look at how shiny it is

Have another Astrid Picture!
It feels very weird to not go full beauty editing on my face for Astrid and really go for a totally untouched face. To me that just looks a lot more like her. Still, in the movies is very flawless and shiny. So, do you think I should go a bit more in the beauty direction? I am curious for your opinion! :3

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I want to thank maldragonheart so super-much for the hair advice.

I couldn’t find the Renpure, but I remembered the no-sulfate, no-silicone advice, so I picked up L’oreal  EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System Reparative Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. I also picked up some Garnier Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment.

I’ve been shampooing my hair twice a week and conditioning it every time I shower, and then putting the oil in my hair and scrunching it, and now I have nice shiny hair that’s got its nice wave back again. I almost look like I got a perm.

I’m so happy; I was almost ready to give up and go “screw it” and just chop my hair short again because I was so sick of how dry and flat it was.

FNAF character designs in a nutshell
  • FNAF 1:Animatronics that don't look like they're busted or broken, but simply look like antiquated pieces of technology. The horror in their designs comes from the same horror in real-life animatronics ; they don't look or feel RIGHT. This is commonly known as "The uncanny valley." When things look and move ALMOST like how you would expect them to, but not exactly, it creates a natural sense of revulsion in the observer. And the movements and looks of the animatronics takes full advantage of the Uncanny Valley.
  • FNAF 2:The animatronics are updated and look more sleek and shiny. By now, the player knows the Animatronics in this series are going to be antagonists, so the sleek, shiny, kid-friendly look to the animatronics is designed to directly counter this. You KNOW they're evil and menacing, but they look far safer than the original animatronics. Their friendly exterior, and their true nature the player is already aware of, causes the player to hold both of these opposing, conflicting view points at the same time. This is called "cognitive dissonance" and by forcing the player to have two opposing view-points on the animatronics, this cause extra mental stress, and as such makes the game scarier.

So we have pokemon sub-species and crossbreeds, I thought how about pokemon shiny redesigns? Mewoth and Persian continue to be my favorite cat pokemon after all these years but I’ve always been disappointed at how their shiny versions are just a shade lighter/darker. So here’s what I think their shiny forms should have looked like ~ So what pokemon do you think needs a shiny redesign?

AU - Babysit - (Reader x Pietro Maximoff)
Word Count: 1507

A/N: This is the one shot shiny-drapion had requested as a prize for winning the shipping name contest! I hope it’s okay. It was full of topics I don’t know about and I don’t know how to write about. Waaaaaaaa.

The reader is already in an established relationship with Pietro!

“Sorry about this.” Clint did look apologetic, he did, but you were still annoyed with him. “I know I’m ruining your night with Pietro.”

You sighed. “It can’t be helped. You owe us one though. A big one.” Your eyes drifted down to the little lady standing beside her father in the door way. Kneeling down you gave her a smile. “Your daddy is just a big silly, isn’t he? Always calling on us for help.” The girl stared shyly at you and tried to hide behind Clint’s leg. She was always so shy when she saw you and you weren’t sure why.

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So guess what came in the mail for little ol’ me…?


I will take proper pictures of it while in my rgb cosplay this weekend, but in the meantime this’ll have to tide you over.


In which we all identify strongly with the moustachioed guards seriously judging proceedings at Schloss Pless, 12th May 1915.

Apparently they’re awarding the chap in the pale jacket a medal, but it looks more like they’re having a right rave adjusting his elasticated tie.

This is how I imagine about 90% of Wilhelmine Germany by the way - WIlhelm & co. having a right laugh and prancing about in their shiny boots while the rest of the population stares into the camera like they’re on The Office.

Attacks on women’s appearances are not isolated incidents; in fact, they are an all-too-common tactic. Recently, the #FeministsAreUgly hashtag reappeared, part of an occasional campaign to put feminists on the defensive. But feminists who flooded the hashtag with pictures of conventionally attractive and usually gender-conforming people with socially acceptable body types, sent the wrong message, effectively saying, “Feminists are not ugly, look at these hot people!” rather than, “Who the fuck cares what a person looks like when they have a just and humane worldview?” But we do care about how people look in a society that puts endless pressure on women to be young, feminine, symmetrical, light-skinned, thin but shapely, shiny-haired, smooth-legged, clear-skinned, full-lipped, possibly sparkly, totally effervescent, and basically impossible.

Having our appearances picked apart endlessly by strange and uninvited men on the Internet is not a mere nuisance. It’s a form of aggression meant to make us devalue ourselves and subsequently retreat from public visibility. This is not the harmless mischief of trolls. It’s a powerful attack that exploits gendered assumptions about how women should look, while simultaneously undercutting their belief in not taking those assumptions seriously.

The wolf jaw necklace which I ordered from carrieliarts​ arrived today, and it is SO RAD. I paid it immediate tribute by surrounding it with all my best dark shinies. Look at how well made it is! I put a real (pine marten) jaw next to it, so you could see how perfect the details look - the teeth, and the texture of the bone.

Also, I’m so pleased with the tiny charm - it just so happens that after years and years of not owning a phone (not even a land line - Lord of All Hermits, right here), I’m finally planning to get one. Best timing ever. Thank you so much!



I like to call ‘em “lucky draw” puggles because why not.

SHINY. Special fabrics from Tokyo and New York City! Little bit of fake leather going on! Even some white dragonscale sort of stuff because IT HAPPENED TO BE IN SHINJUKU OKADAYA WHEN I WENT.

…Want him? HE CAN BE YOURS.




Completely new skintone for sims 4!

~Only for the face!

It works as an overlay, it’s placed under skin details. You can use this skin over the original skintone and combine it with makeup, just how you would want it.

IT WON’T REPLACE ANYTHING! It’ll be a completely usual package file.

~For all genders and ages!

You can apply the skin to all faces of your whole sim-family!

~What is new about this skin?

• Whole face is repainted

• Softer lips

• Nice and shiny skin, for a healthy look

• Delicate eyelids

• Subtle nose texture

• Pores for a realistic appearance

• Natural cheekbones

• …See more details in the pictures

~For all skincolors!

From pale to dark, or even blue skin. It will fit to all your wishes.

Please DO NOT re-upload my creations or claim them as your own! All my creations are fully handpainted!! Please DO NOT use parts of my creations for other things! Thank you