look at how sassy he is

Drabble Time!  I know a couple people were wondering how Shouta was dealing… with a side of Shuji.

Shouta didn’t look up from what he was working on.  He wasn’t particularly in the mood to deal with anyone today.  Especially if that anyone was Shuji.  "Go away.“

Shuji just hummed and rested his hip on the side of Shouta’s desk.  "Yuuri-kun didn’t come to class today.  It wasn’t a known absence either.  Is he sick?”

Shouta shrugged.  No, Yuuri wasn’t sick, but Shouta was pretty sure that he didn’t want to come to school.  Shouta hadn’t wanted to come to school, but there wasn’t a competition or an exhibition to hide behind.  Yuuri could at least convince his coach to say there was some sort of unexpected practice that cropped up.  Surely, Alexei wouldn’t punish Yuuri for Shouta being an ass.

“I know it’s not show related.  I’ve been going to most of Yuuri-kun’s practices at the arena just to make sure I have the tempo down.  I might not be performing during his practices, but consistency is key.”  Shuji took the chair at the desk in front of Shouta and straddled it so that he could lean on Shouta’s desk.  Shouta glared, but it was half-hearted at best.  He could feel Shuji’s eyes taking in everything, including the tell tale redness to his eyes.  Shouta looked away.  "Kuso.  You broke up with him, didn’t you?“  Shuji’s voice was barely a whisper.

There was no way that Shouta was going to answer him.

"You mentioned that it was going to be hard, almost impossible to make it work if he was moving to Sapporo, but I didn’t think that you’d actually do it.  I mean I hope–”

Shouta kicked Shuji in the shin.  It was the least that he deserved.  He fought back a grin at the howl that Shuji let out.

“That was not cool.  I wasn’t going to say anything bad.”

Shouta just gave him the “I don’t believe you look”.  It should have been painfully familiar to Shuji.

“No, really.  I was going to say that I hoped you could work something out.”

Shouta couldn’t help the snort.  "I thought you were going to say that you hoped that I would so you could have a shot.“

"Maybe I was thinking it a little, but I wouldn’t have said it to your face!”

Shouta couldn’t help but laugh.  "There’s that, I suppose.  I guess you aren’t a total waste as a human being.“

Shuji grinned at him.   "At least you have some sort of sense of humor.  Though really, how angry would you be if I tried?”


“Why not?  A little high school fling?  Something fun to end the year on before he goes to Sapporo and I go to Tokyo.”

Shouta shook his head.  "Yuu-kun isn’t like that and you know it.  He’s not–“

"But maybe he could be.”  At Shouta’s glare, Shuji backtracked.  "All right, no, probably not, but there’s no reason that he has to be lonely the last few months of school.“

"It’s not like I told him that we couldn’t be friends anymore.”

“I like how you think that he’ll still want to hang out after that.”

Shuji was right.  Shouta knew that Yuuri probably would be spending as little time as possible with him, but it wasn’t like he didn’t have other friends in the IS track.  Granted, the next closest friend he had was Shuji… Damn it.  "Don’t hit on him.“

"How am I supposed to not hit on him?  I don’t think I know how to not hit on that beautiful boy.  If I didn’t hit on him I’m pretty sure he’d think I wasn’t feeling well.”

Also true.  Shouta had never really hated anyone more than Shuji right then.  He didn’t even hate the Russian as much.  He pressed his lips into a thin line.

“Tell you what.  I won’t do anything that I wouldn’t normally do.  Fair?”

Shouta looked down at the Math sheet he needed to complete.  "Not in my opinion, but then I don’t really deserve fair, do I?“  Shouta sighed.  "This sucks.  But Yuuri will probably need a friend.”

“My point precisely!”

Shouta rolled his eyes toward the ceiling.  "And you’re going to take advantage of the situation, aren’t you?“

"Maybe just a little, but then where would the EXCITEment be if I didn’t?”

Shouta just blinked at him.  "Is it possible for you to have a conversation without mentioning the name of your band?“

"Probably, but why should I even try?”

Oh Shuji….

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Ooh. But what will UT! Sans say if suddenly one day his s/o is gone and they're nowhere to be found... until a couple days later, when sans stumbles into them when he was walking around the forest. They weren't there the second before and now they're here behind the tree. And they're fine. They look like they had a good night's rest. They look good and all. But they speak windings now, though.


UT! SANS (aka smart ‘n sassy co-worker)

H E ‘ S   F R E A K I N G  O U T. How did you learn how to speak wingdings? He didn’t know it was possible for humans to learn wingdings! It couldn’t be-could it? Could it be…Gaster? He’d just take you home and rapid fire out those questions of his.


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

“So paladin, it looks like your other paladins abandoned you.” 

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” 

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?” 

“Bring it big ears.” 


Anyway, concept is that Lance gets captured while on a Galra ship for some mission. Lance is about to get out but because of… reasons (?) he ends up staying on the ship while the rest of the team wormholes out. So he tries to keep out of their hands as much as possible but ends up being captured and interrogated by (*cough* Prine Lotor *cough*) before the rest of the team can come and get him. 

I needed my baby to do something badass although he had that cool sharpshooter moment I NEED MORE. Anyway here is to waiting for season 3 and drowning in fanfiction! Enjoy!

I’ve been drawing some doodles of Humanised Bendy and most of my squad in the chat create their own Bendy in their style, so why not I make mine instead?

So Here’s my Bendy, (i called him Bandybab because he’s a CHOILD.

I don’t think much of how his personality looks like, but he’s either like calm and sassy. (ewe)

I love Bendy and the ink machine, I cannot wait to know more about the next chapter ewe, it’s soooo svjkvmewcd

My ideal coming out scene for Steve

Avengers are flying out on a mission, steve and Bucky are jumping out first to scout the area bc they are Sneaky Super Soldiers. They approach the jump zone and steve says something like “stay safe Buck, I’ve got your back” or some corny shit.

Bucky turns from the open door and uses his metal hand to pull steve into a gentle but insistent kiss before running to dive out of the plane. All without changing his expression from winter-soldier determined because he is a fucking bad ass.

Now we have the endless possibilities of team reactions. I give you Thor, looking joyfully clueless as always; happy for his friends and their Warrior Embrace without any idea something significant just happened. Natasha, with a knowing, I-knew-it smirk. Sam nodding to himself like alright, that’s cool, shoulda seen that coming. Clint and Wanda with equally shocked I thought we were the only ones with secret relationships faces. Vision and Banner looking perplexed and impressed respectively with the unpredictability of humans. T'Challa not giving a shit because he already knew - hello he was there for Bucky being re-frozen and asking for steve every time he was thawed.

A dumbfounded Tony just sputters, standing up before steve can follow.

“B-but I thought you had that long-lost love affair with Peggy!”

Steve’s face softens. “She’ll always be my girl.”

Tony’s still confused. “What about that-uh Sharon chick?”

Steve shrugs indifferently. “She was cute.”

“I don’t-”

“It’s called being bisexual,” Steve interrupts with a grin. “Look it up, you can google it now.”

And that little rascal, proud as FUCK for understanding how google works now, gives his team a sassy salute before flipping out of the plane after his boyfriend.

King of Memes

Or, how Tony Found Out About Bucky’s Blog. 

Tony couldn’t seep. Sometimes he managed a few hours if he was tired enough, so usually he went to the gym and worked out until he was exhausted. Tonight, though, he found the gym already occupied: Barnes, with his hair tied up, working steadily at the heavy bag. Normally Tony would make an awkward comment and leave him to it, but instead he just heads for the opposite side of the gym. After setting up at one of the far treadmills, Tony worked his way to a easy run. Barnes was laying his fists rhythmically into the bag, and the quiet thumping was sort of strangely soothing. Between the running and the thumping, Tony slipped into a near-trancelike state.

 And then Barnes let out an ungodly howl, drew back his left fist, and slammed it straight through the heavy bag with a roar of, “DIE A THOUSAND BURNING DEATHS!”

Tony fell off the treadmill, scrambled to his feet, and booked it to the elevator.

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holy shit you guys there was a spider on my punching bag !!! thanks to my many years of combat experience & martial arts training things are okay now

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Keith: *Ties a necktie into a bow and stuffs a dishtowel down his shorts*

Keith:  “I’m a princess now”

The AU this fandom needs but does not deserve in which Keith grows up loved and happy with his big Galra mama.


Headcannon that Dad Kogane buys Keith’s mom sassy clothes with stuff like “I wear the pants” completely unironically.  She doesn’t get it.

SF9 Personalities

Ultimate Masterlist

SF9 Masterlist

Originally posted by neozbin

Okay well SF9 is a 9 member boy group under FNC Entertainment. The group debuted on 3 October, 2016. So fairly recent. In my opinion this group is very loving and funny and deserve a lot of attention. I love them so now I will explain each member as fully as I can.

Recently on a V-Live they boys announced the Fandom name after many discussions and the fandom together have come up with Fantasy. So now this fandom is called Fantasy.








Another meaning to why we are called Fantasy is-

“A wish coming true in one’s imagination”. Sf9 fans will be apart of making SF9′s wish come true and that every moment SF9 and FANTASY spends together will be like a fantasy.




Roar (Just released today!! SO HYPED)

So beautiful



Originally posted by bureureung

Stage Name: Youngbin

Real Name: Kim Youngbin

Position: Leader,  Lead Rapper and Dancer.

Birthday: 23rd November, 1993

Nationality: Korean

Youngbin is the leader and he is constantly supporting and loving his members. He has he cutest eyes smile possible. He is also extremely hard working and passionate about what he does and that is clear. Although being the leader he is known for messing around and just acting silly along with his members showing off that he is a child at heart. He loves amusement parks and can’t help his excitement. He motivates and fills every member with confidence. He loves and adores his members and constantly shows his gratitude towards his members.


Originally posted by fy-sf9

Stage Name: Inseong

Real Name: Kim Inseong

Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer

Birthday: 12th July, 1993

Nationality: Korean

Inseong is SF9′s English speaker as he studied in London for a year. Inseong is loving and caring with all of his members and is no where near afraid to show them his love for them. Inseong tends to be shy and sometimes has an awkward personality and that just makes him even more adorable. His voice is quite deep but very soft and soothing. Calls himself ‘Fennic Fox’ because of his eyes. Also Inseong loves to draw like really loves to draw especially manga.


Originally posted by foxyins

Stage Name: Jaeyoon

Real Name: Lee Jaeyoon

Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer (*Cough* Bias Wrecker *Cough*)

Birthday: 9th August, 1994

Nationality: Korean

Jaeyoon is a big baby, he is scared of absolutely everything, heights roller coasters or anything scary but doesn’t that just make him so cute?! Mr sunshine straight up like he is always smiling or laughing or attached to Inseong, I’m sure they are in love. Has a beautiful smile like look at him! Very powerful vocals. He’s funny and cute and JUST SO SASSY LIKE DAMN!


Originally posted by bureureung

Stage Name: Dawon

Real Name: Lee Sanghyuk

Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer

Birthday: 25th July, 1995

Nationality: Korean

Dawon is the lovable ball of fluff along with energy like its a never ending pit. Dawon has the skills to be an MC and normally hosts most of the little competitions on their YouTube channel. Complete meme, like his existence forms a meme. Dawon needs an award for how extra he is like he is extra as all hell. He is the ultimate mood maker and can cheer anyone up. Love this man.


Originally posted by w00nkiee

Stage Name: Zuho

Real Name: Baek Juho

Position: Main Rapper, Dancer

Birthday: 4th July, 1996

Nationality: Korean

This man is a trickster like in mv’s he is this mysterious, rough guy with an aura of intimidation with a low voice but don’t be fooled as he is really just fuzzy teddy bear like he just wants some cuddling and some loving and he will be pleased. Like this guy is very loving, caring and romantic. Like he is just the perfect combination yet he isn’t my bias. Yet somehow if he still seems intimidating just remember that he can’t go to the toilet in the dark alone, he always needs another member with him.


Originally posted by malegroups

Stage Name: Rowoon

Real Name: Kim Seokwoo

Position: Main Vocalist, Visual, Dancer

Birthday: 7th August, 1996

Nationality: Korean

Rowoon is Mr Mummy, like he looks after all his members and takes care of them. He protects the younger ones with his life and that is so adorable. He loves to cook which you could see in the cook off he has with Zuho and Inseong. This mummy is very clinging with his members and loves cuddles as well and when he gets excited and happy he jumps up and down. Also very giant and athletic.


Originally posted by dangchanhee

Stage Name: Taeyang

Real Name: Yoo Taeyang

Position: Main Dancer, Main Vocalist

Birthday: 28th February, 1997

Nationality: Korean

Mr puppy like I don’t care what anyone says he is a puppy. Taeyang calls himself “Sexy & Charismatic” which is completely true because I am sure that when you start liking SF9 the first person you bias is Taeyang because look at him with those sweater paws!! One of the more silent types but he is a flirt when he does talk like never ending flirting. Taeyang definitely overworks himself and will stay up late dancing and practising so this man needs to be shown all the love and support because he deserves it just like the other members.


Originally posted by forsf9

Stage Name: Hwiyoung

Real Name: Kim Youngkyun

Position: Rapper, Supporting Vocalist, Dancer (MY BIAS LIKE LOOK AT HIM)

Birthday: 11th May, 1999

Nationality: Korean

This my boo!! Anyways, he is extremely confident with his looks because he has all right to be. But don’t take that as if he is self centred because he isn’t. In fact he has one of the shy personalities but has energy bursts and acts crazy with everyone else. Constant aegyo because he is an adorable bunny. Works out a bit and likes to keep fit. Definitely has his savage moments. Extremely emotional as well, once cried in dance practice because of something Youngbin said but have worked that out straight away.


Originally posted by kangchaneee

Stage Name: Chani

Real Name: Kang Chanhee

Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer and Maknae

Birthday: 17th January, 2000

Nationality: Korean

Do not mistake this he is definitely the youngest despite his deep voice. He has the cutest smile and does aegyo a whole lot as you can see fro the gif. Also a young cliche is scared of absolutely everything just like Jaeyoon. He also has a very quiet personality and is also very cute. Even though he is younger than the rest he is one of the more mature ones but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t muck around a lot because he does! Looked after by all members and also looks after them too.

Originally posted by clickedyourheart

Thats is all of them and I hope you love them as much as I do! Tell me who your bias is if you have one!! Don’t forget to request something!!!

-Admin Kira

Okay, but imagine

like, what if Hawk Moth didn’t become active until a couple years later? And if Adrien was denied the chance to go to public school?


  • Adrien, so sheltered and lacking the freedom that going to school and being Chat Noir gives him, eventually *GASP* rebels against his father.
  • Featuring Adrien, A Little Punk Shit Who Pretends to Be a Bad Boy (but he’s still so soft and smol on the inside like-). He quits modeling and does literally whatever he can to get his dad’s attention. And he gets a bajillion times the media attention because what’s even more interesting than our sweet, perfect, golden boy is an ex-sweet, perfect, golden boy that is now so flirtatious and always gets caught sneaking into places he shouldn’t and secretly wears eyeliner to look like Jagged Stone even though his perfect hair still makes him look like he belongs in One Direction just-

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“When you fuck her, have you ever noticed that little noise she makes right before she climaxes?’ 

Rhys turned his head, looking me over from head to toe. Then back to Tamlin. A storm about to be unleashed.

But it was Azriel who said, his voice like cold death, “Be careful how you speak about my High Lady”

Does anyone else desperately want to know what Rhys was going to say in return to Tamlin? I bet it was going to be sassy, arrogant and deathly…

He could also mention how he was the one who taught Tamlin how to fuck in the first place. ;)

Marichat May Day 16: Flowers

This is wild, oops

Marinette noticed Chat acting oddly lately. Specifically in the last four days. She could figure something was wrong. And she was right. But she only got the confirmation the next day when she was out in the park with Alya. A man in a tuxedo came to her and asked if she was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

“Um… yes?” she said unsurely because isn’t like strangers come and ask you for your name every day.

“Alright boys, over here!” he shouted over his shoulder.

Marinette’s jaw hit the ground as four delivery men came with a huge bouquet of red roses forming a huge heart while the juliet roses were forming the words Je t'aime.

“Delivery for a Mademoiselle Dupain-Cheng, sign here please.”

Marinette signed, without taking her eyes of the bouquet. There were how many roses in that? One hundred? Honestly, she could have signed for giving up her firstborn to a which and she wouldn’t have known. Once the delivery guys gave her a huge bouquet, which required both her and Alya to hold with both hands the man in the tuxedo approached her again.

“An ode for the, I quote, ‘Purrincess’.” he cleared his throat before he took a couple of steps back and took… was that a violin?

Marinette blinked in surprise as a quartet of strings began playing ‘Carelss Whisper’. Meanwhile, Alya was trying to record the whole thing while giving her a look that screamed ‘we will talk about this later’.

She will skin that damn cat boy.

“Oh, Purrincess, how are you on this fine… ouch.” Marinette watched unimpressed as Chat fell from her loft because of the pillow she threw seconds earlier. He got up without a trouble and faked a sob. “My Princess is hurting me, I feel betrayed.”

Marinette glared.

“So… you didn’t like the surprise?”

“Chat, do you have any idea how awkward it is to have a quartet of strings playing you a romantic song in the middle of the damn park? And these roses?” she pointed at the huge floral arrangement which occupied most of her floor. “How did you even think I could explain it?”

“Secret admirer?” he suggested, trying to look sheepish.

Marinette was about to give him a sassy reply when a voice from downstairs stopped her.

“Sweetie, if that is your secret boyfriend as him how many layers would he like the wedding cake to be. And if he would also like a croquembouche.”

Chat cupped his hands around his mouth and answered in her stead. “Yes to the croquembouche and seven layers, please. You are the best parents in law I could ever ask for.”

“We got you, son!” Tom called from downstairs as well.

Marinette facepalmed. How was this happening to her?

Tricks (Part 1)

Request: Hello! How are you? Could I request a Joker x Reader where the he and his friends are arguing about who the most attractive/best with the ladies is and joker ends up betting he can seduce the reader. They fall in love but then reader finds out it was all a bet. Sort of a ‘10 things I hate about you’ scenario haha Thanks lovie

A/N: I COMPLETELY fell in love with this idea this is cute AS FUCK. Part 1 of ??

Pairing: Joker x reader 

Summary: Joker makes a bet he can seduce the reader but finds out he’s met his match. 

Warnings: Sexual implications? Probably swearing? Joker stuff. 

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3. waiting in line at the pharmacy with a cold/allergies


highlights of 4x06
  • Clarke and Niylah <3 <3 <3 
  • Clarke’s freshly fucked look 
  • honestly those two are so hot 
  • dad!Kane giving his adopted daughter Clarke a hug 
  • Luna helping and comforting Raven 
  • Clarke immediately knowing what’s troubling Bellamy 
  • “What is she doing?” “Being Clarke" 
  • Murphy botching Trigedasleng into "a horny mistake" 
  • Sassy Bellamy and Roan on the road trip of their lives 
  • Roan should have been in Mad Max 
  • Bellamy and Clarke saving each other literally though LOOKS 
  • Flashback to Lincoln’s death….literally killed me oh my god 
  • "She’ll come around and see how S P E C I A L YOU ARE" 
  • Bellamy looking at Clarke like she’s his whole word 
  • "Clarke, if we don’t see each other again.." 
  • "We WILL" 
  • He was about to confess his love I know it
  • Raven is trying so hard my little baby she needs help!!!
How old was Cassian when he reprogrammed K2?

Ok so I was looking through Wookieepedia to get a proper reference on each of Rogue One’s crew’s ages and from what I gathered the humans are:

Cassian - 26
Jyn - 21
Bodhi - 25
Chirrut - 52
Baze - 53

Ok, yeah, that’s kind of tragic.

Then I checked K-2SO’s age and…

 K2 - 12

He’s a very tall sassy twelve year old, that’s kinda cute…Until I remembered Cassian was confirmed to have been the one to reprogram K2.
And then that posed a question:

“How old was Cassian when he reprogrammed K2?”

Potentially, if he met the droid in the same year he was fabricated, he was possibly 14.
Which poses yet another question:

“How the fuck does a 14 year old win against a towering murder droid? Do we even want to know?”

How fucking badass do you have to be to reach Cassian Andor levels?