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BTS Mafia! AU Reaction to you being very small and Innocent!

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Jin: He saw you in the club as you were legit dragged to it by your friends, and he approached you since someone like you does not usually go to the club. 

“The names is Jin, and you are?”

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Suga/Yoongi: Would be so intrigued by you, seeing someone so pure looking as you was he not used to.

“Who is that?” 

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Jhope/Hoseok: Also very inrigued in you, wondering how he could get closer to you. 

“Well hello there..”

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Rapmonster/Namjoon: Daddy Joon comes out! *imma just leave this here

“Come here my angel”

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Jimin: So he “accidently” walked in on you changing, and he just laughed as you screamed and felt your entire face heat up!

“What?” He chuckled lightly smirking at you 

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V/Taehyung: Would love to tease you, some touches here and there and just not giving you any personal space of whatsoever. He loved the way you backed away from him when he got  little too close.

“What is it (Y/N)? *innocent smile

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Would also love teasing you, but with small and flirty comments. Even some touching too. 

“That ass though!” was all he said as he smacked it. 

- Mberry

(Credit to the gif owners)

Hold On - Jeff Atkins (Bed of Lies Alternate Ending)


Regular = Reader dialogue

Italics = Mrs. Atkins

Bold and Italicized = Jeff 

Someone on wattpad suggested that he lives and they makeup and an anon on here suggested some Grey’s Anatomy quotes! Tissues may be needed. BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

You shook your head in disbelief. You had just walked in to see Jeff and his ex tangled in the sheets. They both looked like deer in headlights, shocked that you had found them both. Your hand grasped tightly around the door handle, your face turning a very dark shade of red. You turned around, slamming the door behind you. You walked home that night, leaving Jeff to finish whatever had happened, but it was safe to say that your relationship was over.

 You ignored him at school, his contact name changed, his calls always denied. You made it very clear how angry you were.

 “Y/N, your father and I are going to a movie and then dinner! Money is on the counter if you get hungry!!” Your mother yelled from the foyer. You heard the door close and the car drive away. You were alone.

You were finishing up some homework when you had gotten a text from Jeff. 

i’m coming over

You rolled your eyes and ignored it. He wouldn’t come over unless you told him it was okay. But you were wrong. Around 5 minutes later, there was a pounding on the door. You went downstairs and sat on the last step.

“I’m not leaving until we fix this!!” He yelled through the heavy door.

 “You’re gonna be there for awhile then.” You mumble, picking at your nails.

 “Open the damn door, Y/N.”

 No, if he wanted to fix things he’d wait. 10 minutes passed and he was still there, pounding harder on the door. You cheeks were wet and tear stained, your nose pink.

 “Y/N, please.”

 You huffed, getting up, hesitating to open the door. Your hand slowly pulled on the door handle, revealing Jeff with a bouquet of flowers. You rolled your eyes and walked away, now leaning against the countertop of the island in your kitchen.

“I miss you so mu-”



“Why’d you do it, Jeff?”


 “She put herself on me, I’d never do that to you.”

 “Do you ever think of me when you lie to people?”


 “Do you?!” You were curious, how many times had he lied to other people? His bright blue eyes had become coated in tears, same as yours have. Not because of sadness, but of anger.

“I never lied to other people!”

 “I don’t understand why. You had all the power to stop it. Yet you let it get to that point! I can tell you’re lying!!” You yelled at him, you were furious.

 “I’m not lying to you, I’m being honest!! You’re so fucking difficult sometimes.” He yelled in return.

You chuckled that chuckle that every guy dreads hearing, the one where they knew there was no going back and restarting the conversation.

“Get the fuck out, Jeff.”

“Y/N, You don’t get it! I didn’t do it!! Don’t you get it?! You’re smart it shouldn’t be that hard to understand!!!!”

“Don’t yell at me!! It takes two to fuck, Jeff. You’re just as guilty as she is. I’ve made my point, there’s the door!” You shouted, slamming your hand down on the counter. “Go out that goddamn door and don’t come back.”

He drops the flowers on the counter, being sure to forcefully close the door behind him. You grabbed the flowers and went upstairs to your room where you opened your window, throwing the flowers towards his car.

“I don’t want your damn ‘i’m sorry’ flowers either!” You watched as his eyes traveled to your window, picking up the flowers and shaking his head as he walked towards his car. He threw the flowers in the garbage at the curb of your house. It wasn’t long before he drove off.

You only cried harder, your back sliding down your bedroom wall. You were irritated and upset with Jeff. He was different than all of the other guys, you were hoping to be high school sweethearts.

A knock at your bedroom door interrupts your train of thoughts. You quickly wipe under your eyes and calm yourself down before opening the door.

“Honey, was Jeff here? We saw flowers in the trash outside. 

“He was. I made him leave.” Your mom knew about what had happened between you and Jeff, she understood where you were coming from.

“Obviously things aren’t better.”

You shook your head. “I just wanted to know why, why he did it, why that night, and why with her of all people. He got defensive, I made him leave.”

Your mom nodded and rubbed your back with one hand. Just as you finished, your phone rang.  It was Jeff. “I should, uh, I should answer that.”

“Remember, it took me 9 months to make you, don’t let someone shatter your heart in 15 seconds.” You nod and shut the door behind her.


You let the phone ring the first time, you couldn’t bring yourself to answer it.


You and Jeff had been the high school’s ‘OTP’ since you started dating freshmen year.


 It wasn’t okay, what he did. But you didn’t want to throw away all that history


The phone rang the second time, you immediately answered.


“Jeff! Hey listen, i’m sorry for earlier.”


“I know that i was very bitchy but I never should’ve snapped like that.”


“We have so much history and I’d hate to throw that all away.”


“I want us to move past this, I really do.”


“You were my first crush, my first boyfriend, my first date…”


“You were my first kiss, my first time, the first person I felt so secure and safe with.”


“I’d hate to throw it all away.”


“You’ve helped me through everything. It could’ve been a horrible grade, Hannah’s death, and just seeing Bryce in the hallway.”


“I feel like I over think things way too easily, I’m sorry.”


“All I want is for us to be us again.”


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  • Fukase: One of the girls of the group that is always talking about how ugly I am asked me out while I was serving Oliver his favorite food, she did that because now I wear makeup to cover the "creepy" side of my face, I don't have problems hiding my hand because I wear gloves, the makeup is also good to look like if I have a normal skin color, I changed the subject telling her that would talk with her later because I was busy with Oliver, while the whole thing was happening Oliver was staring at her, he looked upset, how cute
  • Oliver: Those girls are so hypocrite, now that Fufu's boss asked him to wear makeup all of them thinks he's hot and wants all his attention, they even gave him their phone numbers, and asked him to sing something for them, now they act kind with him, I hate that kind of people so much, after the cafe closed I asked Fufu if I could stay with him that night, I also asked him if he would call one of those girls, he said "I don't really like girls, not that much, they're too noisy, I would date someone like Flower, but they aren't like her" what
Iced Coffee

Today, her hair was styled a little differently than normal. Instead of her hair being loose and fluffy, it was neatly tied back in a little ponytail. Well, it was only natural that she would change her hairstyle especially since it’s gotten so hot lately, but it was unfair on how she could look even cuter than before!  

“Sir?” she called out, facing him with a curious look.

“Y-Yes?” Crap, was he staring? Did she catch him? Oh, what if she bans him from coming here because she’s so creeped out by him looking at all the time?

She gave him a polite smile and asked, “How’s the coffee?”

“Delicious as always!” Should he tell a pun or did she not like puns? Were there people who didn’t like puns?  

“Would you like anything else? Perhaps a refill?” she offered.  

Haise glanced over at his watch. Shoot, his break’s almost over. “No thank you, but may I have 5 iced coffees to go? And the bill?”

“Of course. I’ll have that right out for you.” Should he say something? Would it be weird for him to compliment her? “Here you are. Thank you very much for your patronage.”  

“Your hair is very cute today,” he blurted out.  

“I’m sorry?”

He could feel his ears heat up from that comment.

Before he could further embarrass himself, he grabbed the coffee tray and shouted,“Thanks again!” And he rushed out before the waitress could even get a word out. 

That was so embarrassing! Oh, why did he say something like that? Now how’s he going to face her next time?


“I have always fought to support causes tied to the injustice and impunity, with which I am faced with by my government in Mexico every day. Yet this trip I made to the Maldives with Parley brought me deep into our damaged oceans and changed my perception of things as well as how I relate to those I love. All of a sudden, this cause, the ocean, and our survival drove great purpose in me. Everywhere I look, I see signs of what I could be doing, but I’m not doing.”

about shiro not backing keith’s story in bom: i think there’s other factors that a lot of people overlook. namely, the fact that shiro’s response isn’t just him reacting to an isolated incident–its him finally putting together the pieces after a long time of dealing with constant doubt and concern. because he knows something’s up with keith. in season 2, he’s the only one that does. on two separate occasions, he takes keith aside and tries to talk to him, to ask him what’s wrong, to try and get him to open up. and every time keith shuts him out? you can see the fear on shiro’s face, can see that he feels like they’re slowly drifting apart and he’s losing keith

these two strike me as friends who probably used to tell each other everything. so the fact that keith is refusing to talk now, that he’s forcing this distance between them? shiro doesn’t know what to think. and when he sees keith has this alien knife and is maybe part galra? maybe isn’t even from earth at all? shiro is very quickly finding out that this person he’s very close to, someone who he thought he knew everything about, is quite literally becoming alien. his best friend is suddenly a stranger, and he’s questioning whether he ever even knew him at all  

looking at shiro’s face here, he looks just as panicked as keith. despite how good he is at improvising and acting, he doesn’t even have it in him to scrape together an excuse or cover story. he’s genuinely shocked, and just blurts the words out without thinking. “I…I don’t know”–he hesitates, stumbles. he’s seeing the person he thought he was really close to in a whole new light, and he doesn’t know how to handle it

and keith? when he’s down on the ground, the first thing he says is “Shiro, you know me.” becuase he’s trying desperately to bridge that gap, to make shiro see–to prove that, even if keith’s going through some shit, even if he doesn’t know who he himself is, he hasn’t changed. the person shiro knew is still the same. 

also, look at shiro’s face after that exchange. that doesn’t look like someone who just sold out or distrusts their friend. he takes the time to look at keith and kinda check in, to see how vulnerable and scared he looks (scared because he thinks shiro doesn’t trust him)

before he goes right back to glaring and confronting the bom

he then tells keith theyre leaving and starts walking away. he realizes there’s some kind of conflict here between keith and the bom, so he tries to separate them. if he really didnt trust his friend, he would’ve insisted he either 1 hand over the knife or 2 started asking a bunch of personally invasive questions–after all, this is the person that insisted on morally grey mind control interrogation to extract information from a galra. 

instead, he sees how honestly hurt and confused keith looks, so he gives him some space and tries to quickly remove him from the situation 

and when keith insists on staying? shiro’s worried look in the background there? even if he doesn’t understand what’s been going on with keith all this time, he’s clearly concerned, clearly cares. he backs off a bit and let’s keith say his piece, because he realizes just how much all this means to him. shiro doesn’t interfere again until after he hears keith’s life will be on the line, and immediately tries to get him out of there 

he goes right up to keith’s side when he tries to reason with him, and we get a repeat of that shoulder touch thing these two do so much. shiro especially does this to keith a lot, and it honestly seems like a kind of grounding thing. he reaches out to keith, tries to tell him that whatever’s going on his life isn’t worth it, holds onto him to offer some kind of comfort. the way shiro tries to convince him here reminds me a lot of that thing joaquim said in an interview, about how “shiro is sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” shiro very much tries to do that here, sees that keith is angry and upset and tries to keep him from making a reckless decision. 

was shiro really taken aback and hurt initially? i think so, yes. but once he kinda has a bit of time to recover and think things through he’s still thinking of keith and trying to help him as best he can–this is also why he doesn’t try to stop him again until it’s absolutely necessary, because he respects keith’s volition and understands the importance of that autonomy. when push comes to shove, regardless of the situation, shiro still steps up to protect keith 

The Wedding Night

Ok so @omgkatsudonplease was streaming Pride and Prejudice tonight and lots of Rivals jokes were made as we have established that umfb&mha is actually an accidental Pride and Prejudice AU. And then suddenly we found out that apparently there is an extra scene in the American version that I had never seen before and let me tell you, that Fucked Me Up because I love that film and this new scene kills me. 


So what did I do with this new, groundbreaking information? Wrote a Rivals version of this scene of course.

So without further ado may I present to you The Wedding Night scene, otherwise known as my 1am fic rambling and a snippet of what Rivals - Past, Present and Future might be like 

                                       The Wedding Night 

Walking slowly into the room, Viktor finished pulling his shirt off over his head and looked to see where Yuuri was stretched out on the bed before him. Unlike Viktor, Yuuri was still wearing the formal white shirt of the day’s celebrations but his trousers were gone and the shirt was half unbuttoned, giving Viktor a tantalising glimpse of sharp collarbones and smooth, perfect skin. At the sound of his approach, Yuuri turned to face him, eyes softening and face breaking out into a smile as he looked at his once fiancé and now husband.

“Come here,” he murmured and Viktor obeyed, climbing onto the bed to where Yuuri was lying with a slight smirk on his face and arms open invitingly.

“Of course solnyshko,” Viktor breathed, planting a light kiss on Yuuri’s forehead and then laughing a little when Yuuri made a soft noise of protest before reaching down to capture his lips in a much deeper kiss. After a few seconds he pulled away and Yuuri smiled up at him, eyes bright in the darkness of the room.

“You always call me solnyshko,” he teased, running one hand down Viktor’s side and sliding the other up to tangle lightly in his hair. “People might think you’re getting…predictable.”

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my browser crashed and i retyped all of this just for @rreneewalker bc she’s Nice™

hey lets talk about ronans buzzcut cause i just shaved my head, cool? cool

  • its therapeutic as hell
    • seriously its the best feeling
  • the first time he shaves his head its not long after niall died
  • everything he sees reminds him of his father
  • its one too many times he sees his reflection, sees his father staring back at him, and he decides fuck it.
    • he grabs a random pair of scissors and just starts chopping off his hair as close as he can get it to his scalp
    • he doesn’t sleep that night
    • he keeps having to wait for his vision clear to finish the job
    • its the first and last time he cries for his father
  • gansey finds him the next morning red eyed, wide awake, and clutching the scissors in a death grip
  • he takes the scissors away, doesn’t say a word about ronan skipping, and comes home that afternoon with proper clippers
  • from then on, it becomes monthly routine for them
    • “ok dick, no cutting my ears off”
    • “it was one damn time, and i barely nicked you leave me alone”
    • “language, dick”
    • “say goodbye to your ears”
  • the first time adam is around for it, he’s at monmouth for something or other, and him and gansey are doing homework (re: adam is doing homework while gansey is hunched over his journal waxing poetic about is magical sleeping boyfriend)
  • ronan busts out of his room, clippers in hand and just yells “HEY DICK”
    • cue gansey flailing and dropping all his shit
    • he’s a soft guy ok ronan startles him a lot
  • gansey gets up and goes into the bathroom/kitchen/laundry room to cut ronan’s hair 
  • adam’s kinda ???? until he hears the clippers
  • he’s…kinda curious so he goes in and sees ronan on a stool, gansey balancing on the side of the bathtub behind him (ronan’s super tall ok this is the only way he can get it even stop laughing noah), and noah’s chilling on the counter
  • adam can kinda tell like…this is Important. this is a ronan-and-gansey thing that he’s being allowed to be a part of because ronan? adam’s never seen him look this relaxed, like. ever. his head is tipped forward and that permanent set to his shoulders is gone. gansey’s even humming his terrible hipster music under his breath and ronan hasn’t complained once.
    • when adam and ronan first met, ronan was, of course, kind of a dick. but after this, after adam is allowed to be there for this little monthly ritual, he feels like ronan has taken him in. 
  • because theyre dumb boys ronan and noah will try to blow shavings into each others faces (which lemme tell you?? all those tiny hairs??? THEY GET EVERYWHERE ITS THE WORST)
  • gansey scolds them and all he gets is a “shut up mom” in unison back, and adam, sitting in the doorway watching his friends, can’t help but smile
  • later, when adam and ronan are dating, adam sort of gets obsessed with the buzzcut. he can’t make fun of ronan’s hand fixation at all okay the kid has not a leg to stand on because he’s constantly running his hands over ronan’s head, eventually he starts cutting it for him, theyre,, so into each other i can’t deal good god anyway
  • when adam is off at school and gansey is off helping his mom one weekend, blue and ronan are….unsupervised
    • theyre idiots ok 
    • blue decides she wants a side shave and lets ronan do it
    • the boy has never??? done it to himself??? he’s just standing there with the attachments and blue’s like “well?” and he looks at her dead on and just
    • “i have no fucking clue what i’m doing”
    • once she’s done laughing at his sorry ass, she calls in calla for help, who ends up just doing it for them 
    • ronan totally tries to sneak away cause hell no he’s not letting calla shave his head she’ll try to kill him
    • she snatches him by his damn tank top “sit the fuck down, snake. you’re starting to look unruly.”
    • you better be damn sure blue recorded the entire process of ronan grumpily getting his hair trimmed and sent it to adam
  • all in all, ronan loves getting his head shaved. at first, it was like the tattoo. it was about doing something different, of being something different, because how was he supposed to get people to see how much niall’s death changed him if he didn’t throw it in their faces with a buzzcut and a huge tattoo. 
  • but now….now its memories of calm afternoons with gansey and noah, and later adam too. its blue having to jump comically high to smack him on the head and yell “FRESH CUT”, and him pretending its annoying she noticed. its adam giving him a soft peck on the crown of his head after a trim. its a nice little monthly ritual with his family. 
  • he may not see niall’s reflection staring back at him anymore, but he’s not just niall’s son. he’s not just the greywaren, he’s ronan and he likes his buzzcut, he likes the people who help with it, he likes that it makes him feel like he has his own reflection. 
Inexorable (3-FINAL)

Plot: How does is feel to be arranged to be married to a cocky, arrogant Mafia leader? Once you look at his face, you think you’re lucky, but then he opens his mouth.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut, Mafia au!

Warnings: dom!Jungkook, steamy hot tub sex yes

Notes: Last part, ya’ll. I hope you like it. I changed the gif because tumblr is being a meanie and it’s not letting me put in my own shit. This brings us to the end of this mini-series! I hope you enjoyed it. 3,430 Words

Part 2 | Part 3 (FINAL) | masterlist

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It was safe to say that there wasn’t as much tension between you and your husband anymore. Everything seemed so much more calm than before. Maybe it was because you guys barely talked; or maybe it was because he locked himself in his office all day, working.

An empty cabin was always nice, but you wanted to talk to him. You actually liked arguing with him; teasing him, and he would tease you back. His touch – it was gentle, even though he was being cocky. You hated to admit it, but you were slowly getting used to him.

Now it seemed like the both of you were more like frenemies rather than complete enemies. There was a sort of understanding, considering you were now aware that you were both forced into this marriage when you would rather stay single, and he would rather marry someone else.

“Princess,” Jungkook called you from behind the black kitchen island, his whiskey glass in his hand as he leaned against the countertop – you had no idea when he started calling you that, but it stuck. “I need some beer and and ice.”

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Okay watching the promo for next weeks ep is actually upsetting. Seeing Magnus trapped in valentines body not even Alec believing that it’s him breaks my heart. The look of defeat and sadness just shown on his face is killing me i’m actually tearing up

Magnus Bane is trapped in Valentine Morgenstern’s body let’s just think about this. He is probably being questioned possibly even tortured considering we saw that happening to Valentine in 2x11. We see in that promo Alec throwing him up against a wall cause he doesn’t believe it’s Magnus can you imagine how Magnus is feeling? The man he loves the man who loves him is aggressively throwing him against a wall and threatening him and Magnus can’t get through to him. When Alec is looking at Magnus here he doesn’t see the man he loves he sees the man he hates

Also think about the context here Valentine is a genocidal shadowhunter a man who has killed hundreds of Magnus’ people who has tried to kill Magnus and those he loves. Valentine is a man who despises everything that Magnus is and they are trapped in eachothers bodies imagine how scared Magnus is not only for himself but for what Valentine could do.

Let’s not forget that in the first gif he has just been sentenced to death but it isn’t Valentine it’s Magnus. Magnus has just been told that he has been sentenced to death that he is going to die and this is how it all ends when he is finally happy when he has fallen in love. Can you imagine the pain he is feeling the sadness and the fear?

And we see Alec 

and this is the point where he realises something is wrong this might actually be Magnus cause Valentine would never look like that would never show sadness as openly as that. I feel Magnus at this point has lost all hope and honestly I’m going to cry thinking about this cause he is so broken he has given up. You see Alec’s face change you see him slowly realise that maybe this is Magnus his Magnus. I need Alec to fight for the man he loves and after all this is over I need to see Magnus happy because he deserves it after all of this imagine how traumatising this would be?

If I Had Three Wishes (They’d All Be For You)

When Harry Styles sets off for Provincetown, MA from his tiny hometown of Kerkhoven, MN, he’s facing an uncertain future. He’s always planned to leave, just…not like this. When he meets a gorgeous cabaret performer on his first night in P-town, little does he know how his life is about to change, or how much he has yet to learn. When they become more than just friends, Louis makes it clear he’s not looking for anything serious, but at least, Harry consoles himself, they’ll always be friends. Over one extraordinary summer, Harry learns to navigate life on his own through a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening. But when Harry’s past tragically reappears in his life, will his friendship with Louis be able to hold on?

Explicit, 66,265

Written for the 1D Big Bang: Round 5.

Read it HERE on AO3!

Art by the amazing artist, Elliott @blueylouie . I’ve never worked with an artist before, and it was an incredible experience. Mainly, he did his thing and I just went WOW and cried a bit (a lot).

This fic has been in the works for nine and a half months. There are so many people I have to thank, I don’t even know where to begin.

So, SO many people have supported me in the writing process from the very beginning and I love you guys, so much. My Squadron, my Oop for It friends, my Larrying friends. I hope you know how much I love you and how much you have made a difference in my life with so much more than just writing.

To my advance readers and betas. To Stacy, daysundercover, a-writerwrites, femmequixotic and noeeon - you lovely, lovely people. I cannot thank you enough for your help, your support, your criticisms and the push to keep writing when I got lazy. THANK YOU SO MUCH and a million kisses to each of you.

How we rolled up the carpet so we could dance
A collaboration for @capreversebb Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017​

Art by SulaSafeRoom (Ao3)
Fic by rohkeutta (Ao3)

Artwork rating: G
Fic rating: Explicit
Word count: 7.8K
Relationship: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, explicit smut

Steve’s already showered and changed into sweats and a tank top, his hair still sticking up in cowlicks. When Bucky drags himself to the couch, still in his uniform with soot on his face, Steve takes one look at him in the soft glow of the living room lamp and opens his arms.

 Bucky drops the shield on the floor and crawls over Steve’s legs to collapse on top of him, tucks his face under Steve’s chin and exhales. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

Read in Ao3

Rotten Judgement - part 2

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,630

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Demonic creatures, Mythology , Attempt Assault 

A/N: Seriously guys, thank you so much for the nice feedback. I hope I tagged everyone, sorry if I didn’t :/ (As usual some quotes from the movie)

“I know who you work for,” Brock Rumlow, notorious human trash bag, hissed as he pinned you with the weight of his body against a brick wall.

He put his big, calloused hand around your throat and tightened his grip until you were gasping for air. You tried to pull yourself free, but your hands were trapped behind your back. He was breathing so close to your face that you could feel his clammy breath on your skin.

In hindsight, you should have known that Rumlow wasn’t going to be easy an easy target. He was a murderer and a thief, he probably didn’t even have a heart. Your targets were usually old people or horny men, this was a first and you couldn’t understand why Bucky needed his heart. It was most likely all black and corrupted.

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Teacher (M)

Plot: Maybe asking your Korean teacher for help wasn’t such a bad idea. Good grades weren’t the only thing you were going to achieve from that.

Pairing: Teacher! Jung Hoseok x Student! reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Oral (receiving), Moaning denial, just full-on hardcore Jung Hoseok the sexy beast

Note: This is probably the first time I’m actually posting smut. It took me quite a while to write, considering it was very long, and I need to be in a certain mood for it. Thank you to my friend for giving me this idea. Please forgive me if there are any errors, english isn’t my first language. 3657 Words

P.S. You are 19 in this, and Hoseok is 25. I do not support all that underage sex stuff. Everything here is legal (wrong – please don’t fuck your teacher no matter how hot he is – but legal).

Korean Literature was probably your least favorite subject. You hated just everything about it – well – excluding the teacher. He always greeted you with a smile, asked you if you wanted help. You were the only foreigner in the class, after all. He gave you so much special attention, and you wouldn’t mind it at all. Unfortunately, that didn’t change your view on the subject. No matter how hard you tried, you always got a low grade.

“Okay students, remember we have a test on the new poem this Friday,” His voice echoed through your ears, breaking you out of your trance.

There was a solemn look on your face, while you stared out the window. Your eyes stayed on the uniformed kids flooding out of the school gates, while your nail dug under the staple holding your latest spelling test together.

5 out of 10. It was better than the last one.

No matter how bad it got, you always had this urge to try. You always wanted to keep studying for a higher score, but you just never seemed to understand everything that was thrown at you. It was like everything registered into your brain, but it never stayed – it disappeared, unlike your determination to do well.

As your eyes flickered over to the teacher, a nervous feeling settled in your chest. You now stayed after school for that exact reason. A few days ago, Hoseok had offered to help tutor you for an hour everyday until the test. It had been at least a week since he started, and you could safely say that you were getting better.

“Are you ready to start?” 


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Emergency Commissions

My dad recently got detained because his citizenship expired, now we’re only relying on my moms income. I’m hoping to gain some money and use my savings to help renew his citizenship.

Patreon and Ko-fi

Most up to date Commission prices on my commission page

Message me what you want. The price can change and we can discuss after I do some sketches how much the one you pick for me to finish will cost.

I also do a few request streams, as you should know those sketches are like free samples and can be commissioned at anytime by looking through my sketches tag. you do not have to attend the request stream for a commission.

Complicated BG: +$5

Add Character:+$10

Pin buttons: $2


Art Styles


Waist: $5

Full Body: $10

line less:


Line Art:

Waist up: $15

Full Body: $25


Headshot: $15

Waist up: $20

Full Body: $25

Animated Face Gifs:

$20 + $5 for more than one gif with the same base

Kid Fresh Example

Proferror Gif Example