look at how red his hands are

Luke Glendening #3

Requested by Anon: could you do another Luke Glendening one about how you guys come back from a fancy party and he couldnt stop looking at you and keep his hands off you when you get home. love your stories ((((:

*Thank you so so much! I hope you enjoy this one. Have a great day! :)*

Word count: 885

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The hand kneading the small of your back made opening the front door harder than usual.

You slapped his hand away and glared at him, “stop.”

Luke gave you a wide grin before pushing you inside the house, “I can’t help it,” he said, hurrying you by replacing his hand on your back, “I can’t stop.”

You took his hand in yours, pulling him in, “Are you addicted to my skin now?” you joked, “your hand is freezing and it’s sending goose bumps all over my body,” you leveled him with a look, “don’t think I didn’t see you watching me earlier.”

Luke gave you a smoldering look, “I told you not to wear that dress.”

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I just want to share my Lavellan babies (*^.^*)

I’m busy working on commissions so I don’t have the time to do my own art. While waiting for my hardwares to recharge, I thought I’d share my babies <3

Here’s Athelas Lavellan. She has a black Mythal’s vallaslin like in my drawings. I didn’t get to screenshot it before Crestwood. A dual blade Assassin rogue, she is green, gold, red and black.

Here’s Niphredil Lavellan. A single-hand Champion Warrior. She may be small, but she’s a tough cookie! She is black, white and blue.

And here’s Alatariel Lavellan! I’m really proud at myself with how Ala (his nickname) looks like, because while creating him, I realized how hard it is to make a male character. Every time I’m done, he would always look so feminine, and I’d have to start all over again. He ended up looking quite dashing, if I might say so myself XD 

A mage, still finding his specialization. I’m thinking of making him Knight Enchanter. He is black and brown.

The colours I mentioned in those three descriptions has nothing to do with their skin colours. It is their concept colours, or colours I associated them with. Example, Athelas is green, gold, red and black. Her eyes are green, she wears gold coloured choker, her robe and lipstick is red (before this screenshot, her lipstick was red), and her vallaslin is black.

Niphredil is black, white and blue. Her hair and eyeliner is black, her eyes and vallaslin are blue, and most of her attire (be it armor and casual wear) is white.

Ala is black and brown. His attire consist more black than any other colour, and his hair, eyes and vallaslin are brown.

au where cas is colorblind and experiences pure color for the first time (‘with these cool glasses, cas, i saw them online’ 'im not sure about that dean’), and is fascinated by the blue sky, the red cars and berries, the golden sunlight but most of all he’s fascinated by green

his heart tightens as he sees all the colors the leaves can be, and he doesn’t understand how people can just step on grass so green and alive… he’s already tearing up until he turns around and sees a happy, beaming face and twinkling eyes with the most gorgeous array of green and gold he’ll ever see.

weak-kneed, cas takes a few steps forward, cupping dean’s face in his hands. dean looks surprised, blushes, and sam observes with a shocked smile once cas whispers a choked, shaking, “dean… your eyes.”


Notice how Victor is glaring down, with a very confident look, but also very loving.
Yuuri is glaring down too and then he looks at Victor. His cheeks are red and he has a sorta surprised expression.
They’re probably doing something with their hands, and after the something-round-and-gold thing, Im just gonna hope Victor’s putting a ring on Yuuri’s finger.


You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha. 

Things about The Magnificent 7 that need to be shared
  • After the first gun fight when Goody got shot they’re all trying to figure out where everyone is, Goody’s saying something about candles or some shit and Billy keeps staring at his arm (where he got shot)
  • Emma holding that guys hand when Red Harvest is fuCKING Denali uP
  • Sam singing “Bring ‘em in” when Bouge sends those 2 dudes in to get Sam towards the end
  • Teddy Q is precious and must be protected at all costs
  • After Goody left and Horne is talking about how it’s good to be in the service of men he respects he specifically looks at Red
  • UGH when Sam is trying to convince Goody to stay and fight and he goes “You’ll be disappointing more than just me if you leave.” (((BILLY)))
  • When the little girl offers Horne water and he says in the most delicate and pure way “Thank you, miss.” i cRI
  • Obviously Vasquez leading Faraday’s horse (totally in love w/ each other)
  • buT ALSO Red w/ Horne’s body 
  • Teddy Q is so smol and amazing and I love him
  • Billy’s last words are “Goody”
  • no you don’t understand the way he stalked out of that church and unloaded into that guy i don’t have to words to describe what he looked like
  • Red’s horse was actually beautiful
  • also goddam Martin Sensmeier riding bareback is not easy especially riding bareback when you’re hauLING ASS like he was i applaud you
  • Remember Iron Man 3 the “cheap trip and a cheesy one-liner” yea that is literally Joshua friggin Faraday
  • After Billy kills that guy with his hairpin (awesome) there’s a shot of Goody and he smirks and rolls his eyes so fucking fondly like “You couldn’t just shoot him Billy, you had to go for the theatrics, so dramatic, we all know you’re faster than him, ya just HAD to show off.”
  • alSO the fucking way he flicks that godamn cigarrette with such flair
  • the little run that Faraday does when he’s trying to get away with the cash right at the beginning when everyone is freaking out over Sam
  • also really not fair that Red Harvest doesn’t have sleeves because Martin Sensmeier is JACKED 
  • “Je-sus wept.”
  • ALSOalsoalso ho-ly SHIT the shot right before the big battle where Sam is on his horse on the ridge overlooking the town and the sky is this dark blue and everything is dark you can’t really make out details just his outline against the sky and the music is perfect and that fucking shot is so amazing
  • Peter Sarsgaard did a really fantastic job in this movie
  • When Faraday flicks his cigarette at Vasquez
  • ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐm ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ OKAY so this shot was like super quick but when that lady comes up with Horne’s weird pelt carpet jacket thing or whatever Vasquez is like smiling at him then it cuts back to Horne THEN back to Vasquez and he has this dumb little smile on his face and he bops his head back and forth and its the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is a gift to us all
  • off topic of this text post but i refuse to accept the ending of this movie and the only AU i will accept is the one where everyone lives and four out of the seven are gay and they all stick together forever

i just want to yell about these idiot cowboys for eternity

Guest written by @cleverfoxhound


You can see a blush on the man’s face as he stares back at you. You watch as his eyes roam over your naked form stopping at your busty chest and roaming at how intricate it criss-crossed over your arms and how the ribbon cradled your breasts. “My love…” the man uttered as he quickly approached you.


McCree’s jaw drops as he sees you laying seductively on your shared bed. You had wrapped yourself from the hips up to your breasts.Your hands cupped your breast as you looked at the man across from you.“That red looks mighty good on ya sweetheart heart”  McCree smirks. “How about you unwrap your present Cowboy”


A deep chuckle rumbled from his chest as he gazed down at you. His eyes roaming all over your body, the black ribbon squeezing gently on your thighs, your hips and the bow just below your neck. He growled deeply as he took off his mask as he approached “I hope you know what you’re getting into, carino.”


You thought that explosions got him excited? That yellow ribbon nicely wrapped around your shapely thighs, waist, hips and that busty chest of yours will have the man on you before you can utter a “Hello.” Needless to say that the ribbon was torn and he wears a piece of it around his wrist.

  • [flashback]
  • Akashi: *walks in*
  • Kuroko, clears throat: Akashi-kun?
  • Akashi: ... Tetsuya?
  • Kuroko: Would you like to know.. what love looks like?
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kuroko, moves closer: What it.. feels like?
  • Akashi: *turning red*
  • Kuroko, moves even closer: What it.. tastes like?
  • Akashi: *heart pounding*
  • Kuroko, whispers in his ear: What it.. sounds like?
  • Akashi, breathing heavily: Wh-What do you want from me?!?!
  • Kuroko, puts his hand on his chest: Isn't it obvious?
  • Akashi, throws his wallet: Take it! Just take my money!
  • [end of flashback]
  • Kuroko: *takes a long sip of vanilla milkshake*
  • Kuroko: *sighs* And that's how it's done.
  • Aomine: All that just to buy a few milkshakes??
  • Kuroko: Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • Aomine: ...
  • Kuroko: Don't judge me.
Zen dating a feminist MC

SO, i love Zen to the moon and back but i noticed that sometimes he has a tendency to say things that are a little bit sexist. i know he means well but i also think that its important to recognize misogyny even if its just a small thing… so here’s Zen dating a girl who calls him out LOL

  • “how do i look, Zen?”
  • MC was getting ready for the RFA party but just finished and walked into the front room where Zen was waiting for her
  • she was wearing a red, form-fitting mermaid dress and black high heels
  • Zen takes one look at her and his jaw drops!!
  • he stands up, smiling, gently wraps his arms around MC’s waist and kisses her
  • “you look absolutely stunning, princess”
  • Zen rubs his hands on her bare shoulders and kisses them
  • “maybe…a little too good…”
  • MC’s face instantly scrunches up with disapproval
  • “Zen, what are you trying to say?”
  • Zen clears his throat and suddenly is really bad at making eye contact
  • “well its just that you look really beautiful and i feel like you might attract too much attention, if you just threw on a jacket-”
  • “but i dont want to wear a jacket”
  • “i know but even just something light-”
  • MC puts her index finder to Zen’s lips to shut him up
  • “do you realize what you’re doing, Zen?”
  • “trying to protect my beautiful girlfriend from blood-thirsty men..?”
  • “no, you’re trying to put your beautiful girlfriend in a box because you feel like she cant handle some random pigs. and trust me, even if i wear a jacket men will still act like idiots. so i’m just going to wear what i want, alright?”
  • Zen sighs, smiling a little and looking down
  • “you know i just want to look out for you, right?”
  • MC leans down, putting her face under Zen’s so he has to look at her
  • “I know, Zenny, but i dont need you to. i appreciate how protective you are, but just remember that i’m a human being, not a porceline doll”
  • Zen rubs the back of his neck and lets out another sigh
  • “youre right, as per usual. i’m sorry, baby”
  • MC kisses him on the nose, smiling
  • “i forgive you, and thanks for being so sweet”

  • after awhile it becomes very clear that MC is rubbing off on Zen
  • and he loves it
  • the most obvious place is in the chatroom
  • “god, you should have seen the woman my father brought to lunch today, she was dressed so indecently i could hardly take her serisouly” -Jumin
  • “wow, Jumin. i always knew you were a jerk, but sexist? this is low for even you” -Zen
  • “its not sexist, Zen, how am i supposed to respect a woman who doesnt even respect herself?” -Jumin
  • “for your information, Jumin, women dont have to be modest in order to be respected. and just because this woman wasnt to your liking doesnt mean that she’s not a respectable individual. grow up, dude” -Zen
  • ZING!
  • later in the chatroom:
  • “guys i met a girl who plays LOLOL today!! gaah girls who game are so hot, totally my type” -Yoo
  • “Yoosung, dont you think its a little lame to sexualize a girl just because she plays video games? lots of people play LOLOL, its a normal thing to do. it doesnt make her ‘hot’ it makes her a person who plays LOLOL” -Zen
  • “Zen, you’re so harsh T_T”-Yoo
  • “hey, Seven plays LOLOL. are you about to bust a nut over him, too?”
  • 707 has entered the chatroom
  • “YEA YOOSUNG, ARE YOU?” -707
  • MC has entered the chatroom
  • “hey this chatroom is pretty packed! sup, guys?” -MC
  • “i’m stomping out misogyny and Seven is flirting with Yoosung” -Zen
  • “oh, looks like i came at just the right time, then! Yoosung stop sexualizing girls who play video games for no reason, and sexualize Seven for being a sexy beast instead” -MC
  • “stop teasing me T_T” -Yoo


Have Him[Pt.3]

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“You heard what I said, Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

You watched as his eyes widened before he crossed the room to reach you. He placed his hands on your shoulder as he looked deep into your red rimmed eyes.

“[F/Name]. I have no idea what’s going on-”

You slapped his hands away from you angrily, stepping back from him seething. “Of course you fucking don’t. That’s because you’re a bloody idiot. That’s the whole damn problem!”

Your voice became higher and shrill with each word, confident that it reached outside the studio.

Lin flinched, this being the first time you ever cussed at him. And no matter how mad you were, you never brought yourself to use foul language towards him.


Hieda placed a hand on Lin’s arm. “I think it’s best if you left.”

Lin shrugged her hand off, eyes focused on you. “No. I need to know what’s going on.” He took a step towards you. “Why has your cheerfulness dissolved into hate and anger?”

You chuckled. “You really want to know?”

Just as he nodded his head, Karla rushed in, Andrew right behind her. Karla leeched onto Lin’s side, wrapping an arm around his waist, asking to you “Why did you run off? We were having such a good laugh.”

Andrew snapped his fingers, pointing at her and opening his mouth before you disrupted him.

“I think you have your answer.” Your words were as cold as ice and sharp like the very point of a knife. You raised your chin up, turning to Hieda. “It was nice working with such an amazing makeup artist, but, regrettably, I have to leave.”

At this time,Jimmy squeezed into the room, and with perfect sync with Andrew, questioned: “You mean you’re leaving Hamilton?”

Hieda grabbed your purse from the table and handed it to you. “Don’t worry. All of my things will be gone by tonight,” you directed towards Lin. Andrew stepped in front of you. 

“You’re not fucking serious, are you girl?”

“Dead.” You shouldered past him out the room, out the studio,and out of Hamilton’s life.


Surprisingly, the show that would’ve destroyed your public image was not aired, and replaced with Jimmy Fallon interviewing The Rock about the new movie, Moana.

Though online, there was some uproar on why the Hamilton cast video didn’t appear. And some tweets stating that you were jealous of the new ensemble member, Karla, and walked off stage because you couldn’t take a joke. 

But without proof, and with the help of fans, they quickly straightened out the rumors.

Like promised, you went straight to the theater after the show and managed to grab all of your items without being seen. But the cast wasn’t to happy about you leaving without any clear reason. 

The calls to your cellphone and house phone was getting horrendous, and you decided to take out the land line and turn off the cell. Your apartment had many knocks and ringing of doorbells throughout the past week that you learned to make it look like you weren’t home. It’s not that you’re a coward, not wanting to face them, it’s just that you needed time. 

You haven’t shed a single tear since leaving,and really didn’t fell like bursting out in tears in front of them.They didn’t deserve to see them.

Once you deemed it safe, you turned on your phones again. Not surprisingly, your land line beeped with multiple messages.One hundred and three in total.

Your cell was no different, reaching just under the mark of ninety messages.

And none from Lin. But a few from Karla. 

You scoffed, throwing the phone onto your bed. No way in hell were her messages any good, remorseful, or filled with any emotion except glee.

You grabbed a fluffy towel, heading to your bathroom.

She got what she wanted.


You turned the hot water on.


You just exited the bathroom when your phone pinged. Wrapping your hair up in a towel, you reached for it before stopping. A new voicemail. 

From Lin.

You debated listening to it as you pulled on clothes,staring at the phone’s position on the bed. Paranoia plagued your mind. Were you ready to hear his voice again? Ready to hear how things are faring? How happy the cast was since you left?

You shook your head. If they were happy, they wouldn’t come banging on your windows, screaming about talking to them.

But it-

You picked up the phone before any other toxin could enter you mind and pressed play.

LIN: [F/Name]…Geez. It’s been rough…

#ifoundit #merrychritmas #iwaoi

From the start of the month before Christmas, Iwaizumi and Oikawa start posting random posts among their usual ones on Instagram with a similar hashtag “#ifoundit.

It’s not hard for their friends to notice there’s something up their sleeves, especially with the increasing amount of Instagram posts on Iwaizumi’s account. 

Kuroo is the first to figure out what it might be after his shared calculous class with Iwaizumi. Oikawa has visited them before the class started, rubbing his hands while accepting the hot chocolate Iwaizumi got from the cafeteria with a happy thanks, then saying how he’d want to get a new scarf, preferably red with cute reindeers on it, because the weather is trying to murder him.

That night, Kuroo sees a new post on Iwaizumi’s account of a red scarf with reindeer and tree patterns. Its caption read “They don’t look that cute, but the trees are nice.” with #ifoundit. 

Similar posts continue and whenever anyone asks the dating couple what it is, the only answer is always “they are potential shopping list.” 

They didn’t lie though. It’s their little game ever since they started dating in high school when Iwaizumi got all worried and panicked about not knowing what to get for his now-not-only-best-friend-but-also-boyfriend for Christmas. Not wanting to spoil the surprise of the gift, Iwaizumi started posting anything he thought Oikawa would like on Instagram and waited for Oikawa’s reaction to the posts. 

It somehow becomes a tradition between them after that year and they’d now leave every possible hint starting from the very beginning of December just to tease and challenge the other to see if they could figure out the surprise.

It’s a guessing match because it’s like their thing to turn anything romantic, or simply just anything, into a competition. They’d guess, before the other presents the present, which, out of the numerous photos, would be their actual gift. If one guess right, the other has to wear the ugly Christmas sweater they pick up together that year for a whole day on Christmas. 

They end up both wearing the sweaters more than once, because they always leave hints under the posts with the things they like by hearting it or leaving messages. 

Since, to them, the point is not winning, albeit how much they love it and hate losing. The point is when they present the present, there’d be a smile lighting up the other’s face, either excited or victorious.  

It doesn’t matter, both suit the other man just perfectly.

On Christmas Eve, they post a selfie of them wrapped together in a stupid reindeer scarf and Iwaizumi pressing a kiss to Oikawa’s cheek while holding out a new pair of sport sneakers. 

No caption. One hashtag.


Coffee Shop AU

(AN: this might suck. I’m sorry)

There he is again.

Blue eyes. Bronze curls. A red jumper and skinny jeans with holes although it’s fucking freezing already.

He’s walking towards the counter and I can’t help but stare at him. His cheeks and nose are red because of the cold air but he looks so alive I can’t handle it.

I hand the girl in front of me her drink and she scowls at her phone while taking it. He’s the next person in line and my guts are tingling.

When I went to work this morning, Fiona said I should write my number on his cup, but then she snorted so loud I could still hear it after I left.

I turn around and look directly into his eyes. He seems confused and a little nervous, but I don’t even want to think about the reason for this.

“One Pumpkin Mocha Breve please.” he says and I shudder because he sounds a bit hoarse. The cold seems to get to him too, apparently.

“Sure.” I breath. His freckles look like star constellations. I wanna map them out.

My hands are shaking. When did this crush get that bad? “Two pounds please.” He hands me two pounds and when our hands touch, I feel like I’m in space. He shoots me an awkward look.

My thoughts are clouded and spinning in my head and I nearly mess up his drink. I’m the most skilled barista in this shop goddamnit. This is just a stupid boy who goes to my university and keeps showing up in this coffee shop where I’m working and when he smiles he shines as bright as the sun.

“Here you go.” I put the cup on the counter and look at him. He nods, licks his lips and nods again. I wait for him to leave, but he doesn’t even take his cup.

“Well..?” I ask and he looks at me. His stare is so intense that I suddenly seem to be unable to blink. “Do you want anything else?”

My voice sounds throaty. I cringe.
“I, uh- no. Not really.” I am strangely disappointed that he doesn’t.

He takes his cup and turns around, but then he stops and turns back again.
“Actually, yes. Here.” He takes out a small piece of paper that is nearly as blue as his eyes. He drops it on the counter and then basically runs off.

I look at the paper. There are numbers scribbled down on it and 3 words.

I stare at it. Then I read it again. And again. Again.

When I hear the door close, I raise my head. He’s left the shop. A smile spreads on my face.

004413728845 Simon

Let’s date

anonymous asked:

Rfa reaction when the Mc who is a successful actress has to do a lot of kiss scenes in her next movie..? Thank you

This was a really entertaining one to write, especially Seven’s :3


  • you brought home the script to show him a few scenes you were looking forward to
  • after seeing how excited you are, it must have been a good movie
  • you watch him flipping through the pages
  • really loves your character
  • up until the point where your character kisses her love interest
  • the image of you popped into his head kissing ANOTHER MAN
  • at that moment, Yoosung doesn’t bother reading the rest of it and just hands it to you
  • face gets all red and hands are shaking
  • uh you okay there bud?
  • “is there something wrong with it?”
  • “there’s a…a…ki-kissing scene and I c-c-can’t help but th-think…”
  • poor Yoosung can’t even finish his sentence as he covers his red face
    • you were going to tell him there were more kissing scenes
    • but you can’t see your boyfriend all flustered like this
  • when he goes to your rehearsals you purposely mess up the kisses by making goofy faces
  • the staff find you frustrating, but it sure does put a smile on Yoosung’s face


  • when you told her you got a big part 
  • goes to update her fan blog about you
  • she is more than happy to hear about your new role
  • she is even lucky enough to read the whole script with you
  • Jaehee understands you’re a professional like Zen and all those kissing scenes aren’t really you kissing the other actor.
  • it was about getting into your character
  • so she totally understands when you kiss your costar
  • oh what are these scraps of paper in her hand?
  • you sometimes review some of the footage through the day with Jaehee to see how you did
  • omg she snapped another remote in half
  • “um…Jaehee are you really okay with this?”
  • she looks calm but you can see the seething rage in her eyes
  • “both of you are actors just doing your job. It’s not really you…”
  • you take the remote from Jaehee before she could grind it into shrapnel
  • and you assure her that you only have eyes for her with some kissing of your own :3


  • although he was a bit disappointed he couldn’t get the role with you
  • he is excited for you none the less
  • he even gives you a few suggestions for some scenes
  • but it isn’t until he shows up for one of the rehearsals 
  • and he sees you kissing your co-star on set
  • all he saw was YOU 
  • kissing some other guy 
  • he can’t help but activate his jealous boyfriend mode
  • doesn’t do anything on set since he knew it could potentially lead to a scandal
  • so when you two get home he insists on helping you with your lines
  • teaches you a few more techniques that made you think about him during your scenes


  • he understands that you’re an actress that works hard for your roles
  • and he took a look at your co-star
    • too short, dyed hair, piercings??? hmph
  • and Jumin knew he was better than him in almost every department
  • there is nothing to be worried about
  • it isn’t until he stepped into watch one of your rehearsals
  • and comes in right when you were passionately kissing your co-star
  • like Zen all he can see is a man kissing YOU, his precious MC.
  • at that point, he remembers jealousy was a choice
  • so he decides to CHOOSE to be jealous
  • “do you actually need to do ALL of those scenes with…him”
  • you take the time to walk with him to explain that it’s not really you kissing your co-star, but your character
  • he still can’t get over that all he can see is you
  • you convince the director to have you wear a wig
  • doesn’t make a great difference at first
  • but when you bring him down the red carpet, he knows it was stupid to have chosen jealousy


  • “oh MC this is great! I love it!”
  • no he doesn’t
  • you have to kiss some other guy who is probably more good looking than him
  • holy sh–crap this guy IS good looking and funny
  • Seven can’t make it to any of your rehearsals or have the time to sit with you reviewing the footage from that day
  • in truth, he just didn’t want to see you kiss that guy who is clearly better than him
    • poor insecure jellybean
  • one day he had some free time and you dragged him to your rehearsal for support
  • while you were doing one of the kissing scenes you notice he isn’t even looking at you
    • how rude!
  • during your break, you decide to confront him about his lack of support
  • “I do support you babe! It’s just…you…and him…kissing…ugh…”
  • it must be bothering him really bad since he hasn’t even looked at you since you started this project
  • it’s time you made sure that he knew YOU loved your precious Seven
  • the staff was looking for you for a while until your co-star found you coming out of the prop storage
  • “MC, what were you doing in there?”
  • Seven jumps next to you while doing jazz hands
  • “ME!”

beardsandwinewolvesandwhiskey  asked:

I need to say that i LOVE he way Jeff grabs Hilarie when they are together on a red carpet, nice but real tight around the waist like she is his property, negan´s lady. don´t even think of getting closer! ;) luckiest woman on earth! look so down to earth and in love, too.

I love how they hold hands. Even when their arms are behind their backs they still hold each other’s hands. It’s the cutest thing ever!!

I’m calling it right now: This is Keith’s biological father. 

Now I know this theory has been floating around the fandom for a long time, but I feel like throwing in my own interpretation of Keith’s parentage and race. 

In Episode 10 of the series, we see Keith’s hand get severely injured from his fight to obtain quintessence. 

Notice how the skin looks more PURPLE than it is red like you would associate burn marks with? Notice how it looks more like a bruise instead of a horrific burn mark from his enemy’s blast? 

What if Keith isn’t just half Galra but also half ALTEAN. Since that could explain why the purple skin he would obtain from his father be concealed on Earth since as Allura put it, “The Alteans were a camelion like race that made for excellent explorers and great diplomats.” 

What if Keith has been concealing himself without even realizing it in order to fit in with the population on Earth? 

That would explain why he would have no idea of his Alien roots and why he would convince himself he’s a normal human just like his friends. 

And that would also explain why his healing rate is faster than his friends and why we see him with no family at the beginning of the series. Because as his description says on his character profile: He’s an orphan. 

Now think about this: Why would this Galra soldier be defying Zarkon to allow Team Voltron to escape alive? BECAUSE HE WAS PROTECTING HIS SON

There’s absolutely no other reason why any of the Galra would allow them to leave unless someone they deeply cared about was among them. None of the team has any deep connections with the Galra empire other than deep hatred, so that cancels out any possibility of a truce or a debt. 

Now why do I think Keith is also part Altean? Because even though Allura and Coran speculate that they’re the last survivors of their civilization, they must’ve underestimated their own abilities that they’re BORN with. It’s highly plausible that a young female Altean could escape her planet as a Galra impersonator and slip away to safety. Generations go by and finally we have the fated Altean survivor meet up with a Galra citizen. Who thinks all of the Alteans have been destroyed by Zarkon years ago. But it turns out that it isn’t the case. They get to know about each other and eventually fall in love, committing treason against Zarkon and having a child with both Altean and Galra blood in their veins. That child being Keith. 

Zarkon even mentions that his abilities make him fight like a Galra soldier. A compliment that seems to come out of nowhere during the middle of their fight. Now compliments like this can be used as foreshadowing in storytelling and with a ending shot like this with a GALRA SOLDIER saving them. 

Now this is just a conspiracy for right now. But this is my long post explaining why I think like this. 

(Please don’t remove anything from this post. Thanks) 

Train Rides Part 4

AHHHHH I”M ALIVE! I’m sorry for the inactivity! School is finally going to calm down for a week!!! I’ll try my best, so please forgive me! (人ゝω・)

Day 13

You stood in the train in a panic. How were you going to face V now? Did he remember kissing you? A part of you hoped that he would miss the train, while another part of you throbbed in excitement to see him. How were you supposed to act around him? Were you supposed to treat it as if nothing ever happened? That wasn’t possible for you anymore…

The opening of the train doors caught your attention, and you looked up, surprised to see Seven walking in with V, the red scarf you bought him coiled around his neck loosely.

“MC~” Seven practically purred as he hurried over to you, enveloping you in a warm welcome hand.

“Seven! What’re you doing here?” You asked, turning all your attention to Seven, hoping it would cover up your nervousness.

V noticed this of course, but choose to disregard it with a slight raise of an eyebrow. “Luciel and I have things to discuss. We’re just heading to my office.”

Seven nodded in agreement, “Bingo~”

The train rumbled to life again and the the doors closed tight. An uncomfortable silence took place over the three of you, and you panicked, jumping slightly when V cleared his throat.

“MC. I um, wanted to thank your for celebrating with me yesterday. I must have been so pathetic in your eyes, I’m sorry.”

You lifted your hands and shook them wildly. “No, not at all! I had a great time yesterday. I hope you liked your gifts…” You trailed off awkwardly, your face flaming and matching the shade of V’s scarf.

V sunk his face lower into the scarf quietly. Was the color fooling you, or was V’s cheeks a little red? You felt your heart swell as you watched him, taking in his beautiful eyes and subtle smiles.

“V about yesterday-” You began when suddenly,

“Huh? You both had a party yesterday, and I wasn’t invited?!?!” Seven shrieked from behind you, and you flinched in surprise, taken aback by his voice and suddenly becoming aware of what had almost left your lips. You fell into a silence, unsure of how to answer Seven.

Seven looked between you and V slowly, “Hmmm….my detective skills say something happened last night~”

V let out a sigh, “Of course no Luciel.”

You felt your heart sink a little. So V didn’t remember after all. You let out a small pitiful laugh, “Yes…nothing happened at all.”

Seven peered down at you, a teasing smile on his face, “Ahhh well it is V after all. He wouldn’t attack you or anything. He probably wouldn’t even kiss you without consent~”

The word “kiss” caused you to flush tremendously, and Seven looked quickly back and forth between you and V as the train neared a station.

“V?!?! Don’t tell me you did!!!!!” Seven shouted, horrified, drawing many looks from nearby passengers.

“W-what? Of course not! I mean, I did drink a little too much, but I’m sure that nothing happened…right?” V answered, looking at you worriedly.

You wished that the floor could swallow you whole right about now. Seven wouldn’t stop pestering you, strangers eyed you from all over, and V had no recollection of the thing that had put all your emotions into turmoil. You wanted off.

“The train is now approaching the station. Please stand by.”


“I-I think I’ll get off here.” You announced, beginning to move away from them, desperately wanting to be far far away.

V caught your hand as you hastily moved passed him and Seven, “Here? But your station is two stops away. MC I didn’t do anything did I? I apologize if I did kiss you, but please don’t Luciel’s teasing get to you. A kiss is just a kiss.” V tried to reason.

Ahh…so it was nothing to him. How-how dare this man kiss you without remembering so and then determine that it meant nothing to you? Angry tears prickled at the corners of your eyes, and you pulled your hand roughly from V’s.

“It was my first kiss!!”

Ignoring Seven’s apologies and the frozen look on V’s face, you stomped out the doors.

You placed your forehead against the cold window of the train, watching as the night lights streaked by and swirled behind you. With a sigh you closed your eyes against the chilly frame. V must have been so surprised at your outburst this morning. As if facing him this morning hadn’t been hard…

Your eyes fluttered open as you took in the unfamiliar sights of people before you, a sad smile on your lips. How pathetic were you? You had even gone as far as taking the 2nd train back home to avoid him. Sure it was a hour and a half later than the usual one, but at least you were comfortable right?

V hadn’t contacted you all day, and he wasn’t active in the chat rooms at all. You must have really surprised him. With a groan you placed your back against the window, your head spinning and heart throbbing.

This was exactly what you wanted to avoid. You had always been interested in V, since the first day you met him in the messenger. You respected him for always seeming to know what to do. You admired him for being able to put others before himself. But that was before you saw the scars he carried, saw the weight on his shoulders and the darkness in his eyes. V always had a bright light to him, and as you got to know him you learned that those who suffer the must shine the brightest.

You were drawn to him, curious to learn about the him outside of being a protector. You still remembered the days you spent defending V in the messenger as everyone turned on him. You remembered talking with him, going to Mint Eye and persuading him, and helping him recover with his loss from Rika.

V was bright, but not like the sun. V would never melt you like how the sun melted Icarus. No, V’s light was cool and translucent, safe and sheltering. V was amazingly selfless, he made you smile, made you want to believe that there was good in the world. You could trust V, always believe in him. It was no wonder that you loved-




Of course you loved him. You had loved him all along. God how pitiful were you, having realized your love for him when his thoughts were filled with the ideas of someone you could never be? But there was something so much worse. If V ever found out…if your feelings ever broke loose, your bond with V would be destroyed. You would never trade that for anything in the world.

You mind was burning as you tried to process all your feelings, and you found yourself a little jealous of Jumin at the moment. How he could keep all his emotions in check was always a myster-

Something in the reflection of the window caught your eye.

A bright red gleamed in the reflection of the window, and you gasped as you turned away to face the source of which it came.

A red scarf.

“V…? But why?” You whispered in disbelief. He should have been on the usual train.

The man who haunted your heart stood 3 feet away from you, eyes beaming down at you, the scarf still wrapped around him. His eyes held such an unknown passion in them that you found yourself grow excited, yet also experience panic.

“You weren’t on the train earlier. So I came back to the last station and waited to catch this train. I knew you’d be here.” V answered, stepping forward to close the distance.

Uh oh. You definitely needed distance now. Desperately. You backed further into the wall, hoping to create a little more space, only to feel even more trapped. The crowded train didn’t make manners any better, as V was soon shoved even closer towards you from passing passengers. You felt your breath bounce off his chest back towards you, and you began to question if perhaps you should start investing in a driver to get to work.

“W-why? If…if it’s about this morning I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted that way towards you. You had no idea what you were doing anyway…” You answered, turning your face to the side to resist looking at him, an attempt to maybe create some space in between you two.

V’s voice was low and soft as he spoke to you, the vibrations rumbling in his chest against you. “I’m sorry for playing it off like that. A first kiss is a big deal. You had every right to be angry, even more so in the fact that it was with someone like me.”

Your head snapped back to glare at him instantly. “Someone like you? If anything, I should consider myself lucky V!”

A small smile tugged at V’s lips as he peered down at you. You had stepped right into his trap. V watched as your face grew less tense, and though you glared at him, you finally met his gaze.

“Oh?” He asked obliviously.

You had always hated how he undermined himself. “You’re kind and reliable. You’re a renowned photographer! You’re a gentleman and the leader of a great organization. And….” You paused, a smile blooming across your face.

“And?” V prompted, his voice a husky whisper as he watched expressions flicker on and off your face.

“And…you’re just a liiiiittttle bit handsome.” You teased, laughing as you saw his face light up in a grin.

“Just a little huh?” V asked, his blue eyes that you loved so much lighting up.

“Yes. Just a little.” You laughed, wrinkling your nose up at him.

“I’m sure the girl you lost your first kiss would have been very happy to be your face.” You joked. Your worries had been forgotten. Right now you were in your own world, laughing with V as you normally would. This was enough…wasn’t it?

V, caught up in the mood and relieved to see you smiling, said, “Ahh, that would be Rika then.”

And just like that, you came crashing down. Yes…of course it was with Rika. The realization that V would never love you slipped into your mind again and you felt your smile falter.

“MC? Have you begun to rethink your statement on how a first kiss with me is lucky?” V joked, attempting to mask the concern in his eyes. The mood had changed again.

Quickly you laughed, coming back to your senses. You couldn’t be doing this. You’d get hurt. Your bond with V would be severed .

Overhead you saw the station doors begin to blink, and you slipped out from under V to near the door. Much to your dismay, V followed you, the crowds and movements of the train only putting the two of you back into the same position. You against the wall and V towering over you, the only difference in that the door was right next to you.

“Thank you for trying to cheer me up.” You said, struggling to keep your composure. You had to remain causal. Had to cut off anything that stirred your feelings.

V looked down at you in concern, “You don’t seem that cheered up. Could it be that you’re actually really upset about your first kiss?”

V’s eyes stared down at you, piercing into your soul, making your heart beat loudly in your chest. Not. Good. You had to break away.

The train neared the station, the moments growing slow as the brakes squealed.

You pushed softly at V’s chest with your hands as you answered desperately, “A-ah! Don’t worry! Because it isn’t with two people who’re in love, it’s a no count!” You turned to exit the train swiftly.

“…a…no count.?”  V whispered

And then suddenly there’s a force pulling you backwards, you have no time to think as warm hands cupped your face softly. No time to process as familiar smooth lips captured yours. The only thing you were sure of was the beating of your chest, hammering against your rib cage. Well, that and the amazing sensation that bloomed in you as V kissed you.

When he pulled away, you stared at him in shock, red all the way to the tips of your ears. V wore a pained expression, his eyes wide in hurt and his face tight in confusion. His hands led you to the train exit doors,

“Doesn’t this one count then MC?”

His hands pushed gently against your back, and you found yourself at the train station, stunned.

What had just happened?


Romanogers Fluffathon #1 
I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over, and over. 

“Do you like it?” he asked opening the bathroom’s door. Natasha crossed her arms over her chest and smiled a little bit. “I like it… suits you”. They both look at each other for a few minutes before he asked “How long did the tint will last?” he wasn’t  used to the new hair color. Brown, like bucky’s hair (kind off). Natasha smiled and got closer to him, putting her tiny hand on his cheek. 

“I really like it” she whispers getting closer to him “we need to keep us low key in public, you know”. “I prefer your red hair” he whispers, touching her lips with his thumb. Her eyes shine for a minute. This new found passion between the two of them was… unexpected. For as long she remembers, Steve had been her best friend, her companion, her partner, but now, while they were running away from the government, becoming lovers was the next step, and it was so new for her.

She was scared, having a relationship (a real one overall) was strange, she was trying, keeping herself in touch with her past and the many paths she was curious about. All was so new and so warm.

He got close, his not shaved chin gives her chills. looking at each other eyes, she feels complete. It was unexpected but full and wonderful. For the first time in a long time, she was alive. Steve kissed her, savoring her lips, later, that night while they find each others body and keep learning about making love, there was so much passion in the little bed on the cabin.

She was warm, so damn warm

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Aomine, Kagami, Kise, and Kuroko regarding PDA?


  • he’s okay with PDA, but prefers the more heavy stuff to be done behind closed doors
    • he will often stop the two of you before things get too heated in public
      • not because he doesn’t want to, but because he’s embarrassed that people are noticing
  • doesn’t usually initiate the PDA, waiting for you to do it


  • it doesn’t matter how innocent the PDA is, you can expect his cheeks to flush red
    • the first time you hugged him in public, he couldn’t even look you in the eye for a few minutes
  • the more often you show him your affection in public, the more he gets used to it and stops reacting so dramatically
    • still takes him about a month to be able to kiss you back properly


  • okay with PDA to a certain extent; he has a small time celebrity reputation to uphold
    • hand holding, hugging, kissing; he’s open game when it comes to those things
    • he tends to stop the two of you before things get too heated though
  • often, he’s the one to initiate the PDA because he just can’t stop showing his affection for you


  • he’s all for PDA, not really being too shy about it
    • you want to sit on the stairs to the roof and make out, sure thing
    • you want to just hold hands while you walk, that’s cool too
  • thinks PDA like hugging and kissing is a basic part of any good relationship
  • he isn’t even afraid if the PDA gets a little raunchy; go ahead and slap his ass as a way to say hello, he won’t mind