look at how she works that skirt


@harnaamkaur and I are tired of your shitty gender roles. We shot this series for @theparallelmag to challenge what people are “allowed to do.” She has a beard due to a medical condition. She loves it and kills it! As for me, I just want to wear a skirt sometimes cuz I think it can look dope! The fact we socially relegate these fashion and styling attributes to certain genders just seems so frivolous and dangerous when you consider how aggressive people get when their confronted with these things that don’t fit into their understanding of how the world works. At the end of the day, just be yourself and love yourself and don’t judge others who are living that way. Think outside the parameters that we are lead to believe are absolute and see the world as it is! Much love to all of you!
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Jungkook Scenario: Rumor Has It.

Request: Hello! Love the writings! Can you write one where jungkook is a rich ceo and y/n works at his company and jungkook tries to hit on her but she hates him? Thank you very much!

Genre: Fluff / CEO AU.

You were tipping measuredly, doing your work with the intention of minding your own business and not sparing even a glance to your co workers in your section, but even still you could feel their gazes on you, how they were probably preying on what you were wearing, if your skirt was too short or your pants were too tight, if your makeup was well done, if your hair looked right. You knew they were paying attention to every single little detail to later talk about it behind your back. 

You really didn’t want to grab anyone’s attention, you just wanted to do your work, earn your money and go home to your cat, but of course that was too much to ask for.

You had almost a year working for the company, at first you were the assistant of a field reporter so you weren’t that much time at the office, but you had been promoted to do what you had studied for, now you belonged to the editorial team of the magazine. You were happy with that since you were doing what you wanted to do, and you had thought your co workers were going to be at least decent, but of course you had been wrong. The four of them were four vultures picking up whatever they could to turn it into shreds, their favorite thing in the past two months was you.

-Good morning Mr. Jeon- you heard the four of them said in a chorus making you stop moving to look from the corner of your eyes at the man standing just out of the editors section, your boss was a handsome man, all sharp edges and broad shoulders covered by his black suit, he nodded at the other four and then his eyes went to you, expectantly he stared down and you weren’t sure if he wanted to say something or if he was waiting for you to do so, what you were sure of was the preying eyes of the four vultures were on you just to catch whatever interaction you might have with your boss at the moment. 

-Good morning- You glanced up for a second as you spoke and then went back to look at the computer. 

-Good morning Y/N- he responded, you felt his eyes on you for a few seconds before he walked away. 

You sighed but you knew you couldn’t be totally relaxed, you thought on what craziness your coworkers might be thinking because of this little interaction. But then everything was Mr. Jeon’s fault. You met him when you were promoted to your current position and since that day he had taken interest in you. You on the other hand didn’t want any trouble at work, so you tried to keep your distance but Jeon had always other plans, as he usually made his secretary look for you soliciting you to be the one giving him the report on the edition process, other times he called you to ask for your opinion on ridiculous matters, or random company issues, and even some times he just tried to blatantly hit on you.

You had to admit that you’d be corresponding him if you were in any other situation because to be honest he was deadly hot. But here in the office it just made your life more difficult as people were starting to think there was something between you, but he didn’t seem to take the hint that you wouldn’t be corresponding him.

-The asshole- you muttered despite yourself, thinking that you should be putting some limits, it didn’t matter if he was the CEO, you had to make your point to him to stop bothering you. 

So you decided it, this time it would be you requesting a meeting with Jeon Jungkook.

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So happy to show you guys my Vanessa Ooak doll. I have been working on this doll for so long and I’m so happy she is complete and I LOVE how she turned out.
She was originally a Belle doll and @arianbutlerart did an AMAZING repaint job!
I did a sketch of what I wanted the outfit to look like and the incredible @stardustdolls made it even better than what I asked for lol. I then added rhinestones and to the bodice and skirt.
I gave her a full re-root with darker brown hair and styled her hair, which was so hard lol
Hope you guys like her 💜

Imagine though, Cosette and Eponine run a florist together.

Cosette looks how you imagine a typical florist, pastel colours, flowing skirts and airy fairy gracefulness.

Eponine? Combat boots, shorts and a dark coloured top. You’d think she worked at an underground club or something or as a bouncer, except she’s always got a different flower behind her ear.

Now they have this bike they use for advertising, where Cosette rides it down the path next to the Seine selling posies of flowers. Except last week Marius tripped into Cosette at the Musaine and accidentally broke her ankle.

Cut to Eponine terrorising the people of Paris, trying to not hit people, because damn why do so many people use this path to walk on. In the end she’s warned by the police for reckless cycling and is told she needs to walk the bike along the path.

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How about Cullen and Grace meeting in the office for the first time?

“Miss Treveylan?”

Grace looked up from her resume, frowning slightly at the crest that was stamped in brilliant blue next to her name. The cool, collected redheaded HR woman nodded gently in her direction.


“Mr. Rutherford will see you now.”

Grace stood and smoothed her skirt down, the grey fabric hiding the sweat that was sprinkling over her palms. Inquist was one of the top companies in the area, and she was more than qualified, but her work history was… off putting at the best. Few wanted to hire someone who used to work at the Circle, especially after the previous year’s financial drama.

She walked into the sparse, well organized office quickly, heels clacking on the shiny tile before being muffled by plush carpet. In front of her sat a very tall, very well built man, pouring over what seemed to be her resume. He had a terse smile on his face, which she half heartedly hoped was a good sign. He looked up and smiled at her, this time a genuine, pleased look stretching over his face.

“Miss Trevelyan? Cullen Rutherford. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, extending a hand. Grace shook it firmly, arranging herself in the seat across from him. She nervously tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“A pleasure to meet you as well, Mr. Rutherford,” Grace replied, flashing him a hesitant smile. He withdrew his hand and grinned.

“Please. Call me Cullen,” he laughed, settling back in the chair. “Your resume is impressive. You attended the University of Ostwick?”

“Go Stallions,” Grace answered, blushing nervously. “All of my family has gone there. It’s a heritage thing.”

“And then to the University of Orlais. Very prestigious,” Cullen observed, tracing a finger over the delicate print out. “And I see you worked at the Circle…” Grace felt her heart drop. There went another interview down the toilet. “I also worked at the Circle for a time. They don’t hire dumb people. Why did you leave?” Cullen asked,  looking at her. She felt a sliver of hope reform.

“Ideological differences,” Grace answered. “I thought it was time that I moved on. Soon after I left, the financial crisis occurred.”

“Hmm…” Cullen pursed his lips and laid the resume down on the table, shuffling into his drawers. “When would you be available to start?”

“I’m sorry?” Grace stuttered. “You’re… You’re offering me the job?”

“It’s not everyday that someone with a background as thorough as yours comes across my desk, Miss Trevelyan,” Cullen said, leaning back, tenting his fingers in front of his face. “You’d be an asset to Inquist, of the highest caliber.”

“Um… well I guess I could start as soon as Monday,” Grace stammered. “Thank you, Mr. Rutherford–“ she winced and coughed delicately “–sorry, Cullen.”

“Monday then,” Cullen said, smiling widely. “Take these forms to Leliana. She’ll get the paperwork filled out for you.”

‘Cheat before she cheats.’
My boss says this with a rumpled shirt.
He is a very unhappy man, and single,
and singularly unhappy,
and believes he’s doing me a great favor.
His bald head catches the light like
a grease stain.
‘Cheat before she cheats.’
I don’t believe she would.
Just wait and see how this turns out, he says.
On the subway home I eye a girl in a
pepper skirt, whose socks hug
her thighs.
Her collarbone is sharp enough to cut me.
I cough.
She doesn’t look up.
I imagine rolling in gold silk sheets
with her leg hooked around my waist
and her buckled shoes on the floor.
'Cheat before she cheats.’
My girlfriend stays late at work tonight.
I heat a can of squash soup
and avoid my roommates
and try not to think
about the redheaded boy who touched her waist
at the office party,
who made her laugh when she didn’t
want to laugh,
who assigned himself to her project.
I try not to think about it. I try to pry open
a cider bottle
with the hooked metal end of my laptop charger.
I fail.
'Cheat, before.’
The heat blowing from the air conditioner
is laced with dust.
I squeeze her pillow into an angry ball
and smooth it out again.
My roommate sticks his head in to tell me
something, something, I left my soup in the
microwave, something.
My girlfriend has read my third text message
but not replied,
so I swipe,
out of boredom,
on the Tinder account that I never deleted,
and message,
the Kenyan college girl with the cowrie shell beads.
This time the girl replies.
'Cheat, before.’
My girlfriend comes home at midnight.
The air is too hot
and dusty
for me to swallow, and I am sleeping without
a shirt.
She rests her head on my chest
and twists her fingers in the little hairs along
my belly button,
tugging, playing, burying words.
She weighs nothing and everything.
I pull her close to kiss the cracked lipstick
off her bottom lip.
We are so very sorry.
We are so very sorry.
—  Cheat, Before.
Emma didn’t come home from school...

Emma is an 18 years old hottie,who is two weeks away from finishing the high school. Her old male teacher has been having kinky fantasies about Emma since beginning of Her high school. Emma’s short skirts and long silky legs has kept flaming desires about Emma. He was waiting to see Her naked,how Her eyes look like When She is having an orgasms,hear Her moan,imagining Her as His little pleasure slave..

He asked Emma to stay longer after classes,to help Her prepare for the exams. They stayed late,until they were alone in the whole building. He used an opportunity and drugged Her with chloroform while She was behind Her desk,working on exercises.

He then carried Emma downstairs to the locker room of the gym. Took off Her shirt,skirt,bra and panties. Revealing Her tender titties,Her tight teen little pussy..  He tied Her down on the benches,legs spread and gagged Her,to keep Her quiet..

Emma woke Up a little while ago,finding Herself restrained,gagged,completely naked..unable to move with Her teacher standing in front of Her.

You have amazing body,Emma. You cannot imagine for how long I have been waiting for this” He said

MMPPHH MMM MKMMMMPPHH” Was all what Emma could mumble into Her gag..

“I bought something especially for You” and He showed Her hitachi vibrator..

Emma’s eyes went wide and wet with fear..” MKMMM MMMPHH MMKKMM” ,She was trying to escape the bondages and shaking Her head..

Her teacher turned on the vibrator,sound of low buzzing was echoing in the room…    “You gonna love this,sweetie..” and placed the top of the vibrator gently on Emma’s clitoris. 

Emma immideatly started thrashing Her hips,trying to get vibrating toy away from Her pussy. Suddenly the buzzing stopped. 

“You dont look comfortable,sweetie. Let Me get something for You..” . The teacher brought a pillow and placed a pillow under Emma’s back. Now She is completely unable to move Her hips away.. and turned the vibrator back on.. “Now,where were We?” And kept vibing Emma’s pussy.

After ten minutes of constant buzzing against Her clitoris,She began to feel a wave of arousal to grow. She realised She is going to have an orgasm. The intesity of the vibrator is too much for Her teen sensitive pussy. Emma Was trying hard to avoid cumming.. “MMKKKMMMMM….MMMMHHHHMMM…MMMHHHMM…RRRRGGHH…”

just let it go,Emma. Listen to Your body. Come on now..” 

Despite the thrashing,crying and struggling… massive orgasm took over Emma’s helpless body.

Good girl,Emma.. amazing.. I adore You cumming.. Come on,You have some more in this sweet little thing between Your legs..”

Emma’s clit went hypersensitive after Her first orgasm and He kept vibrating Her. She got second,more intense and painful orgasm ripped out of Her teen body…  and again.. and again… each time more intense.. poor Emma was shaking all over Her body,eyes rolled up.. no escape and the buzzing went on for another hour,until Emma passed out…

OPEN F2F // Quick Party

Quinn was looking impossibly hot in her black leather mini skirt. Her squad won Nationals, Quinn and Puck seemed better than ever, and things were just working again. Well, sans Sugar being back to her normal self. Sitting up on the kitchen counter next to the chips, Quinn swung her legs back and forth and surveyed the party around her. Happiness would come and go, but in this moment, in her tequila haze, she was quite content with how her life was forming in this God forsaken place. She picked up her drink Puck had expertly made her and sipped on it while humming to the beat of the bass rocking through the house 

G/T short story: words

(I’m a little rusty when it comes to short stories, been a while since I worked on one but I’m trying to get back into it and finish all the ones I started!)

“Hey, take it easy now….”

Words. Words meant to reassure and calm.
Words to be believed, to be heard and understood.

“I ain’t gonna hurt you..”

Words that hold the truth, that ask for trust.
Words spoken as soft as a gentle breeze.

Words meant nothing to Tali.
How could they?
She was currently huddled into a tight corner, panting for breath as she leaned against the skirting board of a gigantic house and looked up into the eyes of a monumentally huge man bearing down upon her with footsteps as loud as thunder.

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“What do you mean all of my files are gone?” The blonde found herself demanding into her cellphone receiver. One hand was holding up her phone while the other was awkwardly pulling up an elastic maternity skirt up over her hips. “No. No. No!” She yelled. “Do not touch anything! Look, okay, I’ll be down to the office within the hour. Don’t touch anything! God. I can not believe how you could do this! Are you that incompetent? I thought I could trust you with these files?!” With an angry groan she hung up and put her phone into her black bag as she looked through her closet for a shirt to wear to work. She sensed him before he spoke and she was speaking before he possibly could. “Look, I have to go in if not for just an hour. Someone screwed up and if I don’t fix it Jason and the rest of the company are going to kill me.” She exhaled sharply and grabbed a ruffled top and quickly buttoned it. Turning around Zoey gave Troy a stern look, she was all business all of a sudden. She was trying to remain calm for not just her but for the little one growing beneath her skin. “I have to.” She repeated herself, but she didn’t exactly have to. But she was bored laying around all day.

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"Off on of your 'hook ups', Bushwoman?" Tarlae rolls her eyes and grabs her keys. This is one of the rare occasions that Tarlae is not either in her work clothes or stripped down to her bra and boxers; her long black hair looks curled when everyone knows she just wet it, she's in a white sleeveless blouse with a long skirt and sandals. "For your information I feel rather good about this one." The Australian said before leaving the RED base. Oooh how she was regretting it now. Ask-Fem-Snipes

Os watched the scene, smoking a cigarette with the Spy. “Wanna bet it goes horribly?” He offers the Spy.


Os smiles and follows Sniper out to where ever her ‘date’ was. He stays outside the place, smoking and in his normal attire rather than uniform. Which. .was just jeans and a leather jacket. But.. he listened when he heard the snipers voice


Well, my assessment is close, so I’m all into finishing my projects with no barely no time to draw (well, doodles don’t count)… So I was looking through my art folder and guess what I’ve found!!! 

So I was working on this AU where Hori-sempai is a ganster (I don’t know whom to credit, all I remember is how brilliant the idea seemed to me when I saw the arts). Kashima is a flirty policeman who falls for him, but of course Hori is oblivious to the fact she is wearing a skirt, so some misunderstandings occur…

I’m planning to colour this (I got PS yay! Now I need to get some brushes and some free time), so it’s definitely to be continue thing =) 

part 2


Ryan bit her lips nervously as she waited for her new Boss to show up. She had been looking forward to the job but that was till she looked up who she would be working for. Thats when the dreams started. The erotic ones. How could she not? He was gorgeous. She stood in her tight pencil skirt and emerald green shirt, watching others move around, working already, while she waited, keeping her eyes on the door and waiting his arrival.

so i don’t usually do this but the past few weeks have been awful in terms of writing stuff so it’d be nice if you could check out this thing i’m working on and maybe give me some feedback on what i’d like to call the adrienette highschool reunion au?????? pls i’m begging

He can’t stop staring at her.

Which is a problem, because every time he so much as catches a glimpse of the navy blue skirt of her dress, Nino’s words play themselves over in his head, taunting him about his past ten years of obliviousness.

Look, he and Marinette started on the wrong foot, okay? How was he supposed to know that she didn’t actually dislike him, but had a crush on him?

He wasn’t, period.

But the gir- the woman who’s wildly gesticulating as she talks about something with Mlle. Bustier isn’t the Marinette that smiles bashfully at him in his memories; there’s something about her, about the way she holds herself, that’s changed. Eyeing her less subtly, Adrien finds that the room seems somehow smaller around her, like Marinette is too much to contain anymore.

The thought stretches his lips on a dopey grin, and even though it’s been seven years since the last time he saw Plagg, the lingering bad luck (or perhaps his own distraction) causes him to spill a little of his drink on his -thankfully black- shirt, and he finally tears his gaze away from his old classmate to embarrassedly go find a napkin.

Later, as he’s trying desperately to get away from Chloe, Adrien finds himself on the collège’s courtyard; but more surprisingly, he finds Marinette is there too, sitting alone on one of the benches with her back to him, staring at the sky.

“Fancy meeting you here.” He says, sitting down just in time to witness her give a little jump before turning towards him, a frown distorting her usually soft features.

“Adrien!” she exclaims in a refreshingly scolding tone. He can’t hide his delight, so he offers a cocky grin and watches as she glares for a moment then smiles, shaking her head in amusement. “What are you doing here?”

“Honestly? Hiding from Chloe.”

Marinette snorts. One of her hands leans on the bench, the other holds her drink and she throws her head forward so her hair will hide the snickers that Adrien can hear perfectly, but makes no comment on so she won’t lose the easy demeanor she’s had towards him all evening.

“Can’t blame you there.” Marinette says, then they fall into a comfortable silence.

At least, it’s comfortable on her side, because Adrien is replaying his previous conversation with Nino in his head and all he can hear is ‘she was head over heels for you! It was embarrassing, honestly.’ So, because he’s clearly not a smart person and should never be left alone without adult supervision, he blurts out:

“Nino says you had a crush on me when we were classmates.”

Marinette turns pale and then bright pink in a rapid succession. Inside his head, there’s a bunch of smaller versions of himself yelling “ABORT! ABORT!” but it’s too late to back down now, and he’s been wanting to confront her about it all evening, so he waits patiently (and maybe a little eagerly) as she takes a long gulp of her drink before daring to look at him.

“Nino should mind his own business.” She quips, diverting her eyes to glare at her drink, but ultimately softening her gaze before continuing. “B-but I did have a crush on you, Adrien. I-it was kind of embarrassing.”


I’m working on a new renaissance inspired dress. It was designed, drafted and hand sewn by me. This is The Navy Dress and I designed this one for my dear Oana. The top and skirt are almost done. The dress will of course have a piece that covers the chest that I haven’t made yet, that’s why she’s wearing a sports bra in the pictures. I’m currently working on the sleeves. I will post progress pictures of the sleeves too after they’re done. I’m really proud of the top for this dress because it’s the first time I made the inside pretty too. For the other dresses I really didn’t pay any attention to how they look on the inside, but for this one I made the lining pretty and I really like that. As usual, absolutely everything was hand sewn. This is the design I want to make for the sleeves:

I wanted to make these sleeves for The Green Dress, but I changed my mind because I loved how the simple puffed sleeves turned out. 

- Maria Heller

darxemnia submitted:

I’m reviewing Sayaka Miki’s Armor!

Here she is!

So you can see she’s adorable and not super sexualized! (thank god, she’s only a baby)

Let’s look at her chest plate. It has no practical use besides keeping her boobies in check. It’s basically a hard bando. (from experiencing this outfit myself, I can actually tell you that if well fitted, it works really well as a bra)

The shirt with the frills is only for looks, and offers absolutely no protection. Not to mention her soul gem’s vulnerable!

woops she got stabbed in the stomach. Thank goodness she can heal!

Let’s check out that skirt. The fact that it’s pleated allows great mobilization. It’s real comfy too!

Her stockings, however, deserve to go to hell. How are they staying up??? I don’t know please tell me!!

Her shoes look pretty cool, don’t they? Not too much heel, and whatever material they are allows them to be pretty quiet.

The arm decorations and sleeves are nothing but, well, decorations. They do offer warmth while maintaining a light weight, though.

Her gloves are quite useful, as they help with gripping a handle that might make the hands sore. Just don’t try to text with them.

Then we have the glorious cape. While capes are for looks, they do provide significant warmth. It doesn’t restrict maneuverability and can be used as a comfy blanket!

So, in conclusion to this post, armor does not have to be practical or even functional, and can be just for looks! But it should always respect the character and not treat them as something just for sexual gratification!

Even villains too!

The outfits in Madoka Magica do sacrifice a bit of practicality for cutesy frills and bows and stuff. Perhaps the justification is that magical girls can take a lot more physical damage than regular humans. However, it doesn’t explain why, as you said, their soul gems are out in the open. You’d think they’d want to keep them as protected as possible. 

I agree 110% with you on the conclusion. Madoka Magica have very well developed characters, and their outfits and accessories match them to a T. AndIkindaloveitforthat

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What do you think is in munakata's head whenever he sees awashima's ass squeezed inside that tight, short uniform of hers?

Hopefully “I should really find Awashima-kun a longer skirt.” Or possibly “That’s the last time I let Roy Mustang design my female officer uniforms.” Or “How do I gracefully admit that the skirt was a joke that I’ve been waiting for her to call me out on for years.” Also possibly “I should ask Awashima-kun for tips on how she keeps her behind so firm, I have been wanting to work on my glutes.” Or “Fushimi-kun would really look magnificent in that skirt.” There’s all kinds of possibilities, really.

I was looking through all the CPEX’s story art, and I came across this Samus Aran looking motherfucker and I have questions

  1.  What kind of NOL uniform is that?
  2. If it’s a modified uniform, why is she allowed to wear it during work (Uniforms look the same for a reason)
  3. If it’s against the rules, how hasn’t Jin berated her for it. He is a stickler for the rules after all
  4. Even if they would allow modifications of uniforms, the NOL probably has a dresscode and shes breaking the skirt rule, at least

Sidenote: Noels face is literally OvO