look at how she just rolls off his back


This is sorta lame and cheesy, but it’s basically just a fluffy Imagine about Tom being a cute boyfriend and taking care of his drunk girlfriend💗
Author’s Note: This is a oneshot inspired by sorta me? My mom had a party and made a ton of mixed drinks, and because I’m a dumb baby that never drinks, I forgot that vodka literally punches you in a face when you drink too much of it? Anyways, I got drunk and ended up crying to one of my cousins for about 40 minutes about all the reasons why I love Tom? Apparently, I’m even more cheesy and sentimental drunk than I am sober, who knew lol?

She giggled to herself, ankles knocking into each other as she braced herself on the door of her apartment. She was absolutely, completely, and undeniably smashed. Truly, she couldn’t even remember how she’d gotten this way, but then again, she could barely recall her uber ride home.
Her hands kept shaking and she couldn’t find the correct key to fit itself into the doorknob. At this rate, she’d be out all night.
Tom paused the film he was watching and glanced back towards the front door. He was pretty sure that he could hear someone out there, but it was probably just their neighbor’s being noisy. Allowing the film to regain his full attention, he did his best to ignore the strange sounds outside, until he heard something that replicated her giggle.
His eyebrows knitted together in confusion. She was supposed to be at a sleepover with her best friends, not coming home at one in the morning? Tom got up and made his way over to the window by the door. Peeking out, he saw that the giggle outside indeed belonged to her, and she appeared to be struggling hugely with the task of opening the door.
Quickly crossing to help her inside, Tom yanked open the door and barely had time to catch her as she crashed in on top of him.
“Tom!” She yelped excitedly, making no effort to move off of him, instead cuddling further into him, while he laid sprawled across the floor with her lying on his chest. “Do you wanna hear a joke? It’s so dirty and I know how you love dirty things!” She explained innocently, her eyelashes tickling his neck.
Tom chuckled, “Darling, come on up here. We’ve gotta close the door.”
“Okay, I’ll tell you!” She leaned over him, “What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?”
“You’re absolutely wrecked.” Tom laughed, taking in her mussed up appearance. She still looked good, how could she not? Her skirt was just shorter, her breasts were more exposed than she’d be comfortable with sober, and her eyemakeup was slightly smudged. Her hair tumbled down her back in messy waves and she teetered on her high heels.
If she had come home sober, Tom would’ve dragged her off to bed with him, but alas, she was drunk and needed to be taken care of.
“She gagged!” His girlfriend giggled, finishing up the butt of her joke. “Do you get it?”
Tom burst out laughing and cradled the back of her head as he rolled her onto her side so that he could get up to lock the door. “Yes, baby, I do. Where’d you hear that one?”
She didn’t even seem to have registered what he asked her because, in response, she said, “I don’t think I’d be Cinderella if I was a disney princess. She gags, but not me. I don’t gag, unless you make me.”
“Oh my gosh, you’re going to be so embarrassed in the morning.” Tom said, slipping his hands beneath her arms to pick her up. Helping her down the hallway to their bedroom, he asked, “Darling, how come you’re not with your friends right now?”
She blinked her eyes slowly and licked her lips. “We were all talking, and drinking. So, so, so much drinking. Did you know that vodka is strong? Like, it’s so strong, because, I’m not sure if you can tell, but,” She leaned closer to his chest and pressed herself up onto her tippy toes to whisper in his ear, “I’m kinda drunk right now.”
Turning his head towards her, he decided to play along, “Are you serious? I’d had no clue.”
“Well, yes! Anywho,” She dragged out the last letter of anywho before she tripped over herself again.
Tom caught her and slipped a firmer hand around her waist. “Anywho?” He pressed.
“We were all talking about our boyfriends, and how much we love them, because, I love you so much. And then, we started talking about the stuff we do with our boyfriends.” She paused in the hallway to poke Tom’s chest, “That’s my favorite shirt on you.”
“Darling, I’m not wearing a shirt?” Tom said, cocking his head to the side.
“I know,” She smiled, “That’s why it’s my favorite.” She gestured to Tom’s exposed midriff, “This is all great. Like, you look so good. The best.”
Tom dissolved into laughter and shook his head, “My silly, drunk girl. What are we going to do with you?”
“Well, you see, what I’d like you to do with me is make-out. That’s really why I came home. We started talking about some things,” She cupped her hand around Tom’s ear and whispered, “Sexy time things. And we all agreed that I should come home to you so that we could do the sexy time things. Because, I wanna do them, with you.”
Finally crossing the threshold of their bedroom, Tom placed her gently onto the bed and tried to ignore her last statement. Yes, she was his girlfriend. Yes, she’d just told him that she wanted him, and yes, he obviously wanted her too. But, she was drunk, much too drunk to consent to sex with him.
Tonight, Tom would be a good boyfriend and take care of her, but, in the morning, Tom would be a good boyfriend and he’d give her at least 2 orgasms with 2 advil pills to chase away her headache before breakfast.
“Sweet girl, we can’t right now. You’ve been drinking too much, you’re absolutely wasted.” Tom tried to reason with her.
“No, no I’m not. If I was drunk, could I do this?” She took a deep breath, “‘May I feel said he/ (I’ll squeal said she/ just once said he) It’s fun said she/ (May I touch said he/ How much said she/ A lot said he) Why not said she.”
Tom cut her off, “Sweetheart, nothing you say matters right now, you’re too drunk. Now just let me help you out of that dress.” Shaking his head, Tom laughed as he walked over to her with an oversized sweatshirt of his in his hand. Only she would be able to quote E.E. Cummings completely inebriated.
Kneeling in front of her, Tom lifted one of her feet onto his lap to unbuckled her high heeled shoe. Undoing the clasp and carefully removing the heel, he pressed a tender kiss to the top of her foot.
“You know, I like it a lot better when you’re on your knees for a different reason.” She pouted, sitting up to watch him.
Tom chuckled again as he began to remove her other shoe, “Trust me darling, so do I. Roll over-” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence when she interjected.
“Are you gonna spank me?” She asked, rolling over. Her tiny dress had ridden up even more and Tom had to bite down on his lower lip and clasp his hands together to prevent himself from doing just that.
“You’re making this really difficult.” Tom muttered.
“Then do something about it. I thought bad girls got spankings?” She teased him, eyeing the hardness growing within his pajama bottoms.
“Stop it, I’m trying to take care of you and you’re making it really hard.” Tom groaned.
“I can tell,” She giggled.
“For fucks sake,” Tom rolled his eyes, “I’m going to help you out of the dress, and that’s all the touching I’m going to do tonight. Then, I’m going to take off your makeup, and you’re going to go to sleep.”
“Tom,” She whined, wriggling around on the bed, “I don’t wanna. I want you to do me.”
Tom laughed, “You’re going to die in the morning, oh my gosh. You’re such a child.”
“Ugh!” She whined and flattened out onto the mattress.
Sitting down behind her on the bed, Tom rolled her over and unzipped the back of her dress. He did his best to not look, but the zipper kept getting caught in her hair, and he couldn’t ignore the soft skin of her back. He saw that she’d chosen to wear the pretty, light pink, lace bra that she’d been wearing the first time they’d had sex. Groaning over the memories, he helped her rid her body of the confining fabric of her dress and had slid his sweatshirt over her body.
She turned to lay on her back, “Will you at least kiss me?”
“Yes,” Tom placed a soft kiss on her mouth, “Do you wanna get up to go to the bathroom to take off your makeup, or do you want me to do it for you here?”
“Hmmm, here.” She sat up and stuck her hands inside of the sweatshirt, only to toss her bra off seconds later.
Tom’s eye lingered on her chest as he got up to retrieve her makeup wipes.
“I love youuuuu.” She said, hugging herself to his chest after Tom had successfully cleansed her face of all traces of makeup. “You’re my favorite, even though you refuse to fuck me.”
Tom tucked the duvet under her chin and crawled in behind her. He kissed her temple and curled an arm around her, “I love you too darling.”
He prayed to the high heavens above that she wouldn’t feel his excitement poking her in the back while she drifted off and into dreamland.

You’re Not Dad

A/N: Not that anyone cares I’ve been hella busy and haven’t had time to literally write anything and I still really don’t, but I’m going to anyways bc I have some inspiration. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated(:

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, overprotective Dean, mention of death, yelling, very close relationship b/w Dean and reader? let me know if I missed anything

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl because I think she might be interested and I really love and look up to her as a writer. I hope you don’t mind.

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You loved your brothers more than anything in the world. I mean, you were practically raised by them. John was never around, your mom was just some quick fuck that John had on a hunt. As soon as demons got word that John Winchester knocked up some chick and he had another child, they came and killed your mother when you were only a few months old. Thankfully, your mom got John on the phone as they were trying to get in and he was in town so he saved you. Not your mom though. Dean had been 16 at the time, Sam was 12. You were by far the baby of the family and Sam and Dean made it their mission to protect you from everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. You were never even supposed to have been born. But nevertheless, here you were seventeen years later, alive and kicking, living in the bunker with Sam and Dean, the two best brothers in the entire world.

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Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 12/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Sensitive themes, depression, ptsd, panic attack

A/N: Welcome to the last part!! : ) thankyou all for sticking around and reading.

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 |

A month had passed since the tragedy. 

A month without any news of Eddie’s awakening. 

A month without a single visit from someone other than Beverly.

A month without happiness

A month without love.

A month without Eddie.

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Nectar of The Goddess

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@permanentcross I told you it was coming soon, hopefully this will make a good little miniseries

“Bet yah taste sweet,” He purred in her ear before cleaning off one of his fingers and letting out a groan of his own. “Oh yah do love, best thing ‘ve ever tasted. Even better than those drinks yah make me. Although, guess it should be huh, after all it’s the nectar o’ the goddess. Why don’ yah go head and taste it.”

He held his other finger to her lips and Y/N seized the opportunity she saw. Her lips closed around his finger and she sucked firmly, running her tongue around it as she rocked her head back and forth slightly. Harry knew that if he fucked her right now that he was going to climax way too quickly, he had to prep her more, needed to get her all ready for his cock and build up her orgasm.

“Want to truly taste yah love. Got to taste the nectar o’ the goddess from the source.”


Y/N is a bartender who makes all sorts of drinks for Harry, but Harry’s favorite drink is Y/N’s juices

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Insecurities (Christian Yu AMBW Smut)

YOU GUYS SHE FINALLY GAVE IN- LIKE ITS SUCH A REVELATION and I just needed to get this out here for her ass. @silhouetted-beauty here you go. 

I can’t believe this. I knew it, I knew it all along.

You walked through the club looking around as you headed towards the exit. Your hips twisting with each step, your hands crossed over your chest and balled up from how angry you were. You were a scowling beauty tonight. You had on a skirt set, black long sleeve crop top shirt that was off the shoulders. A black skirt that was long on your right side, but on the left side it was cut into a slit that reached up to your left thigh where it had two lines and were tied together revealing your smooth milky chocolate skin. Your makeup was done lightly, red lipstick on your plump lips and your hair was in its natural state curls tumbling down your shoulders and framing your face. You had on no bra nor panties, another surprise you wanted to give your man for all his hard work, the outfit had fitted tightly on your body so much so that even if you were to get hard your nipples would be showing through the shirt. But it seems as he danced with the girl on the club floor he had other plans.

You were dating Christian Yu, and despite what everyone else though dating him was not easy. In fact, in your eyes it was harder than most jobs because he was a video director meaning he had to film a lot of things and though it was great, what wasn’t great was the females that came on to him. You had always fought him, not wanting to date him because you knew what would happen if you said yes. You were scared to get attached to someone, especially someone famous because a sense of responsibility and assurance came with that. You were a jealous lover, and a bit possessive but it wasn’t no worse than any average person. However, after spending some time with him you couldn’t help but fall for him. He was charming, sweet, loving, he made you feel like a woman. You were head over heels for everything he did and maybe his dog Lori had contributed to the feelings that you had for him.

While you were both loving each other, things were going great for the first few months. Sure, every couple had their problems but you two were a different case. You worked for stores managing them and helping count items for stoking purposes. You had a few coworkers that liked to flirt with you and yeah sure the moment Christian saw it he was more than livid, dragging you away.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Christian asked the male who had his arm around your waist keeping your feet from touching the floor as he caught you.

“She was about to fall so I was going to catch her.” The male said shrugging his shoulders trying to play it off.

“So, she almost fell because you knocked the ladder over. Don’t touch her man. You can’t just hold her like that because she isn’t yours. She’s mine.” And like that Christian was taking you out of the male’s arms as he carried your protesting body towards the storage room to fuck you to the point that everyone else heard who you belonged to.

The thought alone rushed through your mind and made your lips twitch, you wanted to smile you did. You wanted to laugh and be happy but that little miss Savannah had to fuck it up for the both of you.

“Christian I don’t like her.” You mumbled at the set of the video. Christian had been laughing in the direction of the female that was mixed with both Korean and white. She was cute sure, long brown hair and little freckles on her face. She had green eyes and though she had some work done she was curvy. Here she stood, laughing and joking with everyone she could get her hands on even trying to flirt with DPR Live and you knew if your friend had saw her man in such a position she would’ve been livid.

“Why don’t you like her baby?” Christian asked softly finally turning his attention to you, his dark brown eyes looked down at you with love but at the moment, you couldn’t even feel it because your unsettled feeling overtook you more than his looks.

“I just.. Don’t trust her Christian.” You didn’t know how to explain it, maybe it was a woman intuition but the way she threw her hair back over her shoulder, the way she bit her lip and made eyes at Christian. Artist or not you knew she was trying to push up on him, and he was too busy running around your ass to notice but you did. You saw it all.

“Are you jealous?” Christian teased and you rolled your eyes trying to walk off. Christian moved to grip at your waist howling with laughter as he pulled you closer to his body wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. “Come on baby it’s a joke. I don’t want her okay? I want you. I mean she said she just wanted to work with me because she was a fan and inspired by my music videos.” He shrugged swaying with you from side to side as you frowned and crossed your arms over your chest feeling so small in his arms because you were shorter than him by a few inches.

“But still Christian, look at her and how she is acting around all of you.” You whined softly trying to not complain but you couldn’t help it.

“Y/n.” Christian called out your name as he shook his head sighing. “I love you okay?” He asked cupping your chin making you look up at him into his eyes. “I love you okay? Nobody but you, I want you in my world and I want you to be by my side always. Besides you work with a few people that always seem to try to touch you or be close to you while you’re working and I trust you to only focus on me, right?” He asked and when you didn’t say anything he frowned. “Right?” He asked you again leaning down to start pressing his lips against yours in multiple kisses causing your lips to curl into a smile.

“Right Christian.”

“Okay then, so trust me and we will be fine okay? She isn’t you, just a talented artist that could help my career.” He reminded you nuzzling your nose before he tilted his head. “You know though, if you did ever let me use your pretty voice I wouldn’t need any other person outside of the Dream Perfect Regime to work with. So, think about it.” He let your chin go to grab your hand instead as both of you walked towards the rest of the crew and Savannah. During the whole segment of them talking, you watched her. She didn’t say too much but the look on her face when she saw him was pure love, and when she saw you? Pure disgust and you knew you had been right about your feelings all along, but you weren’t going down without a fight and she was mistaking if she thought you were.

You shook your head once again, angry tears starting to brim your eyes as your body started to shake with each step you took. The club was packed with people who wanted to see Savannah’s new music and her video. It was a lot of important people here who could help her career and you weren’t one to knock down someone’s success you were all for it, but when she came for your man and tried to take everything you fought so hard to have, that’s when the problem became personal. Your head spun lightly from your anger mixing with the few drinks you had, and the music now seemed to drown out in the background as your heart pounding with the beat that was vibrating under your feet. Blue led rave lights shot through the dark space, the lights were dim and you could barely see where you were going. The night had started off great, Christian couldn’t even keep his hands off you as you got yourself ready. You had planned a lot for him and you once you got back home, but as soon as you walked through the club she was jumping on Christian calling his name.

“CHRISTIAN! I’m so fucking glad you came.. It means so. So much to me.” She said it in a sultry tone trying to mask it with a look of innocence.

“Me and my boyfriend wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You informed her as she finally stepped away from the hug she had given the male as she damn near jumped on him.

“Oh, Y/n you’re here.” She said as she gave you one look before she went back to Christian starting to talk.

The thought alone was enough to finally break you, tears streaming down your face from anger and hatred. You felt you had been cheated on, or at least it was coming. She had drug your man from you to dance with him. She pushed against him, swaying her hips and dropping it to the floor while Christian just seemed to stand there at first mesmerized by her before he started to dance back against her. It was embarrassing, what were you here for? You didn’t even want to come! But because she told Christian to bring you and he seemed to listen to her every command you had come for her. And she got what she wanted, to make you look like a fucking fool in front of everyone here. You reached a hand up to dab against your face not wanting to mess up your makeup. You were getting closer to the door and you felt a hand grab on your wrist. You didn’t even need to look at him to know that it was Christian’s larger hand holding onto your wrist as he drug you through the crowd to a room.

“Let me go! Let me go you fucking jerk!” You shouted at him over the blare of the music wanting him to give up. Christian just sighed as he led you to one of the VIP rooms that had a view of the club below. The walk up the stairs made your feet hurt, the black pumps made your feet look sexy but walking in them only did you justice when you went so far. Christian shut the door behind you both, locking it before he went to the window to look out at the club below.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked you as he hunched over the window. He looked out a minute waiting for you to answer him but once you didn’t he turned around to look you in your face. He was a fucking masterpiece. Black suit and dress shirt with a black tie. He had his hair curly and free falling over his face. His pierced nose and strong facial features, diamond earrings in his ears. He watched you with dark eyes and you could see that his teeth were clenched.

“What is wrong with you? Dancing with her like that! Why are you even here?” You asked him shouting at him as you stood your ground.

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Christian shouted back at you losing his cool that quickly.

“How dare you Christian! I saw you! I SAW YOU!” You screamed at him as you took a step closer to him.

“I didn’t do anything wrong! You are seriously over reacting y/n!” Christian tried to reason with you but he didn’t know what he did wrong. One minute he was on the floor dancing with a girl that he didn’t even feel but for her publicity and the sake of his image he stayed close to her and in a few seconds, he is getting a tap on his shoulder from one of your friends telling him that you’re walking out of the club. “Please tell me what the fuck I did wrong. I deserve to know that much.” Christian said calmly taking a step closer to you.

“I told you I didn’t trust her! I told you she was bad news and you didn’t listen. I never thought it would be because you actually liked her or wanted to be with her. Like what if I went and danced with a man the way you danced with her? What if I would’ve flirted with someone the way you teased and joked with her? What if I would’ve let someone be all against my ass like you let her do to your dick? You’re supposed to be mine and you got me out here thinking that I’m so special but it’s her on you!” You could feel the tears sliding down your face from how hurt and angry you were. It was the way you looked that caused Christian to snap and charge towards you.

“How could you say that to me! I told you that I didn’t want her! That you were overreacting! The fact that you even think I’m that kind of guy blows me! I don’t bring anyone around Lori unless they mean something to me. Look at all these people here! These important people at that, If I wanted to cheat do you honestly think I would’ve brought you here? Do you think we would have let your friend come when she could’ve let shit get back to you? I told you nothing was happening because I didn’t want her!”

“I saw how you watched her dance Christian! You were giving her the eyes!”
“I was trying to see what she was doing! And what I would do! She dropped it down on me and I was shocked as hell that she did it in front of you! I’m tipsy so are you and I knew I had to play my cards right for the both of our sakes. But if I had just left her there by herself then she would’ve looked like an idiot.” Christian sighed softly raking his hands through his hair seeing the hurt on your face. “Look, I know it’s not what you want to hear. And I know that I hurt you by protecting her but I don’t want her y/n. I want you. I’ve told you that over and over again. You’re the only one I see. When I do anything, or go anywhere. You’re everywhere. I do not care about Savannah. I shouldn’t have protected her and it was my fault for not thinking. But, I love you y/n. I only want you. Why can’t you trust me and see that? You think that I like when you go to work knowing that any guy can touch you like that or try to be with you? You’re my heart. And I don’t want to be without you. And no girl can change that.” Christian reached out for you as he pressed you back against the wall. You stumbled lightly but let him guide your body backwards. “You are overreacting. I love you. I love you so fucking much. I love you.” He kept repeating as he kissed your lips sweetly.

You were unsure at first, not knowing if you wanted to believe him or not, but after receiving more than five kisses you started to kiss him back, his warm hands placing on your hips as your arms moved to wrap around his neck.

“Regardless, I know that the reason you had those ideas was because of something I did. I should have worked harder to know that you were happy and you felt safe and secure. It won’t happen again okay?” He asked softly as he started to kiss you again. You could feel your heart skipping a beat and beating faster as you kissed him back. Your head tilted to the side. Letting him kiss you more as he pushed you against the wall harder, his lips molding against yours as he held your body close to his, the world around you seemed to fade away as your body burned with the kiss. He flicked his tongue across your bottom lip and you opened your mouth to let his tongue in letting him explore your mouth. His tongue flicked across yours and over the insides of your cheeks. He tasted your wet cavern, the kiss turning into a French kiss as his hands slid up your body to grip at your braless chest. You whimpered slightly against his lips feeling your breast hardened as you arched your back off the wall to feel more of his touch. He groaned liking how you were reacting to him, pressing his hips against your side, you could feel a little poke of his growing bulge. Your hands moved to grip at his jacket suit and he got the hint letting you push the material over his shoulders and onto the floor. He was trying to slide his tongue down your throat as his hand moved towards your slit to open the skirt, his hand moving to rub against your pussy, you mewled into the kiss as his finger skimmed your wet heat. He broke the kiss to lean down and kiss against your jaw slowly. He kissed towards your ear, his middle finger rubbing against your clit as he chuckled lightly against your ear.

“You’re so fucking wet. Is this why you didn’t wear any panties?” He teased.

“Shut up.” You groaned but the thought alone made your pussy become wetter.

“You don’t tell daddy to shut up.” He licked the shell of your ear, letting his fingers spread your lips as his middle finger continued to rub at your pussy. Your hips bucked against his hand, your lips meeting each other’s once again as he let his fingers play with your clit. You could feel the juices drip down your thighs, your legs were trembling as you felt yourself become closer. He broke the kiss to get on his knees, letting one of your legs go over his shoulder he pressed his lips against your pussy.

“Christian-what if they come look for us?” You asked softly as a sharp breath left your lip from him dragging his tongue up your slit humming.

“Well, let them come and search for us, they won’t find us until I make you cum.” Christian breathed hotly against your core before his tongue coming to swipe against your clit. He flicked his tongue up and down against your dampened pussy but because he was too impatient he was quick to shove his tongue inside of you gripping at your hips to pull you towards his face. He started to eat you out, thrusting his tongue in and out of your pussy letting it drip onto his chin as he ate you out. Letting his tongue swirl around in your inside, he curved the pink muscle inside of you finding your spot immediately fucking against it. Your hips jerked lightly, hands moving to tangle into his hair as you rolled your head back. Your fears were still there, insecurities rising but, he was here eating you out, his face buried into your pussy and his mind on you not her. You knew deep inside that he was right, you needed to trust him more and it was something you would have to work on in the future if you wanted to keep him. You were enjoying his tongue too much, fucking his face with your hips and calling out his name, pushing his hair back from his forehead so that you could see him more, you groaned as your lower stomach started to tighten up signaling your release was close.

Christian pulled back to lick his lips, wiping his face clean he kissed up towards your hips before he gripped at the end of the crop top shirt to push it over your breast, he leaned down to cup your nipples, swiping his tongue against your already hardened puckered buds, he enclosed his mouth around your left one first, sucking and nipping on your plump mounds holding them in his hands. He opened your legs wide, grinding his bulge against your soaking core, and you pressed your hips back, shifting them to make your clit land against the roughness of his pants, you were grinding against him, dry humping him as he teased your breast and groped at them. He could feel how wet you were getting, you wanted to stop him after a while so that you wouldn’t cum but he didn’t let up rolling his hips harder against you until you were cumming against the fabric of his pants, staining them with your juices. He chuckled against your flesh pulling back to crash his lips against yours.

“You got my pants all ruined. It seems I’ll have to punish you when we get home.” Christian warned, he unzipped his pants slowly, not caring to unbutton them just untucking his shirt so that nothing gets caught. He let his dick spring free, it stood high in the air, dripping with precum. He gripped at the base of his cock with one hand the other gripping at your left leg to raise it up, his hand trailing higher towards your plump ass cheeks. He slid inside of you slowly pressing his forehead against yours, he bit on his bottom lip as he entered your tight wet heat keeping you close. Once he was buried to the hilt, he lifted your other leg up to cup both of your ass cheeks, your skirt bunched around your hips and hanging towards the floor as he entered inside of you repeatedly. He started slow thrusting in and out of you, grinding inside of your heat trying to stretch you out and get a feel of you wrapping around his dick. He kissed at your lips, the make-out was heavy, lot of tongues grinding against each other as you rolled your hips against his.

“Fuck baby.” He grunted shuddering as you did it again. He loved it when you fucked yourself on his dick. “Go ahead y/n. Show me that you want it.” He moved to press the palms of his hand against the wall on either side of your head. You agreed as he steadied himself, starting to push your hips against him, your hands resting on his shoulders around his neck as you fucked yourself, looking down at where your sexes joined together. It was always so hot to you to see how he pushed inside of you, how your heat wrapped tightly around his heat. How he pushed deep inside of you. It was all too erotic for your mind to comprehend and the sheer pleasure that jolted inside of you, every time you pulled back and slide yourself down on him.

You started to set a rhythm, getting more into it, concentrating on the tricks you learned for him, squeezing around on his dick, rolling your hips against his hips. A knock at the door jolted you both, Christian growled out, he had been silently moaning and watching you get off. It was a beautiful sight to see and he loved it. But now he was annoyed with whoever was trying to ruin his moment.

“Who is it?” He asked in a low thick tone a growl erupting from his lips as his messy curly hair got into his face, looking up at him you felt you could’ve came again just by how he looked. A fucking gorgeous man.

“Christian. Savannah is looking for you, she says her new producer wants to thank you.” You knew the voice well, it was Mino one of Christian close friends.

“Can you tell her to wait?” Christian asked, he gripped at your hips when you tried to move whispering with a rough deep voice against your ear. “I never told you to stop. Don’t get in more trouble y/n.” He slapped at your ass cheeks causing you to moan and nod your head. You agreed starting to fuck yourself on his shaft once again, the sound of your hips bouncing against his was resonating against the walls as the rest stood outside.

“I did, I’ll handle it.” DPR voice was next to ring out in the hallway and part of you wondered where your friend was since he was never without her. But hearing the annoyance in his voice you knew that something was going on.

“Go faster y/n.” Christian commanded and you obeyed letting your hips pick up the speed, slamming yourself onto him whimpering as you tried to keep your body up, your legs locking around his waist gather, the heels of your foot pressing down into his lower back. “That’s it, just like that baby girl. Fuck you feel so good taking my dick into that pretty pussy.” He whispered huskily against your ear, catching your lobe between his teeth to grind his teeth against it.

“Christian!” Savannah shouted, and Christian could feel you stop your hips causing him to growl.

“WHAT!” He barked at the door as he pushed your hips against the wall. He was agitated at this point, all he wanted was time with you that he had been deprived of lately.

“Christian I knew you were in there! Come out here! There are people I need you to see!” Savannah chirped and he shook his head holding onto you as he started to fuck into you harder against the wall. The somewhat intimate pace becoming rougher as his frustrations grew every second. His head pressed against your shoulder and he released a low groan his hands staring to become sweaty against the wall and he tried to keep you hoisted up. Once he didn’t answer she shouted again.

“CHRISTIAN!” She shouted once more and he shook his head snapping his hips against you. He switched angles to pound against your spot, causing you to cry out his name.

“Christian!” You choked out a loud cry.

“Louder!” He said as he yanked at your hair pulling your head back, you gasped out loud as he let his hips go faster, until he couldn’t get any faster nor harder. Driving into you, with his knees bending a bit and legs spread apart. One of your hands moved to grip at his hair and the other gripped at his shoulder blades through his shirt.

“Christian! Daddy! Fuck right there-I’m cumming!” It felt so good to say those words to a girl that has tried her hardest to keep you away from Christian and not only tonight but always. You could hear and feel the silence as her heels clicked against the ground and she walked off, but your mind was swirling only the faint part of your mind could register what was happening. Most part of your mind was preoccupied with the fact that your stomach was clenching from the release that was creeping up. Your eyes shut as you dropped your mouth open. Christian grinded his hips against you changing his strokes to long and deep causing him to brush against your clit. You gave into him, listening to his deep commands to cum again and you did it, coating his shaft with your essence.

“Fuck y/n! Shit you feel so fucking good, just like that baby, fuck yeah just like that.” He moaned against your ear as he continued to slam into you, a few thrusts later and he was filling you to the brim, his hips grinding against yours to make you bury his load inside of your sensitive pussy. He held you close to his body. Both of your breaths were heavy, your eyes hooded and he pressed a soft kiss against your cheek before he kissed your lips. Though you couldn’t hear the music that well, the familiar beat of a song filled the room and Christian chuckled as you hit his shoulder.

“Shut up..” You muttered with a soft pout.

“I spy with my little eyes, a girly I can get cause she don’t get too many likes. A curly headed cutie I can turn into my wife.” He was about to sing the rest but your covered his lips looking in his eyes.

“Forever is a long time but as much as I fought to avoid you, you better be giving it to me. Deal?” You asked and let your hand drop down slowly.

“Deal.” He grinned kissing your lips. He pulled out of after some time and helped you fix your outfit, grabbing at his hands he pulled you into the bathroom and you tried to help him clean his pants. Once you were done, he pulled you back onto the club floor, his arm wrapping around your waist, to hold you close. Savannah walked towards you both and as soon as she opened her mouth Christian cut her off.

“I’m your video producer nothing else. I helped put you on, we helped you with this party. And now me and you are done, you don’t need me for anything else. And if in the future you ever need me to do a video, it’ll be up to my baby to decide if I should do it or not. You’ve caused more than enough scenes for one night and yeah as a friend you’re cool but that’s all you’ll ever be. So please excuse us both and enjoy the rest of your night, with your friends.” He bowed his head smiling at her before he led you off walking towards the door, and much to your surprise every person that was rolling with Christian and saw you leave left themselves as you all went to another hangout spot for the rest of the night.

In which I headcanon that “bracing shower” is a euphemism for touching yourself.  Rated E.  Spoilers for 6x18.

Killian stomped up the stairs, a pleasant tingle in his fingers and toes that made him feel heavy and tingly.

“Tingly,” he whispered to himself, shaking his head, and his hand for good measure.  He grabbed a hold of the railing when he nearly slipped on the landing, socks sliding on the slick wooden floors.

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Azriel set Elain down on the tiled shower floor, but he didn’t let her go. He reached over and turned the faucet. Warm water rained down on them. They shivered together for a few moments until their bodies warmed. Slowly, he turned up the temperature.

He wasn’t sure how long they stood there, how long he might have listened to the beating of her heart through the sound of the falling water. Her head was pressed against his chest, and he wondered if she were listening to his heart, too.

When they’d both stopped shivering, Elain lifted her head. “Where are we?”

Water dripped from his face and hair as he looked down at her. “My house.”

“Where is your house?”

“Just outside Velaris. In the cliffs by the sea.”

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We Are Young: Prologue

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Rowan couldn’t help but feel a bit foolish as he stepped into the cafeteria, lunch tray in hand. He stood in the doorway for a moment, eyes moving from table to table. He observed the crowds around him, looking for a head of golden hair.

Relieved wasn’t actually the right word he’d use for when Fenrys invited him to sit at his table during lunch. But he did feel the slightest bit grateful. He wasn’t particularly looking forward to spending another lunch by himself. Plus he thought he was doing pretty well. Only three days into the school year at a new school and he was already, somewhat, making friends. Hopefully when he told his mother this, she’d get off his back.

Though he wouldn’t exactly call Fenrys a friend at this point. He simply seen the Pittsburgh Penguins patch on Rowan’s backpack in the bio class they shared and deemed Rowan interesting enough to talk to. Turns out Fenrys was a Penguins fan too. And that’s basically all it took for him to invite Rowan to sit with him at lunch.

Thankfully, he wasn’t standing too long when he spotted golden hair pulled back in a low pony tail. With long strides, Rowan made his way over to the table. He wasn’t typically a nervous person, but he still tried not to pay too much attention to the other bodies sitting around the table.

“Hey man,” Fenrys grinned up at him before pointing to the chair on his right. “Take a seat.”

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Black & White | 01

Reader x Yoongi x Hoseok
: Angst | Smut | Arranged Marriage!AU
Status: On-going
Summary: “I take thee, Min Yoongi, my worst enemy, my rival since childhood, to be my lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, even if I despise you, from this day forward, for better, definitely for worse, only for prosperity and wealth, in sickness and in health, until death do us apart.”

warnings: smut, degrading names, alcohol usage, spanking, 

01 |

gif.credit: unknown (found on google, not mine!) 

Tonight was your high-school reunion.

10 years had flown by quicker than you thought. The whole day your phone had been blowing up with messages and notifications about tonight’s event. It’s not like you weren’t excited to see your old classmates, in fact you had kept in touch with some of them (if two people counted as a lot). But, high-school was more of a blur to you than a memorable one. You were studious, quiet, and rarely included yourself with the girls, since all they were interested in was boys and makeup. You always stuck your head in books to try to go to your dream college, but people still enjoyed talking to you even though you weren’t trying to come across as “likable”. But you weren’t complaining either, since the times you did go hang out with your classmates they liked your company, and you enjoyed theirs, so seeing them again would hopefully be refreshing from your stressful life.

Project director of your father’s successful and prestigious electronic business: Tech-tonix Enterprise. It had taken you your whole high-school, college, and even four more years to achieve your position as project director, one of the highest ranks in the business. But you had to sacrifice most of your leisure time, which was fine since you would much rather be considered one of the youngest and most successful woman in Korea than struggling to get by. Your friends, and even your family, considered you to be a workaholic who will never get married nor settle down. It was half-true, you were a workaholic, and you may end up alone, but that was only because you chose to be this way. If you wanted to get married, you would’ve done it by now. Plus, with the amount of secret admirers and marriage proposals you’ve received, you were sure marriage wouldn’t be a problem, finding a man you liked would be. You were picky, you admitted it, but it was only because you didn’t want to settle for less. You were the freaking project director under your father’s business, why would you want a man who had nothing going for him or an old man who wants you as a trophy? You would rather be single than be married for the wrong reasons. Even so, your mother and your grandmother had insisted on setting you up on blind dates.

Opening your phone to check on the messages your friends had writing all day, you noticed Taehyung, one of your closer friends, had written something about Min Yoongi. You definitely could not forget about him. He was ambitious and stubborn. He was also your high-school and company’s rival. Son of The Min’s Corporation, an electronics business, just like your father’s. You both were aware of each other’s companies, therefore the competition was that much more fierce. You two were fighting for the highest class rank during your first year of high-school. And of course, you ended up being first, but after the first year he had left to America. Apparently, his parents didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t number one, you felt sorry, but you were still proud of yourself.

From: Taehyung 6:35 PM

Yo….I have some good news..well maybe not for Y/N but Min Yoongi is coming! Do you guys remember him?! He’s coming! You remember him, right Namjoon? He was closest to you. keke

From: Namjoon 6:36 PM

Yoongi is coming? I thought he was in America? We haven’t spoken since he left.

From: Taehyung 6:36 PM

Well, he had just barely accepted and checked the “going box” on the E-invite I had sent out to everyone a month ago! -_-  but I totally forgot I even sent him one anyways. LMAO

From: Namjoon 6:37 PM

That’s good then. It’ll be nice to see the son of a CEO at our reunion. He’s the only one I know that is heir to a good company.

You scoffed after reading Namjoon’s text, another one of your close friend’s text. Everyone always forgot the fact that you were also the heir to a “good company.” You were positive it had something to do with you being a girl.

From: You 6:37 PM

Funny how I’m the daughter of a CEO to a good company as well. A very good company that can hack into your computer, Joon.

From: Taehyung 6:38 PM

HAHAHA! Joon is in trouble kekeke~~~

From: Namjoon 6:38 PM

Namjoon has left the group

From: Taehyung 6:38 PM

Taehyung has added Kim Namjoon to the group

Ya!~ Don’t leave I’m sure our little Y/N, is just kidding. But, I’m excited to see you guys tonight at eight!! I’m so excited!! Get dressed right now! Look nice!

From: Namjoon 6:40 PM

You just saw us yesterday, Tae….

From: Taehyung 6:40 PM

Whatever. I’ll see you guys later! Byeeeeeeeeeee!~~~

You had an eerie feeling about tonight. Not just because Yoongi is coming, but you just had a gut feeling things were not going to be good tonight. Running your fingers through your hair, you decided to just push away those thoughts and go home to get ready. You used to hardly wear any form of a dress or wear makeup when you were younger, in fear that your skin would go old like your mother’s. But once you started wearing it, you realized how fun it was. You decided to put on some light makeup and wear a black tight knee-length dress. You curled your hair, and stepped into you high-heels, taking one last look in the mirror before leaving your house. You were nervous. You were nervous that people were going to make fun of the way you looked and dressed. Deciding to change again, you wore a plain white tee with some jeans, then realizing it was way too casual. Checking the time it was already 7:48, so you rushed back into your closet and put on your first outfit again, deciding to not care about what others thought of you (plus Taehyung hated it when people were late to his events).

You pulled up at Taehyung’s restaurant he owned, Ray of Sunshine, and made your way inside. The place was small and cozy near the Han River, inside were hardwood floors and aesthetic portraits Taehyung had taken during his travels. He took his culinary seriously and even spent two years in Europe to perfect his dishes and spices. Which is why you enjoyed his food so much, they were vibrant and almost heavenly. As you made your way inside,the smell of rosemary and grilled meat filled the air. You made you way towards Namjoon and Taehyung and their other friend, Jin. But you couldn’t help but notice your old friend, Sooyoung, who you heard married her high school sweetheart, Park Jimin. You waved towards them and smiled, earning the same response back. Namjoon stood up from his seat and spread his arms wide open, pulling you in for an embrace. You groaned and rolled your eyes, “Stop acting like we don’t see each other often.” You whispered into his ears, causing him to giggle.

“I haven’t seen you in awhile, how have you been?” Namjoon began to ask, still pretending as though he hadn’t just seen you yesterday.

“Horrible. The moment I saw you I feel sick to my stomach.” You joked, holding onto your stomach.

“Ouch, Y/N is still the same I see.” Jin smiled, “Nice to see you again, after ten years?”

You nodded your head and smiled back, “It has been ten years. Nice to see you’re still looking well.”

“Of course, this handsome face will never age.” He winked.

You internally groaned and remembered just exactly why you didn’t–refused to hang out with Jin. Taehyung and Namjoon had tried multiple times to get you and Jin “together” claiming you both would be a good fit, but you could not stand hearing him talk about himself or his dad jokes. He was handsome, really handsome, but you just weren’t interested in a man who was clearly more interested in himself.

You nodded awkwardly and took a seat next to Sooyoung, who hugged you as soon as you sat down.

“I’ve missed you so much, Y/N! How come you never contacted me?” She pouted as she crossed her arms against her chest.

To be quite honest, the only reason you never bothered to contact majority of your old classmates was because you were too busy. And if they claimed to have missed you so much, they knew you were the daughter of Tech-Tonix’s CEO, therefore they could always call your office building. It wasn’t impossible to have lunch with you.

“Hi, Sooyoung. How are you doing?” You replied ignoring her first statement.

“I’m living the dream life as a stay-home wife. Jimin treats me so well.” She giggled, cupping her cheeks with her hands, “What about you? I heard you’re working under your father’s company?”

You nodded your head and smiled, “I am. I just got promoted to project director, and I’m working with the design team to launch a new video-game sometime next year.”

“Wow…that sounds..good.” She chuckled, “Anyways, enough about work. Is it true your mom is setting blind dates up for you? Because I know a really good doctor who would be the perfect match for you. He’s a workaholic just like you. Plus, you no longer look the same as you did in high-school so he’ll definitely like you.”

You wished you could roll your eyes and push her back so she could fall off her seat. Another person to add on the list to remind you of how single you were. What a wonderful beginning to this long night.

“It’s completely fine. I’m content with where I am.” You replied with a smile.

“Are you sure? He’s really sweet and kind. Let me just give you his number, he’s really kind. I think he’s one of the doctors at your mom’s hospital as well.” She was persistent, you gave her that, but you really weren’t interested, plus how desperate would you sound if you were to take a stranger’s number from a high-school reunion? That just screams lonely.

“Sorry, I don’t date anyone who works under my mom or my dad. I dislike mixing my work with my personal life.” You replied, declining the card she was shoving into your hand, “Maybe you could save that number for Mina, she’s coming in a bit and has been looking for someone to settle down with.”

Sooyoung rolled her eyes and groaned, “I’ll pass.”

You could hear Taehyung and Namjoon snickering in the back, fully knowing how irritated you were with Sooyoung in the matter of two minutes since you’ve been here. It’s no wonder she is a trophy wife. Good for her.

“I think everyone is starting to get hangry, yes?” Taehyung chuckled, looking at you, “The dishes are almost done, so let’s settle down and get ready to dine..and–” He walked to the back of the counter to grab something, placing behind him, “–wine!” He placed the expensive wine bottle on the table and winked.

Around two hours later, more people had shown up, leading to a total of seven bottles of wine being opened and drinked. Everyone was beginning to feel tipsy and were much more talkative. You were surprised a handful of people had shown up, people you didn’t even think who would care to come to something like this. But even so, it was nice hearing and seeing your old classmates.

“So who wants to bet if Min Yoongi is going to show up or not?” Sooyoung slurred as she took another sip of her wine.

“I bet twenty dollars he’s not going to come.” One of your old classmates, Jinyoung laughed as he took out his wallet, slamming a twenty on the table.

“I-I think he’s going to come. I mean why else would he accept my invitation.” Taehyung mumbled, “Yeah, he’s a little late, but who knows?”

“A little late? He’s two hours late. He mind as well stay home, or go back to America. It’s not like anyone remembers him anyways.” Jinyoung scoffed.

“I do.” Namjoon stated, “He was a good guy. I think you’ve been drinking too much.”

“Yoongi was an asshole, that’s it. We all know it. Right, Y/N?” Sooyoung turned her head to look at you.

You shrugged your shoulders and didn’t respond, not wanting to add fuel to the fire. Even if he was a brat, you didn’t see why your opinion should matter. You disliked him because of business reasons, it didn’t mean you hated him as a person.

“Come on, you guys, cut him a little slack. None of you guys even got to know him as a person.” Taehyung responded, “I think we all should just give him the benefit of the doubt.”

“Who knows? Maybe his flight was delayed.” A husky voice spoke from behind you guys.

“Yoongi?” Taehyung cocked his head to the side.

Everyone turned their heads around to see a tall, bleached haired man standing in between the two front doors. You had forgotten how he looked, still having the image of his fifteen year old self ingrained your head. But seeing him after thirteen years, he looked more mature, but he still had the same pale complexity. The room was immediately silenced with his presence. The only noise there was was the sound of his shoes clicking against the floor.

“Continue with your conversation, don’t let me stop you guys.” He chuckled, “But it seems I’m not welcomed, so I’ll just drop off this bottle of champagne and take my leave.”

Placing his bottle of champagne on the table, Yoongi turned around, but before he could leave Taehyung grabbed his wrist and apologized, “Sorry, these guys have been drinking too much. Stay, we all want to catch up with you. We haven’t seen you since freshmen year, so that’s thirteen years since we last seen you.”

“No really, I’m busy anyways. I just arrived and I already need to fill out some paperwork for my company.” Yoongi replied, “Enjoy the bottle for me.”

Everyone watched as he left the restaurant, the room not only still quiet but now filled with awkward tension. You felt a pang of guilt in your stomach as you saw the look on Taehyung’s face grow into a frown. You knew how much effort he put to create this event, and even if he barely knew Yoongi, you knew how much it meant to him for everyone to have stayed.

“Are you okay?” You whispered to Taehyung.

He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, “No, I’m sad. Let’s just call it a night.”

Everyone awed and shook their heads, begging Taehyung to just finish the night. But once Taehyung made a decision, he was stubborn and persistent about it. Plus, no one liked a grumpy Tae, he was a pain in the ass.

“Really you guys. Just go home. It was nice seeing everyone again.” Standing up from his seat, he walked away into the kitchen.

You looked over to Namjoon and took a breath, before you both began to kick out the drunk classmates who had ruined the night. After everyone left, you met up with Tae in the back and rested your hand on his shoulder.

“You okay?” You sighed, “What a night.”

“It sucks. I planned this whole night out, and those dipshits ruined it. Honestly, I just wanted to have a good time with everyone, but we couldn’t even have that.” He groaned.

“That’s because they are dipshits, Tae.” You laughed, “Let’s go drink at the bar near your place. I think we could use a couple of shots.”

Shaking his head, he refused your offer, “Nah. I’m going to stay here to clean up and loathe in my despair.”

“Want me to stay and clean up too?” You asked him, tilting your head to see his puffy eyes.

“No, but I’ll meet you up at the bar later? A drink may sound pretty good after cleaning up this shit.” He chuckled.

You nodded your head and decided to head out to the bar near his restaurant by yourself. It was located on the busier side of Seoul where most of the young and fresh people hung out. Plus the bartenders knew how to do their jobs, unlike in the so called “richer” side. Those bartenders were just as snobby as the people. As you squeezed your way past the people inside, you took a seat in front of the bar and ordered your usual margarita.

“I’m guessing the party ended?” A familiar voice spoke from the side of you.

You turned your head and noticed the same bleached hair and white dress shirt sitting in the seat next to you. You chuckled before replying to him, “And I’m guessing you didn’t have any paperwork to do either, Yoongi.”

He smirked and nodded, “Oops, I’ve been caught.”

You took a sip of you drink, still feeling Yoongi’s eyes on you.

“You look nice.” He complimented.

You should feel disgusted with his compliment, but for some reason it didn’t bother, but still you chose to ignore him, pretending as though it didn’t have an effect on you.

“You know, people usually thank others for a compliment.” He laughed, “Plus, I mean it. You look nice. I remember when you used to be so fa–”

“Okay thank you for the compliment! No need to bring up the past.” You groaned.

“That’s all I wanted to hear, a simple “thank you.” Now was that so hard?” He smirked.

You needed more than one drink if you were going to be talking to Yoongi. Ordering another margarita, you finished your first cup and took another sip out of your new one.

One drink turned into five. Throughout those drinks Yoongi and you were, of course, arguing like old time. It started again with both your company; Yoongi claiming Min’s Corporation was better, and you defending Tech-tonix. Then after that, it was fighting about whether or not you were drunk, to which Yoongi began ordering and drinking more of his whiskey to show you how drunk you were and imitating your actions. Shortly after you both had began a race to see who was more drunk by drinking more. And for some odd reason, it resulted back to Yoongi’s apartment.

Hands running through his hair, yanking onto the back of his head. He unlocked his door and slammed it shut as you both made it inside, he pushed you against it the cold frame and placed his lips onto yours. His kisses were sloppy, and his mouth tasted like alcohol, but you were sure yours did too. His tongue explored your mouth, and his hands traveled down to the back of your dress. He broke away from the kiss and placed his forehead against yours feeling his hot breath against your face.

“You could always back out. Just say the word, and I’ll take you home.” He finally spoke.

You nodded your head, “It’s okay. I want to. Plus, we’re both too drunk to drive”

He chuckled, caressing your one of your cheeks with his hand, before placing his lips back onto yours. His kisses were slowly becoming more aggressive. You softly bit his lips, earning a groan from him. Just one simple groan, caused your stomach to turn and your heat to rise. You wanted to hear more of him. He unzipped your dress, leaving you in your undergarments. The cold air brushed against your skin. He pulled away to admire your body, running his hands down your waist. Looking back into your eyes, he placed his lips on yours as he walked you into his bedroom. He pulled his shirt over his head, unbuttoning and pulling his pants down. You watched his fast movements and enjoyed the sight of him undressing. He wasn’t muscular nor defined, but it didn’t matter because his toned chest made up for it. You traced your fingers against his body, capturing every part of his build. You watched him shiver under your touch, as you lowered your cold fingers down to his boxers, where his growing member was located. You grazed against it, before giving it a small squeeze. He bit his lip, holding back his moan. The sight of him growing weak for you was turning you on, but your short amount of dominance was coming to end as the corner of his lips curved into a devilish smirk. He spun you around and pushed you onto the bed before crawling towards up to you. Licking his bottom lip seductively, you were excited to see what he was capable of. Hooking his fingers onto your panties he pulled them down to your ankles, eyes full of hunger. As he dipped down to your thighs, peppering kisses until he reached your throbbing core. You wanted him. You were just as hungry as he was, you wanted him to taste you.

Beg.” He demanded, “If you want me to taste you, beg.”

You were eager for him, desperate almost. You’ve never begged before, if anything the guys were the one who did most of the pleading. You were never one to ask, which made this moment even more enticing. You propped yourself on your elbows, as you looked into his dark eyes.

“I don’t want to.” You teased, “Make me.”

He flashed that same smirk once again, causing shivers down your spine. You wanted to see just what he can do to make you beg.

“Always so fucking stubborn” He scoffed, “I’ll make you beg, but are you sure you’re ready for it?”

Positive.” You whispered.

He sat up and grabbed your hand pulling you close to him, before spinning you around, lying on your stomach. You weren’t sure what he was going to do, but you were excited for it. You were getting wet just thinking about it. Until, suddenly you felt a hard slap on your butt, causing you to yelp.

“I don’t like naughty girls.” He growled before slapping you again, “So beg, and I’ll stop.”

“I’m not going to.” You spat.

He slapped your ass again, causing you to groan again. It hurt, but for some reason you were enjoying it. In fact, you liked the pain he was causing on your ass. He kept slapping you until finally you decided to give in.

“Please, just fuck me already.” You begged, “I want you to fuck me, please.”

“I thought you didn’t beg? I’m disappointed.” He chuckled.

“Consider yourself lucky then.” You groaned, “So fuck me and get on with it.”

You turned to see his reaction, and of course, you were satisfied. He had his tongue poking against his cheek, smiling before grabbing your waist and turning you around to face him. He placed his thumb on your clit and began moving it in circular motions causing you to moan loudly. You didn’t dare look away, keeping your eyes on his as he was rubbing you. You wanted him to know just how much you wanted him, and to your surprise, he didn’t look away either.

“Do you like this?” He asked, his voice sounding harsh, “I’m not going to fuck you yet since you’ve been a naughty little bitch.” With that, he licked his finger and stuck it inside your throbbing core, “You’re so wet, yet I haven’t even fucked you yet.”

Fuck..” You moaned, “Please, just fuck me.”

Ignoring your pleas, he chuckled before sticking another finger inside you. You practically grinding on his fingers, wanting more. Your breathing was heavy, and you were grabbing onto the sheets. The sound of his fingers moving inside you was causing you to build pressure. You were close, and you knew he could feel your walls clenching around his fingers. And just when you were about to come, he took out his fingers and placed them inside his mouth.

“What the hell?!” You frowned, as you watched him clean his fingers with his tongue. Ready to argue some more, he pulled down his boxers revealing his long and slender member. Giving it some strokes before sliding it against your wet pussy.

“Fuck this feels so good.” You moaned, “Please don’t stop.”

“Now you’re really begging, huh?” He laughed.

He continued sliding it a couple more times, before grabbing a condom from his drawer and placing it on his cock. Slowly inserting it inside you, both your moans filled the silent room. You could feel it stretching your tight walls, as it throbbed its way deep inside you. Arching your back, you unhooked your bra, pulling it off for him to see your bare chest. You watched him stare with admiration as you squeezed your breasts together. He grabbed your hips and thrusted into you, watching as your boobs moved along with his movements. He smirked at the sight of them bouncing as he increased his pace. Biting your lip, you felt that same rush come back to you, ready to release on his cock. You grabbed onto the sheets and curled your toes, breathing heavily as you looked him in the eyes.

“Come for me.” He smiled, “Come on my dick.”

He sped up, watching your eyebrows crease as you moaned. Grinding on his cock, you moved your hips until you came and trembled all over him. He pulled himself out of you and lied down, patting his thighs, “Ride me, until I come.”

You nodded and weakly sat up on his body, inserting his cock inside you. You already felt yourself getting ready to come again as you began to ride on his hard dick. He kept his eyes on you as you bounced, with his parted lips, a soft moan escaped his mouth. Grabbing onto your hips, he thrusted inside you harshly, not stopping until finally he rolled his head back, shaking and filling his condom up with his cum.

The next morning, you woke up with a huge headache. Turning to face the sight of a half-naked, still asleep, Yoongi, and you soon remembered where and who you were with. You could barely remember the events that took place last night that led up to you having sex with him, but before you could reflect on your actions you moved Yoongi’s arm, that was draped across your stomach, and quickly grabbed your stuff and got dressed. Leaving Yoongi’s apartment before he could realize you were gone, you jumped into a taxi and headed back to your place, not ready to face the rest of your day.

a/n: im so fucking nervous uploading again, iss been a hot minute since i left this writing world. Tbh, I rewrote this plot so fucking much, it was so hard for me to try to create a story line for this. But after a long long long awaited moment, I have created a design and path for this series. I’m still writing and working on the rest, but I’ve been working and going to school, so I haven’t found motivation to write anything. So sorry for the long wait. I hope you guys enjoyed reading part one of black and white, please look forward to the rest! Much love!! Until next time, xoxo. 

B99 Jealousy Headcanons

Shoutout to @sergeant-santiago for helping me out and to @iwantyoutochooseme for offering moral support. Love ya ladies!

Here are headcanons for the b99 characters getting jealous over people flirting with their significant others.

Jake Peralta:
• First of all, Jake is no Ross Gellar. He completely trusts Amy and knows that women aren’t sex machines and won’t just hop on any dick that shows them interest (*cough* They weren’t really on a break *cough*)
• Nevertheless, his blood boils whenever he sees a man undressing Amy with his eyes. That is NOT how you treat women!
• He knows Amy’s tough. She knows self defense and doesn’t need protection if a guy gets physical with her. Amy will put any guy in a headlock just like THAT if he makes a wrong move.
• Once Amy get’s the douchebag in a headlock she holds him still while Jake proceeds to lecture him about treating women with respect.
• After the lecture, Jake whips out his police badge and threatens to arrest him if he causes trouble again. He notifies the bartender to keep an eye on that man if he comes back so he won’t harass other women.
• If a man offers to buy Amy a drink, Jake becomes an over-the-top cocky cop. He flashes the badge and says “Did you know it’s illegal to flirt with a cop’s girlfriend? I could arrest you right now. Okay maybe that’s not true, but still, stop it.”
• Amy loves how cute Jake gets when he’s jealous. He doesn’t get angry, he doesn’t blame her for what she’s wearing, he doesn’t get controlling. He gives her space to handle it herself and steps in when he needs to.

Amy Santiago:
• Amy trusts Jake. She knows he only has eyes for her. She’s the only girl he ever sees. She finds it amusing when other girls flirt with him because of how freaking clueless he is.
• Whenever a girl offers to buy him a drink, he never sees it as flirting. He’s so oblivious. He always replies, “Actually, do you have any $1 bills for the vending machine?” or “No need for drinks, I need some quarters to refill the parking meter.” Amy chuckles and rolls her eyes at how adorable he is.
• If a girl can’t take the hint that Jake isn’t interested, Amy steps in. “Hi, I’m Amy. His girlfriend.” and shoots the girl a glare so intense that even Rosa would shiver (not really but you get the point) the girl backs off and Jake’s all “Wow she was really nice, she wanted to buy me a drink. You think I should’ve asked her to pay for my mozzarella sticks?”
• Amy facepalms. “Babe, she was flirting with you!” Jake’s eyes widen. “Ohhhhh, that makes more sense.” Amy pats him on his arm and kisses his cheek.

Rosa Diaz:
• You try to flirt with Gina? Ohhh boy. Ohhhhh booooyyyyyy. Don’t you dare. If you want to live to see tomorrow, don’t even look at her.
• It’s not that Rosa doesn’t trust Gina. She trusts Gina enough to tell her her address. Rosa’s just overprotective over the people she loves.
• Rosa’s keen on protecting her fellow women in general. Before Amy dated Jake and went on blind dates or met guys off Tinder, Rosa would secretly spy on them a few tables down. She was afraid the guy would be a creep or weirdo and slip a roofie in her drink. Rosa did that with all of her female friends. She doesn’t show it but she cares a lot about them.
• In fact, even when Rosa’s at a bar just chilling, her eagle eyes scan the crowd looking to see if any woman needs her help, if any guy is making unwanted advances to her.
• Anyways back to Gina. Flirt with her, you immediately get an angry Rosa grabbing you by the shoulders. “She’s not into you. Leave her alone.” That drives people away quick!
• Gina loves Jealous Rosa. Rosa’s so hot when she’s jealous. Well, she’s always hot, but you get the point.
• Gina loves teasing Rosa about how jealous she gets. “It’s not my fault that I’m desirable! I’m the best thing since sliced bread!” Then Gina tries to reassure her. “Gina Linetti is a lot of things. Smart, beautiful, amazing. Most of all, she’s loyal. I finally found a lifelong mate. Someone who’s as perfect as me. I’m not throwing you away for some peasant m.”
• That ends in Rosa and Gina running off to the nearest motel to go smoosh booties.

Gina Linetti:
• Okay first of all, Gina Linetti doesn’t get jealous. She gets “snarky”
• You think you’re good enough for Rosa Diaz? Your broke ass has the AUDACITY to flirt with her? Gina will DESTROY you!
• She’ll roast you. Not a light, marshmallows at the campfire roasts. A FLAMETHROWER roast. Straight up ARSON!
• “Who did your hair? Stevie Wonder?”
• “This ain’t the 90’s, chokers aren’t cool anyone. The only use for that is choking yourself.”
• “Did you steal that outfit from a referee?”
• “You’re so hairy that bigfoot tries to prove your existence!”
• You run away crying to your mommy. Rosa asks Gina “Was that really necessary?” Gina shrugs, “You’re my boo thang. Nobody gets to look at you like a hot piece of meat on a grill except me!” Once again, they run off a motel to smoosh booties.

Terry Jeffords:
• Like Jake, Terry respects women. He knows Sharon’s equipped with pepper spray and a pocket knife and can take care of herself. But he can’t help getting angry when people look at his wife like she’s a piece of meat.
• Anyone stares at Sharon, he shoots them a glare. If that doesn’t work, he flexes. To show the man exactly what he’s messing with. That usually gets him to back off.
• Sharon rolls her eyes whenever Terry tries to scare off them but she lowkey likes that he cares so much about her.
• Ohoooo but just WAIT until boys start flirting with Cagney or Lacy. They gonna have the scariest father-in-law ever!

Charles Boyle:
• Okay we’ve all seen how jealous Charles gets over Jake. It’s no different with Genevieve.
• He gets these sad puppy-dog eyes and Genevieve has to constantly reassure him that she only has eyes for him.
• She kisses him all over his face and he kisses back which leads to nasty stuff that only a Boyle would be turned on by

Captain Holt:
• Captain Holt don’t feel much emotion. He’s really straightforward.
• A woman flirts with Kevin? Holt flatly informs her “He is gay and my husband. You’re embarrassing yourself.”
• If a man flirts with Kevin, Holt simply says, “Can’t you tell he’s married by the ring on his finger? You have terrible tactical skills.”
• Same goes for Kevin when someone flirts with Holt
• It ends with them chuckling over how they’re both studs that get all the men and women that they want.
• Then they bone

• Cheddar growls at the guests whenever he sees anyone standing near Holt or Kevin
• He doesn’t want anyone near his daddies. He demands constant bellyrubs from them
• Cheddar grows attached to Jake cuz Jake for some reason always smells like steak. He won’t let Amy go near Jake because he wants Jake all to himself.
• Gina always gives the best belly rubs. Cheddar always growls any one else who comes near her.
• Yes, I did include Cheddar in this. He’s just as important to the show as everyone else. Deal with it.

Hindsight (Part 5)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Hindsight is always 20/20. Sometimes it takes seeing people through someone else’s eyes to see the truth. (Friends into Lovers)

TAGGING IS CLOSED - Final Chapter to be posted November 22!


Bucky stomps his way to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator, he takes a sip, silently fuming.  He perches himself on a stool and leans down to rest his head on his crossed arms in front of him.  He wasn’t sure what this feeling was that had settled in his gut.  He thought he loved Jeanette, he was going to marry her, so of course he had to have some feelings for her.  But Y/n…it hits him all at once, the memories triggering moments and feelings he had never felt with anyone, not even Jeanette.

Everything about you made him happy.  From the way you spoke to him, to the way you made him laugh, even when you were mad at him, you still had a way of making him feel…something.  That something he now knew was love.  Why had he wasted so much time?  You had been right, men really were dumber than women.

He couldn’t remember anyone he was closer with except Steve.  Steve knew everything about him, the good, the bad, the ugly.   He literally had no secrets from Steve, they both knew each other too well.   You were the only person who came close to knowing him as well as Steve did.  Is that why he had never noticed?  Did he not want to lose you, like he had almost lost Steve?  Looking back over your entire relationship, he saw now what Jeanette and everyone else had seen.  How could he have been so blind?  He loved you, not Jeanette.

The sound of high heels on the tile floor of the kitchen has Bucky raising his head, Jeanette came to a stop beside him, placing her arm around his shoulders.  “Where have you been baby?  I wanted to go over some stuff for the wedding.”

‘Baby’ the name has Bucky grimacing, the whine of Jeanette’s voice suddenly unbearably annoying to him.  Jeanette sits on a stool opposite Bucky on the other side of the counter.  She looks at him with an expectant smile which Bucky does not return.  “Why didn’t you tell me you thought Y/n had feelings for me?”

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Happy Birthday, Harrison!

“Enjoying your birthday so far?” You walked up to Harrison after seeing Laura walk away from him, leaving him alone, nudging him in the process. He turned around to face you, smiling as you stood next to him by the drinks table.

“Oh, yeah,” his smile didn’t falter, “I heard you helped with the party. Thanks.” You smiled in return.

“Did we surprise you? Was it good?” Harrison let out a soft laugh, nodding as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you into a side hug.

“You got me, it was a nice surprise. It’s nice to just hangout with everyone and not have anywhere to go in the morning – it’s nice having you here.” You fought the blush threatening to spread from your neck to your cheeks, ready to respond when Tom called everyone’s attention.

“Alright, everyone,” He signaled for Jacob to lower down the music, picking up his cup that he sat on a table earlier. “First, I’d like to thank Zendaya for letting us trash her house.”

“You’re all helping me clean this shit up. Except you, Harrison. Happy birthday!” Harrison laughed, raising his glass toward her.

“Anyway, before I was interrupted,” Zendaya stuck her tongue out at him, mocking him, while Tom did the same to her, “I want to also thank (Y/N), for helping set up the party while the rest of you lot sat on your asses.” He winked at you, causing you to laugh a little, “We’re here to celebrate my partner in crime, my brother at heart and my best friend, Harrison.” Everyone cheered for him, including you. Harrison looked toward you and gave you a small squeeze with the arm that was still wrapped around your shoulders. “Haz, you’re the best friend anyone could have, and the best person anyone could know. Thanks for always being there – even if I can be a little bit of a handful sometimes.” Tom raised his glass, prompting everyone to do so as well, “To Harrison.”

“To Harrison!”

“Thanks everyone,” Harrison smiled, “This was really nice. I’m glad I have you all with me today. Let’s keep the party going!”

“Everyone, to the pool!” Zendaya screamed, being the first one to run outside, causing everyone to follow.

“Haz?” Harrison stopped in his tracks, turning around to face you, a smile on his face again.

“Yeah?” You hesitated on whether you should give him his gift now or not. You decided against it, shaking you head.

“Never mind. I thought I lost my sandals, but they’re by the couch.” Harrison looked at you questioningly but shrugged it off, extending his hand toward you.

“Let’s get in the pool.” You nodded, smiling softly while taking his hand.

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Could you please do a one shot where Bill's really into like risky public sex and he takes you out on a date or something, and he gets super horny and teases you until you both get so turned on that you have to find a place to fuck before you get home 😩😍

Here’s your nasyy nasty smut u animal. tagging @billskarsgardofficial bc they asked to be

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Surprise? || Jughead Jones

Prompt by @dontstopxx: Can you do a jughead x female reader where no one knows they are dating and they are having a heated make out session and then Kevin Ronnie Betty and Archie walk in and they all really ship them xx thank you I love your writing by the way

Gif by @greyjoyvs


“Jughead!” you loudly whispered. “Jughead!”

Jughead removed his lips from your neck and looked at you.

“What?” he asked, out of breath.

You felt a fire ignite in you when you saw the hunger in Jughead’s eyes but decided to push the feeling away. For now.

“Do you hear that?” you asked as you craned your neck as best you could.

You and Jughead were on your bed and had been making out for the last ten minutes. The rest of the Core Four (and Kevin) were coming over any minute now and all your senses were on high alert. Jughead on the other hand…

“Come on,” he murmured in your ear before he began to nibble on your earlobe. “We have time. No one’s here yet.”

“But I could’ve sworn I heard—”

Jughead looked up at you again, a dopey smile on his face.

“No one’s here yet,” he repeated. “Okay?”

You sighed before Jughead reclaimed your lips with his again.

You and Jughead had been dating in secret for the past six months now. You had kept it on the down-low because you and Jughead didn’t want to have to deal with the others’ reactions. The squealing and cheering over the fact that you and Jughead, originally just your best friend of 10 years, was now also your boyfriend. The playful teasing that would come afterward (So what’s he like in bed, Y/N?) wasn’t exactly something to look forward to either.

You pulled away again looking up at the teenager who was practically on top of you.

“Okay, but what if—”

Jughead chuckled as he looked down at you.

“Y/N, at this point, I don’t care if they find out. Right now, I just want to be with you.”

You smiled softly at his words and Jughead leaned down to kiss you again.

“Oh, alright.” you muttered before you gave in to Jughead’s sweet kisses.

You could never resist him anyway.

Jughead slipped a hand under your shirt to gently cup at your breast, making you gasp softly.

“You sure we have time for that?” you joked in between kisses.

Jughead chuckled again.

“We’ve done it in less time before.” he said.

“Oh my God!” a voice exclaimed from your doorway making you and Jughead quickly pull away from each other, looking towards the source of the sound.

There in your doorway stood Veronica, Betty, Archie, and Kevin all staring at you with wide eyes. You and Jughead quickly jumped apart, Jughead now standing up a good five feet away from you while you sat up on your bed.

“W-What did you see?” you croaked.

“Jughead kissing you and his hand up your shirt.” Archie said matter-of-factly, smugly grinning.

You groaned, covering your face with your hands.

“How long has this been going on?!” Veronica exclaimed.

You looked up at the Lodge girl shyly.

“I don’t know… Six months?” you offered quietly.

“Six months?!” she nearly screeched, a surprised and impressed look making its way onto her face.

“And you didn’t tell me?!”

You and Jughead flinched at her tone.

“Yeah… sorry.” Jughead said as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand.

Kevin rolled his eyes.

“You better be sorry. I’ve been rooting for you two for three years and the fact that I could’ve found this out six months ago is just…” he trailed off, shaking his head in disapproval.

Betty scoffed.

““Three years?”” the blonde asked. “Try five years.”

“Uh, try seven.” Archie cut in.

Everyone looked at him, eyebrows raised.

“What?” he defended.

Veronica rolled her eyes, a smirk on her face as she turned back to you and Jughead.

“We’re going to Pop’s where you two… are going to tell us everything,” she said as she made her way over to you, linking your elbows together.

“Now, Y/N…” she began as she started to lead you out of your room. “What’s Jughead like in bed?”

You groaned, face turning beet-red.

“Still don’t care if they find out, Jughead?” you called as Veronica practically dragged you out of your room.

“I need to hear this.” Archie said as he dashed after the two of you leaving Jughead, Betty, and Kevin alone.

Jughead smirked.

“I don’t care at all.” he mumbled under his breath.

Betty and Kevin watched Jughead with wide eyes as he left your room.

“God, they’re so cute.”

“I know, right?!”


A/N: Hope you enjoyed!! :)


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modern au lily headcanons, go!

  • tiny barely five foot redheaded menace she has visible stretchmarks and is kinda on the chubby side. petunia used to call her a cherub which made her cry but now she’s like fuck yeah i’m awesome because fuck whatever her hate filled sister has to say
  • when she was fifteen she got an industrial piercing, and then she pierced her ears again a year later, and the day after her drunken boozy birthday bash she got her first tattoo
  • by the time she’s in her early twenties she has about 7 odd tats all over, some are watercolour, some are monochrome, they’re both hidden and out there for the world to see.
  • she owns about 50 different sundresses and she wears them all the time. fuck pants and fuck sitting like a lady. she paid good money for her underwear and they’re cute. the world deserves to see them.
  • she only wears chucks with them though. her wardrobe is bursting with dresses and skirts and the occasional romper, but she only owns like 3 pairs of shoes: some formal red bottom nude pumps that she saved up for years to buy, a pair of winter boots, and her banged up chucks.
  • james fucking trips over himself when he first sees her. she’s scary… but hot. it doesn’t help that it happens the first and last time she tries to dye her hair, so she’s sporting lilac streaks that clash something awful and guffawing loudly with sirius.
  • absolutely detests beer but will drink any kind of wine no matter how cheap or dry or disgusting it might be. she loves rosé and has like ten different bottles in her flat at all times.
  • speaking of her flat, it’s one room open concept kind of thing the size of a shoebox. she calls it minimalistic, but it’s because she’s a poor uni student. you don’t even have a proper bed frame evans jesus.
  • hates driving unless it’s getting to take sirius’ motorbike out for a spin. they have matching leather jackets. it’s fun.
  • she’s either an instagram beauty queen or a fucking mess there’s no in between. she doesn’t do make up often but when it does her eyeliner could massacre any man who looks her way and her highlight is brighter than the fucking sun. but most times she’s in mismatched knee socks, a dress, no bra, chapped lips, flushed cheeks, and frizzy hair.
  • has had instagram since it’s inception but only has 13 posts up, nine of which are books and coffee that she gets at remus’ shop. she always tags his shop’s official account in them.
  • uses facebook only once a month but she fucking spams everyone within half an hour before logging off again. also tags remus’ bookshop on there too with literary puns. he is not impressed. (she likes to post pictures of loaves of bread that look like dicks on peter’s bakery’s page but he blocked her so she resorts to tagging his personal account instead.)
  • she’s kind of a stoner. just a little bit. it started at a party back in uni and she doesn’t do it often, but she knows how to roll a blunt like a pro and has 7 ‘not the weed guy’ contacts on her phone.
  • because she always wears dresses she never has actual functional pockets so she’s always lugging around hug handbags filled with snacks, extra water bottles, a first aid kit, a power bank, extra pads and tampons, at least 5 different shades of red lipstick, and pretty much anything you could think of.
  • she’s a meme queen, always up to date on the latest meme and always sharing them on the groupchat. peter was scared of the spongebob one at first.
  • mooches off of james’ netflix account. he’s changed the password a hundred times but she’s always finding her way back in so he just gives up and lets her even though all she watches is repeats of brooklyn nine nine, parks and rec, and those weird food network things that he never understands.
  • she eats like a toddler, he idea of cooking is just like microwaveable chicken nuggets or something. and she will eat anything once it’s covered in salt or ketchup. it drives sirius ‘food snob’ black crazy because ‘no lily you have chicken mcnuggets and stirfry mixed together what the fuck
  • her bad eating habits also drive james ‘health conscious nerd’ potter up a wall because ‘what do you mean breakfast was five rice kripsy treats and a pack of thin mints oh my god you’re going to get diabetes before you’re thirty’
  • he starts buy her groceries after that and she would be upset but she’s a cheapskate so the money she would have spent goes towards her new phone fund because she’s been using a shitty little android for 3 years it’s time for an upgrade.
  • of course, she doesn’t know about half the shit james buys (what the fuck is chia seeds potter?’ ‘put them in your water and drink it’ ‘it’s disgusting’ ‘it’s healthy.’ ‘i rather eat a triple cheeseburger and die at the ripe old age of 32′)
  • she doesn’t know how to cook it either so that means he’s over cooking for her most nights. the two of them together. alone.
  • he grudgingly grows to like rosé
  • lily asks him out after a month or so very cool and casually like ‘oh hey you know if we were dating you could just stay over instead of taking the train back home we should do that it would solve a lot of problems.’
  • it makes him drop the rice he’s working on, but it doesn’t matter because dinner is cold as a dog’s nose by the time they’re ready for it if ya catch my drift.
Brooklyn Nine Nine High School AU

I while ago I made headcanons of an au where the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine are teachers at a high school, Jake is the English teacher, Amy is the math teacher, etc, which you can read here  if you want, and see the aesthetic of that au I made here. Then I started thinking, what if the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine were STUDENTS in high school? So here’s headcanons of them as students.

• Holt is the principal. Cheddar is the school mascot. Terry is a student teacher who is working towards an art education degree and helps teach the art class and also subs for the gym teacher.

• Jake is a massive prankster. Setting cats loose in the cafeteria on Fish Stick Friday, whoopee cushions on teachers’ chairs, drawing dicks on chalkboards, those kinda things. He’s always saying inappropriate jokes during the lesoons. He’s a pain in the ass to teachers but his classmates love him, he’s the class clown. He sits in the back of the class, throws spit balls. He’s failing math and needs a tutor.

• Amy always sits at the front of the class. Always raises her hand, always gets every question right. Amy overhears Principal Holt complaining to vice principal Kevin how every single tutor in the school quit tutoring Jake Peralta. The boy is simply un-tutorable.

• Amy jumps at this chance. If she can tutor an un-tutorable delinquent, Principal Holt will surely remember her! She offers to tutor Jake, despite the fact that she’s still picking spit balls out of her hair because of him.

• Gina and Jake were best friends since kindergarten. Gina’s the most popular girl in school, but don’t be fooled, she’s not the mean-cheerleader-Regina-George type. She acts like she’s better than everyone else (and to be fair, she kinda is) but she still has a big heart. She was voted class president and got the teachers to allow drinks in class.

• Rosa and Jake met in middle school. They made a plan to flood the bathrooms to avoid taking a huge test. They’ve been friends ever since. In high school, Rosa noticed some kids picking on this nerd named Amy. Rosa put Amy under her protection. “You mess with Amy, you mess with me” and trust me, nobody wants to have a problem with Rosa. Amy does Rosa’s homework to pay her back.

• In freshman year of high school, the school hosted a Halloween school dance. Charles showed up in a cat costume. This big kid started calling Charles homophobic slurs. Jake didn’t like that, and punched him in the face. Principal Holt didn’t suspend Jake for punching a student. Nobody stood up for Charles before. Charles saw Jake as his hero and followed him around all the time. Gina convinced the school that cat outfits were the next trend so everyone would stop picking on Charles.

• Jake and Amy meet at the school library during their lunch period to study. Jake obviously brings a three-course meal with him into the library. They both get kicked out for bringing food into a library. Amy’s super pissed off. They go to the cafeteria and study there. Jake can’t focus. His friends keep talking to him and distracting him. Amy just walks away. She’s frustrated that he won’t study.

• Jake see’s Amy walking away. He runs after her and notices the back of her head. “What’s those things in your hair?” Amy turns around and glares at him. “You should know, you’re the one that does this to me, every single day.” Jake’s heart sinks. He just wanted to have fun and throw spitballs. He didn’t think that about where the spitballs were landing. He didn’t think about the consequences to his actions. “I’m sorry Amy. I won’t do it again.” Amy’s still pissed but accepts his apology. The period’s almost over, but Jake invites Amy to come to his house after school so they can study.

• Gina got caught texting during class so she got detention. Rosa’s in detention, as usual. She’s surprised to see Gina there. She knew Gina was the class president so she assumed Gina was some boring goody-two shoes. “What’re ya in for?” Rosa asked. “My math teacher tried to confiscate my phone and I told him to go shove a ruler up his ass.” Rosa starts cackling. She’s impressed. “Damn, you’re way different than I thought you were.”

• Rosa tells Gina that she’s in detention for the rest of the month for irresponsibly mixing random chemicals in chemistry class and starting a huge fire. Gina only has detention for a week. She spent that week with Rosa, talking trash about their annoying classmates. Gina convinced Rosa to make a Twitter account. After than week is up, Gina pulls the fire alarm to get back into detention with Rosa.

• “Why’d you pull the fire alarm?” “So I can see you again.” Gina and Rosa both excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. They hook up in the bathroom stall. They’re girlfriends now and they’re unstoppable. More kids at school start coming out as gay/bi/pan/etc because they saw that the most popular girl in school, Gina Linetti, isn’t afraid to be herself. That gave them the strength to come out.

• Amy arrives at Jake’s house. She looks around and sees pictures of Jake and his mom, but no dad. Jake tells Amy that his dad left him when he was young. Amy puts her hand on Jake’s shoulders. “Oh, Jake, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that.” Jake tells her that it’s fine, it happened a long time ago, he’s over it now.

• Amy spread her books and worksheets on Jake’s bed. Jake climbs on the bed and sits next to her. Amy shows Jake an equation and instructs “Show me how to solve for x” then Jake bursts into tears. “HOW CAN I FIND X WHEN I CAN’T EVEN FIND MY DAD?!?!” Amy doesn’t know what to do except pat him on the head. Jake calms down. “I’m sorry you had to see that.” Amy gives him an understanding nod.

• They try to study but Jake can’t seem to focus. He keeps getting distracted. “I’m sorry. I’m trying hard. I really am. People think I don’t try, but I do.” Amy’s heart sinks. She always thought Jake was just lazy. But he was reading the material and trying to solve the equation as hard as he could. He just couldn’t seem to pay attention. Amy has an idea. She orders Sal’s pizza. Every time Jake gets an answer correct, he gets a bite of pizza. Jake perked up. He loved pizza. He wanted his reward. It took some time but he finally got an answer correct and gobbled up his bite. “Are you proud of me?” Jake asked, his eyes widened. Amy gave him a high five. “So proud!” It made Jake so happy to finally hear that.

• Jake tries to solve another equation and the answer he gets is only a decimal point away from the correct answer. He asks Amy to still give him a bite of pizza. Amy shakes her head. “Nope. You didn’t get the correct answer. You didn’t earn this pizza.” She pushes the box out of his way. Jake grabs a slice out of the box anyways. “Hey!” Amy grabs the slice out of Jake’s hand. Jake bounces on top of Amy and tries to grab the pizza out of her hand. They both wrestle around the bed for a few seconds and start laughing. Jake’s literally ON TOP of Amy right now.

• They stop wrestling and just look into each other’s eyes. They’re both panting from all that wrestling. Jake drops the pizza out of his hand. He leans down and presses his lips against Amy’s. Amy closes her eyes and kisses him back. Jake pulls back. Amy says “That was great and all, but you’re still not getting your pizza.” Jake groans. “Damnit!” Amy laughs. They keep studying. Jake’s starting to get the hang of this. He’s getting more questions correct, which means more bites of pizza.

• There’s one question left, the short answer question. The hardest question on the worksheet. Jake asks “If I get this question correct, will I get a whole slice of pizza?” Amy has a mischievous smile. “Oh you’ll get something better than a slice of pizza.” Jake gets excited. “TWO slices of pizza?!” Amy rolls her eyes and tells him to just solve the equation.

• Jake finishes solving the problem, Amy looks over his work to see how he did. Amy glances over his paper, then suddenly knocks all the textbooks and papers off of the bed. She pushes Jake onto his back and climbs on top of him. She runs her fingers through his hair and kisses him. Jake wraps his arms around her back and kisses her back. After a minute of making out, Amy pulls away. Jake asks her, “So I got the question right?” Amy winked. “Nope.”

Aye Captain? - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (Pirates of the Caribbean AU)

Title: Aye Captain?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Jack Sparrow x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Reader, Sam and Dean get sent to the potc universe, because of a certain candy loving angel (aka Gabriel). And in order to get back to their own time they have to go on a adventure. BUT the reader has already been to the potc universe before, because before she met Sam and Dean she was in a similar situation like this so she knows captain jack sparrow. So when they are sent there she knows exactly what to do and the boys are shocked that she’s been a pirate before. But reader is all playfully smug and tries to teach the boys all she knows?

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“I am so going to kill him. And this time I will make sure he stays dead!” Dean growled as he took a look around him and didn’t see anything familiar but his brother and you.

“You know it’s not going to work anyway.” Sam huffed as he ran a hand through his hair but Dean gave him a hard glare.

“Not the point Sam.” Dean grumbled and with a roll of your eyes you huffed.

“Exactly. Not the point Dean.” you gave him a look “Gabriel obviously wants to have fun and mess around. We don’t have to focus on how to get him back for it but on how to get back to our place.”

“How are we going to get back exactly when we don’t even know where we are?!” he exclaimed, giving you a look of disbelief and you huffed, rolling your eyes.

“I’m going to ignore the fact that you this clueless and go look for something. Just stay here, I might have the solution.” you didn’t leave him any room for him to speak back as you disappeared through the crowd and Dean only blinked.

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Something More Than Hate

Summary: Despite hating each other from pretty much the moment you met him, you and Jensen look out for each other when it really counts. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 3700 (What?!)
Warnings: Language, bitchiness, assholery, heated arguments, arm grabbing, shoving. 
Challenge: @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps 1.5K Golden Girls Challenge! My prompt was a line by Sophia and is bolded in the fic. 

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“Ahhh, that was a good one, ya see that?” Bev pointed as another cheerleader was flung into the air, spinning and kicking her legs out. She let out a puff of smoke and sighed. She crossed her legs and put all her weight on her right hand. “Am I talking to myself here or…?” She kicked Stan, who was laying across the bleacher in front of hers. 

He shot up and chuckled, looking over to the group of cheerleaders practicing on the football field. “They drop Richie yet?” Stan asked. Beverly rolled her eyes and raised her hand to wave at Richie who was about to be lifted into the air by the other cheerleaders. 

“I thought he said he was going to be the one doing the throwing?” Mike asked from Bev’s left. She turned with her cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth. 

“H-h-he told me he w-was gonna try and g-g-guilt them into letting him be the ‘throwee’ not the thrower.” Bill sunk down to the middle of two benches, lifting his legs to lay across Stan’s legs. The five of them fell back into their silence and occasionally clapping for the cool tricks. 

“Where’s Eddie? One can’t miss their boyfriend being thrown into the air.” Ben asked, playing with the end of Beverly’s sock that was hanging out of her shoe. 

Beverly shrugged, glancing around to look for the small boy. She gave up, leaning back on her hand again. They heard the small countdown from the field below and the small group of girls lifted Richie off the ground. Mike whistled and the group waved obnoxiously. Bev touched her hand to her chest as she waved. 

“I’m a proud mother.” She dropped her hand and everyone aw’d. 

Richie was keeping his balance and waving his arms at the Losers. 

They were all waving back until they heard hurried steps and Eddie appeared from the stairs, running his hand across the railing as he walked over. He was currently being swallowed by Richie’s jean jacket. The back was covered in different band logo’s. “Hey, sorry I was at band practice. What’d Richie want us to come here for-?” 

Mike pointed his finger and Eddie turned around, making eye contact with Richie Tozier being lifted into the air by the cheer leading team. He gaped his mouth and was silent for a few seconds. “What the fuck?” He turned back to his friends, still griping onto the railing. “Does he have any idea how dangerous that is?” 

Beverly smiled kindly at Eddie and handed her cigarette to Ben before getting up and climbing down the bleachers. She put her hand on the small of Eddie’s back and chuckled. “C’mon buddy. let’s go visit our boy, huh?” She started walking Eddie down the stairs and they walked to the field just as Richie was back on the ground. He hopped over to them with the biggest grin on his face. 

“Did ya guys see me? That shit was awesome!” Richie bounced on his feet and Eddie bit into his cheek. Beverly slapped her arm around his shoulder and gave Richie a high five. Richie proceeded to wait for Eddie to say something but the boy was rather silent. 

“C’mon, Eds. Did ya see that? Soon I’m gonna be like flexible and shit.” Richie looked back at the girls, one of which was stretching her leg nearly over her head. He turned back, wagging his finger. “That could come in handy when I meet your mom tonight-”

“Shut up, Richie.” Eddie rolled his eyes and shrugged Bev’s arm off of him. “You’re gonna get yourself killed.” He narrowed his eyes at the taller boy who pushed his glasses up his nose. 

“Relax Eds. This isn’t that dangerous.” He shrugged and Eddie didn’t seem to believe him. Bev took one look at their tension filled stares and awkwardly chuckled. 

“Well, Uh..I’m gonna wait for this to be over…” She gestured in the air between the boys “Over there.” She pointed back at the bleachers before taking off and running for the hills. 

Richie shook his head with a small smile and turned back to Eddie. “C’mon, is this over now?” 

Eddie rolled his eyes again. “No. They’re throwing you in the god damn air, Rich.” 

“Yeah and people regularly slam and tackle into Mike in football and throw speeding balls at you and Stan in Baseball. How is this any different?” Richie scowled. Eddie opened and closed his mouth a few times, a little flustered. 

“Look, it’s just-Well, tell me that isn’t scary? There’s gotta be a moment where you’re just not sure if you’re gonna return back to earth?” Eddie tried not to sound like a five year old with a fear of heights but he couldn’t help it. Richie raised his eyebrow, amused. 

“Space is filled with orbiting cheerleaders.” Richie gave him an amused face and Eddie frowned. 

“I’m trying to be serious, Rich. Don’t make me laugh.” He bit into his lip to keep from smiling but he couldn’t exactly help it. Richie threw his arm around Eddie’ shoulders and started walking him over to the team. 

“Don’t be ridiculous, babe. I’m not gonna get hurt, ok? And you’ll get to watch me cheer. I hear it’s a breath taking sight.” Richie cuddled closer to him and Eddie begrudgingly let him. 

“You’ve been doing it for what like a day?” Eddie pinched him, a sign that he seemed to be cheering up. Richie leaned down and kissed the top of his head. 

“I’ll cheer for you during baseball season.” Richie smiled and Eddie rolled his eyes for the millionth time. 

“Cheerleaders don’t cheer at baseball games,Rich.” He picked at his fingernails. Richie gasped and pulled Eddie in tighter. 

“I’ll be your personal cheerleader then.” Richie nodded and Eddie separated himself to go back to sitting on the bleachers. 

“Do not grant me that nightmare. I need less of you not more.”Eddie crossed his arms and Richie laughed, tugging his arms out of their crossed position. 

“That’s not what your mom said last night.” Richie oohh’d and put his hand up for a high five but Eddie just glared at him. So Richie picked up his hand and slapped them together for him, Eddie staring with his eyebrow raised the entire time. They started walking back down the field. 

“You gonna wear one of those little skirts too?” Eddie teased, tilting his head as they got closer to his teammates. Richie giggled and grabbed his hand, swinging it between them as they walked. 

“You’d like that.” Richie smirked and Eddie kicked him in the shins. 

“Ow! my hot new cheerleader legs.” Richie hopped on one foot and cradled his shin. Eddie giggled. 

“Show me your best moves, ok?” Eddie slapped his cheek softly and ran back over to the bleachers. Richie shook his leg and laughed as he went back over to his team. 

Eddie thundered back up the stairs and flung himself next to Stan, leaning back on Beverly’s legs. “Feeling better squirt?” Beverly poked his shoulder and he slapped her hand away. 

“A little.” He shrugged as Stan narrowed his eyes. 

“I came to see Richie fall.” He grumbled and Eddie pinched him. “Ow! I’m sorry.” He chuckled as Richie was being taught how to actually stay in position and not fall out of it. The girls decided he was ready to go again and went into position. 

This time when Richie was in the air, he was able to hold it for much longer. He waved happily at Eddie, who looked a little queasy but waved back with a smile.