look at how she just rolls off his back

Fascination Master list [1/?]

“You usually don’t have guests when I come for a visit,” Lucifer speaks casually, eyeing you between the two men who are nothing but an amusing thorn in his side. They both instinctively take a step forward and closer to each other, blocking you partially from view.

He rolls his eyes, and with a flick of his wrist both boys are flung to opposite sides of the room, held against the wall. 


“Lucifer I swear to Go-”

“Relax,” He takes a step forward and you instinctively take one back. And though your heart is beginning to pound in your chest because your body knows it is in danger, but you can’t bring yourself to care - the apathetic expression on your face doesn’t change. “I just want a closer look, she’s different from you boys.”

“Different how?” Dean grunts out, attempting to pry himself off the wall but knowing it’s useless. 

“She’s like you Sammy,” Lucifer tosses out the nickname to his vessel, giving him a glance as he stops in front of you, one hand reaching out to tilt your head up. You swallow apprehensively, the adrenaline is rushing through your system and you know it’s a fight or flight response, but you don’t care. “Except where all your anger comes from is different. You want to save people, save your family, save the world. That frustration that you can’t, that it doesn’t end and that you can’t live a normal happy life.” He looks at Sam as he says this then tilts his head down to look at you, tugging at your bottom lip.

“But her? Wherever did you find her?” He presses his fingers against the edges of your lips, forcing a smile to reflect his. “You still loved your family, Sam. Still loved your dad despite the arguments and being unable to see eye to eye. You’d take a bullet for him.”

He doesn’t look away from your eyes, and something prevents you from looking away from his. 

“[Name]-” Dean warns but he’s pressed harder against the wall and his warning ends in a grunt.

“But her? She’ll gladly be on the other end, pulling that trigger to end their lives.”

Your lips twitch from his fingers, pulling down into a frown as you furrow your eyebrows. The edging guilt and anxiety coming forth but the little voice in the back of your head, angry and viscous drowns it out. 

“Thou shall honor thy mother and father.” He says and there’s a twitch of a snarl on your lips that absolutely delights him. 

“But you’d rather kill them, wouldn’t you? You’ve got such a darkness festering inside of you it’s making me a bit giddy. I didn’t think you creatures were capable of it.. I mean some of you slaughter and kill.. but you, you my dear, are so very peculiar.” 


You finally ask, your voice is quiet and he tilts his head as he studies you.

“That little voice in the back of your head, all that built up anger at the world, at the people around you and your family. If you had the power you’d take them all into your hands and crush them.” He’s smiling, “I like that about you.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do.” 

“Leave [Name] alone.” Sam warns, glaring at Lucifer who looks over at him only for a moment before focusing his attention back onto you.

“But she’s so fascinating and you haven’t told me where you found her..”

“In the city of fuck you and the corner of none of your business.” Dean bites out angrily, and with a flick of Lucifer’s wrist Dean’s lips snapped shut, unable to open them.

“That’s not nice, Dean.” He throws an bemused glance toward the elder Winchester and suddenly there’s pain spreading throughout your chest. A gasp escaping your lips but the hand pressing into your chest and grasping your soul keeps you from stumbling backward or falling over.

“[Name]!” Sam shouts, horrified as he stares at Lucifer’s hand encasing your chest, the glow of your soul spilling from the hole he’s made.

It’s agonizing and even when he removes his hand from your chest, the hole no longer apparent and your soul still intact, every nerve feels on fire. 

“You trust the Winchesters about as far as you can throw them. Do you trust anyone? In fact.. I wonder why your soul is so different from others?” He leans in to your hunched form that’s clutching at the ache in your chest.



You tilt your head up at him, not understanding.

“You’re missing a piece dear, the puzzle was never fully put together before it was put inside you. Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to care for things? Your body runs on the basic human instinct, but you, you don’t feel it, do you?” You bite down on the inside of your cheek, glaring up at him as the angry voice in the back of your head screams. 

He tilts his head and smiles, “Well, that’s something. You feel, but so very little. The biggest emotions you can bring yourself is that little angry voice constantly screaming in your head. What is it like? To lack the capacity that your peers have? To be unable to understand the lengths that these two go for each other? Could you do the same?”

You wanted to say yes, but the only reason was a sense of obligation, you owed them. They had saved you from your personal hell as a demon play toy, and took you under their wings, protected you. But could you say you cared for them, like family? Loved them?

What did that even feel like?

He waves his hand in a lazy manner and both the Winchester collapse onto the floor in an exhausted heap. 

“I’ll be keeping an eye on you.” His finger flicks the tip of your nose and in an instant he’s gone. Leaving two confused boys, with so many questions that you didn’t have answers to.

“I’m missing a piece?” Your hands clutch your chest. 


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I'm so sorry to bother you, but my heart is aching for some High Justice headcannons with Kitt. What would Kitt be like if McCree were near fatally wounded keeping her safe during a mission? I was just itching to send this, I'm sorry to take up your time.

You’re not bothering me at all doll face! I love High Justice so much ♥

  • McCree knows how strong and capable Kitt is, but she’s still his little princess. In the heat of battle, he’s looking over at her to make sure she’s in one piece.
  • But she doesn’t see the man off to the side, and McCree lunges towards his daughter on instance just as the man pulls the trigger.
  • Kitt only feels her dad collide into her, knocking them both to the ground. She’s yelling, before he rolls away from her and finishes off the man she didn’t see before. Looking back to her father, he holds one hand to the side of his body, red seeping through his fingers. 
  • “Dad, you’re hurt.”
  • Panic. Pure, unbridled panic but she swallows it down. Already she’s dragging him to cover as he’s doing his best to reassure her and calm her down.
  • “This ain’t nothing, Kitt. Promise I’ve had far worst. Just keep breathing steady, okay princess?”
  • Her mind is focused only on finding a healer. Losing her control won’t help anything, but the backlash of her conscience screaming at her for being so reckless, for letting her dad take the fall.
  • She gets Mercy to him in no time, and McCree is doing his best to wipe the blood away now that he’s no longer actually bleeding out. Mindful that his daughter is doing her best to find the trembling in her hands. 
  • After the mission completes, he pulls her into a hug, letting her shaking form finally feel small and like a child but knowing he’s at least safe. 

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Imagine being a professional artist/author and being in a relationship with Barba, and the team, who are big fans of your work, find out about it.

——— Request for anon ———

“Wow, that’s just—” Carisi grins, leaning back in his chair as his hands come behind his head, “Wow. Good goin’ Barba.”

“So does this mean you have the hook up to get an autograph?” Amanda asks, rolling her shoulders in an effort to come off less excited than she is, “I mean, I’m a bit of a fan.”

Rafael sighs looking at the two excited detectives with squinted, suspicious eyes, “What I want to know is how you even found out who I’m dating.”


Warnings: None

Dean rolled his eyes as he saw Y/N laughing with Jensen. He was left behind, as usual. They have been in this godforsaken universe for about a week now. Him and Sam were looking for a way to go back to their own universe while Y/N was having the time of her life. What did Jensen have that he didn’t? He practically grew up with Y/N. Raised her since she was an infant just like he did Sam. How did a man that she met for only a day managed to sweep her off of her feet?

“Oh, shut up. Jensen. You know that I’m way tougher then you are.” Y/N said smugly, but could not contain her giggles. “Oh, yeah. Sure you are. That’s why you shrieked when you saw a spider last night.” Jensen teased, a smirk playing on his lips. And that is how it went. Both of them teasing each other, having a laugh. She liked Jensen. It was like he was the part of Dean that still had hope. It was like he was Dean. Maybe that’s why she gets along with him so well. Because he reminds her of Dean.

Dean scoffed, cursing under his breath, shaking his head. “What’s up with you?” Sam asked with a raised brow, knowing that his older brother was in some kind of a bad mood. “It’s Jensen and Y/N. They make me want to throw up.” He muttered, crossing his arms over his chest. “Are you.. Jealous?” The younger brother accused, squinting his eyes at his eldest brother as a grin made its way to his lips. “No! I’m not jealous. I’m Dean Winchester. Why would I get jealous?” He scoffed, letting out a nervous chuckle, knowing that his brother did not believe him one bit. Maybe he was jealous, or.. Maybe he just cared too much for Y/N to see her get stolen away from him. To see her slowly loose interest in him. Her best friend. His one and only.

Alright but let’s be real here.

Captain Phasma ships kylux.

It wasn’t meant to be an obsession but those two idiots act like the blind leading the blind. Someone has to push them together and Phasma will fling herself into the sun if she has to put up with those two for one more second in their current state. She didn’t always see it but then it was just one small thing that she found strange. How Kylo Ren and General Hux stand all too close to each other. She passed it off as a little fight for dominance between the two of them. But then there was a slew of small things that hit her. She started paying closer attention to them. How when Kylo Ren addresses Hux, the word General seems to mean something more to him, how it rolls of his tongue. And Hux, how he looks back at Kylo as though he wants to say something else. Oh Empire, the tension between the two becomes unbearable. Every little bicker, every sharp word, every look that’s thrown between the two just reeks of it. How Kylo Ren will invade the General’s space, using those extra few inches to try and crowd Hux. It becomes a dance between the two, with Ren leading and Hux submitting, but the General never backs down from the challenge. His body language shifts as though he wants to pounce on the force user. Oh Empire, please just get a room and get it over with! Phasma thinks desperately, she can’t even look at them anymore. Yet Hux will walk away and Ren will take his anger out with his lightsaber.

And then one day it explodes for the whole ship to see. They’re fighting worse than usual. Ren finally draws out Hux’s emotions enough for Hux to attack him. The general’s eyes light up as though he’s speaking at a rally. He looks so alive. And Ren, no one has ever seen Snoke’s lackey show any emotion other than anger but this, this is something entirely different. It’s on an entirely different spectrum of emotions.

They storm off in different directions. Everyone is left speechless. After that Phasma isn’t the only one who ships it. They have a new agenda for both the safety and the sanity of Phasma and the crew: get those two together before someone ends up dead.

BTS REACTION to hosting a radio show with their gf


“So… would you like to tell our audience what the actual hell is happening in the Run music video?” You ask, hearing the bitch creep up into your voice. These motherfuckers had left everyone hanging for long enough, you were going to make absolute sure to ask him when everyone was listening. Peer pressure was your friend today.

“And now we’re on to our first question all the way from South America-” You whisper-yell at your boyfriend to not avoid what you just said, but he just shrugs your hand off of his shoulder and looks down at the phone in his hands. “Phan Jr69… P-Han? I do not know how to say that…” he shakes his head “she asks us… Jimin, can I touch your butt… I mean… Yeah if you hop on a plane…”

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“Radio shows are great.” He says, turning the microphone on mute while hte commercials rolled. There were no camera back here for this rolling, so you were lying together in onesies while you drank smoothies, giggling at yoru joeksa dn taking callers, practicing english into the microphones. Now that you were done with the filming for the v-app to promo the show, it was just you two. “I mean, we could do anything. We could be naked and they would have no idea!”


“We could! I love radio shows!”

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You watched the boy sing a little bit, and your heart swelled. He was getting more comfortable, less worried about if the music he was putting out was good enough, and more worried about having fun doing it. And while he was kissing you ever once and a while, a smile on his face because he knew he could get away with the touches, you were enjoying yourself. You didn’t even slightly feel the need to smack his hands at your sides away, even though you were technically working. It didn’t feel like a job for either of you.

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“Whose name is going to come first in the introduction?” He asks, watching you prop the camera up. You were in the studio, about to film while you spoke, so that the fans could have even more than they normally would on your show. “Not that I care, but I think that we should let the people choose. Do something a little interactive.”

“More interactive than taking calls, and recording our voices, and talking directly to the people… And filming? On a radio show? Hoseok, you’re going to hate yourself if you keep piling all this work on.” You put your phone up against the stand in front of you, and he just slings an arm across your back, kissing your temple before the camera can catch his move.

“But I just love doing these!”

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This little juvenile bean was having plenty of fun rapping away whenever he could, earning screams from the people you were calling, and earning tweets from the other members to congratulate you on the show. While you were sitting back, recording some of it and reading off comments from people, he was just smiling his gummy smile. This didn’t feel like some lame way to pass the time, you were both having the best time, just messing around all afternoon. (And making money off of it)

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He was nothing but boring. No one could talk shit now, as he’d been entertaining for hours on end, listening and talking, and singing a bit. Now was the time where he would spill some secrets of the dorm. “Oh yeah, Jungkookie comes to sleep on Hobi’s floor all of the time. We kick whoever is in my room out sometimes, so usually it’s Y/N and I in my room and three others in whatever other rooms there are.” He listens to the endless giggles from the caller, and shakes his head a bit, looking at you with big eyes. “If you think that’s cute you should see Namjoon snore when he’s all curled up like a little dumpling.”

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He was giggling non-stop. You couldn’t get him to stop giggling all morning. When you had to order for him at the coffee house because he couldn’t wipe his cheesy smile off his face, when he tried to frown because everyone teased him, he couldn’t stop. He was completely estatic. “Our first show is today!” He finally squealed when you got into his bedroom.

“I know… I can tell… By the way you won’t shut up about-”

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