourite song as you walked along the aisles.

He knew your wish to play the guitar from the way you stared longingly at the acoustic guitars hanging on the wall in the back, and how your eyes lingered on the beginner’s books for learning how to play the guitar, blushing furiously when a worker asked you if you needed any help.

Luke knew all these things about you – small pieces of the girl who captured his attention with your bright eyes and pursed lips that he dreamed about – but he didn’t know your name.

He tried to work up the courage to talk to you on multiple occasions – practicing what he would say to you, how he’d sweep you off your feet with his knowledge on the newest album that came out from the band you both liked – but his words died on his lips every time and you always left before he could steel himself to try again, the bells that he looked forward to when they signalled your entrance suddenly echoing his failures when you left.

Next time, he’d tell himself.

But there’s that creeping fear at the back of his mind that one day, you wouldn’t come back to the little record store that he worked at every day.

Or worse, that one day you’d stroll into the store with another boy on your arm who got all your favourite bands wrong and scrunched up his nose in distaste when he played one of your favourite songs on the speakers.

Luke knew that he couldn’t just pine after you from behind the counter – at the very worst, you would turn him down or think him a loser and he’ll get over you.

And at best?

Well, he’s had enough idle daydreams about that.

He’s afraid to come up to you, to give you more than a feeble have a good day after he checks out the albums you place in front of the cash register.

Because he’s nothing but a boy with a job that came with a minimum wage pay and a tacky name tag – hardly attractive, and he’s sure his nervous stutters wouldn’t make things any better.

He’s certain he’ll make a fool of himself, and that he’d probably end up scaring you off from the shop forever –

–but there’s something in your eyes and the way they glitter when you walk in that he can’t keep away from.


You’re even lovelier up close.

He’s not sure how he managed to steel himself up to come up to you, but whatever courage he had was used up in his steps from the counter to you.

He admires the way you brush your hair behind your ear and the way your fingers trace the records with such a delicate touch; how focused you are with the names of the bands and songs that he’s certain you’ve read a thousand times before.

But then you notice him next to you, and you give a little jump when you realize someone’s there; a faint blush blossoming on your cheeks.

Luke opens his mouth, but no words come out – he’s certain he looks like a creep with his wide eyes and unspeaking mouth, watching over you. He can already feel the embarrassment and humiliation creeping into his veins, and it takes everything in him not to turn the other way and dash into the storage room until you left.

“Hi, uh. I’m, er – um, Luke.”

He juts out his hand mechanically, almost comedic as he extends his long arm towards you.

He’s already mentally berating himself for being such a dork and giving you a hand to shake – who does that anymore? – but it’s too late to pull it back, and he’s left standing there, awkwardly holding out his hand to you like some kind of dog.

You find it charmingly adorable, a small smile emerging on your lips at the clearly-nervous boy in front of you.

You take his hand and give it a little shake, beaming as you introduce yourself.

He’s too mesmerized by the way your voice says his name and the smoothness of your small palm against his that he almost misses your name.

But when he shakes his head a little and backtracks a few seconds to remember, he thinks that your beautiful name is a perfect fit for you lovely smile.

It’s one he won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

There’s a moment of awkward silence before Luke finds his voice again, though it comes out a little higher due to his nervousness.

“So, uh… you like bands, right?”

He’s already screaming internally at his stupidity the moment the words leave his lips.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Luke – of course she likes bands, she’s at your stupid record shop on a weekly basis you idiot –

But you smile and tell him about how you were actually starting to get into this new band that you discovered a few days ago.

His eyes light up a little at the mention of the band – he’s been following them ever since their garage practice days – and he’s thrilled that you like them too.

He’s spitting out albums and tour dates and his experience with a concert he went to last month at some holed up venue and he’s giving you song suggestions of his favourites, sprinkled with some facts about the music he’s sure you didn’t care about.

Luke’s rambling again, and he stops the moment he realizes he is, cutting his sentence short.

You’re watching him with amused eyes, grinning at the tall blonde boy whose blue eyes seemed to sparkle with enthusiasm and passion, hands waving into large, wild gestures to explain his point.

His abrupt stop catches you by surprise, and the flushing patches of red on his cheeks tell you why.

“No, go on – tell me more.”

Your words are soft and encouraging, but his are a mutter when they leave his lips, refusing to meet your eyes in embarrassment.

“No, you don’t really want to know about all of that – I’m sorry, I just got a bit carried away and I – I ramble a bit. A lot. Sorry.”

He’s playing around with his shoes and slumping over – though he was still much taller than you, even in his hunched form – and you didn’t have to see his face to guess the blush that would undeniably be on his cheeks.

“No, I do. I promise. What album would you recommend?”

And his eyes slowly lift towards yours, a small smile on his lips as he begins to talk again.

Slowly, his gestures become more animated and his words become more lively until the both of you are laughing and sharing vivid stories while the other listens with wide eyes and enthusiastic nods.

You barely realize how much time has passed until another co-worker calls for Luke to start closing up.

You’re both rattled out of the little world of music and conversation that you built around you, and his eyes are tinted with sadness when they look at you again after he tells his co-worker he’ll be right on it.

“The shop’s closing, so… I guess you should be leaving.”

“Yeah, I guess. It was nice talking to you, Luke.”

You’re turning around to leave when he calls out your name, stopping you in your tracks. You turn back to him, and he’s frozen in his spot, taken aback by you once again.

It’s becoming a habit, he thinks.

Somehow, he manages to spit the words out.

“I, uh – I was wondering if, um, if you wanted to er – er, wanted to learn how to play the guitar?”

His words are stuttering at first before they all tumble out of his lips like a waterfall, the last half of his sentence coming out of his mouth like a jumbled mutter.

But you catch all of his nervous words and you unravel them patiently with a smile.

“I’ve been meaning to learn for a while, actually.”

“Do you… do you want me to teach you?”

His smile is hopeful, his lip ring moving up with his curved mouth.

“Are you any good?”

“I mean, I guess I’m alright – I can play, uh, well, a few of my favourite songs and um, I wrote a few songs too, but they’re just simple stuff but I suppose you could say I’m rather decent at it, I mean – “

You laugh a little at his nervous rant, finding it adorable how he scrunches up his nose and pinches his eyebrows when he begins to consider his skills seriously.

“Hey, I’m just kidding. I’d love to learn from you. I’m sure you’re amazing.”

His whole face lights up with the biggest smile at your words, eyes glimmering with disbelief and excitement.


“Of course. Now, come here.”

He shuffles towards you obediently, and you rummage through your pockets and bag for a pen. You hastily scrawl your phone number on his arm, running over the veins and muscles of his forearm, leaving little bumps in your neat numbers.

“Call me sometime? We can work out a lesson plan and all that over coffee or something.”

He’s positively giddy at the thought of coffee with you – his cup with the same markings as yours, though yours would have a faint smudge of lip gloss that he can already picture – and the ink that marks his skin feels a lot like a promise.

“Sure thing. It’s a date.”

The word slips out of his mouth before he can think it through, and he blushes furiously at the realization of what he implied.

But like always, you grinned at him as you stuffed your pen back into your bag, laughing slightly at the red blush that stands out from his pale skin.

“A date it is then. I can’t wait.”

You say a quick goodbye and you leave before he can say another word, the familiar bells jingling as they signalled your absence.

Luke’s still standing, dazed at your casual words and easy smile.

A date.

He’s not sure how he managed to get a date with you with his overenthusiastic ramblings and awkward sentences and overall dorkiness, but perhaps that’s what you liked most about him.

The smile lingers on his lips long after you leave, the thought of your eyes and the prospect of date enough to make him dance a little victory dance as he sweeps the floor to the beat of the song the two of you loved.


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Favorite Albums: Portrait of an American Family 1/25

Well, the whole point of Portrait of an American Family was that I wanted to say a lot of the things I’ve said in interviews But I wanted to address the hypocrisy of talk show America, how morals are worn as a badge to make you look good and how it’s so much easier to talk about your beliefs than to live up to them. I was very much wrapped up in the concept that as kids growing up, a lot of the things that we’re presented with have deeper meanings than our parents would like us to see, like Willy Wonka and the Brothers Grimm. So what I was trying to point out was that when our parents hide the truth from us, it’s more damaging than if they were to expose us to things like Marilyn Manson in the first place

Guys look, I know we are all worried about Dan, but please try not to worry. He is probably just exhausted and worn out, the last couple of videos he has looked very tired and with him saying how insanly busy they have been, its probably all caught up wth him. 

let him relax on his holday and by that i mean NO STALKING THEM leave them in peace and i’m sure when he gets back he’ll be happy and refereshed ready for the rest of the year.


(Requested by thelittlewolfpup) (Admin Ziggy note: Thank you for requesting this omfg I had way too much fun writing it.)

The impala rumbled to a stop right outside ‘The Lodge.’ You grimaced at the worn looking building, the crackling ‘OPEN’ light in the window giving you a hint of how many years it had been since it was first hung.

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halloween heat | park jimin

halloween / late birthday scenario for the rude af park jimin that slays my heart with one look ahhh!! i know this is late but i did my best lol

requested:  no [started october 10 2016 & published october 16 2016]

fluff smut — werewolf!jimin, mature content: mentions of sex.

word count: about 5k

You casually lay on the worn out red leather couch in Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung’s shared apartment with your head resting on Jimin’s thighs, eyes focused on the television screen as you casually scrolled through the Netflix selection. Rolling your eyes when you can’t find anything particularly interesting, you groan and turn your attention away from the television to look up at Jimin. Narrowing your eyes, you scrutinize Jimin’s jawline, how his sharp jawline and prominent adam’s apple are clearly visible from your angle beneath him. You admire his effortlessly tousled silver gray hair and how it frames his deep brown eyes perfectly that seems to glow from the light of the television screen hitting it in the dim lighting. Sensing your gaze on him, Jimin smirks and tilts his head down to look at you with a closed eye grin.

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