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The Trip - chapter 2 - for @muffmcmuffin

She woke up. That is to say, she became aware again. Clearly her body had been mindlessly following directions because she found herself looking in a full length mirror at her body clothed in what looked like a slutty secretary outfit from a porn film. Sky high heels, blacks stockings, flimsy tight micro-skirt, black push up bra and fitted white shirt which didn’t fit over her considerable breasts and was left undone to show a deep, tantalising cleavage. Her face and hair were different aswell. Much more make-up then she would ever have worn to work and much sluttier then she had ever worn on a night out. Her trademark long, brown wavy hair now had streaks of pink and blond running through it. She looked like the sluttiest possible version of herself, and it turned her on. She tried to figure out where she was and to remember how she got there. When that didn’t work she tried to remember who she was. Both times her mind came up blank. She knew she looked different, but she couldn’t quite remember who she was before. She felt stupid. She stuck her tongue out at the mirror and then stomped her foot like a petulant child. Just then the previously undetectable door to the small dressing room opened and Mr Alexander walked in. She beamed when she realised she recognised him. Although she still wasn’t exactly sure from where. “Hello Sir,” she began “um where am I, and what is happening and why is my thinking bad?” “Good morning Muffin. That would be your programming. You are going to spend the next week as the new office intern at my firm. We need to make sure no one suspects you are not really an intern, so I have made you a bubbly, slutty, bimbo. Dont worry though, you will spend the evenings as my mindless, obedient slavegirl. You don’t mind do you?” He asked using a time that made it more of a direction then a question. “Oh no sir, I love being a brainwashed, bimbo slut.” She replied without thinking, before realising it was true and then giggling. “Good girl. Let’s test out some of your programming shall we. Could you pick up this pen for me please Muffin.” He said dropping a pen on the floor between then. “Yes Sir,” she replied enthusiastically. Walking towards him past the pen, she then turned so that he was directly behind her and bent at the waist to collect the pen from the floor, pausing for a few moments before coming back up pen in hand. She wondered for a moment if he had seen her little black thong and hoped he had, and then she wondered why she was wearing panties at all. “Very good. I would like a coffee please Muffin.” “Yes Sir, would you like to fuck me?” She responded automatically, making her pussy throb with arousal. “You look a little shocked Muffin. As you will soon find out, interns spend most of their time making and fetching drinks, and everytime you are asked for one, you are going to have that reaction. How do you feel about that Muffin?” She bounced up and down causing her chest to move enticingly as she answered “Wonderful Sir, I am so excited to be a sex toy for your office and to fuck whoever wants to fuck me. Thank you Sir.” “Good girl. Edge.” Her fingers were in her pussy in seconds, and she let out a moan. “Hmmm. Not sure we can have you being that loud in the office. Stop. You have been naughty Muffin.” “Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” she said bringing hers hands together at the hem of her skirt and leaning forward so that her arms framed and boosted her cleavage. “Would you like to spank me Sir”, she said before biting her lip and looking at him hopefully. He smiled. “I think we are set. Straighten yourself up, and let’s get going.” “Yes Sir,” she turned back to the mirror made sure her make up, hair and clothes were all still in place, blew herself a kiss and joined Mr Alexander as they left the house together in the big German sedan she arrived in. The office was all male. The company was only small and did something in technology or engineering or some other thing that she didn’t understand. She spent the morning in a horny haze being ogled and objectified, picking things up people had dropped just as she walked past, offering to fuck anybody who wanted a drink and being spanked when she got a drinks order wrong, which she always did. She just didn’t seem to be able to hold more then 1 drink order in her head. And everytime someone called her a silly girl, or a stupid bimbo or a dumb slut she got more aroused and offered them a blow job to make up for her ditzyness. No one took her up on her offer, usually rolling their eyes at her and muttering about what a little slut she was or nervously stammering out a “no thank you, just a coffee thank you”. When Mr Alexander called her into his office at lunchtime she was a horny mess. No one had touched her all morning despite her best efforts, and she was filled with need. Her pussy was on fire and her nipples were so hard they were sore. “I have been watching you this morning Muffin, tottering about and teasing all the men in the office. It has been rather distracting. I think it is probably best if I fuck you now to relieve the pressure” he said moving to a side door which opened into an opulent bathroom. She followed him in, removing short and bra as she went, excited to finally be getting the fucking she so desperately needed. He had opened his shirt too, and now lowered his pants and underwear to free his impressive cock. “Kneel” he said simply, watching her as she slowly crouched and leaned back on her heels. “You are going to suck my cock now Muffin, and swallow my cum. Then I am going to send you back out into the office unfulfilled. Edge but do not cum.” “Yes Sir,” salivating at the thought of sucking him and aroused at the thought of being his toy to use as he saw fit before being discarded without thought to her needs. As she took him into her mouth she realised she didn’t know his first name. It fired her arousal further. That afternoon was going to be hard… /p>


My professor from SVA contacted me recently to give a talk about my comics and how I get into animation to his comics class at USC (where he now teaches.) I was nervous but the students were great despite being worn out from being in the thick of finals. 

In preparing for what was essentially a mini Hilary retrospective, I unearthed a lot of things I hadn’t looked at in quite a while. It was cool to find that some pieces I still really liked and laughed at …but others …well, maybe more laughing at than with.

Anyway, here are some ghosts of Hilary past.

*note: Lucky 13 closed their 13th st location but they moved and are now bigger and badder at 644 Sackett St, Brooklyn. Check it out if you’re in the area (and of age!) Melody, the owner, is good people.

They ask how you are… But what the hell are you supposed to tell them?

That you’re exhausted. Worn down and numb by this foggy grey cloud in your head that just won’t go away.

That you’ve lost yourself. You’re looking in the mirror and touching the glass, touching your face, trying to work out if that really is you, staring back.

That if people can be broken, you have shattered every bone by now and dropped every organ so that it smashed like glass.

That you can force your mouth into a smile, but your eyes are blind. They are dull, empty.

Or do you tell them that sadness is all you have right now. And perhaps it will be okay tomorrow, but perhaps it won’t. You’ve been here before, you’ll be here again. This cycle is the life you have become used to. You’re sure you’ll be fine.
You’re just a sad and broken person.

That’s how you are. But you can’t exactly tell people that, can you?

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write //
Broken poetry
Horizontal Bun

Today’s new hairstyle, the Horizontal Bun, is something that I came up with recently that I have really come to enjoy.  It’s not that often that I come across low buns that I feel good wearing so looks like this are quite new to me.  What I like most about this bun is that it is low, but not particularly heavy.  I also love how this can be worn very clean, but also looks good messy.


1) Brush

2) Two Large Hair Ties

3) Two Small Hair Ties

4) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing out your hair.

2) Split your hair in half by creating a middle part all the way down your head.

3) Use the large hair ties to create two pigtails at the middle, back of your head.

4) Braid each pigtail and tie off with the small hair elastics.

5) Take the right pigtail and begin creating a figure eight shape by bringing it up and around the left hair tie.

6) Bobby pin into place.

7) Take the remainder of the right ponytail and bring it up and back around the right hair tie.

8) Bobby pin into place.

9) Continue this process until there is no more excess hair.

10) Repeat steps 5-9 with the left braid.  Finalize with hairspray.

This Isn’t Love

Word count: 1,911

A/N: Not requested, but felt like writing this.

This Isn’t Love

I locked myself into the apartment after a long day at the studio. I was worn out and extremely tired, so all I really needed was a good sleep.  

“Hey baby” I called out, stepping through the door.

“Hey Shawn” y/n mumbled back at me.

I walked in and found her sitting on the couch, in a rather dark lightning, just starring out in the room.

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livingbetweenanightmareandadream submitted:

Anyone who truly knows me, knows how hard this is for me. I literally have not worn a dress in public since I was in the 5th grade. I remember because I was in love with that dress. But anyways, since I’ve lost this weight, I’ve tried on dresses at the store but never really liked them enough to buy them. Or maybe I did but knew if I bought them I would have to wear them out in public. So I never left the store with one. Well today, babe seen how happy I looked when I tried this on and believe me, he doesn’t see that often from me. (I usually hate everything I put on). Well he bought it. And now I’m planning on wearing it out this weekend. I’m scared. But I know deep down it looks okay on me and I know that I won’t see most of those people again so why care what they think? But anyways, here’s my dress. Plain black dress. But a really big deal for me. Don’t mind my face and hair. I was just hanging out watching shameless 😂.

Mc Looking After Deaged RFA members + Saeran

So we’re ignoring Rika for this one
Just a random thought I had at 2 am and couldn’t get outa my head.
Assuming by some magic shenanigans, everyone in the RFA is suddenly like four to six years old and MC has to mom them until they figure out how to undo this

•Jumin and V would 100% be inseparable. Jumin will NOT talk (decently) to anyone who isn’t V. They’d be joint at the hip and just sort of babble in six year old Korean. If they were to find plastic flowers lying around, they’d attempt to make bff flower crowns probably.

•Jumin’s looks like a pathetic rose boomerang but DAMN V is greAt at this kid’s got art skills

•V’s actually v sweet and thoughtful even as a baby. He’d probably try to get you a glass of water when he notices how worn out you are by this baby sitting thing (except he’s like barely six and can’t reach the water dispenser much less the sink) so he just ends up staring at you with large teal eyes

• Totally loves when you give him attention bc his parents were inattentive af but he won’t bother you for it

• in general precious angel. Total good boy

• Jumin’s another story tho

• Hella hard to please. Won’t eat just anything

• Until the MC makes him pancakes and he’s like

• ??? am I in heaven??

• Is actually really really really clingy when MC starts growing on him

• Always wants you to pay attention to him and WILL badger you for it at all possible times

• But not with words cause the kiddo can’t express his needs well, even as a six year old. He’d just poke you. And stare. Possibly hold his arms out for you like “carry me you peasant ”

• jaehee is just adorable

• Even as a baby she’s incredibly smart

• she follows you around and gazes a lot. Very curious. Usually she’s that ones kid who asks all the what, how and why questions.

• She’d be extremely timid and reluctant to open up to you, but once she does; BOI IS SHE A CHATTERBOX

• She adores when you give her attention but tries not to show it. Cuddle her and kiss her cheek and she’ll be so happy she’ll internally melt.

• Saeran and Saeyoung, let’s say they’re around five- would be pretty much like Jumin and V. Pretty inseparable

• Except Saeyoung loves to wander around and pull the other kids’ hair and just mess with them in general

• More than once one of them will come crying because of something Saeyoung does

• But then Saeyoung gets really confused if you get mad at him because?? He was just being affectionate?? For real? How was he supposed to know squeezing them in THAT tight of a hug would hurt?

• Much like Jumin, he’s a little shit and honestly just wants you to give him attention. But he’s blab about it in an obnoxiously loud way, all like “NOTICE ME!”

• Constantly poking you

• Saeran is very very restless

• Kid walks fucking everywhere

• That’s OK tho because Saeyoung always follows him to make sure he doesn’t get locked up in the fridge accidentally (-again-)

• Saeyoung hugs him hardest of all

• Saeran probs has high pain tolerance because of that lmao (-I’m sorry don’t kill me-)

• Kind of intimdated by you tbh? Like he does want the cuddles and the kisses and he secretly needs the attention but Saeran’s also kind of anxious about it?

• Zen tho

• Zen thinks he’s the best kid of all

• Constantly tries to prove it

• Tries to break the child/mum relationship and be a caretaker along your side

• He’s six, for God’s sake. He can take care of himself and others!

• Total big bro figure

• Or tries to be. He always tries to seem like the comforting big guy who the other’s can look up to and come to for help in case you’re not here

• But then he’ll trip on something and scrape his knee and start crying until you pick him up and embrace him

• At which point he’d cling to you as if his life depends on it

• Oh boi let’s talk about yoosung why shan’t we

• Youngest baby. He’s like, four. And he’s the cutest little shit you’ve ever seen

• Wide violet eyes and cute chocolate coloured bangs and those pretty lil lashes

• He’s secretly a little shit tho, even more than Saeyoung

• Except he’s better at hiding it bc he will legit cry

• His tears make him look so vulnerable and innocent?? You can’t help but think he is

• Has totally eaten the last cookie but makes you think it’s Saeyoung who did it

• He LOVES your attention. Infact he gets kind of jealous when he sees you giving too much attention to anyone else.

• Keeps trying to trip V

• Doesn’t know why he just,, rlly doesn’t like V

• But when you look at him he looks like a total angel, so precious and pure and?? How could you be mad at him, like ever? And if you do, do you even have a heart??? It’s impossible.

How Allura finds out about Klance's relationship

it’s a normal average morning on the ship and everyone’s calmly eating food

lance and keith look a bit frazzled and they seem more tired and worn-out (even more than Shiro) so Allura gets curious and leans down slightly to ask one of the mice

Mouse: *incoherent squeaking and frantic gestures*
Allura: *blushing brightly as she stands up so quickly her chair is like halfway across the room* YOU TWO DID WHAT WITH YOUR HAIRBRUSHES????!?!?!

Coran and Hunk don’t quite understand (like what are you talking about Allura calm down)
Shiro has a vague understanding but doesn’t understand where the hairbrushes come into play
Keith falls backward so quickly he does a little roll out of his seat once the back hits the ground
Lance chokes on his drink and practically all of the fluid in his mouth is ejected through his nose
And Pidge just cannot stop laughing because they already know (they recorded the noises they made the previous night and had been planning to use it as blackmail but this is way better)


(Requested by thelittlewolfpup) (Admin Ziggy note: Thank you for requesting this omfg I had way too much fun writing it.)

The impala rumbled to a stop right outside ‘The Lodge.’ You grimaced at the worn looking building, the crackling ‘OPEN’ light in the window giving you a hint of how many years it had been since it was first hung.

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Anon Requested:  Can I request 84 and 90 with Suga please?? 😙

Originally posted by kpoptrashandproud

Pairing: Suga (Yoongi) x Reader

Word Count: 1053

“I wish I could hate you, I really do.” 

“Do you understand how hard it is for me not to kiss you right now.”

“Jin?” You call out opening the door to his shared bedroom with Yoongi. It was cold in their room and you desperately wished that you had worn your sweats tonight instead of your small pajama shorts. Your large black t-shirt hung down to the bottom of your shorts only allowing a small sliver of color to show. You look around their room and notice neither of them were in the room. You huff a sigh and decided to wait for your brother, however long that should take.

You looked around his room, it was surprisingly tidy for it being two twenty year olds living together. You sighed and started walking around Jin’s bed, looking at his dresser which had pictures of you two on them, you smiled at the old memories on his dresser. Your fingers gently caressed the side of the sleek frame as you looked at the picture of you and your brother. You remember the day perfectly, your long blue dress hanging down to the floor while you were caked in makeup and hairspray while you stood in ridiculously high heels that made your feet hurt within fifteen minutes of wearing them. Jin had been in BTS for about a year by the time of this picture and you expected him to have stayed in Seoul and not come back home to Anyang, especially not for a simple high school prom. You were 18 and a senior in high school when you were surprised by Jin, you were hugging him in the picture and you see how big his smile is in the picture. You smiled thinking back on the memory, mind somewhere else and deep in thought, you didn’t even hear the door open indicating someone had come inside. You were quickly snapped out of your memory when you felt hands slide up under your shirt and grip onto your hips, hot breath hitting the back of your neck. Your body froze under the hands as you knew very well this wasn’t your brother.

“Do you understand how hard it is for me not to kiss you right now?” You quickly spun around, back hitting the dresser once taking a step back to gain some distance. Your eyes met Yoongi’s widening at his words. He quickly took a step to close the distance you had just created. Your heart raced at the sudden closeness and the fact that your brother could walk in at any moment.

“Yoongi..” Your voice trailed, looking up to the boy whose arms were now on each side of you trapping yourself in them. Yoongi leaned in, face growing closer before he just stopped. A clear smirk was spread on his face as he found your sudden stiffness amusing.

“But do you understand?” Yoongi started, “Do you understand how hard it is? Because with what you’re wearing you’re making it a lot harder (Y/N).” Yoongi spoke, eyeing you down before meeting your eyes once more. You broke your gaze only to look down at what you were wearing.

“What I’m wearing?” You asked confused, bringing your head back up confusion evident on your face. “I’m literally wearing a baggy t-shirt.” You state, you couldn’t see how this would make Yoongi want to kiss you.”

“And your shorts?” Yoongi states more than questions. “Your ass is basically hanging out of them.”

“That’s why I’m wearing a long t-shirt!” You laugh but Yoongi’s face lost the smirk and his face turned solemn, eyes staring into yours and body staying in place. Your laugh died down at the seriousness of his stare and your face quickly scrunched up, eyebrows knitting together in uncertainty. “What’s wrong? Why’re you looking at me like that?”

“I wish I could hate you, I really do.” Yoongi says. His eyes stayed on yours expressing just how truthful he was being.

“Why would you say that to me?” Your voice grows quiet, eyes staying on his with sadness and irritation growing in them. Yoongi simply shrugged his shoulders and muttered a “It would be easier.” His eyes now left your gaze falling past your shoulders, a sigh escaped his lips and he slowly stood back up. “Why would it be easier to hate me? I didn’t-”

“Do you know how hard it is to like one of your best friend’s younger sisters?” Yoongi’s voice broke over yours, voice slightly snapping at you while his eyes traveled back down to yours. Your body felt stiff once again as you felt yourself caught off guard by Yoongi’s words.

“I-I didn’t know..” You trailed off, your attention went from Yoongi then down to your fingers which grew to be a lot more interesting and a good source of a distraction in this moment. “I’m guessing you haven’t mentioned this to Jin.” Yoongi scoffed slightly causing you to glance up at him, his face was giving off an ‘Are you kidding me?’ look and you just looked back down to your fingers.

“I’m sure we wouldn’t be rooming together if he knew I liked you.” Yoongi admitted. “I wasn’t planning on telling him if you didn’t feel the same way, there’d be no reason to tell him then.”

Your eyes stood still on your fingers while you stood there trying to think of the next words to say to him. Your mind was going crazy, a million thoughts running wild as you tried to decipher your own feelings. Of course you always thought Yoongi was attractive, he’d gotten more attractive over the years especially. You’ve known him for the past three years and couldn’t help but realize all the looks he gave you that might have lingered a tad too long, the way he acted towards you when he saw that you had just broken up with your boyfriend, how he’d be the first one to be there for you. It was completely obvious if you looked deeper into his gestures, but you never did. You relaxed a bit into the dresser and raised your head to look at him seeing that his eyes were stuck on you, looking at you while you were deep in thought. “Tell my brother.”

“What?” Yoongi’s eyes widen as he looks at you aghast. “Are you serious? Or are you just-“

“Yoongi.” You cut him off, smiling at him. “Tell my brother.”


Sangwoo finds a dildo in Bum’s old apartment. Things escalate quickly from there.

“Hey Bum! I brought you a present!” Sangwoo called out as he walked into the living area where Yoonbum was huddled in the corner.
“What are you doing there? Come out so I can show you properly!” Sangwoo smiled as Yoonbum crawled out into the middle of the room.
“Look at this! It’s so worn! How many times did you use this?” Sangwoo wondered as he waved the once red dildo in Yoonbum’s face.
“Why-” Yoonbum balked before stopping himself and looking up at Sangwoo with wide eyes.
“Why would you even have this?” Sangwoo cackled as he continued to tease him mercilessly, “did you fuck yourself with it?”
He felt giddy as Yoonbum refused to meet his gaze. This was going to be fun.
“I asked you a question. Why are you ignoring me?”
“I - it’s just… Sangwoo.” Yoonbum faltered, looking up pitifully at him with eyes that begged to be saved.
“No, no, no. Now play the game Bum.” Sangwoo warned playfully as he continued to wave the object of discussion in Yoonbum’s mortified face.
“Don’t look so horrified when it’s been inside you.”
“You! I pretended it was you!” Yoonbum cracked, leaving Sangwoo stunned.

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Did you know the first Baker Street scenes of THOB happen before Sherlock meets Irene Adler?

So there’s a big discrepancy between the timelines of THOB and ASIB.  I’ve always assumed all of episode 5 occurs after episode 4, but that is not the case.  Sherlock arriving at Baker Street covered in blood, begging for cigarettes, begging for a case to distract him - all of this happens before Irene Adler comes into the picture.  How can I prove that?  Through Mrs. Hudson’s new dress:  

Sherlock points out that it’s new while he’s deducing her love life.  

But she’s worn that dress before…. in A Scandal in Belgravia

So if it’s new in THOB, then that scene where they meet Irene happens AFTER the deduction of her dress.  

Not to mention John in THOB is reading a news article about Sherlock that’s the SAME article Irene Adler reads in ASIB, not merely the same photo.  

So what does all this mean? 

It means Sherlock was worked up, looking for cigarettes, yearning for something 7% stronger than tea because of what happened in episode 3.  More specifically, the pool scene.  He gave up smoking, tried hiding cigarettes in his shoe only to have them confiscated and unattainable. Sherlock told John there’s only two choices to end his torment: Find Bluebell or play Cluedo.  John didn’t want to play Cluedo because Sherlock clearly didn’t understand the rules.  But because this happened before Irene Adler’s case, seeing the Cluedo board stabbed into the wall above the mantle means because Sherlock didn’t immediately care to investigate a rabbit (obviously), they ended up playing Cluedo… and Sherlock stabbed the board.  This time discrepancy also explains why John says - seemingly the same day in THOB - “Mrs Hudson FINALLY got to the wife in Doncaster” even though they found out about it earlier that morning.  It’s because it’s not the same day at all.  It’s completely different months for all we know.  

So Henry Knight wasn’t the client who we heard ring the doorbell that afternoon in THOB.  He appears months later on a random morning.  

Funny, isn’t it?


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How long has it been?” he asks, his voice was so much deeper than when I last spoke to him. “Three and a half years” I answer. It feels strange talking to him after all those years, in a grocery shop out of all places. “So, how are you doing?” he looks at me, but doesn’t look me in the eyes, trying to make a conversation. I shrugg “Pretty good, I guess. You?” Straightening his back he replies “Nothing has really changed, I just got a few years older” Shaking my head I stare at my worn converse “You really should stop doing it” His eyes meet mine, like clear blue skies with little green and golden stars in them, confusment is clouding them. “Do what? ” My heart starts beating faster, I don’t want to explain everything to him, but I guess I have to. “Playing all those girls, making them feel like they are your world, only for them to discover that you have millions of other worlds beside them…” He looks down “Perhaps, every girl I date knows my reputation though” I can’t do anything else than to stare at his black t-shirt and nod my head in agreement with him.
“Are you still the good girl?” he asks, a small grin on his face, looking down at me. “Not really, you ruined that part a bit for me” I reply. My heart sinks as I see his face fall and the green and golden fireworks in his eyes die. “It’s okay though” I say, trying to make him feel a bit better. “I knew what I was signing up for, just ignored the warning signs. I’ve loved again you know…”
He slowly turns his head towards me again “Did it work?” I smile sadly “It didn’t, but that was my fault, I walked away. So much for the good girl”
“I’m sorry” is his reaction while his eyes watch the lights at the ceiling. “Don’t be, I found someone else. He treats me right”
“He should” I raise my eyebrows at that sentence. “No really he should, you’re worth someone who treats you good. I cared, you know.. ” is his explaination.
Again a sad smile plays around my lips “And I mistoke caring for loving” he nods.
“You were my first real best friend
You were my first crush
My first heart break”
I see him wanting to react
“But you also were my first lesson in love, and it was the best lesson I ever had
—  Scentedperfectionpuppy
GD Scenario - ‘Not a day goes by’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Laymedown

Day One

You sat curled underneath the blanket, staring out at the snow filled sky. It was yet another night being alone, waiting for him to come home to you. Tonight of all nights you needed him. Even though it was many years ago, the night of your father’s untimely death still ate away a black hole in your chest. It wasn’t many times you needed Jiyong home, as you knew how busy his schedule was, however, he had always made it a point to be home early for you on this cold December day.

It was near one o’clock A.M when he finally strolled in. He didn’t look worn out from overworking, in fact it was the opposite. Even though there was a look of exhaustion about him, you could also still see the joy and laughter in his eyes, you could smell the booze wafting off him, and his attire wasn’t  what he wore this morning when he left for work. It was one of his outfits he normally wore while out partying or clubbing.

“Where have you been?” You called out as he began to pass you without realizing you were there. You saw him jump and under any other circumstance, you would have laughed at how big of an idiot he was.

“Why are you still up jagi?” He ignored your question which pissed you off. You stood up abruptly, which caused him to take a couple steps back.

“Do you not care anymore?” Your voice was quiet and on the verge of tears. Had he truly forgotten? “I really needed you tonight.”

“Jagi, I’m tired and not in the mood for one of your mood swings. I’m going to bed.” He began to walk away, but you followed suite.

“Do you think that’s what this is Jiyong? A mood swing? I would think you would know just why I am being like this. Or at least as my boyfriend you would.” You rose your voice slightly as he plopped fully clothed on the bed.

“Well you’re not the best girlfriend either jagi, just leave me alone already.” His snap drowned out into a mumble and not even two seconds later you could hear the soft snores come from him. You couldn’t move though as you were still in shock. You couldn’t make of what he just said to you, but you felt that black hole that took years to mend rip open. Without thinking, you gabbed a giant bag and began to stuff it with the bare minimum. When you were finished, you left to hell knows where.

Day Two

My head pounded when I tried to open my eyes. With a foggy mind like mine at this moment, I didn’t even think twice of the empty spot on the bed. The only thing I wanted was a shower, as the stench from my outing last night was soaked in my clothes and skin. With a quick shower and a fresh pair of sweats the stench was no longer an issue.

“Jagi, what do you wanna do for breakfast?” I called out as I walked into the living room to only see that it was empty. “Jagi?” I called out once again as I walked into the empty kitchen. It was her absence that reminded me of what happened last night. It was a bit hazy, but we’ve been in fights before and she had never left. Not like this. I ran into the bedroom and I saw what I hadn’t seen before. Some of her drawers were slightly open, and when I opened them I saw the lack of clothes they harbored. My heart nearly flew out of my chest as ran over the her little vanity. A sob nearly left me as I saw what was missing, something she would never have taken if she was planning on coming home. Both the necklace her father had given her before his passing and the little jar of his ashes were missing.

I whipped out my phone to call her, and immediately I noticed the date.

“Oh no,” I couldn’t help but not say it out loud as I fell to my knees. I really fucked up this time.


You stared up at the ceiling of the crappy motel you were staying in. Sleep eluded you all night as you couldn’t stop your tears from pouring forth. Next to your head you could hear your phone buzzing non stop. You couldn’t bare to look at it, no matter who it was. Even though you knew exactly who the majority of it was from. It buzzed until it had finally died as you had yet to pull out your charger from your bag. But you had yet to even move from the bed since you checked in. You weren’t hungry, nor did you have to go to the bathroom, or feel like showering.

All you wanted was the black hole to take you up entirely.

Day Three

Yesterday and today all I could do was sit in the chair that faced the door. Over and over I texted and called her, but she never responded. There was even a point yesterday that all my calls went straight to voicemail. Even the others can’t get a hold of her. More than anything I just want to make sure she was alright. What I had said and done to her was unforgivable, I knew that.

It didn’t stop me from praying for that one sliver of hope that she would forgive me and walk through that door any minute. Or that she would answer my calls or text just to let me know that she hated me and never wanted to see me again. But at least I would know that she was alright.


After your shower, you were finally able to look at your phone today. The pain was beginning to numb, and you thought that maybe you would be alright. How you thought that anything would’ve been alright was just a stupid glimmer of hope. Your already dried out eyes seemed to pull tears from nowhere as you just skimmed over all of his messages without actually opening them up. There were too many to count and you could barely read them through your tears. On top of all his messages and missed calls, there were also several messages from his band mates. Mainly Seunghyun and Daesung. You didn’t even have the heart to open theirs either. You dropped your phone when it began to ring once more. The goofy picture of him that you took and loved so much appeared on the screen. You picked it up quickly and your fingers hovered over the block number option, but the longer you stared at his picture, the more you couldn’t do so. With a sob you threw it onto the bed and sank to the floor in despair.

Day Four

I couldn’t sit around any longer. I couldn’t take the scoldings nor the comments from my members. I couldn’t keep looking at all the things that were ours. I couldn’t stand to be in the home that was ours. It’s warmth was gone and I couldn’t see any of the nights where we laughed, kissed, or made love. All I could see is that night. The night that I broke her heart.


The steam of the hot bath rolled across your skin and fogged up the chilled bathroom air. You stared aimlessly into the clear water. You had your knees pulled up to your chest and were resting your head on top of them. These past few days really gave you a lot of time to think. You accepted that no matter what he did or say, and no matter how much you tried to, you couldn’t hate him. And a part of you kept trying to persuade you that he didn’t mean it as he was clearly drunk. But even if you forgave him, it was the fear of a similar situation happening again that stopped you from returning home now.

Day Five

To get out of the motel room, you told yourself that you needed to go shopping for gifts as the holiday drew near. Instead, you walked out on the streets aimlessly bundled up to protect yourself from the freezing snow. You couldn’t help but glance at your phone once again to see the piling messages and missed calls. You were thankful for the thick scarf wrapped around your face as you could feel the stinging of tears threatening to break your dam.   

“Y/N,” You stopped in your tracks and looked up. Jiyong stood before you, and you had to fight back the urge to run to him. He was out of breath and you could see the lack of sleep and deep sadness in his eyes. “No one could get ahold of you.” You barely heard him say. You weren’t ready to face him, as you felt like you would break down right here if you did. So you turned around without a word and began to walk away.

“Wait, Y/N, please stop.” You heard him run towards you and before you could even think of what to do, his hand wrapped around your wrist desperately. Immediately you yanked it away, and was even surprised at yourself at what came out of your mouth.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” You hissed at him. “You have no right to do so.” You spun away and began to walk away again. Already you saw people staring at the two of you, and little crowds of people showing up to see Jiyong. He didn’t even try to hide himself, people down the street would recognize him in an instant. It didn’t stop him from following you, shamelessly and continuously begging for you to stop. Without looking behind you, you stopped and gave in.

“Fine, follow me.” You told him and he finally quieted down as he followed you silently. The two of you walked around as you successfully got rid of the fans tailing the two of you. You walked up to a deserted park, as the snow made lots of people think twice before leaving the warmth and dryness of their home. You brushed the snow off one of the many benches and he did the same. You sat down with your hands in your pockets, refusing to look at him as you saw before how broken he was.

“Y/N, I,” He began, but faltered. You pierced your lips underneath your scarf to try and stop the tears. “I know what I did and the things I said to your are unforgivable. These last few days, there isn’t anything I regret and hate most that it was I of all people who did this to you and caused you all this pain and suffering. I don’t expect forgiveness and I know this is a lot to ask, but is there any chance that you’ll come home jagi?” His voice broke, and you looked at him to see that he was crying. You stood up and looked down at him.

“Jiyong, no matter what you say and do, I could never stop loving you.” You reached down and held his face with one hand. His hands shot up to yours and held it tightly to his face as he leaned into it. “But that’s why I don’t know if I can come back. You’re all that I have Jiyong, and I don’t know if I can risk being hurt like that again.” Your voice wavered as you too began to cry. “I just need a little more time to figure things out.”

“Jagi I,” He began, his grip on you tightening, knowing that you were gonna pull away. He froze though when you gave him a kiss on his forehead.

“Goodbye Jiyong.” You told him as you pulled away. He didn’t follow you this time as you walked away.

Day Nine

My dreams were haunted by her, as like all the others since that night. I was haunted by memories, and just by the ghost of her. Just like now as I stared at her before me. The sun glowing from behind her as she lied next to me, facing me with her enchanting smile and warm eyes. This was how we used to wake up next to each other. I can’t believe how foolish I was for taking that for granted. I reached out and moved her soft messy hair from her beautiful face.

“I love you,” I told the ghost. Seeing her eyes light up like how they used to only brought me agony. Will I ever be able to say those words to her again and see the way her eyes lit up like the ghost of her before did. Her hands cupped my face as she smiled.

“Jiyong, wake up.” The ghost told me.

“No, I don’t want to leave you.” I told her, even though I knew she wasn’t real.

“Wake up,” She told me again as she began to disappear. I tried to touch her one last time but it was too late, as she was already gone.

I didn’t know if it was another dream, or if I had finally gone crazy. But knelt before me, she was still there. Real or not I grabbed ahold of her. My hands gripped tightly around her, refusing to let her disappear.

“I’m home,” She whispered as she hugged me back just as tightly.

What Do You Want For Christmas Part 3

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1185

Summary: A week has passed since Sam and the Reader’s first date, and it’s time for the their second date.

Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Part three is here! :) Expect two more parts, maybe three, in this series. ;) Enjoy!

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Leave the Light On

When you finally heard the bunker door open, you almost jumped out of your skin. You had been sitting at the table waiting for what seemed like an eternity. You couldn’t do anything, couldn’t concentrate on anything. Just Sam. Sam.

You stood up and watched as the three of them walked down the stairs. He was home. He was finally home. You felt your eyes filling with tears as they met his. As soon as he reached the bottom of the stairs and started walking across the room, you ran to him and flung yourself into his arms.

He enclosed you in his embrace and held you tightly against him. You felt him inhale deeply and let it out. “Y/N.” He pulled you even closer. “I’m here, Y/N. I’m here.” You lost track of how long the two of you stood there clinging to each other. When you finally stood back to look at him, his eyes looked tired and worn down.

Five minutes later you had Sam in the bathroom taking that horrible gray jumpsuit off of him. You unbuttoned it slowly and eased it off his shoulders. He lifted his arms and helped you remove the t-shirt that was underneath. You rested your hands on his chest and rubbed them out across his chest. He closed his eyes, his breathing got shallow, but this response wasn’t sexual. Your heart fell down to your stomach. In a broken voice you asked, “What did they do to you, Sam?”

He opened his eyes and didn’t say anything at first. He lifted both of his hands to your face and traced your features with his fingertips. “I didn’t think I was ever going to see you again. I was so I’d forget the sound of your voice, the way your skin feels, the way you smell.” He was crying, and you were crying with him. You pulled your tank top over your head, pushed down your shorts, and stepped out of them. Now, he could see all of you.

“You will remember, Sam. You will remember everything and more.” You finished undressing him. When the water temperature was just right, you took his hand and led him into the shower with you. You shampooed his hair running your fingers through it and massaging his scalp. You lathered soap across his back, down his thighs, and over his stomach. You touched him gently. When you were done, he did the same for you. Everything was slow and focused like you’d never touched each other before. It was the same when you dried each other off.

When you entered the bedroom, you were both wearing towels. Sam asked you quietly, “Is it okay if we don’t get dressed? I want to feel you against me.” You nodded. “Absolutely. I want to feel you too.” You watched as he let his towel drop and slid under the covers. How had you survived all these weeks without him? You reached to turn off the light before joining him. “Y/N, will you leave the light on? Please?”

You caught the flicker of fear in his eyes as he asked. Your smile was soft as you answered, “Of course.” You joined him in bed draping your leg over his and laying an arm across his stomach. He was propped against the headboard with both arms around you. You rested your head on his shoulder.

“You kept me from going crazy,Y/N. I replayed every minute, every second I have ever spent with you over and over in my mind. It was dark and cold, but you were there with me. I kissed you goodnight before I went to sleep, every single time. I told you I love you over and over. I didn’t say it enough when I was with you. I thought of everything I didn’t say, everything I didn’t do. I played it all out in my mind. It kept me sane. The things I would never get to do…”

You put your finger over his lips. “Shh, you will do them. We have our life back , Sam. It’s okay now. It’s over. You’re with me. You know, I talked to you every night too. I told you how much I missed you and how much I loved you.” You paused for a minute. “You aren’t the only one I talked to Sam. I talked to our baby every night too.”

He quickly shifted so he could look down in your eyes. You continued with butterflies filling your stomach. “ I wouldn’t let Cas tell me if it’s a boy or a girl; I didn’t want to know if you couldn’t know. I wanted to find out with you. I always believed I’d get you back. I had to get you back.”

You started talking faster as the words poured out of you. Sam still hadn’t said anything, but his eyes never left yours. “I told our baby all about you. I wanted our child to know you, to know how you’ve saved the world over and over. You’re brave, kind, strong, selfless, smart, caring…”. Sam stopped your words with his mouth. For the first time since he’d been back, he kissed you. It was gentle at first then insistent and needy filled with longing and love.

When he stopped kissing you, you were breathless. A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. “A baby. I’m going to be a father.” He smiled at you, dimples lighting up his face. “We’re having a baby.” The next kiss contained pure joy. Then realization hit him. “What did I miss?”

“Just morning sickness.” You took his hand and placed it on your stomach. “It’s too soon to feel anything, but you will. You’re here. You’re here.” It was you who kissed him this time. Against his lips you said, “Sam, make love to me. I missed you. I missed you so much. I love you.” He positioned you beneath him and took away the pain, despair, loneliness, and heartbreak of the weeks without him. When he held your hand, you felt his strength. When he touched you, you felt his tenderness. When he moved inside you, you felt his desire. When he kissed you, you felt his love.

When you fell asleep in his arms, you felt safe and content. The light was still on, and home felt like home again.

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What Took Place in the Common Room (Drabble)

The eighth year common room had been cleared out hours ago, but Draco and Harry still sat on a couch together, enjoying the fire.

They were so worn out from chess games and talking to the other eighth years that they didn’t have the energy to head to their rooms. Or perhaps they just didn’t want to.

Draco’s sat there, he stopped wearing gel long ago. Now his hair sits wherever it pleases, but it still never looks bad. Hermione thought he put charms on it secretly.

Harry had been thinking about Draco for months now, he filled his every thought. Harry couldn’t understand how such an absurd change of events could happen. Events, in which, the eighth years became friends, and Harry was still obsessed with Draco Malfoy– just in a slightly different way than before.

Harry turned his head to look at the boy beside him.

His hand. It was just sitting there, palm-open, warm. Harry thought about how many nerves Draco hand had, connected to every part of his body. He wanted to touch those nerves. He wanted to touch his hand. He wanted those nerves to feel him, zap into Draco’s brain cells the knowledge that they were touching.

Harry thought he should really go up to his room, and put a stop to these thoughts.

But he could do it so easily, grab the boy’s hand, hold it in his. It was less than a foot away from Harry’s right hand. He could feel Draco’s nerves reaching towards him.

Harry looked at his face, and he knew he was right when he first saw Draco. He was all sharpness, freeways of life running through his veins. His face was illuminated. A motion picture flashed across his cheeks, reminding Harry that he should be somewhere else. He couldn’t think of being anywhere else, any farther than one foot from Draco was too much for him to bear. Harry thought he liked Draco too much, and all he wanted to do was hold his hand.

His hand had begun to move, like it was getting tired of his dwaddling. It moved slowly. Harry couldn’t remember a time when he wanted something so much, and merlin, all he wanted to do was touch him. His fingertips were brushing Draco’s and he knew he felt it. The motion picture on his face had stopped. They weren’t looking at each other

Then Draco grabbed Harry’s hand, interlocking their fingers. Draco turned his head to Harry and the corner of his mouth quirked up as he spoke.

“I think saving the wizarding world took all of the Gryffindor out of you, Potter. You really ought to go to Madam Pomfrey.”

“You’re an absolute prat.” Harry mumbled as he hesitantly began trailing kisses up Draco’s arm.

Draco didn’t try to ignore how Harry made him feel this time. He relished in the feeling that began to curl inside of his stomach. He thought about Harry, with his soft skin and his unruly Harry. He thought about Harry, Harry, Harry. Oh merlin, he was infatuated with the boy.

“Yeah, I know.” Draco said moments before he caught Harry in a kiss that sent chills down their backs.

They pushed against each other, wanting to touch every part of the other boy’s body. They kissed each other leisurely, but with passion, as though these events were inevitable all along. Draco’s arms wrapped around Harry’s waist, pulling the boy closer. His lips were soft, mixing with the other boy’s, tasting each other.

Harry had never felt so fulfilled, his whimper shook something inside of Draco.

They stopped kissing, and just held each other that night. They shared light banter, as Draco’s nose touched the soft skin of Harry’s neck. The magic between them was thrumming. One live wire connecting them both. 

It was then that Harry knew, he could chat with all the aliens in the universe, and nothing would be better than the contact that he’d made.

Kookiemonster Things
  • Jungkook borrowing Namjoon’s favorite book of the week from the library and reading it because it makes him feel closer to the elder (Namjoon finds the book on the side table and asks a beet red Jungkook how his copy got so battered and worn out. All the maknae can do is stammer out that it’s not Namjoon’s copy, that it’s a copy he got from the library and Namjoon just blinks at him before breaking out into a large grin and leaning in to kiss him)
  • Bear hugs
  • Namjoon staring off into space, mindlessly stroking Jungkook’s hair as the younger rests his head in his lap. “Hyung, stop thinking.” Snapping back to reality, Namjoon looks down at Jungkook and furrows his brows. “What?” “You’re thinking too loudly. Everything and everyone is okay so stop worrying.” “I didn’t say I was worried.” “Your face said that you’re worried.”
  • Jungkook poking Namjoon’s dimples and Namjoon half-heartedly swatting his hands away
  • Namjoon helping Jungkook pick his outfits out
  • Jungkook’s favorite thing in the world is listening to Namjoon talk about something he’s passionate about because the elder gets so excited and the large smile on his face makes Jungkook’s heart swell to 100000x its size.
  • Jungkook silently staying by Namjoon’s side, wordlessly reaching out to hold the elder’s hand or snuggling up next to him on the couch when Namjoon’s upset. 
  • Meme dancing 
  • Namjoon’s raspy-just-woke-up voice makes all of Jungkook’s blood rush south 
  • Namjoon going to visit Jungkook in the recording studio while the younger is recording his covers and wrapping his arms around his waist, resting his chin on Jungkook’s shoulder and staying there until Jungkook playfully shoves him away while saying that he can’t concentrate with Namjoon holding on to him like that.
  • “Pardon?” “I regret teaching you that.”
  • Jungkook extracts Namjoon’s speech that he gave on the third night of the HYYH concert from the DVD and saves it as an mp3 file on his phone to listen to whenever he’s feeling upset (Namjoon finds it one day and asks Jungkook why he would save something like that and Jungkook just shrugs, tries to play cool even though his face is burning up. “It makes me feel better.”)
  • “Hyung, you’re so good looking; it’s not fair.” “What are you talking about, have you ever looked in a mirror?” (Yoongi - who had the misfortune of walking into Namjoon’s studio at that very moment – pretends to gag)  
  • Cafe dates
  • Jungkook snuggling up in Namjoon’s arms at night 
  • Namjoon pulling Jungkook into his lap and holding onto him so very tightly, gently stroking his hair and running his hands up and down the younger’s back as Jungkook buries his face into the crook of Namjoon’s neck. They stay like that for hours and when Jungkook pulls himself away, Namjoon ignores the way his shirt feels wet and the way Jungkook’s eyes are too red and puffy because he knows how the younger gets, knows that bringing it up will only make Jungkook close up more. “Wanna go get seolbing?” (Jungkook ends up bringing it up later on his own, taking his time and carefully piecing the words together between bites of the dessert)
  • The Aesthetic Couple  
  • “I’m so proud of you, Jungkookie, you’re doing such a great job.”
  • They spend hours in Namjoon’s studio working on songs together and completely lose track of time
  • Jungkook shyly asking Namjoon for help with his homework/studying for a test and Namjoon earnestly helping him out
  • Always wake up with their legs tangled 
  • Jungkook’s always complimenting Namjoon, who gets really flustered from all of the praise (“Hyung, you’re so cool.” “Ah, hyung, how is it possible for someone to be so smart?”) 
  • Jungkook just randomly walking up to Namjoon and hugging him because Namjoon’s hugs are the Best Thing In the World. He wraps his arms around the elder’s waist and slightly sways from side to side because he loves the way it makes Namjoon laugh.

Request:  Imagine taking Felicity out for brunch

“Ok, what’s the big emergency” Felicity sighs with exhaustion as she practically throws herself into the chair opposite you. If you hadn’t been so determined that you were in the right to call this meeting, you might have felt bad, hell, looking at just how worn out the blonde was, you couldn’t help but let a small amount of that guilt creep through anyway. But no, this was the right thing to do. You needed Felicity, and more importantly right now, she needed you.

“I ordered you a coffee” you smile, handing her a menu.

“Oh no, that means this is big. Is something wrong? Of course something’s wrong, you wouldn’t say it was an emergency otherwise. What is it? Is everyone ok? Please tell me no one has died!” Felicity begins to rant.

“Fel, nothing’s wrong! Calm down!” You sooth, a reassuring smile in place as you gently stroke her arm calmingly. “Ok, look, don’t get mad at me, but I may have lied on the phone…”

“Lied about what?” the blonde questions suspiciously, her gaze never wavering from you for a second.

“There’s no emergency… Well, there is, but it’s not what you think,” you backtrack quickly. “You’re the emergency.”

Confusion plays on her brow as she continues to look at you in silent question.

“Look, I love you to pieces, but ever since you and Oliver broke up you’ve been wearing yourself thin. I honestly can’t remember the last time we actually caught up without it having something to do with some great big threat looming over the city. You need to take a break, and this, this is that. You are going to forget about work, forget about the Green Arrow, and you are going to have brunch with me, like old times.”

“And no one is hurt?” Felicity asks.

“Not if you agree to actually sit here and eat something, otherwise you might be” you smirk playfully at your friend.