look at how perfect this is


Got some low quality monthly scans for now, will have a look for better ones later. To give a basic rundown of what to expect:

Para-DX makes use of a Gamer Driver to achieve Perfect Knock Out Gamer Lv.99, which is a good way to keep him from being overthrown by Ex-Aid’s latest form!

Poppy Pipopapo transforms into Kamen Rider Poppy, fighting the heroes?!

Kamen Rider Chronicle initiates, allowing regular civilians to transform into Ride Players! How will Ex-Aid and the others handle THIS epidemic? Also, Niko even transforms into a Ride Player, sporting her cap and a couple other minor alterations!

Lastly, an announcement for a Televikun DVD spinoff for Kamen Rider Lazer! This will of course feature Kiriya/Lazer, and Genm making use of his old Gamer Driver form, so who knows when it takes place.

Not only will Proto Shakariki Sports be used by Genm as a proper armor, but also… a version of Proto Bakusou Bike with a colored design instead of greyscale. The text is small but I can just make out “Combi” in the title for this Gashat, which is shorthand for combination - could it be that this is a transformation Gashat finally being used in the second slot? 

The Yellow Power Ranger

Ok so, I’ve seen a lot about this and I wanted to give my thoughts on the scene.

This scene kind of got blown up by the media and I got sucked into it before seeing the movie but having finally seen the movie…

The scene goes as follows:

Power rangers are each spilling personal details about themselves and Trini is being quiet until she says that she prefers moving a lot cause it prevents her parents from getting involved in her relationships.

Zack jokes “boyfriend problems?”

Trini responds “yeah…BOYFRIEND problems…”

Zack looks around wide eyed before asking “girlfriend problems?”

And she diverts the conversation about how perfect her family is, too perfect, and how she can’t tell them she’s not like them. That she doesn’t want to act how they want her to, or dress how they want her to.

Ok, so there’s no moment of her saying she’s queer, but as someone who has spent their life not talking, this scene was very spot on.

It was honest and very well performed. It’s easy to look over if you’re not queer, or if you are naturally an open person who had no problem admitting who you are to yourself, let alone everyone else, but this scene was very relatable. She’s a teenager who knows she’s not like the girly straight girl her parents want her to be, and she knows her parents won’t listen to her no matter what she says. There’s even a scene where she tells her parents she’s a power ranger and her mother makes her take a drug test. She guards herself by holding back info and speaking through sarcasm and its sold as humor but I don’t think I’ve related with a character more.

So, if you’re expecting a flying rainbow flag or even some wlw action, you’re going to be disappointed. But representation matters in all its forms and this is pretty darn relatable. Not to mention the movie was just fantastic. It defies stereotypes with the exception of the white dude who’s just so tired of being popular… I love the backstory it gave, stuff the series ignored and it was so fleshed out. I recommend everyone watch it

The Riddler has a pleasant chat while eating lunch in the park on a sunny day

(yay Jon!)


The Riddler gets the body hidden early and goes out for a drink with the Penguin.

The Riddler starts a rock collection

The Riddler isn’t missing a left sock for his pair

The Riddler starts a new artistic hobby

The Riddler finds shoes that fit on the first try

The Riddler’s pie turns out perfect

The Riddler meets someone who likes his riddles

The Riddler gets a bottle of maple syrup

The library has the book the Riddler wanted to check out

The Riddler repaints his hideout

The Riddler passes Catwoman uneventfully on the street

The Riddler takes a dance class

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How do you choose the perfect colors for your arts ? ;w;

haha im glad you enjoy my colours…honestly i dont think i have much of a method? i just use my vague knowledge of color theory and then just mess around until the colours look…ok. to me. hafdfsd. sometimes i’ll make palettes out of photos that i think have nice colour combinations though? 

most of the time colour picking i just feel like this tho

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Your latest chapter. All of it. Seriously, probably one of my most favorite things ever. Perfection. I don't know how you do it, but it's just so "them". I LOVE their easy banter, the subtext of their dialogues, the knowing looks they exchange... Your Sam and Cait are everything! I've always wondered... Is that how you really see them IRL or are they just two characters with these particular names to you now? Your writing is so vivid, raw (in a good way!) and passionate! I love it! Thank you! ❤

Thank you, love! So much.

That’s a tough question to answer. I think my perception of them is coloured by a number of things:

1) My relationship with my husband, who is Welsh. I take a lot of his typically “British” mannerisms or traits, and I incorporate them into the fic, along with impressions from my years spent living in England and Wales.

2) The fact that I have written so many stories about them, and it’s now difficult for me to separate my fic interpretations of their personalities, with who they ‘appear’ to be in public. For instance, when Caitriona quoted Neruda via RT, I almost died, as I’ve had her quote / think about poetry (and Neruda) so many times. It’s always a thrill when we get a peek into who they truly are.

3) Lastly, I don’t think we can really ever know Sam and Caitriona, and that’s the way it should be. They should have their private lives. They are both so fiercely intimate with themselves in that way. What I’m writing about is inspired by them, but I would never claim to know them. 


This amazing piece is a gift from @j3rry1ce! Without getting too sappy, she’s my best pal and this was absolutely incredible to receive! <3

It really looks like it could be AWW’s cover (and maybe it is…)! Every part of the image came to life spectacularly. Considering the original size of the piece, it’s mind-blowing how many characters and details she included, all of them important to the story.

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I will probably write more things as soon as I finish processing the whole thing. Anyway, among the various references, I really adored the 447 resolution. I know it’s not Hart’s but it was perfect. I don’t know if people agree with me, but here’s what I read into that.

When Booth tells Brennan why do you want to be reminded of the moment when everything almost ended? And Brennan says Because it didn’t, that’s the show to me. Bones won. They really did. 

They took a show that was so similiar to many other shows and made it unique. How? They did it with with everything that this finale was, but especially with turning Booth and Brennan into a couple and never looking back.

When Booth and Brennan slept together off screen and then she revealed to Booth that she was pregnant, that was it. That was the turning point, the change in the game. 

That was when Bones almost ended because some people could not watch the show anymore and the ratings dropped.


Because Bones overcame all the obstacles and created a believable story. And slowly it gained the audience’s trust again.

Bones became something different and it didn’t do that transition perfectly but eventually it kinda did. 

Bones beated the Moonlighting curse against all odds.

That’s 447.

That’s Bones.

Washboard Wednesday - Slightly Damaged Edition

Hello Delicious!

A bad man came along and kicked the crap out of our pretty last week. Oh, the poor dear. I’m still kind of upset because while it’s only makeup, fake blood has a tendency to detract from the muscles and the loveliness, you know? But here we are. Now, Stephen has suggested that the workouts will be coming into play in quite a number of episodes, so perhaps we’ll see some prettier shirtless soon that are not filmed in a dark, dingy room. In the meantime, I have tried to make the most of what we have. 

Turned on its side. He looks pretty yummy. Could use a shower and years of therapy, but quite tasty. 

Arty makes the blood less ick and the arms way yes!

Crunch, baby!

Wait, how about a quick bit of perfect pretty from another show, just to make us grin? I mean, it makes a girl want to learn braille.

  Yeah, dude is sad, but sexy in a Fight Club kind of way. The pants. The arms. The glorious belly button. The lost will to live…not so much. I just want to inspire him, you know?

I like this one best. 

Thanks for reading today. I hope that you have a great day. If you are able to watch tonight’s episode, I hope you love it. I am excited to see where things are going and how it all shakes out. Do take care of fabulous self! Tags after…

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Pls… I love Vernon Roche.
I love how frank he is and how brutally honest he can be. He doesn’t cut corners or sugarcoat anything, but he doesn’t care at all how that makes others look at him. He’s a man with a purpose and nothing on earth can get between him and a goal or some lofty dream. The guy doesn’t just sit and hope things happen – he goes out there and makes them happen. He’s far from perfect and stumbles with his mistakes sometimes, and yeah, he attracts a whole lot of trouble both for himself and, tragically, even for those he cares about. The wrongs that happen to him, he uses as fuel to propel him further, and it’s tragic, almost, seeing a hardened man sink even further down some dark pit. That said, however, he isn’t a tragic character, and he isn’t someone you would ever feel sorry for or mourn for. Roche is too cutting. Too in your face. Too unapologetic. The guy says and does things everyone else avoids out of fear due to matters of respect or expectation, and in a series full of liars and cheats, this somehow makes his nasty personality oddly refreshing. Yet, he doesn’t limit himself to sharp words. He’s persistent, he fights, and he fights hard, and…………. pls… Raise your hand if you, too, love Vernon Roche.


Battle Theme : 
Normal Battle - Battle In the Labyrinth City
Decisive Battle - Resuscitated Hope (Instrumental)
Battle intro : “Must we really fight..? Well, if you insist…”
Victory : “Oh dear - are you alright?”
Defeat : “Be safe…G…rishram…”
Taunt : “Oh! Are we… not fighting?”
Reacting to Taunt : “My! How rude!”
Tie : “You’re quite strong!”
Perfect Victory : That looked like it hurt! C-can you stand…?”
Final Finisher : “All the stars in the heavens… but I see only one future for you.”


Assist : “I’m here for you!”
Your muse down during Assist : “Hang in there! Let me take it from here!”
Using item : “Ah, is this why the stars said to bring this…?”
Healing/Buffing : “The cards are in your favour! Go!”
Tag Team Special : “We are all stronger together… let’s show them!”

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don’t stop loving me | finn shelby

finn is scared of love and distances himself from reader which just causes more issues

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Originally posted by awhoreslies

Something was wrong. You and Finn had gone from having the relationship ever to hardly anything. It had got to the point where you was lucky if you managed to say good morning to him. You didn’t share a bed and at work you just brushed past each other.  

You couldn’t figure out what the issue was. Finn was your first proper relationship and you did things properly and tried your hardest to not mess things up. The relationship you both had was perfect when it started and people often commented on how in love you both looked. It was true, the amount of love you had for each other was enormous. Even though you were only teenagers and still young, it didn’t stop the feelings you had. Finn Shelby was the love of your life and nobody was going to come in between it.  

You and Finn had both sat down for dinner. Only a few words had been spoken between the two of you since Finn had got home. The food in front of you both was going cold and in all honesty, you had no intention of eating it. After weeks and weeks of awkward silences and ignorance, you decided that tonight was the night. You was going to find out what was wrong with Finn, even if it killed you.  

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Alex: “Hey, Dahlia! How’s it going?! Are you enjoying tonight as much as I am?!”

Dahlia: “Uhh…how much have you had to drink? What’s that selfie all about? My phone is going crazy with hate comments…”

Alex’s face falls and he looks deeply concerned.

Alex: “I’m so sorry, Dahlia. I didn’t want to get you caught up in this. Let’s get out of here and I’ll try and explain what’s happened.”

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29., Spones :)

Sweat - Spones

It doesn’t happen quite right the first time. It’s too careful, their hands and lips reserved and incredulous.

The second time is too fast, because they still can’t believe it, and they rush to the end because they heard somewhere that jaded and naïve don’t go together.

The third time is just right though. They look at each other brazenly and smile while they figure out how to move their bodies together, over and over, until they’re tired limbs and sweat-slicked skin. They lie afterwards and laugh because they’ve never listened anyway, and everything they are is fucking perfect together.

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can we talk about how sometimes when the daylight is just right, angling itself on mikael's face, creating these perfect shadows & highlights, yousef cannot stop looking at mikael, can't take his eyes away from him, because of how naturally beautiful mikael is in these moments, like on a late summer afternoon in july, and when mikael turns to look at yousef, he knows exactly what yousef is thinking & becomes so shy, glancing down, smiling, & yousef simply kisses mikael's cheek & lingers there.


but also yes???

because the two of them know each other so well now that they know how to communicate with just a simple look. that’s not to say they don’t say how they’re feeling but they just…don’t always need to say it? and that look – of complete fondness and love and just oh my god, you are so beautiful – that is something they can both recognise in each other

and it comes out in moments like that; on sunny evenings wrapped up in bed together, in the quietness they feel when it’s just the two of them on their own, sunlight streaming through the window and giving everything this lazy golden glow; when Yousef is just so in awe of how beautiful Mikael is that he just can’t help looking at him like he’s the world

but he’ll also give him that look in other moments, too

like when Mikael is babbling about a new film he just saw – Yousef will just smile and his eyes will soften and he just thinks we are so lucky; how miraculous is it that we were blessed enough to have found each other? – and Mikael, again, he recognises that Look™ and he’ll stutter half way through his speech and forget what he was saying, stumbling over his words, and he’ll laugh shyly and Yousef will just smile and lean in and kiss him; warm little smiley kisses that grow and grow

or when Yousef scores a goal at a football match, he’ll catch Mikael’s eye – Mikael will be clapping and smiling and just feeling so proud, and sometimes the light will hit Mikael just right, and suddenly there’s no one else in the crowd, there isn’t a match to play or a ball to kick or a game to win, because oh, hello you, I love you so much

and it’s a little silent look between the two of them, something quietly passing between them, and no, they don’t necessarily say anything; partly because they don’t need to, but also because words don’t really do justice to just how much they both feel in those moments


you describe it better than i ever could–
the feeling when you’re with
the right people in the right place
at the exactly perfect time.
and maybe the lights are flashing
or the bass is loud but
maybe the sun is shining on us,
siting on a beach towel in the park
fighting over a board game


i’m comparing strict grammar to
the your laughter, vocabulary to
the way your smile lights up a room–
there are no words to explain this,
how you look away and suddenly
i’m the empty one


you brought me back from the
edge of the world, knife already
embedded in my sunset sky that
raged, blazing above–
this is the love you’ve shown me


if all we are is
inevitable death, why not
create a desire for life?

– l.m. 
italicized bits are quotes from the song “glory,” by bastille

Why Alex will forever be the catch of a lifetime…

A: I am not here to judge you for things that happened in your past, I am here to help you heal
M: You don’t think I’m a bad person?
A: No actually I always thought you were perfect, but it’s really nice to see you have problems to…

How many women do you know will be willing to look beyond your past flaws and stick by you without judgement? You know you wish you had a woman like that…

    OOC -

I did some quick doodles of Dark today since I wanted to see how few things looked and I basically decided that ( since the muse’s ‘Dark’ persona is based off Fleetway as well ) there would be essentially three different ‘versions’ of him. 

Depending on the situation and energy involved it’ll vary between the three and his eyes are a dead giveaway as to how strong he is, I guess? Number one is the version that he goes into the most though so…yeah.

References are from here.