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After their interesting night yesterday, Lucas couldn’t get the sexual thoughts of his sister out of his head. He didn’t know whether he was disgusted with himself for agreeing to touch her, or angry at himself for not having the balls to do more.

Currently he was sitting on the couch, watching a Superman movie while Lara was out with Jonah doing who knows what. She had been gone for almost the entire day, leaving him alone to his perturbed thoughts.

Although, Lucas didn’t know if he missed her so much. Okay, he did miss her, that was his beautiful little sister; of course he’d miss her! But he wasn’t exactly sure he wanted to talk to her after their little ‘adventure’ last night.

It was already about to be nine and Lucas was extremely curious as to why Lara was taking so damn long to get to the house. Maybe she decided that she didn’t want to see him after last night, maybe she realized that her step-brother was a sick perverted dumbass that needed to rethink his life.

Or maybe—the front door unlocking, snapped him out of his annoying thoughts and he let out a relived sigh as Lara walked in the house, with a huge smile on her face.

“Hey, loser!” she laughed as she stopped to look at him. “How was your day?”

Lucas shrugged. “Pretty boring, yours?”

“It was fun,” she smiled, walking over to the kitchen and then walked back into the living room to sit on the couch opposite of his. “Jonah took me to this spa where we got the best massages ever, I’ll have to show you some of the things they did to me and then we went to get our nails done.”

Lucas chuckled, shaking his head as he reached into his bowl of Doritos and said, “Of course you guys went to do your nails.”

Lara gave him a look, rolling her eyes and said, “Whatever. So what did you do all day?”

“I just watched movies and ate junk food.”

“Ew,” she made a face, “what kind of movies?”

At her expression, Lucas laughed and finished swallowing the Cool Ranch flavored Doritos. “Reruns of Indiana Jones.”

“All day?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” he nodded.

Lara laughed, standing up from the couch and slid her feet out of her heels. “You’re such a loser, Luc. I’m surprised girls even like you.”

He snorted. “Because I’m sexy, Zee, why else would girls like me?”

She opened her mouth to say something but then shook her head and grabbed her black heels from the floor. “You’re still a loser.” Without waiting for him to reply or chide her, she strutted up the stairs quickly to take a hot shower.

The entire day she was out with Jonah talking about the previous night and how she was dying to relive it again. Jonah asked her about everything that Lucas did and demanded that she’d tell him every detail that went on.

Of course, she was pleased by his questioning because she wanted nothing more than to share her sexual experience with someone other than Lucas.

Not only did she get to relieve some of her excitement, but Jonah also gave her ideas on what to do. One of her favorite ideas made her feel a bit guilty, but not guilty enough to stop her from actually doing it.

Jonah had told her that there was nothing better than a pleasing older brother. At the time, Lara didn’t know exactly what he meant by that, but as he explained later on, she grew to love the idea.

He told her to make up a guy, a hot guy that would make Lucas a bit jealous, and if you think that’s the plan then you’re completely wrong.

The plan was to make up a guy so hot and nice, that Lara would be “in complete love” with him. But since Lara was completely inexperienced in the sexual department, she felt that if ‘hot guy’ made a move on her and she didn’t know how to respond, she’d lose the “love of her life.”

It was a complete and devious plan—and Lara loved every bit of it. She loved it so much that she was going to put it to work right after she finished her shower.

After drying up and getting in comfortable, but somewhat attractive clothing, Lara went downstairs only to find that her brother was walking up to take a shower.

“Where ya going?” she chirped.

“To the bathroom,” he smiled as she pressed herself against the wall, “I smell like an old man who hasn’t taken a shower in three days.”

Lara crinkled her nose and made a face. “Okay that’s gross, go take a shower, loser.”

He didn’t really smell like that, but it made Lara laughed, and at that point all that he wanted to do was make his little step-sister laugh. She had the cutest and most sensual laugh he had ever heard, which confused him because up until he moved to California, he always thought that his sister sounded like a dying hyena whenever she laughed.

“Ooh,” she said as she walked up the stairs, behind him, “can you come to my room after you’re done? I want to tell you something.”

“Uh,” Lucas gulped, “is something wrong?”

Lara shook her head, grinning widely at him and said, “Not at all. I just want to talk, now go take your trashy-smelling self to the shower and get rid of all that shit that’s making you smell worse than a corpse right now.”

Lucas laughed, shaking his head as Lara pushed him away into the bathroom and then swayed her hips slightly as she skipped away to her room.

Once she knew he wasn’t there, she let out a deep breath and groaned. Ugh, it was taking all of her to not pin his sexy ass against the wall and beg him to take her fast and hard right on the floor.

She couldn’t understand how one man could make her so damn horny by just looking at her!

Lara decided that she was going to name her ‘hot guy’ Alex. It was hot and sexy; something that she hoped would make Lucas a bit…jealous. Not enough to make a huge deal about it, but enough that he’d give into what she would ask him.

During the time that Lucas was in the shower, she walked around her room, rubbed lotion on her legs, brushed her teeth, gurgled mouthwash and all the while, Lucas was in the shower thinking of how gorgeous his step-sister looked the night before as she climaxed and screamed his name.

He couldn’t get her throaty moans out of his head even in the damn shower. He just wanted to touch himself to the thought of her vixen-like lips wrapped around his cock as he face-fucked her.

Just thinking about how amazing it would feel like to have her luscious lips wrapped around him, made him as hard as a rock and all he wanted to do was fuck someone. He thought that after sleeping with that whore from the restaurant that all of his sexual tension would be gone for a while.

He was completely and utterly wrong. Lara managed to make his sexual tension increase by the thousands by just walking into the room and smiling at him.

He didn’t know if it was because he was mentally sick or what, but the innocent smiles that she flirty threw his way got him so horny that he wanted to shove his hands in his pants and jerk off like there was no tomorrow.

Finally he walked out of the shower and dried himself. He threw on a simple white V-neck shirt and basketball shorts before walking over to Lara’s bedroom and sprayed a hint of his cologne just so that she could smell how damn good he was able to smell—if that even made sense.

When he walked into Lara’s room he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Her entire room smelt of cherries and just plain out fruits, it was intoxicatingly sweet and he was tempted to rip her think nightgown of her body and have his way with her—that’s how desirable she looked to him.

Although, she was simply sitting down on the bed playing with her hands, which wasn’t a tempting pose, but for Lucas, his sister could be pigging out and she’d still look like a dangerous minx.

“So,” he cleared his throat, snapping her attention away from her nails, “what did you want to talk to me about?”

Lara sat up on the bed, signaling for him to close the door waited for him to sit at the edge of the bed. “So,” she began softly, “there’s this guy…”

Lucas raised his eyebrows, suddenly feeling angry at whoever this ‘guy’ was and waited for her to continue silently, even though in the inside he was fuming with anger.

“And we’ve been talking for a while, but just like friends. And…” Lara blushed, suddenly feeling embarrassed at what she was going to tell Lucas, “We’ve never done anything sexual because I’m too scared I’m going to mess up.”

“Aw, Zee,” Lucas took her hand in his, “don’t be scared of that, babe. If he doesn’t like what you do, then he didn’t deserve you in the first place.”

Although, no man alive deserves to be by your side, he added silently.

Lara stood up, shaking her head and said, “No! You don’t understand! I really like this guy, Luc…and I don’t want him to stop liking me because I’m some freaking inexperienced virgin!”

“Lara—k” he tried to calm her down, but she was suddenly afraid that her plan would backfire and she didn’t get what she desperately needed.

“Lucas, I don’t need you to tell me what I deserve or what I don’t deserve. I really like this guy and I just need you to help me on something.”

“Sure, what is it?” he stared at her intently, his blue eyes almost blazing with the intensity.

“I want you to teach me how to…” she cleared her throat, feeling her cheeks heat up a bit, “I want you to teach me how to do things in the sex department.”

Lucas stared at her with wide eyes and then said, “You want me to what?”

“I want you to,” she rolled her eyes; “teach me how to treat a guy in bed.”

“What?” he asked, almost out of breath even though he was simply sitting down, “Lara, I’m your brother! How the hell do you want me to teach you that?!”

Suddenly angry at him for bringing up the damn “I’m your brother card,” Lara stood up from the bed and glared at him.

“Would you rather I’d do it with some fucking stranger? At least I’m coming to you for help and not some walking STD! It’s not like you’d be killing someone by fucking me and doing whatever it is that men do in bed! You’d just be teaching me how to become a woman and if going out into the street is what I have to do so that I can keep Alex’s attention then that’s exactly what I am going to do!”

She knew how stupid she sounded. She knew that if she ever heard a girl saying that argument, she’d slap them senseless until her hand ached, but she was angry and horny. And Lucas was not being cooperative.

“Lara,” he said softly, widening his eyes in realization. Maybe…just maybe…he could help her. It would just be like teaching her how to ride a bike, right? Except this time, he would be touching her and teaching her how to be the sexual minx he already saw her as.

“No, Lucas!” she hissed, “If you’re going to give me a lecture on how I deserve someone better then just leave my room.”

“I’m not,” he croaked and then cleared his throat, “I’m not going to give you a lecture. I’ll,” he blushed lightly, realizing that after he’d say these words, there was no turning back, “I’ll help you however I can. I don’t promise you much but…I’ll try to teach you.”

“Really?” she widened her eyes, feeling her heart thundering away inside her chest. She did it; she actually got her brother to agree on the sexual tension that was killing them both!

“Y-yes,” he stuttered, “I’ll do it.”

Lara smiled, throwing her arms around his neck and pressed a gentle kiss to his strong cheek. “Thank you, Luc! Thank you so much! I promise that in my wedding day, you can come and do whatever you want!”

He chuckled, steadying her by her waist and she grinned up at him. “Can I show you something and you tell me your honest opinion?”

“Sure,” he nodded and she sat back on the bed, relaxing against the multiple pillows against her headboard.

Lara took a deep breath, closing her eyes as she grabbed the waistband from her underwear and began pulling them down. Lucas widened his eyes as he realized that she was going to show him her lower treasure and he gulped.

She didn’t know how horny he was at the moment; he could feel his erection growing so damn hard that it was almost painful.

Seconds later, Lara lay on the bed half naked, showing Lucas her smooth, clean, hairless pussy. He gasped quietly, standing frozen as if in a trance as he stared at her young pussy lips, which were pink and small; the perfect size in his eyes.

Lara blushed under his hungry stare and whispered, “Is it okay-looking? Like when Alex sees it, will he want to eat me out?”

Lucas gulped again, trying to moisten his throat so that words could actually come out of his mouth, but all he wanted to do was drop to his knees and inhale her sweet scent. He wanted to dip his tongue into her warm milk and lick up all of her juices.

“It’s,” he cleared his throat, “it’s pretty.”

Lara laughed, grinning up at him cheekily and said, “Pretty? I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone describe a pussy as ‘pretty’.”

Lucas shrugged, watching as she spread her legs across her bed and widened her pussy, just allowing him more access to see the small amount of moisture that was growing in between her legs.

“Lucas?” she whispered timidly.

“What?” he whispered back huskily.

“Can you,” Lara bit her bottom lip, “can you do what you did yesterday…but this time with your…dick?”

Lucas’ dark blue eyes snapped up to hers and she almost moaned at all of the hungry emotions that were crossing through his face. At that moment, she was certain that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

“You want me to…rub my cock on your pussy?”

“Yeah,” she moaned, not caring anymore about how slutty she seemed and groaned. He didn’t know how hot he sounded whenever he spoke so dirty. It made her want to shove her own fingers into her cunt and cum a thousand times.

Lara stared at him with wide eyes as he slowly stepped out of his underwear and she crawled down the bed, resting her back against the edge of the bed so that Lucas could have easier access.

He grabbed her legs, pulling her into him slowly and huskily whispered, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Lara nodded. “Yes.”

“Alright,” he licked his lips, losing himself in the hunger and then pulled his grey boxers down. Lara gasped inaudibly as his ten inch cock stood upright, wide and surprisingly clean-shaven.

His head was pink, the kind that made your mouth water and he had a bit of pre-cum oozing out of it. Lucas was circumcised, giving his dick the strangely more attractive look that the ones with skin over their head; his mother had cut it off when he was born because of her religion or something like that—at the moment she couldn’t remember the story because of how excited she was.

“So,” Lucas mumbled, “you just want me to move it around?”

“Mm,” Lara breathily whispered as she licked her lips, staring at his hard rod move up and down by its own. “Can I…touch it?”

Lucas sighed, trying to forget for the couple of minutes that this was his step-sister; that this was incest and forced himself to nod. It wasn’t like he didn’t want it, because he did, but the rational side of him was bothering him, telling him that he needed to stop.

Luckily for both of them, whenever he was horny, he was never rational; and right now he was going to burst if he didn’t do anything about it.

Lara’s soft hand wrapped around his rod gently, almost afraid of touching it in a wrong way. Lucas closed his eyes, grabbing her hand and squeezed it tightly around himself, moaning a bit as the sensation shot shocks through his body.

Lara moved her hand around his cock slowly, pulling his skin back and forth gently and then she raised her hips a bit to meet her pussy with his cock and closed her eyes as she felt his hard head pressing against her slit.

He pushed her hand away as he took control and began pressing his hard cock up and down her slit in a rhythmic patter, making Lara inhale short gasps whenever she felt the smooth veins moving up and down her pussy.

“Oh,” she moaned, raising her hands up to her chest, where she began twisting her nipples.

Lucas groaned, biting his lips as he watched his little sister play with her breasts and felt more of her juices soaking his shaft. Finally, he was completely soaked in her sweets, allowing him easier and faster access around her cunt as he rocked his hips back and forth.

A soft slush-like noise began to fill the room as Lucas bucked his hips faster against her and Lara widened her legs. “Lucas,” she moaned, almost painfully, “that feels so…good!”

He smiled, slowly panting for breath as he sped up his almost-fucking and she clutched the sheets. Suddenly, feeling a bit more brave, he took a hold of her clit and squeezed it between his fingers.

Lara let out a loud pleasured moan, arching her back of the bed and rocking her hips to meet his. “Oh fuck yes, baby,” she began slurring incomprehensible words as her orgasm neared and she closed her eyes.

“Lucas!” He slowed down, so slow that it was painful, yet pleasurable at the same time, “Holy fuck, Lucas talk dirty to me, talk dirty to your little sister.”

This time he didn’t need her to tell him twice. He knew what she needed—what they both needed.

“That’s it, baby, let me feel your tight little pussy.” Lara moaned breathlessly, “You like feeling my big cock move around your pussy? Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Lara nodded, curling her toes as his head hit her entrance but never went in, “holy shit, Lucas! Oh fuck—yes! Faster, oh my—fuck go faster!”

He abided, grabbing her hips and slamming his erection around against her slit and she arched her back, mumbling out curses as her orgasm came glorious and extremely amazing. Lucas pinched her clit in between his fingers as he kept moving his erection around her soaking cunt and Lara shuddered underneath him.

“That,” she grinned up at him, “was amazing.”

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#29, 42 and 55 with Tyler Scheid for the prompt thingy :3

Prompts: #29 - “How is my wife more badass than me?” 

                #42 - “Stop being so cute.”

               #55 - “You’re a nerd.”

A/N: I’ve never been to katsucon, would love to go. And every year I miss comic con, I would love to go but because I havent I have no idea what its like at conventions so excuse the trash I made up about it :P I may come back and edit parts as I wrote this super late but we shall see :3

You and Tyler had decided to go to Katsucon. It would be a nice little break for you two and you’d been wanting to go for some time, so Tyler suprised you with tickets for your first wedding anniversary.

“Tye. Oh MY GOSH we’re going to Katsucon?!” Leaping into his arms you smoother his face in kisses, Tyler quickly making sure his hands held onto your thighs so you wouldn’t fall. “Thank you sooooo much!” He chuckled at how enthusiastic you were being and placing a sweet kiss to your lips.

“So have any cosplay ideas?” he gently placed you on the couch, letting you curl up beside him.

“Oh gosh where do I even begin?” Tyler loved listening to you that night, he watched your face as you explained different ideas you had, how your eyes would sparkle when you were describing an idea or how your speach sped up when you got super excited about getting pieces for a cosplay. As you were coming to the end of your ramblings you noticed Tyler was looking at you with this goofy look on his face.

“What? Sorry was I rambling to much?” You looked down at you hands breifly.

“Yes you were rambling but you know I find it adorable when you do that.” Lifting your chin up with his finger. You couldn’t help the blush that now covered your cheeks, even after all the years you’d been together he never failed to make you blush. Standing up Tyler extended his had for you, you took it looking at him confused.

“Well you have all these ideas right? and Katsucon is only a couple of months away so we better get to shopping.” He smiled at the excited expression that now covered your face as you practically draged Tyler out the door.

“Stop being so cute.” you chuckle back him as you get in the car to go shopping.


A few months later Katsucon had finally arrived and you couldn’t be more excited. The first day you had an original character planned, the second day you were going as a member of the survey corps from Attack on Titan, which you knew there would be a lot of people doing the same but you were in love with that anime you didn’t care. The last day you had a secret planned, Tyler wasn’t allowed to see any of this costume as it was a suprise that also involved him.

On the first day you emerged from your hotel bathroom dressed as your character. Tyler stopped fixing costume as his eyes raked up and down your body, looks wise your character was kind of a Tifa Lockheart meets Lara Croft. Basically she was kind of a bad ass chick who’d been in a few wars, noticing Tyler was still staring at you you made your way over to him. Looping your arms around his neck you lean up to peck his lips as his hands rest on the exposed flesh of your sides.

“Ready to go?” You smile up at him, Tyler nods his head, biting his lip still admiring how you looked. Rubbing your hands down his arms you grip his hands and have to literally drag him out the door.

“How is my wife more badass than me?” 

“It’s really not that hard babe.” Smirking up at him, chuckling when he acts hurt and drops your hand to cross his arms.

“Come on you big baby.” Jokingly you nudge him with your shoulder and walk ahead of him making sure to exadurate the way your hips swayed. It didn’t take very long for Tyler to catch up and sling his arm around your waist.

You had an amazing first day, taking photo’s with various people, entering a few contests, you even ran into a few fans of Mark and Ethan who recognised you two from videos. Getting back to your room you flooped on the bed.

“Tired already?” Tyler smirked sitting next you you on the bed, gently running his fingers down your spine making you sink further into the mattress. You nodded into the pillow, not realising how tired you were till your head had hit the bed.

“How bout I order some room service and put a film on while you shower?” Peeking at him from the side you smile.

“How did I get so lucky?”

“I ask myself that same question everyday.” Smiling he leans down and kisses you, it’s filled with love and passion as he gently pushes you onto your back. “About that shower. Do you think there is room for one more?”

“I think there is.”


The second day was much of the same, you and Tyler were having a blast. Everyone complimenting you on how amazing your OMD Gear looked. Tyler was nothing but smiles, sure he would have loved it if he were here without you but the fact that he got to share this experiance with you made it even better in his eyes. To him your happiness was the most important thing and as ong as you were happy he was happy.


Today was the day of your suprse costume for you and Tyler.

“So are you going to tell me what this one is or not?”

“Nope you’re gonna put it on and see.” Laughing you hand him his part all wrapped up in a box while you took yours in the bathroom to change. Eager to see what it was Tyler opened the box to see a familiar blue tunic.

Sitting on the bed Tyler was all ready to go he was just waiting on you, his leg bouncing up and down in excitement to see if your part of the costume was what he thought it was. Opening the bathroom door you revealed Tyler’s hopes to be true, his jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw you. There you were stood in the bathroom door way looking just like Zelda in her field outfit from Breath of the Wild while he was sat on the bed as Link. Walking up to you he gave you a passionate kiss, nearly knocking you back if wasn’t for Tyler’s arm holding you against him.

“You’re a nerd.” He smiled against your lips, you gave him another quick peck stepping back to admire him.

“I did good yeah?”

“Very good love.” A gigantic smile made its way across your face as you made your way out for the last day.

“You know this has to be some of the greatest couple of days of my life.” Smiling up at Tyler as he was swinging your joined hands between you.

“Oh so it wasn’t our wedding day or anything no?!”

“Yes it was, which is why I said some of.”

“Sure it is. Admit you’re enjoying this more than our wedding day.” You could hear and see the little smirk that played across his face. Pulling Tyler to a stop you grabbed his other hand.

“Nothing could ever top that day.” Smiling you pulled him down for a kiss hearing a click somewhere off to the side. Pulling apart you both looked in the direction of the noise to find a couple of people stood with camera’s.

“Sorry it was just to cute not to capture.” One girl spoke, as you shook your head at her telling her it was fine. Between then and the time you got back to your room the photo had practically gone viral and she was right, it was to cute not to capture.

Prompts from this list.



for @elevenknope, who specifically asked for this

Max hadn’t wanted to come, had wanted to hide in bed or skate away from her feelings. But her stupid stepdad had given her no choice. So here she was, sitting in an old courthouse, shivering under the AC. At least, she told herself it was the AC; she wouldn’t admit it was anything else.

The jury filed back in, and Max stared at the corner of the ceiling. Anywhere but the scraggly, unwashed mullet before her. It was only a moment before the judge asked the jury for their decision.

“We the jury find the defendant, Billy Mayfield, guilty of the charge of manslaughter.”

Her stepfather cursed under his breath and Billy’s shoulders fell.

Manslaughter. What bullshit. She’d seen the look in Billy’s eyes that night: dark and murderous. He’d come after her - how had he even found her at the Byers’ house? - and almost got to her before a tall head of hair stepped between them. She’d heard the smack of knuckles against jaws and then the sickening crack of skull against wall. She still heard it in her dreams.

Max stood and stalked out of the courtroom, too ashamed to look over at Nancy on the opposite side of the room, sitting with Steve’s parents. This was all her fault.

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© 2014 Katarina Jones


For minutes, he forgot that this was his sister. He forgot that the girl he was desperately kissing was related to him. Yes it wasn’t by blood, but nonetheless, they grew up together.

She was his little sister and he had to take care of her, not make out with her!

Her soft lips molded into his gently, they parted, allowing him enough access to explore her warm mouth with his tongue.

She tasted sweet like candy, but she also had that natural taste that made the kiss all the better. Her soft hands were on either side of his face, cradling his cheeks just like he was doing to her.

Lucas tilted his face, deepening their forbidden kiss and tangled his fingers through her silk hair, brushing his fingertips across the soft skin of her neck. Lara breathed slowly, a bit afraid of opening her eyes.

To her, it felt like a dream. It was too surreal, the kiss was perfect and delicious; everything she thought it would be, but she was afraid that if she opened her eyes, Lucas would be gone and there wouldn’t be any kisses to spare.

His tongue danced into her mouth once more, pushing her lips open roughly as he took control over her. There was something that Lara loved; and that was being dominated. It brought her a thrill to have someone take the upper hand.

She had never dominated, of course, but she had read plenty of erotica and done her fair share of investigation when it came to something she was interested in.

Almost reluctantly, Lucas pulled away with his dark blue eyes wide open as he stared at his sister’s flushed face. Her eyes were dark and filled with lust, but Lucas had snapped out of his trance—and he was pissed.

Not with Lara, but with himself.

How could he kiss her like that? How could he take advantage of his little sister like if she was some play-thing?

Lara opened her mouth, not sure of what to say but wanting to say something. Her lips still tingled from the kiss and her legs had gone all mushy. Her heart was beating so quickly that she was surprised it hadn’t run out of her chest.

The waiter from earlier, stood in front of the table with the wine in hand and a towel over his arm. He smiled slightly, almost forced as if someone was watching him. The waiter, whose nametag read James, cleared his throat and said, “Would you like me to pour it for you?”

Lara shook her head, smiling up at him as friendly as she could and said, “No, thank you.”

A part of her was completely aroused by the feel of her brother’s lips on hers, but the other was afraid that Lucas wouldn’t act the same. Had he seen it as something wrong? Would he treat her differently now that they shared their slight taste of forbidden touch?

The couple had become extremely uncomfortable with each other. Lara wanted to talk about the kiss, but Lucas was too disgusted with himself to even look at her. She was growing quite frustrated—and it wasn’t just sexually.

Lucas hadn’t only opened doors for her, but he had also made her want to touch herself. She wanted to feel his cock move inside of her with raw need, she needed him like she had never before.

Her underwear was so wet and he had only kissed her. She could only imagine how perfect he would be with his tongue; he had practically given her a sneak peek.

The way he twirled his tongue against hers just proved that he would be super skilled when it came to oral. She could already imagine his wet tongue plunging deep into her heat, sucking at her juices and her lips, making her quiver under him as he thrusted his fingers inside her.


Her eyes snapped up to Lucas, who had been calling her for the past minute. He had an annoyed look on his face and his jaw was clenched tightly. He was obviously bothered by something and Lara could only hope that it wasn’t with the kiss.


“What just happened,” Lucas tightened his hold on his fork, twirling it around his fingers and then crushed it—well more like squeezed until his knuckles were completely white, “that won’t happen ever again, understood?”

Lara’s blue eyes widened, almost falling out of their sockets as she stared up at him. Was he fucking serious?! That was the best thing that has ever happened to her and now he just wanted to take it away?!

“What?” She asked breathlessly, “Luc, that was just a kiss, a mere—”

“A mere nothing, Lara,” he gritted out, glaring at her. “It will not and cannot happen again, I don’t know what the hell came over me.”

Lust, she thought, prying her watered eyes away from his dark ones. She couldn’t understand why it bothered her so much, why it made her want to cry. She wasn’t crying because she was sad, but because she was angry.

Angry at herself for enjoying the kiss and angry at Lucas for making the move. She wanted nothing more than to scream and throw a tantrum, but Lara was better than that. She had been raised better than a silly spoiled brat; and she was certainly not going to act like one now.

“Understood,” she nodded her head, wiping away all of the emotions she suddenly felt, “it will never happen again, dear brother. It’ll be like you never came back from California.”

Lucas was taken aback by her composed and mature behavior, not that Lara ever acted like a child, but her composure and sudden power surprised him. Her choice of words not only showed him how much power she had over him, but they also hurt.

Did she really mean that? Did she really want to go on as if he had never come back?

The rest of the night was painfully quiet. They didn’t utter a word, except a comment about the food here and there. Lara tried to get Lucas’ attention, but he was too busy ogling a waitress, who was shamelessly flirting back.

Lara wanted to get up from her chair and bash her ‘Barbie’ like face into the cement wall, but she composed herself and forced her thoughts away from her troubles. She had also lost all need of touching herself.

She was so angry at Lucas that she didn’t even want to spend a night of forbidden passion with him. She just wanted to beat him up with a bat until he’d lay on the floor unconscious and begging for her forgiveness.

There had been no need for his harshness; after all it was he who began the kiss. She had been innocent the entire night and didn’t even try to flirt with him. She had only returned the kiss that she so desperately yearned for.

As Lara’s thoughts pertained of her anger, Lucas’ related to how beautiful his sister looked. She had tried to ease the night but he was so angry at himself that he didn’t even want to look at her.

So he did the only thing he could think of; he began looking at other women. One had caught his eye; she was a bottle-dyed redhead with obvious fake breasts and a bit too much make-up on her face. She looked like a clown that had just left the circus.

Nonetheless, she was Lucas’ perfect target. He knew those women. They were the ones that wanted to get laid and laid good. They’d share a wild night of passion and then leave and never look back.

They’d share one of his favorite scenarios; one-night-stands.

This redhead waitress would be able to help Lucas get his mind off how damn amazing his step-sister kissed, of how much he wanted to pin her to the wall of the black booth they were sitting in and force his cock into her.

“The check, please,” Lara’s brusque response to the waiter, snapped Lucas back into reality. She really looked displeased, but there was nothing he could do—or more like wanted to do.

The waiter quickly nodded, leaving quickly much to Lara’s pleasure, and returned with the check. Lara glared over at Lucas and slid the piece of paper over to him.

“Tonight’s on you, the cab is on me,” with that, the beautiful blonde stood up and grabbed her silver clutch. Much to her dismay, her red dress happened to be caught around one of the wooden legs of the table and ripped her dress up her thigh, leaving her vanilla cream colored leg visible through a perfect slit.

Her eyes widened, but she didn’t blush. Instead, she looked up at Lucas and winked, swaying her hips side to side as she walked to the exit. He was left a bit stunned as he stared down at the check and then up at Lara’s retreating figure.

What did she mean by the cab is on me?

Lucas frowned. He had his car keys so how would she get home? And suddenly it clicked. Lara wasn’t leaving with him—she was leaving him.

He didn’t know whether the information angered him or pleased him. Sure the car ride back home wouldn’t be pleasant, but would he rather have his beautiful, young, innocent, sister walking out in the streets of New York alone or be stuck in the most awkward car ride he had ever been in?

At the thought of a male even thinking of Lara in a perverse thought, Lucas’ anger heightened. He quickly scribbled his sloppy signature on the check and grabbed his coat, which had been slung over the booth.

Just as he was heading towards the exit, where Lara had just left, the redhead from earlier wedged in front of him.

“Hey there, stud.” She grinned up at him, trying to be seductive and succeeded a bit, “How about you take my number and give me a call? I’ll ride that big hunk of yours like a rodeo.”

Lucas forced a smile to his face and nodded, taking the ripped receipt from her hands and shoving it inside his pockets.

“The name’s Jamie, but you can call me slut,” she winked at him, blowing him a kiss as she walked away.

Well that’s a nice way to introduce yourself, is it not? Lucas shook his head as he pushed the grand doors out of his way and looked both sides of the street to search for his sister. His heart sunk as he watched her getting inside a yellow cab and slamming the door behind her.

He had really fucked up tonight. Not only had he kissed her, but he had also made her so angry that she didn’t even want to be in the same car with her. What the hell was wrong with him?!

Not only did he find her so damn beautiful that he compared her to a goddess, but he was attracted to her like he had never been to another woman. It reminded him of how much he loved the meteorologist on Channel 5. Her name was Susan Paige and every kid in the tri-state area fantasized about the beautiful brunette.

Of course, time didn’t treat her well and all of her fans quickly chose to masturbate on posters of Playboy magazines.


As soon as Lucas reached the house, he dialed ‘Jamie’s’ number. He needed to fuck someone tonight or he would really become sexually frustrated—and talking to a woman on the phone didn’t seem to satisfy his needs at the moment.

All he wanted to do was think of Lara’s soft lips wrapped around his hard cock and thrust his shaft into her sinful mouth. Lucas no longer knew if the thought disgusted him or what; all he knew was that it made him harder.

Jamie answered quickly and told him she would go over to his house because her roommate was home. Lucas didn’t know whether he was pleased with having the whore over at his house or not, but he forced his problematic thoughts away and took another quick shower.

On the way home, Lara had sobbed her adventure with Lucas on the phone with Jonah, whom was very supportive and tried to comfort her.

She didn’t know if she was crying because she wouldn’t have a chance with her step-brother or if it was because she was going to have her period soon and her emotions were heightened, but it bothered her.

Lara didn’t want to cry over her brother. She had never cried over a man, why start crying over them now?

Luckily, Jonah managed to cheer her up and she took a quick shower, ridding herself of her old pussy juices and the smell of cigarettes from the cab she had taken. She didn’t know if it had been a bit melodramatic on her part when she didn’t let Lucas give her a ride back home, but she had been so hurt by his actions that she didn’t think she’d be able to be in the same car with him for half an hour.

She wanted to apologize for her childish behavior but she didn’t know if it was too soon. He was obviously home, she was waiting for him, but she didn’t exactly have the guts to go over to his room and ask for forgiveness.

Well she had the guts; she just didn’t have the guts to see if he didn’t accept her apology.

Lara fell back on her pillows, groaning as she clenched her fists at her sides and heaved out a sigh. Well you’ll never know unless you try, right? She thought to herself and with little determination decided to go next door and talk to Lucas.

What she didn’t expect was Lucas to have company. She didn’t exactly barge in or see anything, but the noises coming in from the room, proved her right.

Underneath him, Jamie was panting madly as he shoved his hard cock into her pussy. It wasn’t exactly tight like he liked it to be and it wasn’t completely shaved, like he also liked it to be.

The redhead had a bit of curled hairs just above the entrance of her slit, shaped like an arrow pointing downwards. At least she was clean, he thought.

Jamie had wanted him to suck her cunt, but Lucas insisted otherwise and told her that maybe another time. Now he didn’t want any foreplay, he just wanted to get down to business. The faster he came, the faster she could be out the door.

“Ooh, that’s it!” She panted in between breaths, “fuck that tight little pussy! Mm, fuck me just like that baby!”

Far from tight you are, Lucas rolled his eyes as he turned her around, forcing her to knee on the bed and grabbed her thick red hair. She was now on doggy-style, which enabled him to picture Lara on Jamie’s spot.

He imagined the wet pussy he was ramming in to belong to his little sister. With every rough slam, he came closer to cumming and all he wanted to scream was Lara’s name.

Lucas tightened his hold on Jamie’s hips, breathing in and out quickly as their bodies slammed together.

“You like fucking my pussy? You like this slut’s pussy?” Jamie whimpered as Lucas became more forceful and sped up his movements—if that was even possible.

“Shut up, slut!” He growled out, making her moan out as if he had just said something to please her. He didn’t exactly want to please her, he just wanted her to shut the hell up so that Lara wouldn’t hear her and he could imagine Lara in Jamie’s place.

On the other side of the door, Lara widened her eyes, feeling her heart sinking in her chest. She didn’t know whether she wanted to cry or be a total creeper and listen in to her sexy brother fucking the hell out of that whore.

She suddenly knew that she was far from right. This wasn’t her summer to shine, this wasn’t the summer she’d sleep with her brother and she’d certainly have to look for someone else to fulfill her need.

Lara realized that maybe; just maybe, Lucas would never be her first.


A gif of Julianne Hough because that’s who I see as Lara c:

spiritualpuzzleshipper  asked:

Puzzleshipping story...Halloween party at Tristan's. Yugi is dressing up as Pharaoh Atemu and Atemu doesnt know. Atemu is dressing up as a mummy, Yugi doesnt know. Just something cute and fluffy and maybe a kiss :). You can pick the gang's costume.

Yugi would have gotten into his costume at his own place, but he had gone to Anzu’s home to do so. This way Atemu wouldn’t see him get into costume, and it could be a surprise! He knew his other self was gonna get picked up by Jounouchi before heading to Honda’s, so he didn’t have to go pick him up himself.

“Are you almost done, Yugi?” Anzu asked, knocking on the door. “I’m all dressed up in my costume.”

“Just a second, having a little trouble this darn crown.” Yugi huffed, trying to get the golden crown the pharaoh use to wear on his head. It was rather hard, what with all his hair in the way, but he managed.

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Oh please…

…just because Alicia’s Laraboot has dual pistols and a braid it doesn’t mean old Lara is back!

I am happy some people will enjoy the movie, good for all of you. Alicia looks fantastic, she even looks like a younger version of Angelina to me. She will surely show us all how good she is. But this all has nothing to do with the classics.

Do NOT say it is our iconic classic Lara back when it is NOT. Just dual pistols and braid won’t do the magic

a yumikuri biohazard (resident evil) au!!!! and i s2g ill actually draw stuff for it lmao i just have a really hard time coming up with anything y do i do this to myself but um what i have so far is basically ymir is a mercenary and christa is part of the bsaa and is a special operations agent. Reiner is her partner who is a special operations unit and in this mission they have to capture ymir or something cos shes bonded with a virus??? and need that antivirus?? (this sounds too much like jake oh) and ymir is a stubborn asswad lol i havent completely thought it out bUT YEAH WHAT I HAVE SO FAR!! oh and i might include some other characters also B)

OKAY SO my parents + cousin and I went to a restaurant and as soon as we sat at a table this super cute server comes to take our order. at this point I’m already freaking out cause my brain sees a pretty girl and just goes !!!! and my family is all like “you speak ten languages you order for us” and I’m like HAHAHA OKAY I can totally talk to a cute girl while playing it cool ofc.

it turns out that the girl can’t speak any language besides Hungarian, at which point I try to flirt by using my famous technique that I call “repeating things 5 times slowly in 2 languages while pointing at the menu as she tries to guess what we want.” which works tbh, we get our (non pineapple) pizzas and all and as I’m about to pay, I tip her nicely (cause I’m weak, whatever, she deserved it after me struggling to explain shit 4 times) AND SHE FREAKING SMILES AND THANKS ME IN CROATIAN AND THEN FUCKING WINKS AT ME AND I TURN INTO A FUCKING GIGGLING MESS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.

totally worth it tho 10/10 would embarrass myself again if the end result is the same.


Lara Pulver accepts the Olivier Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for her role as Gypsy Rose Lee / Louise in the Musical Gypsy


Daddy Issues of the Tomb Raider

The new TR movie has been confirmed to be about young Lara in search to see if her father is dead or alive. That’s right. Another parental storyline.

I’m so tired of this. Another rehash of the plot from the first movie, and every single TR game since Crystal took over. This will be the FOURTH telling of that story. (Count them: TR Movie, Legend, TR 2013, TR Reboot Movie.)

How many more times are we going to be subject to this method of reboot?This same focus on Lara’s parents?

Either make a game or a film where THEY are the protagonists, or tell us a story about Lara. She is not her parents. She is not Richard.

Lara Croft should not live in anyone’s shadow.

Even if this isn’t the plot, and simply the “motivation”, it’s still the same story over and over. And frankly, it’s not a good enough motivation for Lara. Stop trying to inject family issues into Tomb Raider, because they do not belong there. Lara’s story has been done in such better ways. Throw her into a situation she has caused and explore her character by her reactions and her struggle to right her own wrong. Look at the Last Revelation. Look at Angel of Darkness (no really, get off your high horse and study it). Look at how Lara interacts with a rich cast of diverse characters. These are personal stories to Lara, full of emotion in their own right, that goes well beyond the surface. Oh, and there’s not a parent in sight.

And to be honest, after so many years and countless rewrites of a script, yes - I did have hope for this film. After countless rewrites I did expect something new, original, and unexplored. So to read that this reboot movie will deal yet again with Lara’s “personal” family drama is a punch in the face. It screams so obviously of a script written by someone who either doesn’t know who Lara Croft should be, or someone who is trying to re-re-re-re-invent her. Either way, someone who has no idea what they’re doing when it comes to Lara. This is not commentary on their abilities, merely their ‘vision’.

I’m sure Alicia Vikander will pour her heart into the role. But with this story and motivation? I have zero confidence in this movie and it’s plot while it revolves around daddy issues. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, try again. 

Lara deserves better.

Story writers hard at work on the new TR Movie.


[E3 Ambassador Blog] Evolving an Icon: Lara Croft 2.0

Author: Marco - Allgame: Tomb Raider, Italy

Lara Croft is one of the most famous and enduring characters of the video game industry. With her iconic beauty and her bright personality, the acclaimed archaeologist has been living in our computers and consoles for almost 20 years. As time passed, we witnessed a multifaceted evolution of Lara Croft’s character and model, not only from a narrative point of view, but also from a technical perspective.

Indeed, the technology behind her character dramatically changed, first from edges to curves, then from curves to fine details. With improved technology, even the smallest details can make a large difference, and technology has come to play a key role in the entire creative process. This is certainly the case with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

After the series was rebooted in 2011, Lara’s model was re-designed according to her new storyline. Even when maintaining the iconic traits of her classic model, Lara needed to have a younger and inexperienced look - her skills yet to be fully mastered and her story yet to begin.  

Starting from an enhanced game engine used in Crystal’s Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld trilogy, Lara was about to face untested waters. Just like the heroine she is, she has taken this new adventure and conquered it. The reboot was just the beginning. Lara realized she is a survivor and has accepted that the world is much more than what she can see. She lost her friends, and a part of herself as well. On the island, she said farewell to the naive academic student she used to be.

                                 Image created by Rayna Ryukuro

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara is on the cusp of a new adventure. Carrying with her the scars which marked her physically and mentally, she sets out to understand the secrets of immortality. Her personality grows stronger, but her love for archaeology and esotericism is still unchanged.

Conveying the changes that Lara has undergone is a great challenge for the development team. Lara’s personality has evolved, and her physical appearance needs to reflect this. The character design team at Crystal Dynamics has set out with a singular goal: making Lara a believable and relatable character by showing her humanity and emotions through the use of sophisticated technology.

Thanks to Crystal Dynamics and Xbox, I had the chance to attend E3 2015 in Los Angeles. I also had the opportunity to meet many of the talented developers from Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft, and interview Brian Horton, Game Director on Rise of the Tomb Raider. I asked him some questions about the technology behind Lara Croft’s design, focusing on her evolution as a character throughout the story. You can find the interview in full below.

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