look at how tamsin is all

my thoughts on the lost girl finale

things i liked:

- bo finding herself again by reliving all those beautiful flashbacks
- tamsin’s little song about how to tell if she loves you was adorable
- everything kenzi said had me laughing so hard i couldn’t breathe
- that birth scene was hysterical
- tamsin talking to her daughter and saying she was her mommy and looking so happy (for all of FIVE FUCKINF SECONDS)
- “i will live the life i choose”

things i disliked:

- they literally went right from tamsin’s death to a happy ending for doccubus which i think is seriously fucked up like talk about stabbing valkubus fans right in the heart
- tamsin’s daughter has the handprint. you literally killed the light of my life AND NOW YOU’RE TELLING ME HER DAUGHTER ISN’T SAFE EITHER????

How can you not love the way they stare at each other? They just look so happy right now, like this picture needs to be known to all Valkubus shippers! GUYS LOOK AT THEM!! They are girlfriends who aren’t girlfriends, but they live like a married couple and fool around like a pair of teenagers. Flirt eyes activated! “Stop distracting me from the mission T, we’ll snuggle when we get home" 

"But girlfriends should be top priority" 

"Lolz, Tamsin, we talked about this, don’t use the ‘g’ word on screen…that is our little secret”

Can we talk about how vulnerable Tamsin looks after she opens the robe after her initial Tamsin sass?

Like she’s thinking “this is it. The big moment where I give myself away all nice and neat in a bow and what if she rejects me etc”.. You wrapped your body in a bow Tam Tam, but we all know it was your heart that was really her present. We know.

We've been there, Tams.

It takes an awful lot for a film or tv show to get me emotional to the point of actual tears. The Notebook? No tears. Brokeback Mountain? Nada. Lost Girl S5 E7? Yes. Rachel and Anna did a fantastic job with their acting but Rachel’s delivery of “So Lauren’s good enough.. What’s wrong with me? Why not me?” hit me hard.

Tamsin lost any sense of pride and it’s the most vulnerable and naked we’ve ever seen her. She’s tough as nails, and takes no prisoners but every wall she’s ever built throughout her lifetimes has been knocked down by her love for Bo. Bo doesn’t feel the same and as shitty as it is for Tamsin, that is out of anyone’s control. She’s not to blame for not having feelings back for Tamsin but she let things go too far. Tamsin had been acting like her girlfriend for quite some time after they hooked up. Any human, even when they can’t read Auras like Bo has the ability to- can see that Tamsin is deeply and truly in love. Tamsin has lived lifetimes more than Bo and knows herself. Tamsin has always been brutally honest and even when she tries to conceal her feelings, they always slip through. She has never been open about her emotions but for Tamsin to get to that point of declaring, “I’m in love with you!” anyone can see that’s the truth; even Bo knows that’s the truth. I think Bo knew Tamsin was in love with her ages ago but kept brushing it off.

Bo didn’t speak up earlier, instead she let things go on, let Tamsin believe they were a couple. Brushing her off as if Tamsin is confused and mistaken was callous. Bo telling Tamsin that Tams is confused was a feeble attempt to absolve herself of guilt and responsibility for her actions.

When Tamsin said, “What’s wrong with me? Why not me?” I lost it, I had thought those exact words before. I thought I wasn’t good enough because everyone else for them seemed to be worthy of their attention and affection. Thankfully I don’t feel like that or think about them anymore but I cringe at the memory of how vulnerable and humiliated I felt. This Valkubus scene brought it all back. When I heard how broken Tamsin’s voice was and saw the way her eyes looked, my heart broke all over again, not just for Tamsin but for everyone who has been there and thought, “What’s wrong with me?”

Nothing is wrong with you, they’re just not right for you. 

I am proud of Tamsin for walking out. She doesn’t want Tamsin back and that’s a shituation but an even bigger situation is the fact that Bo doesn’t deserve her.
Tamsin will probably engage in all sorts of self-destructive behaviour and will end up making some big sacrifice that will end in her being gravely injured. 

anonymous asked:

Did you notice how Bo looked genuinely shocked by Tamsin wanting to sleep with her? I thought Bo knew all along. Now, I'm not so sure.

I think she looked more genuinely shocked by Tamsin dropping robe to reveal her glorious body wrapped in a ribbon obviously meant for Bo to untie.

Here Bo is, stuffing her face with cupcake, and then bam! Gift-wrapped and very naked Valkyrie.

She did better than me. I probably would have choked on that cupcake and nearly died.