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So In Love

Summary: Shawn’s been more affectionate then usual and you aren’t complaining by like why Shawn?

Requested: Yes ( Your writing is sooo good. Can you do a Shawn imagine where he just wants to be cuddled up with you all day and you have no reason why. Like if you’re sitting or laying down he’s on you with his arms wrapped tight and stuff. So you ask him why and he gets all embarrassed and says it’s because he was writing and realized how much he loved you and misses you while he’s away and he never wants to let you? Thank youuu xxx)

Word count: 1.6k

Warnings: none, maybe a some language idk



You woke to the sound of the tv playing music and your boyfriend cleaning the living room around you. You didn’t want him to know you were awake yet because you loved watching him like this. He was completely carefree and was being himself, singing along to the songs as he wrapped the cord back around the vacuum. He stood and turned to check on you, only to find you lying on the couch with a big grin on your face. “Do you enjoy being a creep and watching people?”

You laughed, “Only when they look, and sing, as good as you baby.” You sat up and pulled the blankets from your body. He walked towards you and leaned over slightly to press a sweet peck to your lips.

He rolled the vacuum back into the closet and slipped into the kitchen to grab chips and salsa for you two to snack on. He returned to the living room, placing the snacks on the table and found a new movie for the two of you to watch. He made his way back to the L-shaped couch, sliding himself between you and the back of the sofa. His arms wrapped around you and pulled your body closer to him. His fingers slid your hair away from your neck, his lips placing light peppered kisses along your jaw. “I love you baby.”

A small smile fell on your lips, a content sigh leaving your mouth, “I love you too Shawn.”

The two of you spent the rest of the night on the couch, your bodies intertwined with each other. His lips left sweet pecks on your forehead all night.

The light from the sun shone through the window in the living room. Your eyes fluttered open, your body not wanting to wake up just yet. You rolled over and snuggled your head into the curve of Shawn’s neck. A light groan left his mouth, his arms and legs stretching outwards. “Good morning baby girl.”

“Nope, it’s not time to wake up yet. I’m still tired.” You buried your face into the cushion of the couch. He pressed a kiss to your temple before slipping off the couch and heading to the bathroom.

“Come on sleepy. You have to get up at some point today,” Shawn called from the kitchen. You slowly slid off the couch and made your way to the bathroom. You pulled your hair into the best messy bun you could muster up, and brushed your teeth. You bent over to spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth and when you stood up, Shawn was standing next to you, causing you to jump a little. Your hand flew up to your chest, “Jesus, Shawn, you scared the shit out of me. Why are you so quiet sometimes.”

A laugh erupted from him, “I’m sorry babe. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to know what you wanted for breakfast.”

You rolled your eyes and followed him back to the kitchen, the two of you preparing your breakfast together.

You fixed your swimsuit bottoms before grabbing a towel from the closet. “Shawn I’m heading out to the pool. If you need me just yell for me.” He was cooped up in his music room, working on more songs for his new album.

You closed the sliding door and placed your towel on a chair before walking over to the pool to dip a toe in to check the temperature. It was still warm outside, leaving the pool slightly warmer than usual. You dove into the pool and swam to the edge, overlooking the city. You weren’t sure how much time you spent there but you were eventually brought back to reality when you felt the water next to you splash over the edge. “Hey beautiful. What are ya looking at?”

“Nothing really. I’m just thinking.” You sighed and looked back to the buildings.

“What’cha thinking about?” He placed his arms on the ledge of the pool, looking over the city as well.

“You know, things. Us. Our future.”

He nodded his head and was silent for a while. The two of you enjoying the sounds of the busy city below you. You leaned your head over and onto his shoulder, his arm wrapping around your waist.  “I love you darling.”

You finished making dinner and were now setting the table for the two of you. You walked back to Shawn’s music room and listened to him strumming his guitar and mumbling. You quietly slid into the room. You continued to listen and watch, he strummed a few notes then leaned down to jot them onto the sheets on paper in front of him before returning back to the guitar. “Shawn baby, dinner is ready,” you quietly said. He placed the guitar down and followed you back to the kitchen.

After you finished doing the dishes, Shawn returned back to his music room. You decided to catch up in your book that you had left months ago.

You felt a pair of arms wrap under your head and your legs, lifting you from the couch. You wrapped your arms around his neck and snuggled into his chest as he carried you to your bed. He placed you down on the bed before moving to his side and joining you, covering both of you with the sheets.

You woke up to the feeling of Shawn’s fingers brushing over your cheek. You closed your eyes tightly before opening them to find your boyfriend watching you. “Good morning love,” he brought his lips to yours in a sweet, loving kiss. You snuggled into his chest. The two of you laid together for a while before you got out of bed.

You decided to grab a quick breakfast before going out. You had to go run a few errands that morning. You grabbed your keys from their hook on the wall before yelling a quick goodbye to Shawn, who was already in his music room.

You opened the door to the condo, placing your keys back on the hook and dropping all your bags on the floor. You didn’t hear Shawn in his music room, or watching tv. You peeked your head into your room to find him asleep on your bed. You smiled and grabbed your book and curled up on the couch, picking up where you left off the night before. It wasn’t much longer until you felt the couch dip next to you, Shawn’s head resting in your lap. You chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. “Hi sleepy head. Did you have a nice nap?”

He nodded his head and mumbled a quiet, “Can we just stay in tonight instead of going out to dinner? I just want to spend time with just you.”

You moved your book and looked down at him, “Of course babe.”

You got up to check the fridge for something to snack on and felt Shawn’s arms around your waist and a kiss on your shoulder. You turned your head and kissed his cheek before grabbing some leftovers to reheat for dinner.

You turned a movie on and settled into the couch, Shawn’s head back in your lap. You ate your leftover pizza and placed the plate back on the table since Shawn wouldn’t let you get up off the couch. You played with his hair as he watched you instead of the movie. He loved watching how you would smile during the happy parts, or when your eyebrows would furrow when you tried to follow the plot line in your head. He grabbed your hand from his hair and placed a kiss on your palm. You smiled down at him. You noticed he had been much more affectionate, this weekend, than he usually was.

“Shawn, can I ask you a question?” You looked down at him, his eyes had a twinkle in them from the lights on the ceiling shining down. He nodded his head. You studied his features, a look of absolute love on his face. “You’ve been really loving this weekend. Is everything okay? I mean, I know you are a very affectionate person when we are home anyway, but this weekend has been like a whole different Shawn.”

He smiled at you, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Of course everything is okay. I’ve just had a lot of time to think lately and I’ve just come to a realization. I’m working on new songs and the only thing that came to my head was you and how much I love you,” he sat up and brushed your hair out of your face. “I love you so much. I guess I never had time to sit down and really think about us. I see a future with you and that makes me so happy. I see us buying a house together and having kids together. I see us growing old together and being surrounded by our big family. I never want this to end with us. I love you too much. And I miss you like crazy when I’m not home. I hate knowing that when I’m gone, you’re by yourself with no one. And it makes my heart so happy to think that eventually when I leave on tour you won’t be alone and you’ll have a baby with you. And I just can’t stop thinking about how much I’m absolutely head over heels in love with you.” He rambled on and on. Your smiled was a mile wide.

“Shawn, that’s what I was thinking about yesterday. I can’t wait to have a family with you. I love you so much.” You grabbed the sides of his face and brought him to you. Your noses lightly bumped before your lips attached. You pulled away with a smile on yours lips.

This was the man who you were going to spend the rest of your life with and you couldn’t wait.

ATTENTION EVERYONE: I need y’all to know something very important that happened today. Do you see this beautiful and lovely smile? Do you see how damn cute PKane looks right here? WELL, this gorgeous and perfect grin came about during this interview earlier today when Patrick was asked what is his ideal number of preseason games that he’d like to play.

And from the background one Jonathan Toews yells: ALL OF ‘EM.

And Patrick smiles like the sun came out and it’s amazingggggg.

Thank you and goodnight.

BTS Reaction: When You Wait Up For Them + Cuddles (Maknae Line)


He had been on a worldwide tour for months and he’s coming home tonight. You wanted to meet him at the airport but his flight was coming in so late, he told you to stay home and get some sleep. Right, like you could sleep at a time like this!

But when he walks through the door he finds you standing in the kitchen with your chin propped up on your palm and your eyes closed, slowly stirring honey into your cup of tea. You don’t even know he’s there until he walks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. You jump, almost spilling your tea. 

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to sca-” he doesn’t get to finish what he’s saying as you spin around in his arms, squeezing him as tight as your sleepiness will allow.

He chuckles as he picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. He sits on the edge of the bed with you in his lap, and you just hold eachother for a while.

“I missed you so much,” you say with your face in the crook of his neck.

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When Tae called you to tell you he’d be late and to just go to sleep, you noticed in his voice that he was upset. So you stayed up, in case he wanted to talk. You were laying in bed with your favorite show on Netflix playing on your laptop when he came home. He saw you were awake but just went into the bathroom to take a shower. He looked exhausted.

You close your laptop and just lay on your stomach, waiting for him to finish washing up.

He comes out in pajamas, his hair still wet, and just crawls over you to lay down. He wraps his legs around one of yours and throws his arm over your back.

“Thanks for waiting up,” he mumbles into your neck, causing goosebumps to rise on your arms.

“You okay, Tae?”

“I am now.”

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No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep your eyes open. It’s so late and you had a long day at school, but you want to see your boyfriend.

You’re passed out on the couch when he comes home, arm thrown over your head and an open textbook in your lap. He’s so tired, he doesn’t bother washing up. He just walks to the couch and lays down, taking the book from your lap and replacing it with his head. It’s several hours before you stir and notice him. You stuggle to wake him up and get him to change. All you can get him to do is put pajama shorts on. Once you’re in bed, you snuggle together and don’t move a single muscle for the rest of the night.

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Time Stands Still Ch. 7: The White Wolf

So I was feeling really bummed with no GoT to watch (since yesterday was Sunday) and I just decided to write, write, write.  It’s a longer chapter where some of the earlier plot lines (Gendry and Jaime) start to come together, there’s also lots of smut and fluff.  


Summary:  A night of steamy passion for Jon & Dany. Jaime has woken the dragon in Jon and they have a confrontation. Fresh from laying into the Kingslayer, Jon pays a visit to Gendry. The baby moves for the first time! An unconventional coupling for Jon and Dany ends the chapter on a smutty high note.

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BTS Reaction: You Being Taller Than Them

Anon Requested:  Could you do a BTS Reaction where you are tall? Im personally 6ft

Masterlist | Ask/Request | Fic. Recs

Disclaimer: None of these gifs are mine!

Requests Are Open!

Namjoon (Rap Monster)

With Namjoon being the tallest member he wouldn’t really mind. He loves you how you are no matter how tall you are, even if he did struggle when it came to kissing you.

“Maybe it should be me who should be wearing the heels?”

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Seokjin (Jin)

Jin being the God he is wouldn’t give a damn. He’s good-looking, you’re good-looking. What better way to put it. You guys are the newest and hottest power couple, no matter the height.

“Babe we’ve got it all, we truly are the most beautiful couple out there!”

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Yoongi (Suga)

With the poor boy being one of the smallest members, he’d feel a little annoyed that you were so tall in comparison to him. But in all honesty, he loved the fact that you would tease him every now and then about how short and squishy he was.

“I swear to God Jagi! If you make fun of my height I’ll…” *smiles knowing he can’t think of anything*

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

We all know this ray of sunshine wouldn’t give a damn about your height. As long as you are and bright and happy as he was he couldn’t care less about how short or how tall you are!

“Ah! Jagi, you’re perfect the way you are!

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With Jimin being the shortest, he’d definitely be very cautious when he was around you. Especially since you could tease him all day long about how short he was in comparison to you.

“Ya! Stop teasing me! I’ve had to suffer from Jungkook long enough!

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung wouldn’t care about your height one bit! Even if he did prefer women/men who were shorter than him. He’d appreciate your personality over your looks, height, and weight.

“You’re always beautiful so don’t let others bring you down!”

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Whether you’re short or tall, he will ALWAYS find a way to tease you. No matter how far you run this boy will always find you and tease you, which usually resulted in him feeling bad if you were self-conscious about yourself.

“I’m sorry babe. I promise I won’t do it again.”

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T̡̡̨̛́o͜͞͠o̸̕ ҉̸̀c͏̡҉l̴̵̶̀o͝҉҉ş̷́é̛͘͘͝ ̡̀͘͟f̸̢͘ǫ̶͜͡r̶͞͡ ̷̷̴ć̶͡͏̢o҉͝m͜͜͜͠͠f̨̨͜ó̸҉ŗ̵́t̸͡.̶͡

Yay I finally made a new edit that’s not using the bluespace effect! xD
In all seriousness though I thought the end slate of this video would make for a good photoset of edits of Anti getting closer and closer to the screen. I am super proud of how these came out though! :D I’m still new to doing glitch effects for these edits though so I’m sorry if they don’t look that great but I’m still super fucking proud of these and I’m very excited to show them to you all. ^_^
I hope you like them! :) 

AU where Jimin is a ballet dancer and Yoongi is a street rat in need of job

Chapter 13

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Yoongi has to admit it — his first day on the job hasn’t been the worst. He’s been moving lights and sets around for a few hours and isn’t trying to hang himself from any of them yet, which is an incredibly good sign. And he’s sticking to what Manager Seokjin told him: no flirting with the dancers, especially not the male ones. Yoongi could have made a joke about how he “doesn’t swing that way, thank you very much”, but he’s pretty sure Jin has walked in on him drunkenly making out with Namjoon at least once…

A particularly loud /crash/ jolts Yoongi out of his reverie, and he spins around to see where the sound came from. He doesn’t find its source, but instead something else that catches his attention: a tired looking dancer standing on a ledge, looking especially pale — even paler than Yoongi, which is saying something. Yoongi normally wouldn’t pay this character a second thought, except that over the course of 10 seconds, the man goes from standing perfectly upright to completely collapsing and falling off the ledge to his imminent doom. Luckily, Yoongi is faster than that.

“Whoops, wouldn’t want you flying off the side baby,” he mutters, stepping forward and catching the sleeping beauty in both arms. Yoongi looks down at the sickly face in front of him (belatedly realizing that shit man, this boy is gorgeous) and smirks as his eyes open sluggishly. “Good morning sunshine, enjoy your slumber?”

The boy blinks once, then twice, and Yoongi is about to say something even cheesier when he is incredibly rudely interrupted by an angry looking Seokjin stalking towards him.

“Min Yoongi, what did I fucking tell you about flirting with the dancers? Do you want me to fire you?” Yoongi hands the pale boy over to his manager and walks off. He isn’t looking to get fired on his first day at work, but that sleepy face lingers in his mind maybe longer than it should.

That night, Jimin finds a small slip of paper tucked neatly under his shirt collar.

Better be glad I caught you, sunshine. Wouldn’t want you damaging that pretty face of yours. Call me~ xxx-xxx-xxxx

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I just looked at the credits and they literally explain everything, the members haven't been nearly as involved as they were in Wings, maybe that's why I feel a bit disconnected from the music. I really do enjoy most of the songs (except the teaser version of DNA sounds sooooo much cooler than the full one, can't stand that obnoxious edm breakdown). It makes me feel less confused, I still love bts and that is the problem, I want more of their input.

yeah… honestly i thought about this once more when listening to the album a few more times last night while reading the articles that came out and what was said at the press conference, and then it kind of clicked to me… sorry to go on a tangent but i came to a conclusion that the issue is, that the boys, the fans and the company are all focused on something else than the actual music

whenever they were asked what the boys’ goals were, it was all… wanna get into billboard hot 100, that they want it to chart really well digitally, want to get a lot of awards, want to set records, want to have milestones that will be set in history… and the fans are trying to make it happen for them so suddenly the actual music doesn’t matter as much to them either, and the boys are basically saying what the company is pushing too… 

so this album wasn’t about them advancing as artists, getting more involved in their music (this is a huge step back in this regard from wings, and even hyyh pt1 and 2 where more members had involvement as well), it wasn’t about them expressing themselves or even really doing music they want to do (which would explain why a lot of people struggle in finding some connection or sincerity in the album this time), if you put it all together, what the boys said and the marketing the company has been doing and taking into account how this album sounds, this album was very obviously made from scratch with the intention of getting them on the hot 100 and smashing those records, getting as mainstream as possible basically, the goal wasn’t to make good music or for the boys to express themselves, so their input as artists was minimized… 

i’m not saying they’re not working hard, but considering how we know they all work on the music and try to create and submit melodies and lyrics… looking at the credits, obviously the company had different goals than letting them be more involved :( i’m hoping that after they achieve all this awards and charting stuff, that we can go back to them putting more of themselves in their music and wanting to do music for music’s sake


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Returning to Hogwarts with your friends by your side you were unsure how to feel. You were lucky to be alive but at the same time you just witnessed a hero die for the sake of disgusting the death eaters and it was clear that Voldemort was indeed back. This was a sure sign that war was about to break out.

Despite everything that happened almost all of this escape your mind when almost as soon as you stepped back on the school grounds a familiar face came running toward you and engulfed you in a hug. You stood frozen as Draco pulled away and examined you, as if looking for any injuries.

Several things made this situation kind of uncomfortable for you. 1) Draco’s father just happen to be one of the death eaters you faced and 2) you and Draco had broken up after he discovered that you joined Dumbledore’s Army. Yet here he was hugging you as if none of that mattered.

“You’re okay” Draco murmured.

“Yeah I am… Draco your father-”.

“I don’t care about that right now. [Y/N] I’m so sorry” he said. Looking straight into his grey eyes you realized how distressed Draco must have been while you were gone. He did care what happened to you, even if you both weren’t together anymore.

“So am I Draco. So am I”.


Dianakko Week! (day 2)

my second work for @dianakko-week Casual/First date!

Summary: Akko is feeling a tad nervous about her date with Diana

Notes: This particular piece takes place in a typical college AU. Nothing special, I just wanted to branch out a bit. Also, they are still in the UK, so they are using Celsius, not Fahrenheit.

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12114093/chapters/27513036

FF.Net Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12655858/2/Dianakko-Week

“So, how do I look?” Akko asked her roommates, giving a slight twirl.

“Like an idiot worrying too much about what to wear,” came Sucy’s dry reply. Akko was less than amused with this answer.

“Lotte!” Akko said with a whine, turning to her other friend. “Sucy is being mean!”

The girl in question gave a nervous chuckle in response.

“I’m sure what Sucy is trying to say is you are worrying too much Akko. You look lovely,” Lotte said.

Akko perked up a bit at this, but her smile soon faded once more into a nervous frown. She turned back to her full body mirror, taking in her appearance. She wore a short, white skirt and a sleeveless red blouse. Despite having just bought the outfit for this occasion, Akko couldn’t help but feel like it wasn’t enough, like somehow it looked cheap. Sensing her friend’s discomfort, Lotte walked up behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Akko, trust us. When Diana sees you, she’ll be speechless,” the orange haired girl said sweetly.

Placing her hand on Akko’s other shoulder, Sucy nodded in agreement.

“That lovestruck dork is obsessed with you. You could probably show up wearing a potato sack and she would gush about it for hours.”

“Sucy…,” Lotte began with a slightly disapproving tone.

Sucy rolled her eyes before responding, “All teasing aside your outfit looks great Akko.”

Akko let out a sigh of relief. She knew in her heart that her friends were right, but couldn’t help the insecurity she felt. She was going on a date with Diana-freaking Cavendish. The star student of the University, the heir to a wealthy family, and the most beautiful girl Akko had ever seen. Akko had harboured a crush on the British girl ever since she met her on her way to her astronomy lecture. She had gotten herself hopelessly lost trying to find the science building, and had been looking down at a map when she quite literally ran into Diana. From the moment she met her eyes, Akko felt herself fall head over heels for her. Thankfully, the girl was as kind and helpful as she was beautiful, and spent next to no time sending the blushing Japanese girl on her way. Akko didn’t remember anything from her lecture that day, her mind was too preoccupied, filled with daydreams of the platinum blonde.

Over the next few weeks, Akko had done absolutely everything in her power to “run into,” Diana again. From waiting outside her classes, to “coincidentally,” going to the same coffee shop as her. Luckily for Akko, Diana had been just as smitten, and was glad to spend time with her. Still Akko had been quite shocked, and very pleasantly surprised, when Diana had asked her out for what would be their first official date. Akko cringed internally as she thought back to how badly she had stumbled over her words, desperately trying to get out a coherent response. In the end, she could only offer a nod.

The Japanese girl was shaken from her thoughts as she realized that Sucy was trying to ask her a question.

“Eh? What was that? Sorry I was-”

“Spacing out again?” Sucy asked flatly, cutting the her off mid sentence. The pale girl rolled eyes before holding up a brush in her hand. “I was asking that if I could help you with your hair finally, if your done having a meltdown about your outfit that is.”

Ignoring the small jab, Akko nodded, a smile on her face. She pulled a chair from her desk to in front of her mirror, and plopped down into it. After she had told her friends about the date, they had offered to help in all sorts of ways, with Sucy surprisingly offering to do Akko’s hair. According to her, Akko’s normal ‘mess of a ponytail’ simply wouldn’t do for the date. As Sucy set about brushing out Akko’s hair, Lotte helped her apply her make up, and before long Akko was ready to go.

Standing in front of her mirror one more time, Akko took in her updated look. She didn’t often wear her hair long, she thought it was more trouble than it was worth, but had to admit that she looked quite good with it down. Akko couldn’t help but smile. She really did have some incredible friends. Thanks to them, Akko was finally starting to feel like she was ready for her date.

“Alright! No more worrying from me!” She exclaimed excitedly. “Akko Kagari is ready to sweep Diana off her feet!”


Akko Kagari decided that she was so not ready for this date. She sat in her chair, fiddling with her hands as her mind ran wild. Sure she had shown up to their regular coffee shop quite early, probably one of the only times she was early in her life, but she couldn’t help but grow more and more anxious with each passing second. What if Diana didn’t show up? What if she decided that Akko wasn’t as charming as she initially thought? What if this wasn’t even really a date at all? The thought had just popped into Akko’s head and she already felt her stomach flip out in dread. Had she misread the situation? Sure Diana had asked her if she wanted to grab a coffee with her, but what if she meant it as a friend thing, not a “I think you are cute and want to date you,” thing? If that was the case, Akko was sure she was about to make the absolute biggest fool of herself.

Akko had been so self absorbed in her increasingly negative thoughts that she hadn’t even noticed when Diana walked in through the door. When she gave a small cough to get her attention, Akko nearly jumped out of her skin. Diana couldn’t help but giggle at her startled reaction.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked smoothly, gesturing to the chair across from Akko.

“Diana!” Akko Shouted as she leap up. She could feel her face start to heat up before continuing, “I didn’t see you come in…”

Diana gave another giggle before sitting down, and motioning for Akko to do the same.

“I-I have to say Akko,” the heiress began, showing a rare, flustered moment. “You look quite beautiful…”

Akko felt her heart soar at these words. Sucy and Lotte had been right all along! Her worries were all but melted away when she heard Diana continue,

“But are you not…maybe a tad bit…overdressed?”

If she could have, Akko was pretty sure she would have melted into the floor right then and there. She was so wrapped up in worrying about looking her absolute best, that she hadn’t even considered that she could have been going over board. Looking at the other patrons in the shop, Akko could see that Diana was right. The shop had always been a small one, and with it so close to the university, it was highly popular with the students. There was practically no one else besides her that looked to be wearing anything beyond casual. Even Diana herself, Akko noticed, was in casual wear, although with her regal air she made any outfit look ballroom worthy. The blonde girl was wearing a beige sweater, with a white shirt underneath, along with a pair of black pants, and brown zip up boots. The date had just started and already she had messed up. Akko’s mind spun as she tried to quickly think of a game plan. Maybe she could go back home and change? Or maybe she could go back home, crawl under her bed, and never leave the house again. Yeah, that sounded good.

Diana must have noticed her distress, and spoke again.

“Not that there is anything wrong with that of course!” she said quickly. “You really do look absolutely lovely. It’s just- I usually- I don’t know, I guess I have an eye for these sorts of things.” the heiress gave a small frown. “I’m sorry, Akko. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Akko was quick to respond.

“No, no it’s fine, Diana really! I just feel a bit silly is all,” the brunette said with a nervous chuckle.

This made Diana’s smile return, as she leaned across the table and took Akko’s hands in her own.

“Don’t. You are fine.” Diana gave a sly smile before continuing, “The jewelry might have been a tad overboard though.” Diana broke into a fit of laughter as Akko gave her a playful pout in response.

After that, the date progressed very smoothly, if Akko did say so herself. The two spent a long time talking about practically anything and everything, and all the nothing in between. As their time together was starting to wind down, Akko decided to self evaluate how she did. While she had screwed up in the beginning, she thought she did a pretty good job in recovering. She was able to offer Diana all kinds of sweet compliments, and was even able to order Diana’s favorite drink for her completely from memory. That must have totally looked suave right? She felt herself grin proudly at her accomplishment. She was way wrong earlier. She could totally get the hang of this dating stuff.

Hearing Diana laugh again, Akko looked up at her date.

“What’s that look for?” Diana asked playfully. “Deciding which fancy outfit you will wear next?”

Akko blushed at the slight tease, shaking her head to clear her earlier thoughts.

“Nah, I was just-just thinking about some stuff..” she replied lamely.

Thankfully, Diana didn’t press the issue.

As the two made their way to the exit of the shop, Akko couldn’t help but feel sad that the date was ending. Sure she had been an absolute nervous wrecking going into it, but once she had gotten past that she couldn’t help but realize how much fun she had simply talking to Diana. She decided right then and there that she would extend their time together.

“Hey Diana, let me walk you home!” Akko said brightly.

Diana turned to look at her, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

“Are you sure about that Akko? My apartment is in the exact opposite direction of your dorm.”

Akko smirked at this, putting her hands on her hips proudly.

“I’m super sure! The distance is no big deal for someone as fit as me.” she said boastfully, a playful air of bravado about her. Being on the cross country team payed off in more ways than one.

Diana giggled at this, before putting a hand on Akko’s shoulder.

“I was more referring to the fact that it’s 10 degrees out and you aren’t wearing any sleeves.”

As if to prove the heiress’ point, a gusty wind blew, causing Akko to shiver. Moving to rub her bare arms she realized that maybe a sleeveless blouse wasn’t the best thing to wear in the middle of November.

“I see your point,” Akko conceded.

Diana gave her a soft smile, before pulling her into a tight hug. Akko could feel her face heat up again, just knowing that she probably looked as red as her blouse.

“Don’t catch a cold on your way back okay,” Diana whispered into her ear.

Akko could only nod dumbly in response. Leaning back, Diana looked her directly in the eyes, and proceeded to place a light kiss on her cheek. Turning away, Diana waved goodbye to the now stunned Japanese girl.

“Bye, Akko! I’ll see you on Monday!” Diana called over her shoulder, as she walked off towards her apartment.

Akko gave a weak wave goodbye, before slowly lowering her hand to her face, touching where Diana had just kissed her. All she could do was simply stand there in shock, as a feeling of absolute giddiness wash over her. It may have been bitterly cold out, the wind maybe have been blowing harshly, and she may have not been wearing sleeves, but as she touched her cheek, Akko could feel nothing but warmth.  

anonymous asked:

have you ever shared the story of how you proposed to your lovely fiancé? (very happy for the both of you, by the way!)

It was New Year- and I was going to wait a little while longer.
But surrounded by our cats and our faerie lights- which made their eye’s shine when they looked away- it just… came out.

Couldn’t stop it.

Then they laughed at me and I wanted to die and now we are getting married, I guess.
They were very happy when they realised I was being serious!

Thank you, Anon!

2 Students came in at my office to get their paper looked over came out knowing who BAP is because Honeymoon is streaming nonstop. You know what got them? The lyrics. They loved it. Even considered buying the album.

Plus, they were all in awe of Zelo and how beautiful he is, so I gave them one small photocard each.

I’m mourning for the photocard but if this means an album sale for the boys, then, why not?

sludge7  asked:

im looking at your ocs.. dublin b5? i like his design

!!! * * – n thank you for the prompt + the compliment on my art!! this one’s no colors since i liked how the hair came out too much to risk mussing it.. its been a long time since i drew dublin ths was fun


Dove thought that day had come when the needle lady arrived a day earlier than usual to deliver her dad’s check. As usual she had been sent from the room while they talked. Instead of going to her room like she usually did she leaned against the door listening.

“Have you found her?” Blake asked.

“She’s in Riverview” the woman’s voice carried through the door.

Dove gave an involuntary smile that came to her lips. Finally she knew where to look for her mom. Her mind was ablaze with all the unanswered questions she had.

Backing away from the door, her mind already planning what she would need to do next. She ran up the stairs in anticipation of searching how to get to Riverview. She pulled up google maps on her phone. She never once imagined her mom living in the country. She let out a small dismayed moan at how long it would take her to get to Riverview. Twelve hours. Her dad would never let her go alone. She leaned back resting against her headboard.


A few commission for @trollscribbles /o/ Really happy with how they came out. Go look at Nemi’s stuff. His stuff is really awesome.

Tools: Clip Studio Paint EX \ Huion GT-190
Characters/People: Ozzy, Nemi, and Ebil

Want a commission? Click here for more information.