look at how she's fangirling over her best friend's music

lame - jonah marais

warning: none

a/n: requested by @lost-in-wonderland-x

prompt: “prove it” + “watch me” + “people are staring”

you were sitting at the fountain at the grove waiting for your friend to finish shopping. you were on your phone probably looking lonely as ever. people passed by you and they paid no mind to you and neither did you.

but one boy walked up to and sat down next to you. it was a little weird because there were so many other places to sit but he chose right next to you.

“you look a little lonely,” he chuckled at bit. you faced towards him and got a good look. he was a good looking boy. he was wearing a black shirt and black skinny jeans.

“really? i thought no one could tell,” you laughed with him.

“i’m jonah and i’m going to keep company,” he stuck his hand out for you to shake and you shook it.

“i’m y/n. thanks but you don’t have to,” you shoot him a smile, showing your appreciation.

“my friends are too invested in their shopping experience to know i’m here,” he told you with a smile as well. it almost made me melt.

“what do you wanna do now that we have each other’s company?” you asked him.

“i don’t really know. there’s a lot of people here,” he looked around at all the people either watching the fountain spray water or the people sitting on the benches taking a break.

“hmmm,” you wondered for a bit before standing up. “what if i cartwheeled on the border on the fountain?”

“are you crazy? what if you fall in?” he had wide eyes and stood up with you as well.

“well, we are both bored and it seems like a pretty dope idea,” you gave him a big smile and jogged over to the fountain.

“i don’t think you can do it,” he said, worriedly.

watch me,” you stood up on the ledge and got in the position to start the cartwheel.

“this is a horrible idea,” jonah covered his eyes. people were gasping and someone was shouting at you to get off the cement fence. some were even filming it.

you successfully did a cartwheel on the edge and jumped off getting a round of applause. the fountain wasn’t even that deep nor was the border far off the ground so you  didn’t understand the need for applause.

“that was pretty cool,” jonah told you and high-fived you.

“you’re pretty lame,” you teased.

“i am not!” he put his hand on his heart and pretended to be hurt.

prove it.”

“how?” he looked around for something “cool” to do.

“here,” you pulled out your phone and a portable speaker that you bring everywhere. you opened your music app and pulled up macarena. “dance to macarena.”

people are staring!” he looked at you with hope to get out of it.

“brownie points, jonah,” you smirked at him. he laughed and walked to the middle of the crowd.

you played the song on your small speaker and turned it all the way up. you laughed as he started to do the dance. you could tell he was pretty embarrassed so you jumped in and joined him. soon a crowd formed around you two, people were dancing along to the macarena with you guys. you were having the time of your life and you could tell jonah was too.

once the song ended, you made it out of the crowd laughing hysterically.

“that was so much fun,” you said to him.

“the best trip to the mall ever,” he laughed with you.

“we leave you for thirty minutes and you manage to get in a crowd of people?” you saw a group of four guys walk up to jonah. they look pretty surprised to see their friend walk out of a large crowd.

“just having fun,” he shrugged with a giant smile.

“hey! i was the one that forced you to do it,” you nudged him with your elbow and chuckled a bit.

“these are my friends,” he walked over to them. “this is jack, zach, daniel, and corbyn.”

“hi, i’m y/n,” you waved at them.

“she’s crazy,” jonah told them.

“in the best way,” you winked.

“Y/N! Y/N! YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHO I SAW!” you friend ran to you from the other direction. “OH MY GOD! THAT’S WHO I SAW!” she looked as if she was about to faint. 

“who?” you raised an eyebrow at her.

“why don’t we! they are talking to you right now,” she started breathing heavily. you looked at the five boys in front of you and wondered how you didn’t put the faces and names together. you didn’t listen to their music. the only thing you heard was y/f/n fangirling over them.

“whoa, whoa, whoa. breathe,” you wrapped you left arm around her for support.

the boys ran over to help. you walked her over to a bench and sat her down.

“calm down, y/f/n,” you told her, trying to calm her down. her breathing finally regulated and she was not freaking out as much.

“well, this is not how i planned to meet you guys,” she said and you all laughed.

the four other boys and y/f/n engaged in a conversation while you and jonah talked to each other for a bit.

“maybe we can go on more fun adventures if you give me your number, beautiful,” jonah winked at you and laughed at him. you put your number in his phone and texted yourself so you would know it was him.

“text me at one am and i’ll be down to go adventuring,” you told him. you smiled at him and were about to walk away but he stopped you.

“did i prove to you that i’m not lame?” he asked.

“would i have given you my number if you were?”


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