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silly chloe headcanons
  • “whatever happened to that old medieval brand chivalry? you know where knights laid themselves facedown in the mud and let you walk across their backs so your dress wouldn’t get dirty.” 
    • “that’s….not how that goes, chloe.” 
    • “oh thank god, patent the idea for me, and do you think kim would be interested?”
  • she holds the record for most online purchases made while procrastinating during a single class period (five Lancôme palettes, four Louis Vuitton handbags, three Chanel dresses, and seventeen Louboutin heels). thank you unlimited platinum credit cards. 
  • “wait…you only have one bathroom in your whole house!?”
  • chloe forgot about a history exam one day and straight up slipped mme. bustier an envelope of €500 so that she could “overlook this whole test thing.”
    • she got sent to the principal’s office, all the while complaining that “daddy bribes his staff to overlook things all the time!”
  • whenever chloe insults someone, adrien blackmails her by saying he’ll reveal her crunchyroll premium account and all of her fandom blogs if she doesn’t apologize that same day. it’s his most effective method of keeping her in check, and she highly resents it
  • she’s super instagram famous and likes to post a lot of makeup videos, fashion hauls, and nail tutorials when she’s bored
    • no one will admit to it, but everyone in the class watches her instagram videos all the time because holy shit her highlight is immaculate and how on earth does she get her nail gradients to look so neat?
  • she’s scarily good at the knife game??? one day she was bored in class and was fiddling around with her metal nail file and pretty soon she was an expert. it’s great for scaring away stupid boys who try to bother her during study hall. 
  • one time marinette was complaining in the hallway that she forgot her eyeliner at home and didn’t have anything to touch up her makeup with, and on instinct chloe pulls out her emergency makeup kit and asks “pencil, gel, or liquid?”
    • she may hate the girl but forgetting your touch up bag at home is about the most tragic thing chloe’s ever heard in her life
  • “im a very charitable person! just this morning i told a woman leaving her hotel room that her dress looked like a burlap sack that a drunk, colorblind, has-been artist just finished throwing up all over. a lesser person would’ve let her walk outside in that monstrosity.” 

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Prompt: Richie and Eddie don't know each other, but Richie just wiped out on his skateboard outside Eddie's house

here we go

+ eddie hates sundays

+ he always finishes his homework friday when he gets home but his mom won’t let him go out past 6pm on sundays anyways so he always has to find ways to entertain himself

+ usually bill would come sneak in through his window to keep him company but he had therapy tonight until 7 and eddie was alone and bored out of his mind

+ he was currently staring out his second floor window and watching the squirrels 

+ but then he sees him

+ the cute, lanky neighbor kid from down the street skates right past his house

+ and then,,, back past his house?

+ he starts doing tricks on the sidewalk (nothing fancy, mostly just jumping up and landing about 50% of the time) but after the 3rd jump he… looks up at eddie?


+ and eddie’s like shitshitshit i’ve been caught staring at this boy and now he’s making me blush what the fUck

+ then the neighbor kid gets cocky

+ he decides to try that thing where you,, flip the board,, in midair before landing on it? (eddie is not very familiar with skating technical terms)

+ this trick makes eddie very nervous

+ Cute Boy falls flat on his ass and his elbow hits the ground hard

+ eddie runs down the stairs and out the door after grabbing his first aid kit from the nightstand

+ “ohmygod ohmygod what the fuck is wrong with you you could have broken your arm and all i have is neosporin and bandaids here what were you thinking come inside i have to clean up this scrape before it gets infected- no don’t TOUCH it do you know how many GERMS there are on human hands oh my god”

+ but then eddie just looks up and cute boy is smiling at him in the sweetest way he’s ever seen abut then he just smirks and says “hey i’m richie and i’m usually pretty good at skating but i guess i couldn’t help falling for you”

+ eddie needs his inhaler

Someone give Sansa a hug 😭😭
  • Sansa: Bran, I'm so happy you're home, I've missed you so much.
  • Bran: It was Beautiful that night, snow falling just like now. You looked beautiful, in your white wedding dress.
  • Sansa: Oh Arya, I'm so relieved you're all in one piece, and made it back home safely.
  • Arya: Ah yes, of course you took mother's and father's room, these are the best rooms in the castle. You always liked pretty things, they made you feel better than everyone else.
  • Sansa: I feel so attacked right now. *writes to Jon* Jon, I beg of you, come home, I miss you. Arya and Bran are driving me insane, I can't handle them by myself, especially, Arya. Bran keeps going on about the night I was raped, and how "pretty" I looked when it happened, Arya thinks I want to overthrow you and become the Queen in The North *sighs*. I need you here. Please, come back. 😩😢🙏
  • P.S. I almost forgot, Bran told me to tell you, that the dead are coming. 💀

Joey and Alternian technology

Or, well, in this case, more like “Joey VS Alternian technology”.
I really love the idea of everything hi-tech on Alternia being pretty much alive, or at least heavily biomechanical.
(I also don’t remember how alternian med-kit really looked in game, so it’s design is pretty much random, sorry about that)

It’s just a quick drawing, it didn’t really take much time, but was delayed due to my birthday and stuff.

Fuel to Fire (4)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f), anxiety, depression, mentions of parental negligence, swearing.

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting.

Fuel to Fire (intro) Fuel to fire (2) Fuel to Fire (3)

A/N: it gets hot and steamy. And sexual. 

“Where are we going?” Y/N asks as she has to walk a bit faster than she usually does to keep up with Steve. Bucky’s at American Ink, his entire day booked with appointments, and pouted only a little when Steve left with Y/N to run an errand.

“New York museum of modern art” Steve smiles at her and slows his pace to match Y/N’s.

“Is this because I told you I took art classes in college?”

“That’s part of it” Steve smiles secretively, “you remember the first day you came in to the shop?”

“When you were necking with your husband like teenagers?” Y/N grins and mumbles a ‘mission accomplished’ when Steve’s face goes a pretty shade of red.

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!!!!! I wanted to post these a week ago when I got this pretty baby, but I completely forgot. I can’t wait for it to have the complete “"used”“-look, aaaaahhh!! 🎨👩🏻‍🎨

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I'm not sure do you want to write it, because it's a little bit connected with wet dreams of RFA and Saeran's fic when he spies on MC's phone call, but maybe you want to write a request where RFA+V+Saeran and MC not together, but are very close, and s\o overhears how MC tells her friend about a certain nsfw fantasy about them and try to fulfill it. Btw, I love your works! You are amazing!

Wet dreams again! And with this one, the “wet dreams” trilogy is now complete! I did this one as mini-fics to celebrate, LOL (not really, I just got carried away as usual)

RFA + Saeran and V overhearing MC talking about her wet dreams with them (NSFW-ish?)


“Ah, MC! Come on, you don’t have to blush so much! You know you’re probably not the only girl in this country that had wet dreams about Zen, right?”

“I know… but it’s different.  I’m not just his fan, I’m his friend. And he was a fucking butler, for fuck’s sake!”

“So what? You have a thing for butlers. Big news: we all do after watching Kuroshitsuji.”

“Yeah, and my mind keeps playing a hentai version of it. With Zen! And… less wet, you know how hentais are all wet and the censored version shows a girl being fucked by a bunch of pixels? Yeah… my dream was nothing like that.”

“Oh… no pixels? So how… how did it look?”

“Perfect… just like him…” you sigh and chug the rest of your beer, watching as she laughs and says you’re a dirty little bitch, and that’s why she loves you.

Zen feels… oddly embarrassed. His fans have no chill in talking how handsome and sexy he is, and how he is always in their dreams, but you’re right, you’re not just a fan, you’re his friend. And though you never really hid you think he’s attractive, you never told him you think he’s perfect, that his… dick… is perfect! Oh my… so much information to deal! He was just trying to find you two in this after party with some of his colleague actors, and here are the things he found out: hentais are all wet, girl talk is kinda funny, girl talk makes him feel oddly shy when he happens to be the subject of it, you think he’s perfect. He and his perfect dick serving you in your dreams… oh, dreams are such powerful happenings, aren’t they? He has psychic dreams once in a while… what about you?

“Hey, I finally found you two, ladies. Ready to go home?” he tries to act casually, but he’s seeing you on a whole different light.

“Yeah, let’s go. It’s kinda late.” Your friend says, getting up of her chair. “Oh, but let me just fangirl a little over that guy who played salesman #2. I’ll… meet you guys outside.” She doesn’t even give you time to say anything and just vanish out of there.

“Enjoying the party, babe?” oh… even calling you ‘babe’ feels differently now. What did he call you in your dream? Madam?

“Yeah, it’s been great, Zen! Thanks for letting us crash into this party, the musical was… fabulous, you’re so talented.”

“Thanks. Here, let me help you with your coat.”

“Oh, no need to, I’m fine.”

“Come on, it’s a pleasure to service you.” Your eyes widen as you look away. Oh… he had no idea his little tease would make him feel as aroused as you. “Anything else I can do for you?”

“N-no, I’m fine. Let’s get my friend before she ‘accidentally trips and falls into some of your colleagues arms.” He chuckles at your attempt of brushing it out whatever wild thoughts your mind is going through. What wouldn’t he give to hear them all?

You let your friend at her place and then he walks you to yours. Somehow you managed to go back to your usual, funny, bubbly self. You two stop at the door of your building.

“Thanks for the night, Zen.”

“My pleasure.” He bows before you, smirking as he sees you pressing your legs against each other. “So,  what about joining me tomorrow night to help me practice my lines? I think you’ll really like this new project.”

“Sure! I would love to! Who will you play?”

“A butler.” He says bluntly, trying not to laugh at your eyes blinking non-stop and your half ajar mouth, your reaction is…ugh, perfect. “Good night, babe. Have sweet dreams.”

Your answer comes out almost in a whisper. And as he starts walking, hearing you go inside your building, he sighs in amusement. Your friend loves you because you’re a ‘dirty little bitch’ and he loves you because… wait! He loves you?


“You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking such impure thoughts about such a cinnamon roll, MC!”

“Don’t you think I don’t know that? Ugh… he’s really cute, isn’t it?” you sigh “But you know what’s cuter? His balls that I shamelessly sucked in that dream!” you two laugh mischievously.

“Well, you’re so altruistic even in your fantasies, aren’t you? Giving blowjobs instead of getting eaten, I mean…”

“Well, you’ve met him, haven’t you? He’s so shy, I think a blowjob would really make him loosen up. He was definitely not shy in my dream, you know?”

“Bet he whined like a puppy.”

“Girl, no! He was groaning, and trust me… it was hot!”

Shit shit shit! Yoosung should have stopped listening to this when he heard “balls”. And yet, he kept standing there behind the bathroom door as you and your friend walked to the hallway of the house she was throwing a little get together. He felt so special about her inviting him, since he was one of your closest friends by now. Well, as close as you two are now, it will never be close enough like you and her talking about such… intimate things like you’re discussing this new color of nail polish or… other stuff women talk about that he doesn’t really understand. And though he appreciates it the hint of concern and desire of him loosening up, your methods are… gahhhh! His face is all hot! Hot… like his groans in your dream? No! What is he thinking? This is so naughty, Yoosung!

“Hey, MC…” he does his best to not show you his embarrassment as he goes to you a little later, at least not too much embarrassment.

“Are you okay? You look so red… you don’t have a fever, do you?” your friend asks, trying to reach his forehead, which makes him even redder. “Oh, poor thing!  Hey, there’s a thermometer in the first aid kit in the kitchen, why don’t you pick it? MC will help you.” He looks at you, and… well, it would be impossible for you to get more flustered as him, but… you looked pretty embarrassed… which made him feel a little relieved and very aroused.

“Sorry for the trouble, MC. I… don’t really wanna feel like a burden to you or your friend.”

“Nonsense! If you’re sick, I need to help you and make sure you’re feeling ok.” Helping him… making him feel ok… gahhh! How come everything you say takes him immediately to the conversation he overheard?

“See? No fever! I told you I was fine, no need to worry! Now let’s go back to the party!” he says, yes, he’ll definitely shake these naughty thoughts if it isn’t just the two of you.

“Are you sure? Or we can just go, you know?”

“Ah, now that I was starting to loosen up?” oops! It slips from his mouth before he even realizes. But your shy smile is so worthy… “I mean… I mean… I…”

“You’re right. Let’s go.” You turn your back on him. So he won’t see you blushing, maybe?

And he did loosen up, making you and your friend really delighted. At the end, people were sad for seeing you two calling it a night and he saying goodbye to walk you home.

“Did you have fun, Yoosung?” you ask when you two stop by the door of your building.

“Yes! I gotta say, your friends are… really handful at first, but then I got more comfortable and had so much fun. Thanks for the night, MC!”

“Oh, I should thank you for joining me, I know they can be really loud and… hard to deal if you’re shy and…”

“Oh, you should know that I’m not really that shy…” well, he is. But he needed seeing your cute flustered smile at least one more time before he leaves.

So worth it! Loosening up, getting less shy, making you smile… he loves how much he’s changing because of you, he loves… you?


“Never would’ve took you as a boob girl, MC! I was so sure you were more the ass type…”

“Girl, I thought I was, but… her breasts are just… beautiful. I feel like a horny dude by thinking so much of them to the point of dreaming about them, but… they are beautiful, especially from the angle I was seeing in that dream, you know?”

“Well, they are pretty big, I’m almost jealous…”

“I wish I was jealous, all I can think about is how warm and smooth it must be…just like her whole skin… and I seriously need to stop talking like a creepy guy, don’t I?”

“Well, you lose a little bit of prudence when you get a crush that big…”

“Ugh, my crush is bigger… bigger than her boobs…” you mutter shyly as your friend tells you’re fucking hopeless.

Well, this is embarrassing, to say the least. She knew you were slightly different when you hang with your best friend, but this is on a whole another level, she wonders if your friendship with her will ever get to the point of sharing such personal thoughts. Oh… she’s not sure if she’ll ever feel like talking about her erotic dreams… have she ever even had one? No, that one with Zen wasn’t really erotic, oh, but she remembers waking up one night really sweaty… she doesn’t recall much, but it was a dream about you… Oh… is talking about wet dreams a normal thing between girlfriends? How will she ever talk about them with her closest friends if the dream was about the closest friend? Her closest friend has been dreaming about her, about her… boobs. Do they really look that great?

“Hi! I decided to touch up my makeup too.” She says stepping to the bathroom of the bar that you insisted on bringing your two best friends.

“Oh, great! Here, you can borrow my lipstick. This bitch here will tell you to watch out for herpes, but don’t mind her, she’s just jealous of my pursing lips.” You roll your eyes and laugh, making them both chuckle. “I should get going, somebody needs to watch our table, see ya girls in a minute.” She walks out of there humming loudly.

“I’m sorry, she’s just… I hope she’s not making you embarrassed or anything…” oh, nothing is more embarrassing than you liking her boobs. What do you like them beside their size?

“It’s okay, MC. I’m having lots of fun!”

“Oh, I know the name of this fun, it’s marguerita, right?” you two laugh as look at the mirror, adjusting yourselves. “Ugh, I’m so tipsy I think I’ll smudge this lipstick before I even put it on.”

“Oh, let me help you.” She promptly goes to you, holding your shoulders for you to face her. So close… like you were in that dream of hers. Yes, her boobs are pretty big, aren’t they? You’re not that close and they are almost touching yours, yep, you noticed that too as you quickly glanced down and cleared your throat, facing her again.

“You know what? It’s… it’s fine. I mean, I’ll drink more, so I don’t really need lipstick.” You say, backing away. “Let’s go back before that bitch drinks all the beer!”

And it was so much fun! It was so good to be around other women like that, it feels even more special because she never had that before. It’s new, and it’s unpredictable and it makes her feel like… well, like a woman again. She couldn’t stop feeling this even when you called it a night and offered to walk her to her place.

“Are you sure you’re not the one who needs help to get home, MC?” she asks when you two arrive at her place.

“Yeah, I’m okay! All that fun I drank it’s no match for me!” is she a match for you? Wait, what? “Anyway, I should get going, I can’t wait to get home, these shoes are killing me, and don’t even get me started in this bra!”

“Yeah… I can’t wait to take mine off too…” she feels her face heating up as she notices you basically staring at her cleavage.  But her embarrassment turns into amusement as she watches you shaking your head after saying goodbye. Ohoho…if you could, you would definitely slap yourself right now, wouldn’t you?

She looks to her boobs when she goes inside her place, chuckling. How could you make her feel so good about this part of her body that made her feel so self-conscious for so long? Yeah, you make her feel like a woman, and you know what? Your breasts aren’t bad either… just another great part of you that she… loves?


“Aren’t you a little old for school fantasies, girl?”

“Well, he could be a professor in university. It’s not like it would be less hot anyway…”

“Were you wearing a pleated skirt and piggytails?”

“Girl, no! Jumin is a classy man, I would never have a wet dream about him that could be a video you can see on Redtube!”

“Oh, so you’re saying he spanked you with a rule, then fucked you over a desk and called you ‘his naughty girl’, but with class?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. He does everything elegantly… even, you know, cumming on my breasts.” You both chuckle.

Well, uhm… this wasn’t a very elegant conversation, and it definitely wasn’t elegant of him to keep listening it, even if he was the topic. Well, not him per say, a… professor version of him? How did you even come up with that? He never even considered a career in the teaching field… your imagination really is… quite something. How would this work? You were a student of his? Oh, but that would be really unprofessional… he asking you to meet him after class, he needed to go over your last essay and how disappointed he was because he knew you have so much potential and can do such a better job. And you would tell him you’re really sorry, because his opinion really matters to you and you’ll do anything to prove you’re worth of his trust. Anything?

“Oh, there you are!” he says, walking into the balcony you and your friend were talking in this party at his dad’s house. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Of course not! Actually, I… I feel like I’m interrupting something, I should… taste a little caviar. You two… get along, will you?” you roll your eyes and he smiles softly. She’s so unsubtle even he can see what she’s trying to do.

“How can you interrupt something you’ve been doing from the beginning? I’m sorry, Jumin, I have no idea what I was thinking when I told she could come over.”

“She is funny, and she is your friend. Any friend of yours is mine too, MC. How long have you been friends, again?”

“Oh, we went to the same college.”  Oh… more school talk?

“I would love to have met you in college, it would have been priceless.” Oh, you’re looking so intently at him… what if he teases you a little? “Even though you would probably avoid me, most colleagues would mistake me as a professor.”

“I… don’t think I would avoid you.” Oh… not the reaction he was expecting, to be honest.

“Well, I’m pleased to know that. Let’s go back to the party, shall we?” yeah, he got  a little frustrated you didn’t really get flustered. He’s always amused by your flustered face…

He kept thinking about this even after Driver Kim let your friend at her place and now that you two were alone in his car. Actually, he would like to know what you were thinking. It almost sounded like you were trying to tease him as well back then. Did he… did he get flustered? Probably not, if he did, you would giggle and tell him he is cute, like you usually do. Oh yeah, just remembering makes him feel… well, flustered.

“Well, this is where I stay. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Don’t mention it. The pleasure was all mine. Did you have fun?”

“I did! I was so worried because everything was so fancy and… elegant, but I…”

“You’ll get used to elegance, it would be a privilege to teach you all about elegance from now on, if you allow me to be your teacher, of course.” There it is… your lovely blushing face.

You say a quick goodbye before getting off the car and almost running to your house. Ahh, you never fail to amuse him, do you? He just loves you so much and… oh…


“So, just to make it clear, he would be the one to crossdress, or did you crossdress as a guy too?”

“No, he was the one crossdressing. And let me tell you, what a hot girl/boy he is. I was almost sexually confused.”

“Yeah, a guy wearing your panties and a cat maid outfit while he fucks you? That can be confusing.”

“You say that because you don’t know how hot he looks in a dress. He looks… he looks even better than us…”

“Nah, you’re just blinded by your crush, I suppose.”

“Yeah… and very sexually confused.” You two laugh and keep talking about guys wearing panties and how hot this is, you kinky little perverts.

Saeyoung accidentally listened to that phone call as he was checking a little bug in your phone, as you requested him to do so. Of course he didn’t need to listen to your private conversations, but he listened his name, crush, maid outfit and wet dream and… well, he couldn’t stop it.  It was wrong, but why did it feel so right? Like most of his feelings for you, to be honest… oh, if you only knew that there was nothing to feel embarrassed, because… well, he had even filthier dreams with you… no, but he could never tell you that, he’s not a girlfriend with who you can open up to and tell your deepest fantasies and desires. What if he disguised as a woman and tried to get friends with you? Oh… but if you’re so kinky for his crossdressing, you two would end up more than friends, huh? Lol

He called you because… well, just because. And watched as you jumped when you saw his name on the screen of your phone. “I’ll call you later, girl.”

“Oh… your little girlfriend is on the other line, right? Don’t worry, I won’t be a third wheel. Talk to you later!”

“Hey, Saeyoung, what’s up?” Oh, after that conversation? There is something definitely up with him…

“Just calling to let you know I’m still trying to fix the bug on your phone remotely, but if it gets too tough, I’ll probably need to go to your place and fix it personally.”

“My place? Ugh… let me know so I can clean it up before, it’s a mess!”

“Or I can come over and clean for you? Like a good maid?” he listens to you gulping lightly. Ohoho he got you good, huh? Well, he would like to get you, you know?

And much to your surprise, he did show up at your place. He considered showing up as a maid, but… maybe he wouldn’t be able to resist to your lustful eyes when you would spot him standing at the door. So… nah, he would be the only one struggling to resist you, he was pretty good at it.

“Hello, miss. Did you request my services?”

“I did. But no uniform? Ugh… such an unprofessional maid!”

“Oh please, forgive me, madam. Shall I change right away?” he says taking off his hoodie and making a motion to his bag so you’ll think he actually brought the costume.

“Or maybe you can work with no clothes on?” you smirk, and he immediately stops, blushing. You look at him and start laughing. “Come in, stupid, I’ll make some popcorn for us.”

And as he joins you in the couch to eat that popcorn and find something for you to watch, he can’t help feeling… happy. Yeah, sexual fantasies are fun, but his innocent fantasies about you are so much better, and he’s glad to make this one come true. He would love to make all of them come true, because he… he loves you.


“… and I mean, I know it’s bad, but I… I can’t keep an innocent vision about him getting ice cream after that dream, you know?”

“What flavor was the ice cream?”

“I… I don’t know, it was pink, I… seriously? I just told you about how I dreamed about Saeran licking ice cream off my whole body, and you’re concerned about the flavor? What the fuck?”

“Hahaha, I’m just messing with you. Don’t get so upset, I bet you don’t get mad when he messes with you like that.”

“He never messes with me… unfortunately.”

“Awww, someone is feeling a little M, huh?”

M? What does that mean? Oh… his brother calls Yoosung an M sometimes, could it be…? Masochist? SHIT! What’s wrong with you girls? How can you talk about stuff like that so shamelessly? He feels like a nerve-wracking talking over the most trivial stuff with you, and here you are vividly describing to your equally crazy friend how he told you how yummy you are and how he would eat you all night, even when there was no ice cream anymore. Girls are insane! But still, it’s fun to see you so comfortable, he wishes you would get this comfortable around him and not being so worried about hurting his feelings. Okay, but don’t get too comfortable… not like in your weird dream!

“Hey!” he says, walking back from the bathroom and joining you two in the cafeteria’s table you invited him. He probably wouldn’t have accepted if he knew you had another guest, ugh… it’s still weird being around your crazy friends…

“Hi! So uhm…  I’m sorry if my presence here makes you uncomfortable, honey. MC said she was just very excited to introduce you to me, but I… I should get going. No hard feelings, okay? Take your time and don’t worry.” Ah great! Now he feels like a prick.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asks you as she walks away.

“Oh… no, not at all! She is just giving us some space, I mean… you, she’s giving you some space. Don’t worry, she thinks you’re really nice and sweet.”

“Sweet like ice cream?” he ask, more ou of curiosity than to actually tease you, but your nervous smile is just… priceless!

“Nah, you’re sweeter.” Shit! Now he’s blushing! Humph, he looks away grumpily, hating how you always manages to fluster him, somehow.

You two are walking to his place when you spot this popsicle little store. And he is wondering if you’re teasing him. Nah, probably not, you just know he likes ice cream. You know him so well…

“I want anything that is pink.” He says, smirking. And you just nod, avoiding his gaze. Hahaha, cute dork!

He notices your quick glances at him as he runs his tongue along the popsicle. He feels so stupid trying to be sexy, but at least you’re stupid enough to fall for it.

“Ahh, brain freeze!” you say flinching slightly before starting to lick it again. He finds it funny how you just complained about the bothering sensation and didn’t even hesitate to do it again, kinda like an…

“You’re just a little M, ain’t you?” you choke on the popsicle, which… makes him feel really aroused.

And as you walk him home all flustered, he can’t stop smirking, he finally got the upper hand on this flirting thing. He’s getting better and you’re allowing him on it, probably because you like him, and he… really likes you, he… probably even loves you.


“You’re such a narcissistic hoe, MC! Admit it!”

“No! It’s not about narcissism! It’s about… body praising! He was praising my body by taking photos of it and my reactions to his dirty talking,”

“I seriously can’t imagine that guy doing dirty talk, MC.”

“I can’t either… that’s what makes it so sexy, you know?”

“You are… so dirty for covering such an elegant man with your impure thoughts!”

“Ugh, I know… but I can’t help it, he’s just… he’s just elegantly sexy, I guess…”

Sexy? You think he’s… sexy? Well, it’s not like he haven’t heard this before, but coming from you makes it even harder to believe. He’s flattered, but he doesn’t feel like he’s sexy… oh, but the taking pics of your reactions while he talks dirty is very sexy, actually. Yeah… what would he say to you? “I love how your body shivers in anticipation for me.” “You’re so beautiful,I want to see everything, show me everything, MC!” no, too formal… “You like this, don’t you? You like being naked as I watch you with my camera? Dirty girl…” okay, better… “I can’t wait to turn this camera off and go to you, your body is driving me crazy, I won’t be able to control myself.” Okay… “I need to taste you, then make you beg for me to feel you, I’ll make you beg for my cock, my slutty little gi…” oh no, too much, and he would never call you a slut. Ugh… your friend is right, he really sucks at this.

“Hello, ladies!” he says walking into the kitchen of your place, you and your friend were grabbing more snacks for this little get together and he overheard this talk when he realized he needed to help you two. “Can I help you with that?”

“Oh, I’m good, but you can help MC.” Your friend says, shoving the packages in your arms and running out of there. He chuckles as you glare at her.

“You… really don’t have to do that, V. You’re a guest, don’t worry.”

“Oh, please allow me on helping you being a good hostess, would you? It would be an honor…”

“Yeah, sure. I don’t reall know how to say no to you.” You admit chuckling.

“Really now? So I suppose you wouldn’t say no if I ask to take a picture of you?” oh… the dream… he didn’t mean it like that. It’s just… you look really beautiful under this light and… ahh, your blushing face is so adorable, it only makes him feel like taking a lot of pictures! “I’m sorry, I got ahead of myself. Let me help you with this.”

And he keeps helping you being a good hostess for most of the night, some of your friends even remark on how it looks like you two are a couple celebrating a little housewarming, which makes you both blush and delight at each other’s flustered expressions. Of course he stayed to help you cleaning afterwards.

“It was a lovely party, MC. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Oh, I was really glad that you came, you know? Even though it’s embarrassing, my house is such a mess and my taste for decoration is so… all over the place!”

“I know… well, I suppose that’s just one of the things that makes you really sexy.” He quickly looks away, not daring to stare at you and your reaction to his sudden boldness. “I… should get going, it’s getting late.

You nod and walk him to the door. And as he looks at you to say goodbye, he finally sees your expression, and it is… breathtaking! Oh… he would love to get a pic of this! He would love to take pics of every single one of your reactions. For example, how would you react if he ever confessed that he loves you?

Twigpaw clearly didn’t remember where Alderheart and Needletail found her and Violetpaw when they went looking for that place by the Thunderpath, so it’s conceivable that she didn’t know she and her sister weren’t ThunderClan cats by birth. What she did know was that Lilyheart and Alderheart were taking care of her for as far back as she did remember.

So just imagine tiny little Twigkit proudly telling Bramblestar all about her dad, Alderpaw, and how it’s so cool to be the kit of the medicine cat. He’s an apprentice, too; do you know how cool you have to be to be a medicine cat and a dad as an apprentice? Pretty dang cool.

Bramblestar humors her, mostly because he finds it cute, but Alderheart is mortified. Twigkit, it’s not like that. Twigkit, you’re near and dear to my heart, but- Twigkit, have you been telling everyone this? 

Then Snowbush playfully shoves him and asks if all the kits are his. Was I ever really a father at all, Alderpaw? Are Lilyheart and I taking a break and I just don’t know it? Should I start referring Leafkit, Honeykit, and Larkkit to you?

Basically all of ThunderClan makes the idea of Alderheart being Twigpaw’s father into this weird in-joke they keep amongst themselves and away from the two cats in question.

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I can't help but imagine Jon pacing around his cabin talking to himself and planning exactly what he's going to say to Dany when he goes to her door. Then, when she answers, he forgets everything(probably his own name even), but it doesn't matter because words weren't needed.

Hi anon! Gah I love remembering boatsex and thinking about the before and after. 

You just know that Jon was DEFINITELY anxious about going to Dany’s room. He was 100 % pacing around in his own room and running over the possible scenarios in his mind. He would be going over the pros and cons of seeing her, worrying about what it would mean for their alliance (especially after seeing Cersei withdraw from the truce due to his pledge), worried about any rejection and how to continue an alliance after that, worrying about how to even open up to Dany about his feelings because he’s never had to be the one to pursue someone before. 

Even up to the point of knocking on the door, you can see him going over it in his mind and recalling what he’s going to say and how. 

I’m pretty sure they both forgot to breathe in that moment when she opens the door. Seriously, if either Kit/Jon or Emilia/Dany was at my door, I’d just stare too to be honest. Remember how overwhelmed they were about holding hands?! Jon just kept staring at their joined hands until Dany spoke.

Look at how vulnerable they look on the boat once she opens the door! He took off his direwolf armour and she’s not wearing her dragon brooch. Both have shed their titles for this scene. He’s not the King in The North or The White Wolf and she’s not the Rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms or The Dragon Queen. They’re just Jon and Dany. Nothing more, and nothing less. Just two souls in love, reaching for one another. 

it’s a beautiful acceptance of a wordless … yep - Emilia Clarke

I’ve come to the Jonsa tag because I’ve got more tinfoil that honestly should be canon at this point, because I have faith in Jon and so should you: 

Jon is listening to Sansa.

Stay with me, alright? If we’re going to believe our little theory that Jon is playing D then he’s doing exactly as Sansa asked him to. And it isn’t honorable or valiant. Jon has always been a kind soul with a gentle honor, but that doesn’t mean he’s not capable of doing what is necessary to survive. Just look at his situation when he was stuck with the Wildlings.  (Which might I mention is another parallel between Jon and Sansa. Both are stuck far away from their home in a captive’s well known territory, and even when they escape, leaving behind someone they may love (Tyrion/Ygritte) and also kill a former lover/fiance turned enemy (Joffrey/Ygritte)  with someone they think they can trust (LF/NW), they’re still prisoners. Birds stuck in a cage, like a ‘little dove’ or a ‘crow’). 

Here’s where I think the proof comes in well enough. D claims people love what their good at, which for Jon is killing and leading, but he doesn’t like that. He hates it. It hurts people and it hurts him, especially because he is just as honorable as Ned- but this wasn’t a parallel to Ned, it was a parallel to Rhaegar. Specifically because he’s around D and dragons. And this line came to mind earlier today. 

“Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.”

-Jorah to D season 3

And this 

“You have to be smarter than father. You have to be smarter than Robb. I loved them, I miss them, but they made stupid mistakes and lost their heads for it.”

-Sansa to Jon, season 7, episode 1

Jon has to be smart, he can’t follow his kind heart anymore because it will get him and his family killed. So follow her, lead her to believe she’s the one in control. For Jon to maintain the North he needs to think ahead but he also need’s to think of his now. 

I know it could be foolish to think this but I like to think Jon is tricking D. Yes, he gave her the North, but as it was shown in Jon and Sansa’s banter episode one, anything before the word ‘but’ is horseshit. And what did Jon say to D? Especially when he didn’t have to…

“I would bend the knee, but…” 

Sort of as we caught this earlier. 

“You may be my sister, but…” 

Both sentences before the word ‘but’ are horseshit. Sansa isn’t Jon’s sister and Jon would never bend the knee, he was pretty adamant about that even as he was told he was being prideful and letting his people die, because he’s loyal af.

D gave herself away last episode, with her claiming Jon couldn’t leave unless commanded and claiming she’d miss him. She was all up in that Northern booty, alright. There’s no denying it. But no one that watches the show casually (who are not shippers of the two) found any chemistry between them. And that wasn’t due to Emilia, I think she was actually pretty good. But Kit? Oh boy, that dude showed us nothing. Bland stares, a bit of annoyance, and that ‘oh shit’ face when he realized Sansa was right the second episode and D kept him as a prisoner. 

The conversations Jon has had and how he reacts are completely two different things, especially the scene with Missandei. Jon questions her loyalties and looks as if she were trapped too, that there’s no way they could have chosen someone like her to rule. 

He then declares himself King to D, ignores her outright, and leaves without looking back unlike Jorah. Why didn’t he look back? If he’s in love with her, why not take one last look? He did it with Sansa, and she’s just his ‘sister’. She should be lesser in his eyes at this point because he’s internally worshiping D. That’s how her love interests always pan out. 

No one that I know felt a romance coming along Jon’s side, only D’s, and once she gave herself away…Jon therefore acted awkward and unsettled. Seriously, he was uncomely af, nothing about their goodbye felt romantic. It felt rushed, like Jon wanted to get away. And to make sure I wasn’t looking through shippers goggles I asked my parents and friends what they thought and they said the same thing. 

I also have a friend who ships J*nerys, like hard shipping, (Anna, boo, I love and thank you for your insight) and noticed this too. She didn’t like it but she felt it. She was the first to mention to me that he did better with Sophie and the dragon then he did with D. 

So what’s going on? We know D&D can pull off a short romance, Talisa and Robb are a perfect example of this. We didn’t need to be told there was romance, and they were sawing off a fucking leg. 

S why is he all of the sudden acting as if he’s in love with her, holding her hand while the camera zooms up after a serious tragedy (Jonsa anyone? Twice, fucking twice this has happened) and giving her dead ass heart eyes? Sort of lifeless compared to how he looks at Sansa. 

Because he’s playing the game. He knows what those dragons can do, and to secure the North he lies to her, lets her know even though she’s agreed he has to have certainty the North will be safe until after the long night. Because as I said, Jon focuses on the Now, not the later. Unlike Sansa who is opposite in that regard. 

I just can’t see a future in where Jon Snow gives the North to a Southerner despite who we know he is and where his heart lies. He killed the woman he loves for the Watch, and you’re telling me he’s just going to hand over the North like that? That’s not Jon, revived or not, he’s not going to give a damn that D is special or has dragons. She’s destructive and he’s witnessed that destruction and her haphazard way of reacting to trouble. 

She’s like a firecracker that starts over every time she bursts, waiting on a time limit until something comes on up to light her up again. Because dragons don’t grow tree’s, and as much as she’d like to grow those, she follows ‘fire and blood’ and casts fire down on those who disobey. She herself is a dragon, and claims if her children are monsters, so is she. 

I don’t think D is mad, I do think she intends to do good, but she’s the sort to think the ‘any means to an end’ is always necessary when it definitely isn’t. (The show handles this terribly and has made her out to be white jesus- read the books, you’ll enjoy her character so much more. I actually love her character there).

I have faith this is all a ruse that Jon’s playing at, I don’t mind the romance, as long as Jon is happy I’m cool with who he is with, and if that’s D so be it. I hope he truly loves her and treats her right and she does so with him. But handing away the North is where I, the majority of fandom, GRRM himself has proven through his writing, and Jon himself draw the fucking line. (Insert Game Grumps “draw the line somewhere in the fucking sand” quote here).

Jon is going to play dirty, because those who played honorably before him died, and Jon isn’t going to make the same mistake we’ve seen on repeat. This is supposed to be a time for wolves, and Jon must bear his teeth and protect his pack. Protect those he knows he promised to (Sansa) and still intends to protect. It’s only icing to the cake when Jon snapped D’s way when he found out Arya and Bran were alive

 “With all due respect your grace, I’m a King, I don’t need your permission”. 

It’s more than enough to push him in the right direction and do as Sansa asked. Not just dip his toe in but jump all the way and not look back. Three of his pack are home, waiting for him, and he can’t lose that. 

He may have Targaryen blood but he’ll always be a Stark, Sansa said it herself as did Lyanna (Whose name is his mothers, I think that’s significant), and while Jon himself has said he is no Stark- which is true- lets remember this: He is a dragon raised by wolves. 

I hope this all made sense and that I didn’t confuse any of you, I just wanted to touch up on the subject and what I really hope Jon is doing. I love him, his character, and really am concerned with where he’s going. But the Jon we all know, who fought for the North, who would never give it away knowing Arya, Bran, and Sansa (his life) are there- Jon wouldn’t let anyone take those lives into their hands. Those are his to protect. He’s alpha, and furiously loves them all. Love for a woman would not blind him of that. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this brought up some spirits or hope, we might have to wait for this outcome in S8. And about boatbang, I don’t know what to do with that, I think Jon may actually be attracted to D (Because look at her) but we’ve seen pieces of guilt in his expression but also annoyance. His face was dead as hell when he told D sorry for wight hunting, so I don’t know. (He loved Ygritte, it’s not far out that he’d be attracted to D or even love her, but as I said that wouldn’t blind his loyalty to the Starks or the North). And we know Jon wouldn’t be kneeling if he didn’t think what he was doing was in the Norths best interest, as Sansa states, so even if Jon is in love with D he wouldn’t give the North away so easily, he needs to believe this will benefit his family and country- and knowing said country as he does this would never make it better unless he knows D is dangerous and doesn’t want to unleash that on the North: there’s always the issue that comes after the war, D didn’t promise to leave the North alone after defeating the NK, only that she would help. It’s entirely plausible that Jon is simply being sure he doesn’t have to worry about that in this instance but I could be wrong.  

Have faith my lovlies, hopefully this is all just misdirection!

viii. “what the fuck happened to your face?”

This has been sitting in my ask for a few weeks. I apologize for not being able to write this anytime sooner but you know, college sucks. Please, don’t feel like I’m ignoring you, I promise I’ll be finishing everything I’ve got left. Anyway, here it is. I hope you like it. Please let me know if you don’t like it, or if you think the smut part wasn’t right. I don’t usually write smut that’s “explicit” but I want to give it a try, and I need to know what direction to take.

“What the fuck happened to your face?” you asked, bewildered.

“Not now, love.” Harry warned you, avoiding your eyes for all he’s worth. Even if he had succeeded, you had already seen it. His face was a mess, his hair was disheveled and he had an horrendous purple eye.

“’Not now’? The fuck is wrong with you! You’re not pulling that ‘not now, love’ when your face looks like shit!”

“Charming to the last, aren’t you?” He asked, raising his bloody eyebrow with a hint of annoyance in his gaze, only to be replaced by a look of pain.

“At least let me help you, you ass.”

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Young - Pt. 4 [G.D mini series]


Summary: Y/N had always had bad luck finding love, but it was wrong of her to feel things for the troubled young student she was supposed to be counseling.

Word Count: 2.1k

Warnings: age gap, smut, angst, mentions of death/suicide, etc.

A/N: Not edited again what’s wrong with meeeeee. I mentioned I was writing a novel (its basically a gray fanfic lmao) currently so thats a main priority. Sorry for this shitty one, I will make stuff worth it!!! I’m a slow-burn author ok!!!! It’s coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting out of the cab, I didn’t have enough strength in me to help Grayson’s heavy body out. It didn’t help that he was still half asleep - mumbling a few things to me that I couldn’t quite understand.

“Gray– Grayson, please, stop putting your face on my–” I cut myself off as I tried moving his face, which had been nuzzled against my boobs the second I moved to gather my purse and open up the car door.

I heard him hum sweetly, his lips pursed and a little too close to touching my skin. In frustration, I stood on the grass and pulled myself away from him to take a breath.

We’re going to try this again.

Immediately, I regretted it when he fell face first onto the muddy ground since I had been the one to hold him up. My face twisted as if I was the one in pain, crouching down to help him. It had rained a few hours ago before getting bright and sunny, so Gray took a face full of mud and grass. Lifting his beautiful face up to see if he was still alive, I saw that his nose was bleeding and a bruise was forming on the side of his face near his temple.

He moaned and once I was able to help him stand with my hand gripping his arm, I threw money at the cab driver who was impatiently waiting. I didn’t miss the disapproving look he sent my way before I closed the door, probably thinking so many bad things about this situation.

It was a little easier leading Grayson to the door of my house since that hit to the ground had woken him up. I could see the annoyed slash pissed off look on his face, causing me to grow nervous when I placed the key in and led him into my home. When I gently pushed him to walk in first, I looked out to make sure my neighbors weren’t spying on us because this probably wouldn’t look good to them either. It wasn’t a good thing having this 17 year-old here, but at least I knew that I wasn’t going to do anything but help him.

“Come here, you need to get cleaned up,” I said to him using my softer tone. Grayson stood near the hall, watching me as I went to turn on the lights, which helped me see how dirty he’d gotten, his hoodie drenched in wet mud along with his hair. It looked disgusting. “Okay, you’re gonna need to shower.”

Feeling guilt wash over me at the sight of him, I went to my bathroom to turn on the shower. He easily could’ve done it himself, but I felt the need to do it since I felt terrible and he was pretty much a guest. I liked to treat my guests as great as possible. While the water was warming up, I looked for a small towel and my first aid kit so that I could help with his bruises.

It took me a few seconds, but in those few seconds, Grayson had taken his hoodie off like nothing to show off his torso. I was taken aback, butterflies erupting in my stomach at the sight, and my mouth had gone dry at the view. He truly was gorgeous, and I had never seen someone with that much torn beauty before.

Thankfully he couldn’t tease me this time since he still had that pissed off look on his face, his eyes looking down at his body and his muddy hands.

Lord, snap out of it. “Just, um,” He curiously looked up at hearing the crack in my voice. I cleared my throat. “G-get in. I’ll go find something for you to wear and come back, okay?”

“Getting me booty shorts, Ms. Y/L/N?” he asked sarcastically, though I could hear the humor in his tone as he set his belt to the side. I didn’t even realize he’d taken it off, meaning I had to leave soon if he was willing to get fully naked in front of me.

“Maybe,” I tried joking back, turning around and leaving, but not before looking at his back muscles and admiring them. My hands itched to touch his shoulder blades, down to the dimples on his lower back, and then I just wanted to slap myself.

I had a few men’s clothing I often stole from exes or friends, but I seemed to only find a pair of sweatpants that belonged to someone who brought back bad memories. I was almost determined to actually give Grayson those booty shorts, but scolded myself and took the sweatpants before he got out of the shower and I had to witness his wet body in just a single towel. A shirt was easy to find, just a white one I wore to bed that was huge on me. It was fine.

I must’ve taken forever, because when I got back to the bathroom, Grayson was wrapping the towel I’d left for him to use on his lower body. I let out a tiny gasp at seeing the droplets of water cascading down the rippled skin, and almost stepped back, but he’d caught me.

“All clean,” he stated the obvious, running a finger on his lower lip and trailing his eyes down my body, making me realize I was still in my tight, exposing dress. Wearing heels all the time made me forget I had them on sometimes, so I still had those on as well.

“Here, got you these,” I said, showing him the folded clothes and placing them near the sink. He awkwardly put his hand down since he’d reached for them, but I didn’t want to get any nearer when he looked like that.

“They’re not Neil’s, are they?”

“No,” I replied with a chuckle. “Wouldn’t give you those, they wouldn’t fit. You’re really big.” I brought my palm up to slap against my mouth, slightly blushing when I realized the way it sounded.

Grayson only smirked, pushing his wet hair back. I bit my lip as I crossed my arms before shaking my head at myself and throwing my thumb back. “I’ll… um, wait in the kitchen if you’re hungry.” I gave him a smile, and once again I was awkward as I went to grab the first aid kid and towel. What if he needed them? The good in me just wanted to personally help.

He came into the kitchen, taking a bit longer than expected, and when I saw him, I felt my breathing hitch. I just saw him shirtless back there and yet I was still acting like this… ridiculous.

“Sorry, ripped the shirt trying to put it on. At least the pants fit, even though I’m quite big…”

I nodded, unable to form words for a second as I blushed all over again. “That’s fine. Are you okay?” I asked, when I noticed the bruise on the side of his face was more visible.

“Yeah, just…” He trailed off, licking his bottom lip and keeping his gaze on me.

There was so much tension in the room that it was making me go insane. I felt like I couldn’t breathe almost, especially when he slowly stepped closer to me. So close, until he was able to lean his back against the kitchen island. I tried so hard to keep my eyes from trailing down to look at his pecks and hard abdomen. The way that his hair was messy against his forehead, and his lips were a little wet, gave him further of an angelic look.

“Here, let me take care of that hideous cut,” I said to him when I noticed blood trailing down once again.

“It’s fine–”

“No, it’s not. Let me. Come here.”

I went to grab the first aid kit again and turned to him, our breaths mixing as I felt the warmth of his skin so near mine. I brought my hands up to his jaw, moving his head to the side, his skin feeling soft under my fingertips. I placed the hot wet towel to the side of his face, scrubbing as carefully as I could to not hurt him more. I could feel his eyes on me while I focused my own on his cut to try and maintain my focus on this one thing only. He really liked to stare, didn’t he.

“Stop,” I said without thinking, going for a small white bandage to place over the cut.

“Stop what?”

“Looking at me.”

“Would you rather my eyes be somewhere else?”

He slowly let his eyes trail down and I felt like smacking him, trying my best to ignore it and continue cleaning him up. However, he suddenly brought his hand up to cup my much smaller one holding the stained towel, making sure to look into my eyes until I looked into his as well.

“I can’t. Haven’t been able to since I first saw you.”

I tried letting go, even though deep down I didn’t want to. “Grayson…”

Shocking my even further, he leaned in to kiss me by pressing his lips to mine in the gentlest way. My cheeks went red as I rose my brows with closed eyes, immediately thinking about how sweet he tasted and how soft his lips truly were. What the hell are you doing?

Grayson kept holding onto my hand, now placing it flat against his bare chest, and I had to pull away once I started feeling his heartbeat.

I had to get him home somehow. “Grayson, you can’t do that–”

He cut me off, going to kiss me again, but this time by placing his arm around my waist to pull me rather roughly towards his tall, muscular body so that I wouldn’t have a way of leaving. This time, I didn’t stop him even though I should’ve. Him being so close was driving me crazy enough already, and his mouth was intoxicating, only pulling me in no matter what my conscience was telling me.

The devil in me was awakening, bringing my hands up to his stubbled jaw so that I had something to hold on to. I almost didn’t notice that he had turned us around so that he could bring a hand up my dress, touching my bare hot skin to grip my thigh and place me up on one of the stools without breaking away the rougher, deepening kiss. His hands felt hot and were riding up my skin-tight dress, making me gasp so that he had the opportunity to slip his tongue inside of my mouth.

I was the first one to let out a moan, especially when he pushed himself closer to really stay tucked in between my legs. The sweatpants I’d lent to him had already given him an obvious bulge that I tried not to look at like the rest of his body, but now I could feel it. Hard, and harder.

He was gripping my flesh in his fingertips and I was sighing into his mouth when I felt him find the side of my thong, fisting it in his hand and starting to pull it down while lifting my body up at the same time with one strong arm.

Then, he was kissing my jaw.

“I am hungry, Ms. Y/L/N, I’m so fucking hungry.”

Kissing down to my neck, my shoulder… thrusting his hips into mine, causing me to get wetter than I was already as I let out some type of whimper.

God, he was eager. And I wasn’t stopping him from pulling my underwear further down. I felt a breeze touch me as his fingers danced around my inner thigh, getting closer and closer.

Unfortunately, that’s when the doorbell started to ring ferociously. I thought maybe we could ignore it, until it grew annoying and repetitive, making me think the worst.

“I need to get that,” I whispered to him, eyelids barely being able to stay open as Grayson’s lips started trailing further down to my cleavage that was almost completely spilling out for him to touch. “Grayson–” He pulled away when the bell wouldn’t stop ringing, turning to walk the other way with his back muscles flexing as he pushed his messy hair back.

Breathing heavily with red cheeks, I rushed to my mirror and rubbed at my slightly smudged lipstick after pulling my underwear back up. The doorbell would not stop ringing and I grew nervous. “Stay there,” I called out, stepping to my door, pulling down my dress.

I opened it and who I saw almost made me throw up. Bad memories were brought back immediately.

It was my ex.

Troublesome Duo

Originally posted by pervingonkpop

“Hello.” You answered the phone with no enthusiasm, you were worn out and on the brink of tears. Your once nicely curled hair was now up in a ponytail. Some strands had been pulled out by Ki-Tae. He was the youngest of your troublesome duo.

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Maddie hums as she tucks some diapers into her overnight bag, a drowsy smile plastered on her sleep deprived face. She just received a text message from Westley a few moments ago informing her that he was leaving work early and would be at the hospital in less than an hour to take her and Jane home.

Home, he’d said. Their home, Madeleine sighs. Not for the first time she finds her mind wandering to the trivial, minute details of what it might mean to be Mrs. Westley Monahan. She imagines how pretty their “WM” initials would be monogrammed on a set of Egyptian cotton towels, how melodic her daughter’s name would sound ending in Monahan instead of Pridemore, how attractive she and West would look posing together on the front of a holiday card.

Lost in her daydreams, Maddie doesn’t hear a word of the heated argument echoing in the hallway outside her door, nor does she notice as Kit silently slithers into her hospital room, triumph oozing from his gaze like molten lava from the mouth of a volcano.

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Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the animation game but has no formal training in it?

I’m a lil confused because to me the answer is pretty simple , its the same as learning any other skill…you just look it up and practice

I mean it seems overly simplistic but thats pretty much the long and short of it..if you want to get into animation you have to learn it , whether its learning from yourself or going to school. You just look up animation and dive in .

Look up the 12 principles of animation , look up the animators survival kit and maybe invest in a copy. Grab some paper and a pencil and do a bouncing ball. There are lot sof tutorials out there on how to animate, and a lot of artists sharing their knowlodge. Just absorb and do , there is no shortcut to a skill. 

If you’re talking about getting into the INDUSTRY without formal training..the answer is 100% the same .  Your work will speak for itself , and if its good enough you’ll get a job without formal training. 

animation isint gifted to anyone, theres really no advice that you cant apply to any other skillset or discipline. Carpentry, cooking , i could go on. Heck , me and my father have completely different jobs yet we go about our work in the same way….knowing where we fall short and learning how to overcome it. 

if you want to animate , just animate. look up books , save ref , draw , do life drawing, watch cartoons , frame by frame animation , study , ask why and how , get involved in animation forums online , so many things.  if you’re waiting for someone to tell you secrets you’re going to be waiting a longgg time haha. 

That post about parents never showing real interest in your hobbies as a kid really rings true for me to the point it honestly hurts to think about.

Im 23 and I don’t talk to my parents about anything that I care about because my current immediate thought regarding talking to my family about any interest is “They don’t want to hear about that. If I talk about it they’ll just get annoyed” Sometimes I try to sneak a topic into a conversation roundabout, trying really hard to keep it shallow so they don’t lose interest, but I still just get verbally dismissed.

And that’s how it’s always been since I was 11 or so. I could be so proud of myself about accomplishing something in a video game or some other more esoteric interest but it never meant anything to them. I remember specifically one instance that has really stuck with me as the moment I realized they didn’t care.

I was really into bionicles as a kid, I had tons of them; I was hellbent on collecting and building entire sets of heroes and villains. Over the years from 5 years old to then (I was about 13 I think) I had built and deconstructed and rebuilt easily close to 100 different kits of varying complexity. I had a pretty terrific handle on the bionicle building system. So I took it upon myself to design and build my own creature model with the pieces I had available to me.

I worked every night for WEEKS hyperfocussing for hours every night surrounded by little pieces on the floor trying to determine how to make special make-shift joints for an articulated toothy jaw and clawed hands with thumbs. Reinventing methods to make long lanky legs that could still support weight while not looking too unnatural. How to fill hollow space on a standard piece to look more realistic. How to make reinforced double joints to allow greater articulation. By the time I’d finished i had a model that was far more complex than any standard bionicle build that had been released at the time. And it was so much more than just a random assortment if limb pieces stacked together. I had slaved meticulously to make sure the model was sturdy and professional looking, hours and hours of swapping out design plans and digging for pieces that were limited to make things work symmetrically in design and color.

The final product was a long-limbed toothy monster and I called it The Cave Beast, honestly if I tried to do something like that now i wouldn’t even come close to the level of production I reached on that project over 10 years ago.

When I finally deemed my masterpiece complete after what must have been at least a cumulative 50 hours of work, I brought it downstairs to show my mom who was always the more encouraging of my parents and her response broke my heart. She just, didn’t care. I tried to explain how i managed to make all the complex design ideas work, how long it took and how hard i had worked on it, the most I got was a quick glance and a “that’s neat hun”. And after 10 minutes of trying to gain her appreciation for this little thing that was such a big accomplishment for me, I just put it down on the counter and walked away feeling like I had wasted all of my time and effort. At that moment in my mind I felt that, even if it was important to me, if my mom couldn’t even spare a moment to appreciate my hard work than I must have wasted all that time on something stupid. And it was obvious it meant nothing to her. To her it was just a toy, and it didn’t matter how hard I had worked or how much creativity I’d invested. Since it wasn’t something she was interested in it wasn’t worth even humoring me.

That incident set the tone for my continuing relationship with my parents through my teens and to present day. They thought I needed to grow out of my interests, video games, pokemon, legos, fantasy novels, cartoons. And I tried. And it hurt me a lot to deny myself the things that made me happy. I still get comments like, “when are you going to stop playing those video games?”

Please encourage your kids interests and share in them. The discouragement from my parents over what made me happy has had lasting effects on my psyche. When someone says they play video games with their mom, or that their dad went to conventions with them as a kid it sounds unbelievable because I’ve always been forced to bed down my real interests around my family who doesn’t care and even mocks me for them.

I wish I could have a real relationship with any of them but none of them actually want to know me at all. They’d rather I be anyone else.

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Yesterday my dog got bit by a bug on the inside(?) of her paw. She was really freaking out and she's fine now. I'm still kinda worried. Could you write something where Kara gets a hurt dog from the street and she has to deal with it?

She’s not listening for anything in particular.

Whenever James or Winn ask her what it is that she strains her ears for while she flies above the city, she just shrugs. She doesn’t know how to explain it beyond, “I’ll know it when I hear it.”

Sometimes, it’s the sound of breaks screeching or a gun being cocked or a child calling up a tree for a snake named Fluffy that seems to enjoy heights.

Today, it’s a low, whimpering kind of whine emanating from an alleyway. 

And just like she tells James and Winn, she knows it when she hears it.

She puts on a burst of speed and soars down at a pace Barry Allen would be impressed by.

“Hey little buddy,” she says immediately on landing.

On landing and finding a husky with matted fur and sad eyes, whining and whimpering and alternately licking one of their front paws and squeaking and rubbing it against the ground.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” she says, not moving as the pup notices her and tries to back away. “I’m not going to hurt you. But I see something did.”

“Supergirl,” Alex’s voice rings out in her ear. “Our telemetry from your suit says you put on a lot of speed there: did something happen? You okay?”

Kara just smiles, more to herself than to the puppy.

“You see? My sister’s a great doctor. She can help you with that paw of yours.”

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i won’t give up

part i, ii

you’ve been branded a good many things throughout the course of your adult life; while a handful would label you kindly (and also half-heartedly) as a super fan, most have boiled you down to just another rabid sasaeng. you’re the only one who knows it’s not like that, and that’s because you’re the only one who really remembers. you remember a countless number of times, an infinite set of lives, and it’s always you and him — together. even if it never truly ends happily, you’re determined to make it so in this lifetime because, well, byun baekhyun is your soulmate, even if he doesn’t really know it yet. 

      Pairing: baekhyun x reader
      Verse: canon
      Rating: M
      Warnings: none
      Word count: 4.3k

A/N: uh i’m really out here trying to write fan fiction after 10034295259259 years of not doing so. i am sorry.

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Death by Karaoke

Fandom:  Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 9,438
Rating: Teen+
Summary: Reader injures herself and has to get fixed up before she heads out for a night on the town, which includes karaoke, drinking and plenty of embarrassment.
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch@yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens @alwaysinnarnia @mccoymostly @dolamrothianlady @stormsnevercometostay   - If you would like to be added to my tag list, please let me know!
Author’s note: This one has been sitting, half-finished, in my documents folder for months.  Finally got the inspiration to finish it last night.  Hope you guys like! Thanks to Jules for the title - I couldn’t think of anything and this suggestion made me laugh. <3

              It has been an incredibly long week.  You have been stressed to the maximum, racing around the ship, trying to fix little technical problems that seemed to be springing up faster than normal.  This is horrible timing, as three of your department crew are confined to their quarters with some kind of severe flu, so their workload has fallen mostly on your shoulders along with just two others.   The three of you have been run ragged, so when it was announced that the ship would soon be docking at Yorktown for supplies and a chance to leave the ship for a few days, you were absolutely ecstatic.

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