look at how their faces change

Bts cheering you up:

Request: I just read all ur writings and Omgg there so adorable ur amazing😆😍 I was wondering if u cud do one of bts reacting to their s/o sobbing over something the members can’t really help. Like it’s not anything specific it cud b smthg like being stressed or annoyed🤔 How wud the members distract or cheer up their s/o

A/ N: cute, did you know you sent this after I closed the requests?


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Food and a legion of lame dad jokes. Basic but it gets the job done so why complaining. Seokjin is actually a really fun dude to be around so I doubt you’ll stay as stressed as you were for a long time.


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His calm and cool aura will change in a millisecond once he sensed you’re feeling down and he is pulling silly faces, dancing weirdly, ordering your favorite takeout. He is working his hidden charm.


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Look I don’t know how to explain it he just can. He can make the most tense person feel easy, make a crying person laugh, he just can make you feel better. I call it the Hobi spell.

Rap Monster:

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He would try to keep a distance so you’ll calm down on your own but seeing you crying will change his plans. Your tears are his weakness and now it’s his job to pull that award winning smile and oulling you into his chest to try doing anything to make you feel better, from watching a romcom to dangerously trying to cook you a cheer up snack.


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At first he is serious like babe talk to me, holding hands and kissing your cheeks but that’s just half the Jimin right? Slowly his methods will turn over and giggling you out of your state seemed like the best solution for the both of you.

V/ Taehyung:

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You’re sad, he’s sad so Taehyuung will be trying everything and I litrally mean everything to make you feel better. Food, music, dancing, going for a ride, cuddling. He will dedicate all his talents, abilities and time to make sure you will never cry or pout again.


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Talk to him. He will ask questions, wanting to understand the full situaion before making his move. Obviously video games will be an option, otherwise he will try to seduce you with your favorite food until you cave in. Music will be an imortant factor too. I see him pulling you into his lap and listening to music through a shared headphone while he sings to you.

My Sister Can’t See This!

It wasn’t until Joe stepped out of the shower and glanced at himself in the mirror that he realized how bad it was.

“Y/N!” He called out, stepping closer to the foggy mirror, wiping it off. “Shit…” He mumbled more softly.

“What’s wrong?” His girlfriend appeared in the doorway, worry etched across her face.

“This!” Joe gestured to himself, and her worry changed to confusion.

“Uhm, can I repeat my question?”

“We’re heading to my sisters in, I don’t know, soon, and look at me!”

“Will you please just say what’s wrong in simple terms?” Y/N rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms, leaning against the door frame. She honestly had no idea what the big deal was.

“I’m covered in bloody hickey’s!” He hissed, turning back to face the mirror, his eyes falling on the prominent marks scattered across his collarbone and on his neck.

“I really don’t see the issue yet…”

“My sister can’t see this!”

“Your sister knows you’re a twenty five year old man with a girlfriend.” Pushing herself off of the doorframe, she headed back to getting ready for their trip to Brighton. “She also knows you have sex!”

“No she doesn’t!” Joe called after her, frowning at his reflection. Some of them just weren’t going to be able to be hidden.

He followed her into the bedroom, reaching for a shirt on the bed to tug it on.

“Do you actually think Zoe doesn’t know we have sex?” Y/N cocked her head as she stared over at him, “Or do you pretend she doesn’t know like how you pretend her and Alfie don’t have sex?”

“Oh my gods,” He groaned, “Can we not have this discussion?!”

“You’re freaking out about nothing though!”

“I’m freaking out about my girlfriend leaving marks all over me!”

“You do the same thing,” She pointed over at him, “And worse. So sorry that I got caught up in the moment and was enjoying sex with my boyfriend, but your sister and Alfie are not going to care about a couple hickeys.”

“This is more than a couple,” Joe mumbled, looking at his reflection in the mirror. “Think it’d be weird if I wore a scarf?”

“Yes. Because since when do you wear scarfs?”

“In the winter.”

“It’s spring. Now, will you please finish packing? Our train leaves soon.”

“Maybe we could cancel…”

“Joseph. Pack.”

The closer they got to the Zalfie household, the more worried Joe got.

He kept fiddling with the collar of his jacket, glancing at his reflection in the window, or any surface that showed it, a frown tugging down on his lips still.

“Stop it,” Y/N smacked his hands away from his collar. “And relax! It’s just Zoe.”

“It’s my sister.”

“Exactly. Your sister,” She replied, climbing out of the car, “Your sister who knows you have sex.”

“Stop saying that!”

Rolling her eyes, she headed up to the gate, pressing the button to get buzzed in.

Zoe was standing at the front door when they made their way there, beaming at the couple.


“Hi, Zoe.” Y/N smiled at her, hugging the older Sugg when they were close enough. Joe hung back a bit, trying to hide his minor freak out occurring in his mind.

“Hello, Alfie.” He watched his girlfriend slip from Zoe’s arms and into Alfie’s, hugging the tall man as Zoe turned her focus onto Joe.

“Are you not going to say hi, Joseph?”

“He doesn’t want to get too close.” Y/N teased, grinning over her shoulder at him before following Alfie into the house.

“Are you sick?” Zoe looked over her brother quickly, but then her eyes fell on one of the marks on his neck, and a smirk appeared on her lips, “Or are you hiding something?”

“Nothing.” Joe squeaked out, his hand slapping over his neck quickly.

Laughing, she walked over, tugging his hand away, quickly noticing the other marks, “Hmm, Y/N’s done quite the damage on you.”

“Oh my gods,” Joe groaned, closing his eyes, “We are not having this discussion.”

“Its like you think I don’t know you have sex,” Zoe scoffed, tugging him along behind her into the house, “And really, it’s just funny! You’re the one always teasing Alfie and I!”

“I am not having this discussion!” Joe repeated, his cheeks burning, his sister’s laughter mixing with his girlfriends.

When You Are Old

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars,
Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.

[w.b. yeats]

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What if Niki was turned into a little kid and sent to present Saruhiko in S4?

Fushimi would probably wonder if he can return to sender on that particular delivery. It would be interesting to see if his reaction changed depending on how young Niki is and how he acted, like maybe a three year old Niki is mostly just a bit bratty but ten year old Niki is a terror who keeps looking for a magnifying glass he can use to burn ants with on the windowsill. Fushimi probably wouldn’t want to watch little kid Niki, like the moment he realizes who the kid in front of him is his face twists and he tries to just walk away. Assuming it’s some kind of Strain thing maybe part of the power means Fushimi has to stay close to little Niki and so he’s basically stuck dragging the kid around and Fushimi doesn’t really know how to feel about that – Fushimi always acts like kids annoy him but he’s generally pretty good with them. Niki on the other hand is something completely different for him, Fushimi can’t really separate the kid in front of him with all the bad memories of the person that child will become. I feel like even if Niki was perfectly well behaved it would be hard for Fushimi to treat him normally, there would always be this underlying hostility and tension behind his movements that the kid can’t help but pick up on. Especially since Niki was probably a pretty perceptive kid, I could see him watching Fushimi and noticing that even when Fushimi says things to him that aren’t harsh there’s an undercurrent behind it that makes young Niki wonder if he’s done something wrong and why this guy who’s supposed to be watching him is mad at him.

If Niki was a little shit as a kid too I think that would be extra hard for Fushimi to deal with, like he keeps trying to ignore all the hints that this kid is going to become a terror when he grows up but it’s clear that Niki was an ass from the start. Maybe Yata comes to check on Fushimi and finds out that he’s watching little Niki, he tries to suggest that well maybe if you show the kid that acting that way is wrong he’ll grow up to be less of an asshole. Except for all that Fushimi tries to be calm kid Niki just keeps purposefully pushing his buttons and doing things to get a rise out of him, even to the point that Fushimi finds himself almost feeling afraid of a kid. And of course he feels ridiculous for it, like here’s a Niki who can’t look down on him, who has no power over him and yet Fushimi finds himself feeling like a child again, just dragged along as Niki cause trouble and messes with Fushimi’s things and is just basically trying to make Fushimi’s life miserable once again in any way that a small child can. And then when Fushimi finally snaps and yells at him to cut it out and go in the corner or something Niki just laughs and acts like Fushimi’s being so cruel to him and even though Fushimi knows that this is just Niki trying to play with him Fushimi feels like an asshole himself, like is he really any better than Niki because he’s losing it at a little kid and Fushimi pretty much just wants to shove Niki at anyone else and go hide in his room until the whole thing blows over.

Changing the word “sir” into “bro” in every Hamilton song is hilarious, expecially in Say No To This

“I offered her a loan I offered to walk her home she said”
“You’re too kind, bro”

“I hid the letter and I raced to her place screamed how could you? In her face she said”

“Half dressed, apologetic, a mess, she looked pathetic, she cried”

I’m dying

12th House “Symptoms” When Underdeveloped

Some things you might experience when you are still underdeveloped/haven’t faced your fears or grown from your 12th House. 

Aries/Mars Symptoms: Shy or very passive, cries from anger/frustration, and doesn’t know how to deal with authority. Feels shame from anger or assertiveness, annoyed easily, hates disorder, fast driver, and could have gambling issues. Avoids, suppresses, or ashamed of sex drive and sexual desires.

Taurus/Libra/Venus Symptoms: Insecure about looks or material wealth/status, seeks approval, and is easily jealous. Changes themselves in every new relationship and can’t take criticism. Competitive with same-sex/dating rivals, and lies to themselves about love or admiration. Denies their feminine side and others’ feminine traits.

Gemini/Virgo/Mercury Symptoms: Never raises their hand in class, can be shy, and seeks out knowledge in private/secret. Can brag about knowledge and opinions and doesn’t want to know what others think of them.

Scorpio/Pluto Symptoms: Lack of assertiveness, avoids flaws or past trauma, hates crowds, desires to control environment, and has anger problems. Has jealousy issues, refuses to admit their fascinations, and has a secret manipulative side and secret side all around. Avoids, suppresses, or ashamed of sex drive and sexual desires.

Leo/Sun Symptoms: Humble to an unhealthy extent/low self-esteem, shy in groups, almost never leads, and has a timid vibe. Has misplaced loyalty, generosity and selfishness are unbalanced, and doesn’t always follow their heart.

Cancer/Moon Symptoms: Jealousy sneaks out, hides EVERYTHING behind toughness and/or confidence. Has issues with their mother/parents or has serious blockage to their own nurturing side. Is unnaturally detached, feels uncomfortable taking care of others, and refuses to cry!

Sagittarius/Jupiter Symptoms: Always feels unlucky, blames their problems on others, lacks confidence, and fears change. Avoids challenges, impatience is always bubbling under the surface, and hates public speaking. 

Capricorn/Saturn Symptoms: Irresponsible, a show-off especially with material things, doubts their self-worth, and lacks purpose. Fears change, doesn’t do well with authority, there is a lack of inner stability, and is easily used. Fear of failure controls everything, they can lack adaptability, and acts like a slow learner (likely isn’t). 

Aquarius/Uranus Symptoms: Tries to conform, easily gives into peer pressure, is overly attached to the group or friends. Doesn’t do well with change, can’t stand rejection, and is easily lost in mind, emotions, and self. Easily gives into temptation, dreads being an outsider, and trends and gossip can consume them.

Pisces/Neptune Symptoms: Addictive behavior, always seems to make wrong choices, and doesn’t trust self. Intuition and logic are always battling, they refuse to admit vulnerability or that they love someone. Refuses help, can be unforgiving, and doesn’t bend but breaks with challenges. Tricks self or lies to self, spiritually disconnected, and can’t handle loss.


As I like all things makeup, and as apparently you like seeing them, here’s a collab of things I have done in the past. Some oldies and some very recent. I added both cosplay tests and “beauty” makeup, and I just love how different one person can look depending on how makeup is applied. Older and younger, masculine, feminine, etc., and how the structure and features of your face can be “changed”. These are really not too much out there or diverse, but I just love testing things with my face. Still loads to learn!

You should speak to somebody. You should. If you have a problem, do not suffer in silence. Speak to a friend, or a teacher, or a sister, or another adult. You might not like your parents or your teachers or your siblings, there will be someone you can talk to. You’d be surprised. Any kind of random relative. Even if you don’t think they can help in any way, it’s just good to talk because little Dan was just like *timid face* the whole time and *laughs* now I have so many issues. Honestly, they’ll be with me forever.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 7th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (29/?)

Please listen to him. Too many people look back at their lives realising how much could have changed if they’d dared to open their mouth about what was bothering them. It’s scary as heck but please do not suffer in silence.

laurenjauregui: #mood thankyouu God for this amazing week..thank you @giannetosfor my luscious long hair that I missed so much (& @hairjunkierandy too😉)@allanface for BEATING my face and@galleryofcosmeticsurgery for that hydrofacial that changed my life@ashtonmichael and your whole team for the AMAZING costumes, you’re seriously so fucking talented. @jasonrembert and your team for making us look fly on the red carpet @itsbankhead and @iam_edidiongfor your amazing CHOREO AND@tianatoday for CREATIVE I LOVE YALL HARD. Thank you @tydollasign for deciding to hop on a little song called “Work From Home” that one day. Thank you@epicrecords for your hard work and THANK YOU HARMONIZERS for your relentless support and LOVE I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to the girls and I, we appreciate you nuggets SO MUCH😊❤️ So much to be grateful for this week I could explode😭 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU #amas

“And I want you to seduce me,” she said. “Everywhere we go.”

“Seduce you?” He echoed.

“Yes,” she nodded.

He looked like he was trying not to laugh. It was a new expression on him, one that she hadn’t seen before. She decided that she liked it. “How would you like to be seduced?” He asked.

She couldn’t help the blush that spread across her face and ears, but she held her head high and tried to sound confident.

“Oh, I’m not picky,” she shrugged, “I just want you to use your imagination. Whatever’s in your head.”

He looked at her.

“You’re in my head.”

An awareness struck her of just how much he meant what he said. She felt the evidence of how profoundly they had changed each other – how they had carved themselves into the fabric of their beings, how they had become irreplaceable in each other’s lives. She saw it through their bond, and through his words, and through his eyes.

He told her that he loved her with that look.

Chapter 53, A Collision of Stars by dustoftheancients

I commissioned this gorgeous image after reading chapter 53 of one of the best fanfics out there. I envisioned a future where Rey and Kylo are hopefully trying to seduce each other after the conclusion of the story. ;) Thank to @dustoftheancients for creating such a wonderfully developed and suspenseful work that I wish I would have stumbled upon sooner. And this piece would not have been possible without @panda-capuccino and her inspiring artistry.

Back in Uni..
5 Films That Will Inspire You to Leave Animals off the Menu

1. Earthlings
Inspiring countless people to ditch meat, this 2005 documentary narrated by famed actor Joaquin Phoenix explores our relationship with non-human animals, including those used in food production.

2. Forks Over Knives
Struggling with heart disease? Looking to reduce your risk of cancer? This film details the health benefits of a plant-based diet, including reduced risk and even reversal of most chronic diseases.

3. Speciesism: The Movie
This film addresses the core concepts of Peter Singer’s seminal book, Animal Liberation, with a touch of much-needed humor.

4. Cowspiracy
Released just last year, this documentary explains how our meat-heavy diets impact everything from climate change and species extinction to land and water wastage. You’ll never look at meat the same way again.

5. Vegucated
This film documents three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers on their journey towards a vegan diet, including the often humorous challenges they face along the way.

it’s just…… so sad.

my mother has always told me stories about growing up with sexism, when women were barely doctors, when my mother’s teachers told her women can’t do this and this and this, how time and time again she has been targeted for being a woman, and with this election, my mom was so excited to be able to vote for a female president. because that would have shown how far we’ve come in her lifetime alone. she would say that she was so happy and so proud to be able to vote for a woman and to have her daughter (me) voting in the most important election of [my mother’s] life. she texted me the morning the polls opened and said she was the first one there and that she even wore a pantsuit in honor of Hillary and how even though people gave her dirty looks, she was so proud and so happy to have been able to vote for a woman despite all the changes women have faced. i was happy for her (regardless of what Hillary may or may not have done). i even had a little hope that maybe, maybe, it might happen. it should have happened.

we had probably the most qualified person to ever run for presidency face someone the least qualified and she lost.

i was the one who stayed awake to watch the results. i was the one who, in horror, shame, disgust, anger, texted my mother at 2 in the morning to tell her that trump won. i was just so disappointed. i wanted so badly to be the one to tell her that her dream had come true. she texted me later in the morning and said she was in shock and she felt like crying (which i had been doing since the results came in)

it’s just so crazy that not only was the most qualified candidate defeated, she was a woman who was defeated by a blatant and proud misogynist, a racist, transphobic, xenophobic, homophobic, a rapist, a child molester who brags about being able to get away with sexually assaulting women and girls because he’s famous.

yes, we’ve come so far in america with women’s rights, but not far enough. millions and millions of people chose to knowingly elect a rapist.

i am terrified for women’s reproductive rights, for equality in the workplace, for all the sexual assaults and rapes that are going to get blown over even more than they already do because, hey, the president did it. the president told us to just grab women by the p*ssy.

i am terrified for everyone else affected, not only women (which includes trans, nonbinary, anyone who identifies as a woman, etc), but for LGBT+, for people of color, for immigrants, for anyone who isn’t Christian, for the people who aren’t ridiculously wealthy, and for people who aren’t even Americans, because the elections in America don’t just affect the US, but the world.

When people started to know my name, as well as the character’s name, that was kind of difficult. From sixteen to when I turned nineteen, they were quite hard years. You’re in the prime of puberty; your body is changing, your face is changing, and people still saw me as that thirteen year old girl with no both, and thought that’s how I should look forever. Growing up and having my body transform and my hormones, and people watching and commenting on that- it was tricky. Even my friends were having a hard time with that stuff, but when people are printing photos of your bad skin, that’s really difficult.”

Don't Call Me Binary

Tonks: /Sometimes it doesn’t matter how I change my hair, or my eyes, or my face… sometimes everything just feels wrong/

Tonks: /Like being caught inside the wrong body/ 

Tonks: /It took years for me to figure out why this happened, and what I needed to do on those days to fix it/ 

Tonks: /gender is about as existent as Voldys nose/ 


Remus: Hey Tonks have you-… wow

Tonks: is this weird?… 

Remus: Quite the opposite actually… you look great 

((OOC: when you get tired of peoples ignorance whilst also loving the idea of a gender fluid Tonks)) 


When comparing the members’ images before debut and their images now, it seems like something has changed about their face. Because of the camera massage, everyone has become a bit more polished, except for one person who remains the same and thus surprises me. That one person is … Jimin. He was the most handsome during debut, and he has held onto that image until now.” -Jin

Happy Birthday to our supreme mochi Park Jimin ♡