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Wicked Fingers

Nessian Modern AU.

Rhys hosts a dinner party to which Nesta wears a particularly stunning dress that leads to an evening of Cassian teasing Nesta under the table. Nesta plots the perfect revenge.

An enormous thank you to @highfaelucien for basically being the best cheerleader anyone could ask for. Also, this is indirectly dedicated to @blackbeak because I heard you were quite excited by the idea of this fic when it was still in headcanon phase.

Smutty. Very NSFW.

“Fuck me,” Cassian mutters, releasing a deep breath as he takes in Nesta’s dress. “You look incredible.”

He runs his eyes up and down every millimetre of her body, stunned at the way the fabric seems to flow across her body, clinging to all his favourite parts of her. His eyes pause every few seconds as he revels in the curves of her body. He drinks in the way the cut of the dress manages to perfect the delicate balance between modest and revealing; he gapes at how tiny her waist is, almost certain he could wrap his hands all the way around her (how has he never thought of this before?); finally, he rests his eyes on the slit of her dress that reveals her long, pale leg and his eyes follow the slit of the dress, and it’s as if her leg goes on forever.

“That’ll have to wait,” she replies, cocking her head as her eyes dart across the fitted white shirt that’s barely containing his muscles. She takes a deep breath and Cassian grins; he knows she wants him as much as he wants her. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

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The idea that it’s privileged to disregard certain sketchy elements of a friend’s politics (or even funnier, the politics of a FRIEND of your friend) is and has seemed for a while to be pretty silly because in my experience, the more forms of marginalization you tack on the less viable that sort of strategy becomes because even if your friend is super cool on every front the odds that all THEIR friends are is pretty much 0% and honestly that’s just how it goes, you draw your own lines in the sand and make your own calls as best you can man. But literally every left blogger on here is a single degree away from someone I strongly suspect is a homophobe or misogynist or racist, and hell I directly follow people I don’t trust on all those fronts and that’s just. How it goes just keep your eyes open and stop looking at individual people to have perfect politics rather than just be kind people I guess idk.

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Happy 2nd anniversary to incorrectknb ^^ How about some murahimu headcanons!! We need dem in ourlif

sure thing, I gotchu

  • this quote, always this quote
  • legend says that if you catch Murasakibara in the perfect mood he can be persuaded to give you a piggyback ride.  the only person known to have attempted and succeeded in this maneuver is Himuro
    • he refused to put Himuro down until he was good and ready - if he’s carrying you you either get to choose when you’re going up or down, never both
  • Himuro is glad Muraskibara is so tall bc it means that when he looks down at Himuro he’s at the perfect angle and he looks 11x handsomer than he already is (a dangerous level of beauty for mortals to gaze upon)
  • since Murasakibara is always looking at stunning, angled Himuro it’s a surprise when they wind up face to face and he gets an eyeful of normal Himuro…….he’s cute…..
    • on a related note, they have to be sitting or something to take photos together bc Himuro doesn’t trust Murasakibara with the camera and his own arms just aren’t long enough to get both of them in the picture and retain the level of quality his friends have come to expect from his selfies and Himuro Tatsuya does not fucking compromise when it comes to selfies
  • Himuro [singing]: I be up in the gym just working on my fitness, he’s my wittness *points to Murasakibara*
  • Murasakibara [monotone]: ooh
  • they’re like….actually a really gross couple…….neither of them care what other people might think about pda so they’re constantly doing handsy stuff and Kagami hates hanging out with them bc he’s the only one embarrassed, oh my god, Tatsuya
    • they’re definitely doing it specifically to embarrass Kagami
Shit King and Ches says sentence meme

Send one for my muses reaction

  • Now I’m just looking at porn at a fabric store. Like an idiot
  • A hole is a hole
  • Religion, cult, its all the same
  • I have the most perfect waifu
  • I know, you don’t have to tell me how amazing I already know I am
  • I think it’s cause I like to lie to people
  • It’s condensed uncaring
  • My ideal relationship is dying
  • You aren’t jerking off bloody weapons and dicks at the same time
  • Only him pulling a knife on me would make me more attracted to him
  • That’s the dream. To die with a boner
  • I crave deep voices and death
  • That’s a sad peen

I think people need to understand something about Pokémon designs:

You’re going to have Goofy lookin guys every gen, even first gen, as well as badass lookin guys. Like look, animals look goofy as hell. Life would be boring if everything looked cool and badass. We need shit to laugh at and love for the irony or silliness.

Alolan Persian and Dugtrio? Perfect examples. Like I’m sorry, but there’s no way to make three sentient sausages look cool, there isn’t, so why not take a laugh out of it? Give these sausages wigs. There. 10/10. And Persian? Cats look goofy and majestic. Plus c'mon, how lazy would it have been just to make it a dark grey too? Plus you still have regular Persian, chill.

Like learn to laugh a bit y'all. I mean it’s fun for the kids and adults. Plus come on, for those of y'all complaining, it’s not like y'all used the original versions anyway, lol. There’s better options so there’s no use in complaining anyway

How Chiro is related to Captain Shuggazoom (theory)

There have been countless theories regarding Chiro’s parents and whether or not they’re even alive. Many have suggested that Skeleton king is his father likely because of episode 14 and how Skeleton King has Chiro’s childhood toys. But...I honestly do not see it. Chances are he somehow just got a hold of Chiros stuff for DNA purposes so Mandarin could make the perfect clone of him in Verses Chiro (at least before he was finally able to get a full body scan of him in Flytor). Plus the monkeys already have a part in the “bad guy is your father” trope because of the Alchemist. I don’t think the series would’ve gone with the Star Wars route twice with Chiro. so let’s look at the next subject.. Captain Shuggazoom.

Some have speculated that Captain Shuggazoom may be Chiro’s father and I can’t blame them!

But I can’t see it because….

When the hyperforce find and rescue Captain Shuggazoom he is found to be very old remember he was in a coma for years. Plus Chiro probably wasn’t even born when the Alchemist was around with Captain Shuggazoom. Chiro is absent in the flashbacks. Plus Chiro is about 13-14 years old in the series. So if Captain Shuggazoom was his dad then wouldn’t he have been much younger when they found him? So how could he be related if he looked like a grown-up Chiro?? Think about genetics and family trees for a second.

CONCLUSION: Captain Shuggazoom is Chiro’s Grandfather 

At least that’s my two cents on it feel free to add thoughts/comments or your own theories 

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what are ur top 5 (or 10 if ur feelin it) movies everyone should watch at some point in their lives

hmmmmmm??!? im gonna try to avoid picking favorites and just go with like hands down totally necessary

  1. halloween
    good basis for what a standard horror movie is like
  2. nightmare before christmas
    rlly good movie also prob the only stop-motion movie thats generally considered a classic
  3. terminator + terminator 2
    no particular reason it’s just kickass
  4. back to the future+back to the future 2
    probably the greatest time travel movie ever and also works as a lil time capsule that shows show the 80s thought everything would turn out
  5. the original star wars trilogy 
    the ultimate epitome of a sci-fi movie with a similar “look how far we’ve come” effect so i’d say crucial movie watching
  6. independence day
    perfect alien invasion movie and also accurately shows the historic event of why we celebrate independence day and how will smith and jeff goldblum saved our great country
  7. ferris buellers day off
    i think its perf esp for high schoolers cuz everyone wants to be a ferris but ends up a cameron and i remember watching it for the first time and rlly appreciating how much a character could accurately represent my life
  8. the room
    ideally while hanging out with a group of friends who love questioning how the hell movies like the room got made
  9. pacific rim
    honestly its really good and gets the basic idea of a cool sci-fi monster movie through to newbies to that kinda movie while also being a love letter to hardcore fans of that kinda movie and not to mention: mako mori
  10. im having trouble naming any definitively so heres a list of worthwhile movies*: but i’m a cheerleader, cabin in the woods, fight club, citizen kane, the godfather (part 1&2,) jaws, leon: the professional, mad max: fury road, the matrix, my own private idahopans labyrinth, speed, wreck-it-ralph
    *bolded are the ones that arent generic film buff douchebad title recommendations

My dinner was better than yours 👅 Well. I don’t know what you had for dinner - but mine was pretty dang fabulous, so I’m just gonna take a wild leap and say that it was 😆👌
Just look at dat avo … It’s so vibrant ! 😍
Okay. I just love mother nature. Yea ? 😏 Yea. She’s great.
She makes us all these amazing, beautiful, delicious, perfect foods to eat ! Hehehe 🙊 Best of all ? They help us shine, feel amazing and glow from the inside out ! 😄

How to be your healthiest, happiest self ? 💭

- Decide you want to be happy
- Change your thoughts and outlooks on life
- Drink plenty of water each day
- Spend time with the people that make you smile and laugh the most, and who love and accept you for YOU, and not simply what you can offer them
- Do what you love
- Get to bed early and get a restful sleep each night
- Take some time out of each day just for YOU. For your mind and your thoughts to come back to ground zero
- Soak in some sunshine each day if you can
- MOVE your body the way that energizes you and makes YOU feel GOOD
- Get outside in nature
- Breathe deeply

Looking after yourself as a whole entity is so, SO important for true health and happieness - you are so much more than what you choose to eat, yet what you choose to eat has such a great influence upon your thoughts, feelings, overall health and connectedness to everything 🙏 But you can never be truly happy either without first making that CHOICE. Happiness ? Is just a choice in the moment. True happiness and self love ? Takes work. It takes strength. And it takes courage. It means being able to love and accept yourself for all of your flaws, and even seeing them instead as imperfections.
None of us are perfect. But you ARE perfectly IMPERFECT. And that’s the beauty of it 🙂 There are really NO such thing as flaws to ones person. They are simply imperfections - and it is only your thoughts that can influence how you choose to see things 😘

Your thoughts and actions influence your reality. You have to CHOOSE what you see in life - create the life you wish to live ❤

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hi! can you please describe what romantic attraction feels like for you? and how it feels to like a girl? I was just on a date for the first time with a girl and i'm not sure what i'm feeling. it would really help!

For me, I just really wanna kiss her whenever I look at her, or at least hold her hand. The way she looks is absolutely perfect and thinking about her gives me a warm feeling in my chest. But if you are asking this question and you’re following our blog, I’m sure your attraction is definitely romantic!! -Mod S

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hey hon, do you have any nano tips? you seem super knowledgeable about it -- i just don't know how to make myself keep typing, i tried once and i'd just end up re-reading and perfecting every sentence to the extent that i probably wrote 100 words every two hours :/

oh dear! that’s the tricky thing about NaNo. you’ve just got to write. you can’t worry about editing as you write. the goal is quantity, not quality. this can be SO HARD because i myself am a perfectionist. i just make it my goal to hit that daily word count and don’t look back. it’s very difficult! just remember: after it’s over, you can go back and edit to your heart’s content. this is just about getting that story out, as ugly and imperfect as it may be. 

i REALLY recommend visiting the nanowrimo forums. i spend all of october there, getting inspiration and ideas from other writers. they have so many great tricks and tips, especially for getting your inner editor to quiet down for awhile!

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Sherlock and John iceskating while its snowing. And there are all the fairylights out and the Christmas market is nearby where you can smell food and hear people laughing. And John looks into Sherlocks eyes and sees how happy and in love he is and kisses him there while snow is falling in their hair and its all just really cute.

And when they’re kissing Sherlock slips and almost falls but John manages to catch him, grabbing him by the waist and Sherlock holds onto John’s forearms and they simply stop there, staring at each other in silence, unable to break their hold and John smiles at him and Sherlock laughs against John’s chest <3


Thank you so much for sending this darling, it means a lot, they are so perfect :3

Talk Johnlock to me! :D

Twas the night before PSACs..

And I still cant believe I made it this far…

Especially after the month I’ve just went through.

Tomorrow can possibly be the last time I ever run as a Mountaineer and a Collegiate Athlete.

My college career may be something I’m not athletically too proud of, but its certainly taught me ALOT about myself.

It’s crazy what you can learn about yourself while running a long still drunk, ellipticaling 80 mins straight or aqua jogging. 

You also learn how much you value yourself and your studies or even sleep.

I know I haven’t made perfect life decisions but it’s how my life was supposed to be.

I cant look back and say “what if I did run nationals my freshman yea” or “what if i never broke my feet and/or dated Chris”

This is what my college career was supposed to be.

It was supposed to be something that I didn’t want and teach me I don’t always get what I want.

It was supposed to show me I can’t be the greatest at everything and to make sacrifices.

It was supposed to help me see my true colors and learn how to deal with my mental “illnesses”.

Life isn’t perfect & neither was my college career.

I wouldn’t trade this crazy ride for anything. 

That was my journey…

It was full of ups & downs, twists & turns, and I never ceased to get through it. 

Night out Alex & Ethan

It was Friday night  and for Alex the weekend had started. He got Saturday off so he was ready to join Ethan out instead of staying in and reading books like the grandpa he was. Tonight he would be going to his first gay club and he couldn’t be more excited. Ever since finding out about his new sexuality he had been so focused on the new world. he couldn’t even remember when he last kissed a girl. Things were going quickly but he excited and happy with how they were going. He had dressed up a little bit for the evening. He wore a white button up shirt and a black skinny jeans, his hair was coiffed to perfection and he made sure that he smelled delicious  for the occasion. Or maybe it was more for the person who was joining him.

Ethan and Alex just got of the cab they ordered and after paying the driver, they walked a few steps towards the club. “Look at that line. Are we ever gonna get inside?” he asked and sighed softly as he looked up at Ethan.


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My (possibly erroneous) understanding is that the term "criticism" in the academic sense does not inherently mean saying "this is bad and needs to be fixed," even though a lot of academics seem to forget that. It is (or should be) about noticing implications in a work and how they connect to broader society or the author's life or whatever. It doesn't even have to be negative. It can be an examination of a theme in Hamlet or King Lear or whatever, no value judgment implied.

(cont’d) And honestly, I think that’s a net positive? It’s looking at a work and saying, “Hey, I noticed this thing that connects to this other thing.” Thinking of your ruminations on “More Than Meets the Eye,” for example - even though that’s not a perfect example of what I’m talking about because they do include value judgments - they’re making observations about the kind of humor they employ, i.e. epic robots being awkward and ordinary and embarrassing. (cont’d)

(cont’d) And even if you left your personal enjoyment of that type of humor out of it entirely, my understanding is that it would still be “criticism” – you’re looking at the work and making observations about how it functions and attempts to connect with the audience (whether or not it does so successfully).

I guess my point, to the extent that I even have one, is that I don’t feel like people have to, or SHOULD have to, have an “endgame” for making observations about a work of fiction.

Oh, I agree with that! I’m starting to suspect that either 

1) people didn’t read the screenshotty thing I am actually responding to and so think I am saying something totally different from what I am saying

or 2) people did read the screenshotty thing I am actually responding to, and I misread it as fundamentally about feminist critique “not being a tumblrism” where others read it as… I don’t know? “Literary criticism is a thing?” “Feminist criticism is litcrit?” “Don’t assume all feminist criticism isn’t litcrit?”

I dunno. But I am not saying “never critique fiction,” and I’m honestly wondering what the hell apparently came out of my fingers because I am not saying that. I’m really baffled by you bringing up MTMTE here, also, because while yes I do not like awkward robots and feel mopey about the direction of the series, I am not using this to call it sexist or say that it relies on sexist tropes, which is what a “feminist critique” would likely try to argue.

I don’t think it does anything “problematic” in an SJ sense at all. I just think I don’t like it all that much. I am definitely not arguing the weird thing where people go “X writer should be a feminist, but he either isn’t or I have declared him a hipster wannabe, therefore everyone should read something I deem More Feminist instead.” There is no social issue aspect to my dislike.

So, with my post, I am specifically addressing the claim that feminist criticisms of media are “not a tumblrism,” because I think they often are. (And please remember that my original formulation was “I wish I could agree that this isn’t a tumblrism, but I actually think it is, because…”)

It’s not that they always are. I disagree strongly with someone like Anita Sarkeesian on a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean everything she has to say is profoundly uninsightful.

But unless I misread, the original screenshotty thing was pretty strongly implying that the reason people are uncomfortable with feminist critique is that they read it as “there oughta be a law,” and that they’d be more comfortable with it (see it as something other than “a tumblrism”) if they understood it doesn’t mean that.

But there are two different types of person, I think, who are uncomfortable with “feminist critiques,” broadly speaking:

1) people who think that the critiquers ARE actually implying “there oughta be a law.” These would be people who believe the end goal of the critique is actually some kind of censorship eventually, and that people are only using “lol uwu i know what free speech is u gross *ist uwu” as a smokescreen

2) people who don’t actually think anyone is going for censorship, but do think there is a large contingent of people who use the idea that “feminist critique” is important as a way to justify social opprobrium and shaming. My personal feeling is that when this is happening, it’s less a clever veil and more an instance of people believing the ends justify the means. Oppression is so serious that ruining someone’s life (or even just their mental health “for right now,” conveniently forgetting how trauma works or that certain kinds of cyber-pileons are in fact traumatic) is justified, because at least you moved the social needle.

I don’t know that OP. They may just be saying that discovering “feminist critique” helped them to articulate the niggling issues they had with media they liked, or with media their friends loved but they didn’t and they didn’t know why.

But the “people think there oughta be a law” formulation sounded aggressive to me. Like “oh those STUPID people who feel ATTACKED, they JUST DON’T GET IT” rather than like “yeah, people misuse this sometimes. that “change a03″ thing recently? Creepy and bad. But actually, this can be a lot milder…”

So when I said what I did about “what is your endgame,” what I’m trying to say is… okay, so people think you said there oughta be a law and that’s dumb de dumb dumb. But you want to get people on board with this project. You’re trying to convince people that this project isn’t tumblr people overdoing things. So why should we get involved? What is our actual purpose?

People have responded to the post talking about shifting the social atmosphere, and… sure, okay, that’s a thing. But shifting the social atmosphere is really vague, and that can go bad quick. Witness people like the “change a03″ kid.

Purpose, apparently? To make society less hospitable to pedophiles and pedophilia. Because apparently it’s… really pedophile-friendly? And changing what gets stored in an archive (essentially, “what’s in the library”) is going to… change the social air, so… pedophiles feel less… welcome?

Not only does that make no sense, but it also leads me to position 1) above. Dude, are you really sure you’re not implying there oughta be a law, given what you actually said? I’m Suspicious.

So, from there: what does shifting the social atmosphere look like? What does it achieve? How do we know when we are doing it? How do we avoid weird woo, where we just sort of assert that not writing or reading something will somehow alter the social environment? How do we know when to give up if we haven’t had the effect we want?

Which is what I was getting at with my original post.

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Well, I can comment because I'm trans- and yes, I do want to be a cis male (that's my perfect dream, to be born in the right body), and all other trans people I've been able to talk to feel the same way. All transmen somehow don't have male privilege?? I really don't think you've met many cis-passing people. If male privilege has to do with how you're treated and the way society looks at you, and if you're a passing male, then you would have male privilege.

i didn’t mean in the sense of being born in the right body, i meant in the sense of like Being Cis…as an identity, not as a body type. which is why i said it rubs me the wrong way. bc we’re talking about privilege politics and you’re saying that it’s somehow wrong for me to not include trans men when i’m talking about how horrible cis men are….but if you want to be cis in any and all ways, to the point where oppressed people are complaining about you??? that like. makes you a misogynist. there should be a divide between you and people with violently systematic privilege.

and…no…male privilege is not just about passing for male. like maybe for strangers on the street, but that’s hardly an accurate representation of the deepest struggles in life, and it’s totally conditional on how you look. male privilege isn’t about how you look.

Inktober Day 14

Character: Katsuya Naoki
Prompt: Tree

ozymandira said: Will you be drawing Katsuya, too??

Done, darlin’. ;D Can’t have Watase without Kat-chan, after all.

This was a total pain to do due to how ambitious I got //WHEEZE I think it’s worth it in the end tho. Not too happy about a few things but I’ll live with it–

So Katsuya was actually the perfect fit for the prompt, if only because the ‘ki’ in his given name literally means ‘tree’. 8D
Also decided to draw Katsuya with his hair not in its usual style (had to reference some pics of his VA for the hairdo) and he actually looks pretty dashing with that do. o v o